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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 125)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Auroni.92

Suja u r saying this long...ek jhatke mein khatam ho gaya...aur tum isse long keh rahi ho...
But it ws just wonderful...i ws so engrossed in the update..i felt utterly happy to see mayank back but this change attitude saddening me...but one thing i truly enjoyed that mayank shut gunjan this time..bari matured banti phirti thi..aab acha hua..
also mayank's parents got a lesson and i hope now they'll understand that mayank is a responsible adult, not a dudh pita bacha and they better behave now...In sabki wajah se mere Mayur alag ho gaye...

Now Waiting impatiently for mayur meet...plz update soon...

Thank u so much for ur lovely commentSmile

Thank u so much for liking this updateSmile

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by palz_ArTi4ever

beautifully penned down... i seriously hope the distance n helplessness do vanish as early as tends to get heart wrenching, seeing mayur so distant 4m each other...continue soon :)

Thank u so much for ur lovely commentSmile

Thank u so much for liking this updateSmile
SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by arjunratirocks

Smilehey today i read all part of ur ff and aftr reading them im speechless in my life i havn't read such story Big smile it ts just a fantastic story
today i told one of my frnd that i want to read a romantic lov story but sh ignored it and aftr that i come across with this beautiful storyBig smileBig smile
in starting i hate mayank parents AngryAngry how could they do that
while reading this story i was actually cryingCryCry
such a beaytiful story so i hav a req that plzz pm me whenever u update plllzzz and send me a frnd req so that i can add u in my buddy listSmile
plllzzz yaar mujhe jarur pm karna aur jaldi se update bhi kardo im waiting Embarrassedplzzz

Thank u so much for ur lovely commentSmile

Thank u so much for liking this updateSmile

Thanks for ur compliment dear... thanks for linking this story tht much.

it all my pleasure to pm u.

i hope u ll lik e this update too.

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile

Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile

here is the next update...hope u like itSmile

plz give ur true opinion ... n ur valuable feed back.Smile


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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged

A new day to start, a new life to live, a new happiness to absorbed ... but is it really a new beginning??? it has always left a question mark when it comes to human life.

Nupur rested her head on steam of a guava tree and thinking about her past ... their past. That was the same beautiful day, when she met Mayank and he thought she was a thief!!!

She chuckled.

Their beautiful moments near Jhora, their undying memories ... their first hug ... their first eye lock ... his first little touch ... his touch always sent chills down her spine.

She sighed and closed her eyes, her face broke into a smile as she thought about their confession ... she still remember his glowing face, sparkling eyes, the happiness of loved by someone was clearly visible on his face. She was his first friend ... his first love!!!!

And what she did????

Nothing but betrayed him!! She deserted him, when he needed her most!! Her silence hurtled him more than anything ... but she was helpless ... she was so helpless in front of her family. she didn't know, she did right or wrong!!! but what she did to him was completely wrong ... she never ever have any right to hurt someone ... and also this someone was Mayank, true love of her life.

Did she still have any right to call him her???

Nupur opened her eyes and saw the rising sun ...bright sun is brightening everything with his own light tearing all darkness apart.

Her eyes filled with happiness ... yess ... this is a new beginning. Darkness was still there, but it ll be vanish after some time.


Mayank opened his eyes, as the alarm started ringing. it was dawn, and he could heard chirruping sounds. After years, he could feel something soothing, after freshen up, he stepped into the garden.

Within a second, his heart made a quick tour of past five years.

That was the same morning when he met her!!! same red sun rising on east horizon ... same cool soothing wind blowing ... same beautiful scent of flowers making the morning heavenly. everything was as same as before, but there was something missing ... a huge gap of five years wasnt reduced ... and it ll not going to reduced by anything!!! his injury still afresh, his heart still bleed, but the person changed ... he was totally converted into a solid rock, who bottled up his every emotion and buried deep down on his heart.

He tightened his fist, shrugging off his thoughts, he started walking aimlessly, he didnt even realize, where he was going!!!

Suddenly he heard giggling sound and very next moment someone dashed on him. being a strong person, he didnt feel any pain, but he turned and saw a little girl sat on the earth and rubbing her forehead painfully ... "Maa" he heard her cry, her voice was very sweet, as sweet as nature.

Mayank quickly knelt down front of her and made her stand, "kya hua baccha?? bahut zor se laga hai kya??" he asked while dusting off her frock and body.

"aap kitne strong ho uncle ... mere sir pe kitna zor se laga hai" she pouted, rubbing her forehead.

