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Finding love on an unexpected journey OS

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Finding love on an unexpected journey (OS)

Malawi, Africa

I sat there while dressed in an electric blue sari on a giant sofa with my gaze pointing straight down. My back was erect and I was sitting there ever so still. My breathing was so slow and calm that for a moment a person could mistake me for not breathing at all. But that's how I was supposed to sit. Erect, gaze down and smiling shyly.

"This is my daughter Sabina", my mum said while stroking my head gently.

"And this is my son Karim" an old man said while patting a young man's back proudly. I had a sudden urge to look up and see the man I was suppose to marry. The guy's side came to see my after fixing my marriage to my close friend karim. Even though my breathing was slow, only I knew how fast my heart was beating. There was this sinking feeling in my heart. How can i marry karim? I never took him as anything more than a friend and now all of a sudden seeing him as my husband was like not easy. I always thought that if i don't find my Mr. Perfect on my own, then i would go for arranged marriage but now at this point when my parents have fixed my marriage with my own family friend, I don't feel happy. That feeling is not coming from my heart which i expected to come when i will first see my true love. I always believed that marriages are made in heaven and god somehow brings those two soul mates together and give them some kind of sign which proves that they're made of each other but why am I not getting that feeling when I see karim. Am i doing something wrong with my life? My trance was broken with my parent's laughter.

"There pair is made in heaven. Karim beta welcome to the family." I looked up only to see karim's eyes boring into mines. At that time i had this sudden urge to run away from there. I can't marry him. I can't even stand his gaze on me, how am i going to accept him as my husband with all my heart soul and body.

Soon they all went away and i was left behind with my parents. I don't know how to tell them. I mean after all i was the one who told them that i am ready for an arranged marriage.

"uh mummy. I need to talk to you" i asked nervously while playing with the hem of my sari

"what happened?" she was busy cooking. Man what am i suppose to say? That mum i can't marry karim as my heart didn't skip a beat when i first time saw him. I didn't get those butterflies in my tummy when he touched me. Ugh she won't understand.

"ican'tmarrykarim" i said in one breath and tightly closed my eyes.

"WHAT? WHY NOT?" shit she sounds angry. This is not going good god!

"be..because.....he is not the one for me. I mean we are not made for each other"  was i even making sense? Ughh

"that's rubbish. How do you know? And anyways now it's too late. Our whole family and relatives know about this marriage. Now we can't go back on our words and you were the one who said that you want to go for arranged marriage." She was proper towering me. Mum chill out, you're gonna kill me with your expressions. I breathed out and tried to calm my nerves down.

"mum i won't be happy with this marriage. I have never taken him as anything more than friend." I JUST DON'T FLIPPING FEEL LIKE MARRYING HIM MAN! How can i explain?

"i know he will keep you happy. He's a very nice boy. Now go to your room and don't tell your dad all that otherwise he'll be really cross" she warned me and shooed me away. I don't know what am i going to do but first thing is first. TAKE THIS FLIPPING SARI OFF. Gosh how can any female walk in it without tripping over and damn my back has gone so stiff. Where is tiger balm?

I went to my room and fell on the bed while staring at the ceiling. Suddenly the bulb of my brain lit up as i thought to call to my close romantic friend. I am sure she must know what love is. After all she's the most romantic person i have ever met.

I jabbed a few buttons on my phone and listened impatiently to the ring going. Hope she picks up her phone man. She never does. UGH.

"hello? Laddo?" he chirpy voice made my heart flutter with hope.

"San you gotta help me piddie"

"no hi, no hello? Direct san you gotta help me piddie. Jeez people nowadays"  ARGHHHH SHE IS SUCH A DRAMA QUEEN.

"HI. Happy? San I am proper stuck man. Help me piddie" i could imagine her getting serious.

"what happened laddo? Is everything cool? How was the meeting with karim?"

"San i don't wanna marry him. I just don't love him and i just know that i will never be able to love him. He's not what i am looking for in a husband" i was on a verge of crying. Will anyone ever understand me?

"aww calm down laddo. Look tell me what happened and why suddenly you are planning to back off?" i felt panic in her tone

"look i don't know okay. I just thought that i'll go for arrange marriage then suddenly when i saw him i realised that i am not getting attracted to him."

"Not even a tiny bit? You mean you're not even lusting behind him?" HUH? IS THIS TIME TO JOKE?

