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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 32)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Auroni.92

It ws sooooooooooooooooo romantic...I think the most romantic update of this ff till date...Day DreamingDay Dreaming
I ws so lost in the part where mayank almost kissed her...This ws heavenly beautiful..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming.U've written that part so beautifully...The feelings wr clearly visible in their eyes and ur words...Loved this part to the core...HugHug
Also the wedding part ws wonderful...I ws imagining nupur in those white gown and mayank in black suit..SillySilly.And then their wedding...Hayeee...Day Dreaming
Genuinely this part ws the best...Im enjoying every bit of it...
Cont soon...Now cant wait for their confession...

Thank u so much for ur lovely commentSmile

Thank u so much for loving this updateSmile

i hope, u like next update tooSmile

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by yashfeenadil

PART1-OH! i luv d 1st part it was so nice......mayu's thoughts about nature was cute.......

Originally posted by yashfeenadil

CUTE PART..........hmmmmm gunjan is smarter.........i m excited about mayur's meeting........
hey i m reading d whole ff at once so i m comenting on each part as i m finishing it......

Originally posted by yashfeenadil

PART 3-IMG!Mayur meeting was so cute........i love her character so sweet & cute......
PART 4-lovely update........the scenes were so cute nupur & mayank hv bth fallen in luv.........i luv mayank's thoughts about d them

Thank u so much for ur lovely commentSmile

Thank u so much for loving this FFSmile

i hope, u'll like next update tooSmile

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sariska_mnarti


lovely updates

cont son

Thank u so much for ur lovely commentSmile

Thank u so much for loving this updateSmile

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:38am | IP Logged
Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile


Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile

here is the next update........i hope u like it........Smile

so, tell me how it is..................waiting for ur commentSmile 


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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:40am | IP Logged
 -: Said-Unsaid :-

"We are very late!" Mayank stated looking at the empty road.

Nupur, Mayank & Pranjal were on their way back home. After the wedding, they had gone to the nearest hotel for further celebrations '.

Nupur and Pranjal enjoyed the most '. Mayank was amazed to see this side of Nupur. Although he knew, Nupur was a lively girl, yet he was surprised '.

After the celebrations, they took the last bus and reached home late at night '. Mayank was scared of his parents '. While Nupur and Pranjal were careless!

"We are late!!!" Mayank stated.

"So, are you scared??" Pranjal asked in wonder.

He shook his head negative, "but our parents??!!"

"Don't worry Mayank!" Nupur said, "Baba won't say anything ' he knows me!" she assured.

"and you?"

"mmm '. Me?!" Pranjal said in a little confusion, "well, I am not listening to my parents since I was in school!" saying that he high fived to Nupur '.. Mayank chuckled.

"So, what about your parents?" Pranjal asked.

"mm ' I don't know!" Mayank shrugged, "I was never so late before!"

"WHAT!!!!" the two are shocked? "you really are a good boy!" Pranjal said in astonishment.


They continued walking '..

After sometime, Pranjal headed home '. Wishing them good night!

Mayank and Nupur continued their journey '. There was pin drop silence between them ' Mayank was never very talkative, so he couldn't understand how to start a conversation, on the other hand, Nupur thought, Mayank might be needing some peace, so being his friend, it's her duty '..


They continued walking '..

But, this time Mayank couldn't hold this silence longer '..

"Nupur." He broke the silence.


"I want to say ' mmm '. Say thanks to you!" he said looking at her.

"Why?" Nupur raised her brows, "I didn't do anything precious for you?!" she sounded confused.

"I know! But you gifted me some priceless memories!!!" Mayank smiled whole heartedly, "and I'll never forget it in my lifetime! '.. Thank you!"

Nupur reciprocated his smile, "but you are not welcome!"


"Friends never say thanks to friends ' they never want anything except friendship!"

"Okay sorry!"

"and sorry too '"

They laughed '.


It was really late. The road was empty ' both sides of the road were covered with bushes and sometimes tress. Everything was in dark '. But the streetlamps were lighting a small region of the dusty road. Stray dogs were slipping aside; they looked up only to hear them, and then again went back to sleep!

The weather was so soothing! A mild breeze blowing occasionally ' it was completely opposite of the afternoon, the hot one!

Afternoon wind was so warm, made the weather warmer, but this night breeze was completely opposite '. It's cool and soothed their tiredness!!!

The beautiful scent of Night Queen floating in the air '.. Mayank inhaled deeply '. Poured the scent into his lungs '.

Nupur was continuously noticing him '.

His face showed a freshness ' an enjoyment '.. a glow was on his face, which she had never seen  before!!!

"Nupur!" Mayank suddenly looked at her and found her starring him. Nupur was embarrassed as Mayank caught her starring.

She tucked her hair of behind her ear, nervously, "haan bolo?!"

"wo ' actually '" Mayank also getting nervous to see her nervousness '. He suddenly lost his words!

He clear his throat, only to gather some courage, "Nupur ' wo .. you ' you are very lucky!"


"because being a dweller you are the luckiest one!!!" he smile genuinely, "this place is no less than heaven!"

"You really love this place na!"

