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Foreplay ideas for Maneet.. lets update (Page 3)

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 5:52am | IP Logged
 nice topic.
Foreplay is more interesting and the chemistry maaneet has , it'll create fire in on screen.
 ok here is some idea from me side:-
1. in their sr maan can give her new pair of couple and kissed her ankle  and slowly carcasses that placed .
2.Geet in the home and miss maan who is still stuck in the office.Geet take  a shirt from cupboard and wear it and and hugged maan's picture tightly.maan returns and saw it and mesmerized there . he slowly goes near to geet and whisper huskily in geet's ear , u look beautiful today honey.Geet shivered and just turn  and see maan standing very closely. she shied but maan said what happen geet? and pull her closely and caressed her back then said I'm feeling hungry and give her desire full look. geet lowered her head and whisper almost inaudible voice maan.Maan naughtily smiles and said geet, what happen?I'm hungry geet, chenge the dress and pls set up the dinner in dinning table. then maan left her and geet stood their dumb stuck.
3.After shower geet came try to tie her dori but fails, maan came there and noticed it. he just stand close her and blows air behind her ear and said need any help mrs khurana?
Geet said no then after some time say yes. maan hold the dori but instead of tying it he caresses her  beck, neck and then slowly with out touching her back maan jsut blows that area. geet close her eyes and moan maan., Here maan smiles and tie the dori and said ho gaya. geet opne her eyes and saw maan naughtily smiles at her.
4.In the night , geet wearing   a night dress which is little western and maan  came and see. he looks at her and  geet noticed it by mirror and turns and  came seductively and said maan.
Maan close his eyes and geet cover maan's neck by her arm and said  what happen  mr khurana ? Maan open his eyes and said geet.look .Geet slowly pull him and make him sit  and close his eyes by  a cloth and said seductively  wait mr khurana some surprise for u.Maan:- geet, wait,
After some time maan feels geet sat on his lap and open his blind and said now look there and maan saw  a cake placed on the table and written happy birthday my dush danav, geet ka maan.
Maan smiles and said so u  know tomorrow is my birthday.
Geet encircled her arms and said yes maan. and I want wish u first and make ur birthday very special.
Maan smiles back then I want some gift also.Geet look at him and then smiles and said I"m yours honey.
Maan give her little peck on her cheek and blow the candle and cut the cake .
5. maan doing tie chi when  geet come there to tell him something but  stunned to see him and forget everything. geet breathing hard and  hide herself behind the pillar and close her eyes.Here maan saw her already .There behind the pillar  geet slowly open her eyes and found maan standing very closely and looks at her lovingly.Geet rooted in that spot when  maan come more close to her and whisper in her ear if u want to see me then y  r u hiding here.I'm all yours geet.
geet just close her eyes and her cheek flushed .
6.Geet arrange the bed when maan came out from the bathroom and slowly encircled his arms on her waist and placed dumped kissed on geet's neck and said where is my cloth darling?
7.geet want to teach maan some good panjabi dish but maan keep teasing her by ticling her waist or arms or neck.
8. by mistake maan eat chilly and want some sweet and said to geet and she understand his motive and give him some sweets. but maan pull her in his lap and said when u r here then no sweets can treat me well and his eyes goes on her lips.
9.geet is getting wet in the rain and maan see her . maan see her and remember their dhaba night when he see her first in the rain .Geet turns and see him. maan came close to her and hold her by her waist and said uss din toh haq nehi tha aur bhag gayi thi  mujhe, aaj kaha bhagoge mrs khurana?
10. maan break his 2 button of his shirt and  said geet about it. geet  try to  stitch  the button but maan keep tickling her by  touch her waist and stomach,
11. geet lay on the bed , maan came and put his ear  on her stomach and said  complain the baby.
12. maan told geet about his headache and geet told him to lay in her lap , she will massage his head. geet massage his head and after some time maan feel more relaxed and he naughtily kissed gee't belly . geet shocked and stunned there and her hand stop clutched maan's hair and  maan  naughtily said aaahhh , geet u want to re do every thing . geet push her and runs from there.
13.maan in the shower and forget his towel and he call geet and geet give him the towel and he pull her in the washroom.
14.Both return from the office and some how their car stuck in the middle of the road.Geet want to  goes outside but maan stops her.Geet took advantage of maan's abesnt mind and came out from the car and drenched full in the rain.Suddenly maan noticed geet is no where in the car, he look tensed and came out and saw geet is playing in the rain. After some time geet turned and find maan looking at her naughtily and geet saw maan's shirt stuck on his skin and his abs r fully visible.Maan noticed desired in geet's eyes.

15Maaneet dance in the rain happily but slowly both came close to each other and maan saw rain drops falls from geet's forehead to her lips and maan eyes stuck there.Here geet also parted her lips unknowingly.
16 . both feel baby kick and maan placed his hand on geet's stomach and feel it. he kissed her stomach and talking with baby.

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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 5:55am | IP Logged
Fab job U guys.........

Made me all tingly reading your ideas.  Am sure the fodder of ideas here will keep running the show for quite a while keeping us viewers on tenterhooks.

