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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 9)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 8:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Faria-

Hey Suja
it was beautiful update
u know it was very nice and simple
maynk is to shyyyyyyyyyy and why he feel ashamed himself
he is too shy to express his feelings
i really love this shy and simple maynk
now waiting for mayur first meeting

fantastic part
would like to read it further
plz do update next part soon
can u give me the link of this BOOK??????

btw ur pencil sketch is very beautiful
good job dear

Thank u so much for ur comment u r a bengalee, so u understood dis this atmosphere lil well than others........... if u find out some problem  or mismatch, just tell me then n there. m trying to search d link asap, bt nt succeed....plz waitEmbarrassed. i thot, i ll find soon. n Mayank was ashamed of himself, bcz his parents always underestimaing him......for everything.

Originally posted by DhanakZ

Wao so beautifully U describe the entire location
Just as a perfect Novel Writer
i like it
waiting for Mayur meeting
thanks for Pm and cont soon

Thanks for liking this part Smile bt plz dont call me perfect.........m sooooooo imperfect dear. here was many grt writer in IF..........n i am nt a bit near them. thank u very much for liking d sketch Smile

Originally posted by ridi_onasis

first about the was a nice update......waiting for mayur meeting

Thanks for liking d pic..............thanks for liking d update..............thank u so much for ur precious comment Smile

Originally posted by ginny09

me xcited fr mayur meeting ...................... Big smile
update soon Smile

Thank u so much for ur precious comment Smile

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Auroni.92

Lovely update...Loved ur sketch...Its brilliant...ClapClap
And u dnt like shorot...ShockedShocked...Time for my surprise.LOLLOL..Well everyones choice is different...Like i dnt like bonkim...LOL..Ok thnxx for the name of the author and the book...
Im enjoying it and also the 'bangla' in it...LOL...cont soon...

Thanks for liking d update Smile i knw, almost cent percent bengalees r love his novel md me sleepy LOL .... so i like Bankimchandra, n nt only friends r call me 'mangal graher jeeb' LOL as i like Bankimchandra LOL. Thanks for liking d sketch......Thank u so much for ur precious comment Smile

Originally posted by Bhawna_arti

Nice part n waiting 4 mayur meeting.Smile

Thanks for liking d update Smile...... Thank u so much for ur precious comment Smile

Originally posted by MjhtFan_Mahima

awesome job
my fav was the pic
ur pencil shadding is awesome
gr8 job

Thank u so much for liking d update Smile......Thanks for liking d sketch Smile........Thanks for ur precious comment Smile

Originally posted by sariska_mnarti


I'm liking this

cont soon

Thank u so much for liking this part Smile Thank u so much for ur precious comment Smile

Originally posted by RiddhiB

nice start! 
so..umm..nice story with a bengali touch! 
"Jeetumoni"..I loved the name..
Loved how Mayank Sharma emerged as Mayank Roychoudhary
Cont. soon

Thank u so much for liking this story Smile i also love "Jethumoni" Smile  Mayank Roychoudhury was very much different of Mayank Sharma, but u cld see some similarity later btwn them Wink Thank u so much for ur precious comment Smile

Originally posted by chilluppp

this pencil sketch made by u???
amazingggggggg update dear
loved it to the core
mayank was really sweeeeet
excellant work
precap sounds interesting
mayur meet finally
so do continue sooooooooooon

Thank u so much for liking this part Smile Thank u for liking d sketch Smile Thank u so much for ur precious comment Smile

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 May 2010
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile




Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile

here is the next update........i hope u like it........Smile

so, tell me how it is..................waiting for ur commentSmile 


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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 8:32am | IP Logged

:: Meeting in Dawn ::



I open my eyes .. it was dark and I took some time to realize where I am. I heard the chirruping sound of birds. Am I awake or I am in dream????

Suddenly a sweet sound of a male voice hit my ears. I was fully awake now, but didn't recognize, what the sound was!!! I realized only one word, and that was 'Allah'. I don't know what was that, but I feel soothed...  that sound filled my heart and filled up my entire emptiness. I was mesmerized by that sound, it was so pour ... so divine.

I was unaware of time, but my cell doesn't, he starts ringing exactly at 5:30am. Sharp alarm tone broke my revere ...


