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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 20)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .PINK.

hey Liaba first of all
em soo sorry for not unreserving my post
had sed ealier to myself
dat will deffi read this FF yesterday
but guess I forgot
em ghajni at timezzzLOL
ok so the concept is amazing
n so iz the title
the feathers of a blue bird
so Mayu rich
Nupz middle class
their CS iz amazing 2
can't wait to read more

Thank u so much 
bt m not laiba............m suja.
m nt a gud writer like laiba.
i thot, u wr too tired of reading this FF............n mix up with laibaLOL 

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 11:19am | IP Logged

Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile





Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile

here is the next update........i hope u like it........Smile

so, tell me how it is..................waiting for ur commentSmile 


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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2011 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Effects of Blue Bird (b)

<Mayank's POV>

I am changing and I could feel it. Today's, I went to Sutra's house. He's a worker of Jethumoni, but very lovely in nature. Jethumoni always treated them as their family members, and they also respect him back, they called Jethumoni as Babu. They give respect everyone, even they called me Chotobabu, obviously I objected, but they never listened.

Anyways, today, I went to Sutra's house. It was an earthen house with straw-shade. Pumpkins are hanging from shade ' it was so simple, but so rich. They aren't rich from money, but they are rich from heart ' this simplicity is their wealth .. they are richest people on the earth.

Sutra's house was exactly like the picture, which I saw years past ' I was amused by their behavior. They brought sweets and fresh fruit and milk for me. I was really embarrassed ' I took a small sweet and only a fruit, but they didn't satisfied. They repeatedly asked to eat more '

Sutra's mother request me to drink the milk .. it was pure, "tuder deshe erakam khanti dhudh pabi lai" (you couldn't find that pure milk in your place)


I was helpless, now Sutra become my savior ..


"ch, tuke kichu dekhai"(come, I'll show you something), Sutra went and back within a second, he's holding a bow-arrow. I wonder, "tui eta chalate parish?"(did you able to handle it?)

"ch, tuke dekai"(come, I'll show you.) he grinned.


We went to nearby jungle, where Nupur bought me days ago. I love this place .. I spotted Jhora and the past memories are coming on my mind. I smile .. Nupur ' I sighted.

I again appreciate beauty of  jungle '.  I notice, Sutra rises the bow and pointing the arrow '. His body language changed, he's no more a lively boy, his eyes are narrowed, concentrate to the aim, his jaws press together, his face become iron solid. I follow his arrow's direction. OMG!!! It was a very beautiful bird, he has verities colored feather, sat on a low branch ' Kingfisher!!

I hurried pulled downed his arrow  '

"ki holo?"(what happened?) Sutra asked annoyingly.

"oke maris na!"(don't kill him)

"keno? Or mash khub misti." (why? His meat is very sweet.)

"ja hok, tui oke maris na." (whatever ..  don't kill him.)

Sutra smile, "chotobabu, tur monta khub baro"(you are very rich by heart), he put back the arrow on holder, "yu, tur jonnoi benche gelo!"(he's alive only for you!)

I smile, "chal, Jethumoni bodh hoi amar jonno apekkha korche" (lets go .. Jethumoni must be waiting for me!)


This was one of my sweetest memory. I never forgot Sutra and Jhirni. Oh, I forgot to mentain Jhirni ' she's sweet girl, very bubbly and she's Sutra's fiance.

She was just like him, a free careless brave girl with bubbly jovial nature.

she's also work with Sutra.


I couldn't understand, how fast the morning become evening. In Mumbai, I could realized the time, but here I couldn't realized the time .. and I wont bother about that!


In evening, Jethumoni asked about my physic, and I shyly told him that  usually I workked out on my privet gym and plying basketball on my privet ground.


"that's mean, you don't interact with your friends!"

I nodded ' Jethumoni frowned, I know, he pity on me. everyone pity on me!


I am too shy to interact with people. Maa always said, that I am a totally misfit on this virtual world. she directly told me sometime I  heard her telling to my father.


I sighted as I remember all things. How could I told them, therir words hurting me from core ... but I know, that is not their fault, it's all my fault.


I am shy - my fault.


I am introvert - my fault.


I am un-smart - my fault.


I am useless ' my fault.


