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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 53)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged
teri tuuu
i trust the deepth of there love ...
so its scary but i m waiting

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Auroni.92 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Where r u girl...Its been ages u gave an update...
The promo ws interesting...I think we'r having a sad part this time...Cont soon...

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love.mayurarti IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
superb promo

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-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 1:56am | IP Logged
it make me sacred...

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile

Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile
i knw, m late...actually very late. i had some important work.
so, after ages m here and also with a update...i hope u like it...Smile

waiting for ur commentSmile

i know, after reading this update, everyone planned to murder me.LOL

but, i just wanted to say, just wait n watch, everything will b fine soon.Embarrassed

till then, enjoy this update. Smile

@ Ridi : Thank u very much, for the translation of this songHug


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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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-: Turbulence :-

Few days passed.

Tonight Nupur was cooking their dinner, actually tonight's dinner was special as her father invited his colleague for dinner tonight. Today she was very happy '.. that does not mean that other days she was unhappy, but today was something different, today she felt an immense happiness ''

She turned off the gas before covering the food '' "now complete!" Nupur sighed in satisfaction.


"NUPUR NUPUR" suddenly she heard her father's  shout, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS !!!! NUPURRR '"

She ran to his father as she remembered about Udita. Today she brought her home for spending some time, but she were busy in kitchen and totally forgot about her,

She gasped as she saw the mess created by Udita, her toys were scattered everywhere, and magazines are torn into pieces ''..

Mr.Sengupta stood there with so much anger , and Udita was staring at him, she hadn't realized her fault.

"what is this Nupur???" Mr.Sengupta asked with so much anger, "why she is here???"

Udita giggled before trying hold her Grandfather's trouser, but he went to other corner without glancing at her.

Her eyes filled with tears, she pout her lips, she was about to cry, when Nupur took her in her arms quickly.

"why she's here??? I don't want to see them." he pressed his teeth together, "don't you know, Neeladri will come at any moment and I don't want to create a scene in front of him."

"par Baba, Udita is your granddaughter!" she patted her back lightly to subside her upcoming sobs ''

"damn with granddaughter! They are no one to me '. And I also want you to maintain distance from them."

"Baba, they are our family, please forgive them '. They are really regretting their decision!"

"kaunsa decision? Shadi k din bhag jane ka decision ya sab ke samne mujhe nicha dikhane ka decision?"

"par Baba, Uday Bhai Chitra Bhabi se pyar karte the '.. iss liye unhone aisa kia!!!"

"mujhe sab pata hai, kisne kya kya kia!!" he said sarcastically.

"Baba, you are wrong, only for Chitra Bhabi, Uday Bhai is here!!"

"that's right, only for this lady, Uday insulted me in front of everyone! I hate them!!" he was leaving the room, but he stopped suddenly and turned, "aur ye ladki " he pointed his finger to Udita, "mujhe iss ghar me kabhi nahi dikhi chaiya!!"

Nupur was stunned, she knew, her father was angry with Uday and Chirta, but she didn't think in her dream that he will hate this little kid also!

She returned Udita to Uday and went back home to clean the room.

While eating their dinner Neeladri was staring at Nupur continuously which made her irritated.

"please ice cream khaiye na!!" Nupur pointed her finger to the bowl, "nahi to ice cream soup pina parega!"

Her father glared at her, but Neeladri smile, "you are right, but I don't love ice cream soup."

Nupur left from there with annoyance.


All three were sipping coffee after dinner, Nupur didn't like Neeladri a bit, she wanted to go to her room, but for her father's sake she joined them with coffee with a false smile pasted.

They are busy discussion something related to their office, but all the time Neeladri was stealing glances at her, which made Nupur more irritated.

She wanted to blast on him, but she didn't want to put her father in shame. But now its over her head, "Baba, I am '" she stopped as her father cell was ringing.

Mr.Sengupta left the room to attend the call '.. which made Nupur truly annoyed.  Now she would have to wait until her father returned; and now Neel found the right time to talk to her.

Neel was trying to start little convo with her, "hello Nupur. What are you doing??"

"getting bored." Nupur smirked.

Neel smiled sweetly, "you are still so naughty and beautiful too."

"what do you mean??" she frowned.

