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Maneet - To Start with a SLAP Part 10/Page 49 8/24 (Page 49)

Niharika.Nair IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 June 2011 at 6:49am | IP Logged
I just finished reading all the parts at a stretch and now very much impatient to know why there is no updates coming????

Speechless IF-Rockerz

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gbhat IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 12:55am | IP Logged

why no updates. please update soon

-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 5:25am | IP Logged
@Preeti...Do You have any plan to update ever ??? Stern Smile
Cutee999 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged
loved the update.
Preethi-Premi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 August 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Am very sorry guys! I was struck with things in personal life and also being lazy Ass... Angry You can again serve me a round of chappal juthe rotten eggs tomatoes... sorry! I will put my best efforts to update this on regular basis!Smile This part is dedicated to my Readers who sent me PMs asking for updates... I felt ashamedCry Sorry!
This part has less of Maneet. The story needs to progress so bear with me. I promise more Maneet in the next parts...

They are carrying her to the jeep when a black BMW stops right between the jeep and them!

The passenger of the car gets down from the back seat in a stern voice ? LEAVE HER!

The guys looked from one to other not knowing how to react!


 Link to prev part :


 Part 10

"It was not your mistake"

One of them ' Oye' Tu kya kar lega'


Then all the goons start laughing Hi5ing each other. What else would their reaction be seeing a small boy not even 5 years old asking them to leave their prey.


Then the other side of the car door opens and 2 old women alight from the car. One of them carrying a gun! She points the gun to the goons ' "Leave her or face this."


The goons instantly drop Geet and the boy rushes to her "Mamma''''.." (Geet is still unconscious)


The goons are taken aback with their discovery of having trying to abduct and rape a mother of 5 year old! The old lady with gun then asks the other lady to call the ambulance and then ACP.


Within a few minutes an ambulance arrives and takes Geet away with Armaan. Then the police force arrives and takes the goons away thanking the old Khurana lady ' Savitri Devi.


After that dadi along with the other old lady rush to the hospital after making a call to MSK.


In the hospital, Geet just gets her conscious ' "Babaji, yeh mein kahan hun?"


The nurse in the room ' "Madam you are in the Khurana hospital. The Chairman of this hospital has asked us to take special care of you"


Before Geet asks any further question ' Armaan rushes into the room with tears and hugs Geet' "Mamma' I was so scared.. Aapko kuch ho jatha tho.. Thank god the Super Woman dadi was with us."


Geet is super confused now. "Super woman dadi? And how did you come here beta?"


Armaan ' "Ma, I went to this interschool drawing competition with Sanjana Dadi. When we were returning the car got punctured. Super Woman Dadi was coming by that way after dropping someone in the airport. Sanjana Dadi called her didi.. Then we were returning to Ashram with Superwoman dadi and saw you like that"

Armaan gets ove emotional thinking about the scene he saw his mom in. Again out of fear he hugs Geet tightly..


Geet understood his fear. Caressing his hair "Its ok jaan. Its alright' Aapne mam ko save kar diya na"


Armaan with a twinkle in his eyes ' Meine nahi. Superwoman dadi ne!


Geet ' Who is this super woman dadi you are talking about Armaan..


Savitri devi ' That's me' Haina Armaan beta..


Armaan runs and hugs her and kisses her cheeks one after the other.. ' Haan dadi' thank you so much for saving my ma' 


Dadi lifts armaan in her arms and goes near Geet who is shell shocked at the revelation.


Savitri devi ' Geet beta. How are you feeling now..


Geet ' Woh dadi' **stammers**


Dadi ' Aap bahut weak ho gayi ho' Your blood sugar is very low beta. You need to eat properly and take rest.


Geet ' Nahi dadi.. That's because of my "oh so professional Boss" who makes me run helter skelter in the office and I have to go without food for the whole day. Otherwise un jeep wale logon kitho mein''


She is cut in the middle with MSK's entry ' Unki tho kya? Haan Geet'. Are you out of your mind. Couldn't you have taken company car? Am not a Kanjoos Khurana. I am ready to spend any amount of money for my employee's safety. Who would have answered the Women's association head otherwise? *giving a side glance to dadi*


Geet starts muttering to self ' dadi ke saamne kithna naatak karthe hai


Dadi pats him on his hand ' Maan Beta.. Aap bhi na.


Sanjana devi walks in with the medicines and stuff. Maan immediately touches her feet ' "Pairi ponna maasi' How are you?"


Sanjana devi ' Theek hun Maan beta. How are you? I am able to see you only on newpapers and TVs now a days.. Why are you not visiting the aashram now a days?


Maan a bit disturbed ' Maasi.. You know the reason.


Maan leaves the room leaving the ladies alone with Armaan. Armaan gets down from Dadi's arms and runs behind Maan. **too much guts**



Dadi ' Geet beta.. Where do you stay. I will drop you there..