"SAN! STOP KIDDING." I heard her bubbly laughter at the other end which spookily caused me relax as well. I realised that there was a small smile on my face; my whole body relaxed just by listening to friend's laughter. She always makes me happy with her crazy antics.

"haha..okay okay i'll stop", she breathed in heavily and told me to continue

"Thank you san. You always manage to pull my mood up."

"aww anytime laddo. Okay now tell me. Whats up in your life?" i'll just come straight to the point

"What is love san? How do you know that you are in love?" i asked sighing lightly while closing my eyes waiting for answer. There was pause for a brief moment and suddenly she spoke.

"Love doesn't happen in first sight laddo. It happens slowly slowly. Listen to this phrase. Beauty is not what you see when you first meet a person rather it's what you feel after knowing that person." Somehow i kind of get it what she was on about but still wasn't completely sure.

"what you're on man?" i heard her frowning at the other end. Not my fault that she speaks in some next language which i don't get it. God!

"look there is not going to be a lightning strike from the heavens when you'll meet your soul mate. But somehow you'll end up with him even in the most inconvenient situations. You'll start to believe in destiny. Samajh mein aaya buddhu?" yes i got it! If he's mines, then anyhow i'll get him. By hook or by crook!

"aaya. Hey jaaneman gotta go now. Will catch ya later. You coming on my wedding right?"

"offcourse but i hope you choose the right guy. Best of luck"


Just like day the whole month passed and the wedding day also arrived. But i still didn't get those feelings for karim, rather a sudden fear was engulfing me. I felt like I was losing someone more and more as the wedding day came closer. I started reading books on love and i knew that i so wasn't in love with karim. I can't ruin mines and karim's life. He deserves someone who can actually love him and not give him a loveless marriage. I know that you should marry someone who loves you not the one you love, but man from my side there was nothing, not even attraction. San's words were revolving around my head as i sat in front of the mirror staring at my image. I was draped in red bridal lengha and was adorned with all kind of gold jewellery but still there wasn't that glow on my face which you usually see on bride's face. Suddenly the thought of loveless marriage came in my mind and i imagined myself getting tortured everyday and every moment of my married life. No i can't do this. This marriage would be the biggest mistake of my life. I gotta run man!!!

i quickly pulled my rucksack out and shoved in all the clothes as fast as i could. I could hear the girls giggling outside my door. On an impulse i wore my jacket over the red lengha and ran towards the balcony of my room. In Africa we have these massive balconies, so i tied some dupattas together and finally tied the long piece of scarf on the sill of the balcony. My eyes scanned the ground floor to see if anyone was there but to my luck the area underneath my balcony was secluded so after giving a final look to my room I jumped down with the help of the dupatta. Without wasting a minute, i ran as fast as i could. I jumped up the backyard's wall and ran. I quickly caught a cab and climbed in it. My heart was beating like never before. Involuntarily my hands went up to my chest trying to stop panting so hard, even the taxi driver was giving me those disgusted looks.

"did you run away from your wedding?" he asked. Why does he care? God! Will he give me those annoying lectures?

"no i am going to fancy dress competition. Any problem?" i snapped back and that managed to zip his mouth up.


As soon as I entered the brightly lighted airport, all heads suddenly turned towards me and gasped seeing my attire. Ugh i hate catching so much attention i thought grimly while dragging my feet furiously on the shiny tiled floor. I soon bought a ticket to LONDON and walked towards waiting room area. By the way i live in UK but have family here so thought that might just go back to England then innit.

I stretched my legs on the waiting room seat while making gurgling noise in my cold coffee by blowing in the straw. I know gross but man it's my old habbit. I love the sound of it. Hehe

"do you mind miss fancy dress. Thats annoying" i shot my head back when i heard someone's voice. Is he talking to me?

 "hi may i sit here" he asked and without waiting for my reply he sat next to me. I kept gurgling by blowing in the straw while shamelessly checking him out. Man he was wearing those Armani suits with red tie and had this spiky jet black hair. Slowly i breathed in his cologne and sighed dreamily. He had those sharp facial features which can make any girl go weak on her knees and damn those hazel eyes which were fiercely boring into mines. I felt knots in my stomach and i could hear my heart thumping in my ears. For the first time in my life, i felt those butterflies in the pit of my tummy.

"HI" i breathed out. SABINA CONTROL!!! "ahem ahem hi, yeah you can sit here" i shook my head a bit trying to control some new feelings erupting inside me. Jeez am lusting behind the guy already. What a scat i am. Huh

"thanks. By the way hi I am ayaan." He stretched out his hand and on an impulse i grabbed it.

