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Foreplay ideas for Maneet.. lets update

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 4:01am | IP Logged
Subject header finally changed from AA style SR or foreplay for Maneet what do u want?? ...
Purana Naam padjh ke gussa aaya tha na??
I had said lets chill... I hope we dont get Annie-Arjun kind of SR or badnaami for Maan and Geet... but what we got in mahaepi was quite disappointing for lots of ppl... i liked it though... still wud hv loved more foreplay...
Now that the new track is gonna begin and bankrupcy and maneet's struggle will begin, physical intimacy can play an a soothing balm sometimes... so i'm all in favour of Maneet relationship developing in understanding and also physically during this time... we had lots of ideas for foreplay earlier.. but i guess its time we have a relook at our ideas and given out some new ideas...
Still keeping the old post here..
I am more in favour of seeing foreplay than the SR...why foreplay?? Well as that is more interesting... why and how ...I shall talk about that in this post... Let me tell you writing bout this topic wasn't as easy as I had thought it would be... it was tough...I didn't know where to restrict myself but yet I have tried to make it as simple as possible...
Lets start with the definition of foreplay that everyone is on same platform...Big smile
What is foreplay? Well foreplay is physical, verbal or psychological acts which induce sexual desire.
Any act that creates and enhances sexual tension or desire can be called as foreplay. Eg - kissing, touching, hugging, talking, teasing verbally, eye locks, flirting etc... Foreplay can go to any limit... but we wont talk about all kinds of foreplay as this post is not for eduction on foreplay...LOLLOLLOLLOL for that info...u may visit wikipedia...
Verbal foreplay - This is encountered by lot of people... this includes verbal compliments on clothing, looks, styling etc... subtle double meaning comments and also intimate personal conversation (for example telling the guy/gal what kind of sexual activity is exciting for the person initiating the conversation)
Non-verbally foreplay - This need not be necessarily physically touching... it can also be dressing in a way so as to excite the partner...winking, licking or biting one's lips, eye locks, gazing at lips, standing very close...
Physical foreplay - this can include kissing on different parts... touching sensitive parts, blowing air or breathing over sensitive area and much more...
Mental/psychological foreplay - this wud include whispering in the ears, stripping in front of the partner...
Foreplay can also be in form of bets or games - the loser has to strip or has to massage some part of the body or has to perform some dance...
Why is foreplay needed? Did you all like the Arjun-Annie SR?? it started n it got over... is that fun?? Nahi na... any relationship needs to be nutured...only then it is fun... likewise foreplay builds up the needed confidence level and intimacy and hence is more fun to watch and also experience...WinkEmbarrassedLOLLOLLOL
Why the foreplay for Maan and Geet??? Coz they are the hottest couple on Indian TV and Drashti and Gurmeet are brilliant actors who will make this an interesting watch...
Maan and Geet have entered the new phase of their life and post marriage sexual tension between them will be even more visible and needed to be shown... Maan is always up to shararat as per Geet ... and yes we have seen Geet say things that excite maan but there's more to flirting and foreplay that can be shown without any problem on Indian TV...
Some common gestures, body language, speech that can be used are listed below'and the post under this post I have also listed the scenes that can be picturised on Maan and Geet... Well most of the flirting techniques have been used very well by Maan... It would be interesting to see Geet use them...
  • Eye locks, batting eyelashes, staring, winking.
  • Signals such as touching one's own hair and giving meaningful looks
  • Smiling, blushing, laughing at any slight hint of intimacy in the other's behavior
  • Casual touches...such as a woman gently touching a man's arm during conversation
  • Naughty smses, notes or meaningful gifts
  •  Complimenting looks
  • Footsie under the table foot play...
  • Teasing Poetry or romantic song humming in presence of the partner.
  • Standing at very close distance even during casual talking.