"very much! If I would get some free time, I want to come here again!"

"so sweet of you Mayank." She smile, "you-" her stopped as a gush of wind made her dupatta fly far away from her '.

Suddenly the atmosphere was changed!!!

Nupur stood there some moments blankly. She was embarrassed '.. looking here and there ' fiddling with her bag '

Mayank was also embarrassed '. "can I bring that??!!" he asked hesitantly.

Nupur silently nodded her head.

He left ' Nupur stood in the middle of the road. She's not scared of darkness or something else, but she felt awkward ' at midnight a girl standing in middle of the road alone holding her bag ' it was really awkward!!!!

Nupur was getting impatient '. A second seemed like an hour ' "Mayank, where are you???" she murmured ' constantly looking at the road!

She was totally lost thinking about Mayank; she failed to notice that some guys were coming from nowhere. They stopped their bikes to see her. Nupur also looked behind as she heard the sound of the bikes.

The guys got down from their bikes ' they were holding bottles of hard drinks '.. they were partially drunk.

Nupur was scared to see them, she held her bag tightly near her chest ' she stepped back '. She's shivering in fear.

They saw Nupur ' they started teasing her '.. she stepped back again, then quickly started walking back, praying silently for Mayank to come back!

She heard them laughing and walking behind her '. She increased her speed, now she's literally running '. She was hell scared '. Tears running down from her cheeks '.

But they were faster than her. They ran fast and blocked her road ahead '.

Nupur stopped there '. She looked worried '. She looked around for some help, but the road was empty '. "Mayank" she sobbed silently holding the bag more tightly '. One of them walked towards Nupur '. She stepped back, but bumped with another'. They burst out laughing '. they started misbehaving with Nupur '. She was crying '..


The guys turned hearing running footsteps '. It was Mayank. He's running back to Nupur, holding her dupatta.

Mayank stopped in middle '. He was shocked to see the scene '. Within a second he understood everything '..

"I cant leave her like that!" he thought, so he started walking towards Nupur, but the guys stopped him, ''.. "she's ours '. So, don't interfere!" one guy threatened him.

"look brothers '. Please leave her." Mayank said clamly.

They laughed, "you threatened us??!"

"no, I requested you." He pleaded again, "please leave her!"

"sorry, we reject your request." A guy said.

 Mayank couldn't hold his anger, "please, leave her I say ' either '" His jaws pressed together, anger was visible in his appearance '.

"either what?" a guy pushed him hard on his shoulder '. Another guy held Nupur's arms from behind so tightly that she screamed in pain '..

That was enough!

Mayank couldn't hold his anger any longer ' he had no option left '. He fought with the guys '.. he couldn't see the guys faces, he could only see Nupur's crying face '. And it increased his anger with every passing moment '.

He was beating them mercilessly '. Their faces turned blue black '. Nupur was trembling in fear, but she was more shocked to see Mayank like this!!!!

She never imagined in her wildest dream that a quiet shy boy was able to beat someone!!!!

The guys ran away ' Nupur was still in shock.

Mayank silently wrapped the dupatta around her '. "lets go!"

He stepped forwad, but Nupur stopped him by holding his wrist '. Mayank surprisingly looked at his wrist, and then Nupur '.. she was crying silently '. Looking lost, too helpless '.

"Nupur, what happened??? Why are you crying??? Did they hurt you???" he worried, cupped her face in one hand, his other hand caught her arm '. Nupur was crying without saying a word '. "please Nupur, kuch to bolo!!" he shook her, "I can't tolerate your tears!!! Please say something!" his voice was also trembling due to hidden tears.

"Mayank '" she finally whispered, "I was scared '. If you didn't come in time, then '" she said in between sobs, but broke down in end '..


Mayank was also scared of losing her ' he couldn't hold anymore, pulled her near him and hugged her tightly '. Hardly aware of what he was doing, he held her close '.  Nupur also didn't resist but hugged him back, she was still crying, but the pain ' the fear that was in her heart slowly vanished. She clutched his shirt tightly after hiding her face in his chest '. Mayank also tightened his arms before dipping his face on her neck '..

The atmosphere turned so peaceful suddenly '. The wind, the trees, the dry leaves '. Everything changed into dreamy ones '. The empty red-dusted road turned into a road of dreamland full with rose petal '.

They felt peace '. Content in each other'. Neither Mayank nor Nupur wanted to break this moment '..

Finally Mayank broke the closeness '.. he slowly pulled her away, but still held her arms. Nupur looked up at him with dreamy eyes '. Mayank looked at her '.. their eyes collided and locked. They stared at each other with a new emotion. She didn't blush '.. she felt a strange feeling '.. her heart beating madly, she felt butterflies in her stomach '.

His sudden closeness made her crazy. She felt his raw masculine fragrance hit her '. It made her giddy. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans ' his unshaved look suited too well with his extremely handsome face.

The atmosphere was so quiet '' there was only murmuring sounds of trees, tossing their heads '.. the lights at this place was ending, and the place was lit up by the moon and the stars ''

Mayank looked at her. the moonlight fell on her face, the light breeze played with her hair ' a lock of hair flaying on her face, but she didn't bother to removed it. He held her arms more tightly and pulled her closer. Nupur couldn't breathe '. His closeness was affecting her strongly, but she didn't feel like running away, she wanted to be in his arms '. Forever '..