"h..hi i am ..." SHIT WHAT IS MY NAME? "SABINA YEAH! Uh my name is Sabina" OH MY GAWD he must be thinking what a retard i am. LEAVE HIS HAND WOMEN.

"did you just forget your name?" he asked cheekily while rolling his tongue in his mouth. OMG he is teasing me. What an idiot!

"no. I was just.. thinking that.. uh yeah why did you call me miss fancy dress before? Don't you have any shame?" i quickly changed the topic. Now come one it's not like i can tell him ayan darling i forgot my name as i was too busy checking your sexy body out. Yeah right!

"i just got pissed by listening to that gurgling noise you was making with that straw when I was sitting behind you so impulsively called you that. Hey by the way why did you run from your wedding anyways? Bet the groom wasn't that hot or maybe your parents were forcibly making you marry some retard. Right?" he asked excitedly while facing me completely.

"whatever piddie. I am not the kind of person who runs away just because i didn't find the guy hot. I wasn't in love with him." WHY DID I TELL HIM EVERYTHING. Ugh my big mouth!

"ooh. So who are you in love with?" With you. *sigh* WHAT SHUT UP WOMEN!

"no one"i ended the convo. Why does he care so much.

"so you just ran away thinking you'd find your soul mate in the plane hahahaha" IS THIS BLOODY TIME TO JOKE?

"shut up. I am not laughing" i said while folding my hands against my chest and looking down.

"ooh bad time to joke right?" NO THEN GENIUS!

"yes" i replied blankly

"i am sorry." Aww look at his cute face.

"it's okay. Hey lets go time to board. You coming in LONDON flight right?" please say yes. Please say yes. Fingers crossed.

"yeah. I live there. Let's go" YESSSSS GO SABINA GO SABINA GO SABINA.

"LETS GO", i hopped excitedly.

As soon as we stepped in the plane the air hostess greeted us with a charming smile.

"Welcome aboard. Are you two newly married?"  she asked happily. Before we could answer her, she continued,

"off course you two must be. Recently our company has produced a scheme for newly married couple. You just have to fill in the form and your name goes to a draw. The prize of the draw is two tickets to Hawaii. Are you interested?" HAWAII? DAMN i have never gone to Hawaii before. The offer was too tempting to say no.

"YES we are" i said quickly while linking arms with ayaan. He looked at me shocked and i just pleaded him with my eyes.

"brilliant. I'll bring you the form" the air hostess disappeared in those tiny kitchens while ayaan just stood there with his hands on his hips.

"explain." I looked like i was caught with my hand in a cookie jar. Jeez!

"look you must have gone to lots of places but i have never been to Hawaii before. It's okay if you don't wanna come but mate at least let me go. What's the harm in being my fake husband in front of these air hostesses?"  okay that 'my husband' sounded kinda good. Ayaan and Sabina. Hmm Sayaan?. OH MY GAWD. WHAT AM I THINKING?

"okay fine lets go" i smiled widely.

The flight was not full so i went and sat next to Ayaan who happily budged up to give me more space.

"hey so now where you are gonna go? I mean have you planned anything?" he asked me. Have i? No man.

"uh no. I just ran away on an impulse." SHIT SO THAT MEANS I AM HOMELESS RIGHT NOW?

"oh. You better think about something. Hey if you need money or anything i can give you" aww he is so sweet.

"no man chill out. I have got my credit card and stuff. I agree right am homeless now but not penniless...yet" i gulped thinking about all the dangers that homeless people have. Rape murder eekks no!

"i need to use the loo. Excuse me" i quickly locked myself in the bathroom as i felt tears burning in my eyes.


Me and Ayaan was walking down the airport corridor while talking animatedly about something. Soon Ayaan spotted his family members and excitedly waved towards them. Seeing him wave, even i started to wave at them. So retarded right? But donno why even i felt the wave of excitement flowing though my body.

"hi mom. Hi dad. U guys okay?" he hugged his parents while i stood next to showing my white teeth. Suddenly their faces turned pale seeing me next to him. I wonder why. Is there something on my face? I quickly rubbed my face just to make sure there is nothing spectacular on it and then suddenly it struck me. I was in a typical bride's attire and these lot must be thinking that I am ayaan's wife. Haw

"AYAAN? YOU GOT MARRIED?" his dad stormed and he shook his head like a small child.

