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Maneet - To Start with a SLAP Part 10/Page 49 8/24 (Page 17)

amzu32 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 10:55am | IP Logged
lovely ff...... can u add me in ur pm plzzz

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teri_susan Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 1:02am | IP Logged
Finally u revealed the slap incident vividly.Maan saved her and she slapped him for the things that was not his faultLOL.So Armaan is a 5-year old boyLOL.Funny with SashaROFL,i can't stop laughing after reading Geet's encounter with SashaLOL.Continue................

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 2:37am | IP Logged
loved ur ff................sach mein maan bahut arrogant hain...............i know they r destined to b together lets just hv to wait and watch how things r gonna turn and how they r gonna b together.........can u pm me when u update next part thnks

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Preethi-Premi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 4:17am | IP Logged

Credits to 2 of the readers of this FF -

Jazerrete (Jazi) - My legal advisor LOL
holyangel - Delhi GPS (Global Positioning System!) for me!Big smile

This part will be quite long because till now i was concentrating on Maneet. I need to shape up the story a bit so i have concetrated on all the characters
except for one which will be coming up later! So bear with me. Read this even if its a bit boring because this will give you an idea about each character. Czo from now the story will be taking a shape!

In this FF, i wanted to show the pain of Indian adoption process. I wont bore you guys much but yes it will create some awareness that i can cause from my part.. Thanks to Jazi.. She helped me a lot to straighten my knowledge on those laws..Embarrassed


Part 6
Life is a Race
Geet pats Armaan's back when he is still holding her tight and sobbing. He was no where near stopping his crying and it was the same with Geet as well. He

was the only reason for her to be alive today. He made her a strong woman. After sometime they both relax and Geet lifts Armaan in her arms and walks towards

the main office of the orphange. Its been 2 years since she saw Sanjana devi. Sanjana devi is the one who is responsible for all the residents of the ABC orphanage. She is a very soft and pious woman

Geet enters the office - namaste maa ji
Sanjana - Geet beta.. and comes and hugs her.

Geet - Sorry maa ji mujhe vacation mein yahan aane ke liye bahut paise lagthe. So i could not come even once in between.

Sanjana - Hum samajthe hai beta. Par Armaan ka tho bahut bura haal tha.

Geet - Hmmmmm and stares at Armaan lovingly.
Geet to Armaan - Armaan , tum thodi der keliya bahar wait karo please... Mama ko dadi se kuch batein karni hai..

Armaan shakes his head disagreeing and hugging Geet by her leg - nahi... mein kahein nahi jaunga... you will leave me and go again..

Geet  kneels on the floor to Armaan's level and says - Beta, mama kahin nahi jayegi... you go now.. please.. - Kisses Armaan's forehead

Armaan grins and leaves from there.

Geet- Maa ji, I think already you know what want to talk about.

Sanjana - Geet beta I know. But there is a problem.

Geet - What?

Sanjana - There is a family which wants to adopt Armaan. They are a very reputed family from Delhi. A rich married couple.

Geet starteled - Yeh kab hua?

Sanjana - The Kapoors.. They are. Lets not get too much into that. What i wanted to say is, The Trust feels that they are a safer hand for Armaan than you.

Geet rages - Nahi maa aise nahi ho saktha.. I brought Armaan here. How can you...

Sanjana - Geet beta, i dint say we are giving away Armaan yet, did i?

Geet sees her questioningly

Sanjana - Geet, You have to make sure you satisfy the Trust that you are a better parent than them.

Geet-  You are talking about Kapoors here Maa ji.

Sanjana - Yes Geet. But the main plus point you have is Armaan wants to be with you. He considers you as his mother.

Geet - Then?

Sanjana - You have 3 months. I fought with the Trust and got 6 months time from them. Already 3 months have elapsed. So you have 3 months time to prove yourself as the best parent for Armaan.

Geet - Maa ji please dont ask me to get married.. I know I dont need to be a wife to be a mother! I am 21 yesars older than him as well! So....

Sanjana Chuckles and says - Geet, Kapoor are considered as better bet than you because of their financial status. So I want you to prove yourself financially very sound to support Armaan.

Geet- Maa ji, you know how many foreign offers I rejected for Armaan. All because of your stupid trust's law that he has to be produced here every 3 months for review till he is 14 years and that is 10 years from now..

Sanjana - I know foreign jobs are high paid but you dont have an option. You have to be here and still be earning very good money.

Geet - Thanks maa ji. I already have an offer from Rathodes and one frmo Kapoors as well. I will be ready to take Armaan with me in a month or so.

Sanjana - Ok beta... you go and enjoy your time with Armaan.

Geet- Thanks maa ji - and takes a leave.