I am the most imperfect man in the world. no one can be friend with me ... no one can talk with me ... even no one can said a formal hi-hello to me. I know opportunist girls in my school and college, they not loved me, they loved my property, father's reputation and always wanted tobe steady girlfriend of rich bachelor of the Mumbai, Mayank Roychudhury.


I know, they mocked me from behind, making fun of my behavior '. But I never did anything wrong to anyone intentionally. I hate to hurt people ' I hate to mock people ' I hate to making fun of anyone and I always hate them, who do this and I hate ogling girls. I always thought that why are they so shameless that ogling and trying to took attention of a guy in front of everyone.

chee! shameless girls ... no sense of self respect at all!! nonsensial humans! All girls are shameless!!


No, correction !!!! all girls are not shameless, example Nupur. she is very sweet girl, she never asked me about my property or other stuff. she always want to know my choice ... my likes-dislikes. she is different ... she is unique ... she is the best.


ohh! hold on Mayank! its totally out of your league. she is good friend of yours, nothing else. Did you want to loose her friendship??

No!!! she's my only friend!

Then, stop thinking about her this way!


I immersed into deep thought during dribbling the ball as I failed to notice Nupur in front of mine '.. looking at me.


I dribbled the ball and about to score ' my eyes fall on Nupur suddenly ' I noticed her fixed gaze on me and I was really embarrassed. But there was something on her eyes which made me to forget everything. My eyes glued on her face. The light of the setting sun increased her beauty ... she looks unexplainable beautiful ... sweet plus cute plus gorgeous plus innocent plus '


WAIT!!!!! Not againnn!!!


I mentally pulled my hair hard ' STUPID!!! How could I think about her again! Stop thinking about her Mayank!


I shock my head to kicked out those weird thought ' I am kicked myself hard in mind and realized that I was shirtless.


"aarey Nupur tum? tum kab ayi, maine tumhe notice nahi kia." I quickly put on my shirt.

she smile ... how could someone look soo adorable during smile. I notice my lips are smiling with her. no, this is a wrong signal, I must hold my emotions ... either it will ruling over me.


We sat on the floor and she starts talking .. God!! She talk too much, but she's very childish. When I called her 'guava thief', she was getting angry.

What a face, I chuckled. Her nose was red and she was looking very cute. I have a urge to pull her cheeks. But she was too angry and tried to leave. I was surprised about my own behavior, I caught her hand to stopped her???!!!!!! ''..what the hell was that!! But her touch send a new feelings into me; actually it wasn't all new 'I felt the same feelings, when we were in jungle. Our hands clasp tightly '. And her touch send a shiver ' my heart beats were very fast.

I felt the same feeling now. Why? What was that? Friendship or something else?


She wanted to know about Mumbai. I was surprised to hear that she wasn't  to anywhere, even Kolkata too ...


She gave me another shock ...  I thought, she is village girl with normal ambition, but she told she's going to Kolkata for  MBA.


Happiness forming inside me. I was happy that she wasn't an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams.


, "main bhi jaa raha hun, US. Agar tum bhi chalti to kinta acha hota .. saath me rehte!!" I was freeze after realizing, what I just said. Ohh, God, please help me .. I am feeling like digging a hole and jumped ' I am really useless!!


But no, she was smiling, and cracked jock on our after MBA life. I was about to laugh, but my parents speeches flashed on my mind '


"mayu ka kuch nahi ho sakta!"


" I think hume ye problem Gunja ko handle karne dena chaiye. She's the best person."


"Mujhe Mayu k decision pe koi bharosa nahi hai!"


My laughs converted into a small forced smile ''


"kya hua Mayank ' koi baat hai?"


I lost myself for a second .. her voice made me back.


OMG!!! She notice my change! How can she???


What can I say? What I say? My faults??? my pains????? my lonliness???? '. Or I just say, I am a worse creature on the earth, that I couldn't fulfill my parents dreams. No, I wouldn't allow myself to open my heart to Nupur '.  Yes, she is my friend, just a FRIEND ' and she was not so close to me. was she? No! I got my answer.


"Jetuhumoni ne bataya ke yahan pe ek mela laga hai ' toh wo kahan pe hai?" I tried my best to hide my thoughts from her. But am I succeed?


"you really want to go to our village fair?" she asked and I got my answer, I succeed. First time I succeed in something in first attampted and that was lie ' I am nothing but a very good liar!!!