I quickly freshen up and run to the garden. Last evening Jethumoni told me about the morning beauty of roses. So, I just run to the garden and stopped in the middle. Jethumoni was right, the morning beauty was unexplainable ... tiny dew drops on rose petal ... Shining like diamonds of the first ray of the sun ... leaves are swings in mild breeze. This was the best morning of my life ... I saw a beautiful sun rise. A red bindi slowly rising ... gradually increase its size to a red-golden plate ... the sky was red ... birds ware flying between white clouds ... mild cold breeze touched my soul ... the red-golden plate slowly rising ...  I never forgot that sun rise ...  It is the best memory of my life.



Everyone was awake. After sometime Jethumoni rounded the garden and wish me morning. I notice my parents are going to morning walk with Gunjan, but they ask me to join, but I refused. It never mind, I was happy in garden, it become my favorite place.

I enter into the fruit-garden ... it was silent, only chirruping birds and murmuring leaves are there ... Squirrels are running here and there, they are not bothering about my presence.  I sat under a guava tree and a squreel jumped down on my shoulder and  run so fast as if he run for his life, he hold a guava on his mouth. I looked up, the tree was so leafy and big guavas are hanging ... I want to taste it, but again I stopped myself.

I glance my watch, it was 8, it was late ... I was surprised that I spend more than 2 hours in garden and almost half an hour in under this tree. I shook my head in disbelief .. it was really impossible ... And I am totally impossible.

I stood up and dusted off my jeans, but before I stepped forward, something bumped with me from back ... and for this sudden forced I fall on the ground . Corner of my eyes, I notice a human figure beside me ... a printed sheet over his face. I thought he must be a thief ... I hurriedly tried to caught his leg, but I shocked as I heard his voice, "char bolchi, Bandar kothakar!!!"(leave me, you monkey!)

OMG!!! He is a GIRL!!!!! I mean, she is GIRL!!!! I mean, whatever!!!... I caught a girl's leg??!!

I quickly released her leg and she just sprang out from there, before I could saw her face. I just saw, two thick braids bouncing up and down with her running rhythm; she wore a simple salwar-suit.

I was in shock ... she's a girl .. okay, but what was she doing in someones' privet garden??? And also in early morning????

 A slowly smile crept on my lips ... she's such a tomboy!!!  




I sat with Jethumoni in the varandah. Ma-Papa-Gunjan went to a morning walk .. they want with them, but I love to spend my morning in the heaven of roses than a village tour aka morning walk. If I went to walk, then I was not experienced morning incident ... I chuckled silently, I still remember those two hanging thick braid .. bouncing with rhythm.

I am in very happy mood today ... After so many years ...

Thank God, Gunja went with them, either am sure, she will talk too much and give third degree interrogation with me.

Who? Why? When? Where? Ufff ... Too much!!!! Sometime I was frustrated of her talks. Last night also she talked too much with Jethumoni, and I never got any chance to talk to him. Now, I am alone and I asked my every queries about gardening. I am sure if Gunja with us, then she surely talk in between us.

We are talking about flowers ... I love flowers and I have a small one in my Mumbai-house ... so I taking some tips of gardening. I completely forgot morning incident and completely emerge into our talks.

Suddenly someone rushes and stand in front of us .  I am surprise to see her .. a beautiful girl, almost my age stood there.

"Jethumoni, I- I " she suddenly stops, when she notice me ..her eyebrows creased together in wonder. Her bodylanguage shows her uneasiness ...I also think, where I heard her voice!!

But my eyes are covered my brain ... I appreciates her beauty, she is beautiful .. her big eyes are attractive and innocent, her sharp nose perfectly match with her face, two thick braid hanging front of shoulders  she wore a simple printed salwar-kameez, her dupatta tied on her waist ...she breaths little heavily... sweats covered her face just like dew drops on roses, I saw ealier. Her one check was bulge little high, she's chewing something, like something under her mouth, I notice a half-eaten guava in her hand.

"Jethumoni, I - I  want to talk to you," she hesitated.

"ok, you can told everything in front of him. By the way, he is my nephew Mayank, from Mumbai, son of your Manavkaku and she is Nupur, my one and only peyara-chor(guava-thief)."

"Jethumoniii ..." she little screams in childish mannar ... and this moment I recognized her voice, Nupur is same girl, whom I collide in morning! I chuckled as I remember the incident!

