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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 91)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --jiya--

Big smile..<<that means resLOL.. for eternityROFLOuch

Jiya ... ur smiling face is enough for me ... i knw how busy u r. 
n this smily said, u like this upddate.
thanks dear.

all the best for ur exam. Thumbs Up

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Faria-

Originally posted by SujaLuvsMayur

Originally posted by -Faria-

hmmm so neel was a thief- thanx GOD shaadi se phele he has shown his true color. agar shaadi ki baad aisa kuch karti tou kya hota...

mayank warned them but thet didnt believe him- ab bhugto- poor nups i felt sad or her...
but i was lil bit sad- bcoz nups was ready to marry neel- agar iasa kuch na hota tou wo saach much shaadi kar leti. i thot she will do something to stop dis marriage.. lekin chalo- ye bhi accha he hua...

awww nups was dreaming abt mayank in her unconscious stage...
ahhh i hope ki maynk waha saach main hota...
btw where is mayank??wo chala gaya?? nups ko is halat main chodke.
i know nobody believed in his word- but at least he should try to save her in other way na- agar nups ki kuch ho jati tou.. i dint expect it frm him..:(

suja dis update wast too small
plz try to update next part soon
take care

Thank u so much for ur precious comment.Smile
Thank u so much for liking this update.Smile

Fari, nupur to shadi karne k liye razi phir wo kyun rokti ye shadi????
n why every one expect from mayank to save her ... when all of them dint bother to believe him.
i think it was good that mayank left without telling to someone.

Hello = mayank loes her na. so why did he bother abt others. he lovesher and any how he should save nups frm evil intention of nills.
nehi usne chala gaya- kyun???
so his ego was bigger than his love- right????

first of all he has no ego yaar ...agar hota to usse aise jana nhi parta.
next...yes, maynank lost her ... bt still he loved her...n thats y he came back n tell all things abt neel.
bt it was his family n nupur's father who dint bother to listend him.
it was not exactly his fault.
bt yes...he has only one fault that he thot, he came between neel n nupur ... n thot, neel really love nupur and her love might be changed him.
thats all his fault.

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile

supriyamnfan,  aysha1989,  DASTAK..,  18anila1,  pearl10,  chandu-mayu,  Bhawna_arti,  drmahavalliyah,  Auroni.92,  crazymayurian,  mayur-ki-diwani,  kirti123,  SamiraARTiMAYUR,  DhanakZdrfizaahmed,  love.mayurarti,  arjun-forever,  --jiya--,  swati05,  maria-soniarti,  -moona-,  ridi_onasis--Ruchi--,  .Divya.,  palz_ArTi4ever

Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile

here is the next update...hope u like itSmile

waiting for ur commentSmile

i know, its another sad updateOuch ... n u ll lil surprised to see this update.

from this update ... this story take a leap of 5 year.

i hope, its fine for u.

plz give ur true opinion ... n ur valuable feed back.


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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged
:::::  Intezaar :::::

Nupur felt her body getting heavy ... her throat had dry.

" Mayu .." she muttered slowly, she was in his arms, she could felt his warmth ... she clasp her arms around his torso and snuggle closer. He took her hands in his, kissed them softly and stepped back ... Nupur look at him ... tear rolled down from his cheeks ... his eyes were filled with pain ... He was leaving her '.. for ever ...

" No! ..."

She tried to holding him but he was moving away , slowly disappearing into darkness ..'
" Please don't leave me!!" she could feel herself screaming, but his retreating figure wasnt stopped. tear formed into her eyes ...
"Please stop '" she begged, tears rolling down now ... the pain was unbearable, she wished she could die ..' she was running now, running to stop him ... but his disappearing faster than her run ...
"MAYANK !!! '" she screamed harder one last time before darkness engulfed him and her own screams woke her up.

"NUPUR!" doctor screamed back and held her shoulder tightly.

Nupur open her eyes widely, she was sweating ...  shaking and breathing heavily. she was starring to the doctor blankly. after few second she closed her eyes and lost conciousness. The doctor made her lay on the bed and give an injection.

Nupur took a deep sigh before dirfted into deep sleep under effect of medicine.

"who is Mayank??" doctor asked.

"my son ... her friend." Shilpa answered.

"I think you should call him. it'll be better for her recovery." Doctor made everyone out of the room except Chitra. she was there for take care of Nupur.

"is she alright?" Mr.Sengupta asked, he was still looked at Nupur through glass door.

"she is now alright, but in great shock. she is fine by physically, but mentally very week ... it ll take some time to recover, and I think, Mayank's presence ll help of her quick recovery."

"but I think he is in States now!" Abinash frowned.

"then call him back."doctor said with little irritation, "dont you want Nupur out of this shock."


Understand the situation, they tried their level best to find out Mayank, but there was not any single sign of him.


