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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 112)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maria.

sujata.r u goping to update next parts...n plz in this update i wanted to see some Mayur scenes,now enough of seperation.its been 6,7 parts u did not gave us any proper Mayur scene

I am sorry Maria u can see Mayur moment from next update ... but u can see mayur flashback in this update.
plzz issbar isse hi kaam chalalo time se pakkaEmbarrassed

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Thank you so much for linking this story.Smile

salma009,  supriyamnfan,  shonu631,  nuckts,  immayurfan,  aysha1989,  zishaRP,  18anila1,  np18,  mayur-ki-diwani,  kirti123,  Auroni.92,  valliyah,  mayuloveu,  drmaha,  crazymayurian,  Bhawna_arti,  arjun-forever,  drfizaahmed,  SamiraARTiMAYUR,  DhanakZ,  love.mayurarti,  palz_ArTi4ever,  ridi_onasisronojoy_ria,  -Faria-,  Maria.,  mayur_eternal,  --jiya--

Thank u so much guys for pressing the Like tab and also urs precious comments.Smile

here is the next update...hope u like itSmile

plz give ur true opinion ... n ur valuable feed back.


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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SujaLuvsMayur

Originally posted by Maria.

sujata.r u goping to update next parts...n plz in this update i wanted to see some Mayur scenes,now enough of seperation.its been 6,7 parts u did not gave us any proper Mayur scene

I am sorry Maria u can see Mayur moment from next update ... but u can see mayur flashback in this update.
plzz issbar isse hi kaam chalalo time se pakkaEmbarrassed
yaar but u have to promise u  ll give us next update very soonEmbarrassed

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Maria.

Originally posted by SujaLuvsMayur

Originally posted by Maria.

sujata.r u goping to update next parts...n plz in this update i wanted to see some Mayur scenes,now enough of seperation.its been 6,7 parts u did not gave us any proper Mayur scene

I am sorry Maria u can see Mayur moment from next update ... but u can see mayur flashback in this update.
plzz issbar isse hi kaam chalalo time se pakkaEmbarrassed
yaar but u have to promise u  ll give us next update very soonEmbarrassed

i ll update nt very soon...coz Durga Puja is on the door ...n m leaving for my home.
so i ll update after Puja for sure.

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 1:15pm | IP Logged
:::::  AAGAMAN  :::::

<Title credit :: Valliyah>

Mayank picked up the call after Suhani leaved.

"sir, here is a call for you from same number ... but this time someone called Jethumoni." Claira informed him with little scared.

Mayank too a deep breath, he didnt understand what to do!! Jethumoni was one of the important parson of his life ... he always supported him, had faith on him ... Mayank still remembered his assuring and love-filled proud smile ... he was one of the person who loved Mayank, except Nu-- whatever!!!!

"yeah, give me the call" he slammed the phone, covering his face with his palms ... his brain and heart volentareely made him remember past years ...

Phone rang ...

"Mayu, kaisa hai beta? kya kar raha hai?"

Mayank closed his eyes, after five years he heard Jethumoni's voice, he could feel his concern ... a lump blocked his voice. he blincked his eyes before took a deep breath, "aap kaise ho Jethumoni?"

"main thik hun beta ... Mayu, Gunja ki shadi ho rahi hai Pranjal k sath, tu nhi aayega?"

This news was unexpected yet happy, but he couldnt feel any kind of emotion after hear this news, "ye to acchi baat hai Jethumoni" he said in tired emotionless voice, "par mujhe yahan bht kaam hai!"

"please Mayu, tuje aana hi hoga"

"Jethumoni please main-"

"Mayu, please aaja, mera last wish samjhke aaja ... please" Jethumoni pleaded helplessly, making him restless. he knew, he cant say no to him ... but back to India, means back to past ...


"ok Jehumoni, I ll come" he sighed before cut the phone.


He was in worst situation ... resting his head on head-rest, he felt his head aching badly. no food for almost two days ... lots of meetings ... files ... hours of driving ... sleepless night ... everything now taking their revenge on him ... he felt his head going to blast in any moment ...

He rubbed his forehead hardly before took another painkiller ... but instead of killing pain, his empty stomach churned and he found himself on bathroom throwing up nothing but water.