Wow '.. congratulation Mayank!!!!


We planned to go to village fair for the first time of my life and I am happy for that. She agree to go with me, I am happier.


"Tomorrow morning ' you, me and Pranjal."


"Pranjal!!! Who?" I  asked with confusion, but her answer made me more confused.


"Pranjal'my buddy'.my yaar."


Its mean she had a boyfriend. My heart was sinking into deep sorrow ' one thought roaming all over my mind, I lost her ..  I lost her. I lost my first friend and lost her within few days. How God so rude to me.


But it was not like that, she look happy. That mean, Prajal was the best for her!!!


Thank God!!!! At least mere first friend ko to at least mujhse koi problem nahi hai!



We are chatting after dinner. We are very happy that Dad comes back from Mumbai. Actually Gunja, Jethumoni & Mom busy into chat with Dad ' I was only listener. Nobody bother to ask me anything & I wont bother to say anything!


Mutual silence!


"Abi, how is Mr.Mehta now?" Jethumoni asked.

"he's alright now. He's in leave and will join after month." Dad said.

"but .." Dad cleared his throat, leaning slightly by resting his arms on the table, "I have facing a problem ' can you find a solution dear?" he asked to Gunja.

"sure Dad .. just tell me!"

I wonder, which problem Dad faced? Is anything serious?

Now, Jethumoni's eyes fall on me, "I thought, if Gunja couldn't ' Mayank will definitely find out a solution!" he smiled.

Dad laughs, "Mayank wont. He isn't that smart and intelligent as Gunja!" after a pause, "I never aspect something big from him." He added.

Jethumoni frowned ' I smile ' it was a regular insult for me  and I used to it '

Poor Jethumoni ' it was all new for him!!


I am playing with spoon and plate and listened Dad's problem and Gunja's solution.

I must say, Gunja is a very intelligent girl. I appreciate her intelligent!


They continue their chit-chat ' and I am getting boa '  


After sometime, I excused myself and went to my room ' finally I am alone! I don't like to be alone, but from childhood loneliness is my all time friend.


I took out my laptop from luggage and  I found my guitar there.


Ohh, God!! How could I forgot about my guitar!!! My love!!!


I brushes my finger on cord ' a small symphony playing and filled my ear ' I feel so much peace  ' I close the door & switched off the light '


After took a deep breath with closed eyes, I start playing guitar ' it's a soft melody .. Nupurs face appeared in front of my eyes ' her glowing face ' her innocent eyes ' her shining smile '


My heart was flooded with unknown emotion. After years, I found so much peace ' so much happiness '


As I am not that much fool that I couldn't understand my own feelings!

Actually I knew the name of this unknown feelings ' but I feared ' I am extremely feared to admit my feelings. I was feared of myself ' feared of my fate ' feared of my family '


My finger rapidly brushes on the cords displaying my hidden emotions '


Nupur sat beside me and touch my shoulder. I look at her ' she's smiling ' her eyes are dreamy, showing a familiar emotion '


 ye sama , sama hai ye pyaar ka
kisi ke intezaar ka
dil na churale kahin mera
mausam bahaar ka


she starts singing ' her hair floating on the air ' she's leaning over me, resting her head on my shoulder. I changed the symphony according her song, but she stopped ..

"kya hua Nupur? Gao na!"

She smile and start again-

ye sama, sama hai ye pyaar ka
kisi ke intezaar ka
dil na churale kahin mera
mausam bahaar ka

she went near window and open it .. the heavenly scent of roses jumped on the room with bright moon light.  I look at her ' her dupatta floating on breeze, half portion of her face visible in moonlight and she's glittering like Diamond. I was amused '..

basne lage aankhon mein
kuchh aise sapne
basne lage aankhon mein
kuchh aise sapne
koi bulaaye jaise
naino se apne
naino se apne


she turned and look at me ' my gaze fixed on her ' although the room was dark, but we clearly saw each other ' I notice her eyes, which filled with so much love '.

ye sama, sama hai deedar ka
kisi ke intezaar ka
dil na churale kahin mera
mausam bahaar ka

she lowered her eyes ' her expression said everything ' the meaning of the song showing her own emotion ' not only her, mine too ..

