Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

CaliforniaGirlsWe'reUndeniable -FF A&A/M&G(Pt2Pg3)

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 9:52pm | IP Logged

Hey Everyone !

Well most you guys probably don't know me but my name is Maahi ! Im a silent member in this forum... quietly reading all of your topics and FF.

So after reading soo many FF I decided to write my own. Just a warning before I start I'm not a good writer at all and sorry if Iam not descriptive enough lol.

Okay so characters:

Geet Handa:  20 years old, was raised and born in Canada but just moved to California. She's a very talkative and bubbly girl once you know her but she's very shy and quiet at first especially to strangers.  She's going into the Business Program at UCLA very smart and got a full rise scholarship so that's why her parents let her move there. Also, she has been to Cali many times as her cousins live there and two of them got married.

Arohi Sharma: is Geet's cousin that lives in California. She is the youngest out of three daughters in her family she is 22 years old.  Arohi is a very smart girl, and very outgoing she has many interests and has many friends.  

Arjun Punj: A very successful business man that owns P &M company his father's company that he runs now. He is a very outgoing guy just like Arohi, loves to go out and is in sports.  He is 25 years old.  Arjun and Arohi have the same circle of friends so they know each other. He also lives in California. He is best friends are Armaan, and Maan.

Armaan Malik: he is a flirt (just like his character in the beginning of DMG) He changes his girlfriends every day and just likes to play around but he never hurts or misuses any girl. He respects them. He is very smart and is also studying at UCLA in medicine to become a doctor. He is 21 years old.  Also, his family is very wealthy just like Arjuns and Maans is.

Maan Singh Khurana: He is just like his character in Geet. Very serious and arrogant. He is a very successful business man (25 years old). He is one of the youngest people to achieve fame this fast in his life.  His business is in California and he lives there with his Daadi. He just doesn't like girls, he thinks that they are just a waste of time and are annoying but loves his Daadi very much.  Even though he doesn't like girls he is friends with Arohi they are really good friends because Arohi doesn't like him in that way and doesn't throw herself on him like all of the other desperate girls. And his best friends are Arjun and Armaan he is a totally different person with them and would give up everything for them.


Let me know what you guys think....the first part will be updated shortly. And I don't know what to call this FF so any ideas?

Also, if anyone wants to be added to my pm list please add me as buddy on here its is easier to send out pms that way...


Part One - Page 1

Part Two - Page 1

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Armaan_Maan Groupbie

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Part One:

Geet arrives at LAX Airport. She is looking for her cousin as she told her that she was going to pick her up.  After trying to find her for 5 minutes she pulls out her phone and calls her.

Geet:  Arohi..Where are you?

Arohi: Sorry Geet was trying to find parking I'm on my way.

Geet: okay see you soon !

10 minutes later Geet sees Arohi approaching her. They hug as they haven't seen each other in a while.

Arohi: How are you?? I missed you soo much

Geet: Im fine.. and yes it has been way to long.

Finally, Geet and Arohi reach the parking lot and get her luggage and everything settled. During their car which is one hour they catch up on everything. Arohi is telling her all about Arjun, Armaan and Maan.  Geet is just enjoying her stories as Arohi is warning her to stay away from Armaan cause he is a flirt lol.

They reach Arohi's house where Geet will be staying because her parents only let her go to California on one condition that she would stay with her aunt and Geet didn't really have a problem because she loved her aunt and cousin they were all like sisters.

Geet called her mom and dad letting them know that she has arrived safely and will talk to them tomorrow because she is tired and wants to sleep. It's been a long day for Geet with all the airport hassle and getting to L.A. so she decides that she should go to sleep because tomorrow she has to take care of a few things regarding her admission and some documents.  She goes into her room and gets ready to go bed and she hears a knock at her door...

Arohi: Hey it's me

Geet: Yah come in !

Arohi:  After your school work we are going out with my be ready to meet them all..I have already told them about you.

Geet: Sounds like a plan.