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 4:02am | IP Logged
We have seen Maan indulging in teasing, touching and using verbal foreplay a lot of times... But still there are some post marriage scenes of passion between Maan and Geet I would want to see....
Well well I don't want to see a SR if its gonna be like Arjun and Annie's .. I would rather watch the foreplay...
1. As per precap. Maan lifts Geet in his arms... I want him to take her like that to their room.... Place her on the bed and then lock the door.... Geet blushing at his eagerness that he dint even allow anyone to speak to them after they entered the house....its direct bedroom... Maan saying "Geet ab so jao...aaj ka din bahut hectic that aur tum thaki hui lag rahi ho"... Shocked Geet... angry Geet...looking up at him...n maan leaving the room... Geet hurt n turning around on the bed n thinking whats wrong with him and why is he behaving that way.... she was right shaadi hote hi sab badal jata hain.... maan entering slowly while geet is sulking....closing the door .... Chupke se....come n sit on the bed behind her.... Pushing aside her pallu and whispering in her ear... kya hua?? Mere khayaloon mein ho ya mujhe gaaliyan de raho ho? Shocked, stunned geet...before she can turn to him, Maan planting a kiss on her neck....putting a hand on her bare stomach and massaging it.... hyperventilating Geet but still angry at him....snubbing him n telling him.... u wanted me to sleep now am gonna sleep..... Stay away...that's ur punishment for the night for teasing me.... n just lying down n going off to sleep....leaving a pissed maan.... angry maan lying down next to her ....putting a hand on his eyes n trying to sleep..... After 15-20 minutes.... Geet turning around.... seeing him like that, putting her hand inside his sherwani, placing it on his chest near the heart, moving towards him and kissing him on the chest.... maan seeing her....n her telling him... I love u Maan but I think u were right...I am very tired....we shud sleep now... we have a whole life together now.... no one is gonna take me away from u now... maan saying- 'I wont let anyone take u away from me'.... Geet laying her head on his arm.... Maan holding her n they sleeping....
2. Geet banging her arm/shoulder on the door n maan telling her i will check it n instead of checking her arm/shoulder..him blowing air on her arm n also telling her ek minute let me see properly.... moving aside her hair n checking if shoulder is hurt...blowing air in the crook of her neck n shoulder...
3. Kitchen scene - Geet cutting vegetables in the kitchen for salad.... maan in kitchen disturbing her .... n taking away the cucumber, carrots n her knife... geet complaining n asking him to behave n give it back...him telling her... alright...ek shart par....geet telling him'no shararat again please... maan telling her no u have to pay a price for being here in the kitchen when I am calling u to come on a drive with me....  him putting a cucumber piece in his month n saying.... isse haath lagaye bina khake dikhao to tumhe yeh sab vapis milega....geet blushing... but sayin - 'fine... I will' ...coming close to him... He totally lost in her'.eye contact.... her coming almost in touch with the cucumber piece n slyly taking the bowl and cutting knife away from Maan and leaving maan dazed... n angry... then maan angrily pulling her back to him...lifting her....n taking her away to the car for the drive.... 
4. geet wearing maan's kurta for her night..... :)
5. maan buying a sexy lingerie...negligi for geet...
6. maan getting hurt while doing his tai chi... or wood chi.... or sit up....n geet applying ice to him...n slowly naughtily running the ice cude down his spine.....
7. geet taking maan's hand n putting it on her bare stomach...near naval.... n maan complaining to baby by putting his head on her stomach
8. geet with wet hair...out of bath room... in a bath robe... getting dressed... maan coming to her... n she purposely turning as to splash hair water on maan's face.... n then moving away... maan puling the dressing robe only to find that geet is wearing a smart, sexy western dress under it already.... lol....
9. This idea isnt mine... i read in someone's FF..dont remember whose... but it was maan doing to geet... am improvising on it... Geet telling maan there is a surprise for him...tying his eyes.... n taking him into a room... making him sit on the relaxing chair....n telling him...smell e this and tell me what it is...if u get all five write answers there will be a surprise for u.... make him smell some ingredients /items... like adrak, chilly, perfume, lily, her shampoo.... checking if her gets everything right.... if he does then surprise for him'. tying his hands.... n geet stripping his shirt.... n smelling him.....blowing air on his abs....
10. Honeymoon...water fall...geet wanting to get wet....maan saying no Geet u cant go n get wet...u will fall ill.....geet yet going inside it.... getting totally a sexy saree.... maan entering as he cant control... n then touching her wet back, moving his hands all over her arms n then waist n then hugging her back hug....n kissing on her shoulder, neck...Geet turning around and hugging him tightly... n pulling him towards her by pulling his hair....
11. Maan and Geet having bet and the loser to give a the other person a massage...
12. Geet and Maan in a meeting and Maan doing footsie to Geet... poor Geet finding it difficult to talk to clients... n giving him looks telling him to stop doing it... 

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I can't believe I am making an appearance on the MF with such an illustrious topic like Foreplay. When G asked me if I would be interested in writing about it, I thought why not -sounds like fun and right up my alley (I mean so many years of reading romance novels and watching chick flicks should amount to something given that nobody hands out PhDs for M&Bs)!! I couldn't have been more wrong. I have sat staring at the screen for hours (ok you caught me- I have been procrastinating a lot, and I mean A LOT on this assignment) wondering what could I write on the topic that
  • Cosmo hasn't told you all already
  • Would not lead to the post getting reported/closed
  • Would not ending up reading like smut fiction

Without further ado- here is my attempt to explore the theme of foreplay in the context of the show so far and what could be shown going forward. (NB- My devilish thoughts in italics- its very difficult for me to stay away from making snide remarks- all in good humor- no offense intended Big smile. You will need to put up with a lot of blush emoticons so try not to think of the baboons).

