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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 74)

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:::: RAY of HOPE ::::

[this sigs not fully made by me. I found it on google search and edited as per my requirement. I dnt knw who was d sig-maker, but i thanks to him/her.]


It was half past midnight. Mayank entered into his room, threw luggage aside and slumped on the bed ''. The whole house was silent and empty, Shilpa had send all servants on holidays, so Mayank was the only alive person in house.

He was too tired '.. tired of jetlag '.. tired of running from the life '. Tired of his life. He change his cloths and lay down on bed, his stomach makes noise '. He hadn't eaten anything since morning, and he didn't want to.

He was thinking about his life '.. which was nothing but a big zero. He has no one to share his pain '.. his sorrow '. His happiness '.. his desire '.. nothing!!

"why I am alive?" he thoughts, "I have no reason to live" his eyes was moist, "I don't deserve anyone '. Main kissi ko khushi de hi nhi sakta!!" he was gazing on ceiling '. His eyes fixed on zero.

He was so much lost in his thoughts that he couldn't realized it was drizzling outside. He back to earth as thunder louder than ever. He got up from the bed and went to balcony.

It was late night and also drizzling, but Mumbai was awake '.. full of noise '. Full of life '. Full of hustle bustle. Cars were rushing to their destination '. Mayank notice a gang of teenagers in nearest restaurant '. They were enjoying the rain, laughing whole heartedly '.. their faces were bright, carefree '.. unaware from the world '. Happy in their own world. "kitne khush hai wo log!" their smiling faces brought smile in Mayank's lips, "agar main jaunga, to sab kushi khatam ho jayega!" while tear rested on her eyes. He sighted before rubbed his forehead as he felt headache '.. His headed to the kitchen as his empty stomach again making noise and he felt like vomit too. The fridge was empty, no foods there '.. after some time of searching, finally he find out a small biscuit packet in a small jar.

He gulped it down with water, and went to his room for rest '. Tomorrow is a different day.


After an exhausted day, he had done his job ' cloths, books '. Everything packed. Passport-visa was ready.

The room was empty, only the luggage were damp on floor '.. he was looking every direction '.. but there was nothing left '. He packed everything with him. he was leaving India, forever. He wont not returned back '. "I have no reason to return !" he sighed, rested his head on pillow.

The room was dark '.. the street lights were coming through slight displaced weaving curtains '' creating a faint glow.

Mayank was laid on the bed lifelessly. He had finished his packing '. He has no work to do '. No desire to desire '. No dream to dream '. No life to live '. He has nothing!! But he has to live '. Live for nothing!!

Silent tear rolling down from corner of his eyes, and it was unnoticed by world '. No one knows about his pain. He was lonely form childhood ' had no friends '' he was suffering from childhood, but he never complained to anyone. After ages, he had got a friend '.. a person, who listened him '. Understood him '.. made him smile. Nupur was more than a companion '.. she was his world '.. the reason of his existence.

Now this world was vanished '.. he has no one but loneliness.


They were sitting on a boulder beside fountain. Cold water running over their bare feet. The atmosphere was so clam '.. only chirruping sounds breaking the silence '.. Mayank's hands were placed around her waist, he rested his chin on her shoulder '.. while Nupur plying with his palm.

"Nupur" he broke the silence.

"hmm" she responded, still her eyes on his hand.

"I have something for you."

Nupur jumped on excitement, "kya hai jaldi dikhao!"

"first you close your eyes ' phir dikhaunga!"

"kya Mayank '. Tum bhi .." she made annoying face with cute childish pout before closed her eyes, "ab jaldi dikhao." She whined impatiently.

