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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 59)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 12:22pm | IP Logged

<sorry, for this bad sigEmbarrassed>

Nupur was sitting on the bed, her head rested on bed stand, her red puffy eyes were the witness of sleepless teary night; her face was dull, but so many thoughts running in her mind. Today was a big day, the day of fulfillin her decision which was very difficult, but necessary.

She glanced at the watch, its breakfast time. Her father must be awaked and waiting for breakfast.

She wasn't in mood to cook, but she couldn't ignore her responsibilities.

After sometime, she went to garden, she notice, her father was very light mood, showering plants while humming a song.

She forcefully pasted a big smile on her face, "Good Morning Baba, your breakfast."

He turned behind and saw a happy Nupur. Now he become more happy.

"Good Morning beta." He turned off the water tap and sat on the chair, "so, whats today's menu?"

"nothing special, but be ready for a special launch." Nupur said in full nautanki.

Mr.Sengupta bites the toast, "you are looking very happy today. whats the matter?"

"nothing Baba" she sighted, look straight to him, "Baba, I have made a decision that- that-" a lump formed in her throat to chocked her voice, tear formed in her eyes and her heart screaming  to stop her to say anything further, but with great force she kill her inner voice, she made all of them stop, "that, I am ready to marry Neel."

"really?" her father almost jumping in joy.

Nupur nodded with a false smile on her lips, but only she knew, how difficult to stretch her lips to show her smile.

Mr.Sengupta was very happy, "main abhi Neel ko call karke ye good news deta hun!" he quickly finished the breakfast and entered into house to call Neel.

Alone tear slipped from corner of her eye, she quickly removed it, "sorry" she whisper before leave from there to do another big pending work.


 "Baba, can I go to Jethumoni's house?"

Mr.Sengupta put down the receiver on the cradle and turned. Nupur standing there, she lowered her eyes, she was doodling with hem of her dupatta.

"offcourse beta" he placed his hand on her head, "I have full trust on you."

"Thanks Baba."

Nupur went to Jethumoni's house. She already took her decision for sake of her father, but now she wanted to face Mayank, either she'll break down '. Its very difficult to hold her emotion longer.

She was very surprised to see some decoration in Jethumoni's house, Shilpa aunty was very busy, constantly scolding servants; as usual Gunjan was nowhere in this scene and Abinash uncle busy in phone to inviting someone, but in her most surprise, Mayank wasn't there too.

Nupur wonder, where is he??

"arey Nupur" Shilpa now notice her, "please, help me beta." She said.

Nupur nodded, "aunty, ye sab kisliye?" she asked while decorating a wall, "aaj koi special din hai kya?"

"haan beta, aaj bht special din hai" Shilpa grinned, "tum aaj party me jarur aana. Abinash will invite you later, but I inviting you personally, and please, invite your friends also."

Nupur smile, "ok aunty."

The decoration was almost finished, the hall looking heavenly '.. stylish sitting arrangement with dance floor and disco lights. Everything looking so rich and gorgeous '.. Shilpa and Abinash was very happy to see the final result.

Nupur tried to asked about Mayank, but before that, Abinash called Mayank and asked him about someting '. After listened their conversation Nupur understood that Mayank wasn't at home right now, he'll come before party as he going to town for some arrangements.

Nupur was disappointed and leave from there.




At the party.


Nupur entred into the party. She wore a simple white anarkali, her braided hair looked awesome in pearl-setting hairpin, and she was holding a bouquet.

The party in full swing. The disco lights were flashing brightly '.. the party was so crowded, but most of the people in the dance floor '. Shacking their hips in the madness of music with their partner '.. some peoples were sitting on the temporary bar and enjoying their drink, and she notice, very few people, they look like reporters were roaming around the party.

Nupur stopped for few second on the doorstep, as she was not familiar of this kind of party, and she wasn't feel nice to see people drink openly. She feels very uncomfortable in this atmosphere '. Her eyes roamed every corner of the party, she was searching for Mayank, but he was no where, finally she spotted Shilpa and went near her to handed over the bouquet. But Shilpa smile, "Nupur, give this flower to Gunjan, today is her day."

Is today Gunjan's Birthday??? Nupur was confused.

She sheepishly handed the flower to Gunjan and stood in corner.

Suddenly someone poked her shoulder. She turned '. Its Pranjal.

"Pranjal, tu yahan kaise?" she was surprised to see him.

"wo '. Mayank ne invite kia hai" he smiles.

"oh" she smile faintly, and her eyes again searching for Mayank.

"are you looking for Mayank??" Pranjal asked, with naughty smile playing in his lips.