They say the journey is always more important than the destination and nowhere is this more irrevocably true than in the case of foreplay (I wonder why it never struck me before I started writing this pieceErmm). Foreplay is all about building up to a moment- to create that tension between you and your partner, an anticipation of things to comeEmbarrassed. It could be verbal, physical, non-verbal etc etc but the intent is always the same- to leave both parties involved wanting more. The show so far has been quite successful in building up this tension between the protagonists- whether through lingering touches, a meaningful glance or a verbal exchange- their chemistry sizzles and there is no denying that . There was a lot of (L) UST between the two main protagonists in their initial scenes leading to both of them being conflicted, confused- we have all seen Maan being unbearably harsh on Geet many a times for no valid reason. The pull-push, the eyelocks that set our screens burning and hearts aflutter- I put them all down to USTEmbarrassed (Somehow it seems to have vanished now even though there has been no resolution of any sort or at least the sort that I want to seeOuchWink). I am putting down below a few scenes that stood out for me (ok...made me go weak in the knees Blushing...I know it doesn't take much- his bedroom eyes are enough), though I am sure there are many more so let me know if I missed anything... (Listed in no particular order Wink)

  • The lift scene- just after Maan transfers Geet to the project site
    • That heated exchange would have ended in a punishing kiss Blushing(in the good 'ol M&B tradition) if he hadn't managed to stop himself just in timeAngry.
  • Hook me up scene at the HP wedding
    • No words needed Embarrassed
  • The coffee scene just before Rasika Rathore makes an entrance
    • Geet was all ready to give into her baser instincts as Maan starts to corner her (again he moves away)- Maan's physical proximity always sends Geet's brain into a tizzyLOL.
  • The morning scene right after their return from HP
    • As he starts undressing to reassure her that she is alright, she gets distracted, he catches hold of her and his fingers just linger a few seconds longer than they should (almost as if he could not bear to let her goDay Dreaming)
  • The return of Jhumkas- Maan tries to make Geet jealous
    • Its almost as if despite his best efforts he could not bear to stay away- the caress to her face, the pushing back her hair from her face, the pulling her closer, evoking memories of the Kehna hi Kya scenes'and finally the Freudian slip on whether she would be like it if he were to dance so closely with herDay Dreaming (This is definitely one of my favorite scenes in Geet)
  • Kurban Hua
    • This is the first time we saw both Maan and Geet give into their physical attraction towards each other. They were so into each other and the passion showed in the dance (if this were book they would have definitely not have stopped where they did...but then if this were a book...we would still not be wishing for a lip-lockLOL).
  • Maan Masterji
    • There was some excellent physical and verbal foreplay here'. Maan caressing Geet as he purportedly takes her measurements- both trying very hard to stay in control and fighting a losing battle. Geet finally caving and telling Maan that he could kiss her'the whole exchange about Maan vs. Maan sir and finally Maan giving a dhamki that he would collect on his kiss if she starts calling him Maan sir again. Geet was in her element in this sequence and gave it back as good as she got (She is his sherni after all). I loved it when she said that I know when to call you Maan and when to call you Maan sir. This can easily become a scene in the future-where she deliberately calls him Maan sirEmbarrassed(I hope his brain picks up the message instead of being its obtuse and sloooow selfAngry)
  • Dori tying scene- when he talks about his haq
    • I think he was playing games with her here'He knows she is not as unaffected by him as she claims to be and wanted to see her frazzled. We also got to see some excellent verbal foreplay- with Maan promising to punish Geet for her misdeedsEmbarrassed (yeah yeah some file got ruined Tongue)
  • The Jhumka scene
    • Geet's attraction to Maan is brought to the forefront'Kudi was totally mesmerizedHeart.
  • RTM
    • Things could have so easily gotten out of hand,'and yet Munda grew at the last moment (yet againAngry)
  • Pee Loon
    • Maan is certain that Geet loves him back and decides to finally let go of everything that is holding him back..Him caressing her back and almost her lips- I think told Geet more than any words what was on his mind'and when he kisses her'I think we all went sigh Day Dreaming
  • Mahi Mahi
    • Maan and Geet talk through some hot dance moves yet again'.him caressing her back, her trying to pull away and then coming back'beautifully shot and choreographed Thumbs Up.
  • Bathtub scene
    • Verbal foreplay at its best- with Maan promising to test her himmat at a later date (I guess both Geet and the viewers are waiting to take that particular test...WinkLOL)
  • The bath scene just after their first night in the outhouse
    • As Maan pushes back the hair from her face'Geet curls her fingers into a fist'revealing just how much she wanted to touch him back too' (Did she want to caress his face or his shiny abs??WinkEvil Smile)..though unlike Maan she never dwelled on her reaction to him Ermm'
  • Geet unsuccessfully tries to seduce Maan
    • While it started out as a seduction scene gone horribly wrong'Maan got totally distracted by wet and dripping GeetEmbarrassed'he was ready to break his own vow of not touching her'if only she had not stood up (bangs herself on the head- whats it with these two always sabotaging the moment). Then the heat got turned up another notch as Maan tries to teach Geet ' what follows when she puts on such a show'Geet was back to her sharmili self and ran away (I wish she had stayed a bit longer- at least we could have enjoyed Maan's showWink!!)
  • Kuch kuch hota hai
    • Just by words alone and not much else they conveyed what Maan feels when Geet is in close proximity. I wish they had not left it there and instead continued with Maan telling Geet that if she continues to come closer- he cant be held responsible for what happens next. (now that would have sent my pulse racing Heart)
  • Most recently the sneaking out of Jaimala scene
    • This munda just loves to play games'I think they built up the sexual tension between them really well'with Geet ready to give in'and Munda promising (yet again!) to make good after the wedding.
  • Maan gazing at Geet's lips as she tries to untie the rope that tied them both together
    • Again just by camera work alone-without any words- they conveyed what was going on in Maan's mind. The entire scene left me with butterflies in my stomach'.very well executed (I wonder if any other lover has had to wait so long for a kiss in tellydom)