"no dad. She's Sabina. My frie-" someone cut him in the middle

"Mr ayaan. Sorry to disturb you but your wife forgot to sign in this section of the form. Can she please complete the form?" one the air attendants came and asked him. DAMN IT! Now what? We're badly stuck.


"what she's not? That can be a crime for fooling the company and filling in for the draw for newly wedded couple." The air attendant looked sharply at me as if confirming.

"uh what? Why you're looking at me for?" i said nervously. Swear down i had no idea how to tackle this situation.  Ayaan sighed and said in a low voice,

"sorry i was just angry at my wife. Yes we are married." Then that women took my signature and went away but not before saying,

"kids these days. Just get married without telling parents and then don't even have guts to face the truth. Huh" OMG Ayaan is gonna kill me for putting him in this situation. Save me god

"look yeah mind your own business" Ayaan barked and his i just looked down as his parents were looking at me from top to bottom.

"Ayaan we'll discuss this at home. Now bring our bahu home with you." His mum smiled at me even though she was proper angry at Ayaan. Wait go home? Meaning i am not homeless anymore? I got a house to live in. OMG i hope Ayaan don't mind.

"but mum-" i cut him off

"Ayaan lets discuss this at home. Please." I gulped hoping Ayaan to be a bit understanding. He just nodded in slight frustration and walked off while me trying to catch up with him in this heavy lengha.

Me and Ayaan were coming in a different car and man he even had a driver. Whoa these lot are proper rich eh? Suddenly i realised that Ayaan wasn't even talking to me rather just looked out of the window.

"Ayaan look am sorry. But i so badly needed a home." No reply from him. God so much attitude!

"Ayaan man why are you staring outside the window when i am talking to you?" i was proper pissed now. Like god it's not like i forcibly intruded in their life. I was just invited by his parents right? Not my mistake yeah.

"because i find the scenery outside the window much more interesting than you." eeeee such ziddi child he is.

"huh? What's in that scenery that's not in me?" i mean like comparison between me and scenery. Hah you gotta be kidding right?

"you talk a lot and the scenery don't"

"well scenery's deficiency not mines" i said confidently while blowing my nails.

"whatever. I don't even know why am i listening to you. Ugh" he said while frowning to himself.

"uh we're like friends right? Come on Ayaan. Just for a few days until i don't find my own place to live. Can you see me wandering round the streets as a homeless?" i asked while pretending to wipe a tear which never came out on the first place.

"oh my god i am being really harsh right? You are going through this hard phase and instead of helping you i am pushing you towards more problems. Shame on me" YESSS told you this emotional drama always works. LIKE ALWAYSSSSS. Go Sabina go Sabina go Sabina!

"thank you Ayaan. That's so sweet of you. By the way what's the colour of your room?" hope it's navy blue man. I am like truly madly and deeply in love with this colour. *blush*

"cream and light brown" WHAT? I HATE BROWN! UGH. I want it all changed Ayaan pati dev!

"can we please have a bit of navy blue stuff in it as well?" he looked at him bemusedly

"hellooo don't forget your just my pretend wife and not a real one." HUH mr grumpy. Now tell me which tsunami would have came if he would have painted the room navy blue and just you know change the colour of curtains and stuff. Not much!

"fine. Stay like this." Even i turned my head to the other side of the window.

As soon as we reached home, we got bombarded with questions from his parents. And man trust me we even made this wicked love story up like Ayaan came to Africa to do some kinda business and there he met me. His car broke down in the rain and i was also there somehow. (how convincing right *winks* ) then we met, then our hearts met and finally we fell in love. Tada! But now we had to somehow find an excuse to tell them that what was the flipping need to marry?

"but what was the need to get married?" his mum asked angrily. Jeez Ayaan hope you come up with something good this time.

"be..because yeah Sabina got pregnant" WHATTTTTTTT IS HE ON ABOUT?????

"WHAT WHEN? OH MY GOD DON'T LIE" i spluttered out while pulling Ayaan by his collar. Man now what must his parents be thinking about me?

"Sabina sweetheart relax. So much stress is not good for your health." Ayaan batted his eyelashes in front of me and held me by my shoulders.

"mum don't listen to her. She's just badly terrified thats why she's saying all this" Oh my god which lifetime's revenge is he taking from me. Just cuz i made him a dulha without shaadi, he made me a virgin mommy!