Mayank smile at her cuteness '.. he couldn't resist himself but cupped her face and kissed on cheek, "you know, you are very cute." He whispered. She lowered her face, her cheeks turned pink '. Shy smile playing on her lips. Mayank pulled her closer '' their faces were so close '. She could feel his hot breath on her cheek '.. her eyes were still close, she has lost all courage to open them, but she could sense his love-filled gaze '.. his thumb start caressing her cheek slowly ''.  her pink cheeks turned crimson. Evening breeze flirting with her hair and blocking his view. He tucked them behind her ear '.. Nupur caught her breath with a gasp as his fingers trailed down from her neck to throat sensuously '.. current run down her spine '. Her heart thumping in triple speed '' her breath was displaced as she felt his lips again on her cheek, and this time he was going little further '. He dragged his lips to her neck, without breaking contact form skin. She clenched her shirt tightly as he tried to explore her shoulder on the speed of a snail. "Mayank" broken sigh escaped from her lips. She felt weak '.. She tighter her fist and pulled him closer. Now he was tried to explore another side, the world was dissolved, only they two existed. His lips playing with her earlob '.. his fingers were making pattern on her back. Her breath was uneven '' she felt sensation on her heart. She tighter her arms around his neck, while he pulled her more closer. She felt like loosing her senses, she wanted to give him everything, but he stopped and parted form her '.. he could clearly read the question and disappointment on her eyes. He cupped her face and kissed on her forehead lovingly, "I am sorry Nupur, but I cant cross my limit."  Tears formed on her eyes while her lips smiling '. She hugged him tightly; "I love you Mayank" she kissed on his tempel, "I love you."

He smile and parted form her. He handed her a chain with a small heart shaped pendent, "ye tumhare liye." Nupur smile whole heartedly, "its beautiful Mayank. Ab chalo jaldi se phna do!"

"nhi Nupur, jab main tumhare paas nhi rahunga, tab isse dekhkar mujhe yaad karna!"

"nhi rahoge matlab? Kahan ja rahe ho tum?" she asked in fear and surprise, "tum kahin nhi ja rahe ho '. Samjhe?" she almost shout, when her voice broken due to tear.

"par Nupur, agar kabhi hum alag-" Mayank stopped as she placed her plam on his mouth, "hum kabhi alag nhi honge '. Kabhi nhi." She hugged him tightly before hid her face on his neck, "I love you Mayank. Aisa phir kabhi math kehna!" his shirt was getting wet, "I hate you, tum humesha mujhe rulate ho!" she complained, still buried her face.

"I am sorry" he said guiltily.

"apology not accepted." She smirked, looking directly into his eyes.


"I want something sweet '. Right now." she demanded, but her eyes were twinkling in mischief.

"par abhi mere paas sweets nhi hai" he said in disappointment. She laughs out before placed her lips on his.



He removed tears and turned '' those happy memories are very painful. He closed his eyes in pain and wanted to sleep, but sleep deserted him too.

He hid his face on pillow and held it tightly; his tried to suppressed, but muffled mourning filled in his room, first time in his life he was cried without fear '.. without any fear of scolding or taunting. The pillow was getting more wet with every minute.

The drizzling converted into heavy rain, thunders were blasting in minimum interval '. The nature also tried to hide his pain from the world '.. to protect him from the world.

He don't know how long he was cried. Finally sleep embraced him and he drifted into deep slumber after a long time.


Nupur looking outside the window '. Everything was blurred due to heavy rain '. The wind was blowing heavily, creating a mess on her open hair. Tear rolling down from her eyes, but her face was blank '. Emotionless.

Her view was blurred due to tears, but still she could see clearly two figures in garden. A girl and a boy '' They were running under rain '' the boy was trying to catch her, but the girl was escaping from him '.. the garden filled in their laughter and giggles.

"Nupurrr, what is this??" the boy stopped, put his hand on his waste, "give my box back."

"agar himmath hai to le lo!" she giggled, showing a small box and start running again.

"that's not fair" he said helplessly, "ye mera box hai !"

"to maine kab kaha mera hai!" she again giggled, "Mayank, accept you defeat and let me open the box."

"no way madam." He narrowed his eyes and start chasing her.

She giggled before stick out her tongue and shows her thumb down.

Suddenly Nupur tipped over a stone and about to fall on mud '.. but with a lightning effort Mayank caught her by holding her waist. Nupur's eyes were squeezed on fear of falling '.. her face was white.

"you are safe in my arms." He whisper, looking at her.

 Nupur slowly open her eyes and found herself in his arms '.. Mayank was looking at her intense eyes '.. their eyes met '' in no moment they could lost themselves into each other eyes.