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 4:03am | IP Logged
I belong to the school of thought that believes that a large part of sex is in the brain (especially for matter what the trashy romance books tell you) and a man who can seduce with words, insinuations and glances will always be able to send my heart beating faster than normal Embarrassed

The creative team is obviously working under a lot of constraints here- the country of broadcast, their time slot, threats from various custodians of morality in India...I do not envy them. As Geet and Maan get married, I am sure there is going to be a huge increase in demands for some passion play between them post wedding- whether actual SR happens or not. We have all tried to jot down some scenes/situations around which such moments can be built. So here goes......

  1. Maan always teases Geet and gets away with it. So Geet decides to have some fun of her own. She dresses up provocatively- Munda cannot resist her in sarees. Maybe she can try on some stuff for his viewing pleasure alone- the designer store redux. This time around they get locked up in a changing room with Maan purportedly helping Geet with her choliWink! Dadi/Annie can always knock from outside- perfect rom-com setting.
  2. Geet can leave small little post-its for Maan all over office, while she is at home for the day. They can be naughty too (Just saying Wink). Munda keeps getting distracted every time and consequently gets no work done and ends up looking like a fool in front of the client. He comes back angry and is out to teach Geetikins a lesson she won't forget (I am all for such lessons EmbarrassedLOL). There can be a chase sequence where Maan runs after Geet in the hall trying to catch her while Geet is giggling away to glory and manages to escape him a couple of times. Finally he manages to catch her and you know how one thing can often lead to anotherEmbarrassed
  3. At a party (what ...she is supposedly marrying a happening Delhi Millionaire'.she is going to be on the party scene) we can always find an old Delhi page 3 friend (Not the likes of party girl Rehana though..someone more classy please) of Maan's who is paying a bit too much attention to Geet. Geet and Maan are as usual not talking to each other because of a tiff they have had while reaching the venue. So when this Delhi Dude asks Geet for a dance, she happily obliges against her better judgment. I don't think I need to spell out the impact of this on our MSK and the consequently what can happen- Kurban Hua part - this time with a "you know what" endingEmbarrassed.
  4. Maan comes back from office after a really long and tiring day...How about Geetikins offers some free massage services! At first all is nice and sweet and then MSK can start getting a bit uncomfortable while the Kudi insists on helping in easing the tension a bit. Nothing too naughty but just enough to set Maan's and our hearts aflutterDay Dreaming
  5. Ice Ice baby and I am saying no moreBlushing!
  6. Geet has a craving for chocolate (pregnancy hormones, don't you look at meOuchEvil Smile). She is almost through with the bar...while MSK keeps watching her lips as she relishes every bite...last piece of chocolate left which Maan quickly snatches away and now holds between his lips and Geet in his arms with her hands held behind her back. If she wants it she is going to have to come get it!  
  7. Geet is missing Maan while he is away on a business trip'.She tries on his shirt to feel close to him. While she is dreaming away, Maan walks in (as usual unable to stay away). He wants his shirt back immediately. We can have another chase, tickling sequence hereTongue!
  8. Maan drags Geet into the shower with him. Under any pretext- missing towel, he slipped and fell, you get the driftDay Dreaming.
  9. Geet challenges Maan that he cannot stay without yelling at her for an entire day- maybe in exchange for a hug/kiss. Obviously she will go out of her way to provoke MaanLOL, who by the end of the day is ready to strangle her. This can be made funny and romantic at the same time- Geet definitely knows how to push his buttonsApprove.
  10. Maan going away for a meeting and Geet packing for him. Maan obviously has other plans for her and keeps taking out the stuff that she has packed. Angry Geet, Naughty Maan- anything can happen Day DreamingEmbarrassed......
  11. Maan playing with the dori of Geet's blouse/caressing her back as they talk to guests at a partyWink (Naughty, naught, naughty..I know). Obviously Geet is flustered no end and ends up saying all the wrong things as Maan sends her (and mine) pulse racing!
  12. One of them turns up at the office with a hickey. Let's see them trying to explain it away'..This can become really fun for the viewers and we can probably have a blushing and super embarrassed Geet as Maan goes about having a bit of fun at her expense.
  13. Dadi and Geet sitting and talking. Geet is extremely sleepy and keeps dozing off every now and then. When Daadi questions Geet- she starts fumbling in her usual style trying to explain why she got no sleep the previous night (insinuation being that Maan kept her awake and busy till lateBlushing). Maan can always join Dadi in the inquisition to make the hot seat even more uncomfortable for KudiLOL. Later on when she gets angry at Munda- he can always turn up the heat in ways he knows best Wink
  14. Geet comes back from the shower and is drying her hair. There is a drop of water on her shoulder- which starts distracting Maan big time. He leans into her and starts talking to Geet in that sexy voice of hisDay Dreaming and eventually loses control and ends up licking the offending water drop off with his tongueEmbarrassed.
  15. Geet is in the kitchen making breakfast for Maan. Her saree pallu comes undone. Just then Maan comes into the kitchen. At first she is shy but then she asks Maan to help set her pallu right before someone comes in as her hands are dirty right now (all floured up, you see). Maan is happy to oblige- going and standing behind Geet and supposedly helping fix the pallu'.a lingering caress here, a touch there'totally distracting Geet from what she was doing'They are about to take things forward- just when Nakul/Daadi arrive. Maan manages to fix the saree just in time. The scene can continue once the intruders leave after teasing our naughty couple. Maan (supposedly) wants to learn how to make parathas ' a la Ghost's famous pottery scene
  16. Maan trying to get Geet alone- pulling her into all nooks and crannies of the Khurana mansion- however, without success. All of Maan's plans to get Geet alone meet with failure- some sabotaged by Dadi (who is onto him), others sabotaged by Geet herself (who is as usual coy about PDA). Later on Maan is really angry with Geet while she tries to manao him.