His head would have burst in pain ... he was sweating badly, dragging himself forcefully, he slumped on the chair and closed his eyes ...


Knock knock

Suhani entre into the cabin ... "sir, here is you meeting schedule for today."

"hmm ... you may leave and book my ticket to India on next weekend." He said, his eyes were still closed...

Suhani was surprised, but without any question she leaved. Mayank checked the list and decided to take a nap as his meeting schedule will start on 2:30 pm.

He closed his eyes after giving instruction to Suhani call him half an hour before meeting.



Mayank burst out in laughter, "tumhe ye Bay of Bengal lag raha hai!!"

Nupur made a face, "assume karne me kya jata hai!" ... but her annoyance made Mayank giggled.

They were sitting near Jhora, watching the water running over the boulder. Nupur snuggle colser to him, "Mayank dekho, ye Jhora bilkul humare Bay of Bengal jaisa hai na!"

He burst out into laughter of her comparison ... it was more than childish!!

"haan, this is soo big, koi bhi jump kar ke jaa sakta hai !" he was still laughing.

"kyun? apne aapko Hanumaan samajh rahe ho!" she taunt.

"aur tum apne aapko Sita samajh rahi ho!" he taunt back.

"aur nhi to kya?" she blew her locks, "main Sita se kam thori na hun! mujhe bachane k liye ladko ki kami nhi hai !!!"

"haan, par Ravan tumhe kidnaped to kare ... usse phle hi wo bhag jayega iss Shurpanakha to dekh kar..."

Nupur's jaw dropped, she narrowed her eyes, "tumne mujhe Shurpanakha kaha? how dare you??" she got up from spot, "main tumhe zinda nhi chorungi !!!" she quickly picked up a tiny branch and run after him.

On the other hand, Mayank was running for his life and Nupur was chasing him, trying to catch him ... but everytime he escaped from her ... always kept a safe distance from her ...  the place filled with Nupur's threat and Mayank's giggle.


The wind jumping into joy, "catch him Nupur ... catch him !!!"

Trees were tossing their heads, "save you life Mayank ... how dare you called her Shurpanakha!!"

The birds were chirupping and flying ... they were enjoying their cute fight.


After some time, Nupur stopped  ... Mayank too stopped, sensed Nupur wasnt behind him.

He turned and saw her leant back on a steam, breathing heavily ... she was sweating ...

He came and leant back beside her, "thak gyi?" he asked in breathless voice.

"hmm" he nodded.

Mayank took the end of her dupatta and removed sweat from her face and thraot ... Nupur just starred at him.

"tumhe saza dena hai na!" he forward his palm, "to de do!" he smile sweetly.

She placed the tiny branch on his palm very lightly, "de diya" she smile before hugged him tightly ... Mayank hugged her back ... she closed her eyes before hid her face on his chest ... while Mayank tighten his arms ...


"hayyy ... so cute" the wind said in dreamy voice, claps her hands together.

"they are most cutest couple" trees were agree, "you know, I have never ever seen this much cute couple before !"

"not only you ... me too" the sharp sunlight coming between leaves, "I too adore thier relaiton ... its so pure ! so beautiful !"

"am I not that beautiful like them?"

The wind, trees and sunrays were suprised of this new voice ... they were looking here and there , but no one around them ...

"I am here" again the voice come ... they looked down and found a un-named blossoming flower looked upon them with cute pout, "am I not beautiful like them?" she again pouted.

"Flower, you are beautiful ..." sunrays caressed her tiny yellow petal, the wind brushed her lightly, "you are so fragile ... beautifully scented."

"so, why dont they look at me?" she said almost verge of crying.



Mayank broke the hug and kissed on Nupur's forehead, "ghar chalen?"

Nupur nodded.

"ek minute" he plucked the flower and stuffed on her hairpin, he looked at her with couple of second  with a dreamy smile on his face,  then hugged her ... no words ... but their silence gesture enough for them ... they said thousand words through thier silence.

They leaved form there in holing hands ...


"Flower, you are the luckist one" the wind shouted from behind, sunrays and tress waving their hands ...

