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Maneet - To Start with a SLAP Part 10/Page 49 8/24 (Page 24)

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plzzz update soon

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SleepySleepySleepywaiting waitingConfused

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Sorry girls! Please forgive me! Not in best of health so could not update for long! Please find the latest update now! I will update the next part soon ... Hope so!LOL
Part - 7
Wounds from the past
Geet drops Armaan in the orphanage and kisses him goodnight and leaves to Pinky's flat. It has been a very overwhelming day for Geet. Little did she notice that when she was entering the community a pair of eyes were watching her from distance and feeling content that she is home, safe.

 As soon as she reaches home Pinky pounds on her 'Oye Geet, Tu yahan subah aa gayi,par abhi time mila mujhse milne ke liye?'

 After many Jahppi de pappi and girly girly chit chats,

 Pinky - 'Acha chal khana tho kha le'

 Geet - 'Nahi Pinky bhook nahi hai. I want to sleep early. I have to go to the Kapoors tomorrow to finalise my contract with them for my job'

 Pinky - 'Arey yaar. Chal yo go to bed. I will get you milk'

 Geet - 'Chaddo Pinky, tension math le. Waise uncle ji kahan hai. Mujhe tum dono se kuch important bath karni hai'

 Pinky - What is that?

 Geet - Where is uncle ji

 Pinky - He had to leave to Chandigarh urgently since Maasi is not well.

 Geet - Oh! tho tum kyun nahi gayi?

 Pinky - Kaise jathi tujhe chod kar? I wanted to spend some time with you.

 Geet feels guilty for having almost forgotten her best friend Pinky all day. Suddenly Geet remembers something and asks

 Geet - Pinky, Uncle told me you are working now. Kahan kaam kar rahi ho?

 Pinky - Woh... Mein ....Woh.....

 Geet - Kya woh .. mein ..... bolna yaar.

 Pinky - Mein ek construction company mein Receptionist ka kaam kar rahi hun re.

 Geet - Receptionist?

Pinky - Haan. Waise mere  liye wahi sahi hai Geet.

Geet smirks and gets up to leave but turns and asks - Have you met Dev after I left?

Pinky is visibly stunned by this question. She is unable to meet Geet's eyes and reply to her.

Geet sternly - Bolo Pinky. Such bolo.

Pinky - Haan. (hangs her head)

Geet - Pinkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..... That Dev is meeting my Armaan?

Pinky nodes to say yes with her head hung.

Geet grabs Pinky by her shoulder and asks - How could you Pinky.... How could you.... Sub kuch jaanthe huye bhi tum... I dint expect you to be so irresponsible Pinky. I had trusted you...

Pinky - Geet meri baath tho sun...

Geet snaps her - Bussssss. mujhe kuch nahi sunnaa. Tumne mere bache ko uss Dev se...

Geet is unable to contain her anger. Geet stomps to her room and pulls out her luggage and starts packing what ever was hers in her room.

Pinky runs behind Geet trying to explain her.. Geet cuts her off - 'Dur raho mujh se.... Dur raho mere bache se... Yeh baath Dev se bol dena. Mein uski shakal bhi nahi dekhna chahthi.'

Pinky - Par Dev sudhar gaya hai Geet. Samajhne ki koshish karo.

Geet - Pinky, Mein phir se kisi mardh ki jaal mein nahi girna chathi hun. Men are the most selfish creatures God ever made. Usne mera isthemal kiya Pinky. Tum sub kuch jathi ho... Phir bhi tumne....

Pinky - Geet... Pinky starts to cry...

Geet - Uncle Ji ke aane par phone kar dena. I will come and talk to him.

Geet hold Pinky who is still crying - I know that you thought this is the best for me. But try to understand Pinky. There is no place for any MAN in my life. I have had enough of Men trying to run my life for me. I know what is best for me and my child. If there is one man that I would want to run my life that is Armaan when he grows up. Noone else! I am leaving from here because haterd is a strong feeling. If I stay here it will grow. You are still my best friend. But I feel for now atleast we should stay apart.

With that said, Geet left Pinky's flat without turning back once, not knowing where to go but still unmoved by the situation. This is nothing compared to what she faced because of all the men in her life 4 years ago..................

Geet comes out of the community and boards a taxi and asks him to drive to the nearest hotel where she can stay.


Past - 5 years ago

Life has taught her lot of lessons. For what ever the men clan did to her she had decided long back never to trust any MAN in her life ever again. Her Veerji was the only exception.

Brij Veerji. The only respectable man in her family for her today. Unlike her daarji or Tauji or her father Brij Veerji always stood by her. She was the apple of his eyes. He was not her own brother. He was her Tauji's son, but starting from her first step that she learnt to walk as an year old girl till she had to run away from her family Brij veerji is the sole person who was with her.

