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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 135)

clustersofstar Goldie

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Posted: 20 November 2011 at 9:11pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by clustersofstar

update soon

I ll update tomorrow Smile

[/QUOTE] thanks SmileSmileSmile

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile

Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile

here is the next update...hope u like itSmile

I think, next update me aaplogo ko ek surprize mil sakti hai ... m not sureEmbarrassed ... bt hope soTongue

plz give ur true opinion ... n ur valuable feed back.Smile


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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged
::  Proceeding to New Life ::

Nupur moaned as she felt something heavy on her. She slowly open her eyes ... everything was blurred ... she closed her eyes immediately as bright light hits her eyes.

"how are you?" she recognized her father's voice, but she has no strength to speak ... she felt so weak, and felt a heavy headache ...

She slowly open her eyes and blinked to adjust the light ... and found herself in her room ... covered with two thick blanket and her father was sitting beside her bed ...

"Baba" she whispered and tried to remove those blankets as she felt suffocated.

Mr.Sengupta help her to remove the blankets and again sat beside her bed ... he soothed her hair, "how are you beta?"

"fine ... but ... headache ..." she felt too weak to speak ... she felt so tired.

"it okay beta ... you can take rest ... you ll be fine in morning."

"hmm" she closed her eyes again and no time morning incident flashed on her mind.

Gold Digger!!! Opportunist!!!!

She thought it was better if she could die ... tear rolled down corner of her eyes ...

Mr.Sengupta quickly removed it, "ro math beta ... sab thik ho jayega."

Nupur turned and hide her face on father's lap and cried silently. Mr.Sengupta soothed her hair, "sab thik ho jayega beta ... dekhna, Mayank phirse tere paas ayega!"

She couldn't say anything but sobbing...

"wo tujhse bahut pyar karta hai beta."

Nupur looked up to her father surprisingly... Mr.Sengupta nodded in assurance, but his assurance not enough to stop her tear, "wo nafrat karta hai Baba" she managed to say in between sobs.

She tried to get up and Mr.Sengupta made her sit on the bed ... "wo mujhse nafrat karta hai ..." she said again, before breaking down in tear, "wo kabhi mere paas nahi ayega Baba ... he hates me Baba ... he hates me ..."

He hugged her, "shhh ... bilkul chup ..."

"Baba ... wo..." she wanted to say something between hiccups.

Mr.Sengupta shushed her and continuously rubbed her hair ... soon she slept on her father's shoulder ...

Mr.Sengupta slowly made her laid on the bed ... she looks so pale and tired ... a tiny tear rested corner of her eyes, slipped down as she sighed in her sleep ...

Mr.Sengupta removed the tear and starred at Nupur's face ... curing himself silently ... his daughter is in so much pain, just for him ... his one decision ruined his daughter's life ... he held his head as tear slipping down from his eyes ... he was thinking about his deeds, but it was too late now ...



The sun rose as it spread its smile over the house.

Nupur groaned as the sunray touched her face. She was so tired at yesterday's incident. Tear formed into her eyes as whole incident come in front of her eyes ...

"he hates me ... I lost him" she mumbled before wiped off her cheeks ... "I am sorry Mayank ... kash main ek baar Mayank se baat karpati" she thoughts before got up from the bed.

Suddenly she remembered today is a very special day. Today is her best friend's marriage ... Pranjal's marriage ... and in morning, they are going to celebrate Haldi.

After quick freshen up she quickly headed downstairs ... as soon as she reached there ... she was speechless. It was yellow around ... the house decorated with yellow and orange Marigolds ... Gunjan was standing there with her mother and chatting with Chitra Bhabi ... they wore yellow dresses. Nupur looked at herself, she wore a simple white salwar suit.

She slowly reached downstairs and joined them.

"Nupur tune yellow kyun nahi pehna hai??" Shilpa asked.

