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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 141)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
:::: Vivah ::::

"no, Jethumoni ... I cant do that!!" Mayank shook his head.

"why? when I know, this is best for you."

"please dont force me ... I cant."

"Mayu, please ... this is my last wish" Jethumoni pleaded, "I ll not ask anything from you ... please do this favour to me ... please ..."

Mayank sighed, it was too difficult to say no to him ... no matter how hearless he acted, he always bent down in front of Jethumoni ... he was more important person in his life, more important than his family.


He chuckled in his own thought, he has no family ... in past ... in present  ... he has no one but Jethumoni, may be he ll have no one in future too except him. he rubbed his tired eyes before sighed, "ok Jethumoni, as you say ... I agree."

Jethumoni smiles ... he let out a sigh of relief and a silent pray to God, "thanks Mayu" he approached and hugged him, "I know, its best for you!" tear of happiness flowing down from his eyes.

Mayank just smile ... he has thousand of thoughts in his mind.

"Mayank" they parted as Mr.Sengupta called, "I have something to say ... I mean confess .." he said without looking in Mayank's eyes.

"yes uncle ..."

"Mayank, I know, what bothering you right now ... but we know, this is for your best" Mr.Sengupta said, "when I ll tell her about your decision, she ll be very happy" his eyes brighten in happiness, "Nupur really loves you Mayank ... she did nothing ... she did that for me ... for my happiness ... and I .." his eyes moist, "wo to Neel se shadi nahi karna chahti thi ... sirf mere liye usne ..." his voice chocked due to tears, "please Mayank ... usse maaf kardo ... usse aur hurt math karo ... main hi tum dono k beech agaya tha ... main hi tum dono k pyar ko samajh nahi paya" he joined his palms together, "please forgive me ... please .." he sobbed, "maine tumpe believe nahi kia, I am sorry ... please ..." he almost bent down in front of him, before Mayank caught his hands, "dont say this uncle ... you are my elder ... aap mujhse kyun maafi mang rahe hai ... main aapse naraz nahi tha uncle."

He looked at him hopefully "to kya tum Nupur se sh-"

"yes" Mayank cut him in middle, "mujhe Jethumoni k liye ye karna hoga!" he said after a pause.

"par tum usse pyar karte ho na?" he asked sheepisly.

"not anymore"  he left from there before excaused.



Mayank dragged Nupur quickly by holding her hand, "jaldi chalo"

"Mayank what is this? kahan lekar ja rahe ho mujhe?"

Silently he dragging her from garden to his room ... "Mayank ... tumne mujhe families k sath picnic jane nahi diya aur nahi tum gaye ... pata nahi Baba kya soch rahe honge ... aur Jethumoni, unhe kaisa lag raha hoga ..." she was speaking non-stop, but Mayank wasnt bother to answer her, "argh Mayank ... kuch to bolo ... aise silent film kyun bane hue ho? Mayank..."

Mayank dragged her into his room and closed the door.

"tumne door close kyun kia?" she puzzled.

He grinned and walked to almirah ... Nupur's gazed followed him ... he brought out a gift pack and handed to her, "dekho"

"kya hai isme?" she asked curiously then tore the wrapper ... she gasped ... its beautiful red saree with heavy work in golden threads ... tiny pearls made the design more beautiful.

Mayank took the saree from her hand and placed it on her shoulder ... admiring smile placed on his lips, "beautiful" he whispered, Nupur blushed, lowered her head ..."please ware this ... I want to see you in it" Mayank said low voice.

"now?" she whishpered, her eyes fixed on earth.

Mayank placed his palm under her chin and made her looked up, "I want to see you as my bride" he looked deeply in her eyes ... Nupur cheeks getting warm under his gaze ... they looked each other deeply ... the time has been stopped ... the world has been stopped ... they were so close that they could see their reflection into each other eyes.


Teri ankhon mein kho jane ko jee karta hai

Jane kyun teri khawab churane ko jee karta hai

Chu kar mujhey zindagi deti ho tum                      

Tujhe iss dil me chupane ko jee karta hai           

suddenly they got back their senses and Nupur looked away shyly. Mayank too cleared his throat to hide his embarrassement, "N-Nupur ... tum change karlo ... bathroom waha hai" he pointed.

"bathroom me prblem hota hai ... tum bahar jao" Nupur said, opening the saree.

"kyun? main kyun bahar jau?" he asked innocently.

"to main tumhare samne saree pehnu kya?" she asked put her hands on waist.

Mayank now got the point and smile naughtily, "tumhe koi problem hai kya?" he bend forward as Nupur lowered her head ... he rubbed her lips lightly with his thumb, "main to yahi rahuga ..." he whispered.