"awww ... I am sorry ... kahan laga hai?"

She pointed her little index finger to her forehead, Mayank saw a red mark on there. He quickly took her in his arms, "chalo, I ll give you firstaid."

"no uncle, I hate medicine" she wrinkled her little nose, "aur phir itna sa hi to laga hai!!"

"my brave girl" he kissed her cheek, "bdw, aap ka naam kya hai?"

"Udita Sengupta, but everyone call me Diti" she smile cutely.

Mayank freeze on spot ... Udita??? she is the same Udita, who used to play with his watch, who used to love to heard his song ... That little infant, now a big girl ... time passed like a blink of eyes.

He starred at her astonished, he lost in his thoughts, but her voice brought back him ... "whats your name uncle??"

"huh? ... my name is Mayank" he ruffled her hair, "your parents are Uday and Chitra Sengputa, right?"

"how do you know my parents??"

"I knew them beta" he settled her hair, "lets go for a moring walk."

"okay"  Udita happily agreed and they started walking, while she rounded her arms on his neck and start talking.

This two mismatch aged person were so involved into their chatting ... they were chatting about everything, when Udita telling about her school, friends and other stuffs with cute facial expression and cute physical gesture, Mayank was listened to her with attention and sometime agree and disagree with her ... Intentionally ' unintentionally she remembered him Nupur, she is exactly like her!!

"uncle, chalo na garden me chalte hai!!"

Mayank's face become pale, but he quickly managed, "no beta, its not safe ... kitne insects hote hai pata hai?"

"kuch nahi hoga ... main yaha almost har roz aati hun!! ... please chalo na!!" Udita pleaded.

Seeing her face, Mayank couldnt say no ... they entered into the garden ...

This was the same garden, where ...  ARGH!!!

Mayank felt pain in his heart, something blocked his throat ... he took a deep breath before closed his eyes ...

Suddenly Udita screamed, "Pisimoniii" and jumped down from his arms and run.

That was it!!!!

This is the last thing he wanted. he wasnt afraid to face her, but he wanted to ignore her as much as possible!!!


Nupur was lost in her thoughts, when she suddenly heard someone screamed. she turned and freeze in spot ... MAYANK was there !!!! Udita was saying something, but her heart and mind wouldnt register her blabber ... her eyes glued on Mayank, who starred her back.

The morning still had a slightly chilly fog due to the early time, but there was no mistak, who the man standing a slight distance away.

"Pisimoni, chlo main aap kissi se milana hai." Nupur came back to earth when Udita dragged her ... she tried to resist, but too late, she found herself in front of Mayank.

"uncle, meet my Pisimoni ... n Pisimoni, meet my Mayank uncle" Udita introduced them very cheerfully, looking one person to another.

"Hi" Nupur greeted him softly in very nervous tone.

"hi" he replied with least interest, looking at other direction.

An awkward silence formed between them, an expected hesitance came between them. she had seen him after five years ... she noticed, he looked the same as always, but little more thinner this time ... her slightly unshaven face looked hard ... his eyes didnt have the brightness they used to, they were empty.

"Udita, tumhe school nahi jana?" Nupur broke the silence, "jaldi jao ... warna school k liye late ho jaoge."

"ok Pisimoni ... bye uncle" Udita ran from there. Mayank too turned to leave, but stopped by Nupur voice, "Mayank, ruko."

He sighed as he knew, what would come next!!!

Nupur walked front of him, "kaise ho?" she asked with so much concern ... she noticed his empty eyes and she curshed herself from inside giving him so much pain.

He turned, "I am fine" he said in hard voice, "aur kuch??"

Nupur startled, she didnt expect such behavior from him ... tear formed in her eyes, "why are you talking like this Mayank? kya ab main tumse kuch puch bhi nahi sakti??"

"I have no time to listen all your nonsensical talk." He said exactly what she had said to him.

She bite her lower lip to stop her tear ... she deserve it ...

"Mayank" she composed herself, "I wanted to meet you ... I knew, you come here... so-"

He cut her sentence in middle, "so, you used Udita to brought me here??? right???" he asked sarcastically, "how disgusting Nupur !!!! you used a little girl ... chee ... shame on you."

"no Mayank ... I-" she tried to say something, but again stopped by him, "just stop lying ... uss choti si bacchi ko use karte waqt tumhe sharam nahi aayi???" he paused, "ohh, I forgot that you have no shame. you ll do anything when it comes to money."

Tear rolled down form Nupur's cheeks, "money?" she whispered.

