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The Feather of Blue Bird [MN] # 1[NTL:pg 1] (Page 105)

SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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::::: Intezaar :::::

[this part is continuation of previous part ... i hope its fine for u]

[continue ...]

The train whistle sounded again, and Nupur jerked out of her reverie. She rubbed her forehead painfully ...   she looked outside of the window to read the name of passing station.

"just half an hour more" she murmured ... before rest her head on back. she couldnt stop be thinkin about him ... how could she ... he was ... no, he is her life ... he is the reason to her breath. it wasnt mattered how many years passed ... bdw, how many years had it been???


"and I am here again ..!" she sighed, dragged her luggage near door, waiting for the train to stop. Familiar scenes passing through open door, she could feel warmness in her heart ... big trees, green fields, pitch road and warm wind ... every one welcoming her with wide open arms ... she smile faintly, "Mayank" she whispered ... this nature is in her blood, but it always remind her Mayank ... HER Mayank.

"kya wo yahan aaya hoga?!" she thought, "obviously aaya hoga ... its his sister's wedding after all." She smile, "I am very glad that Gunjan going to marry Pranjal. They are made for each other. I appreciate their choice."


The train finally comes to a stop and she got down with luggage.

Same train ... same platform ... same weather ... same person ...

It had been five long years, but everything was still same ... not a single things has changed. she covered her head with dupatta as a protection from hot sun. it was coffee colored suit ...  her wardrobe full with pastel shaded dresses as she has lost all interest in bright color now a days. Her tight bun loosened of long journey and some strands of hair coming in front of eyes ... she tucked them behind her ear and adjusted her spects. Holding luggage in her hand, she looked around for some familiar face. she had given Uday Bhai her arrival time, then where is he???


She heard a familiar voice and turned around. Her face broke into a huge grin ... Pranjal !!

 "kaisi hai Nupsi?" he smile before took luggage from her hand and start walking to exit.

"I am fine ... aap kaise ho Mr. Groom?" she smile naughtily.

"Nupsi" he groaned, made her chuckled.

"I am so happy for you." She said and adjusted herself on rickshaw, "Gunjan bht acchi ladki hai ... very nice choice." She gave him a proud look, but Pranjal can easily saw the naughtiness in her words, he gave her an angry glance which made her chuckled again.

The rickshaw running in between road ... Nupur rounded her neck ... after many years, she was here ... in her hometown ... she missed her hometown so much!!


She was so lost in thought, and Pranjal's call broke her reverie. she turned her neck, "huh?"

"tune Bangalore me job kyun chuna? yahan bhi to bht saare acche offers aaye the!"

She sighed, "kya tu sach me iska wajah nhi janta?" she questioned back.

Rest of the journey they remain silence ... no one dared to spoke first. Finally they reached home ... every one welcomed her with a huge smile and bear hug.

Uday & Chitra welcomed her ... Chitra was more than happy. Uday was very busy ... he has just inograted a branch of his business nearest town, and this kept him busy ... but he wanted to take a  leave today, but work-pressure didnt allowed him, "kaisi hai meri choti si behen?" He hugged her ... they become soo emotional after meeting long time. Uday informed that he would come late in office.


Chitra and Nupur settled themselves on sofa, Pranjal and Uday joined them ... She asked about her father and Chitra informed that Baba is in Jethumoni's house, he ll come back soon.

They started chit-chat ... Nupur was very happy to returned her home ... Chitra was also happy to see her happy. but she noticed, huge changes on her ... not only her attire, but in her attitude too. Nupur was same jovial mood like ever, but this time she pretended to be jovial, her every smile was a forced smile ... it was so painful to see her like that, but the most painful things were her eyes, her shining bright huge eyes once upon a time where love and life twinkled, now empty ... there was nothing but emptiness, loneliness and waiting for someone ...




Pranjal frowned to see caller's name, he quickly picked up the phone before excused others. Chitra and Nupur continue their chatting, they weren't bother to his leaving. Suddenly Pranjal called Uday and he leave.

They were little surprised, but dont want to enter fair in them. In the main time, someone called from behind, "Maa"

They turned, Nupur saw a cute little girl, around 5-6years standing near door, she has holding a drawing book and crayons. She was starring at Nupur with wonder and curiosity.

"Udita, come here dear." Chitra called, "look who is here ... your Pisimoni (Bua, in Bengali.) ..."

Nupur was surprised to see her ... she cant believe her own eyes ... she had leave from here, then Udita was hardly 1 year of age ... and now, she is a big girl.

How easily time has passed.

Udita come towards them silently, she was exactly carbon copy of Nupur, when she was Udita's age ... almost similar face, same fearless attitude, same naughtiness and innocent twinkling in her eyes.

"hello Udita." Nupur forward her hand with a sweet smile.

Udita reciprocated her smile, then placed her drawing  on table ... which came next was totally surprised Nupur. Udita bend down and touched her feet, "how are you Pisimoni?" she asked sweetly.