"haan-wo-nahi '. I ' I just wonder '" she stammered, but Mayank's name made her heartbeat faster, not for love, but for fear. She was now fear to face him, morning's confidence was finished '. But she knew she have to face him by any cost. Her thought clearly showon her face.

"what happened Nupur? Any problem?" Pranjal asked in concern.

"no, its ok." She smile, and it could help to hide her dull face, "bdw, where is Mayank?"

"oh don't ask me!" he said in sarcasm, "the party is running, everyone enjoying, but Mr.Mayank is very busy to inspecting foods. He's a fool ' arey yaar, you handed this work to one of your servant na." he said in annoy, "par nhi '. khud ki party koi miss karta hai kya!!"

"sach kaha tune, bht bara fool hai wo!" Nupur smile painfully.

Before Pranjal could react, suddenly the music stopped, the crowed start buzzing as the hall become dark slowly, only a spotlight there, which following Mr.Abinash Roychoudhury on dance floor, holding a mike.

"Ladies and Gentlemen" He starts, "I know you all are surprised of my sudden interruption in between the emtertainment '. I am so sorry for that. But I know after knew the reason, you'll enjoy double." He stopped for a second, then continue, "today is a big day for me and my company. Actually I am facing some difficulties to handle all of my business together '.. arey ab main thora buddha jo ho gaya hun" he chuckled, " So, with permission of my beautiful better half and business partner Shilpa, we are going to announce our next MD '. So, please welcome our new MD miss Gunjan Roychoudhury."

Gunajn come into the spotlight with huge smile on her face, she was standing between Abinash and Shilpa.

The crowed broke in applause.

Nupur and Pranjal was shocked to hear this news ' "this is wrong! This is a clear insult of Mayank!" Nupur muttered, Pranjal also surprised, "Nupur, did Mayank abdicate his family business?"

"I don't know." She said in low voice.

Reports are asking questions to Gunajn and she answering their queries with a big smile. Abinash and Shilpa looking at their daughter with a proud look.

Nupur felt restless, she felt like go and asked Abhinash about Mayank '. Why not he become MD?? He has a great ability, then why they abandoned him. Suddenly her eyes a sight of Mayank, who was standing on the doorstep, looking blankly at the stage '. His face was clam, but his eyes were conveyed pain.

Nupur's heart was aching to see Mayank like this. She want to run and hug him tightly to ease all his pain '. But she was helpless. She didn't want to listen to her heart. She was listening her mind amd stood there silently, thinking about Mayank.


Nupur come back from reverie as someone snapped fingers in front of her. She was in great shock to see him '. Its Neeladri. She didn't aspect him in this party, but in next moment her shock converted into disgust. She turned her face to other side as she didn't want to talk to him.   

Neel's eyes are sparkled in anger, but gulp down his anger and pasted a broad smile on his face, "Hey, Nupur. You look gorgeous in white." Nupur still silence, but Neel continue, "do you know, all guys in this party are burning in jealousy of me!"

Nupur couldn't help, but look at him in questing eyes.

"arey Nupur. You are looking breathtaking today and they wanted you as their partner, but I know, I am your only partner." He look naughtily, "right wifey."

"I am NOT your WIFE!" Nupur hissed.

"ok ok sorry, its my fault" he apologies with a smile, " so my would be wife '.. can you dance with me?" he forward his hand.

Before she could react Mayank entre into the scene.

"hey Nupur, kya kar rahi ho?" he smile, then his eyes fell on Neel, "ye-ye kaun hai?"he asked innocently,"tumhara friend?"

"hello dude, I am Neeladri Basu." They shook their hands, "I am Nupur's would be husband, humari kal hi shadi pakki hui hai!" Neel grinned as he side hugged her.

"WHAT!!!" Mayank was totally shocked ''' this news was totally unexpected. He couldn't think Nupur's marriage with another guy. It seems like nightmare.

"yes dude, aur lagta hai, Nupur ne tumhe bataya nhi."

"nahi '. Wo '. Actually '." Mayank stammered, he didn't know how to react, like someone stabbed him. He was surprised of Nupur silence all the time.

"why Nupur so silence?" he thought, " will she agree of this marriage unwillingly??? But why Nupur didn't tell me about this??"

His thought interrupted by Neel, "you know dude, she was so kind. At first she refused of this marriage, but when I told her about my love for her, then she happily agreed."

This was another blow in Mayank's face, "Nupur ye shadi apne marzi se kar rahi hai?!"

On the other hand, Nupur was the silence viewer. She could clearly saw the extreme hurt on Mayank's eyes. She was in terrible state '.. she wanted to give Neel a thank that he did exactly what she wanted to do '. But the other hand, she start hating herself for hurting Mayank!