"you don't know Nupur, you are so beautiful.."

Nupur remembered the same line Mayank told her in the evening, she smiled with little blush, but Neel took it all wrong '.. now he got more confident, "I saw you first in uncle's office, you went to give him lunch, and I couldn't tell a lie that I liked you from very first time."


"I love you Nupur." Mayank smiled before kissing her forehead.

Nupur blushed hard.

"I love you Nupur, please marry me." Neel caught her hand tightly, Nupur came back with a jerk; she quickly freed her hand, "what are you doing??" she asked harshly, "don't cross your limit."

"Nupur don't tell this. I really love you." He almost pleaded.

Before Nupur could tell, Mr.Sengupta entered '''. They both stopped.

"sorry Neel, important call." He smiled lightly.

"sir" Neel smile, "its very late, can I leave sir?"

"ok Neeldari as you wish"

"please sir call me Neel."

"ok Neel" Mr.Sengupta smiled broadly before leaving with him. Nupur sighed in relief and ran to her room as she heard the sweet sound of the guitar from neighbor house.

She closed the door, opened the window before lying on the bed '.. Mayank's guiter made her calm '. Free from all worries. She slowly drifted into sleep as soon as the symphony faded.


Next day was Sunday, so Mr.Sengupta was in home '. And Nupur wanted to talk to her about Uday Bahi and Chirtra Bhabi. But she hadn't found any alone moment to talk to her father, so she was waiting for the night.

At night Nupur went to her father's room. She was shocked to see her father roaming around the room while humming a song '.

 She closed her eyes for a second to Thank God '. "aaj Baba ka mood kafi accha hai." She smiled, "aaj sab kuch thik kar dena please." She prayed before entering into the room.


Nupur placed the tray on the table, "Baba, your milk."

Mr.Sengupta took it while still humming, Nupur knew, there must be something which made him so much happy.

"Baba, kya hua? Aaj aap bht khush lag rahe hai?"

"khusi ki to baat hai baccha." He pulled her cheek a little before sitting on the armchair.

Nupur sat in front of him on the ground and placed her head on his lap '..

Mr.Sengupata was very much aware of her gesture, he placed his hand on her hair, "what do you want beta?"

"Baba, you promise first that you will give me what I will ask!"

"ok beta" he smiled, "aaj main bht khus hun jo chahe maangle!" he said caressing her hair.

" Baba, aap Bhai-Bhabi ko maaf kardo na! wo log sachme sorry hai!"

His hand stopped, Nupur looked up with teary eyes, "please Baba, I love them '. And I know you too love them."

"I don't love them." He said with stern voice.

"don't tell a lie to me Baba, I know you were hurt, more than mine." She was sobbing, "please Baba, for my sake, forgive them."

"they have hurt me so much." Mr.Sengupta said in low voice.

"please Baba. For me!" Nupur looked up, "please Baba!" her face was so innocent and also full with love for her family that her father couldn't resist, but last time he tried to protest, "Nupur, you know na, I was hurt-"

"I know Baba, but past is past, please forgive them!" she hugged his legs, putting back her head on his lap, "please Baba." Tear rolled down from her cheeks,

He placed his hand on her head, sighed, "ok beta. I forgive, but only for you."

"oo Baba, you are so sweet" Nupur hug her father tightly in excitement, "I am going to tell them this good news."

He laughed, "ok ok, but I have a good news for you." His eyes twinkling, "guess what??"

"what?" Nupur confusingly looked at her father.

"I proposed Neel for you and he agreed." Mr.Sengupta grinned whole heartedly, "isn't it very good news?!"

Nupur was shocked numb, she couldn't believe her ears '. This was surely a nightmare, she was dreaming, everything would be alright when she woke up.

"I am very happy Nupur '. Neel is a very good guy."

Her father's cheerful voice broke her reverie ' this was not a nightmare '.. it was reality.

"Neel and his brother will come tomorrow evening."

"Baba!" she whispered.

He hugged her, "I know beta, its all of sudden, but you are old enough to marry." He said soothing her hair, "and I also want to do my responsibilities."

Nupur sobbed, "I don't want to marry '. I don't want to marry him."