Nupur blushed hard, but she quickly recovered  and look up, "to tum yahi rahoge?"

"yup" he nodded.

"to thik hai ..." she shrugged, "main tumhare samne hi change karleti hu" she traced her finger on his cheek seductively before threw her dupatta on the bed.

Mayank shocked and stepped back quickly. He gulp down his saliva due to nervousness as Nupur bit her lower lip and smile sunsuously ...  she signaled him to come closer before pulled down zip of her dress ... his eyes popped out when she started slide down her dress slowly from her shoulder ...

Mayank turned quickly and ran out form the room, slamming the door behind.

Nupur laughs out loud and nodded her head before picked up the saree.

After some time Mayank entred into the room after knocked.

The room was dark ... all windows were closed except one ... beautiful light of setting sun coming through that open window illuminated the room ... Nupur stood there ...

Mayank walked slowly to her ... Her heart beat speeding up as she sensed his presence. he stood behind her, "Nupur" he called softly ... she closed her eyes tightly ... she remain silent and wasnt trun towards him,  her heart beatting faster than before ...

He placed his hands on her shoulders ... she shivered his touch ... he could sensed her shivered and smoothy turned her ... her eyes were closed, head was down due to shyness.

Within a second Mayank forget the world ... she looked breathtakingly beautiful ... her hair bunned, a designer hairpin pinned in middle of bun ... she wore a nice chain with a long pendent, designer earings with matching bangles ... a carl waving softly in mild wind ... shy smile playing on her lips ... and crimson cheeks only increased her beauty ...

Mayank just starred her ... he forgot to speak ...


Jo hawa ka jhoka ho ... woh tum ho
Jo khusboo se mehka ho ... woh tum ho
Hain chamka sa aasman mein koi
Woh tara nehi  ... bas tum ho
Sapno se utarke koi aa jata hain yoon,
Woh bas tum, haan tum, sirf tum hi ho.

Nupur looked up ... her eyes met his ... she can see pure love in his eyes ... she placed her hand on his heart ... Mayank smiled and took her aanchal, without breaking their eyelock and placed over her head ... Nupur blushed hard before lowered her head. Mayank cupped her face and made her looked up before placed a kiss on her forehead ... tear tickled down as she closed her eyes ... he removed it before pulled her into his embraced. she hugged him back tightly ... they hugged many time before, today was something new ... they bond themselves in some new bonds ... "I love you" she whishpered before placed a kiss over his heart.


Mayank startled and sat up on the bed. he come back to present ... he was sweating, breathing heavily, he composed himself before switched on the light ... its all was a dream ... just a faded moment of their past ... his eyes filled with tears as he remembered their past life ... "I dont love you Nupur ... I hate you ... I hate you.." he chanted, closed his eyes tightly ... tiny tear sliped down corner of his eyes which he harshly wiped off ...



Nupur was sitting on the bed, holding the same red saree in her hand ... tear flowing down from her eyes ... she was puzzled ... she couldnt understand why Mayank agreed, when he hates her??

Chitra entered along with jewlery boxes, "Nupur, kya kar rahi hai?"

Nupur hurriedly removed her tears, tried to looked happy, "kuch nahi bhabi ... boliye."

Chitra placed the boxes on the bed and sat beside her ... she made her turned, faced to her, "ab tu mujhse jhut bolegi?" she made her looked up. Nupur break down in tears before hug her tightly, "wo mere sath aisa kyun kar raha hai bhabi? usne shadi k liye kyun raazi ho gaya?"

Chitra rubbed her back, "please ro math ... sab thik ho jayega!" she tried har to clam her down ... after sometime Nupur stopped sobbing ... Chitra still hugged her, "Nupur" she called, "jo ho raha hai usse hone de ..."

Nupur broke the hug and look at her, "par ye shadi?"

"shayad ye Bhagwan ki marzi hai" she smile, "shayad yehi tum dono ki destiny ho!!"

"par bhabi-"

"bus ... ab change karle, main abhi aayi."

Nupur sighed before picked the saree and went to change.


All of them gathered in temple.

Nupur and Mayank's family were there ... even Gunjan's in-laws and other family members also there ... and surprisingly Sutra was there ...

Purohitji arranged everything ... all are their, even Nupur too there, but groom wasnt reached their ...

"ye Uday kya kar raha hai?" Mr.Sengupta asked impatiently looking at Chitra. he was repeatedly glanced his watch.

"aap shant ho jaiye Baba ... wo aajayega!"

They were waiting impatiently.

A car stopped their ... everyone looked back ...