"OH LORD. Can this go any worser?" his parents sighed and retired to their room. grabbing the first opportunity I pounced on Ayaan.

"COULDN'T YOU FIND ANY OTHER EXCUSE? WHY PREGANT? Where am i gonna get the kid from after nine months? From a tree?" he just shook his head and started walking i guess towards his room.

"you don't really have to get pregnant you know. Yeah unless you have some dark intentions of seducing me into your bed and getting pregnant." He rolled his eyes on his own lame joke. I felt like plucking his eyes out that time.

"SHUT UP. Not funny" we entered his room which was cream and light brown. Eewww. Where is my navy blue man. Will he kill me if one night i secretly paint his room navy blue? Nah he'll just kick me out of the house. Not much!

"hey i am sleeping on the right side of the bed and you can sleep on the left side. Cool piddie?" i asked excitedly while falling on the right side of the bed. Uh why is Ayaan still standing there with his hands on his hips and open mouth? Who cares? Let him stand there! I closed my eyes and before i could even feel the softness of the bed sheet, i heard Ayaan annoying voice. Ugh

"no you're not. Get off my bed." WHAT? Is he like gonna make me sleep on the floor?

"don't be like those typical villains who make their heroines sleep on the cold hard floor." I said exaggerating cuz ayaan's room had those soft thick carpet but anyways i can't tell him all that.

"my room has got carpet" UGH sucha genius wanna be he is.

" what? Carpet can never take bed's place and forget it. Am not moving. If you got so much problem with sleeping next to me then you can sleep on the floor." As if i care! So much attitude god!                                                                                   

"hope you're not forgetting darling that this is my room and not the other way round" i bit my toungue. Shit! Why do i always forget that ayaan's doing a favour on me? I can't talk to him like that BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE'S GONNA MAKE ME SLEEP ON THE FLIPPING FLOOR.

"sorry Ayaan. Please don't let me sleep on the floor. Please" i batted my eye lashes in front on him and i saw his eyes softening up.

"okay fine, but we'll keep pillows in the middle" GOD! He makes me feel like am a paedophile or somefing. It's not like am dying to rape him.

"why not just break half the bed from the middle?" i said sarcastically.

"man i so can't trust you with my things." He said laughing while I smacked him with a pillow. He threw a pillow back on me and before i could think, a pillow fight started. I aimed all the pillows on the bed onto Ayaan and he did the same. Soon he caught my wrist to stop me from throwing more and pulled me really close. Our breaths touched each other's face and i looked into his hazel eyes dreamily. A sudden knock on our door broke our trance.


"i'll see" said a visibly flushed Ayaan. As soon as he opened the door i saw his mum standing there with cold face. She came in and gave a smile. I felt the warmth of home again.

"beta i have made these laddos for you. When i was pregnant, my mother in law used to make me eat these. Here have one" she said while putting one near my mouth. I quickly sniffed it before putting it in my mouth. Yuck it smelt so weird and OMG it tastes HORRIBLE. AAAHH AYAAN I HATE YOU.

"BUT THIS IS SO BITTER" I said full mouth while trying to spit out the contents.

"no darling, for our healthy child you gotta have this. Come be a good girl and open your mouth. Do AAHHH" he said cheekily while shoving another HORRIBLE tasting laddo in my mouth. I swear that thing wasn't even laddo. Not all round shaped things in the world are called laddo you know.

"BUT AYAAN. STOP IT YOU" but he kept stuffing laddos in my mouth and his mum was also watching us so i couldn't even kick Ayaan between his legs for doing this to me. I couldn't take this torture for any longer so i ran to the bathroom to puke everything out.

"It's just pregnancy sickness mom. Don't worry" Ayaan told his mother while sending her out of the room. As soon she went out of the room, a vase came flying towards Ayaan from me and unfortunately he ducked so it didn't hit him. UGH it's just my bad luck!

"What was that for?" he asked shockingly. HOW CAN HE? It's not like i'll worship him after he made me eat those laddo which tasted worse than poison. Now don't get me wrong, i have never tasted poison before okay so chill.


Just like that two months also passed and trust me ayaan's mum went wild in making sure i was having a proper diet and man she also managed to make me eat those laddos and me being a poor soul had to eat them all. Yeah the best bit in this fake pregnancy thing was that i could ask anything to Ayaan and he like has to give it to me. You know i read about those pregnancy cravings and in front of his parents he couldn't even refuse. Muahahaha

One night we all were watching some late night movie and i felt like having a pistachio kulfi. Not really a craving but you know just felt like having it.

