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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 12)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile





Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile

here is the next update........i hope u like it........Smile

so, tell me how it is..................waiting for ur commentSmile 


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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged

 Beautiful ...

Time passes ... I was mesmerized by the beauty of this small village. My rutined life was change a little. I start enjoying little little things, which I missed in metro life. It was so much fun on fishing ' Jethumoni took me a nearby Jheel and we spend entire afternoon there. I was fishing for first time and I was very happy when I caught a fish ' but with my utmost surprise Nupur also joined us, she caught many fishes '  we had so much fun there.

I met Nupur during days, and every time she surprised me by her bubliness. she was always in hurry, she did her every work in jet speed ' I was really wonder, she was so energetic, but she never spoke properly with me, she talk most of the time either Jethumoni or Sutra, she interact with me with only "Hi and Bye". Don't know why, I feel little sad for her gesture, why she ignore me like this? But my second thought gave me the right answer, she ignore me, coz she was feeling ashamed to talk to an unsmart boy like me. I feel little pain in my heart, but I never told to anyone, accept my beloved diary, he knows everything of my life '.. my desire ''. my pain ' everything.

During these days, Jethumoni introduced me with workers and cook. The workers are Santali tribe, they are coming from Santali area, only 5-8 KM away, as per their words. I was extremely surprised of it, 5-8 KM ONLY!!?? They laugh to saw my reaction. I also knew their name, the girls are ' Guru, Khandi, Jhirni and Kamla and the boys are ' Thakur, Rajni and Sutra. They have glossy black skin, ladies are wore clean saree, little higher than usual, their hair are tied in strong bun and decorated with red&white flowers ''.. and the boys wore only dhoti, upper body was bare. I wonder, how they working under strong sun without any hesitation. They are strong; they have enough stamina to ignore the afternoon heat. I am checking the temperature from past few days, and it moving between 45 degree to 47 degree!!!




Another beautiful morning of Sonatapal, .. I silently appreciate the beauty of this small village ' slowly fall in love with it ' it was so soundless, so peaceful '

I am walking into the garden and watching every plant closely. I looked behind as heard a cracking sound of the gate. My heart is jolted up when I saw Nupur with a middle-aged man, he must be her father.

She waving her hand as she spotted me ' I waved back. She run towards me-

"Good morning Mayank. Kya kar rahe ho?" she smiles. I feel this morning become more shiny on her smile ''. a mild cold breeze playing with her hair and she continuously trying to manage her ruffling hair, but every time she failed. 

No Mayank No. this is wrong ' you can't think such way of someone else, specially about a girl ' this is wrong. If Maa-Papa knows, what did they think? If Jethumoni knows, what did he think?                

"kya hua kuch bol kyun nahi rahe ho?" I back to my senses as she waving her hand in front of my eyes.

"urn'kuch nahi, baas plant dekh raha tha."

"plant! By God Mayank, plant v koi dekhne ki cheez hai? Dekhna hai to movie dekno, TV dekho, cricket match dekho."

"yeh sab Mumbai me dekh sakte hai, but such kind of roses and plants, I never saw before."

" okay," she raised her eyebrows, "mujhe nahi pata tha k metro-boys ko plants dekhna itnaaa pasand hai!"

I smiled a little, " I don't know about other boys, but I love nature."

"hmmm," she again mesmerized me as she flipped her hair, "tumhe aur kya kya pasand hai?"

"bahut kuch pasand hai, par sabse zyada pasand ho TUM." A soft smile playing on my lips.

She tapped on my shoulder, "kya hua? Kuch bolo to sahi!"

Chee! Shame on you Mayank! You are become a Casanova!!!!!

"urn I ' I love '" I clear my throat, " I love books, nature, music, specially soft music."

"WOW" she bigger her eyes, claps her hands in glee, "just like me, I also love soft music, specially romantic number." She brightens the morning again with his smile.

Suddenly she grabs my hand, "chalo, I show you something."

"kothai?" (where?)

"arey chalo na!" she pulled my hand.

I feel really embarrassed; she caught my hand, if anyone see this, what should he think!!

I walk with her, but I was really scared, nervous ' I peeped before out from the garden ' no, its my luck that no one in outside.

I sighted in relief before walk with Nupur ' but she was don't care about anyone ' she was so carefree '

I am trying to remove my hand as  we reached on the road. I notice a frown on her face, she was surprised of my behavior ' she thought myself an idot '



<Nupur's POV>

We went to my favourite place, a small fountain, near Shali river, we called it Jhora. It was almost in middle of the jungle ' each sides are covered with trees '.. a thin earthen road were bended nearby '... paddy grounds are little away, besides the river'. this was a very lonely place, but very beautiful ' I always came here when I have some time, all time I came here alone, but now with my new friend ' Mayank.

"wow Nupur, it's a beautiful place." His voice is full of amazement. His eyes brighten in happiness '

"did you really like this place?" I asked with a smile. I don't know why, I am really happy to see him happy.

"Nupur, like is the most little word to express my feelings" he answered, looking at Jhora.

"to chalo!" I extend my hand, without any hesitation he placed his hand in mine '

I shivers by his sudden touch ' a current running down my body .. I stopped breathing ' every cell of my body react of his touch ' my heart pumping the blood in triple speed ' running blood spreading in my body to make me dizzy, filling my heart with unknown happiness '

Out eyes met ' and this time I know that I was not only effected. Mayank also look at me ' deep into my eyes ' his deep brown eyes reaching down from my  eyes to heart '

First time I saw, the depth of his eyes ' it was deeper than ocean '

And I want to sink in those honey brown eyes ' I want ' I really want to '

"mm, chalen?!" he break my sweet revere '



"Nupur, you are really luckiest person of the world." He said as we climbing up over rocks  to near Jhora to hold each other hand. I want to freeze this moment forever '.  I want he hold my hand forever.