Nupur shoots me an angry glare .. Jethumoni laughs a little to seeing her reaction. Nupur smile too, and without any hesitation she say 'Hi' to me.

I replied with a smile. I notice something in her eyes ... I understood her silent language .. She requested through her beautiful eyes to not to tell Jethumoni about morning incident! I closed my eyes for a second in assurance ... she smile ..

"hey do you like guava?" she directly asked, but without waiting for my answer she took out two big guava from her tied dupatta, "those are delicious." She smiles.

"these guavas---" jethumoni look at her with doubtful eyes.

"yes Jethumoni---" she chuckled, "those are form your garden."

"WHAT!!" Jethumoni rise his eyebrows and quickly grabbed her ear ... I place my palm on my mouth to control my hard laughter.

"OH Jethumoni, please mujhe chor do. Mera kaan tut jayega, aur phir meri shaadi nahi hogi." What a girl Nupur, she is laughing.

Jethumoni also smiled as he released her ear and placed a mild slap on her head.

"ohh, Jethumoni, I forgot to tell you that Baba want to visit you for something ... something about property. He told me to inform you. Ok, now I go ... bye Jethumoni ... bye Mayank." She run and disappeared.

A small smile still in my lips as my eyes follow her retreating figure ... someone told in my mind, "she is your girl.." "yes," my heart whispering with my mind, "she is my girl."

Wait! What I am thinking? She is my girl?! I mean, MY GIRL? No No ... my mind my heart, you both are wrong ... I am right ... no one can fall in love with me .. I am not a lover-boy type of boy .. I know I am not someone's sapno ka rajkumar ... and will never happened. I am a completely bookworm and my life will go to a simple way ...  no girl, no love, no friend, no friendship!!! This is my life!!! But-but when she look at me, I-I feel something, something strange I never feel before!!! I want to talk to her ... I want ---- SHUT UP! SHUT UP! MAYANK ROYCHOUDHURY...  you are now in front of your Jethumoni.

"Nupur na bilkul pagal hai." Jethumoni smile. His voice made myself back to earth. Jethumoni's eyes still on the maindoor, where Nupur disappeared few moment ago.


"pura din daurti bhagti rehti hai," he laughs a little, "kal hi maine usse dekha pra-" he couldn't complete his words as my family was back from morning walk. But why everyone so quite? Even Gunja also silent? is something wrong?

" I am sorry bhaiya, hume aaj hi wapas jaana parega." Papa said with a sad tone as he sat on the chair.

"Why? Mean suddenly, whats happned? Anything wrong?" Jethumoni s too much worry.

"no no, nothing serious." Papa assured him, " actually Dia, my secretary called me that Mehta sab is in hospital, he had a heart attack last night. So, its my duty to care him..." he shrugged.

"oh, sure. its important."

"so, Mayu, start packing your stuffs." Dad ordered ... he want me to join him. But I am not in mood to leave this place so soon, so first time I demand something .

"Dad, can I stay here?" I asked weakly.

"NO NO ..." Shilpa strongly protect, "this is new place, I couldn't allow you to live here alone."

"but Maa, Jethumoni is here na."  I said in a deemed voice.

"but Mayu, I don't - " Maa want to said something, but Jethumoni cuts her...

" its ok, bhabi, Mayu ko yahan rehne do. Waise v usska result aane me der hai... Aur aaplog bhi rehjao, sirf Abinsh chala jaye!!"

"par bhaisab ..."

Why? Why, my own mother trying to destroy my first time tiny demand.

"kyun, Mayank is a big boy, and I thought, he can take care of himself and his family!" Jethumoni patted my back. I feel too happy, almost tear forming in my eyes, first time, someone showing his faith on for first time.



"Mayuuu .." Abinash frusted, "tu kab sikhega cycle chalana???"

Mayank get up from ground and pulled his cycle. He was trying more than three moths, but still not got proper balance ... he bend his head, "I am trying dad!" he whisper.

"what trying!!! Nothing... Gunja ne sikh li aur tune abhi tak nahi sikh paya!!! Kyun?" Abinash shouted, "you are already 11 and you-"

"I am trying dad .." Mayank whisper.