"Ayaan i want pistachio kulfi" i ordered. He was too indulged watching TV

"so? Tomorrow you'll ask for moon. It's not like I'll bring it to you. Your demands are going bigger day by day." He kept his eyes on the screen. My mouth dropped. Huh? Moon? Like really!

"Ayaan go bring some kulfi for Sabina. In pregnancy these cravings are expected. How rude of you to say no" his mum made him stand up and told him to go. Hahaha see thats what i mean. He has to follow all my orders. God! Such advantages of being pregnant sometimes. Lalala

"ugh why do i always get dragged into these kinda cravings?" he moaned while dragging himself out of the house.

"BECAUSE YOU WERE THE ONE WHO MADE ME PREGNANT" i shouted but then suddenly bit my tongue as ayaan's parents stared at me with wide eyes and Ayaan just slapped his hands on his face hiding it from embarrassment. Suddenly ayaan's parents burst out laughing and i also joined them. You know better just laugh than look like a weirdo. Ayaan just stormed outside the house.

One day i was sitting on the bed and looking at the photo of my family where we all were so happy. I stroked my niece's face and remembered me playing with her and all the moments i spent with my family. Suddenly my lips curved out into a pout and i started to cry. Ayaan quickly came and hugged me. He was watching me all this time looking at my family photo but didn't want to intrude in my private moment.

My hands also went around him and i sobbed into his shirt. I saw my mascara was smudged onto his crisp white shirt now, so quickly pulled back and brushed off my tears.

"i am sorry i ruined your shirt" i apologised while rubbing his chest to get that mascara off but instead it smudged more.

"it's okay. I'll buy a new one" he said while pulling me into a hug again. As soon as he did that i cried even more fiercely.

"i miss my mum and dad Ayaan. I miss them" i rubbed my nose on his chest while trying to hug him even tighter. Slowly Ayaan pulled me back and cupped my face with his hands.

"everything's gonna be alright okay." He kissed my forehead and i rested my head on his chest and fell asleep. I had one of the most comforting nights in my life. It was just ayaan's touch. But that whole night Ayaan couldn't go to sleep. He kept comforting me by rubbing my back and kept saying sweet nothings in my ears.

Next morning i saw him packing his bags.

"where are you going?" i asked him as i felt that sinking feeling again in my heart.

"i am going on a business trip sweetheart. Will be back soon", he said while kissing my cheek. These small gestures of his always made my heart flutter.

"i will miss you" now i wasn't scared in pouring out my feelings for Ayaan. I would just say it.

"i will miss you too wifey wanna be. Haha" he chuckled as i smacked him on his chest. He just pulled me into a passionate hug and cradled me.



I sat in emirates all ready to go to Africa back. I really wanted to reunite Sabina and her family. Bless she misses them so much. I just can't see her upset. I somehow got out Sabina's address from her while we were in a convo about her family. So as soon as i came out of the airport i gave the address to the taxi driver and sat in the taxi. For sometime i just thought what am i gonna tell her parents? That i am her friend or husband? I think friend would be better. Yeah!

"uh is this Sabina's house?" i asked an old man when he opened the house door. As soon as i said sabina's name his face turned pale.

"yes but she doesn't live here anymore" he said with a blank face

"oh yes i know that. I just wanted to talk to you about her. Can i uhm come in?" don't they like invite their guests in the house?

"yes yes come in. Wait i'll call my wife as well" he shouted out a few names and i nervously sat on the chair while wiping my sweaty hand on my jeans. Soon a whole gang of people came down to the veranda where i was sitting and gathered me.

"WHERE IS SHE? IS SHE ALRIGHT?" "DOES SHE LIVE WITH YOU?" "HOW DO YOU KNOW HER?" i was like bloody bombarded with millions of questions.

"she's fine but she misses her family like anything" thats the most i manage to speak.

"where is she?" her dad asked.

"i am sorry right now i can't tell you that. But i can prove it you that she's safe and sound. Here listen to her voice" i said while calling her. After a few rings she picked up her phone.

"hey you reached there?" she asked in her normal chirpy voice which caused tears to come in her mum's eyes. I signed her not to make a noise otherwise she'll know.

"yes Sabina i reached safely. How are you" i went a bit away from there as i thought that this was a bit personal now. I proved my point by making them listen to her voice.