Tear formed in Nupur eyes, she pulled her and hugged tightly before kissed her hair. she beca,e so much emotional that she couldnt utter a word. she just hugged her when tear rushing down from her cheeks ... Udita broke the hug when she sensed wetness on her shoulder, "aap ro kyun rahi ho Pisimoni?" she asked innocently before removed her tears with her tiny hand.

"kuch nhi beta, bus, bht din baad aap ko dekha hai na ... issliye." She kissed her tiny hands.

"aap please math rona, mujhe aasun acche nhi lagte" she pouted cutely when crossed her arms on her chest.

Nupur smiled at her cuteness ... she pulled her cheeks, "ok dear, paar aapne mujhe aapki painting nhi dikhai??"

"areh haan" Udita literally jumped, before show her painting.

Chitra smiled at duo ... this is called relation, how easily this two mingled and engroced into their serious painting-talk, when they parted froom years. she sighed and headed to kitchen.


Men were sitting on chair, they looked tensed yet excited.

"tune sahi se suna na k usne yahi number dia tha??" Uday asked. he has been leave for office, but Pranjal's sudden news made him too dropped the office for today.

"haan Bhai, ussne yahi number dia tha." Pranjal said sheepishly, his body was shivering in excitement, "aap ' aaplog try karke dekh lona!!" he said looked at rest of men ... Abinash, Mr.Sengupta and Jethumoni were sitting in the garden along with Pranjal and Uday.

After brought Nupur, Pranjal got a call from one of his friend. he was surprised of his sudden call,  he wasnt attending Pranjal's wedding cause, he was now in USA and he ll back only day afther his marriage. so Pranjal requested him to attend his reception and also requested him to search Mayank if possible.

Now, he called from USA as he got some news of Mayank Roychoudhury, a rising businessman ... and got Mayank's official phone number too.

Now here all of them discussing about it.

"why are we waiting for?" Uday said, "and according to time, it was before noon in USA. Mayank must be in office."

Abinash dialed the number ... after few second it start ringing ... their heartbeat increased ... they were starring at Abinah's cell.

"hello, good morning" a very sweet voice said with pure American accent.

"eerrr ... can I speak to Mr.Mayank Roychoudhury please." Abinash said, looking at Jthumoni.

"sure sir, but may I know you identity please?"

"I am his father." He said proudly and waiting for the call to transfer to Mayank.



A huge lavish mansion. big trees were surrounded three side of the house, a huge designer gate ... when you open the gate and entre, you can find a very big garden, brimmed over with blossoming flower ... a swing end of the garden, a red colored path start from gate and stopped straight to near portico and its branch-path went to another side of this mansion, a huge garage, where you can see latest cars were shining there. a swimming pool beside it ... and a changing room also there.

But surprisingly this house was so quite ... there was no sound except chirruping birds.

A big but vey simple room ... a man was sleeping, hugging a book ... but you can easily spotted the frown on his face, he was not in a very peaceful sleep.

He got up before alarm ring. he groaned and held his head tightly ... his head was aching badly. this headache was not new for him, he was suffering from long time ... he wasnt take care of himself ... always skipped his meal and most of the time he skipped his dinner, and yesterday night wasnt exceptional.

He took medicine and went to freshen up.

Half-an hour later he came out, he was feeling well ... silently he wore suit, took car-keys and headed to kitchen. He opened the refrigerator, and unfortunately it was empty, there hadn't a morsel of food ... sighing he take out water and emptied the bottle.

He drove off to office after locked the door.

He reached his office in time ... Blue Bird International ... a multistoried building.

Employees were busy in chatting, some of them laughing gossiping on something ... a boy rushed into there, "boss is coming." This small sentences was enough for their terror, few seconds of hustle bustle ... the office was clean and clam ... everyone pretended engross into their work ... they were terrified of their boss Mr. Mayank Roychoudhury, a man without heart.

Mayank walked straight to his respective cabin. The employees wishing him morning, he wasnt bother to wished them back like always. his face was tight and emotionless ... his eyes were firm.

He entered into his respective cabin. after few minutes the phone ringing. casually he picked up the phone, then froze in spot ... after long years, he heard his voice, "Mayank, I am your father. how are you son?"

He didnt except his father's call and he didnt want to ... but it was true that Abinash's voice bring back those memories which he tried hard to forget.

Composing himself, he made his voice ruthless, "sorry, wrong number." He slammed the receiver on cradle. his face was stern and red in anger.


He took his intercom, "Claira, why are you here??" he clenched his jaw. on the other hand Claira was hell scared, "why-why sir?"


"s-sir, he told he-he is your father." She stammered.

"SO WHAT???" he punched the table, "IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE YOUR JOB, THEN BE CAREFUL FROM NOW ON ... " he slammed the phone.


Suhani, his PA was hell scared to heard his voice from outside of the cabin. She knew, she is going to bang her head on stone-wall, but she has no other option left ... her husband was in hospital.

With gather some courage, she knocked the glass-door, and immediately earned anger filled  'come in'. sighing she entre into the cabin, "sir"

"what do you want?" Mayank asked in heavy voice without noticing her.

