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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 119)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile

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Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile

here is the next update...hope u like itSmile

plz give ur true opinion ... n ur valuable feed back.Smile


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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 1:05pm | IP Logged


Jethumoni was busy in gardening ... he instrusted one of his worker when someone called him, "Jethumoni"

He immediately turned and saw Mayank standing behind him smiling ... Jethumoni just walked with a huge smile and hugged him tightly, "Mayu, finally you are here ... I thought you forgot your Jethumoni."

"how could I forgot you Jethumoni?"

He patted his cheek lovingly, "I am very happy to see you back" Mayank smiled a lifeless smile, which wasnt reached to his eyes ... "what happened beta? are you alright?" he concerned.

"I am alright Jethumoni" Mayank smile, "just a bit tired of jetlag."

"okay beta, you go and take rest ... we ll talk in launch." Jethumoni called one of his servants and sent Mayank to his room with luggege.

He was looking at his retreating fegure, "Mayu have changed a lot" he murmured.


Mayank entred into the same room after 5 long years, but he was surprised to see that the room was same after years ... Jethumoni didnt change anything!!!! His eyes stucked on the window-curtains frist ... were the same, his favourite, white flower and purple base !!!

Unconciously a smle appeared in Mayank's lips ... he start observing everything ... all were same ... same closet, same dressing table, same bedshit, same table lamp ... even his guiter hanged on wall, which he left behind years ago. He felt like he went back to past !!! But he loved the most the window-curtains ... he remembered, the story of these curtains ... he and Nupur urgued too much over it, and finally Nupur accepted her defeat at last, he was very happy ... then they bought it ...

He remembered, the day he used to play guiter and imagined Nupur sang ...


Ye Sama, Sama Hai Ye Pyaar Ka
Kisi Ke Intezaar Ka
Dil Na Churale Kahin Mera
Mausam Bahaar Ka ...


Mayank touched the curtain and remembered the way he imagined her ... the wind used to played with her hair  ... moonlight used to came into the room ... the scent of roses made that atmosphere romantic ... her dupatta floating on breeze ...

Basne Lage Aankhon Mein
Kuchh Aise Sapne

Nupur turned and smiled shyly... her beautiful eyes filled with so much love ... "Mayank" she whispered ...

Basne Lage Aankhon Mein
Kuchh Aise Sapne
Koi Bulaaye Jaise
Naino Se 

[I hope u still remember this song & the situationEmbarrassed ...  if not, then CLICK HERE  Smile]

Mayank slided the curtain aside, and a warm wind jumped on him, made him back to reality. he was puzzled, he took few seconds to realised what actually he was thinking ... he cursed himself to think about her again.

How much ... how much hard he could try to forget her, but everytime her memories returned back to her. Her memories like become shadow ... who never left him, how hard he tried. but when the sun was set and moon wasnt in the sky ... everything sink into deep dark, shadow was also leave. you have only you, nobody else ...



Sighed, he took out his clothes from suitcase and headed to bathroom ...  inspite off all bad, he felt a homely feeling after years.

After taking some rest, he headed to downstair ... he knew, Jethumoni would waiting for him, and he also knew that his family also waiting for him. Reminded his family a irritated expression apprear in his face, but he driven out his thoughts as he wouldnt want to hurt or insulted Jethumoni in front of people.


"Mayu" Jethumoni greeted him, "come, we were waiting for you."

Mayank saw his family also joined the launch ... he saw his parents looked at him with huge smile, when Gunjan run and hugged him, "Bhai, I am so happy to see you!"

He parted from her after giving a small smile and silently sat on the chair.


"Mayu, whay didnt you inform us about you air timing? we would have welcomed you." Abinash said, munching his food.

"do not stress youself ... I can handle myself." Maayank answered, without looking at his father, but he sensed Abinash's face become red in anger.

"what is this Mayu??" Shipa goaned, "did you forget how to respect your father??"

"please donot entrefare, I am not talking to you."

His answer brought awkward silence. when Abinash and Shilpa were shocked to see Mayank like this, Jethumoni was utmost shock ... he couldnt believe his own eyes and ears that Mayank answered back to his parents so harshly.