The flower blossomed more due to happiness ...



Mayank open his eyes with a jolt ... he was sweating badly when AC was full. he gulped down a glass of water  to stable his heartbeat.

"why??? why her memories still haunt me?? why those memories became a nightmare for me?? " he was breathing heavily, when so many questions roaming on his head.

He startled as the phone ringed.

It was Suhani, she called to informed him for meeting as well as a flight to India on next sunday.

Mayank sighed before leaved for meeting.



Jethumoni cut the call and grinned towards Abinash, "wo aa raha hai !"

"SACH !!!" Pranjal and Uday shouted together ... Jethumoni nodded.

They were vary happy for this news ... it was like dream come true ... after five long years they found Mayank and not only that, he was coming ... they felt like jumping in joy ... but Abinash frowned, his face was unhappy.

"what happened Abinash?" Jethumoni asked, "are you not happy for this news?"

"I am happy, but-" his frown deepened, "he talked to you, but not to me ! I am his father and he just slammed the phone !! how dare he??" Abinash fumming in anger.

"Abinash, cool down ..."

"how?? how to cool myself down??" he got up form the chair.

Uday and Pranjal stopped, they looked blanky to Abinash.

"I thought, he might be changed, but no ... he was the same as five years before." He clenched his jaw, "he hadnt learn how to respect you elders!! I ll teach a good lesson when he ll come."

"Abinash, listen ..." before Jethumoni could say anything, he leaved from there.


"ab kya hoga Jehtumoni, Uncle to bht jaida gussa ho gye !" Pranjal asked in concern. they were worried for Mayank.

Abinash's anger wasnt a good sign ... so they dont know how to deal with coming situation.

"Jethumoni, dont worry ... jo hoga hum sab milkar handle kar lenge ... lekin main bht khush hun k Mayank aa raha hai " Uday said in cheerful voice.

"haan, Uday Bhai, Maynk itne dino baad---" Pranjal suddenly stopped, his eyes fixed on door.

They turned behind and found Nupur was standing there ... her face was blank, but tear glittering on her eyes ...

Pranjal run and held her arms tightly, "Nupur ... suna tune, Mayank aa raha hai" he was shacking her, "Mayank, wapas aa raha hai Nupur"

"Mayank" she whispered, looked at Pranjal with blank eyes.

"haan Mayank ... Tera Mayank ..."

"Mera Mayank" she again whispered before sobbed loudly ... she jerked off his hands and ran out form there.



Nupur locked the door from inside ... she was breathing heavily ... unconciously tear rolling down from her cheeks ...

"Mayank wapas aa raha hai Nupur" Pranjal's words hammering on her senses, making her weak ... her legs refused to carry her weight ...

She plopped down herself on the floor ... tear rushing down from her cheeks, but her throat blocked from any emotion ... unstable wind coming from the open window and messed up her hair ... few straids sticked with tear, coverd her half face ... but she was unawar from world ... she couldnt breath ... she couldnt think ... her heart was speeding out of control ... her eyes were showing her verious moments of them ...

She closed her eyes in pain ...


this is youtube link ... plz click the link if u want to listened the song] 

Chokher aaloy dekhechilem choker bahire

[With the light of the eyes,

I have seen that which is beyond them]


Nupur opened her eyes as she felt someone touching her cheeks ... it was Mayank, he removing her tears, a sweet smile played on his lips. he cupped her face before placed a kiss on her forehead, "I love you" he whisper.

"I love you too" her eyes were brimming down, "I know" he smile mischiviously and pulled her closer ... after many years of separation Nupur found some peace in his arms ... she closed her eyes in pleasure before hid her face on his chest.


Antore aaj dekhbo jakhon aalok nahire

[I will see that in my heart

When the light is no more]

Mayank loosened his seat-belt ... it has been half-an hour the flight to India took off ... going back to India wasnt a little thing for him. he tried his level best to fought agant  his memories or you should call nightmare ... but no use. her memories still hunted him ...

"do you like some tea, coffe or juice sir?"

Taking a quick glance of the tray, he took a juice glass ... but he almost splitting out the juice, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS !!!" he shouted, the Airhostess came quickly, "whats the matter sir???"


