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Maneet - To Start with a SLAP Part 10/Page 49 8/24 (Page 30)

kasturi11 Groupbie

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 3:19am | IP Logged
.love this new concept for Maaneet......i would love to read continue......and plz add me to your PM list!!!!!!!!!!!

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Plzzzzzz updatesoon n do pm me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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4 pm me....dear
lots of &
sach a n sweet n awesome update....
 4 ur update...
to pm me dear....
sorry 4 late reply dear....really
to u dear.....

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waiting for next.....Sleepy
hey can u plz add me to ur PM list.....

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Preethi-Premi IF-Rockerz

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Part 8
Expect the UnExpected
At 4 pm, Geet was sitting in the Khurana Construction inside the cabin allotted to her. Going through the happenings of the day with her eyes closed.


She was shown the doors by the Kapoor's. She still remembers the words of Mr.Kapoor. 'Sorry that vacancy is already closed', When only last month they were begging her to join them as soon as she was in India. Huh! World! Mr.Kapoor had then refered Khurana construction to her saying they are on the look out for someone with her profile. The word "Khurana" put Geet off but she plastered a faint smile on her face. Though she knew that This "Khurana" may not be related to that "Khurana" she still could not accept it. Something somewhere was stopping her to take it up.


She had left Kapoors office and walked into Rathode's office. Here the MD didn't even have the time to talk to her. The secretary told her – 'Sorry we don't need you here. May be Khuranas would be interested." And thrust a visiting card into Geet's hand. Now this Khurana was getting on to her head. She had decided to give them a try and here she was! As soon as she entered the office, she was greeted by an empty reception with receptionist gone without even hanging up the phone properly. She had to fend for herself and that's when she met Adi Sir. As soon as he saw her, he called her to the conference room and gave her the appointment order. Geet's jaw dropped - Seeing the salary they were paying her and also appointing her without even an interview. Geet grew suspicious and asked for the MD – "Maan sir has gone for site visit to Noida". Geet – "what is his name?" Adi – "Maan Singh Khurana" Adi shivered while uttering the full name. Deep inside his heart, he just prayed to god that he not be fired for saying that name without Sir at the end. Geet sighed in relief. Adi gave her the contract to sign. She started to read through it diligently.


2 years of bond when broken by employee, she should pay the basic salary of remaining tenure in 2 years  to the company and vice versa.  Geet self thought – Why will I quit.. They pay good money!


ANY Work given should be completed dutifully to the satisfaction of the employer. Geet self thought – Aaj kal yeh sab bhi contract mein likhte hai kya!


Employee should be ready to travel anywhere at anytime if and when required by the employer. Employer should pay for accommodation and transportation of employee and family. Geet self thought – Free mein duniyan ghumne ka chance… who ll refuse?


Employee should dress professionally inside office and when outside for work related to office.

Geet Yawns, self thought – Boring! Huh… Yeh log ithne boring hai! There is not going to be anything life threatening in this. Waise…. Enough! - Then she signs the contract and asks for a copy of the contract from Adi for her safe-keeping. Adi leads her to her cabin and leaves her there ALONE again to fend for herself. Before she could ask any question he escaped from there asking her to take her seat and make herself comfortable. So here she was making herself comfortable… Hmmmmm *Preethi calls – Geet …. Geeeeeeeet…Uffffffffffffff. This girl slept off Right before MSK entry…. Babaji ise bachao!!*

That's how Maan Singh Khurana found her when he barged into her cabin, she was sleeping peacefully leaning on the backrest of her chair.


Enchanting beauty she was! Mesmerized by it he was!


Totally blown out of this human world by the amount of innocence oozing out of her face, he walked towards her like a man under the spell of this sleeping angel. Her closed eyes, slightly pouted lips, her nose, her chest rhythmically moving up and down while breathing under her pink shirt with white stripes. MSK stops himself from going into further relishment of her eternal beauty and moves his gaze up to her face…. Her hair…...  As he approached her he noticed the stride of hair disturbing her. He leaned towards her, slowly to remove the hair that was causing her otherwise flawless face to frown. Resting his left hand on the left armrest of her chair, bringing his face closer to hers, with his right hand he touches the hair stride. As he is about to put it in place, BANG! Geet gets up with a jerk banging her head on Maan's.


TAAAAAAASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! – Geet slapped Maan right across his face with anger overflowing from her eyes. Maan holds his right cheek and is visibly enraged by her behaviour.


Geet – How dare you try to kiss me again that too in my office. You PERVERT! 2 slaps that I served yesterday was not enough? How dare you? Who gave you permission to get into my office. YOU JER……………… MMMMMMM..LLLL……MMMMMM….EEEEE…….MMMMM……AAAAAAA…….MMMMMMMMM………..VVVVVVVVV………….MMMMMMMMM……..EEEEEEEEEEE………. MMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEE………


Maan whose anger has rose up above the world so high could not take it anymore jerked her into his arms and was kissing her tight on her lips!

Geet was struggling to break free!