  17. After a fight- Geet has now put Maan in the doghouse which also includes a touch me not clause. Maan is clever- he gets a rose and starts caressing her back, neck, shoulder, collar bone etc etc. (What'technically he isn't touching her at all- Just the flower) while Kudi desperately tries to hold it togetherEmbarrassed.
  18. Geet sitting on the bed while MSK lies in her lap. She could be comforting Maan about something that has gone wrong in the office'.or this scene could be used at the beginning of the revelation of Arjun- Annie track. As Anwesha looks more and more unhappy- everyone notices and Maan gets more and more worried. Geet tries to distract Maan- a touch here and a touch there. At first Maan is unaware of what Geet is doing- but as her touches get bolder- Maan congratulates her-"Tumhari himmat to kaafi badh gayee hai. Test karne ka time aa gaya hai, shayad se" Tongue
  19. Geet sitting between MSK's legs leaning into him while MSK has his hands on her stomach. They are talking to their baby- complaining about each other and their hopes from the future'or maybe urging the baby to kick to establish who the baby loves more (depending on whose voice leads to the baby kicking).
  20. We know Munda loves to take off his shirt- nothing like a shirtless Munda to send Geet speechless. They just get back from office- Maan starts undressing as soon as they enter the room. Geet goes-" Yeh aap kya kar rahe hain- aapko koi sharam hai ki nahi?" Maan is obviously not one to let any opportunity of teasing Geet go to waste replies back ' "Mera ghar hai, mera kamra hai, mera jo dil karega who main karoonga- kisi ko problem hai to woh yahan se jaa sakte hain". By this time Geet is totally distracted as Maan has unbuttoned his shirt completely. After a few seconds- she realizes what she is staring at, looks up to see a smirking Maan and quickly turns around in embarrassment. Maan can then tell Geet that there is no place for shyness between a couple.
  21. Maan is the early riser of the two (I know this is not traditionally how it is done- but humor me). After their SR he is the one who gets up first- looking lovingly at a sleeping Geet. He leans in to kiss her on the forehead just then Geet wakes up. MaaahiiiiDay Dreaming
  22. Just like everyone- I am all for a passionate neck kiss - Geet at home'Maan just comes back from office. Sneaks up on Geet who is busy doing something in their room. He hugs her from behind and plants a kiss on her napeEmbarrassed.
  23. I think Bri had posted this idea earlier- Maan getting hurt and wanting Geet to kiss his teeny tiny injury better- He can lead Geet on a wild goose chase all over his bodyBlushing. Can go both ways- Geet chiding him once she realizes that he is upto no good, or she playing along and happily obliging (I would prefer the latter).
  24. Maan comes back from office and wants to share some fantastic news with Geet. He picks her up and starts spinning around- she laughingly asks him the reason for his happiness. He stops and as she slides down his body with their gazes locked-they both forget what they were discussing (and so do weEmbarrassed)
  25. Maan insisting on helping Geet getting ready or vice-versa (ref Anj's OS)
  26. I would love to see another rain scene- with Geet in a saree'maybe in the K-Mansion garden. (Hopefully it won't be too much of a risk for Superbaby)
  27. Everyone sitting down for dinner at the table. Dadi talking to Geet while Maan keeps looking at Geet's lips'Geet realizes what Maan is looking at and starts getting distracted. She gestures him to stop...but then has Maan ever stoppedLOL Hopefully dadi can remain unawares of how Munda is seducing Kudi with his bedroom eyes and kudi is melting into a puddle of mush.
  28. Geet asking Maan (during an argument)- "I do so many things around here and the office what do you do and what talents do you have?" Maan doesn't reply at all just continues to stare at her lips'Geet blushes'and turns around shyly.
  29. Maan imprisoning Geet in his arms with her back to a pillar in the hallway or wall in their room- He reminds her that she still has to make good her promise and say thank you for everything he did for her during the wedding. Geet trying her best to leave/free herself while Maan will hear nothing of it''He has come to collect the "thanks" that is owed to himDay Dreaming.
  30. Setting for a perfect seduction scene- A perfect date- candle light, roses, soft music somewhere outside (would love it if it were on the beach), maybe fireworks too- the worksDay Dreaming!
  31. Geet and Maan go out to watch a rom-com movie- Maan can get romantic'or they watch a horror movie- with Geet getting super scared. Either way Maan gets to take advantage of the situation.
  32. Maan and Geet in their room'Maan is getting ready'and in a very naughty mood'.Just then Dadi calls him...he quickly finishes dressing and rushes out- Only to have Dadi point out that his buttoned his shirt all wrongLOL. She can tease him on how he was never like this before..some more leg pullingEvil Smile.
  33. Maan and Geet in office- Maan keeps calling Geet into his room for something or the other'at times he is touching her hand'at times makes her lean over him'at others he leans over her to point out mistakes in her work' She finally catches on and tells him that this is not the place for all this and that he can do all his sharartein at home'Maan immediately latches on to the opportunity- You promise that I can do all of this at home and you will not refuse/act coy/do nakhre?
  34. Geet and Maan are in office. Dadi calls Geet to discuss some party they have to go to. Maan decides to play naughty'and leans into her other ear and starts whispering sweet nothings. She elbows him and gestures him to back off'Munda is not one to give up easily. He intensifies the attack'and pulls her closer in MSK style and starts nibbling her ear'.Finally Geet caves and puts down the phone telling Dadi she has to rush' (could be vice-versa with Geet on the offensive Evil Smile)
  35. First day back in office after the wedding- both Geet and Maan are getting ready- She has tied up her hair in her typical choti'Maan slowly unties it and asks her to leave her hair open as likes it that way'He could lean in to smell her hair and run his fingers through itDay Dreaming
Ok...thats a lot of scenes...some new, some old and some outright cliched...but we have such wonderful leads and a great creative team...I am sure they will add their special sauce to these and come up with something totally magical. 