Once she is out, Armaan jumps into her arms. She carries him outside the building and gets into a taxi with him.

Armaan makes a baby face and says - Maa bhuk lagi hai - and carasses his stomach.

Geet is a bit off because of the new developments - Kahan jana hai tumhe?

Armaan - Dhaba!

Geet - Ok - And asks taxi drier to take to the nearest dhaba..

Throughout the afternoon, Geet is admiring the chit chat of Armaan and anyone who sees them will never say that they are not biological mom-son. They have such an eternal bonding.. Geet felt that this is her world and this is where she belongs to.

She told herself - 'noone will take him away from me.. noone.. I am his mother'

MSK reaches Khurana mansion where his dadi is ready on the dining table waiting for him.
MSK - Dadi you dint have your lunch yet?

Dadi - Hum aapke dadi hai.. Ek baar bola hai tho bus its a rule.

MSK silently sits down on the chair nnest to dadi and stares at his brother Dev who seemed lost in his own world.

MSK - Dev, agar tumhara sochna khatam hogaya ho tho shall we start eating?

Dadi - Maan beta, Dev par apna gussa utaarna bandh kijiye.. We have been waiting for you for the past one hour.

MSK is mouth shut.

Nakul serves the lunch and they have a silent lunch. Not a word from the 3 of them.

After the lunch, MSK tries to leave for office again when

Dadi stops him  - MAan, humne aapko kaha tha na mandir jana hai?

MSK - Haan dadi par....

Dadi snaps him - Vicky kuch der mein college se aa jayenge.. mein apne teen pothon ke sath Mandir jane ki kwaish bhi nahi kar sakthi?

MSK - Dadi aapko kya ho gaya hai aaj?

Dadi - I said i want to go to temple with the 3 of yo uand that s final and stomps off to her room.

MSK grits his teeth and leaves from there.

Dev self thought - Pinky told that Geet will be here today. How will i go and meet her if I have to go to temple in the evening?


Romeo feels ashamed to enter the Rathode mansion. How is he going to face his sister. She will burn him. He tried to sneek into his room when -

Nayantara caught his wrist with a horrified expression on her face - Yeh kya haal bana rakha hai Romeo?

Romeo - Didi woh ...Didi woh...

NT drags him in adn makes him sit on the sofa yells at servants to get ice , first aid box and call doctor. She tends to her youngest brother's wounds.

NT - How did this happen? who dared to raise their hand on you in your college.

Romeo - Noobne frmo college didi..

NT - Then?

Romeo - A girl at bus stop.

Nt - A girl? What? Why bus stop?

Romeo - I was teasing 2 girls frmo my college in bus stop and.... explains the whole scenario to NT.

NT burns with Rage. How dare someone raise hand on her brother. I will burn them.. She breaks the glass in her hand n her hand starts to bleed.

Without caring NT asks Rome - Who is she?

Romeo - Dont know.

NT - Who ever she is... i wont spare her!


Dadi calls Rathode mansion and Arjun picks up the phone.

Dadi - Arjun beta, kaise hai aap?

Arjun - pranam Dadi.. I am fine. Aap kaise hai?

Dadi - Hum theek hai beta. Zara Nayantara ko phone dho.

Arjun - Dadi woh yahan nahi hai. Can i convey your message to her if its ok with you?

Dadi - Haan beta. I want you 3 to join us in the durga mata temple at 5pm today.. possible?

Arjun - Dadi.yeh aap kaise baten kar rahi hai.. Aapne bola tho how can we say no. We will be there Dadi.

Dadi - Thanks beta.

Arjun puts the phone down and thinks - Nayantara is so lucky to have got a family like Khuranas but when will she ever realise that?


Geet and Armaan are about to start from the dhaba when Armaan says - Mama mujhe woh mandir jana hai jahan aap mujhe aksar le jaya karthi thi... Please......

Geet- Beta it will be very late by the time we go back from there

Armaan - mujhe jana hai and starts to cry

Geet could not take his sobs and says - Ok chalo we will go.


MSK is seen sitting in his room with his laptop. All he is doing is just staring at the screen and trying to read the email rather same email for the past

one hour. He has been unable to concentrate on anything. All he rememebrs is the slap the red salwar the hug between Geet and that child and his tears on

seeing them. Things kept coming back to him even if he wanted to think about something else.

Maan self thought - I need to find this Geet and make her beg for apology! I will make you beg Geet... No matter what you will! and trahses his laptop on FLOOR!!!!!!!!

*Preethi think - Too much MSK.. you just broke a MAC! but wht to do its MSK! Preethi cant help but drool on his angry face*

Nakul comes running to the room and - chote saab?

MSK asks angrily - Kya hua tumhare chote saab ko hmmm?