"ek hi baat aur kitni baar bolega tu??" he asked in aghast, "mere paas wste karne k liye time nahi hai! Agar sikhna hai to khud shikhle !!!!"

Abinash went from there ... his rude words hurt him, his eyes filled with tears ...

"Bhai "

Mayank quickly removed his tears ... Gunjan walked near him, "bhai, aap se cycling nahi hoga." She announced before took the cycle from his hand, "my cycle was old enough ... to main ye naya cycle le rahi hun ...aap purana use kar lena."

Before he could say, Gunjan running out his cycle...

He sighted and entre into the house ...

"Gunja le gayi tera cycle??" Abinash asked with smirk ...

Mayank nodded.

Abinash laughs out loud, "Mayu, tujhe bewkoof banana kitna asan hai!!!"

He remained silent ... he knew, it was impossible to make his parents understood that it was impossible for him to refuse his little sister. He loves his sister very much ... he want to give her everything, what she want! How big or how small ... It doesn't matter!!!

But everyone found him fool ...

Mayank slowly entre into his room and locked it.

After change his cloths, he put Agarbatti in front of Lord Krishna ... He put his little hands together and closed his eyes, "Bhagwanji, please mujhe cycle sikha do jaldi se ... warna Dad mujhse roz gussa karenge!" he open his eyes, "aap ko pata hai na, Dad ne ek saal pehle Gunja ko cycle di thi, aur mujhe sirf 3months phle, to it obvious na, k wo sikh gayi aur main nahi ..." he stopped for seconds, "wo to mujhe apna cycle hath lagane nahi deti thi, to main kya karta ... mujhe to wait karna hi para!!" he said innocently.

He stood few minutes in front of Lord Krishna ... As if he wants some response for God. Then he silently sat on study table and start completing pending homeworks.

<flashback end>   


As per Jethumoni's word, Dad went to Mumbai, without us. I am soo happy...first time I feel freeness around me. I give Jethumoni a trillion zillion of silent thanks.




In dinner table, as usual Gunja talking too much with Mom and Jethumoni. I was trying to ask about Nupur, but my shyness creates a vast wall between my desire and word. I was really useless ... But my heart was waiting for her...

Nupur ... Please come ... Please talk to me ...


Here is the 3rd update.

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 01 January 2011
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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
hey sujata....very nice update dearClap
Mayank the shy boy is soooo cuteEmbarrassed
and Nupur to Nupur hai bhai...wo kahan sudharne waali haiLOLLOL

awesome continue soonSmile

thnx 4 de pmHug

** first....

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Faria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged

oit was beautiful beautiful very beautiful update
u dont knw how much i love this part dear

ahhhhhhh i loved all the things frm first to last

in the morning mayank was mesmerized by the the sweet sound of mail voice- it was Azan right .
aww i loved this part

and then i love my maynk more and more when he was roaming around the garden and praising it fom his hear
i could imagine the whole thing....

This was the best morning of my life ....... I saw a beautiful sun rise. A red bindi slowly rising ...... gradually increase its size to a red-golden plate ..... the sky was red ...... birds ware flying between white clouds .... mild cold breeze touched my soul ...... the red-golden plate slowly rising ........  I never forgot that sun rise .......  It is the best memory of my life.

the way u describe the beauty of the morning scene- by GOD i m amazed with it. spcially when u said -a red bindi slowly rising and gradually its size to a red golden plate- ufff i loved this sentence

OMG mayur were met on the fruit garden- hahahahha nups is guava-thief
awwwwww she is so sweet.
i loved her innocence

so love at first sight - right
maynk  feels  something special for Nupur-His  mind said nupur is his girl
wow thats great

the flashback part was quite sad
i felt sad for mayank...
anyway awesome update dear

just too good
i loved it frm the core of my heart
plz do update next aprt soon

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love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged
superb update
the morning scene u describe was mindblowing....n luved the mayur meeting...nupur was soooo sweet n adorable n mayank liked her at once.luved the mayur n jethmoni scene
flashback part was sad...u write vry well
cont soon

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 February 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged

its such a beautiful update

poor mayank....but he such a nice boy ..happpy with hs imperfect life....happy living in himself..doesnt want to explain himself in frnt of any1..who cares..actually i can relate to im loving ths story mor n more....
n nupur is a full on rollercoster
cont soon

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