Geet ' I stay in the XYZ hotel currently dadi.


Dadi shocked ' Hotel mein? Kyun?


Geet ' Who. I just landed in Delhi after 2 years so I am on the look out for a new place dadima


Dadi's  mind start devising a new plan. After having heard from her sister Sanjana that Armaan is Geet's adopted son and Geet is a divorcee from a bitter marriage she felt proud of Geet. Seeing the chemistry between Geet and her grandson she starts to make plans to do something!


Dadi ' Oh I see.. why don't you shift to our outhouse?


Geet instantly responds ' No dadima. I don't want to. I will look out for a place for myself and shift there as soon as possible. But your outhouse, noway..


Dadi ' You can pay for it if you want beta. I don't think it's a good idea to stay alone given your circumstances. When you have people like us who can take care of you why do you want to stay alone.


Geet ' Nahi Dadima. Mein kisi keliye bhoj nahi banna chathi. My life. ' its complicated.


Dadi  - You are staying in the outhouse of Khurana Mansion and that is final!


Geet is stunned and since it was an order she couldn't say anything. She simply nodes her head.



Between outside Armaan is following Maan and sees him sitting in one of the lounge chairs. He slowly peaks from behind the pillar and checks out Maan. Maan who just notices it gives a deadly stare to the poor baby but Armaan being the son of Geet stands his ground. After knowing that Maan has seen him Armaan comes out to give a full view of oneself to Maan. With hands on his hip he returns the stare that Maan gave him in the same manner.


Maan shouts ' Bathameez' Badon se aise harkath karthe ho?


Armaan ' If you behave like this with kids this is how we will behave with you' Sadu'


Maan gets annoyed ' Kya kaha?


Armaan shouts at the top of his voice ' Saduu''''.

And runs from there to Geet's room.. Maan jumps out of his chair and chases Armaan back to the room.


As soon as Armaan reaches the room he jumps into Geet's arms and plays it all innocent..Maan who has been chasing him enters the room with full speed without realizing that Geet is standing with Armaan in he arms right at the door of the room.




Maan bangs into Geet. Geet with her motherly instincts protects' Armaan's head with her hand. And just before landing on the floor, Maan pulls Geet on him and he lands on the floor Armaan smashed between his rock solid chest and Geet..


What a scene for dadi ma and Sanjana Devi!


Dadima self thought ' "Yeh huyi na complete family" before a smile touches her lips she controls herself and rushes to help Geet up on her feet.


Geet gets up with dadi's help and picks up armaan who is now scared due to the fall.


Geet barges on Maan ' Don't you have common sense. Is this the way to run around the hospital?


Maan ' Teach your son manners. He was the one who called me Sadu and ran away..

Geet glares at Armaan and then back at Maan ' Tho kya? Don't you have any maturity? Will you try to behave like a 4 year old boy' By the way my son has the habit of saying the truth on the face!


Dadi and Sanjana devi are amused with this fight between MSK and Geet. Dadi intervenes and says ' Maan'.Geet' Bus karo. Bahut entertaintment ho gaya' Sanjana, You take Armaan with you in my car. Myself Maan and Geet with go in Maan's car.


Sanjan immediately obliges. Biding good bye to everyone Armaan and Sanjan leave the hospital. Geet accompanies them outside.


Dadi ' Maan bte.. I have asked Geet to move to our outhouse since she is staying in hotel currently. You can cut her HRA for the rent money.


Maan gets shocked with this sudden development and responds ' Par dadima' I cannot bring in all my homeless employees to my own home?


Dadi ' Its my decision Maan. I am not asking you any suggestion or permission. Now we will go get her things form hotel room and shift her to outhouse RIGHT AWAY! No questions asked!


And dadi walks off from the hospital room with Maan pondering on his next course of action.


Maan self thought ' "Chalo acha hai. I sent Dev off today itself. Now I need to make sure of some basic things. Time to call Vicky!"


After picking up Geet's luggage from the hotel, they reach KM.


Geet steps into outhouse and immediately hits bed since it was a long day! Almost 2am now and she has to go meet her Veer in the morning.


Once in  KM, Dadi fumes ' Nakul, yeh sare family photos kahan gaye'


Sleepy Nakul ' Woh  madam'..


Maan intervenes ' Dadi I asked them to remove all of them. I am planning to do a re-design of the interiors.


Dadi dejectedly ' Par Maan beta.. Not even one family photo? Khurana khandan ka ek bhi photo nahi hai?


Maan ' Dadima.. Leave it to me. You will love the re-decoration better. Now go to sleep already its late. Good night!


Dadi leaves to her room thinking about how fishy things have been.. Maan saying Dev could be a sinner. Sending Dev off to Canada suddenly.. now removing family photos.. Something definitely is wrong. She decides to investigate on the same starting tomorrow.