This was unbearably hard to write (ok maybe not)....Kudos to each one of our talented analysts on the GF who do this day in and day out- I have one word- Respect.

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What is foreplay? One can call it a prelude to a sexual intercourse. It is also about intimacy - emotional intimacy between two partners. An intimacy that implies a certain level of confidence and trust between the two partners.

Art of foreplay

Creating an atmosphere – What is also referred to as "setting the mood". The art of foreplay as it is termed is when a partner takes the time well beforehand to focus on building an atmosphere of rest, relaxation, anticipation and romance. It would involve removing distractions, stresses and interruptions. Foreplay is the opportunity to practice authentic care – focusing on your partner's pleasures. Just like a violinist plays his instrument to a climax of musical beauty, two people play over each other, ever so gently, ever so skillfully, to bring them to crescendos of pleasure.

Types of foreplay

Foreplay can be verbal or non-verbal. Verbally it could include compliments, subtle comments with double meanings and intimate conversations. Non-verbally, foreplay can include provocative clothing, winking, gazing into each other's eyes.

Why this discussion of foreplay?

Maan and Geet are entering a new phase in their relationship. A marriage which is a union of mind, body and souls. They are learning new things about each other on a more personal level. They are discovering each other every moment. Why not discuss the ways in which they can discover each other more intimately?

 1.    Talk and tease  - The power of suggestion can be as great as the act itself most of the times. Describing what one wants to do, where and how are enough to get your partner to visualize it easily and eagerly.

2.    Getting started in public  - Foreplay need not be restricted to the bedroom or inside the four walls. Holding hands in the office, sharing a private lunch, or just catching a kiss in the middle of meetings is enough to keep the flame alive.  Hiding sweet sexy notes or making use of technology by sending a few incomplete sensual messages or mails allowing your partner to fill in the rest will let the imagination run wild.

3.    Strip Down  - Maan doing his tai-chi without his shirt on or Geet in a towel right after her bath with wet hair can set at atmosphere of anticipation and desire..

4.    Touch - Touch is one of the most extensively used techniques in foreplay. Touch could be in the form of body painting to explore and stimulate a partner's body or in the form of massages. Sensuality is at its best when rubbed in. A massage with scented oils in a stress free, relaxed atmosphere will remain with him/her for a long time. These massages could be comforting or sensuous based on the situation and can easily highten the senses.

5.    Kissing - Kissing is considered to be the fundamental act of foreplay. Kissing could be a very light lip-to-lip contact or a very deep French kiss. Other areas for kissing may include the partner's ears, neck, shoulders, back and other private areas. A kiss could be named as the fire of passion where there may seem no start and no end. Feeling the softness of the lips, and the beating of the heart to sensing the growing fervour. Something as small as a kiss can take one to heights that they have never experienced before.

6.    Baths - A sensual bath taken together with the fragrance of scented oils and candles setting up the mood in a relaxing atmosphere can be the perfect start for a night of pleasure.

Whatever the kind, foreplay lowers inhibitions and increases the emotional comfort of the partners. The basic ingredients of foreplay are physical and mental/emotional stimulation, trust, and the expression of caring. A man is stimulated by what he sees, whereas a woman is stimulated by touch and by what she feels. A simple romantic, intimate atmosphere can also be a gesture of foreplay. However it is done, it is a way to prepare the body and the mind for the union between two people and the universe.


