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'My SoulMate - My Maan' (Page 9)

lily_k25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nanditasingh

Originally posted by lily_k25

Originally posted by nanditasingh

Originally posted by lily_k25

Originally posted by nanditasingh

Originally posted by lily_k25

Originally posted by nanditasingh

Originally posted by lily_k25

U know i was going to ask u to do that reading your OS on security guards ...LOL
thanks love...i never study much before exams...just revise at peace..arre we had whole year why panic &  rush in the last moment ......
thanks to Maa i never really fear exams..remember during guys had to shoooo me off from the site, esp. Priti ...she threatened to complain to Dad..LOL...still did pretty well i guessWink

sachii...u liked my prediction then?? yippiee..

yoo..that coolness is the secret of our succesful exams yaar...last min reading only makes us forget more than us remembering anything...telling u with personal experience..hehe
last month ..when my exams were going on...i was up till 2 in the early morning...NOt studying..but watching maan n geet n wrote the exam directly the next day without any reading...LOL

LOL yaa....i remember it...we used to worry more for ur exams n results more than u ..hehhe..had to use all tactics to shoo u away from site at taht timeLOL Wink

I loved the way you wrote..yeah i relax during exams coz Dad is already so much tensed seeing me dance & play.... that if i too start panicking  poor Maa will have double trouble LOL

yeah...u guys were Hitler to me then....Sarah was only one who used to say let the girl breathe 

cho cho cho...ayyo pavam ponnu...poor the hands of us hitlers..hehehe
now shall i get into hitler mode n shoo u away LOL

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nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by lily_k25

oyi...not out of the bluee...remember ...long long longgggggg ago..i asked u for the vidoes as i lost all my dv videos while formatting my comp...u said ki u will provide me ur videosWink...aaj tak muhurat nahi mili uskeliye..LOL
actually when u said i know u since mind went to prc then dv then our general convo on dv videos at rtw..isiisliye pucha Tongue LOL

some of them are still here yaar...lashu is busy with her kidd..did u hear the latest news ?? she is blessed with an another baby she has got her hands full with vidhur n the new baby..Embarrassed
so she is not much online right now..but will soon be here once she is a bit free..
i talk to shruja at rtw or here or fb yaar..generally we bump into  each other at our creation galleries LOL and neha is in fb na
i miss kiru too...she is the one who is in  longggg gayab mode..

hey most of our old gang like nimu,sona.lashu..sanchu others r there at rajat's appreciation thread tere liye forum..jahan rajat wahan sab LOL...will inform u u when they come online..Embarrassed

Ya! PRC i had done but DV had dropped out..LOL i've not opened the box since long need to see ...

ya i know about Lashy Di....two boys....she deserves all the best in life ..she is one i love & admire the the most ....she is just adorable ...
Shruja & me are in touch through mails & Utube, FB..she is my GuruMaiya...i owe whatever i know of Siggy making to her ....
Kiru is in Hostel & net is not available there..atleast not for her 'forum madness' ..i miss her the post..she-me-Neha were the 'Panga Girls' .....
Nima-Sonu-Ranju Di-Bhuvi Di ...they come so less online i don't get to interact much these days
you saw Bhuvi di's wedding pics..?Embarrassed
Rashi i talk to sometimes onYM...Nive i miss ever since JSK ended ..
Ishu toh i keep on bugging always so no missing her...
Sanchu too i get to interact with....mjht & now here +FB
Sarah & me on skype.....Neha well i & she never part Angry...from PRC to now..though we never watch same show since DV ended..but we never are out of topic....yup FB, YM....
She is less here coz no RM toh no Neha...aww

Oh God ! we are so out of topic..catch up on all this on pm...ok

iMadz IF-Rockerz

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u said my heart dear...........:):);)

MAAN....MAAN....MAAN..........Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

cant say anythin......m lost.......!!!!!Wink

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kasuforever2009 Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2011 at 10:21am | IP Logged
ClapClap hats off to gurmeet an drashti who have portrated they characters of maan an geet beautifully,luv u guyz i mean geet serial would be nothing without maaneet they r the best jodi i have ever seen onscreen wooow now they r MR AN MRS MAAN SINGH KHURANA hope they have a happy married life no matter what happens,nissar an team thankyou for giving us such a beautiful wedding an thanks 4 giving us maaneet jodi just luv em
whitepearl Goldie

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Originally posted by nanditasingh

'My SoulMate - My Maan'

When love grows into marriage, marriage is not an ordinary thing. It is absolutely extraordinary....not just a social institution ...but a celebration of togetherness
A very solemn occasion for the lovers to unite in the bond of true love........Maan weds Geet.

On the holy occasion of their wedding he invites her family who had abandoned her ... makes them realize their mistakes, give them opportunity to make up ...
All for Geet.....coz its something that she had always wished for ... on her wedding

Geet wishes it, Geet gets it all his reason to survive .... for her , only her.

Baba ji has no more the right to answer Geet's prayers, Maan has taken over from Lord all the rights to turn every dream & hopes of Geet into sweet reality.

He gifts her smile ... yet again & makes every passing moment memorable , special for his lady.

He knows all her unsaid prayers ... which she never voiced even to Baba ji knowing its impossible  to ever come true ... to Baba ji it may be but not for her Maan

From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home

He stands tall, head held high hearing Darjee , the man who had called her the shame to their family name praise his Geet & her achievements ...