"yes money. you are nothing but a GOLD DIGGER, Ms.Nupur or should I called Mrs.Nupur?? ... jaha paisa dekha wahi-"

"MAYANK" she shouted, "tum aisa mere bare me soch bhi kaise sakte ho??" she grabbed his caller, "tumhe pata hai, Neel se meri shadi nahi hui ... usne mujhe marna chaha tha" she shook him vigorously, "jante ho tum kuch?? haan??"

"ohh, to issliye tum ab mere paas ayi ho?? tab to main ek beggar tha aur ab mere paas bahut sara paisa hai to ..." he smirked, left the sentence incomplete but clearly said hidden meaing ...  "Neel ne jo kia thik kia, you deserved that." He shrugged of her hands forcefully, "bdw, dont touch me from next time ... I felt disgusted whenever you touched me."

Nupur was numbed, she flet someone slapped her hard ...she never ever imagine this kind of reaction in her bad dreams. Tear brimming down from her eyes, make their path from cheeks and damping her dupatta.

"Mayank ... tum ...aisa kyun ...bol ... rahe ho??" she asked in between hiccups, "I ... I love ... you Mayank."

Mayank just shocked for a second then burst out in laughter, making her startled, she looked at him cluelessly ... he was holding his stomach, when tear leaked from his eyes, "ohh God Nupur ... you are so funny ... this was the best jock I ever heard"  he removed his tears, "you love me???" he rose his brows, "what do you think Nupur, am I a fool?? ... not anymore." He looked directly into her, "what do you think about yourself??? look at youself in the mirror opportunist ... gold digger ... and you thought, I ll spend rest of my life with you??? ... cheee ... I hate you Nupur ... I hate you more than my life."

She wasnt react ... she was not in a state to react ...  she was so numb ... tear rushing down from her cheeks, when his every words stabbed her heart thousand time.

Mayank left ... left behind a girl, whose dream had shattered again ...

Nupur was still standing there ... numbed ... she couldn't understand what happened few munites ago.

Was he Mayank??? really Mayank??? or someone else came in his disuse??

Is she deserve it?? is it again her fault?? is she really an opportunist??? a gold digger??

Her eyes were blurred, lump blocked her throat ... her words chocked ... her mind went blank when her heart refused to beat.

She was shacking ... she felt suffocation ...

Her head was reeling ... suddenly a black curtain appeared in front of her eyes, immediately she lost her balance and fall on ground.

No one noticed Jethumoni and Mr.Sengupta were standing there and listing them from distance. they rushed to Nupur, who  became unconscious.

"its all my fault ... my daughter is suffering so much just for me" Nupur's father cursed himself.

"shut up Sengupta, just pick Nupur up and come to my garden-house." Jehtumoni said.


After some time, doctor checked Nupur, and told them that suddenly her blood pressure got low and thats why she become unconscious. he advised to take care of her fully and assured that she dont need further medicine, now she's sleeping under influence of injection.

Mr.Sengupta went near Nupur and sat on the bed ... he brushed her hair lovingly, "I am sorry Nupur ... mere liye tu itni taqlif me hai ... I am sorry."

"sengupta" Jethumoni called, "hume jaldi kuch karna parega"

"par hum kar bhi kya sakte hai??" he stated helplessly.

"kal Gunjan ki shadi bhi hai aur sirf 2 din baad Mayank wapas ja raha hai."

"hum do din me kya kar sakte hai??"

"hmm" Jethumoni nodded his head, while thinking something deeply, looking at sleeping Nupur.


Guys, here is the update.Smile

i hope, aap ko pasand aaya Embarrassed


i knw it was pretty much long , unexpected updte ...but is it really unexprected?? Embarrassed.

 i  wanted to show their initial feelings, just to see each other or to  front of each other ... hope u understand my povEmbarrassed

so, now tell me how is this???..

waiting for ur comment.Smile

so sorry for spelling & grammatical mistakesOuch

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valliyah Goldie

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Faria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 12:21pm | IP Logged

Siujaaa sweet heart
thank u so much for ur update
i was waiting for thisupdae
and i got it on EID DAY

Sujaaa the update was sad yet beautiful
u made me cry hun
mayur scene was very emotional and painful.

i know mayank was too rude to nups
but i cant blame him its natural
and nups -GOD felt er sad for him
she was very happy to see maayk but all her dram shuttered within a sec...
sighhh i hope ki tera next update painful a\na ho
waiting for ur next part
keep it up
and d update soon

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