Maan to himself – How dare she how dare she! – Still continuing to kiss her holding both her hands with his one hand behind her back and kissing her forecully, remembering his dream from the morning, taking the taste of her strawberry gloss and the fragrace of her CK one perfume, somewhere within him the beast in him rose leaps and bounds awaking the demons that he long buried after the fatal mistake of his 5 years ago.


Geet was melting. She could not accept it nor reject the fact that she is enjoying this feeling. This feeling of being tamed.. the feeling....... Geet self thought - STOP IT! Geet who could not take it anymore used her defence mechanism! Hit him right at his groin with her right leg! Maan was taken aback. He jerked back and held the place where she hit and was writhing in pain. She tried to take advantage of the situation and run out of the room but to her surprise, Maan held her hand and pulled her back with force… THUD! She hit his chest with her back.


He locked her hands between him and her back and said "Do you want me to continue from where I left or will you for once stop physically abusing people and listen to what they say?"


Geet struggling in his hold – "What the F**K? You men! Huh! Take advantage of every given situation and when someone gives what you deserve you call it physical abuse?


Maan tightened his grip on her – Geet Handa, I gave you a choice. I think you are very much interested in being explored! So where did we stop. Maan started making advances towards her in slow steps. 

Geet – Don't you dare Mr. Who ever you are!


Maan – Maan… Maan Singh Khurana Naam hai mera!

Geet is SHOCKED! Maan Singh Khurana?  When her body stops resisting him, Maan loosens his grip and pulls her chair and sits cross legged *Rajnikanth Style* in front of her. Wherein, she is still recovering from the shock.


Geet slowly – So you set me up? You made sure I am working for you and tricked me into signing that weird contract of yours.


Maan with an evil smile – What do you expect me to do? Find you and give you a medal for slapping me infront of the whole world!


Geet enraged – What do you expect me to do? Call you to my bedroom when you kissed me in front of the whole world!


Maan – Geet!

Before he could say another word…

Geet – Just shut up! You men are all lustful, selfish, mean, ruthless, heartless JERKS! You BL***Y Ras**L! You tricked me! – and is about to slap him again!


Maan holds her hand at the right time and says – Another time, another time you try that on me Geet Handa, You will repent for life! Don't forget that you are standing in front of MAAN SINGH KHURANA! YOUR BOSS! Who according to the contract can send you to the jungles of Africa and make you stay there for 2 years and you can't do anything about it!


Geet had to step back. She knew she was trapped, trapped well by this man. She was so foolish to have signed that contract without meeting the MD of the company. Now its too late. She has to put up with this for 2 years! No way! She has to search for a new job come what may…


Maan – Don't even try Geet Handa. – as though he read her mind.


Maan – You cannot get job anywhere in Delhi unless I give a go ahead. Noone in Delhi will dare to employ you. I know you need money. I know you cannot go out of Delhi. – laughes evily – I know you have to be here for, what's his name, Haan, Armaan right.. and continues to laugh!


Geet who could not control her tongue anymore says – Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, don't even take his name from your dirty mouth.


Maan – Unless you apologise for your behaviour with me you will have to put up Ms. Geet Handa.


Geet – Apologise? Huh Keep dreaming!


Maan – Noone has said no to Maan Singh Khurana


Geet – Because he has not met Geet Handa till now.


Maan is enraged *Preethi winks when was he normal*. Maan – So Ms. Geet Handa! Welcome to the world on Maan Singh Khurana!


Geet – Thanks for dhamakedar Welcome Mr. Khurana. But no thanks. I am happy in my world and stop poking your dirty nose into my little world. I am here to work and fortunately for you and unfortunately for me I have signed that tricky contract of yours. I expect professional behavior from a business man like you. – The last line she said with a sarcastic smile on her face.


Maan – Lets see Ms. Geet Handa! Lets see whose professionalism goes for a toss. – Sighs – Slapping your boss and hitting him at wrong places is professionalism?


Geet – If kissing your employee is professionalism then add slapping to your rule book that defines professionalism Mr.Khurana.


Maan – Sir… Call me Maan Sir.


Geet sarcastically – Has the queen of London given you the title "Sir". Stop bossing me around showing off your fit for nothing attitude Mr. Khurana. There is absolutely no harm in calling you the way I call and it will stay that way. You get that MR.KHURANA? – she said stressing on the name..


Maan self thought – NEVER has anyone had the guts to answer me back! I will make your life Hell Geet Handa. Just wait and watch what I do to you! First Mission – Making you call me Sir!


Geet – If you are done with cursing me within yourself, can you please let me know what is my job profile here. I am not being paid to have these useless chats with you I think.


Maan breaks out of his thought and tries to change the topic – So Geet.. Can I have a look at your resume?


Geet – You want me to believe that you don't have my resume already? – hands him her file.


Maan with a sarcastic smile – You seem to grasp things quickly Geet.


Geet – Life has taught me Mr. Khurana. I have been through the worst to know how mean and ruthless men can be. – murmers under her breath – Especially the ones that are born in the Khurana clan.