He felt bad for Abinash and Shilpa, and the same time he felt bad for Mayank too ... he used to be a simple sweet boy, who never rose his voice against anyone ... but one incident changed him completely ... and that disaster gave birth of this new Mayank !!!!

"Bhai, its my wedding" Gunajan ased happily, "what gift you should give to me? ... Please give me something precious."

"Guanjan, you are going to be someones daughter-in-law, so dont behave like a teen ... grown up and behave like mature."

He saw Gunjan's face fall ... after that non of them dare to start any kind of converstation with him, except Jethumoni ... he constantly asking about his health and work.

Seeing his family like that he felt immense happiness ... he smiling evily, but somewhere deep in his heart, he was feeling sad. he didnt like the way he talked to his elders ... no matter what they did, but still they were his elders, and Gunjan was his little sister ...

Shrugged off his thoughts, he again engrossed into food  ... he felt really hungry today !!!!



Nupur was in her room, she had tried to read a book, but after sometimes she found herself starring blankly the pages ... her brain wasnt registaring any word. her all attention was in Mayanks ... she didnt know his arrival date ... but today she felt a strange restlessness ... her heart beating faster than usual ... she has become absent minded today.

There was something ... there was something today ...

Queezing her eyes tightly, she rest her head on bed-stand, she closed the book and placed aside. she felt so weak ... so vulnarable today ... dont know why, she felt a kind of fear in her heart, like something going to happen bad ...

It was hot afternoon. everything was silent ... Chitra bhabi, Udita and her father were sleeping in their respective room, Uday bhai was in office ... Nupur was all alone awake in this house. she wanted to do something ... Nupur went to kitchen to make something to divert her mind. she wanted to making kheer today for everyone, so she took a bowl and taking some rice out of the jar, then suddenly her eyes fall on the window and immideately she glued on spot.

Mayank was there !!!!!!

Mayank ?!?!?!?!?!

She was so excited ... she come near the window and looked up eagerly ... no doubt, it was Mayank ... she wasnt halusinating ... Mayank was stood near window and lightly carrersed the curtain. his face half visible and half covered due to curtain, but it was more than enough for her to recognised him.

Her body shivering ... her heart beating in abnormal speed ... her eyes brimming down ... she wanted to call him loudly, but her throat went dry ... "Mayank" only a broken whisper come out from her throat yet from heart.

It was like Mayank heared her ... his frowned with a hatred expression and closed the curtain.

Nupur felt like heart broken ... she felt like a sweet dream broken ... fresh tear coming down from her eyes and she break down in tears, but the restlessness, the fear she had felt sometimes ago was gone. now she felt a clamness ... a happiness inside her heart, but some unknown reason, she broke into tears.


Chitra entred into the kitchen to made some evening snacks.

She was shocked to see her there ... Nupur was sitting on the floor, her face buried between knees, she cuddled herself tightly and Chitra heard her sobs.

She rushed to her, "Nupur, what happen?? Nupur, tell me ... what happen??" she was very much worried and confused at the same time to see her crying.

Nupur looked up ... her eyes were red and puffy, dry tearmarks clealy visible on her face when fresh tear coming down from her eyes, her hair was in complete mess ... seeing Chitra in fornt of her, Nupur's face broke into a smile ... Chitra was more confused.

Nupur hugged her tightly, "Bhabi, he is back Bhabi ... Mayank is back ..." she said in between her hiccups.

Chitra was really happy, she prayed to God silently that he send Mayank back, she has a complete faith on God that he ll make everything good ... "plese God, dont separate them now ... 5 years enough for both of them ... please make everything okay between them!!" she prayed silently whiel carssing Nupur's hair, who was still crying ...

"Nupur, dont you want to meet him?" Chitra asked lovingly.

"yes" Nupur nodded, "but I scared!"


"I dont know Bhabi, but I am really scared."

"its okay, first you go and washed your face" she wiped off tears from her cheeks, "I donot like my nanad like this." She cupped her face and kissed her forehead, "you go to your room ... I ll bring some coffe for you."

Nupur nodded with a smile and headed to her room ... Chitra starred to her retreating figure, a sigh escaped from her heart, "please God, clear their distance!"