Two days passed. they coudnt traced Mayank. Nupur was still in hospital ... she was recovering slowly, she still felt some dizziness, but better than previous ... she was getting better by physically, but mentally she was too broken to recover. She become silent, her bubliness, talkativeness has gone ... all the time either she sleep or starr at the wall. Everyone was worried of her ... Chitra taking good care of her ... she tried to making her mood light with cracking jocks or making fun with hospital's foods ... but Nupur wasnt interested, she used monologue to answer them.



After few days, Doctor released her from hospital, but medicine and checkup were in her daily schedule. She was physically fit now, but the wound in her heart wasnt curable by any medicine ... and it making her lifeless in every passing days.

Nupur was standing near window ... looking outside, but her gaze fixed on nowhere ... she looks so lost, so fragile ...

Chitra entre a bowl in her hand, "Nupur, eat it, then take your mediicne."

Nodding her head, she silently took the bowl and start eating, her gaze still fixed on zero. Chitra observed her for few seconds, "Nupur, tujhe kya hua hai?" she asked with so much concern.

She nodded her head negatively.

She turned her by holding her shoulder, "Nupur, please mujhe bata kya hua hai?! tu itni chup kyun hai?" Nupur remain silence, her head bended. "Nupur, kya tera aur Mayank k bech koi ristha hai?" this time she looked up, her eyes become teary, "we were friends." She whispered.

Chitra looked deeply into her eyes ... Nupur lowered her eyes, she was scared if Bhabi know about their relation. but this seconds were enough for Chitra to understand what were exactly their relation was.

"you love Mayank ?!" she asked, but it was sound like a statement.

"we were friends."

Chita sighted, "why you lying? do you know, your eyes saying exactly opposite to your mouth! ... so just stop lying."

"mouth is stronger than eyes ... it has a great ability to hurt people in words." Tear  tickled down with her chuckle. helplessness ... pain ... guilt ... loneliness ... everything clearly visible on her voice ... in her eyes ... face ... in her appearance.

It seems she was just exiting, not living ... because her soul away form her.

"Nupur, please, bata mujhe baat kya hai ... please." Chitra begged.


"main batata hun ..." a voice come from doorways.

They turned and saw Mr.Sengupta was there. his face was pale and he looked older than his original age. This incident shook him from the core, and Nupur silence made him guilt ... her blank eyes killing him every seconds, and he regretting his mistakes every moments ... he felt himself like a criminal ...

"Baba ... aap ..!" Chtra was surprised, "Baba ... aap kaise .."

"haan beta, ye sab mere wajah se hua hai" he lowered his head, as if he couldnt get courage to meet Nupur's eyes ...

Nupur understood father's situation, she slowly dragged herself on bed and open a book to pretend to read.

Mr.Sengupta sighed to see her silence gesture, "Chitra, I think, we should leave Nupur alone, she needs rest." She nodded, "where is Uday, please call him, I have something to confess." He solwly walk to his room.

Chitra also leave to find Uday.



The room was silent ... all four was silent ... pin drop silence which were breaking only by chorus of cricket's, which coming from garden.

Mr.Sengupta sat on the bed, his face was hide on his plams ... Chitra and Uday was in sofa ... unfortunately Pranjal came inbetween their conversation and Mr.Sengupta wouldnt mind to confess his guilt in front of him.

They were so numb ... but silent tear slipping down from their eyes  and they are thinking about just one person ' Nupur.

The room filled with deadly silent ... no one want to break this.

Uday got up from the sofa and went near window, he removed his tears before break the silence, "aap ne aisa kyun kia Baba?"

This question echoing in the room, this is the only question which floating all of their mind ... even Mr.Sengupta too asked himself, why I did this??? but he was the one who have to answer.

"aapne humari galati ki saza Nupur ko kyun dia?" this time Chitra asked.

Mr.Sengupta hide his face even more, "main daar gya tha, mujhe laga shayad tumlogon ki tarah Nupur bhi mujhse dur chali jayegi ..." his voiced muffled.

"issliye aapne unn dono k pyar ko hi mita dia?!" Uday snapped, "ab to aap bht khush honge na..!" he said sarcastically, "ab to Nupur aap k paas hi rahegi !!"

"I am sorry beta ... mujhe maaf kardo" he broke down in tears.

Chitra quickly got up from sofa and sat beside Mr.Sengupta, "Baba, please dont cry ... sab thik ho jayega" she tried to console him, but her own heart cried even more, "Baba, hum sab milkar Mayank ko dhudenge ... aur wo jarur mil jayega."

"koi jarurat nhi hai dhundne ki" Uday said harshly, "agar wo dono mil gye to Baba ko aur pareshani hogi."

"Uday" Chitra hissed, "he is our father."

"unfortunately" he said before stormed out ... Chitra signal Prajal to follow him.

"dont worry Uncle, Mayank hume jarur mil jayega ... hum Jethumoni k paas ja rahe hai ... unhe ye baat batana jaruri hai." Prajanl leaved.

