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Foreplay ideas for Maneet.. lets update (Page 11)

vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
@CV's please do visit this OS being written by Anjana....its a very nice foreplay scene
First update -
Continuation part

drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by deniac

We have seen Maan indulging in teasing, touching and using verbal foreplay a lot of times... But still there are some post marriage scenes of passion between Maan and Geet I would want to see....
Well well I don't want to see a SR if its gonna be like Arjun and Annie's .. I would rather watch the foreplay...
1. As per precap. Maan lifts Geet in his arms... I want him to take her like that to their room.... Place her on the bed and then lock the door.... Geet blushing at his eagerness that he dint even allow anyone to speak to them after they entered the house....its direct bedroom... Maan saying "Geet ab so jao...aaj ka din bahut hectic that aur tum thaki hui lag rahi ho"... Shocked Geet... angry Geet...looking up at him...n maan leaving the room... Geet hurt n turning around on the bed n thinking whats wrong with him and why is he behaving that way.... she was right shaadi hote hi sab badal jata hain.... maan entering slowly while geet is sulking....closing the door .... Chupke se....come n sit on the bed behind her.... Pushing aside her pallu and whispering in her ear... kya hua?? Mere khayaloon mein ho ya mujhe gaaliyan de raho ho? Shocked, stunned geet...before she can turn to him, Maan planting a kiss on her neck....putting a hand on her bare stomach and massaging it.... hyperventilating Geet but still angry at him....snubbing him n telling him.... u wanted me to sleep now am gonna sleep..... Stay away...that's ur punishment for the night for teasing me.... n just lying down n going off to sleep....leaving a pissed maan.... angry maan lying down next to her ....putting a hand on his eyes n trying to sleep..... After 15-20 minutes.... Geet turning around.... seeing him like that, putting her hand inside his sherwani, placing it on his chest near the heart, moving towards him and kissing him on the chest.... maan seeing her....n her telling him... I love u Maan but I think u were right...I am very tired....we shud sleep now... we have a whole life together now.... no one is gonna take me away from u now... maan saying- 'I wont let anyone take u away from me'.... Geet laying her head on his arm.... Maan holding her n they sleeping....
2. Geet banging her arm/shoulder on the door n maan telling her i will check it n instead of checking her arm/shoulder..him blowing air on her arm n also telling her ek minute let me see properly.... moving aside her hair n checking if shoulder is hurt...blowing air in the crook of her neck n shoulder...
3. Kitchen scene - Geet cutting vegetables in the kitchen for salad.... maan in kitchen disturbing her .... n taking away the cucumber, carrots n her knife... geet complaining n asking him to behave n give it back...him telling her... alright...ek shart par....geet telling him'no shararat again please... maan telling her no u have to pay a price for being here in the kitchen when I am calling u to come on a drive with me....  him putting a cucumber piece in his month n saying.... isse haath lagaye bina khake dikhao to tumhe yeh sab vapis milega....geet blushing... but sayin - 'fine... I will' ...coming close to him... He totally lost in her'.eye contact.... her coming almost in touch with the cucumber piece n slyly taking the bowl and cutting knife away from Maan and leaving maan dazed... n angry... then maan angrily pulling her back to him...lifting her....n taking her away to the car for the drive.... 
4. geet wearing maan's kurta for her night..... :)
5. maan buying a sexy lingerie...negligi for geet...
6. maan getting hurt while doing his tai chi... or wood chi.... or sit up....n geet applying ice to him...n slowly naughtily running the ice cude down his spine.....
7. geet taking maan's hand n putting it on her bare stomach...near naval.... n maan complaining to baby by putting his head on her stomach
8. geet with wet hair...out of bath room... in a bath robe... getting dressed... maan coming to her... n she purposely turning as to splash hair water on maan's face.... n then moving away... maan puling the dressing robe only to find that geet is wearing a smart, sexy western dress under it already.... lol....
9. This idea isnt mine... i read in someone's FF..dont remember whose... but it was maan doing to geet... am improvising on it... Geet telling maan there is a surprise for him...tying his eyes.... n taking him into a room... making him sit on the relaxing chair....n telling him...smell e this and tell me what it is...if u get all five write answers there will be a surprise for u.... make him smell some ingredients /items... like adrak, chilly, perfume, lily, her shampoo.... checking if her gets everything right.... if he does then surprise for him'. tying his hands.... n geet stripping his shirt.... n smelling him.....blowing air on his abs....
10. Honeymoon...water fall...geet wanting to get wet....maan saying no Geet u cant go n get wet...u will fall ill.....geet yet going inside it.... getting totally a sexy saree.... maan entering as he cant control... n then touching her wet back, moving his hands all over her arms n then waist n then hugging her back hug....n kissing on her shoulder, neck...Geet turning around and hugging him tightly... n pulling him towards her by pulling his hair....
11. Maan and Geet having bet and the loser to give a the other person a massage...
12. Geet and Maan in a meeting and Maan doing footsie to Geet... poor Geet finding it difficult to talk to clients... n giving him looks telling him to stop doing it... 
OMG are you trying to kill us.......I'm reading this at work and am totally lost imagining all these scenes between our beloved Maaneet & I've totally blanked my mind out to everything else.
Wow.....I would so totally love to see all the above scenes, finding it difficult to select a favourite, read it a couple of times and have decided me want all........please can you send these ideas to the CV's you have a big queue of crazy Maaneet fans lining up to thank you LOL I'll be the first in the queue Wink