Maan dint miss what she said but decided to pretend as though he dint hear the last line. Turning the pages of her resume – B.Arch gold medalist, Diploma in Corporate Secretary-ship, Bach of Law - Persuing, MBA from London university topper… Not bad… Not bad at all Ms Geet. But frankly, I have not seen a more confused resume than yours! – with a sarcastic trademark MSK smile.


Maan continues still his eyes glued to her resume – You worked as a secretary in Singhanias? Accountant job in ABC orphanage?


Geet irritated – You have a problem with all that Mr. Khurana. Unless I am going to serve any purpose you wont have hired me here paying so much of money. Or you have a big fat MALE ego that you wanted to satisfy by hiring me and torturing henceforth!


Maan with a smile – Both Ms.Geet! both! Ok now lets get onto some business talks. Our company is working in 7 projects currently….. The usual professional talks continue between Maneet for which we never hear the content. So imagine Maahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Towards the end of the discussion Maan – Khurana Construction will sponsor your Law degree which I want you to finish soon. Once your Law degree is complete you will be the in-house legal advisor of KC. Further, you will be my secretary cum Chief architect for this company.


To this Geet responds with anger – Secretary? You think I did my MBA to be your coffee girl here Mr. Khurana?


Maan – Read the second clause of your contract! – Gets up from the chair and leaves from the cabin without bothering to answer her question directly.


Geet is left fuming in her cabin!

Geet self thought - "Expect the unexpected" 




Maan comes into his cabin which is adjacent to that of Geet separated by a glass (here also? Hmmmmmmmm Preethi could not resist doing this!). After being satisfied with the situation he has put Geet in, he closes the blinds so that he could concentrate on something productive. Soon as he settles he receives calls from kapoors.


Maan – So Mr. Sanjeev, good that you sent her here!


Sanjeev - Aap ne bol diya tho hum kaise thaal sakthe hai Mr. Khurana.


Maan -  Good for you..


Sanjeev – Anything else that you want us to do for you Mr.Khurana.

Maan snubs saying – I am not your employer Mr. Sanjeev. Just a shareholder.


Sanjeev is mouth sealed, knowing that Maan is capable of doing he did not want to risk being in his bad books.


Maan – If you don't have anything else, I think we can hang up rather than hearing each other's breath Mr. Sanjev.


Sanjeev – Ok Mr. Khurana.  – Sanjev was speaking to the beeps on the phone!




Geet's is literally boiling with anger. First she is kissed by him yesterday. Today again he tricks me into this job and kisses me again! What the F***. Why are men so devious? I cant stand him another minute. She stomps out of her cabin…


As soon as she opens the door, THHHHUUUUUDDDD……. She hit something soft but lost her balance but before she hits the ground a hand grabs her waist and another holds her neck and pulls her close!




Geet is dumb found by this pose that she was in especially with this particular person. She was stumped and had no idea how to react.


In the gap Sasha is left gazing deep into Geet's eyes. Her angel! Her angel! She just saved her angel from a fall… She is unable to contain her happiness. She had been praying to her babaji to somehow show her angel again to her. Babaji brought her to her office. Sasha is unable to take her eyes off Geet. OMG! How soft her skin is how beautiful her eyes are… OMG!


Suddenly Geet jerks out of the compromising position that they were in and crosses her arms across her chest and stares at Sasha. Again Sasha drifts her to her dream land where she and Geet are running towards each other with angels in white dress dancing around them.


Geet muters a thanks to Sasha and tries rushes to Maan's cabin. Sasha is left dejected.


Geet knocks at the door and when she hears a voice, she gets in assuming Maan asked her to get into the cabin. But was engrossed in a telephonic conversation facing his back to her. He is oblivious to the fact that Geet is in the cabin.


Maan – Nahi Dadi 


Maan – Please dadi, aap samajhne ki koshish kijiye..

Maan – No…. Give the phone to him again….


Maan – I know what you are upto my dear brother… JUST STAY AWAY FROM HER! And I mean it. Don't try to play around with MAAN SINGH KHURANA.


While saying his own name, with full attitude he revolved his chair to face Geet! A horrified expression crosses Maan's face. He cuts the call and gets up from his chair. Geet is fuming and staring angrily at him.


He opens his mouth to explain. Geet shows her right hand to stop him from saying another word and leaves from there.

Maan is left confused about what she heard and what she dint!

Maan self thought - "Expect the unexpected"



Precap :


TASHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! - *again? But who is the victim this time?*

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hey at last updated thanx will comment later

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-lazybee- IF-Sizzlerz

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Me too falling for Handa again and again....Embarrassed

Tasha tooShocked

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res ..will comment after reading of courseLOL


Oh my Preeths..awesome update..i just love this Geet..and what to say about your writing skill ..its just too good..awesome talent u have got..cant wait for next update..
oh haan i loved the new BG..Sahiiiiiii SahiiiiiiiLOL 

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