His eyes could say a thousand emotions ' and her heart jolted as she saw him coming closer. She closed her eyes '.. waiting '. Suddenly two strong arms went around her and pulled her into his embrace '. Again '.

Mayank smiled and closed his eyes. Nupur was in his arms, what else did he want???

"her love." His heart answered.

Mayank looked at her, her eyes were still closed ' looking cute!!!! With a smile he bent further ' nupur felt his breath on her face, her heart stopped beating. She felt his lips place a soft kiss on her forehead '. Her skin was burning where he touched '..
Mayank opened his eyes with a great shock '.. I kissed her???? why??? Do I love her??? Love???? But how come???? She doesn't love me!!!!

Who said??

I know! Nobody loves me ' I know!!!

"Nupur '." He whispered, the fragrance of her hair driving him crazy, but he held his emotion '.

Nupur opened her eyes and look straight to him '. But every colour of her face drained in very next moment, there was nothing but coldness in his eyes ' no emotion ' nothing '

"lets go ' our family might be worrying for us!" he said.

She nodded silently.

Rest of the path was filled with silence '. Complete silence.

But Nupur constantly stole glances at him '. She was now, very much aware of her own feelings ' and she had already taken a decision!!!!



It was half past six in morning.

Nupur stopped the alarm and got up from the bed '. It was her usual timing. After freshening up, she made breakfast and went to the garden, to call her father!

But she stopped in mid way '. A broad smile pasted on her lips '. A man and a woman stood in front of her father, the lady held a small girl '.

She ran towards the man, and hugged him tightly, "Uday Bhai!!!" tears rolled down from her cheeks ' "Where were you??? You didn't call me once!!! Didn't you remember me once???"


Before Uday could say anything, a stern voice stopped her '. Baba!!!!

"Nupur, I am hungry '." Mr.Sengupta said, rather ordered her '

"but Baba '."

"I said GO!!!!" he almost screamed, "didn't you hear me???" he pointed his finger to Uday, "they are  strangers, and I don't know them!!"

Uday removed Nupur's hand before removing his tears, which everyone noticed, but ignored. The lady stepped forward, "Baba ' we are really sorry ' we had no intension to hurt you '" she's crying, "Baba ' we are very sorry, Please forgive us!! We -"

Mr.Sengupta raised his hand to stop her, then turned to Nupur, "why are you till standing??? Go inside."

"No .. I won't." Nupur answered calmly, but sternly.

"NUPUR '" her father growled.

"I know Baba, you are angry on them. but I am not ' I love them." she looked at them, "he's my own brother ' my Uday Bhai ' Chitra Bhabi! How can I ignore them?!"

Nupur took the little girl from Chitra, "what is her name???"


"awww ' cho  chweeet ' she's a cutey '" Nupur started playing with Udita ' completely ignoring her father's presence.

Mr.Sengupta boiled in anger, "Look Nupur, I won't give them the permission to live in my house!!!! I am not allowing any strangers in my house."

He said in anger before going back into the house.

"ab kya hoga Nupur?? Baba to-" Uday said thinking.

"don't worry Bhai ' main hun na!" Nupur smiled, "in 5 saal me main bht badi ho gyi hun! Believe me!" she assured him, "chalo Jethumoni k ghar chalte hai!"


"are tum log kya road pe rahoge?!"

They laughed a little before going to Jethumoni's house.


Here is the next updateSmile.

i knw, its long...n boring tooOuch.

bt still hope that u like thisSmile.

plz do commentSmile.

I Love You > Page 37

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged
jaldi kero im dying to read...warna meray mental status k tu tum ko pata hai naTongueEvil Smile
very long n uterly boring part ....i tell u ...such stupid moments ...n angry young man....n these stupid cold winds dont know how to fly ......
oki dont get shocked .......u have made fun of my mental status so itna tu banta hai
yeah maynk mjhy se zaroor maar khay ga.....i thought ab bola ab bola...but he stupid idiot ...wht else assurance he wants ....a girl hugged him ...let him huged again let him kiss.......pagal..n she doent love me....errrr
this was an awesum update...beautiful part ....the fight ...was cool.....n thn after tht was awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwDay Dreaming......y it ended.....
i hope nupur made a decision to confess first kyun mayank k kuch nhi hosakta ....
than her father ....oh so uday bhaiya might got married to sum1 from big city thts why he hates people frm
but uterly beautiful update ....really gr8
continue soon
n if u have forget ur an os , an ff and an short story are dying to get ur attention.....mein chuti per hoon islyan i want  u all to work day n night ....WinkLOL
lov ya .....

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-NightDreamer- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 11:19am | IP Logged
It was mindblowing update...loving god luved mayur each scene.....first i was scraed ut wen mayyu cam nupz dad is upset wid udya...well i hop he 4give dem soon....waiting 4 more mayur scene's...

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crazymayurian IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
amazing loved it

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