He slowly made her stand without breaking eye-lock. His hands were still on her waist ' he gently pulled her closer '.. they were so close '.. only few raindrops coming between them '. He pulled her more closer and gently placed his lips on her. She gasped on sudden kiss, but start responding within a second '.. he pulled her more closer to deepened the kiss. His hands roaming around her back while she caught his shirt tightly. She could forget the world '' she forgot that she was teased him '. He took her wrist and sliding his fingers sensuously '.. she moans against him '. Suddenly he broke the kiss and stepped back.

Nupur opend eyes with a jolt and found him smirking few feet away. "what?" she asked angrily.

Mayank grinned and show the box. Nupur mouth was hung open, "youuu!!!" she stepped forward, when Maynak stepped backward, "I ll kill you Mayank." She shouted before run towards him '.. but her bad luck, she again tripped over a stone and fell on muddy water. Her clothes were dirty, her suit turned brown in color '.. Mayank laughs out loud, "wow!! Muddy princes."

Nupur hurriedly got up, tried to wiped off  mud from her delicate fabrics, but the damage was already done '.. she was boiling in anger, "I ll kill you, ye sab tumhare wajah se hua hai!" suddenly she reached down a pile of brown gloop next to her and throw on him.


Mud smashed over the white shirt. Mayank glanced at stain before smile naughtily to her '. Nupur eyes were popped out as she realized the fact '. Mayank wore the shirt which she gifted few days ago !!! she hurriedly  approached to him and rubbed the dull stain, but no use.

"I am sorry, I just didn't-" tear formed in her eyes, "I am sorry."

He caught her hand and kissed, "its okay, its just a shirt '.aur ek gift kardena!"

"but I just-" she stopped as he placed his finger on her lips, "shhh '. bht bolti ho tum." she just starred at him.

Mayank kissed her cheek before knelt down, Nupur was quite surprised, but didn't say anything.

After taking a deep breath, he started, "Nupur, I know you are surprised by my act. But its my dream to propose you" he took her hand gently, "Nupur, I like you since I saw you '. your eyes, your voice, you laughter '. Everything attracts me. Your cute innocent acts always makes me crazy '.. When you confessed your love, I was like in seventh heaven. I don't know, how to propose you!!!" he paused, "you know na, how I am, a totally useless-"


"sorry" he smile, then again started, "Nupur, I really don't know, how to propose you. But can you love me with all my faults?? I know, you already do '. phirbhi can you?"

Nupur smile with teary eyes.

"I want you beside me till my last breath '.. till my face becomes wrinkled '.  Till my hairs become gray '. Till when I ll wore a thick spect and hold a stick to walk '.. Till when I will lost my eyesight '. Till when I ll breathed my last '. Till when-"

Nupur burst out into tears and hugged him tightly, "don't say that '. I love you and ll forever do."

He smile before open the box, it was a beautiful ring, simple yet elegant. He slipped it into her ring finger and kissed her cheek.


Nupur closed her eyes in pain. She betrayed him, she was nothing but a cheater.

The ring was still shining her finger. She kissed it lovingly before closed the window, as if she closed all her dreams.



Mayank open his eyes as bright sunrays disturbed him. he noticed the balcony door and the window was opened, and bright sunlight was flooded the room.

7:30 A.M.

His head was heavy and he felt strong headache due to whole night crying. He rubbed his forehead and with that the first thing he remember that today is Nupur's marriage '.. with Neel.

Alone tear leaked from his eyes, "I have to be strong." He thought before wiped off tears and headed to washroom.

9:00 A.M.

He was irritated, why the time moving so slowly!!!


Kyun? Nupur ki shadi ki bht jaldi hai tujhe??!!

Shut up!! Mujhe flight ki jaldi hai.

Par wo to 3:00 A.M ko hai na?!

To? Mujhe jaldi nhi ho sakta kya?

Bilkul '. Bilkul ' kyun nhi!! *chuckle*

Stop laughing. Mujhe luggage recheck karna hai!