Foreplay in A Visual Medium

Depicting foreplay or a sensuous scene is tough in a visual medium like television for a couple of reasons. One – The creative team has limitations on the content it can show on prime time television and Two – The intention of the scene, the sensuality, the mood of the protagonists need to be conveyed to the audience. The audience have to feel one with the characters, they have to visualize, they have to fantasize. And here lies the main problem for the creatives – to set the stage or create the mood for romance. This is what I call as stimulating the visual senses.

1.    Sense of hearing – Through our sense of hearing we can hear the ocean lap upon the beach and the gentle melody of a saxophone. Our sense of hearing has a huge influence in creating a desired atmosphere. Gentle background music can be used to create the mood and feel.

2.    Color – Color of the surroundings depict the mood of the situation. Red color signifies passion. White color depicts purity. The color of the fabrics on the furniture, pillows, window coverings can be played with to depict the comfort level and relaxation and thus effect our perception of the situation.

3.    Food – A chilled champagne bottle, chocolate dipped strawberries, succulent olives, heart-shaped toppings on the pies etc signify relishing treats during a special evening.

4.    Accessories – Dimming lamps, ceiling lights, wall scones or candles are the perfect way to incorporate mood setting lighting to a room. Freshly cut flowers arranged aesthetically creates an atmosphere that is inviting and comfortable. Incorporating indoor water falls or fountains and natural calming and romantic sights into the dcor of a room depict an unique air of mystery and intrigue. These accessories evoke visual interest.

The creatives can use the romance conventions to add to the persuavise effect by determining what elements of such conventions they want the communication to be drawn on. They will have to appeal mostly to the emotions or to the logic or to the credibility of the audience. Determining what is shown first and why, what is in the foreground, what is in the background, what is in or out or of focus serves the persuasive strategy. Any design of the visual communication that is special and unique is sure to attract the audience.

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Shreeya's take

"For a man to feel loved, he needs to make love. For a woman to make love she needs to feel loved. So that's why the foreplay, the romance, is so much more important to a woman."

 - David Weir quotes

Foreplay - When i told Anj jokingly that i would write for this topic never did i imagine that i would give it so much thought or that it would consume 24 hrs of my day!!lol.. I thought about this while i was driving into work and it kept reverberating in my mind the entire 8 hours of my work day suffice to say that i was totally a unproductive zombie because of this topic!! LOL.The only saving grace is that i did not utter the word "Foreplay" in any meeting!.

Finally, i decided to pen down the random thoughts that this word conjured up in me. Some might agree, some might love to have a healthy debate and indeed some might find this totally offensive!!! Yes, it does sound offensive to a few people in reality too.(i call them the repressed ones!! LOL)

My analysis of foreplay begins with a totally off topic thought!!

The Kamasutra and the paintings of Khajuraho..

Take the kamasutra or the paintings of Khajuraho they evoke different emotions and reactions from us mortals. Some appreciate the beauty behind the art (the brush strokes, the color, the perfect sculpting of images etc), for some it is a piece of incredible history, for others it is mild curiosity towards something very sexual, sensual, indeed for some it is just nude art and for the majority of people it is sex positions which invokes disgust or a voyeuristic interest to know more!! you might wonder what does this have to do with Foreplay and GEET. There is definitely a parallel here. As those paintings and sculptures mold our psyche and our senses so does the portrayal of foreplay in any Tv show. Since we are discussing specifically GEET, i have painstakingly looked at some of the scenes that made me imagine what the director did not show. Molding of senses and overpowering of our mind comes to mind when i think of all the scenes in GEET where the director has left it to our imagination.

In Geet so far, i have seen verbal foreplay, physical, non-physical foreplay all played out beautifully and left to the imaginations and dreams of the viewer. We are left to wonder what would he or she do when the verbal foreplay reaches its zenith. Case and point after the aftermath of the "Tere mast mast do nain" sequence there was a dialogue between Maan and Geet where MSK says that if you call me Maan sir one more time... and Geet replies back saying i know when to use Maan sir and when not to, this scene perfectly depicts verbal foreplay. What do those sentences mean?? For me, it meant that MSK would grab her and give her a french kiss if she ever called him Maan Sir (a very standard reaction for a hormonal woman!! LOL) and from GEET's side i thought she would use it to get him to react when she needed him to and that is exactly how she did it!!! later. In my eyes the scene was a subjugation of the senses for others it might not have had a great effect. It would have been categorized as another nok jhok between MSK and Geet but there were layers behind each sentence that was penned down and how it was emoted between the characters. People who saw this and loved it are the ones who understand the intellectual simulation of foreplay.

Audiences understand and take in foreplay at different levels.For some only non-physical foreplay would make sense as they are more visual and make you earn to watch it again and again. Take any of the sequences in the show, be it the stare that MSK gave to GEET's lips or any close encounter scenes between MSK and GEET. The eye contact is a powerful mechanism or should i say trick of the trade by which the creatives show physical yearning and intimacy. The almost kiss scene on the lift or the stare that MSK gave to Geet's lips are case in point. Kudos to the creative team for giving a brilliantly shot. The practical viewer in me knew that he was not going to kiss Geet's lips but the dreamer in me breathed a sigh as he stared at her lips and my imagination took over. I remember thinking an M&B scene where the kiss was more graphical and it was MSK and GEET doing the kissing. This is what the director wants you to imagine and dream, the passion, the sensuality, the uncontrollable but controlled desire of their protagonists.