"mere paas yellow nahi hai ... " Nupur answered politely, before excused herself and walked towards the girls who was making Aalpana (designs) on the floor ... she joined them, but her eyes searching for someone special and finally spotted him corner of the room, he was sitting alone and reading the newspaper ... his face was emotionless ... glued his eyes on page and least bother what was happen around ... her heart ached to see him like that!! she remembered, how excited Mayank was when he thought about Gunjan's marriage!!!



"dekhna Nupur, main Gunja ki shadi sab se best ladke se karaunga" Mayank said happily.

"accha" she rose her brows, "aur wo best ladka kaun hai?"

"offhho ... mujhe dhundhna parega na! ... tum bhi na!!" he shook his head.

"aur humari shadi kab hogi?"

"oye hoy ... bari jaldi hai shadi ki!!!" he smile naughtily, "irada kya hai?"

Nupur blushed, "shut up Mayank ... main ne buss aisehi puch lia!"

Mayank laughed and side hugged her, "maine socha nahi Nupur."


"daar lagta hai ... agar tum mujhe chor k chali gayi to?"

Nupur snuggled more closely to him, rested her head on his chest, "aur aab?"

"haan ... abhi bhi daar lagta hai ..."

She hugged him tightly, "kuch nahi hoga Mayank ... main humesha tumhare sath rahungi ... promise."


"promise na?"

"pakka promise."


Nupur startled as someone touched her shoulder, "Nupur"

She turned ... its Chitra Bhabi ... "kya kar rahi hai tu yahan?"

"kuch ' kuch nahi Bhabi ... bus aise hi ..." she lowered her head.

Chitra made her looked up and removed her tears from her cheeks, "tu jake chai(tea) bana sab k liye."

Nodding her head, she immediately walked towards the kitchen. Chitra turned around and spotted Mayank engrossed into newspaper ... She sighed helplessly and leaved from there.


The ladies started to arrive simultaneously and took Gunjan with them and made her sits! They all started singing Haldi songs ... along with some teasing session... one by one applied Haldi on Gunjan.

The atmosphere was happier ... and Nupur kept an eye on Mayank ... but he seems aloof from the world ... never bother to look up for a second ...

The Haldi was over with so much fun ... everyone teased Gunjan ... and being Gunjan, she answered back ... Nupur enjoy this occasion half heartedly. she wanted Mayank to looked up once ... took a small part of his sister's wedding, but  no ... Mayank wasn't taking part of this wedding, he acted like an outsider ... and it hurting Nupur badly.


Slowly day passed ... everyone excited for wedding ... in afternoon, the beautician arrived ... she decorated ladies hands with mehandi ... Chitra made her applied Mehandi on Nupur's hands forcefully ... Nupur wasnt agreed, after some argument she agreed ...

The Beautician headed to upstairs to make Gunajan ready properly. Everyone headed to their respective houses to get ready.

Nupur was sitting there alone ... looking painfully to her Mehendi covered hands ... alone tear slipped from her eyes ...


"here is something for you." Mayank said with a huge smile.

"kya? jaldi do!!" she was so excited.

"first you close your eyes ... phir dunga"

"offho" she closed her eyes with irritation and open her palm, "ab jaldi do" He took out something and placed on her palm.

Nupur flicked open her eyes, "Mehendi cone?" she was really surprised.

"wo ... main ... wo..." Mayank felt embarrassed, he thought, Nupur would be excited, but she was surprised ... he felt himself a fool. "its okay Nupur ... mujhe bura nahi laga ... sacchi" he smile sheepishly before took the cone and throw it ... but she caught his hand, "ye kya kar rahe ho?"

"wo ... tumhe pasand nahi hai ... issliye ..."

"kisne kaha?" she put her hands on hips, looking angry.

"wo ... wo ... mujhe laga ... k ..."

She suddenly hugged him tightly "Mayank, mujhe mehendi bahut pasand hai ... tum bekar me pareshan hote ho!"

"sach?" he exclaimed.

"sach" she kissed him, "par pareshan hone k liye tumhe punishment milegi ... tumhe mujhe mehendi lagana parega!" she smile naughtily.

