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MAYUR FF..Weaving the Magic..Part 15 on pg 85 (Page 25)

shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 6:33am | IP Logged

I just hope that every thing would be fine between mayank and nuopur

just keeping the fingers crossed.
I am waiting for the magic to be weaved by both of them...............

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Fantasia. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:11am | IP Logged

It was almost dawn, mayank and nupur were sleeping, and they were having jumbled dreams of what happened two days before..


"maa main kisi ko dekhe bina aisey shaadi nahi karon gi", nupur was shouting at the top of her voice, her mother was buy peeling  potatoes

"tujh se kaun poch raha hai?", his father entered the home and nupur got scared, suddenly her voice went weak ,"baba, meri shaadi main mujh se hi nahi pocho gey?"

"nahi", he sat down arranging the pile of newspapers and her mother was constantly peeling potatoes, she was fuming at thier normal behavior, she was informed abt her marraige as such a casual thing, and moreover no one was listening to her .

"main bhag jaon gi ghr se", her anger was getting out of control, his father stood up from the stool and nupur got scared", teri tannge torr kar terey hath man pakra don ga, phir dekhta hon aksiey bhagti hai", nupur's tears started to flow, her father went inside, she knew she had to do what her parents wanted, she went to sit in the knees of her mother.

"maa, mujhe nahi shaadi karni..maa asia mat karo na", she had now finished her peeling ,"dekh nupur, bht bare ghr se ristha aya hai, tujhe aur kia chiaye, bht paise wale log hain, larka bht acha hai"

"pata hai mujhe kitna acha hoga", she got up from the floor, "50 saal ka koi burha ho ga jsi ko jawani yaad a gai hai", warna ku koi ammer  kisi gharreb larki se shaadi kare ga..maa"

He mother hit her on her head,'aishta bol, tery baba bahir a jaen gey tu mar dalen gey'

"tu mar dalo, nahi tu main khud marr jan gi",

her mother tried to sound polite, "dekh nupur terey baba mil kar ayen hain larke se, keh rake they bht acah hai, 50 saal ka nahi hai"

"mujhe baba ki kisi baat ka yakeen nahi hai, mujhe bhi milna hai", she felt again a slap on her head,

"ziyda zubaan nikal ayi hai teri",..nupur tried to mumble "baba..main maar long gi khud ko"

"achi baat hai, maar le, kam as kam thora bhij tu kaam hoga na,  mar ja, phir wahan gunajn ki shadd I kar den gey"

Nupur was not knew to this indifference but still every time she expected that may be her parents had  heart for their children, it was just a glimmer of hope every time, and as always this glimmer was extinguished again.

She ran inside and started crying, tucking her head in the pillow, she didn't anyone to listen her sobs, because she knew this house was deaf to pleads.

Then she felt a caressing on her head, she knew who it was, she shiften her head to the person's lap,"mujhe shaadi nahi karni hai gunjan"


"U sure she wants to get married?" mayank was asking this for the third time and his dad, Mihir Sharma was busy sipping his coffee, his eyes glued to the television, "dad!", mayank wasn't able to believe that his dad was not at all interested.

"what is it mayank?, I am watching news, can't u see?"

"No I cannot", he snatched the remote from his father's hand and switched the TV off



Mihir Shrama started laughing, "what is it beta?, why are u so nervous?"

"dad, how is it possible?, she doesn't wants to meet me?, how is it possible?", mayank was shocked from the time his father had told that nupur and her family had agreed for the marriage.

"How would I know?, u ask her self after ur marriage!", he was enjoying the nervousness of his son and managed to take the remote from his lap, and switched the TV ON  again

Mayank had seen nupur standing on her door when he , with his dad went to inspect the architecture of the ancient chols of Mumbai.