Nupur looked up and saw Mayank gaze on her. He looked so vulnerable '. So many question, disbelief, heartbreak mixing with extreme pain and utmost hurt. She broke the eyelock as she could bear his gaze on her '.. it piercing her heart. She want to run from there.

And again Neel become her rescuer, "can you dance with me wifey?"

"sure sweetheart" Nupur placed her hand on his, "excuse us Mayank." She approach to dance floor with Neel, leaving behind  heartbreaking Mayank, who didn't know what was his fault!!


"this song dedicated to Miss Nupur from Mr. Neel."

Mayank startled of this announcement. He look at the dance floor and saw Neel held Nupur in his arms.


Hooo '. Ho Ho Ho '.. Hooo

Tu Hi Ehsason Mein '.. Tu Hi Jazbation Mein

Tu Hi Lamhaton Mein '. Tu Hi Din Raaton Mein


The song started. Neel smile at Nupur sweetly before asked her for dance.. On other side of the dance floor, two people meet very first time and also like each other from their first meeting, they are Pranjal and Gunjan.


Bkhuda Tumhi Ho Har Jagah Tumhi Ho

Haan Mein Dekhu Jahan Jab

Uss Jagah Tumhi Ho


From very first line, Atif Aslam slowly creating the magic. Neel placed his hand on her waist and pulled her near. Nupur was little shocked and in anticipation her eyes fell on Mayank. He stood there like statue '. Constantly looking at Nupur with blank expression.

Her heart was aching to see him like that, she knows how hurt he was, but she was helpless '. "this is all for your good Mayank." She thought, and placed her hands around Neel's neck with a sweet smile.


Ye Jahan Tumhi Ho   Wo Jahan Tumhi Ho

Iss Zameen Se Falak Ke

Darmiyaan ''.. Tumhi Ho

Tumhi Ho Beshumaar ' Tum Hi Ho

Tum Hi Ho Mujh Me Haan

Tum Hi Ho ''. Tum Hi Ho


Pranjal and Gunjan dancing in rhythm. They are talking constantly '. They have least interest in dancing, their all focus on each other.

Pranjal twirled her slowly '.. Gunjan's soft hair brushed against his face. He feels like heaven.


Kaise Bataye Tumhe  Aur Kis Tarah Yeh

Kitna Tumhe Hum Chahte Hai


Mayank stood their silently. Nupur's marriage was nothing but a death for him. After listened Neel, he still had little hope. But he lost his all hope after saw them dancing so closely, as if they are in very much love. Nupur snaked her arms around Neel '.. he also closed his arms around her waist '. They are so close '. Their nose almost touching '. Neel whispered something in her ear and Nupur smile shyly.


Saaya Bhi Tera Dikhe To Paas Jake

Usmein Simat Hum Jaate Hai


Pranjal closed his arms around her, and pulled her closer '' a strand of hair disturbing her, Prajanl slowly placed behind her ear. Gunjan blushed before placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

Abinash and Shilpa saw their daughter in love with Pranjal. They chuckled happily to see their new blossoming love.


Raasta Tum Hi Ho Rhnuman Tum Hi Ho

Jiski Khwahish Hai Humko Wo Panah Tum Hi Ho

Tumhi Ho Beshumaar '.. Tum Hi Ho

Tum Hi Ho Mujhme Haan '.. Tum Hi Ho


"Mayank, I hate you '. You forgot my chocolate" Nupur pouted before crossed her arms against her chest.

"Nupur, listen to me ' please." Mayank pleaded, "I am sorry Shona. Please forgive me!" he's making cute puppy face.

"I wont forgive you '. I am very angry." She turned, facing her back to him.

Mayank hugged her from behind, "my Shona is angry with me!" he kissed her cheek lovingly, "so you hates me?" Nupur blushed, but nodded in yes. Mayank shows her a big chocolate box, "and now?" Nupur's face lit up, she hugged him tightly, "I still hate you '. You stupid."


Tu Hi Ehsason Mein Tu Hi Jazbaton Mein

Tu Hi Lamhaton Mein Tu Hi Din Raaton Mein


A drop of tear slipped down from his eyes as Mayank remember his lovable memory. He quickly removed before anyone notice, but he couldn't hide it from Nupur.


Kaise Bataye Tumhe Shab Mein Tumhare

Khawaab Haseen Jo Aate Hai

Kaise Batye Tumhe Lamhe Wo Saare

Jism Ko Jo Mekhate Hai

Iftida Tum Hi Ho Intehaan Tum Hi Ho

Tum Ho Jeene Ka Maksad Aur Wajah Tum Hi Ho


His tear torn her heart into pieces '. She couldn't control her own tear. She hugged Neel before he could notice her tear. "I am sorry Mayank!" she pleading silently and removed her tears.