An itty bitty suggestion on my part. for now.......

This would be a continuation of Kehna hi Kya fantasy.

a) I would like Geet in a saree (like the one in Mahi Mahi sequence)  wiping the sweat off Mann post his tai-chi work out. 

For a change I would like Geet to stick her tongue out a little bit ,giving us an imagery that she is almost would like to lick his sweat off. Maan's mouth parted in desire as he can read  what she wants in her eyes.Embarrassed

b) The doctor has forbidden Geet additional stress which she is not aware of. Maan doesn't want her to come to the office as he knows she is a workaholic and orders her to stay home. So they have a tiff. After some time when Geet  whines to dadima  that she feels suffocated staying indoors. So Maan takes her out on a drive to appease her.She has a sudden craving for ice-cream. Let's take cinematic liberty that she has never had a cone ice cream before.
She should lick the ice cream off the cone with such gusto(accompanied by slurping and moaning), Maan bechara all flustered seeing her devour the cone........... The catch is Maan thinks she is innocent , while Geet should give a smirk off his sight indicating she did it on purpose.Evil Smile

c) Reenact the famous pottery sequence from the hollywood movie Ghost, replace the clay dough with chappati dough in the kitchen...

I will come back an write more later........

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 5:56am | IP Logged

just whn i tot no mor Gyaan baataling.. hmmm.. but for tis TOPIC anyday anytime!!Blushing

pixels (35LOL) .. i dont think i hav anything lft to say.. just finished reading.. n i just want t CVs ( i know u r reading ) it to use it on T "right" ppl n dare not NE ones!!

yup jyo maaa ill update.. aftr my test tomrw.. pakka!



ok this is all i have :P

SoulMates to PlayMates!

Two different humans,

humans coz they choose to worship eachother..

(gods donot worship, toh mayb 'em selves),

two different individuals,

two different personae,

with ofc a different set of ek head, ek naak, ek muh,

do aankhein, do kaan, do haath and do leggies...

but one in soul.

Yes tey r indeed SOUL MATES!!

evidently more tightly bound than by Fevi Bond..

they are glued by destiny, passion, affection,

lust, spontaneity, respect, trust, togetherness,

guarantee, and most importantly love..

all for ETERNITY or as tey say till death do 'em apart!

So its more than just destiny, that their union of body 

ill break all that is law! 

now hold urself tight coz its Practically Their S. R.Blushing

Back home after some late hours,
piled away amidst work tours,
a promise i could not keep,
to whom, i now have to sweep!  

Greeted by blunt silence,
with nonchalance i could sense,
in eyes that swiftly turned away at once,
unlike otherwise, when held in mutual  trance! 

I slid my arms across her waist, bare,
in as warm an embrace i could steer.
But with sweat slithering down my mane,
she turned stone in cold, in disdain! 

I withdrew, though not in defeat, 
as her smile i shall never forfeit.
Placing by her side a single red rose,
i headed for the showers, a quick douse!

Gelid, as it hailed on my torso,
my thoughts were cornered now,
as she left me again, to mull over her beauty
that was beneath her skin, i could see!

Shrugging out, slipping into my pyjamas,
timidly soaking up i appeared myself! alas! 
as she lay in pretence i am sure, aloof
i chose to not tread over the roof!

Humid, though with an arid hue
a sturdy sneeze was in queue
Her eyes unable to delude anymore 
petrified like by the spell, like never before!   

Drifting across to halt in a starkly polished poise,
with warm allure evident in those deep eyes,
she rumbled over my neglect of self,
and attended, as to an elf!

My senses soon ran berserk,
unable to comprehend, the stroke!
as her little twigs wandered down my physique,
as i urged for that sixth one, like a psyche!

Be a man, came a hasty cue
and i pawed to wipe the dew!
with her eagerly tapping at will,
a zealous greeting, pacing up the hill! 

Together, we played into the night,
a blissful glint in the moonlight!
and as we wrapped up empty by the shade
every peck flashing past, a promise was made! 

- Maan Singh Khurana

-Ress~ Embarrassed

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ash08 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 6:08am | IP Logged
updated on page 1. Blushing

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ainaGURTI IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 6:26am | IP Logged

trying to think to pen down moRE!!! Hug

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sihu Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 6:30am | IP Logged
Definitely not the AA style of wham-bam-thank-u-maam.  Foreplay is what has always been there between Geet and Maan.  Now that they are married, this can go up a notch higher and get more intense than what has already been shown.
Maan draping the sari for Geet would be another sensual act like the measuring act.
All the rest what you girls have written are just amazing!!

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 6:32am | IP Logged

Updated my take on PG2EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

All those who hv reserved make sure thier takes r updated on time EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
And come up with more suggestions...Remember CVs r reading it allTongue..they do visit IFBig smile

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Serendipity.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 6:58am | IP Logged
I will give my ideas  if any is leftLOL
wonderully written ClapClapClap ...
N i dint knw wht a foreplay wasTongue .. thank u al for such a wonderfull explanationEmbarrassed
goshhhh.. Amazinggg scenes...i so hope thy are implemeted ... tht day we all wld beBlushingDay Dreaming

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