Mayank rechecked his luggage fifth time and found nothing left. He again search entire room and finally he spotted his own photo was hang on the wall '. His smiling photo. This picture was not very old, it was farewell party after his college finished and his college celebrated his success as he passed with record marks.

Mayank look at the photo intensely and gradually his look turned to furious '. He felt like his own photo taunting him ' laughing at him '. Mimicking him '

With no time, he punched the photo hard '.. glass scattered on the floor '. Blood oozing out from his knuckle '. But he didn't care.

"I hate show off." He murmured before took off the photo and headed downstairs.

Mayank open the store room '. It was dark '.. sunlight coming through sky-light and create  faint glow.

With full of rage, he threw the photo into dark corner of the room '. After few seconds he heard broken sound.

He smiled evilly, "Mayank Rouchoudhury is finished."

Sighted in relief, he turned and tipped over on bundle of old newspaper. The papers were scattered on the floor, some of them scattered outside of the room too as the door was opened.

Cursing himself he arranging them, and suddenly stopped '. He was literally surprised to see a photo '..

"ye Neel ki photo paper me kya kar raha hai?" he was surprised and gazing the photo make sure that he was Neel.

After few minutes he confirmed that it was Neel's photo '' out of curiosity he quickly read the news which related to Neel.

He was shocked, surprised yet horrified, "No ' impossible ' aisa nhi ho sakta ' Neel ' aise '" he run his finger through his hair. He was tensed, "ab main kya karun? '. Nhi '. Main Nupur ki life barbad hone nhi de sakta!!"

He threw the paper away and rushed to his room, "mujhe ye shadi rokna hoga '. Chahe kuch bhi jo jaye '. Mujhe Nupur k paas jana hoga!"


He quickly locked the house and reached to airport.

"sorry sir, but our all flight to Kolkata has been delayed or canceled due to bad weather" a beautiful lady informed him in very sweet manner.

"par kyun? Weather to thik hai?"

"sir, Kolkata's weather is bad due to heavy rain and thunder storm since yesterday evening."

"par koi to solution hoga?"

"we are sorry sir ' you have to wait."

"11:30!! damn !!" Mayank punched his fist, "ab kya karun!! Train se nhi ja sakta, 2 din lagenge!!" he was impatient, suddenly an idea clicked.

"Mam, can you please give me ticket of the nearest destination ofrm west Bengal?"

"just a min sir." She checked her computer, "sir, you can afford break journey to Bhubanewashr-"

"yeah, give it."

He couldn't afford to loose any opportunity '. Nupur's life was precious more than anything.


He reached Bhubaneshwar and hired a car with so much difficulty as they didn't want to cross state limits.

8:30 PM, when he reached near Nupur's house.

The house was fully decorated '.. lights, flowers, full of noise '. Beautiful girls were laughing, enjoying the marriage. Surprisingly the rain had been stopped.

Mayank slipped into house from back door, as he didn't want to face anyone '.. and in between so many people no one noticed him. He knew where was Nupur's room.

Nupur was getting ready for marriage. She was almost ready, looking breathtaking in red saree. She was sitting front of dressing table and combing her hair.


She was shocked to hear his voice '. It was unexpected. She was look at him through mirror then quickly turned, "TUM????"

"Nupur, tum ye shadi nhi kar sakti."


Guys, here is the update.Smile

i knw, after read this update, u all put ur best effort to murder me.Embarrassed

bt guys, just wait...everything has a reason.

i promised for a longer update, so here it is. i knw it was pretty much long updateEmbarrassed

i hope u all ready for the shockwala update ll b next oneEmbarrassed

and i promise, i ll give u a big shock.

till then...enjoy this update.Smile

waiting for ur comment.Smile

so sorry for spelling & grammatical mistakesOuch

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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As the holy month of Ramdan beign
May LORD bless you with happiness
and grace your home with warmth & peace.
and gave u strength to fulfill all thts need full ...

Ramdan MubarakSmile

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res Party CryCryCryConfusedConfused

Evrytime ur pm arrive and her I hold my heart..phew….