"am great. Hey where are you right now?" the phone was still on loud speaker so maybe she heard some background murmurs.

"uh at a friend's house. Hey will call you later okay. Bye" i cut the call and went back to her family.

"so now will you answer some of my questions please?" i asked and by now i was dying to know why her family didn't break her wedding with that karim guy when Sabina obviously didn't wanted to marry him. She told me everything a few weeks ago about in what circumstances she ran away from her house.

"yes but first tell me who are you and how do you know Sabina?" he dad asked me. Husband-friend- Husband-friend- Husband-friend. Friend! Yes

"i am her friend. I met her on the airport when she uh ran away. Now tell me why didn't you break her wedding when she didn't wanted to marry him?" i asked while sitting erect again.

"no one told me she didn't wanted to marry that guy." Her dad said indignantly

"but she did tell her mum" her mum just looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"beta we just want her back. Please tell her to come back. We're terribly missing her" her mum pleaded me and i held her by her shoulders.

"please aunty. Don't say please to me. You're elder to me. It doesn't look good. I promise you aunty that i'll bring her back to you" i said reassuringly. They made me stay in their house and didn't let me go to a hotel. How sweet of them. I called Sabina and told her to come here. First she blatantly refused but then i told mum that i am missing Sabina and all that emotional stuff and mum forcibly sent Sabina to Malawi. I came to pick her up on the airport.

"Hi sweetheart" i hugged her as she came out of the airport. She just pulled back.

"why did you call me here Ayaan? You know this is Malawi. My family stays here. What if they see me around?" she snapped me coldly. I was expecting this.

"no they won't. Now i have a surprise for you so i am going to blind fold you okay" i said while blind folding her. First she started struggling but then i hugged and held her hands tight. Finally she stopped struggling and i picked her up and took her to the car.

"put me down Ayaan. What will people think?" she wined

"that i am picking up my sexy wife not theirs" like why does she always think about people?

"pretend wife to be accurate" she chuckled. Soon our destination came and i halted the car. I picked her up again and took her to the veranda of her house. I felt her grip getting tighter around my neck.

"where are we Ayaan?" she whispered. I kept her down and slowly opened her blind fold. As soon as she blinked opened her eyes, she saw her whole family standing in front of her with tears in their eyes.

"Sabina.." they breathed out and Sabina lost her balance. She was about to fall back when i suddenly came behind her and securely held her. She was too shocked to react but finally she came back in her senses.

"MUMMY PAPPA" she ran and hugged them tightly while breaking down in their arms. I felt my chest swell with happiness as i saw my Sabina reuniting with her family. Suddenly something struck me. What am i doing here now? My job is done. Now Sabina don't need me. She got her family back. I felt my heart breaking as the thought for leaving Sabina forever came in my mind. How am i going to live now? I got used to Sabina being around me. I got used to her sleeping next to me. I got used to fighting with Sabina over little issues. I have always adored those little fights. *sigh* now it's all gonna be over. I felt lonliness engulfing me as a lone tear escaped my eye. I quickly wiped it off and went away from there. I packed my bags and left the house without anyone noticing me. I didn't have the heart to say bye to Sabina. And she didn't even notice me all this time. Maybe she was too busy catching up with her family.

I drove to the airport and issued my boarding pass, then went to the waiting room. I was about to sit when i remembered the day when i met Sabina and she was making gurgling noise with her straw, so even i bought a cold coffee. I sat on the seat Sabina sat on that day and started making gurgling noise by blowing in my straw. All those memories came flooding back. I just closed my eyes to live them for a little longer.

"do you mind Mr. Fancy dress. That is really annoying" i heard someone's voice. Wait that's sabina's voice. I quickly shot my head up only to see her draped in a sari looking like some enchantress. Wait what is she doing here?

"what are you doing here?" i asked her while standing up. She sat down next to my seat and said in a dramatic tone.

"you see whenever i run away from home, i always somehow manage to meet this guy and then he turns out to be my husband. How strange innit?" she said while thinking hard. What is she on?

"DID YOU RUN AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE AGAIN?" i asked bewilderedly. I mean i did so much hard work in trying to unite her and her fam and here madam poured water over my hard work. But why am i feeling so happy?

"no i told them that i going to my husband's house and will come back again to meet them with my in laws. That's not called running right?" she asked innocently. OH MY GOD. What did she just say?

"you mean you told them that i am your husband?"