Though she was born in the famous Handa parivar known for their big bungalow and big fat wealth, the women in their family were treated by the previous generation men like dirt. Pure dirt. Many a times Brij had raised his voice against his own daarji for beating up Geet for no reason but in vain. That is when he decided that he will take up the welfare of Geet into his own hands. Brij Veerji was the one who made sure she studied in the English Medium School along with him, when the other girls from her village were sent to the local school where even the teachers were not keen to teach. Chup chup ke, He taught her martial arts, He taught her to fight with Talwar, He taught her to use a gun, how to ride a cycle, how to ride a scooty and what not. None from their family knew about the silent training that Geet was receiving from Brij throughout her childhood. He would call her "Brij ki Punjabi Sherni" to encourage her whenever her Daarji or father intimidated her or punished her for petty issues. But things changed. Things changed when it was decided by Daarji that Brij will go to London to pursue his higher studies. Though Brij could have easily said no and walked off, the only thing in his mind was the welfare of his sweet little Geet. He thought that once he settled in London he will take his sister away from this hell she might have to live after her studies. At least that's what he thought. But Daarji had different plans.

 Geet was 20 by then. She was pursuing her B.Arch in one of the most prestigious Engineering College in Chandigarh. Brij had fought so much with their family to allow her here. This was her 4th year, one ,more year and she will be capable of being what she wants to be. She always wanted to become an architect one day. Given her family and with her savior Veerji away, can she even dare to dream so big?

 It was her Study Holidays for her 7th semester exams. She would have preferred to stay back in the hostel to do her studies. During her stay in Chandigarh she almost NEVER stepped out of her hostel. . The only time she comes out is when she goes to Hoshiyarpur. Every month Brij Veerji would come to meet her over one of the weekends bringing her all stuff that she would need starting from pickle to napkins. She never had any need to leave her hostel, Nor she had any friends in college. Everytime she getrs distracted by something, she would remember the pain her Veerji has taken and is taking for her to complete her studies and pursue her dream. Bus apne kaam se kaam rakhthi thi. Even when she came to HP, Veerji would come and take her in their car. She was his little princess. But this time it was different. Her mother sweet talked her to come to their haveli in Hoshiyarpur for the holidays. With Brij gone, she had to sit alone in the car with the driver and go to HP. Little did she know that her life is going to take a perfect U-Turn once she steps into Hoshiyarpur. It did not sound un-usual to her when Daarji seized her Cell phone and laptop from her. That usually happens when ever she comes here. But things started to sound fishy when the haveli was being decorated for some wedding. She had wanted to have a word with her Veerji on this. But she was not allowed to even touch the phone.

 Suddenly one evening there were a number of people from the village in the haveli. There came a family of 4 from Canada. A man along with 3 women. That's when Geet's mother Rano told Geet that they are the ladke wale who have come to see Geet. Geet was torn into pieces hearing this. She could do little to change the situation. With Brij Veerji gone and no one else to trust she decided to trust the people from Canada than her own people. She was clad in a Sari and decked with lot of jewels and brought to the hall. She was determined not to cry. Not to shed even a drop of tear because that is not what her Veerji taught her. After all she was his Punjabi Sherni!

 After being presented in front of the family like a monument, the guy had wanted to talk to her alone for few minutes, which resulted in murmurs across the whole hall from the villagers. Daarji had no other go but relent to this request because this rishta is something that he had been longing for Geet, Someone from Canda, An NRI. That would add she Shaan to his pagdi. His Grand daughter would be in Canada and what else he needs to brag about. Everyone will be envious of him. But his only worry was Geet might blurt out something that would spoil his entire dream. But at this point of time he had no other option. With his eyes he warned Geet and asked the Rano to guide the man to the terrace along with Geet.

 Once on Terrance, Geet immediately blurted out ' 'Dekhiye mujhe yeh shadhi bilkul manzur nahi hai. I had always wanted to study and become an architecht. I am not ready to get married now. So please give some reason and reject me'

 Man was take aback - 'You dint even see me once. Nor do you know my name..'

 Geet - I don't need to.

 Man - I am Dev, Dev Khurana.

 Geet - Tho?

 Dev - If I say, you can pursue your studies after marriage will you agree to marry me?

Geet looking up and seeing Dev's eyes for the first time ' How can I trust you?

 Dev - That's upto you. I am going to marry you.

 Geet was awestruck.

 Dev - I liked your straight forwardness. I had always wanted a girl like you as life partner. Please say Yes *pleadingly*

 Geet is still in trance.

Dev - Can I take your silence for Yes?

 Geet still no response.

 Dev grins and leaves from there.

 Everything around her was happening so fast. She could not understand as to why they wanted the marriage to take place within next 3 days. What ever reasons they gave seemed lame to Geet. But in her heart, slowly she started to develop some feelings for Dev. He never left even a single opportunity to impress her. Be it saving her from the wrath of her Daarji when she tried to call Brij or be it the rose petals that he showered on her when she was standing under a tree waiting for her childhood friends. Once he even got her a Sari that he wanted her to wear for one of the marriage ceremony. Geet was slowly falling for Dev. His Babhi Nayantara looked quite younger compared to Dev. His mom Pammi who was always worried and tensed about something an the ever annoying Kamya were almost ignored by everyone. Not once did anyone in the Handa household questioned the sanity of the 3 women who seemed to be lost in their own sweet world.