"kya main itna bura hun Chitra?" Mr.Sengupta asked ... looking at his vulnerable face, Chitra smile sadly, "nhi Baba, aap bure nhi hai ... bus halat bura tha ...  par ab sab thik ho jayega ..."

He closed his eyes and praying silently to God.



They all want to Mayank back, but this time God wasnt listen thier prayers. may be now God is with Mayank now!! who knows!!!

They asked every possible place and finally found little information from airport. now it was confirmed that Mayank wasnt in India ... then where he is??!!!

Mayank's father finally use his reputation ... and now the airport authority informed them that Mayank was in Chicago's flight.

With some hope, they phoned Chicago University and other colleges, but there was not any student named Mayank.  

He left forever without giving any sign ... the road towards him has covered with dark silence. ... leaving behind a lifeless body and some shattered life.



"Nupur, apna bag pak karle ... tu mere sath ja rahi hai" Pranjal said with too much hurry, "kal sham ko train hai ... so be quick."

"mujhe kahi nhi jana !" Nupur stated plainly ... then again lost in her thoughts.

"tu mere sath Kolkata ja rahi hai MBA karne, and its final." He said strictly, next moment his become soft, "Nupur tujhe apne zindagi me aage barhna hai ... aur ..." Nupur laughs out loud, "meri zindagi??? kya meri bhi koi zindagi hai??"

Pranjal closed his eyes to stop his tear ... he took a deep breath to gather some courage to face her, then open his eyes, "Nupur, jab Mayank wapas aayega to kya sochega k tune apne zindagi me aage nhi barha. to kya usse bura nhi lagega?? tu hi bata ..."

She lokked blankly ... Mayank's name made her heart restless. she knew, Pranjal is right ... Mayank wouldnt like her this way.  

Her lips stretched in little smile, "haan, usse bht bura lagega ... main-main chalungi tere sath." Tears rushing down from her eyes, "mujhe aage barhna hai ... Mayank k liye."




The train whistle sounded again, and Nupur jerked out of her reverie. She rubbed her forehead painfully ...   she looked outside of the window to read the name of passing station.

"just half an hour more" she murmured ... before rest her head on back. she couldnt stop be thinkin about him ... how could she ... he was ... no, he is her life ... he is the reason to her breath. it wasnt mattered how many years passed ... bdw, how many years had it been???



 Guys, here is the update.Smile

i hope, aap ko pasand aaya Embarrassed

i know, some questions are still bother u ... bt it ll answered with updates ... i hope, its fair.Embarrassed


i knw it was pretty much long , boring n sad updateEmbarrassed ... bt important for story.

so, now tell me how is this???..

waiting for ur comment.Smile

so sorry for spelling & grammatical mistakesOuch

so sorry for delayOuch

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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 ::: Sorry Note :::

m so sorry friends, i know really late for update.Ouch

bt i was so busy in my work ... n i hardly got time for eat Cry... to writing to durr ki baat haiCry. my work isnt complet yet ... bt now get some time to write.Smile ... n wrote this part Smile

n i ll update Game soon.

just wait ... believe me ... i wont disappoint u.

sorry again.Ouch


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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 10:53am | IP Logged

Miss Filler – hehehehehehehe I loved this update

Finally Mr. sengupta realized his mistake—hmmm so use daar tha kin Nus will leave him forever… akhir uski papa hai- shayed  andhi pyaar he unko ye galad raasta chuune se majboor kar diya… par kya kare- now its too alte. He already ruined nups life.. maynk left nups and nups become lifeless… butthnax GOD she wanna complete her MB and move on her life just bcoz of maynk- b4 mayank was her weakness but now he is her strength…


Loved it so much- though I miss my mayur…

Lekin I know u'll add mayur next part..:D


Btw maynk ki dad-mom ko kab ehsas hogi ki wo job hi maynk k saath kya eo galad tha. They were too rude towards maynk.. I hope tu in logo k liye kuch acche soch kar rakha hai…


Suja thank u so much for updating my fav ff. its really close to my heart- bcoz it was full of mayur innocent love..

No I m eagerly waiting for next part.. Do update soon






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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 10:54am | IP Logged
intezar intezar intezar intezar intezar
kab khatam hogi ye intezar

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drmaha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
SmileSmileres Dancing DancingParty
it was so sad... CryCryCryCryCryCry
will comment u later... rite now m not in a condition of giving...Cry
suja first of all i loved ur was beautiful...
and yes this story vry mch give me a relieve as its is not tht mch sad but still mayank left her...CryCry
y...? he could have ben wait aur somethg else could hapen...
i cant see nupur in mch she misses him...she left all alone...
m hapy tht nupur father realises his mistake and said sorry but now it is useless for nupur...
5yrs of leap gosh... but m sure mayank and nupur will meet after 5 yrs whn they both would be seetled in their respective careere...and nupur iss completing her MBA just for the mayank...shooo sweet...
i loved this update...
pls update soon dear and al the best for ur project...HugHugHug
i must say u really portrayed thier characters very well...
awsome work...SmileSmile

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