Next day morning @ central Jail, Geet and Armaan are waiting to meet Brij. Brij comes out of his cellar to the confined room where he can meet his guests.. With a grill in the middle, with tears in eyes, Geet and Brij try to hug each other. But alas' the grill.. alas the barricade. There can be physical barricades but can the heart accept it? Can the heart stop yearning for the one touch, one soul searing hug from her brother? Seeing him after a gap of 2 years in the same place under the same circumstances make Geet very weak and emotional. She starts to cry profusely.


Brij wipes her tears through the grill ' Nahi Geet.. please.. I am not taking all this pain to see you in tears.


Geet still crying ' Veerji'


Brij ' Geet' How are you. How is my bhanja'


Geet smiles slightly ' we are fine Veerji. See him. He has grown!


Armaan ' Mamaji, aapke dhadi ithne badey kyun hai?


Brij and Geet Laugh heartily. After some initial chit chat and casual talks, Geet asks Armaan to go outside the room and wait for her. After Armaan leaves,


Geet ' Veeray, for the last 3 years I am trying to get a lawyer to work on your case. Since none of them is willing to do the same *pauses* I have decided to persue Law.


Brij grins with a proud smile adoring his beard laden face ' Geet' Tu ab who choti bachi nahi rahi' You have grown too. You have started taking independent decisions. I am so happy and proud of you.


Geet- Thanks Veerji. I will try my best.bus aap mere saath ho. That gives me lot of strength.


Brij ' Jab thak mein hun tumhara koi kuch nahi bigaad saktha Geet'

That's when Brij notices the finger print marks on Geet's cheeks. He rages in anger and starts to shout at the top of his voice like a hurt lion.


Brij raging ' Kisne meri behen par haath uthaya' Kaun hai woh? Nayatara se mili kya? Dev ne apna shakal tumhe dikhane ki himmat ki kya?


Geet ' Veeray please' Aisa kuch nahi hai.. Woh kal when I was coming back home from office I was about to be abducted by goons. But dadima saved me.


Brij ' Goons? What were you doing out of home so late at night and who is this Dadima.


Geet ' I had some work at office Veerey.. Offooo don't worry. Dadima is Sajana Ma's Elder sister.. so don't worry. I am in safe hands and I can take care of myself Veerji.


Brij ' I know Geet' Still'..


Geet ' Veerji leave all that.. coming back to the topic that we were discussing, I am going to persue law for you. To get you out. To have you with me Veerji. I am confident that I can surely do that' but I need assurance.


Brij narrows his eyebrows and looks at Geet.


Geet tries to hold Brij's hand ' Given the circumstances under which you killed Gurwinder, I can somehow justify that. But once you are out, you should forget my past and move on in life Veerji. Please for my sake.


Brij in a casual and cool tone ' Geet, the moment you bring me out, I will see to it that Nayatara and Dev are dead. Dead Meat that I will feed my dogs. Then I don't care even if I get death sentence. The only reason I want to come outside is I have unfinished work.. Unfinished duty.. Mere buzurgon ke pagdi ke saath khilwad kiya hai unhone..Mere ghar ki rajkumari ke zindagi ke saath khela hai..


Geet in tears ' Veerji, I need you. I cannot loose you because of my mistakes.


Brij ' IT WAS NOT YOUR MISTAKE! I don't want further discussion. You do what you decided to do. Now leave. I will see you next month.


Saying that Brij just walks off the place without turning back to bid a good bye to Geet.


Geet is still in trance due to Brij's behavior. She comes out. Picks up Armaan and starts walking out of the jail. On the road.. In the middle of the road.. Without thinking about anything other than the words of Brij' Without realizing the truck that is coming her way' without realizing Armaan's continuous nudge on her shoulder'without hearing the words "mama truck'mama truck" from Armaan''


Precap ' TASHHH !!!!
 Yes now the old precap again! Who is the victim who is the server of the slap! Huh guess guess~!

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jazzerette IF-Dazzler

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PartyParty...just happy that you updated!! lolzz

Clearing up few things...
a) Geet was married, divorced and now has an adopted son, Armaan. 
b) The man who married her was apparently Dev.
c) Dev is now married to Nayantara? Or had he been married to NT already when he married Geet?
d) Past two years she has been abroad and Armaan lived in an orphanage
e) The woman who runs the ashram Sanjana dadi is actually Savitri sister, but Geet did not know of it., nor did Dadi know anything about Geet.
f) Brij killed some guy Gurvinder...and is now after Dev and NT. 
g) Maan is aware of Dev and Geet's past...or has only a clue to it. 

Liked the timely intervention of Super woman Dadi. It not only saved Geet, but has opened a way to get them closerWink Great going Dadi. 

And yeah Maan is a sadu!! He could have behaved better with a kidErmm

And do update next sooner this timeTongue

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smj1977.shruti IF-Rockerz

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U R BACKShocked

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