Hmmm '. Mmm '' mmm '.

milke khayalon mein hi
apne balam se
milke khayalon mein hi
apne balam se
neend ganwaan li apni
maine kasam se
maine kasam se


I get up from bed  and stood front of her. She immediately turn ' her back faced mine .. her weaving hair touch my face ..

ye sama, sama hai khumaar ka
kisi ke intezaar ka
dil na churale kahin mera
mausam bahaar ka

I placed my hand on her shoulder ' she inhaled deeply ' closed her eyes. I turned her by holding her shoulder to face mine. She lowered her face, avoiding my gaze '

main to hoon sapno ke
raja ki rani
main to hoon sapno ke
raja ki rani
sach ho na jaaye ye
jhoothi kahani
jhoothi kahani


I placed my finger under her chin ' pulled her face up. Her eyes was shut, but shivering in anticipation. The breeze still flirting with her hair, I tucked them behind her ear ' her lips was parted ' she holds her breathe '

"Nupur "

She open her eyes ' I slowly pulled her and placed my arms around her. she rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes. I placed a sweet kiss on her hair and she tight her arms ' pulling herself closer to me '

ye sama, sama hai ye pyaar ka
kisi ke intezaar ka
dil na churale kahin mera
mausam bahaar ka
ye sama
sama hai ye pyaar ka


We both are flooded with a beautiful feeling as the moon bathing us with his pure lights '






The melody brocks ..


"what is this?" Mom was angry, "itni raat ko guitar baja raha hai!! Kissi ko sone dega v ya nahi!"


"I am sorry mom!"


I really couldn't realize that it was late night!!! I must be disturbed mom's and neighbors' sleep ..


"bass ' sorry keh do aur kaam khatam!" mom said in disguised, "ab so ja ' tujhe pata bhi hai, Abinash aa gaye hai!"


"I know mom" I answered, "dinner pe mile the!"


"then you know, he's tired!" mom said, "he's sleeping. So don't disturb him. Oky?"


I nodded, placing the guitar aside '


Mom left with muttering something under her breath. I know, she must be cursing me '


I laid on the bed ' touching the guitar slowly. I smiled as I remembered my dream ' it was so sweet, but so weired ' and it was impossible to fulfill. It was another dream which I never fulfill '


I sighted '


I love to play guitar .. and no one know, I am able to sings too. Well, I am not a trained singer, but as a bengalee .. I am sings. I love singing and I love to sing Rabindrasangeet, which Gunja doesn't like!


Gunja love film songs ' rap, melody, sufi ' whatever used in film. She hates RabindraSangeet, as per her word, was boring and works good as sleeping pills!


Huh!!! Poor Gunja!!

I laughs silently.


But, what is Nupur's choice? I know, she like soft songs, but is she like Rabindra Sangeet?

Puchna parega!!!

I placed my arms over my eyes and drifted into sleep '


I am really very very sorry for this long & boring updateOuch.

i know, u r ready to throw rotten tomatoes & eggs ... n u r most welcome.Embarrassed

maine kaam hi aisa kia hai...itna boring update jo de diyaDead

i hope, u like it.Smile

plz commentSmile

Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamayo > Page 23

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 February 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Suja - jiya is right- dont dare call this boring
it was mind blowing update
i have changed lots of things on this update and made it more beautiful
i loved mayu and sutras scene
they hav enjoyed a lot.
at least mayu enjoying his life here- he is a boy of soft mind.
even sutra admit this fact
but i dont knw why his mom and dad alwz insult him
why dont they understand his feelings and emotions
GOD give them some brain....... they alwz praise gunjan and insult maynk.
its very sad yaar- i felt really bad for Mayu
i hope his parents will understand his value soon and will give him the same priority as gunjan
i loved the song- it was wonderful dear
and maynks imagination with nups was too good
loved the whole update
fantastic job SUja
keep it up

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 February 2011 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
Day Dreaming

don't u dare call dis boring???Evil Smile

its awesome suja-di
and i loved the song... perfect selectionClap
but again.. poor mayuUnhappy... i feel sad for himCry
i hope his life will be on track soonSmile... with NupurEmbarrassed

u 4got to pm meConfused??

i got ur pm after i finished readingLOL

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 February 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update
Mayur were soooo sweet
plzzz do continue soon

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Bhawna_arti IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 February 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Nice part.

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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 February 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
cute and lovely update
Thanks for pm
cont soon

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