Uday stepped down from the car, followed by Pranjal ... at last, Mayank stepped down ... he looked very handsome in groom's attire ...

Jethumoni smile broadly and prayed silently for their happy life.

Mayank walked past Nupur without glanced her ... he completely ignored her presence ... Nupur felt hurt of his rudeness, but she knew she deserved this.  

The most awating wedding has started.

Mayank WEDS Nupur.

this is Youtube link ... plz click this link if u wants to listen this songSmile

Tumi Robe Nirobe

Hridoye Momoo

[in silence, you remain in my heart]


Uday and Pranjal held Nupur lightly as she covered her face with beetle leaf ... they made her rounded him 7 times then made her stand in front of Mayank ... Purohit ji chanting mantras while spreading holy water on them ...

Nibiro Nibhrito Prunimaa

Nishitthi Nishomo

[like the full moon in the lonesome quite of the dark]


Time of Shubho-Drishti ... Nupur's heart beating faster, her hands were shivering ... Chitra bhabi placed her hand on her shoulder, "Mayank k taraf dekho" she said in very soft voice ... Nupur slowly removed the leaf from her face and looked at Mayank's eyes ... but with all her disappontment, she saw a coldness ... a stiffness in his eyes.


Tumi Robe Nirobe

[in silence, you remain in my heart]


Mayank too looked at her ... Nupur looked breathtakingly beautiful ... her black eyes were filled with love ... hope ... Mayank almost forgot the world ...


"Next time you touch me, I'll file a police report for sexual assult!!"

His eyes burnt ... he composed his emotion and concente on ritual. They exchange garlands and sat opposite to each other.


Momo Jebono Jaoubono

Momo Akhilo Bhubono

[my youth, my life, my flights of ambition]


Purohit ji  placed their hands on Mangal Kalash n bind them with holy white thread.

Shiver running down her spine as his hand touched her ... an unexplanable pleasure filled in her heart, through her mind giving indication that there ll be something wrong!

But as usual, she ignored her mind and listened to heart ... she never wanted to listened her mind again ... she had goen through extreme whenever she listened to her mind.


Tumi Bhoribe Gourabe

[you fill with glory]


Mayank filled her maang with sindoor ... while Purohit ji chanted mantras n Chitra blowing conch ... 

She closed her eyes as some sindoor dropped on her nose ... she lived that moment fully with feeling of his love ... she knew, her marital life ll not going to easiest way ... but she has full faith on her love ... Mayank!


Nishithi Nishomo

Tumi Robe Nirobe

[just with your silence presence]


Mr.Sengupta approached and sat beside Nupur ... Purohit ji started the ritual Kanyadaan.

Nupur looked up to Mayank ... but he seems aloof from this marriage ... as per ritual, he took red and white bangles and made them ware Nupur's hands ...

Now she completely belongs to him..


Jagibe Ekaki Tobo Karuno Aakhii

[your tender will wake up to meet mine]

Tobo Ancholo Chaya More Rohibe Dhaki

[with the aanchal of your saree, you protect me from harm]


She couldn't believe it '' they become  life partners, soul mates in a few minutes '' everything looked like a dream '. a sweet dream'.. she wanted to pinched herself to verify ''

It was a sweet dream ... but was it really sweet? this marriage was gone through very wrong way ... neighter Nupur, nor Mayank wanted to get marriade like this ... "ab hum sath hai Mayank ... kuch galat nahi hoga" she smile, "our love ll win all hurdles."


Momo Dukhho Bedono

[all my pain and my sorrow]

Momo Shafolo Shapono

[all my fullfilled dreams]


Mayank looked at Nupur ... her face glowing in happiness, but somewhere some pain reflects in her eyes ... she wasnt happy ...

"acha hai Nupur ... akhir hum dono ki shadi ho hi rahi hai ... tum yahi chahti thi na" his eyes sparkled, "welcome to my life Nupur ... " he smile.


Tumi Bhoribe Sourave

Nishithi Nishomo 

[you fill with joyfull harmony with your quite presence]

Tumi Robe Nirobe Hridoye Momo

[in silence, you remain in my heart]


Nupur was standing in front, Mayank behind her almost hugged her from behind ... they were holding a bamboo winno ... and Uday slowly poured puffed rice on that ... fire burning in front of them ... they slowly pouring those rice on fire ...

Purohit ji chanted mantra with spreading holy water ... Chitra and Gunjan's mother-in-law blew conches ...

Every one were happy ... Mr.Sengupta's eyes filled with tear of happiness ... he looked towards Jehtumoni in teary smile ... Jethumoni smile back hapily. 