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:43pm | IP Logged
@drdee - thank u... Maneet are definitely these scenes on maneet will be smoking hot.... i hope CVs show us some atleast..... n moreover we shud now get to see a bold Geet as she already threatened Mr Khurana that his izzat is at khatara.... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
I wrote all those scenes while I was at work.... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -pixie-

I can't believe I am making an appearance on the MF with such an illustrious topic like Foreplay. When G asked me if I would be interested in writing about it, I thought why not -sounds like fun and right up my alley (I mean so many years of reading romance novels and watching chick flicks should amount to something given that nobody hands out PhDs for M&Bs)!! I couldn't have been more wrong. I have sat staring at the screen for hours (ok you caught me- I have been procrastinating a lot, and I mean A LOT on this assignment) wondering what could I write on the topic that
    Cosmo hasn't told you all already Would not lead to the post getting reported/closed
  • Would not ending up reading like smut fiction

Without further ado- here is my attempt to explore the theme of foreplay in the context of the show so far and what could be shown going forward. (NB- My devilish thoughts in italics- its very difficult for me to stay away from making snide remarks- all in good humor- no offense intended Big smile. You will need to put up with a lot of blush emoticons so try not to think of the baboons).

They say the journey is always more important than the destination and nowhere is this more irrevocably true than in the case of foreplay (I wonder why it never struck me before I started writing this pieceErmm). Foreplay is all about building up to a moment- to create that tension between you and your partner, an anticipation of things to comeEmbarrassed. It could be verbal, physical, non-verbal etc etc but the intent is always the same- to leave both parties involved wanting more. The show so far has been quite successful in building up this tension between the protagonists- whether through lingering touches, a meaningful glance or a verbal exchange- their chemistry sizzles and there is no denying that . There was a lot of (L) UST between the two main protagonists in their initial scenes leading to both of them being conflicted, confused- we have all seen Maan being unbearably harsh on Geet many a times for no valid reason. The pull-push, the eyelocks that set our screens burning and hearts aflutter- I put them all down to USTEmbarrassed (Somehow it seems to have vanished now even though there has been no resolution of any sort or at least the sort that I want to seeOuchWink). I am putting down below a few scenes that stood out for me (ok...made me go weak in the knees Blushing...I know it doesn't take much- his bedroom eyes are enough), though I am sure there are many more so let me know if I missed anything... (Listed in no particular order Wink)

  • The lift scene- just after Maan transfers Geet to the project site
    • That heated exchange would have ended in a punishing kiss Blushing(in the good 'ol M&B tradition) if he hadn't managed to stop himself just in timeAngry.

I grew up reading M&B's and was totally anticipating the kiss but alas Confused

  • Hook me up scene at the HP wedding
    • No words needed Embarrassed

Hmmm...mmmm visualizing it Embarrassed

    The coffee scene just before Rasika Rathore makes an entrance
    • Geet was all ready to give into her baser instincts as Maan starts to corner her (again he moves away)- Maan's physical proximity always sends Geet's brain into a tizzyLOL.
    The morning scene right after their return from HP
    • As he starts undressing to reassure her that she is alright, she gets distracted, he catches hold of her and his fingers just linger a few seconds longer than they should (almost as if he could not bear to let her goDay Dreaming)
  • The return of Jhumkas- Maan tries to make Geet jealous
    • Its almost as if despite his best efforts he could not bear to stay away- the caress to her face, the pushing back her hair from her face, the pulling her closer, evoking memories of the Kehna hi Kya scenes'and finally the Freudian slip on whether she would be like it if he were to dance so closely with herDay Dreaming (This is definitely one of my favorite scenes in Geet)

Definitely one of my favourites too.....there was a lot of raw emotion between both of them

  • Kurban Hua
    • This is the first time we saw both Maan and Geet give into their physical attraction towards each other. They were so into each other and the passion showed in the dance (if this were book they would have definitely not have stopped where they did...but then if this were a book...we would still not be wishing for a lip-lockLOL).