Nakul - woh kuch...

MSK - Clean this place.. 5 minutes. - and stomps off from his room.

After 5 minutes when MSK comes in he sees his room has been cleaned spotless.

He goes to take his bath. Comes back wears a white kurtha with Jeans.

*Preethi starts to dream drool.... Stop stop it!*

When he comes out of his room, he sees Vicky chatting with Dadi nad Dev lost in his world as usual.

He walks upto them and asks - Chalen

Dadi - Aap ready ho?

MSK - Haan dadi.. kyun?

Dadi - we were waiting for that only.. Lets leave.

MSK is left gritting his teeth. No matte rhow ever rude he is with others but Dadi is one person whom he will never talk back to.

MSK sees that Dev is still day dreaming. He goes and shakes Dev and asks sarcastically - shall we leave?

Dev nodes and leaves.

All the 4 of them board the MERC SUV and the driver drives to the Durga temple.


When Khuranas reach the temple, the Rathodes are alreday there.

Dadi gets down from the car and panicks seeing the condition of Romeo and a bandage on NT's hand.

MSK crosses his hand on his chest and simply stares at them. Dev is in his own world.

Vicky who gets down from the car is lost staring at the girl in red salwar who just got down from the taxi. But his heart borke when he saw a little boy

getting down from the taxi as well.

Vicky  self thought - 'Arey yaar, sab khubsurath ladkiyan ya tho shadhi shudha hoti hai , yaa.....'

But he notices that the girl didnot have any signs of being married! No sindoor, no mangalsutra...

He is elated - 'baiya ka beta hoga, didi ka beta hoga, padosi ka beta hoga - arey mera chance hai abhi! mera chance hai!'

Armaan gets down from the taxi and instead of holding on to Geet's hand, he starts to run towards the temple stairs.

NT, Romeo, Arjun and Dadi are busy in a conversation standing a little away from the temple stairs. MSK and Dev are facing their back on the stairs.

*Arey yaaron, i mean to say none other than Vicky notices Geet here, Phewwwwwww*

By the time Armaan starts to run on stairs, Geet starts to panic at the speed in which he is running on the stairs.

She calls - Armaan ruko.. - and starts to run after Armaan without noticing the Rathodes or the Khuranas.... She is about to miss her step!

Her voice distracted the group... Esp 4 people, because it was very familiar to them - MSK, Dev, NT, Romeo..

Romeo hides behind NT seeing Geet.. But seeing Geet Dev, NT and MSK shout in unison - "GEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!"

MSK, Vicky and Dev seeing her slip run towards her! NTis shell shocked to react...

The three brothers Vicky on left, MSK in middle and Dev on right hold her together and shield her from falling from the steps..

Geet was so horrifed the moment she slipped that the very second she felt 6 hands trying to save her and 'THUD' she hits her head on one of the 3 heads and faints instantly! *MSK's head actually*

Between all these - Armaan hearing his mom's name turns back to see his mom slip from the step and sees 3 men holding her and shouts 'mommyyyyyyyyyyy' and comes running towards Geet.

Dev has tears in his eyes on seeing Armaan and Geet.. Never in his dream did he think that he will meet her after 2 years like this!

MSK - Vicky, go get water bottle from the car.

MSK jerks Geet from Dev's hold and takes her in his arms and goes to the temple.

Dev is horrifed to react to his brother's behaviour. Armaan is equally scared seeing a stranger take his mommy away from him.

He holds to Dev's leg and pleads - Dev uncle, yeh meri mama ko kahan le ja rahe hai!

Dev is about to take Armaan in his arms when NT jerks Dev and says - Toh yeh mandir wala plan tumhara tha! Tumhe Geet se milna tha!

Dev - Nahi Nayatara and tries to explain

NT is in no mood to listen to him. She starts to fight with him then and there. Arjun tries to control her but in vain.Romeo is left dumbstruck with all the happenings.

He holds on to Arjun and says - Bhaiya, i want to go home please.

Arjun drags NT from there and makes her sit inside the car and zooms off from there with Romeo in the back seat. He is visibly upset with the way NT was treating Dev.

Dadi who has been a mute spectator to all the happenings doesnot know what to do. She just follows MSK to the temple taking Armaan with her. Inside her heart, the moment she saw Geet in MSK's arms she knew MSK had "something" for this girl. She heard his yell her name. She was so happy but she contained herself seeing Armaan calling Geet his mother. She wanted to talk about this to Dev in detail because Dev seemd to know Geet as well.

