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Maneet - To Start with a SLAP Part 10/Page 49 8/24 (Page 38)

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waiting waiting

Preethi-Premi IF-Rockerz

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Oh girls! Am sorry for being a LAZY BUM! Throw chappals tomatoes potates...rotten eggs... i just deserve it! I made all my readers wait..Angry Here you go the next update.  I have not re-read it or corrected even spelling mistakes. I will do it later in the evening... Please forgive me in case you find any mistakes in grammar or spelling! I am planning to update one more by night today if possible if not then tomorrow for sure!!
Now i need feed back.. Is the pace slow. Am i making sense. Do you think i am doing justice..
Precap changed - "He is in Jail"
Everything has a Reason
Geet entered her cabin fuming.


Geet speaks her thoughts out ? This man- mimicks Maan  "Maan singh Khurana" .. My god see how proud he is! Damn it. Spelling his own name to his own brother. He seriously thinks he is Babaji's gift to mankind. Too much attitude. Vadda nakh chada hai? 2 inches ka naakh rakhkar he behaves like he had a nose of 10 feet?. *stamps her foot on the floor* Control Geet. Ithna gussa not good. This is office. This is professional environment. You should be more professional. Let him do what ever he wants. You will keep him at an arms distance and work with him. Geet be professional..Be professional..


Maan who had been silently listening to her bickerin from the door of her cabin chuckles at her nose comment. Maan to himself ? Bilkul pagal hai.. Acha hai.. she doesn't seem to be aware of the content of conversation as such.


Maan straightens himself and puts up an angry face and enters her cabin ? "Yes Ms.Geet be professional. Try it once.. its not diffcult Stop barging into your boss's cabin. Stop poking your nose into his conversation with his family. Start calling him Sir?.


Geet cringes at the abrupt entry of The Maan Singh Khurana.  She composes herself and turns to face Maan who is tanding at her door with hands across his chest. Reminding herself to be professional and avoid unwanted conflicts with this man ? So what was that Mr.Khurana.


Maan ? Sir? Maan Sir..


Irritated Geet ? Bond James Bond?


Maan shrugs ? Look who spoke about professionalism.


Geet is annoyed by this behaviou r of Maan surrenders to him - What do you want?


Maan ? Call me Maan Sir.


Geet thinks  - This man is not going to leave it unless I call him Sir. I just want him to stop annoying me NOW! With the sugar coated voice ? Maan Sir..


Maan is shocked and a surge of ecstasy crosses his body. Unknowingly dreamily Maan thinks out loud ? That never sounded so sweet from anyone else's mouth


Geet assumes that he is mocking at her but decides to have not heard what he said. Silence prevails between the two. Maan in his ecstasy and Geet in her annoyance.


Geet breaks the silence  ? Anything that I can do for you Maan sir?


Maan breaks out of his thought process and hits himself mentally to have strayed ? YES! Send an email to every department head formally introducing yourself as the New Chief Architect Cum Sr. Manager of Khurana construction. Add that you are Maan Singh Khurana's Secretary and any communication to me should be through you be it fixing a dinner date  or signing a deal.


Maan smirks and feels satisfied with the reaction that he evoked from Geet.


Geet was enraged ? What do you think of me.. Fixing your dinner date.. Damn it!


Maan ? Geet keep your dirty thoughts with yourself. I don't have time for them. Get it! Now send that email to all the departments and also the clients of Khurana construction.


Geet ? and how exactly I am to know that what the email ids are.


Maan ? I am not your secretay Geet. You are my Secretary. Fend and help yourself!


Having said that Maan stomps off her cabin and into his cabin.


Geet ? Dusht Danav! Hmmm takes a deep breath and goes out to find Aadi.


As soon as she reaches Aadi's cabin, she find Aadi on phone standing in attention position. **Now do I need to expain who he is talking to**


Aadi ? Yes Sir? No Sir? Sssiirrr? I amm co ?coo? coming sssiiirrr?


Without even noticing Geet standing at his door Adi runs out of his cabin to Maan's cabin.


Geet- I am gonna kill him! He knew I would seek Aadi sir's help. Dusht Danav!


Suddenly geet hears a shriek? She turns around to find a dreamy Sasha standing in front of her.


Geet feels uneasy suddenl;y but then reminds herself that she needs to get the work done beg borrow steal. So she fakes a sweet smile at shasha which makes Sasha blush and shy!