The whole sequence was hot and sensual Embarrassed 

  • Maan Masterji
    • There was some excellent physical and verbal foreplay here'. Maan caressing Geet as he purportedly takes her measurements- both trying very hard to stay in control and fighting a losing battle. Geet finally caving and telling Maan that he could kiss her'the whole exchange about Maan vs. Maan sir and finally Maan giving a dhamki that he would collect on his kiss if she starts calling him Maan sir again. Geet was in her element in this sequence and gave it back as good as she got (She is his sherni after all). I loved it when she said that I know when to call you Maan and when to call you Maan sir. This can easily become a scene in the future-where she deliberately calls him Maan sirEmbarrassed(I hope his brain picks up the message instead of being its obtuse and sloooow selfAngry)

I've been waiting for her to call him Maan Sir and he responding by demanding a kiss......but that didn't happen yet, why do they let go of such opportunities Angry

    Dori tying scene- when he talks about his haq
    • I think he was playing games with her here'He knows she is not as unaffected by him as she claims to be and wanted to see her frazzled. We also got to see some excellent verbal foreplay- with Maan promising to punish Geet for her misdeedsEmbarrassed (yeah yeah some file got ruined Tongue)
    The Jhumka scene
    • Geet's attraction to Maan is brought to the forefront'Kudi was totally mesmerizedHeart.
  • RTM
    • Things could have so easily gotten out of hand,'and yet Munda grew at the last moment (yet againAngry)

Why does he have to restrain himself.....I hate his self control......

    Pee Loon
    • Maan is certain that Geet loves him back and decides to finally let go of everything that is holding him back..Him caressing her back and almost her lips- I think told Geet more than any words what was on his mind'and when he kisses her'I think we all went sigh Day Dreaming
    Mahi Mahi
    • Maan and Geet talk through some hot dance moves yet again'.him caressing her back, her trying to pull away and then coming back'beautifully shot and choreographed Thumbs Up.
  • Bathtub scene
    • Verbal foreplay at its best- with Maan promising to test her himmat at a later date (I guess both Geet and the viewers are waiting to take that particular test...WinkLOL)

OK so when is that going to happen.....come on already we to see our Sherni's himmat Wink

    The bath scene just after their first night in the outhouse
    • As Maan pushes back the hair from her face'Geet curls her fingers into a fist'revealing just how much she wanted to touch him back too' (Did she want to caress his face or his shiny abs??WinkEvil Smile)..though unlike Maan she never dwelled on her reaction to him Ermm'
  • Geet unsuccessfully tries to seduce Maan
    • While it started out as a seduction scene gone horribly wrong'Maan got totally distracted by wet and dripping GeetEmbarrassed'he was ready to break his own vow of not touching her'if only she had not stood up (bangs herself on the head- whats it with these two always sabotaging the moment). Then the heat got turned up another notch as Maan tries to teach Geet ' what follows when she puts on such a show'Geet was back to her sharmili self and ran away (I wish she had stayed a bit longer- at least we could have enjoyed Maan's showWink!!)

What a wasted opportunity, she was looking so hot, that scene definitely had a lot of imagining the if's Day Dreaming Wink

    Kuch kuch hota hai
    • Just by words alone and not much else they conveyed what Maan feels when Geet is in close proximity. I wish they had not left it there and instead continued with Maan telling Geet that if she continues to come closer- he cant be held responsible for what happens next. (now that would have sent my pulse racing Heart)
    Most recently the sneaking out of Jaimala scene
    • This munda just loves to play games'I think they built up the sexual tension between them really well'with Geet ready to give in'and Munda promising (yet again!) to make good after the wedding.
  • Maan gazing at Geet's lips as she tries to untie the rope that tied them both together
    • Again just by camera work alone-without any words- they conveyed what was going on in Maan's mind. The entire scene left me with butterflies in my stomach'.very well executed (I wonder if any other lover has had to wait so long for a kiss in tellydom)
I'm definitely not going to able to do any productive work today after reading both your articles.......slow torture that's what it is.......
Oh please CV's can you just take all these suggestions and please show them to us.......soon

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bharkha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
hey u wrote very well... yar.. by the title of ur post.. never wanted to read it.. but its nice... its all abt maneet.. nice post dear..