"KYA???" he looked at her with horror, "mujhe mehendi lagana nahi aata!!!"

"wo sab mujhe pata nahi ... no argument ... mehendi lagao" Nupur forward her hands, "its my order."

Sighing he took the cone and tried to applied Mehendi on her palm ... Nupur constantly looked at him ... he engrossed into his task ... frowning ... narrowing his eyes ... sometime smiling in satisfaction ... he looked so adorable!

"finished." He grinned and turned towards Nupur, only to saw her starring to him, "aise kya dekh rahi ho?"

Nodding her head negatively, she kissed on his cheek, "I love you."

"love you too ... par pehle ye batao Mehendi kaisa hai?"

Nupur looked down and found her palm beautifully decorated with attractive designs, she was so happy, "its too good Mayank" then frowned, "par ye MAYUR kaun hai?"

"MAYUR ek sapna hai Nupur ...  jise maine dekha hai tumhare sath." He rested his head on her shoulder, "Mayank ki Nupur ... MAYUR."



Alone tear escaped from her eyes ... she wanted to cried her heart out, but couldnt ... pain wasnt new for her, but today she felt most terrible pain ... unbearable pain ... she headed to her room, sat on the floor and leaned against the wall ... tear rolling down from her cheeks ... his hatred difficult to bear, and his silence killing her ... she wish she could die ... but she couldnt ...


Gunjan was in her room ... getting ready for her marriage ...  Chitra and the beautician helped her ... Gunjan was looking stunning in maroon colored Benaroshi saree (traditional wedding saree of Bengalis) with jewelry ...


Baaraat was welcomed in a grand manner as expected '.. Abinash had made it grander than expected '.. The atmosphere become beautiful ... the sound of Sehnai roaming around ... the fragrance of sweet flowers filled in the air ... everyone were enjoying  ... they gathered in front door to welcome Pranjal.

Pranjal looks handsome in  groom's attire ... he was busy in talking with friends ... some girls walked towards him and started chatting with him ... being Saaliz, they were using their full right of teasing ... other girls were busy in chatting, laughing, enjoying and also whistling on boys ... Boys were also searching for a chance to talk to them ... kids were playing running ... made the house like Wedding House ...


Nupur slowly climbed down from staircase ... and no time, boys eyes glued on her. She looks breathtakingly beautiful in sea-green kantha-stich saree with minimum jewelry with only kohl and lip-gloss on  ... her hair tied in a loose bun and a half-blossomed red rose pinned up side of the bun ... a curl of hair touching her cheek lightly. Boys were sighing her simple yet elegant beauty. But all the atmosphere seemed like nothing to her '. She  just wanted to see him '.. she was dying for his one look ... waited'. and waited'.  impatiently for one glance of him ... but he was no where!! Like he vanished into thin air ... even his family seemed like forget him.


He was really an Outsider!!!

Sighed she walked towards Pranjal and congratulate him ... but her mind seemed lost somewhere  and he sensed it, "looking for him?" Pranjal asked.

She nodded negatively with a sigh.


"I dont deserve him ... I have lost him." her voice was so helpless.

Pranjal caught her hand tightly, "dont say this ... Mayank and Nupur belongs to each other ... I know."

"I dont think so!" she smile painfully, "you know, I am the one behind this changed Mayank ..." her eyes were moist, "I wish, I could rewind the time and changed the past" she chuckled, "I wish, I could have believe him ... believe my love ..."


"no Pranjal ... it was totally my fault ... he loved me immensely ... believed me blindly ..." she blinked her eyes to send back her tears, "but my love wasnt pure like him ... thats why, I didnt have courage to tell him the truth ... I didnt tell him anything ... just one thing I did to him ... hurt!!! I hurted him so much that today he ..." her voice cracked, but she composed herself quickly, "leave it Pranjal ... today is your day ... I am very happy for both of you." She smiles whole heartedly, "I wish a very very happy marital life."

"thanks" Pranjal smile.