Geet ? ji aap..


Sasha ?Sasha? Aap mujhe pyar se Sashu bula sakthe ho.


Geet ? I am Geet? and tries to extend her hand for a shake but decides otherwise..


Sahsa dreamily ? Kay mein tumko pyar se Geetu bula sakthi hun?


Geet smiles  genuinely ? Haan kyun nahi.. Waise I need a help. I wan the list of all the department heads and clients of Khurana Construction. Where can I get that?


Sasha ? Ithni se baath keliye tum ithna tension kyun ho Geetu. Come with me..


Sasha pulls Geet by hand and takes Geet to her cabin (Sasha's cabin).


Sasha ? Feel at home?


Geet ? Can you plese help me with the lsit..


Sasha is disappointed by the overly professional behaviuor of Geet. But she is happy that atleast she came to know of her Angel's name.


She opens a draw and gives a file with the required details in it.


When Geet takes the file and mouths a hanks to Sasha, Sasha pulls Geet to herself and kisses her on her cheeks? This scene did not miss Maan who was crossing Sasha's cabin just that moment! Though he was ROFLing inside his heart, he wanted to add to the misery of Geet.


He barges into Sasha's cabin ? Yahan kya ho raha hai..


Get is highly embarrassed. She pulls herself out of Sasha's hug and tries to make her way out of the cabin.


Maan ? Sasha, develop your love story out of the office. Understand!


By now Geet had literally run to her cabin. She was breathing heavily when Maan came into her cabin and locks the door.


Geet is shocked by Maan's behaviour.


Maan comes near her with a glint of mischief in his eyes and in slow steps he convers the distance between them,. Geet is bewildered by this behaviour but is unable to move from her place for some reason.


Maan comes near her without touching her but still standing very close, huskily ? Geet now I know why you repel my kisses..


Geet gets highly irritated by this comment and turns around without realizing how close he is standing to her! The speed with which she turns, she bangs her head on maan's and is about to fall back. Before she hits the floor, two strong arms encircle her waist and stop her from falling. Pulling her close to his chest Maan holds her close not realizing that she not only getting closer to his chest but also slowly seeping into his heart.


Geet jerks out of the hug and says ? Maan sir, can we Please please for god sake talk professionally and behave professionally..


Maan ? Geet you sound like a broken record? talking about professional behaviour but not for once behaving like a professional! What were you doing in Sasha's cabin? Having a date?


Geet not wanting to prolong the conversation or the cuirrent discussion - Sir.. I went there to get the list of clients and department heads. If you don't have anything for me can you please excuse me coz I need to mail and leave its getting late. Its already 7.


Maan ? On the first day of office you want to leave so early Ms.Geet. After you mail come to my cabin. I need to discuss about the design of an upcoming project with you!


Though Geet is pissed off by this behaviour of Maan decides to let go and says ? Ok sir.


Maan leaves to his cabin and starts working out a few things which he had to get squared away, which he had thought of doing before Geet evesdropped on his conversation with Dadi and Dev!


He calls the travel agency and then calls Dadi.


Dadi ? Maan beta? Please samajhne ki koshish kijiye


Maan ? Dadi listen to me. If you trust me just listen to me.


Dadi  stops herself and then says? Bolo beta


Maan ? Dev is leaving to Canda by tonight's flight..


Dadi is shocked to respond.


Maan ? Dadi? suniye? I have to get few things straigtened out. I ts better if Dev stays out.


Dadi ? What has your straigtening out do with Dev?


Maan ? Dadi, If you trust me don't ask any questions! For all you know your potha could be a sinner!


Dadi stunned ? What?


Maan takes a deep breath ? Dadi? leave it. Just ask that guy to pack his bags and leave for Airpot THIS MINUTE! He will find Aadi in the airport with his passport and tickets. What he has to do after reaching Canada he will know when he reaches there. When I cone home I don't want to see his face!


Dadi painfully ? Is that a decision or resolution Maan? Achanak kya hua? I understand Dev has done a lot of mistakes but?.


Maan snaps her ? Kuch bhi samajh lijiye Dadima. Kuch bhi.


Dadi ? Can you tell me what is going on for god sake. What will I tell NT about the sudden disappearance of Dev to Canada.. You know about her na?