"I am sorry sir" she said politely, "you can take another glass sir."

"I DONT WANT ANYTHING ... JUST LEAVE ME ALONE" he placed the glass on the tray with a bang, almost spreading the juice on her skirt.

Mayank closed his eyes ... and Nupur kissed his cheek, "itna gussa kyun karte ho?"

He flicked open his eyes ...


Dhoray jakhon daona dhora hridoy takhon tomay bhora

[When you do not yield to my earthly touch

My hert is full of you]



Mayank caress her hair while she was still sobbing ... he could feel his shirt getting wet. he broked apart and cupped her face, "ro kyun rahi ho Nupur?" he removed her tears with his thumbs, "tumhare akhon me aasun(tear) bilkul acche nhi lagte."

"I am sorry" she managed to say in between hiccups.

"sss" he placed his index finger on her trembing lips, "its ok ... tumne jo kia ... wo apne family k liye hi kia hai na!"

Nupur nodded.

"aur mujhe ye bhi pata hai k tum uncle se bht pyar karti ho ... issiliye aisa kia ..!"

"par maine tumhare sath galat kia" fresh tear brimmed over her eyes.

"jo ho gya, usse bhul jao aur smile karo" Mayank again pulled her into a tight hug.



Ekhon tomar aapon aaloy tomay chahire

[Now i long for you in the light with emanates from thee]


Mayank looked blanckly on screen ... it has been hours, he tried to watch a movie.

He was so disturbed, so he decided to watch a movie ... he searched and found some beautifull yet interesting documentry flims and some movies was there ... and there was his most fevorite show, The air crush investigator.

He happily started to watching, but after sometime he found himself starring blankly on sceen, as his mind wouldnt registering anything ... not even a single word!!!

Sighed he closed his eyes and Nupur again came ... she ruffeled his hair, "bht thak gaye ho ... thora sa aram karlo" she start caressing his hair and within a minutes, he drifted into deep slumber.


Tomay niye khelechilem khelar gharete

[With you i played in my playhouse]


"Mayank, tum sach me aa rahe ho na?" she asked. she was still unconvinced ... she wasnt sure what Pranjal had said was true or not !!

Mayank chuckled, "kyun? Pranjal pe yaakin nhi hai?" he kissed her hair.

She smiled faintly ... she knew, she was wrong. what she did in past was wrong, completely wrong. she knew, Mayank was a reserve kind off person and sensitive too ... and she had tried to care of his feelings, but when the time Mayank actually needed her, she wasnt there with him.

She left him alone when he needed her most ... needed her support the most. she regretting her decision, but she hadnt any option. she loves both Mayank and her father, she cant live without them.

Wrong Nupur, she chuckled, you are living your life without Mayank ... isnt it??? so just dont say lie ...


Khelar putul bhenge geche proloy jhorete

[Our playdool has long been shattered by torrntial storms]


"Mayank, humari shadi k baad main humari lovestory par ek book likhungi ... whats say?" she asked cheerfully.

"hmm ... idea to accha hai ...par sirf ek hi copy likna"

"huh??? kyun??"

"kyunki main nhi chahte k tum kissi anjana reader ko I love you bolo ... through you books" he shrugged as if its a matter!


Humari koi lovestory thi hi nhi Nupur, he sighed, aur na hi kabhi hoga! mujhe pata hai tum waha hogi ... but I am not afarid to faced you ... because I know, you are nobody for me. I going there only for Jethumoni, he loves me immensely no matter how pathetic I was!!!



Thak tabe sei kebol khela  hok na ekhon praner mela

[Now it is time to put away playthings

Let out spirits meet]

Jaldi aajao Mayank, I am waiting for you ... I know, you may be angry on me ... you wouldnt talk to me, but I am sure, main tumhe mana hi lungi!!

Because I know, you still love me ... 5 saal ka fasla humare bech nhi aayega!!



Tarer Beena bhanglo hridoy-Beenay gahire.

[The strings of the Veena are broken

Now i sing with the strings of my heart]


Mayank wore his sun-glasses before stepped down on airport. he looked dashing in his navy blue suites, and he tured to be a centre of attraction of some girls, but he wasnt bother ever look to them.

he took his luggege before headed to a car, which booked for him.

the hot sun rediating his heat making everything burnt. he stepped down from the car in fron of Jehthumoni's house ...