Haha …such a joke…mayank alive only in house….is ther any sort of life left in him…


No one just evn give a dam to him…its too much to handle whn one those r called ur loved one…are mere audience who just laugh, taunt, mock and criticize u thts it…Ouch


I hate this sentence of his…mein kisi ko khushi nhi day sakta….usay ko khushi nhi day sakta


The scnce to jharna …aww it was so perfect…so much perfect…..loved the way she was excited, thn his love..and thn his gesture…u made me yet again fall for him…Embarrassed


I was reading whole part an I was smiling pitfully..u wont leave me…thy didn't ..yet thy did


Aww he is a cutepie…mera pass tu kcuh sweet nhi hai…lol..just love himEmbarrassed


The proposal…gosh another beautiful part…his mischief of getng the box, his word..her feeling.,...her fears….yet all cuming so true


There were so many pleasant loved filled, cute moments, yet there was pain in remebring all those soo much tht it sinked my heart…so much…..


And thn they way he said mayank is fearing his reaction towards life…Ouch


But thn all of a sudden


Is this possible…is really any ray of hope….who is neel n wht he has done..


God this update was a roler coaster of emotions…so much to take in…and the l;ast is such clif hanger….


Suja huts off tu such a beautifully wriiten part…ur making me heads over heal in love with this ff….n moreover so glad to have a writer like u..

Lov ya

But im having my fingers cross for the hope…Nupur will trust his words na….no plss….nt this shock….OMG…..


And congrats suja ny romance likha …wahh…

 and thnks

Ramdan mubarak

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Suja i was scared u know- pata nehi ye update parke mera kya haal hoga- asia he sch rahi thi main.. but today ur update made me feel good.Yesss though it was again a painful upate but I loved a lot- at least baat tou kuch age bara. yaar mere mayank and nupur were in so much pain... why r u giving them so much pain????? khush rehne do in dono ko Flashback part of Nupur  and Mayank  was just amazing hun.. loved it so much. the jhora scene and then their cute shararat , the proposal scene everything was outstanding... u had shown that how pure there love was... they were d most innocent couple of the world..They were madly in love with each other.. but destiny ko tou kuch aur he manzoor tha… GOSH – they r made  4 each other- and I know no one can separate them… Suja I didn't expect the last part of this update- u moron – u've changed d story line… huh change kya aur job hi kya – I really liked this part…. Fantastic update janu….. lovelyyy….. u know na it was one of my fav  FF's. And now I m loving this FF more n more……….. Well-done Suja….. thank u so much 4 ur update… muahhh.. next time plz jaldi update karma….. take care…


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Originally posted by drfizaahmed

res Party

Akhon main asu k liye tu party de rahe hai- fizaaa what is this??

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Originally posted by -Faria-

Originally posted by drfizaahmed

res Party

Akhon main asu k liye tu party de rahe hai- fizaaa what is this??
yeah ansoo mjhy baray aziiz hain
yaar update mil raha hai yeah hi buhat hai...karachi mein pani ki kami hai...suja ny rolla rola ker pori kerdi

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Originally posted by drfizaahmed

Originally posted by -Faria-

Originally posted by drfizaahmed

res Party

Akhon main asu k liye tu party de rahe hai- fizaaa what is this??
yeah ansoo mjhy baray aziiz hain
yaar update mil raha hai yeah hi buhat hai...karachi mein pani ki kami hai...suja ny rolla rola ker pori kerdi

pher tou aj tera karachi dubne wale hai
suja ki jaan khatre main hai
main ab killer KALTU  se contact kar rahi hu
wo GUN lekar ready hai

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Originally posted by -Faria-

Originally posted by drfizaahmed

Originally posted by -Faria-

Originally posted by drfizaahmed

res Party

Akhon main asu k liye tu party de rahe hai- fizaaa what is this??
yeah ansoo mjhy baray aziiz hain
yaar update mil raha hai yeah hi buhat hai...karachi mein pani ki kami hai...suja ny rolla rola ker pori kerdi

pher tou aj tera karachi dubne wale hai
suja ki jaan khatre main hai
main ab killer KALTU  se contact kar rahi hu
wo GUN lekar ready hai

aur mein mayank k sath america ja rahi hoon ko ek supprt ki zaroorat hai

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