Maan is enraged at the mention of NT's name but composes himself ? Dadi, Tell her that its my decision and ask her to talk to me if she wants. Dadima, I need to go now? bye!

And hangs up the phone before even getting a response from Dadima.


Dadi self thought ? There is something going on. I have to find out immediately.


She first calls Dev and asks him to pack his bags. Though at first Dev doesn't budge, she threatens him emotionally and promises to get him back from Canada soon after talking to Maan. Dev is helpless. He cannot do anything against dadima and MSK. He cannot execute his plan to get Geet back. Witho no other option left he packs his bag and starts to leave when Dadi ma stops him and says that she will accompany him to the airport. Dadi and Dev zoom off in the car to Airport.




Its almost 930 pm by the time Geet is done with her emailing and other worthless work that Maan gave her. She was getting impatient mainly because she knows Maan is doing this deliberately.  She had gone to his cabin to discuss on the project but he was busy on phone and asked her to get some files arranged in gave her petty work.


Geet realized that she had not had anything from morning. She was feeling very tired mainly because she was running up and down the whole office without food or water. She has lost her appitite to have any food but she was tired and could experience the loss of energy.


Suddenly she remember! Geet ? OMG! How the hell could I forget! OMG OMG!


She barges into Maan's cabin ? Maan Sir, I would need half day off tomorrow.


Maan was not expecting this from her ? What the hell  You Handa girl! Its not even been a day since you joined this office and already you need a half day off..May I know the reason..


Geet- Mind you Sir? I have an name.. Stop calling me with names that come in your mind.. I am Geet..Call me Geet! Between its personal work and none of your business..


Maan Smirks  ? It is very much my business Geet. Very much?  You want off mind you!


Geet ? Every employee is entitled leave days right?


Maan grits his teeth and says ? Every employee is, but that is after the first month of joining..


Geet controls her ahnger mainly because esle cannot afford to take panga with MSK at this stage. She needs leave and she has to earn it SOMEHOW!


Geet with tears *fake* in her eyes ? Sir? Maan Sir? Please. Mujhe zaroori kaam hai. **Preethi thinks Sali chindi chora!**


Maan smirks and says ? Try something else Ms.Geet I am waiting!


Geet ? Sir!


Maan ? Why do you need leave. Tell me the reason. I will consider!


Geet becomes rageous and says ? I need to go meet my Veerji!


Maan is taken aback by her outburst but then covers it up by laughing out loud ? Is that a reason .. mimicks "I need to meet my Veerji". Is your Veerji not capable to come and meet you? Or is someone stopping him from doing that?


Geet in a stern tone ? YES.


Maan ? What?


Geet -  I said YES. Can I  take half day off?


Maan ? Where exactly he is?


Geet ? Why are you poking your nose into my personal matter so much Sir. I don't understand your problem.


Maan ? That is not my problem Geet. I asked where he is.


Geet ? IN JAIL! Is that ehough a reason to grant me a leave. I have to go meet my Veerji in Jail!


Maan is shocked by the revealation. He wanted to know as to what he did to go to jail. But he knew that it will only irritate Geet more. He has his own ways of finding things.


Maan ? Yes. But return to office by 3pm. We have a meeting with Rahul Chopra on the design. As the chief architect I would want you to be present.


Geet is overwhelmed by Maan's agreement for her leave without further probe. She was not ready or in any fraqme of mind to answer any other questions about her Veerji.


Geet ? Sir its almost 10 can I leave?


Maan who is lost with the recent development or rather the recent revealation is broken out of trance by the sudden question of Geet ? What was that? Come again..


Geet- Can I leave its late. I am starving and I have not had any food from morning! Thanks to you!


Maan ? Don't you find anyone else to blame for everything that goes wrong in your life? Damn it. How can I be responsible for you not having food from moning..


Geet ? You know what I mean so just leave it. I will see you tomorrow at 230pm sir. We may need to touch base before meeting at 3pm. Good night.


Without waiting for response from Maan Geet stomps out of  Maan's cabin, grabs her things from her cabin and goes out of office.   


Its almost 10:10pm by the time she comes out of the KC and tries finding a taxi. But to her luck none. There were no taxis. She planned to walk down further towards main road to fetch a taxi to go to her hotel room. As she started walking she realized how tired and worn out she was. She was unable to walk but still had to continue to reach the main road.