You only hurt the person you love the most! How true, Nupur thought as her tears rolling down from her cheek '.. she had just doen that. She gave Mayank pain whom deeply loved her '.. may be true love wasn't in her fate.


Bakhuda  Tumhi Ho Har Jagah Tum Hi Ho

Haan Mein Dekhu Jahan Jab Uss Jagah Tumi Ho

Yeh Jahan Tumhi Ho Wo Jahan Tum Hi Ho

Iss Zameen Se Falak Ke

Darmiyaan ''.. Tumhi Ho

Tumhi Ho Behsumaar '''  Tum Hi Ho

Tum Hi Ho Mujhme Haan

Tum Hi Ho'''..Tum Hi Ho


Ho Ho Ho '' Hooo

(Lyrics Credit :

They come back to reality as everyone applause.


Guys, here is the update.Smile

i knw, after read this update, u all put ur best effort to murder me.Embarrassed

bt guys, just wait...everything has a reason.

dont you want someone teach Nupur's father a gud lesson???!!!

i know, u all want this.

so guys, Nupur ki shadi Neel k sath hone do ...please.

and i promise, i ll give u a big shock.

and one more thing...u must be wonder that why i used a Hindi song, as i ve mostly used Rabindra Sangeet for this FF.

and d reason behind it is Gunjan...bcz its her party, and her father tried his best to made this party according to her taste...n she dnt like Rabindra Sangeet. 

till then...enjoy this update.Smile

waiting for ur comment.Smile

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
sujata I hate you. aur kitna pain dogi mayank ko. plz dont separate mayur. mayank will die.

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Auroni.92 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
Yeh kya kiya...Mayur ko separate kar diya...Mayank ws so much hurt...Aur kitna sahega vo...
And now ur saying nupur ki shaadi neel se hone du...A big NO...I want a lesson for nupur's father but not nupur-neel marriage's cost...Plz reunite my mayur...

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-Samira- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 August 2008
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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Suja u said bare Mayur's sepration for while but this's geting hard to bare dear
i really want big lessen for nups father
if u want to go a head neel n nups shaadi atleast till the mandip
but expose something big about neel which he can't have our nupur plzzz Suja
hun don't get me wrong this's ur story n realy love this verry much
so far the story was fantastic wether is sad or happy parts
n ur fabulous writer but i love to read this FF in Mayur's shaadi instead neel-nupur
but i'll leave u to it n happy to read watever u decide for us hun Big smile
back the update was heart-wrenching
n well written felt vrry bad for mayu he was so heartbroken in nups action
waiting next part soon insha-Allah
n thanks for the pm

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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
is it necessary for Giving Nupur's Father a big lesson Nupur Have to marry that stupid Neel
No never ever  plz plz dont separate Mayur na plz plz
Thanks for pm
cont soon
Faria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 5:19pm | IP Logged
Ho gaya???????????Angry
tujhe tsalli mil gayi?????AngryAngry
u gave two two heart attack on a single day...AngryAngryAngry
jo bhi tera dil chahe kar-i wont complain abtit...
Nupur ki shaadi neela, pila ,hara jis ki bhi saath tera dil chahe kara de...-mera kya...
sirf meri myank ko dukh maat de...CryCryCry

Suja - i really hate u...AngryOuchCry

Edited by -Faria- - 29 June 2011 at 10:54pm

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
faria plan kiya hai...
wil coment whn i'll b able to...subha subha itny shooq se khola update ...aur my heart is sinking...
Suja u wrote it so beautifully tht...i just cant get out of Mayank's hurt...
firstly i thought how diffcult it will b for nupur to tell all this to mayank n i was waitng for her to console him...
but thn..the shock for mayank...his family complety disown him...ahh...thw world got shatered n on tht moment th only person whom he can have to cry with ...came with a news so wrongly for me...tht she even has nthing to do with him...
his blank ness ...his pain...he died there ...right there...n i just cant hold my self...u know i read it while giving breaks , i cant take it...
nupur is too going through pain but he has never ever got anythng in his life...the only person he was trying to gather aroung him ...left like sand in hands...
as reader...agr tu nupur k moo se yeah bolwaly ti k us ny scarfy kiya..aur woh dono ek dosray ko console kerlaytay tu kiya ho ta
as writer: i so glad i have a frnd like u who can actually just make ur heart stoped with pain with her looking fwd to it...but holding my i know loads of pain is cuming up...
u know this is the only update of this ff...i just read once...cause i dont have tht courage...CryCry

Edited by drfizaahmed - 30 June 2011 at 10:13am

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.SilentOcean IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 June 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged
i hate u...hw can u separate mayur?? Shocked they will die...pls jaldi mila jo unko...i cant see them in pain..Unhappy 

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