Guys, here is the update.Smile

i hope, aap ko pasand aaya Embarrassed


i knw it was pretty much long , boring n sad updateEmbarrassed ... bt important for story.

so, now tell me how is this???..

waiting for ur comment.Smile

so sorry for spelling & grammatical mistakesOuch

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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Friends, I am going my home for 10-15 days for Durga Puja. so I cant able to updte my FFs ...

m really sorry for this.

bt i ll update asap after i returned back.

love u guys

wish u all a very very happy Durga Puja in advanceBig smile

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 September 2011 at 1:23pm | IP Logged


Wht he has done to himself….matalb suicide nhi tu slow poising he sahi…

He is going tht way

Ahh thnk gOd Jethumoni called him, I donot want him to back to attend gujan's weding but I want him to be there with her, to see her….to have her…


With winds a realy wnt to join n say even me too never saw such love

This was such a janu flower


Suja I love this in this ff, it make this story so heavenly , pure as nature


Haa…suthing never chnges …to hell with his father….father does he knew the meaning of this

Wht I felt wit song n nupurs expression I donot want to comment to spoil its beauty

Pata nhi I cant define wht I felt in between this song…feels like a miracle if the find there way together


Im afraid abt his reaction n nupurs courage…




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valliyah Goldie

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sob cheye aagey Subho Bijoya Hug...!

so something burned inside his so called father when he received jethumoni's call while ignored his, n i soo love to see this insulted feeling in him...but wait this is only the beginning i guessSmile...Mr. yeh to trailer tha picture abhi baki hai so aage aage dekho hota hai kya Evil Smile...!

He not only received Jethumoni's call but agrees to attend wed proves their is still hope for his comeback...comeback as the real mayank who is lost in dark...his arrogancy rudeness all gone just in mere second as soon as he heard Jethumoni's name... remembrance of the love n appreciation that he got from him proves there still remains some traces of emotions somewhere, only needed to bring out and nurture from the deepest dark inside...!

a part of me is soo pleasantly enjoying this helpless n miserable NupurApprove...i stated earlier she truly deserve this...actually deserve lottt more...oh so miss selfish bohat confident hai ki woh mana legi as he truly loves her...yaha bhi uske pyar par bharosa hai jab ki khud apne waqt back out kar gayi...wah kya pyar hai...suppose agar Neel se shaadi hojati to abhi apne life mein busy hoti madam tab kaha jata yeh rona aur manana...mayank may forgive her BUT itni jaldi bhi kya hai...i warn u suja NOT SO SOON Stern Smile...!

what i feel for Mayank is beyond words...though he may show the rough n tough exterior but the pain he is going through since years is unexplainable...dying minute by minute to live with the truth that he has family but none is his, that the person he loved the most only betrayed to the extreme...n here ppl wish to get back him soo easily  as if nothing changed in years, pathetic will be the least to say...!

Perfect song synchronised perfectly...!

Ahh here we get those golden moments of their sweet innocent love(though as flaskback)...nature always was a silent(though they had their own sweet convo) spectator of their pure love...mayank need not words to express, his gestures told loud abt his caring possesiveness n the depth of his was his care when he saw her panting and came back, wiped her sweat and asked for his punishment...he was possessive when he asked her to write just 1 copy of their lovestory so that the three golden words remains only his possesion...before living he plucked that cute flower and tucked in her hair followed with a hug only showed the depth of his unconditional love...though love couldn't be measured but needless to say here mayank's love always was superior than hers...!

Finally he arrived...its actually his Aagaman from a journey of past(dark) to present(towards light)...!

P.S...Title credit dena jaruri tha, ab de hi diya hai to hum bhi formality pura kar hi lete hai THANKYOUStern Smile...Sigg is beyond has all that of this update...his rise, those deep blank eyes...and the darkness(pain) in and out of him...mindblowing...ab jaldi aao so that i can Halla Bol...u know why LOL...!

Edited by valliyah - 10 October 2011 at 2:15pm

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