May be because of her lack of glucose her brain cells failed to realize that she was in a very lonely road and there was a fast approaching jeep with a bunch of hooligans!


Geet in her pink shirt and white pant spalking earring and attractive sttiletoes was nothing but a feast for those bunch of morons who were visibly drunk!


The jeep comes to halt in front of Geet and one of them Whistles at her. One of them comments her ? Haye haye? Kithna acha maal hai!


That is when she notices them. She is in no modod to get into an altercation with them so decideds to ignore them and walks on. Bu who can ignore this maal ;-)


The hooligans get out of the jeep and start to tease her. She turns around and slaps the guy who was just behind her. This rages the rest of them and they pound on her. Initially she fights them off in her own style that was imparted in her by her Veerji. But they were too many almost 4-5 in number and Geet really did not have the energy in her to fight them all together2 of them hold her hand one of them her leg and then one more gives her slap after slap left right until she passes out!




They are carrying her to the jeep when a black BMW stops right between the jeep and them!

The passenger of the car gets down from the back seat in  a stern voice ? LEAVE HER!


The guys looked from one to other not knowing how to react!

Now girls out there! Guess guess who it is! Guess! let me see who guesses first and correct!LOL
Precap - You are staying here and that is decided!
Now everyone! throw whatever you get in your hand. But i need comments and feed back! please! This part is dedicated to my Deed family and all the readers who have encouraged me and pushed me update this. Love you all!
Mainly my little sisters Shika and Ashi! and then my Pammi then my Saali solvi! Chinki Ambi ... Everyone out there for sticking on with me esp after yesterday incident... :-(

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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kahkashansakina IF-Sizzlerz

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welcome back 
Awesome update 
loved it
why geet veerji in jail
good maan come correct time and safe geet
pls cont soon
wishes for you

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Originally posted by --Shika--

Me first Me first Yayayayay!!!PartyDancingLOL
See viju i love you sooo much that i caught it as soon as you've posted it!!Big smile
Chalo let's come back to the update.. Lemme say It's worth the wait..
hayyyee I love the pace...seriously..
Lotta things happened in a single update and am loving itHeart
First Geet haven't heard anything..BLESS HER!!
Then Maan went to her cabin and after little fights, finally got her call him Maan sir..!! Smart ass!!LOL
He was in ecstasy when he heard her call him "Maan sir!!" I can clearly imagine Geet calling Maan sir in the show..Doesn't she look cute while calling that??Embarrassed
Anyway moving on..
Ha! I loved this move..
" Add that you are Maan Singh Khurana's Secretary and any communication to me should be through you be it fixing a dinner date  or signing a deal."
OMG!! I was rolling!!ROFL I mean He knows exactly how to irritate her. Doesn't he?
BTW Mr. MSK, She need not fix your dinner dates, as all of the dates wil be with her hereafter!!LOL
And then comes Sasha's part!!
Man! Another saaahhhiii moment!!ROFL
And MSK barged in her cabin and locked it up?
Doesn't these both have any other work than barging into each other's cabins?
within a day, i wonder how many times they bared into each other's cabins!!LOL
And then comes a mahhiii moment!! That was so dreamy didi!!Day Dreaming
" Geet now I know why you repel my kisses.."
I could almost imagine him saying these words in a husky voice and guess what jitters run through my spineEmbarrassed
And then he planned Dev's trip to canada??ROFL
I loved the move..
chalo shukr hai babaji wicket down!!LOL
And what's this? Brij veerji in jail? Why? Ah i am interested about this past more now..
And then comes the action episode of the update..
Oh My My!! Geet slapped the hooligans??
Meri sapping machine, think twice before you slap or look for a black BMW before you slap!!LOL
I obviously want it to be MSK!!
Interesting Precap i must say..
and am waiting eagerly for the next partBig smile
ur golu molu chotiSmile

Shika! jaan! Geet did slap the Hooligans! but read carefully at the end who slaps whom and who passes out! Check! Smile

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wow awsome update yaar...after a long time !!!
update soon 

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Its Awesome...Embarrassed

Love u Preethi...Hug

I m very bed in guessing Ouch but I guess either Dev with Dadima or Vicky or Sasha...ROFLROFL

See how smart I m Cool

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wowww loved the update
n of course the passenger is maan n i think both maan n geet have only 1 work that is to barge into each other's office n maan's new work to irritate geet

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