Finally wedding has started. Gunjan and Pranjal were sitting opposite to each other, when Purohit-ji chanted Mantras. Nupur  was standing behind them ... she spotted Mayank on the crowed ... he was watching Gunjan with almost unnoticeable smile.

They  exchanged garlands '.. then sat down '.. Purohit-ji put their hands together and tied with holy white threads ... Nupur's eyes were moist ... she used to dreamt her marriage with Mayank, but now her all dream had broken down on hard reality!!

Pranjal made Gunjan ware red & white bangels and filled her maang with Sindoor ... someone blew conch ... the atmosphere was so beautiful ... NewlyWeds looked at each other and smile lightly ...

Nupur couldn't believe it '' her best friend  married now ... two love birds are life partners now, has become soul mates just few minutes ago!!!! Everything looked like a dream '. a sweet dream '.. Nupur looked up to Mayank, but he was vanished ... "kahan gaya wo?" she wonder.


Jethumoni, Mr.Sengupta were in garden. They were waiting for Mayank.

"Aban, kya ye thik ho raha hai?" Mr.Sengupta asked.

"nahi, bilkul nahi ... kissi ko force karna kabhi bhi thik nahi hai." Jethumoni answered.

"to phir??"

"humare paas aur koi rasta nahi hai ... agar Mayu ko ye pata chal gaya k--" suddenly Jethumoni stopped as he noticed Mayank walked towards them.

"hello Jethumoni ... hello unckle" he smile, "aap logone kyun bulaya mujhe?"



Guys, here is the update.Smile

i hope, aap ko pasand aaya Embarrassed


i knw it was pretty much long , unexpected updte ... isnt it??? Embarrassed ... bt it was necessary for future updateEmbarrassed

 i  wanted to show their initial feelings, just to see each other or to  front of each other ... hope u understand meEmbarrassed

so, now tell me how is this???..Smile

waiting for ur comment.Smile

so sorry for spelling & grammatical mistakesOuch

Vivah > Page 141

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged

Wonderfull update ..beautifull written


Yet its too sad even to cometn about..

The strt, he himself'nupur'.all in all..its SIGH

the mehndi wala part was so cute n sweet...
but evry time evry bl***y time she said she ll be there, n every time he feared she wont..n she made it reality...gooddd 

Cont soon

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged
awesome update APU...
loved it lodsss...
feeling very sad for MayUr...
bt loved d weeding description...
it was beautiful...
beatifully written...
d past part was sooo adorable...
loved it lodsss...
akhon Jethumoni ra ki korbe????????
amr toh akhoni tension lagtese...LOL
plzzz MayUr ke taratari ek kore dao plzzz
waiting eagerly for d next part...
loved it lodsss...
love U Apuni...HugHugHug

ps: siggie ta awesome hoise...Clap

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
wowww!!!!!!!!!!!!! diii... it was too good an update...
lovee youHug
continue soonTongue..LOL


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princess-mahum Groupbie

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Posted: 21 November 2011 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
dee... its really beautifully written...!Clap
uumm feeling sad for nupur... n for mayank too.. lekin pata nai kiun
mujhe nupur k lie bura lgra hai coz she is guilty n guilt aisi cheez hai
jO sabse zyada hurt karti hai i know Cry
loved the all flashback... they were so adorable...
n really want 2 know k mayank se kia chupa rhe hain.. n kia rasta nikaala hai...! 
continue soon... Embarrassed

n yes i loved the pic... its really very nice acc 2 current situation..."Proceeding 2 new life.."
Pic is giving all the meaning itself... i hOpe dat black n White life of Mayur will soon become COLOURFUL... Smile

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-Samira- IF-Rockerz

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Jethumoni, Mr.Sengupta

Are they going to force Mayank marry to Nupur now?
what is that they don't want Mayank to know? i hope they won't do that
atleast if they tell him the truth he might understand
felt Nupur's pain u described awesomely Suja
it was wonderful part
thanks for the surprise update n the pm

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