Arohi: Okay than...good night take care

Geet: Good night and take care


The next day, Geet wakes up early to take a shower and get ready for a busy day. It's 9 am and Arohi and Geet are leaving the house to go to the UCLA Campus.  Even though its June and the semester doesn't start until late August, Geet had to get in a few documents in first and do some tests so that she could register for classes. Geet goes to the admissions office and hands in her highschool and university transcripts this way she is a transfer student.  She writes the basic English and math tests as they are required even though she went to a Canadian university. She also went to go see a counsellor to check which one of her courses would transfer over so she didn't have to retake any classes and to her surprise all of her classes were transferable.  Geet was very happy about that because it saved her trouble of having to take the same classes again pushing her behind. It was 1pm and Geet finally finished she called Arohi to tell her that she was all done. Arohi was at the mall nearby while waiting for Geet to do her stuff as Geet didn't have her own car yet.

Arohi: Soo are you done with everything? and how did everything go?

Geet: YUPP ! and Guess what??!! All of my classes transferred over so I don't have to repeat anything !!! :D

Arohi: WOW ! that's really good...

Geet: okay im hungryyy !! lets go get some chipotle ??!

Geet Loved chipotle (its Mexican food) and they didn't have one in her city in Canada so when she would go to California she would have that all the time.

Arohi: You read my mind lets go !

At Chipotle...

Arohi: So I was talking to Armaan and he said we are going to go bowling and then out for some shisha (hookah) ..Sound cool?

Geet: Yah sure (Geet was a bit nervous as she was meeting these people for the first time and didn't know who they were and what they would think of her but she was excited to go bowling)

Arohi: Okay so we are going to meet them at like 7 so we have tons of time lets go shopping? ?

Geet: Yah sure I want to buy tons of clothes for summer as I need to change up my wardrobe to Cali style :P

Arohi and Geet left Chipotle go to shopping..


PRECAP : Geet meeting the gang...

Sorry guys I know this part might have been boring but it's an introduction to get the story going. Let me know how I am doing and your thoughts about it.

Thanks :)

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Part Two:

Arohi and Geet were engrossed in shopping since they both loved to shop that they lost track of time. Armaan calls Arohi.

Armaan: Umm Arohi where the hell are youu?!! ?

Arohi: OHH SHIT!! Sorry Ammy !! We are close to the bowling alley! Will be there ASAP !

Armaan: Okay Hurry we are all here waiting for you.

Arohi: Okay be there soon.

She cuts the call

Arohi: Chaloo ! We are late ..

Geet: Okay I'm ready

In the car both Arohi and Geet check themselves to make sure they look okay. Geet brushes her hair. She was dressed casual but cute.

They enter the bowling alley.....

Arohi: Geet just follow my lead okay ? ?

Geet just nodes her head

The bowling alley was all dark and it was all glow in the dark bowling alley. Each bowling lane had a big tv playing the latest music videos.  Geet was just amazed at how awesome the bowling alley was. Arohi finally saw Armaan waving at her and she ran there. Geet just followed slowly as she was still busy checking out the place.

Arohi yelled: Geet!!

Geet realized that she was still standing near the entrance looking at the place while Arohi was already with her friends. Geet walked as quickly as she could to them.  She got there to find a guy standing right beside Arohi and smiling and one guy had his back to her because he was busy watching the other guy bowl.

Arohi (To Armaan): Ammy meet my cousin Geet

Geet's mind: The guy that had his back facing to us turned around hearing my name and quickly turned back around. I saw that from the corner of my eye but I couldn't really see him as it was dark and he turned back around quickly. From the looks of it he seemed to be full of himself or atleast that's what I think.

Armaan smiles out and offers his hand out for me to shake. He seemed like a nice guy so I offered my hand out and shook his hand with a smile.

Armaan: Nice to meet you Geet ..I'm Armaan

Geet: Hey Armaan nice to meet you too... I'm Geet as Arohi already told you (laugh)

 Armaan: okay let's get started since you guys are already late ... and I'm sure it was all of your fault Geet right?