There are scenes in the show if you see it closely enough will realize that the actors are not even close to each other when these shots are being taken. There was a scene in the earlier episodes where geet walks in and does a presentation. MSK sits at the head of the table staring at GEET's lips. For the normal viewer it depicts the yearning of MSK for GEET. Here too it is the trick of the brilliant camera. The camera zooms in on Geet's lips which makes us imagine that MSK is staring at GEET's lips with uncontrollable passion and desire!!!!The actors give their shots individually but to the viewer there is nothing more powerful than that eye contact, which is what the narcotic fueled brains of viewers are supposed to believe and if the viewer believes it then the director has achieved his goal. Total takeover of our brain and grey matter! *winks*.

Physical foreplay, this is what a typical viewer would always want to see but the directors don't let it out of their kitty bags a lot. This is like those priceless masterpieces that come out when they know that the viewers interest is wanning or when they want to make it a high point of the show. Physical foreplay always makes a viewer sit up and take notice.During Kurbaan Hua or the Roop tere mastana sequence how many of you went aww or got x-rated visions seeing their physical foreplay. i bet it was everyone here and that is exactly what the director wants you to feel.  The physical manifestation of desire, passion, sex, etc and this foreplay if shot well and with enough thought in it will definitely garner the TRPs the creative team is looking for. 

At the end it is just mind games and an artistic illusion of make believe that we the viewers fall for time and again! You might ask why! Why do we do it? why do we the female species fall for it. I started the topic with the answer (the quotations) and i am ending with it as well. There are other varied reasons too but the top most reason that always hits me when i give it any deep thought (which people who know me well would attest that it is rare) is that we humans as in the female of the species are so programmed to know others people's psychic and to enjoy beauty and understand the intricacies of human nature that we give in every time. Foreplay is nothing but a mind game that we think we would win but always end up loosing!!! (And i have lost it too!!Right now..).

On an ending note, all i would want to say is that enjoy the foreplay, the imagined intimacies, the illusion of passion and desire and fly along in this journey with GEET and Maan. Who knows when we would see another jodi who can evoke such strong feelings in their viewers or give us such passionate foreplays were we are left wondering if it is reel or real??!! LOL

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Shrads, Gou and ShreyaClap
Some ideas from me...
Geet comes out of the bathroom wearing his kurta ..MSK coming into the room for getting something(fully dressed).Geet with wet hair always makes him lose control so MSK coming closer , geet moving back and he pins her to the wall, moving her wet hair from her face and whispering into her ear asking for his kurta back.. and tries to unbutton it..
Geet shocked and taken aback and refuses and runs back into the bathroom...

MSK coming out of the bathroom shirtless with a towel...with his track pants (I want only track pants and not jeans) and geet is busy getting ready to leave the room.. She loses control seeing him and he smirks , advances and shakes his head so she gets wet ... he bends down to kiss the water off her cheeks/neck/lips (whatver can be shown on tv) and itne mein Kabab mein haddi daadi calls them...


MSK reading to the baby and saying something silly, both are laughing and suddenly Geet tugs his arm a deep eyelock a
and some verbal foreplay ...

Geet getting ready in the morning. trying to tie her dori. MSK coming from behind ties it for her ,a nice back hug and him moving her hair and a neck kiss

Geet Maan in office and Maan keeps touching her when no one is looking.. - A cheek caress, those bedroom eyes, caressing her hands and geet has no control and keeps blabbering..

Ok I want to see the morning after where Geet is seeing MSK sleep and admires him.. she runs her hand through his hair, kisses his forehead and eyes, cheeks .She thinks he is still asleep.. He lets her do it and just when
she is abt to get up he pulls her down points the lips and says she missed that spot on his face

Geet plans a surprise for MSK..Wears a nice sareee (a white one) Closes his eyes and leads him somewhere.. (dunno where terrace /candlelight dinner).She keeps on whispering something into his ear.. her lips almost on his ears and MSK completely losing control.Geet opens his eyes and a romantic setting laid out .She opens his eyes and moves back away from him not even realising her effect on him.

Maan putting his head on her lap and geet is running fingers thru his hair, caressing his face..and they are talking- stars planets? whatever it is...

Maan acts angry with Geet and geet trying to manao him.. she keeps coming closer and he keeps pushing her away.
Finally she gets irritated and moves away and he hugs her , smells her hair, kisses the hair, shoulder..

Maan and Geet going to work in the car, him holding her hand continuosly and changing gears with the hands held

Geet is eating something (maybe chocolate ) and it is all over her face.. Now I know GC eats only boiled but MSK removes that from her lips and licks his fingers ...says he wants more and bends his head to lick while she runs off..
MSK is all wet and Geet takes his shirt off and wipes him with a towel ,
head face chest and as usual she does not realise how she is torturing the poor man.

 CVS pregnancy time people can enjoy great time with Sex unless there is some medical problem and even if that is there foreplay can be tread that part carefully.

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