From the very first sight he was mesmerized, dressed in a simple shalwar suit, hair tied in a pony tail, playing with the kids, the very first vibe his heart got was off innocence, he kept staring at her standing in the middle of the backyard of the chol, she passed by him many times, but she was not looking at him, she had so many things of her own, she was playing with the kids, and everytime she passed him, mayank's heart skipped a beat, his father had done the inspection alone and he didn't even realize that he was standing since one hour there, observing her, her every moment was embedding in his heart, never in his life had his heart pumped with so much passion, never had his senses betrayed him like this, never had his mind and heart co-ordinated saying.."she is the one", and when finally after playing she went insde her home, mayank started taking involuntary steps behind her when his arm was caught.

"whose house are u entering like this beta?", his father was standing holding his arm, pulling mayank out of his dream, "ummm..nahi..wo", he looked her and there to dig an excuse, "no problem, now if u mind can we head towards our own home?". Mayank nodded and started following his father, but he had left his heart there.

That night for the first tie he dreamt of her, playing in rain, she was looking a goddess of beauty, he got up scared, that girl was taking his mind and heart in her control.

Next day he was sitting in his office, trying to concentrate when his dad entered his cabin speaking

"Nupur Bhushan, daughter of a meter reader , Age -19, qualifications ' 10th standard, extremely well behaved and a loving girl, eldest daughter of her parents, shaddi karni us sey?"

Mihir was speaking it all at a spree and mayank was shocked out of his wits, "kaun nupur bhushan?"

"the same girl u are thinking since we came from that chol  yesterday, bolo shaddi karni hai us sey?"

"dad plz", he bent down on his file again,

"plz mat bolo beta, main tu waise bhi karwane wala tha shaddi"

"dad!!", mayank stood up,"kai bol rahe ho ap?"

"beta wohi bol raha hon jo ap k dil aur dimagh pe chaya hua hai?, bolo shaddi karni hai us larki se?, u really liked her na, I have inspected all, she is a lovely girl!, I have already started dreaming abt my grand kids"

"dad!!", mayank spoke up as if he got an electric shock!, while mihir started giggling, "acha chalo grand kids nahi sochta, aj kal modern ho gaye ho, 5 ' 10 saal tak kahan bache plan karo gey"

Mihir made a sad face while Mayank felt his head would burst out, 'dad for God sake!", he was staring at his dad with total disbelief, while mihir was very normal.

"ye kai bol rahe ho ap, meri shaddi kasiey paln kar li ap ne?"

"kamal hai, who would plan if I won't?", he was going through the newpaer now,

"dad, plz, be serious!"

Mihir stood up from his chair folding the newspaper "ok!, listen mayank, u know na k have to leave next week, and again u would be alone for a whole year, aren't u tired of living alone, first time I saw u liking girl, so I am asking that u want to get married or not?, what is the big deal1, u like her na?

Mayank took a deep breath and nodded, "haan tu beta thek hai, I will go their and ask for their daughetr's hand for u, any problem?"

"dad, i mean..", mayank wasn't able to explain what he was feeling, "beta un se pochen gey, koi zabrdasti nahi Karen gey, kia ho gaya hai?"

Mayank was again silent,

"dekho mayank, they are simple people, and as far as I know, u are not that keeping girlfriends type right, u had to have an arranged marriage, so what if she is not a rich girl as we.."

"dad plz", mayank cut him immediately ",I never meant that, its just, u started everything so suddenly"

Mihir laughing "ok ok, my mistake, so shaddi karo gey?"

"ok!, ap keh rahe ho tu, , btw u said u will go next month, achanak next week?"

"tumhain meri biwi ka nai pata?", mayank started laughing and hugged his dad, "

But now he was really shocked that she didn't even wanted to meet him and get married, but after a lot of explanations of his dad that they were conservative and backward people, they never allowed all this and finally mayank agreed but somewhere his own selfish desires didn't want him to resist more..HE WAS REALLY CAPTIVATED BY THAT GIRL, HE WANTED TO MAKE HER HIS!