At night ... Nupur was all awake ... she desparatly waiting for something ... she was waiting for Mayank's guiter. she knew, it was Mayank's habit to play guiter every night, so tonight he ll surely play guiter !!!!

She looked at the wall clock ... 12:15 AM.

"where are you Mayank??" she was getting impatient with every passing seconds ... she continusly looking through the window ...

Ahh !!! sigh of relief !!! Mayank entred into the room.

Nupur hurriedly went near window ... curtains were waving in wind ... Nupur curiously looking at the direction ... Mayank took his laptop and strted typing something ... "Mayank, guiter kab bajaoge??" she asked impatiently as she saw Mayank placed his laptop aside and took his mobile.

He made a long call, when it finished ... its almost 1 AM.

Nupur was still waiting, her eyelids were getting heavy, but she forecefully made herself awake ... finally Mayank switched off the laptop and placed it on the table and turned off the light.

Nupur again felt heart broken, her eyes again filled with tears, but this time she composed herself and headed to her room. she determinded to meet Mayank asap ... she laid on the bed and closed her eyes ... she ll meet him tomorrow.


Guys, here is the update.Smile

i hope, aap ko pasand aaya Embarrassed


i knw it was pretty much long , boring n sad update ... againEmbarrassed ... and it wasnt a MAYUR updateEmbarrassed.

bt i really wanted to show their initial feelings, just to see each other or to remember each other ... hope u understand my povEmbarrassed

so, now tell me how is this???..

waiting for ur comment.Smile

so sorry for spelling & grammatical mistakesOuch

Confrontation > Page 125

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Me frst me frst ..


Finally my FOBB updated

Mein tu pm dekh ker khush hogai k game bhi sath mein update hoa hai

Yeah dhooka tha humaray sath ..manhoos

Cuing to update


Mera mayank…

I love jethumoni…he is the only person who understand him…n he was wrong he hasn't  changed he died actually…sigh


No materr wht he loves way to much to forgot her, or to hate her, or himself….

The way he was imagining evrythng in room was amzing


I feel like giving his family errr….

But I love this part, the way he talked with them they so desrve it…

We shud have came n welcomed u….wao…whhn son was going u even didn't bother to know where he was..n now….

After so long he was eating like hone tu asa tu hoga na

The Nupur scnce was amazing but mayank reposne was scarry..

The way she waited for him to play guitar n he didn't, she need to know tht mayank is lost….OH god

It was painful it was hopeful

Wonderful part….i love this FF….its the bst evry…

Lov ya fiza

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 1:22pm | IP Logged
welcome back...
awesome update...
loved it lodsss...
i sooo liked it wen Mayank answered back...By God
bt i was sooo sad wen Nupur saw him n took his name n wen he felt it he frowned...Disapprove
bt i know u will make everything well soon...hain na sis!!!!!!
btw m still waiiting for Mayank to insult his family more badly...Evil SmileEvil Smile
i hope Nupur's love will make him as our old Mayank again...dat too asap!!!!!!
waiting eagerly for d next update...
love u sis...HugHugHug

ps: sis it wasnt boring ok!!!!!! i loved it...
      n han yeh long update tha kya!!!!!heheLOL
     parhte parhte kab khatam ho gaya pata hi nhi chala n mujhe toh laga arey itna chota sa update hain...heheLOL

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Irum. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 1:30pm | IP Logged
Thank God u update.Dancing
I was eagerly waiting for this.
I m really liking this Mayank specially his conversation on lunch.
Plz next update jaldi .
or at least tell when will u update next.
I daily check this ff in the hope of update.Confused
Thnx for updateHug

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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Nice update dear
Mayank become so rude yar
But Still i hope that Nupur will changed him back
thanks for pm 
cont soon

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-Samira- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 3:09pm | IP Logged

Welcome back Suja Hug

hey don't say it's boring not at all hun lovely prt
actualy somehow i'm glad Mayu answered back to Gun
but not his parents although they behave badly
n good Mayu is regreting his behavier
this was fabulous update updat Suja
n i'm gonna loving the future update
but can't wait to read next updates
plzzz Suja update GAME  if u can no presure okey
thanks for th pm

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immayurfan Goldie

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
Nice update
Continue soon

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