"sshh beta, don't say like this!! I know it was so sudden for you, but believe me, he's a good guy '. He'll keep you happy '. I know him!" His said assuring, "I want your marriage as soon as possible."

"but Baba, I don't want to marry anyone '" Nupur almost shouted after breaking the hug, "except '." Tear rolled down from her cheeks, she was looking miserable.

"except???" he frowned deeply.

"except Mayank" Nupur looked down, "we lo-" she controlled, " we like each other."

"NUPUR!!!" he shouted in anger '.




Mayank sat on the swing, playing with his guitar.

"Mayu" his father come, "I have some work with you."

"yes Dad." He stood up, placed the guitar on the swing.

"I will throw a party day after tomorrow." Abinash said, "so, tomorrow, you go to town to order best dishes according to Gunja's taste." He paused, "and also book a DJ if possible."

"party for what Dad?"

"its none of your business." Abinash turned to leave, "do what I told, and don't forget this party is one of the most important for my business."

Mayank was hurt by his father's behavior, but he didn't show it, "ok Dad, I will do my best."

"you better be."


Mayank again started playing the guitar after Abinash leave.


Uday-Chitra come there, "Mayank, what are you doing?"

"nothing Bhabi" Mayank smiled, "aap log abhi tak soye nahi?"

"aare yaar" Uday sat beside him, "Udita ko sulana, matlab Mount Everest se jump marna hai!"

Chitra giggle, "sahi kaha '.. Mayu, eb hamre liye ek accha sa gana sunade!"

"mujhe nahi aata gana!" Mayank lowered his head due to shyness.

"don't tell a lie." Chitra said, "usdin Udita ko tu gana suna raha tha, maine suna hai!!"

"par Bhabi '."

"koi baat nahi, tu bas gana suru kar!" Uday relaxed himself on the swing, "aur waise bhi humlog kaunsa tujhe Oscar denewale hai!"


Mayank chuckled before positioning the guitar on his lap, he closed his eyes & took a deep breath '' Nupur's smiling face come in front of him '..


"I love you" she kissed on his cheek.


Mayank smiled whole heartedly '' his heart filling up again with so much love & affection for her '.. he looked beside only to see the lights of Nupur's room was on, means Nupur was in her room now!!! He smiled before playing the first cord '.. then continued ''



[Note : I don't mentioned any color-code for reality and imagination, bcoz I know, you are intelligent enough to understand the difference between reality and imagination.]

here is the youtube link, if you want to listen the song.]


Ami Tomaro  Sange Bendhechi Amaro Praan

Surero Bandhone

Tumi Jano Na '''.

 [I'm tied up my heart with you in a musical bond

Don't you know?]

Nupur was numb, she thumped on the bed thinking of Mayank and immediately his sweet melodious voice hit her eardrum, making her startled.

She opened the window quickly '. Tears formed into her eyes '. Her lips trembling '. Her hair flying in the air, she looked lost '. "Mayank" she whispered '.


Ami Tomare Peyechi Ajana Sadhone

Ami Tomaro Sange Bendhechi Amaro Praan

Surero Bandhone '''.

[I get you by a worship

I'm tied up my heart with you in a musical bond]


Nupur placed her hands from behind around Mayank's neck. He smiled and made her sit beside him. She was smiling, her dove shaped eyes shining in happiness. She held his arm before resting her head on his shoulder, her hair was flying in the air.

Mayank closed his eyes to absorb her closeness. 


Se Sadhonay Misiya Jaay Bakul Gandho

Se Sadhonay Miliya Jaay Kabiro Chando

Tumi Jaano Na ''''

[This worship blend in confounded fragrance

This worship blend in poet's poetry
Don't you know?]


"Mayank" Nupur whisper, now tears slowly running down from her cheeks. She covered her face with palm and broke down into tears. Each and every words of this song pierced her heart '.. today she again realized the depth of Mayank's love.

"I love you Mayank, I love you." She cried her heart out. She didn't want to marry Neel, but she was helpless.

She loved Mayank, but she loved his father too.


Dheke Rekhechi Tomar Naam

Rongino Chayar Acchadane

Ami Tomar Sange Bendhechi Amaro Praan

Surero Bandhone  '''''.