"aren't you?" she asked while staring into my eyes. I just wanted to kiss her man and without thinking anymore, i just placed my lips on hers. She melted in my arms and i kissed her back passionately with all my love. She also kissed me back with equal heat and fervour while stroking my face. I smiled through the kiss and finally broke to breath. I rubbed my nose with hers and just hugged me tightly.

"I love you Ayaan"

"I love you too Sabina. I have fallen so truly madly and deeply in love with you." I confessed with glee content

"aren't we like suppose to say all this before the kiss? Haha" she grinned

"no our ways are special. You made me dulha without a shaadi, then i made you a virgin mommy. So naturally our confession gotta be something different right?"

"hey but what are we gonna do about the kid? I am not really pregnant you know" she said seriously

"don't worry i will make you pregnant soon." He winked at her and started grinning while seeing her red face.

"hey but nothing before shadi okay" she said blushing and i kissed her again. I just can't get enough of my wifey!


Hey guys okay OS was a special gift to my close college friend Sabina. She was my first live readers in college. Actually she was the one who made my stories famous around the college anyways how did you find it? Hope you lot liked it. Gosh it was hard writing from her point of view. Yo piddieLOL don't forget to give looooonnngggg comments and press the like button if you liked it :D



P.S.- now imma pakka gonna continue my fics. Promise. The OS bhoot from me has gone a bit thanda nowLOL


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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 9:45pm | IP Logged

Gr8 Fanfic Sani

U wrote bout da arranage marriage issue i totally agree u cnt marry sm1 u dont luv, aww ur friend should be happy u wrote it 4 her

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ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:08pm | IP Logged

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pixie_n IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:19pm | IP Logged
hey sanWink
umm ohkey i must tell u dat u r fab at writing. u rlly hv a talent to describe a most touchy scene in a vry pure way mixed with saniya's special humour. though i missed saniya's antics here Big smile..seriously i adored dis story. it sounded lyk a fairytale. i no wenever u write i keep on praising u u mite feel ki m buttering u up bt u cn feel it 4 sure cuz i jis cant help myself. i do comments on others ff too, sometimes just 4 d sake of reading, sometimes 4 praising, as here r many many good nd awesum writers including u jaan. but honestly speaking i feel attached to u though i hv recently joined if nd urs writings too. bt wenever i comment 4 u its frm direct dil se. hehe. i dunno y but there is surely a connection.Wink
ok coming back frm ma weird connection senseLOLto os. well it ws again beautifully written.nd i loved de concept. the feelings which sabina went through it felt so rite nd true. well i also think ki i vil go for arrange 4 sure bt stil i dun get the idea getting married to someone whom u dont know. hw cn u b sure ki he/she will keep u happy. although wud be couples talk on ph and meet too but still. but the other way round. its beautiful to, living and falling 4 a person slowly slowly. getting happy 4 small small things. it is damn confusing. wish it cud be love cum arrange widout ny problems.. look i turned into a moral sc. teacher. blah blah blah. yeah it me i do get philosiphical sometimes.ha ha LOLLOL
ok i loved" GO SABINA GO SABINA" it ws cute. omg so damn cheesy lines u use, i love dese cheesy comments the most after ur beautifully expressed story ofcourseSmile... dat ladoo part ws rlly cute nd funny. shaadi widout a dulha nd virgin mommy. ws toooooooooooo gud. aww loved dere confession. i liked d name ayaan nd it ws easy to relate it with armaan. they kissed nd den confessed added to dere already unique lovestory..acha did ur frnd rlly lyk ran away fm marriage. it must b fun ya. wow like bollywood. wow(dreaming)SmileSmile lovely os
and saniya plz update ur ffs too waise i hv realised i love ur os' more cuz dey r more based on real u. i love ur writings based on os cuz u get urself purely nd truly indulged in dem. ok now enough of ma talks. u mite b bored nw. m zipping up
lots of love
P.S. do update ur ff's otherwise i vil get naraaz nd its mushkil to manaofy me

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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heyyy dear,
nice OS
do write more


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-wild- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
hey sweety awsome.. yaar  ... i really like dulha without shaadi.. and virgin mommy ... thns was soo helarious man.. such sweety that was awsome
thnx for the pm
love u

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Rapunzzel Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 11:43pm | IP Logged
hey dear gr8888 os
liked it

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tehzeeb25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Luvd it yaar
Thanxxxxxx for d pm n do rite moreeeee

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