Gunjan was constantly brushing her hand on nupur's head

"mujhe shaddi nahi karni hai gunjan", her hiccups were breaking the flow of her speech,

"shaddi kar lo di!',

these word stopped all tears, she sat up looking in the eyes of her younger sister, "kia kaha tu ne?"

"shadi kar lo di!", she was very stiff and calm, "gunjan tu ye boll rahi hai, tujhe tu pata hai na main"

"pata hai mujhe, sab pata hai, phir bhi shaddi kar lo!", nupur was again about to speak but gunjan cut her, cupping her face in her hands", 'di un k pass pasie hain"


"tum ye poch rahi ho?, di tum janti ho na pasie ki kia zarorat hoti hai?", her tears had again started flowing, 'gunjan mera ik hi tu sapna hai, main pyar k bina shaddi nahi karon gi"

"di tumhara sapna ik hai, per tumhari zaroartin bht ziyada hain, tumhain ye tu sochana nahi pare ga k raat ka khan kasie bane ga?"

Gunajn had spoken out a crude reality and nupur was numb, "gunjan?"

"tum bataon di, kasi lagta hai tumhain jab hamien bina khana khaye sona parta hai, kaisa lagta hai jab choti choti cehzin k liye sochna parta hai?, kasi lagta hai jab barsaat main chaat se pani nikalta hai/, ksi lagt hai jab iti garmi main bijli cahli jati hai?,kasi lagta ha jab ik hi kapron ko baar baar thek kar k pehna parta hai?

Nupur was straing at her blankly, "di wo jaisey bhi hai, us k pass pasie hain"

 "gunjan merey sapne..

"di sapney porey na b hi hon tu zindagi guzr jati hai, zarorat pori na ho tu zindagi nahi guzarti"

Nupur's eyes started brimming again, and she placed her head in gunjan's lap again, crying, and gunjan knew she had agreed.

Finally both of them getting married, one sacrificing her dreams and the other fulfilling dreams


These thoughts were going through their unconscious, when a phone bell interrupted their thoughts, they both opened their eyes, seeing each other,

 during the night, they had tuned their sides towards each other..

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perkilicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:12am | IP Logged
kinzu thnk god u posted nw was waiting!!EmbarrassedLOLEmbarrassed
the update...phewwww........the nupurz family.........was quite realistic....sadly there r ppl like that!
poor she........d slap she gets on head.......n everything is just so sad anyways wat gunjan explainz to her......well.......yea they r poor so they might love n get fascinated wid d materialistic things.......but m sure mayank will giv her love which is d most imp thing in d worldBig smile
n mayuz dad awesome...........i like cool dadz like him lol............agn thats realistic tooLOL
n awwwww d way u described he fallin for her in d first look only..thats so adorable!!Embarrassed
m eagerly waitin for d nxt update n eventually for nupur to fall in love.n understand his lovez depth!
amazing update ya as usual...thats me givin thesisLOL
anyways i like ur new way of writin but i also liked d colourful updates LOL.......
anyways ur just way too gud to say in wrds nw!

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Silent.Dreamer IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:31am | IP Logged
very nice part...
mihir sharma is very nice person i must say..

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-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:39am | IP Logged
di sapney porey na b hi hon tu zindagi guzr jati hai, zarorat pori na ho tu zindagi nahi guzarti..........this is one of the best line I've ever read..........awesome mehek......

Edited by ridi_onasis - 27 January 2011 at 7:39am

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dynamic_doll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:39am | IP Logged
nice update Mehak!
so this is how they got marreid..........interesting
i loved nupur nd gunjan's convo
waiting for the next part
plz continue soon
nd thnx for the pm Smile

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cool_shwets Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:45am | IP Logged
Kinzu....that was a nice is sad that nupur's parents consider her a burden!!...continue soon

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-NightDreamer- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 7:49am | IP Logged
wat a wonderful update mehak hw beautifully u wrote seriously no words 2 descriobe /....Day Dreamingi feel lyk giving u..Hug

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