[Seeing your name in colorful shadow

I'm tied up my heart with you in a musical bond]


Nupur took out a half dried rose from a book. Mayank gave her some days ago, Nupur kissed it lovingly before placed it near heart. She remembered, how much hesitant Mayank was before giving this rose.

"tumhe accha nahi laga?" he asked after giving the rose, looking at Nupur's frowning face with little fear. And Nupur wanted to play with him, but she couldn't hold longer, she smile and hugged him, "bht accha laga, thank you Mayank '.. I love you."

"I love you too" he hugged her back with a huge smile.


Tomar Arupo Murti Khani

Falgunero Aalote Basai Aani

Tomar Arupo Murtikhani

[Floating your shapeless statue in falgun's (first month of spring) light

your shapeless statue]


Mayank open his eyes and found no one was there except Uday & Chitra. He mentally patted himself.

But Nupur again came there holding a bunch of roses '.. she threw the roses in the air then jumping and twirling happily. She looked like a white fairy under the shower of rose petal.

Mayank was mesmerized by her innocent beauty.


Basori Bajai Lolito Basonte Suduro Digonte

Basori Bajai Lolito Basonte Suduro Digonte

Sonar Abhai Kanpe Tabo Uttori

Sonar Abhai Kanpe Tabo Uttori

[Playing the flute on charming spring at the horizon

trembling your scarp in golden portion

Nupur came near him, her dupatta flying in unstable wind, she purposely covering Mayank's face, which made him calm.

He loved this feeling '.. he loved every feeling related to Nupur '. She had become his everything, the reason of his life.

Nupur took his hand and made him to stand up.


Ganero Tanero Se Unnmadone

Tumi Jaano Naa '' 

[madness of your music

don't you know]

Nupur removed her tears. She was gazing the roses continuously, but her face was emotionless, her eyes were blank.

She kissed the rose lovingly before placing back into the book.

She made a decision '.. it was most difficult decision for her. she was very scared, but it was good for everyone, she wasn't sobbing now, but tear streaming down as she had no control over them.

She switched off the light.


Ami Tomare Peyechi Ajana Sadhone

Ami Tomar  Sange Bendhechi Amaro Praan

Surero Bandhone ''

[I get you by a worship

I'm tied up my heart with you in a musical bond

"you are the best singer of the world '. I love you." Nupur kissed him and vanished into air.


Uday and Chitra clapped loudly, Mayank come back from his dreamland, he felt very shy that he imagined Nupur in front of his elders.

"it was too good Mayank." Uday hugged him, "I am proud of you."

"me too" Chitra also join the hug.

They wished him Good Night before leaving '.. Mayank glanced to Nupur's room, which was dark now.

"good night Nupur." He whispered. Suddenly a drop was water fell on his cheek, he looked up and surprised, it was clear sky '. Mayank nodded to ignorance and left.

The moon removed his tears, "I don't want to see them separate."

"me too" the wind whispered in pain, she was feeling restless '.. she was very unstable today, actually she want to do something for Mayur, but she was helpless.

"we want to see them together." The moon shout, looking at stars, "hey Stars, you made human's fate, but what are you doing to this two??" he cried in pain, "why are you going to separate them??" turbulence

"we are helpless." Stars are blinking their eyes, "God commanded us."

"GOD!!!" the moon and the wind shouted together, "why are you doing this to them???"

But there was no answer, God didn't answer anyone's question.

The moon couldn't hold longer his tears, he broke down, but the dark cloud hurriedly embraced him, not to letting down his holy tears on earth.


Friends, here is the update.Smile

hope u like it.Smile

waiting for ur comment.Smile

rotten veggies n tomatoes n eggs along with slippers is also welcomeLOL

Separation > Page 59

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Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
i wont talk to u
i just want to say i hate u...Angry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Angry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
u r going to separate my mayur...Ouch ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Ouch ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
why r u doing this.
cant u c them happy...???

i hate nups DAD- he is avery bad person.. he took the advantage of nupurs weak point... i just hate him..
Feel l bad for mayur- specially for myank...ab mayk ka kya hoga???
wo tou tut he jayega...Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.
plzzz dont do this with my mayur...

i want to c them happy...

Cry ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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sujata why u seperate them? I hate u. plz reunite mayur. plzzz

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