 On the day before wedding, Nayatara produced a bunch of documents which needed Geet's signature. They were said to be the documents for passport and VISA for Geet. How much Gett wanted her Veerji by her side noone could understand. Infact they wanted to finish all this before Brij even comes to know abou it. Due to pressure from Darji, Geet put her Signatures on those papers without even reading what was written on them. How lame can my Daarji be ' thought Geet. He told her that if we read what is in there the Ladke wale will think that we don't trust them! Though Geet had her own doubts in her mind on Nayantara, at the back of her mind, She trusted Dev. She knew that he will make sure nothing will go wrong.


Geet breaks out of her thoughts with the honk of the taxi.

A tear trickles down her eyes - "wounds from the past" 

On reaching the hotel room, Geet just hits the bed. It has indeed been an over whelming day for her!


Maan was going crazy with the thought about this woman ' Geet Handa.

When he was rewinding the happenings in the evening he suddenly realised that his brother Dev knew her name!

He immediately comes out of out house in serach of Dev in Main mansion. Dev's car just enters the mansion and Dev gets out of it. He looks pretty tired or Worn out would be the word.

Without getting too much into the thought of why his brother is worn out Maan straight away shoots his question ' Tum Geet ko kaise janthe ho?

 Dev visibly stunned by this question ' Who Bro

 Maan - Mujhe dekhkar jawab dho

 Dev turns to Maan - It's personal Bro. I cant tell you anything now. Give me sometime. Once things are sorted out I will tell you myself.

 Maan gets angry - You are asking Maan Singh Khurana to wait for your bloody explaination about that Woman?

 Dev who also get angry - She is not 'that woman' mind it Bro!

 Maan is taken aback by this sudden outburst of his otherwise sober brother Dev. He knew that something was visibly wrong. Now he had bigger reasons to know who this Geet Handa is!

 Maan - Dev, even if you don't tell me, you think I can't find out?

 Dev Pleadingly - Bro, Please try to understand.

 Maan - I don't have all the time in the world for you and Geet Handa, Dev. Now I give you 2 options, Either tell me what is it between you and her or if and when I find out'. You know what I mean.

 Dev lost it. He cant invite the wrath of Maan Singh Khurana. He can't escape him. The one grave mistake of his life is going to open in front of Maan Singh Khurana.

 Dev - She is my Ex-Wife!

 Maan shocked beyond his wits - What?

Dev runs away from there before Maan could recover from the shock.


He held her by waist and pulled her close. The strong pull. 'THUD' she hits his chest. His intense glare sent shivers down her spine. When she tries to free herself, his grip gets tighter and he pulls her closer to himself. She is now able to hear the sound of 2 rising heartbeats. His breath on the nape of her neck makes her weak. Weak from inside. He raises her head by her chin. She meets his gaze. The pure passion in his eyes. He holds her cheeks with his one hand and forces his lips on hers. She struggles to break free. She struggles to deny the wave of pleasure that is sweeping her. She struggles to break free of the passion that is rising in her by the second, but he is persistent. He has her soft pink luscious lips captured. He invades and starts to explore the taste of her. His hands travel up her back to untie her dori. To her own surprise she has stopped to break free. She has plunged in the pleasure of his taste. She has stopped protesting.

 The moment her dori is untied.........


He held her by waist and pulled her close. The strong pull. 'THUD' she hits his chest. Her shyness was awakening the beast in him. When she tries to free herself, his grip gets tighter and he pulls her closer to himself and tells himself 'you are only mine'. He is now able to hear the sound of 2 rising heartbeats. Her hot breath on his chest was making him uncontrolable. Totally out of control. He raises her head by her chin. She meets his gaze. The pure love in her eyes. He holds her cheeks with his one hand and forces his lips on hers. She was reluctant to accept it first but slowly as He started to taste her, she started to let him in. May be she was enjoying. His hands travel up her back to untie her dori. Surprisingly she din't resist. She has stopped protesting.

 The moment her dori is untied.........


Maan snaps his eyes open . Geet snaps her eyes open with a scream! He was sweating profusely. Her shivering was nowhere near ending! He realises it was a dream!It took her sometime to realize that it was just a dream.

Maan - But but.. The lady? Why her? Why was it her? She is Dev's Ex-wife.. I met her only today morning!

 Maan sees that  It was 5am in the morning!

 Geet - But but ... the man.... the man.... Why him? Why was it him? I met him only today morning!

 After composing herself Geet realises that the time is 5am in the morning.

 Maan sees that  It was 5am in the morning! *Preethi winks, early morning dreams come true!*

 Precap 1 -

 'Sorry we don't need you here'

'Sorry that vacancy is already closed'

Precap 2 - 

'Stay away from her!'

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Simply awesome update just loved it. Story getting more and more interesting. Update soon Smile

Edited by ashi - 24 February 2011 at 7:09am

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Preethi...... Lovely updateThumbs Up

Looking forward to more Maneet.......

Take care of ur health.

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thats awsome one yaar....loved it ,,,loved it !!!

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That was awesome part....loved it to the core...n update soon...!!!!!

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loved it n i want maan to throw dev out of the house for doing all that to geet

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