Geet: (laughs) nopee we were too engrossed in our shopping that we lost our time

Geet's thought: The man that had his back facing to us smirked and said 'Women' . I was kinda of offended at this man who was he? And how was he friends with my cousin Arohi? ? ? I wondered who ever he was I wanted to stay away from this womanizer.

Arohi: Oh shut up Maan!!

So his name is Maan eh?! Well he obviously hasn't meet Geet Handa yet I thought to myself. He's such a loser. 

Upon hearing this Maan turned around. Geet finally saw him. Even though it was dark she could still his face. He was alright he was cute but not hot and def not her type cause he had stubble and Geet likes clean shaven people.  Although Geet didn't like she did admit that he had model features and could easily see him on the cover of Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister shopping bags(she laughed inside at the thought of that)

Maan: What Arohi ? did the truth hurt you (he said with a smirk on his face).

Arohi walked up to Maan and smacked him on the arm.

Maan: Ouch! That hurt Arohi

Arohi : Oh well :P...Oh Maan meet my cousin Geet shes going to live here now

Maan(he didn't even look up at her and in a very uninterested voice said): Hi

Geet was already pissed of at him and his rude Hi didn't help things...but Geet didn't let him affect her she remained cool and calm.

Geet (in the same tone as Maan): Hi

Maan was a little taken back by her Hi.. Instead of trying to flirt with him or trying to take a chance she replied to him in the same way or maybe even ruder. He looked up to see exactly who she was. Maan finally looks up at her.  He was amazed to see that she wasn't still standing in front of him waiting for him to say anything yet she was busy getting ready and talking to Arohi and Armaan. Her back was turned to him. He thought that hmm shes one interesting girl .. maybe I should give her a chance.

Arjun was still bowling and his turn was finally over so he turned around to meet Arohi.

Arjun: Arohii !! Your finally here ! What took you soo long?

Arohi (turned around to see him as she was facing the back of the bowling lane):  Hey arjun ! Sorry was busy with my cousin. Oh btw meet my cousin Geet.

Maan looks to Arohi and Geet's direction.  Geet turns around.

Maan finally got to see her .. she was alright to him not hot or anything he turned back around thinking MSK doesn't look at girls.

Arjun comes towards them.

Arjun(with a big smile): Heyy Geet !! I'm Arjun ... welcome to California ! Is this your first time? ?

For some odd reason Geet already liked Arjun ! He seemed like such a nice guy and his eyes said everything about him that he was the most innocent and pure hearted guy.

Geet (smiling): Hey Arjun ! Nice to meet you :) and thanks for the welcome ! and nope been here twice but for weddings so didn't haven't really seen California yet.

Arjun: Ohhh i see ! Well don't worry we will take you everywhere !

Geet: Thanks Arjun :)

Arjun smiles at Geet. Than looks at Arohi .

Arjun (to Arohi): Soo whats new? Hows it going?

Arohi: Nothing much took Geet to UCLA to do some paperwork and stuff and than shopped. How about you?

Geet sensed something between Arjun and Arohi well atleast she saw concern and care in Arjun's eyes for Arohi but she wasn't sure if it was love or anything but whatever it was she was happy that Arohi found a friend like Arjun.

Armaan( To geet):  Oh Geet your enrolled in UCLA?

Geet: Yeah I am ... do you also go there?

Armaan: Yeah I do I'm in the neuroscience program about you?

Geet: Oh that's cool ! I am in the business program.

Arohi: Okay guys let's start bowling.

There were only 5 seats there. Arjun sat beside Arohi  and Armaan sat by himself so Geet had only had one option that was to sit beside Maan. She didn't want to sit near him but had no choice. So quietly Geet sat down beside him. Maan felt that someone was sitting beside him so he moved a little.

Precap : Geet and Maan arguing


GUYSS !! Please comment and let me know what you like and dislike about this FF. It's quite a long update and your feedback is appreciated 

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Hey, good one!!! In guess you have brought in all your favourite characters...

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i like ur ff
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its awesome dear
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hey add me to ur pm list
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Hey its nice..add me 2 ur pm list.

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