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laxmi2010 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 12:14am | IP Logged

Oh, since I was asked so nicely, I'll come out of my stalking mode to reply. Beware, though. My posting in any threads but my own tends to be a death knell for them. No one ever seems to reply after I've had my say.

So, I definitely do not want anything like AA for our lovely Maneet. Although I think my perception is partially colored by the intent behind the actions. I could not stand to watch AA SR for even one second (thank goodness I have no affect on Indian TRPs), but when Annie has her wishful dreams, they seemed colored by her love for Arjun, and I actually find those scenes bearable.

I really do not care much what is shown for Maneet scenes, as long as it looks natural and real. I would be perfectly fine if they never showed any kissing at all, as long as what is shown looks like something that a real couple in love would do. When I sometimes watch other serials, I get the feeling that in order to pass the censors, or perhaps due to the actors' comfort levels, intimate scenes have been stage in very peculiar ways, ways that do not look realistic.

Contrast that with Maaneet's almost SR, and the difference is remarkable. GC and DD did a phenomenal job. Nothing looks awkward or forced. Nissar, or whoever directed, did wonders. It felt 100% realistic to me, and if they had blurred the screen before Maan suddenly stopped, that would have been enough to last me for quite a while.

I don't even have any problems with Maan stopping as soon as he remembers the baby. When is comes down to it, physical intimacy is just one way for Maaneet to express their love, and Maan stopping was another expression of his love. As much as he wants a physical relationship with his wife, Maan's love is such that her welfare far exceeds his own desires. This kind of love and caring is what I want to see displayed

With all that said, I agree with all the suggestions that you have made in the first post, and I doubt I could add anything significant to them.

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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 2:30am | IP Logged
hey thanks for the link dear...........
loved ur podt..............
me was blushing n giggling alternately..........
hope CVs really pick up some of these yaar......

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liv2laugh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 January 2011 at 7:12am | IP Logged
1) Geet makes coffee for MSK but he insists that they both drink tea from her cup....they can turn this into quite the experience Wink

2) Geet is having trouble adjusting the pleats of her saree and MSK comes to help. Geet is like are you trying to get the saree on or off ROFL ROFL

3) MSK blindfolds Geet and tells her to just taste. He makes her taste strawberries, grapes, ice-cream, achaar etc. Each time she gets something right, he touches her and kisses her hand. He gets bolder with each correct guess she makes moving towards her neck and then her lips ROFL

4) Maan comes out the washroom drying his hair shirtless and they remember the previous time. Geet has not noticed him and is doing something else until MSK comes and stands behind her. ROFL She turns around and closes her eyes and MSK pins her to the wall. He makes her open her eyes and look at him. They can have a loooong eyelock and then he kisses her neck.

5) Maan teaching Geet how to fix a tie by putting it on her and then have her practice putting it on himROFL. She insists she knows and messes it up slightly ROFL. When he point that out, she says tie it yourself every morning and tries to run away. So he holds her back and teaches her. And while she is practicing, he distracts her by touching her everywhere. Cliched I know LOL

6) Geet's feet hurt so Maan massages them. It starts out fine, but then Maan starts kissing her feet and Geet is like what do you think you are doing. But Maan does not stop. ROFL

7) Maan is taking a shower and claims to have forgotten his towel. He asks Geet for it. Geet unsuspectingly hands it to him and he drags her into the bathroom and turns on the shower. He kisses her in the shower, but she runs away.

10) Maan tries too actually make Indian food for Geet and it is a disaster ROFL

So Geet teaches Maan how to make parthas. Imagine this scene with her teaching him how to mix the atta. She is mixing it and he joins her and she is like "Only one person needs to mix the atta", you go cut veggies. But MSK looks at her and she understands and they both knead the atta. She asks him to add water and he empties the whole jug while looking into Geet's eyes. Someone walks in on them and it becomes a funny scene.

11) MSK dressing Geet up. He tells her they are going somewhere special and so he will dress her up. He kisses her while putting on earrings, necklace, payal etc.

12) Geet teasing MSK by dressing him up when she knows he has an important meeting Wink

13) Geet and Maan playing footsie with each other under the table. They keep touching each other when no one else can see.LOL

14) Geet feeding Maan while sitting on his lap. Wink

I have a lot more but I know they will not show it ROFL ROFL ROFL

These are the ones I think they will be able to show.

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