Soptopodi [saath pheras]

"After crossing seven steps with me thus, you should become my friend. I too have become your friend now. I will never discard this friendship and you should also not do that. Let us be together always. Let us resolve to do things in life in the same manner and tread the same path. Let us lead a life by liking and loving each other, having good hearts and thoughts, and enjoying the life together. Let us have undivided opinions. Let me be the Heaven; you be the Earth. Let me be the mind and you its spokesman. "


Guys, here is the update.Smile

i hope, aap ko pasand aaya Embarrassed


i knw it was pretty much long , unexpected updte ... isnt it??? Embarrassed 

 hope u like itEmbarrassed

so, now tell me how is this???..Smile

waiting for ur comment.Smile

so sorry for spelling & grammatical mistakesOuch

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 12:54pm | IP Logged


tht is a dam surpring one
man this wanst at all  xpected from this story
like this..mjhy tu laga tha end mein hoga
awseum update
its like feeling happines yet not feeling of contentment
wonderful part deary
there flashback has been amzing always
it was so beautiful yet naughty too..nupur bhi na
yet she has too do to much now way to much to get her mayank
ther mariage has been done yet there is a big BUT at the end of this update
wah kya retrn birthday gift hai
thnsk a lot dear
cont soon

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 December 2011 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
Awesome update Suja APU...
khub valo hoyeche...
ami ai update a MayUr er biye toh expect e korini...
bt it was awesome...Day Dreaming
i loved dis update...
d way u write it...
n d song too...
bt m now scared abt wht will Mayank do to her now...
i hope tumi shob thik kore dibe...plzzz
waiting eagerly for d next part...
love u APU...HugHugHug

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--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 12:01am | IP Logged literaaly gave me a shock!!!...
seriously...this was unexpected...but i loved it...
sob theke bhalo legechhe...the FlashBack...they are seriously the USP of this story...they are just sooo superbly fantastic...and i have a feeling i would never wanna let that end...
and then coming to the marraige mayank in dhuti panjaabi gave me  a shiver...i sooo loved that...
and the song u chose that tumi robe Nirobe...its one of my fav rabindra sangeet...
great work sujata...
i really liked this...though had to wait really long...i know u were little caught up with work...but this update was worth the wait...
very very nice...
just wishing things will be solved between the couple...afterall howver much he denies its still a fact mayank had always loved Nupur and stilll does soo...hoping this denial phase would be over sooon...
great job...update sooner...
much love

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 1:06am | IP Logged
the up is good beautifullt written and excuted
so jethumoni tells mayank that he wants him to marry nupur
mayank who had blocked all his feelings in his heart was really n a big deleamma as he cant say no to jethomoni as he always supoorted him and also gives strength
mayank agrees to marry nupur
mr sengupta who felt guilty for his deeds tells mayank that it was not nupur's fault  it was him bcoz of whom nupur took the decission to marry neil
he says mayank to forgive him
mayank who still respect his elders tells him that he is agree to amrry nupur
here nupur who knew that mayank doesnt love her anymore
is in big confusion as why mayank agreed to marry
chitra made nupur understand that it was all destiny's plan and she have to flow with it
on the day of marriage
mayank and nupur family including gunjan and pranjal gathered in the tenple
nupur and mayank got married following all the rituals
they are one tied in one knot but they still are not happy to fullest
so we have to wait for the betterness to go from their heart
plz cont soon and pm me

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--Ruchi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 1:30am | IP Logged
suja I have unresed the previous post.Embarrassed
coming to this was damn amazing...loved it totally.
Their past flashback was so romantic...nupur in red saree...
I can imagine that she must be looking beautifulDay Dreaming 

And then their marriage is a surprise though in last update
u gave a hint but still...I was not hoping that so soon...

But just m a still sad coz Mayank don't love her,he did everything
for jethumalani...I know it was all coz of what nupur pretended but feeling bad for her...awhhh such a helplessness...

But hopes are there...once they are married...I blv everything will be fine slowlySmile  

cont soon dearHug is really beautiful...I could'nt understand the meaning but it was good ti listen.

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crazymayurian IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 3:10am | IP Logged
i am sad and extremely unhappy
do write soon

Edited by crazymayurian - 18 December 2011 at 3:10am

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Irum. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 December 2011 at 3:41am | IP Logged
Finally the most awaited wedding and the most awaited update is here.
It was really very good.Mayur wedding was a surprise thought u gave hint in previous update bt i was not expecting so early.I think it is a return gift to all ur friends on ur birthday.
Thnx for it.
Now plzz next update soon.or atleast tell when will u update.
Thnx for pm.
And i want lots of Mayur moments now.

Edited by mayurlove - 18 December 2011 at 3:42am

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