Vicky runs to the temple with the water bottle and gives the same to MSK. MSK sprinkles some water on Geet's face. She doesnot react.He panics. He hits her face twice and calls - Geet Handa .... Dadi could clearly see the concern in her grandson's eyes for this girl. MSK was agitated now.He sprikles more water and shakes her.. Thats when she opens her eyes slowly. MSK is very much relieved seeing her coming back to concious... He forgets himself and is about to hug her but the next moment Geet gasps - Armaan ... Armaan runs and hugs her and starts to cry.

Geet gets up from MSK's lap *Yes she was on his lap with her head on his lap* and consoles Armaan. MSK also gets up but he is completely angry now!
*preethi thinks when he was not angry*

Armaan - Mein bahut dar gaya tha mama... Aapko kuch ho jatah tho...

Geet - Kuch nahi hoga...

Armaan - Please mujhe chodkar..

MSK snaps Armaan and pulls Armaan from Geet and is about to hit him.

Geet is completely enraged. She holds MSK's hand and says - Khabar daar jo mere bete par haath uthaya tho! Stay within your limits...

MSK shouts - You were about to fall because of him!

Geet - What is your problem.. Tum mera medical bills bharoge kya?

Vicky and Dadi broke into laughter hearing that remark. MSK is enraged and he is about to leave from there! Dadi hold his hand and says - 'You promised'

MSK is unable to say no to his Dadi so he just stays there with his armas crossed across his cheast and facing his back to Geet&Armaan. Armaan clutches to Geet because the more he sees MSK the moer he gets scared. He nudges Geet and points to MSK and says - Mama inko dekh kar mujhe joor se susu aa rahi hai!'

Dadi and Vicky again break into laughter! MSK turns a deaf ear to all their taunting and hits the wall of the temple with his fist.

Geet goes to Dadi and says - Thanks mam Aapne aur aapke - *ahem* clears her throat - family ne mera ithna help kiya... Thanks mam.

Dadi - thats ok beta. Khayal rakha kijiye apna aur apne is pyare bache ka - and strokes Armaan's hair.

Geet - Theek hai mam. hum chalthe hai..

Vicky wanted to say a hi to her but she gave a damn about him and walked towards the Devi murhi in the temple holding Armaan.

Armaan - Mama meine Dev uncle ko dekha

Geet is taken aback hearing that and stares at Armaan wide eyed. She did not want to show her panick to him so she composed herself and said - tho kya hua beta.. hum mandir me mata rani ko dekhne aye hai... lets pray!

Armaan - Mama sorry... meri wajah se...

Geet - chodo Armaan, lets pray now

They both stand there and pray to mata rani and leave the temple.. Geet did not notice Dev staring at her from the corner of the temple.

In his heart Dev is content... He is happy that Geet is back. All he wanted was to have her back. He knew she would come back for Armaan but always feared that she would go away taking Armaan with her and never come back.. But she has come back and he has seen her. She was back in his life. Now noone can take his Geet away from him!

In his heart MSK was content... He is happy that Geet is safe. For reasons not known to him he felt his heart stop the moment he saw Geet slip from the stairs. He knew he would bring her into his life to take revenge. He was very sure that he will not let her walk off with what ever she did to him!Noone can stop him from doing what he wanted to do to Geet!

In his heart Vicky was content... He is happy that Geet is not married. He for sure knew that Armaan was Geet's son. But he had an unknown pull towards her.  He was convinced tat she is the angel for him. He knows that he will win her heart and make her his life. He from now started believing in love at first sight. He will make Geet love him! Noone can stop him from making her his wife!

Life is a race...Now which of these 3 are going to win the race!Embarrassed
Precap - Tum Geet ko Kaise janthe ho?

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Vintagepeach IF-Rockerz

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OMG..3 brothers after 1 girl..dreamy...hahaha
continue soon..

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ashi Goldie

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 4:39am | IP Logged
Wonderful update simply loved it. Now all the character are clear. Bt Preethi u make him break a Mac drooling over his angry faceLOL Now this is quite interesting 3 brothers falling for one girl nd she is capable of slapping all three wen she finds out they like her. Romeo NT's bro dats interesting. Over all great update loved itClap

Edited by ashi - 03 February 2011 at 5:59am

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Preethi-Premi IF-Rockerz

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Age of the main characters to avoid confusion :
By Indian Law, A single mother can adopt a child if the age diference is more than 21 years.
Armaan - 4 years
Geet - 25 years
Maan - 31 yearsLOL
Dev - 28 years
Vicky - 26 years
NT - 27 Years
Arjun - 29 Years
Romeo - 22 years
Sasha - 28LOL
Tasha - 26
Adi  - 30LOL
Pinky 25
AngryYou guys want Dadi ma's age also!Angry - Cool - 70
Sanjana devi -Cool - 65
Nakul - Cool - 55LOL
I will update others as I intro them!Shocked

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trishap Goldie

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nice part dear

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