"sir, I want two weeks leave ... my husband is hospitalized and-"

"no ... two weeks leave is impossible." His voice was stern, "you may leave now."

"please sir, my husband is in hospital ... he fell from staircase and got a head injury and the doctor said-"

"JUST STOP YOUR CRAP" Mayank shouted, his eyes were burning in anger, "TWO WEEKS LEAVE IS IMPOSSIBLE ... I AM NOT PAYING YOU FOR YOUR PERSONAL AFFIARS" he was shivering in anger, "UNDERSTAND?"

Suhani's eyes brimmed over, "please sir, he is my husband" she pleaded.


Suhani was shocked ... it wasnt possible to leaved this high paying job, when she needed the most ... for her husband's medical expenses ...

"you may leave now" Mayank sat on the chair and engrossed into file, until his phone start ringing ... it was Claira ...

This is Mayank Roychudhury, a rising businessman ... no doubt about his ability ... but he was very short-tempered person, he was paying his employees a handsome salary, but he has no sympathy towards them if they have facing some personal problem.



Guys, here is the update.Smile

i hope, aap ko pasand aaya Embarrassed

i know, some questions are still bother u ... bt it ll answered with updates ... i hope, its fair.Embarrassed


i knw it was pretty much long , boring n sad updateEmbarrassed ... bt important for story.

so, now tell me how is this???..

waiting for ur comment.Smile

so sorry for spelling & grammatical mistakesOuch

I dont know why ... for some weired reason ...i couldnt update my own postAngry

so i just wanna say thank u friends ... without ur love & support this FF wont touched 100 pages milestone.

here is a small treate from my side ... hope u like itEmbarrassed

Aagaman > Page 112

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SujaLuvsMayur IF-Rockerz

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thanks note

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-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 7:19am | IP Logged
somehow i knew that mayank would be changed...b/w waiting to see the change...lets see how he change...

so this is the change...a heartless i thought...i hope someone give back his heart to him so was an amazing update as usual...waiting for mayur meeting desperately...i want to know their reaction especially mayank's when he would see his nupur...nd ya i want to see his parents would be a slap for them that mayank was so successful

waiting for next update...update soon...
take care...nd love u

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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I like the mayanks character. mayank is now heartless. I hope nupur bring back mayank's heart

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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
i loved it lodsss...
awesome update sis...
so now Nupur is back to her home...
really like d convo between Nupur n Udita...
so here we can see our Mayank heartless...
after all he got his success bt lost his emotions...
bt m glad ke Mayank ne uss Admi ko accha lesson diya...
bt i want him back to my Nupur asap...
i jst want Mayank's family to pay more for der deeds baas...
bt plzzz plzzz mere MayUr ko jaldi se wapas milwado plzzz
waiting eagerly for d next update...
love ya...Hug

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valliyah Goldie

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the most awaited or i must say the chapter i die heartily waited soo soo much  satisfied its kinda healing me n u better know that Smile...!

well i have nothing to do with gunjan's marriage stuff she n other selffish self-centered ppl can better go to hell...on second thought isn't hell too good for ppl like them to send in Ermm whatever...!

i already mention earlier i like pranjal n he is too good to deserve a partner like gunjan...but love is blind n so is he...!

hmm i truly loved this little angel n her cute acts...touching feet part is too touchy n sweet u reminded me Fiza's Ardhangini were mayur's son touches mayu's feet...this little yet meaningful gestures r so pure...!

im happy to see nupur lifeless...its like what u sow is what u reap...if u snatch away one's life n soul n leave him lifeless to suffer till he dies than this is what u suppose to get the only thing in return...even this is not enough as she still have friend, bro, sis-in-law beside her but the person in question have nothing but only a life without life...!

hmmm proud to be his father bull sh* filthy human can be i wonder... if mere giving birth is enough for one to be tag as father than yes he can call himself his father...!

ohh i soo love to see mayank in this update n hope to see more in upcoming updates too...ofcourse heartless he would be as no emotions left...what will he do with  heart n emotion when his own soo called loved ones played with it soo emotionlessly...he was nothing but a fun material to them...nobody cared for his emotions so why expect it in return...he was in pain n he still is in pain but the difference is he never showed before whereas now he pours it out as in wrath...if only someone once try n understand *sighs*...!

 P.S...suja i love u know why Embarrassed...!

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nuckts IF-Dazzler

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hey sweets!i loved d update
and i was so much happy to read nupur-udita conversation that was so cuteTongue
the update was handled so maturely
LOL the way mayank's staff reacted before his arrival lol!
mayank was very rude with suhaniAngry i mean i know professional n personal life r diff. but come on her husband was hospitalized he should have given leave
plz jaldi mayur scenes daal do!
overall excellent job!
keep it up
                                                                                           love nuckts!!!!!

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drmaha IF-Dazzler

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hayei suja ka update... Shocked Shocked
kahi mai sapna tu nai daik rahi... lol
hey mjhey edit kerna tha maine khud k post ko rep kerdiya... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
see my rep on pg 109LOLLOLLOL

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