I shook my head for drive out my thoughts ' By God, the age of our friendship is only few days and I could start feeling for him '.. so weired, really weird.

"Nupur, I think is angle is the best for snaps." He uncovers the lenses of his handy-cam.

" yeah, I think so." I am back to present.

I looking continuously to him as he capturing the beauty of Jhora ''. Time passes like water flow .. I don't know, how long I stared at him '.  First time I look his handsome face properly, either I lost my senses every time when I saw his smile ' I thought I am falling in love in his sunshine smile and his dimples ' oh my God, they are too cute and another reason to fallen for  him ''

STOP STOP STOP Nupur '.. not again! Aisa kyun soch rahi hai! Tujhe usse pyar to nahi ho gya pagali!!

"no way .. wo mujhe kyun pyar karega?"

"hmm .. point to hai!"


I glance my watch '  too late now '' I look at him; he was too busy to capturing the beauty. Thank God, he was not noticed me to starred him.

" Mayank, " I shouted, " let's go, it's already 11. Baba will definitely searching me."

"haan, aur Jthumoni mujhe." He coming near to me, "chalo, aaj ke liye bahut ho gaya."

We hold each other hand as climbing down '. Only few steps before suddenly I slipped and totally lost my balance '' I was hurled forward ...and  closed my eyes tightly and waited for the  crash to come ...

"NUPURRR '." I heard a screams '.. and felt a pair of hands pulled me, then gripping tightly across me ...  I also tighten my arms around him ' but its couldn't protect to fall ... we fall on the earth.


"Nupur, are you okay?" it's a familiar voice.

I slowly open my eyes and saw Mayank looking back to me, his eyebrows creased together in worry ... His face was so close, I could feel his breath on my face ...

I looked down and saw our arms intertwined around each other ... Unknowingly, I feel a strange stirring in my heart. I lost myself as our eyes met ''..  I lost myself in those eyes ''.  Those chocolaty eyes are full of concern '. For me? Yes, for me .. I felt a wave of happiness forming inside ''




 A sharp sound bring us back to present '..  I quickly released him and woke up ' he also woke and looking for his handycam '' thankfully its hanging on a bush. Thank God, we ware fall on grass, not rocky side, either we will getting hurt badly.

"what ' what is this sound?" he asked as checking his handycam.

"wh ' what sound?" I tried my best to come out of Mayank's effect '

"this Kuuu sound?"

"ohh, " I smiled, " it's a sound of a bird, blue bird." Now I am recovered. But am I really recovered???!!!

"Blue bird," he is amazed to hearing it, " I want to see the bird."

I whirled my head and spotted the bird on a tree, filling our hearts in her sweet song.

"here it is." I pointed my finger to tree '  Mayank immediately start capturing ' but only few second, the bird flew away.

"Oh no, she is gone." Mayank said in disappoint tone.

"don't worry Mayank, I will definitely catch the bird for you and you will take it to Mumbai." I tried my best to cheer him up as I was feeling sad to see him sad.

"no, Nupur, its bad. I don't want to take away a free life to Mumbai in cage."

 I was spellbound yet surprised to hear his answer. This introvert Mayank has such a big heart. I feel ashamed on myself in front of his free vast heart.  


Here is the 4th update.

plz do comment.

Effect of Blue Bird [a] > Page 16



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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 February 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
uffffffffffff sujaaaaaaaaa toame ei ff er update porte amar eto bhalo lage eto bhalo lage j ki bolbo
i really enjoyed ur each and every update of this ff
ALLAH e jane keno - kintu ei update er moddho kemon ek dhoroner 1ta simplicity, ek dhoroner maya ase............
r tume j vabe scene gulo describe koro - ekdom oshdharon
the beautiful nature, maynk and Nupur- i just loved them

mayank ebong nupur er scene gulo chilo shotti khub bhalo
hmmmmmmmm so nupur o maynk er jonno onno rokom kichu feel korse???
hahaha dui jon ek e nayer(boat)  majhi
oshdharon legese tomar ei updte-shoti bolsi
porte boshle mone hoy r o pori r o pori

khub nice ekta story suja
thank u so much amader shathe share korar jonno
plz next part taratari update koro

(aj pura comment Bangla te dilam. tumi raag koroni tou?)

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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jodi boli sundar... tahole kom bola hobe...
aparup bolle chhoto kora hobe...
eto sundar shobder badhon gorecho tumi...
shobde taar proshongsha korle... taake heyo kora hobe...

ok... enough of my pathetic poetry...LOL...
just wanna say... amazing Sujata...Clap...hats off to youClap

Nupur likes Mayank, but is afraid to say
Mayank likes Nupur, but thinks he is not worth her
awesome portrayal of emotions
too good

do continue soon

thanks for de pmHug

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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 the up is really wonderful and the siggi u made its really perfect i must say u done a good job
so happy my friend
so without much adu coming to the up
it is really good
so mayank is enjoying the place and its surrounding but specially the thing which attracted or i say captured his mind is nupur he is loving to be with her but his shy attitude and reserved nature is coming between his feeling
plz cont soon and pm me

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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siggy r kotha bolte bhule gesi
beautiful siggy sweety
plz post it on CG...................

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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oops.... I forgot to mention your siggy... its awesome as usual
amaar Bonolota Sen-er kotha mone pore geloLOL

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perkilicious IF-Sizzlerz

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