Deaf to all the praises made for her Geet hears only 'Maan'...her Maan  being the reason for the re- found joy ...
She looks upto him  ... filling up her soul with the sight of him alone ....

Geet knows the dept & height of his dedication towards her , for her . Yet she is all awestruck ....rooted, humbled by his love.

Eyes welled with tears of happiness, gratitude, respect , love & pride for her man ...

You gave me wings and made me fly
You touched my hand I could touch the sky
I lost my faith, you gave it back to me
You stood by me and I stood tall
I had your love I had it all

I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I was blessed because I was loved by you

She thanks him for being in her life , being her life.....

she holds on to  him &  thanks her Lord to have brought him into her life ...
her angel, her knight, her savior, her prince, her love her husband.

Only melody to which her heart beats to now is ...........
'Thank you Baba ji for My SoulMate - My Maan'


So beautiful Nandita.Clap..ClapClapClapYou brought tears in my eyes...tear of ojy and happiness for Maaneet and tears for thankfulness for a person like you who pen down their emotions so beautifully. It seems as if I am hearing Geet's heart speaking to me about the love of her life...about a man who is there to be with the ups and down of her life...about a man who has completed her search....about a man who is the reason for her survival. Thanks for the wonderful post darling.Hug

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by nanditasingh

Originally posted by sptrno

Nandita......a very beautiful and lovely post as usual.....kudos to uClap


Also i love ur last picture creation.........u rock girl!!!.......u r multi-talented so gifted........keep up the fab work!!!SmileSmileSmile 


Geet a girl so lonely, betrayed by everyone including her family, a girl whose life was filled with so much pain, tears, nightmares that she forgot whether she was living or whether she is in a deathdungeon in the name of life..............a girl who had stopped dreaming or hoping for anything even small............destiny had closed all doors of happiness, love, care and dreams but the same destiny once which was so cruel to her blessed her with a Prince Charming who would enter her life to give her a new give her all the happiness, love, care and fulfil all her wishes which belonged to her which she truly this way Maan Singh Khurana was sent as a saviour, parent, caretaker, teacher, lover and father of her child so that he would drive away all darkness from her life.............replace it with sunshine, smiles, roses, flowers, coloursDay Dreaming

In the same way, Maan who was in his dark shallow who had built very strong walls around him so that no feelings or people would enter his inner world............he was lonely as well and he was betrayed by everyone as well................he had forgot himself that he is a human being with a heart..............infact it wouldn't be wrong if I said that a stone would have some life and feelings but not Maan Singh Khurana.....................just like Maan was sent in Geet' life, an angel was sent in Maan's life as sunshine and hope to turn Maan- lifeless and emotionless Maan to someone who would feel and express all kinds of emotions............Geet is also a saviour in Maan's life because she brought life in his lifeless so-called lifeDay Dreaming

MAANEET have taught each other how to live, smile, love, care, dream, hope, trust once again......... v all can only admire, respect and worship them and their strong divine and atooth rishta...........that is y v all call them special..............rarest of the rare.............two precious gems now have become ek anmol ratnaDay Dreaming


In this way both Geet and Maan were destined to meet to make people believe that fairytales do come tell everyone that always dream because one day earlier or later those dreams will become trueDay Dreaming

Geet when she was looking at her Maan when Darji said ur Maan got me here he loves u soooooooo much........her eyes her tears conveyed her pride for her Maan, her love for her Maan, her gratitude, how she feels so blessed and lucky to have Maan in her life...........Geet's eyes were speaking to her Maan's eyes how can someone be like u my gem u make me love u, admire u, salute u and worship u more every moment by ur new sweet gestures and surprises and for fulfilling all my dreams and was also a lovely moment to see Maan's smile and happiness seeing Geet and her dadaji's MAANEET hugged darji they were holding each others' hands awwwww their bandhan is foreverHeart

Also Geet really has a big heart that she forgave darji who tried to kill her her baby and made her sabse paraye so quickly and welcomed him so heartily...........i don't know if i wud have forgiven someone so today i admire, respect and love Maan ki Geet evenmoreClap.........i still can't completely forgive Darji so i'm only praising Geet and Maan but not mentioning much about Darji

MAANEET have risen to such a high level today in my eyes that i cannot express in words..........Now i feel words that i admire, respect and worship MAANEET all seem too small to express what i feel about them......................


Finally MAANEET are entering a new phase in life....... MAANEET ka madhoor aur yaadghar milan shubh vivaah se-the sacred and divine institution of matrimony...........the most beautiful journey together filled with joy, happiness, love, care, roses, peace and today v all can say proudly and happily that finally their reality is more blissful and more beautiful than any

dream...............MAANEET ve dono ek hi dil ki ek hi dhakdkan their hearts and heartbeats are one and will remain so until the end of time and even beyond thatDay Dreaming



Truly MAANEET r soulmates in every sense........MAANEET r an example to what soulmates mean and how soulmates shud beSmile


MAANEET r no more fictional characters but more real than real life people.........Hats off to Drashti, Gurmeet, Nissar and the entire team of GHSP for giving us divine, sacred, beautiful, touchy, magical, dreamy, breathkaking MAANEETClap


Plz bear with my long post NanditaSmileLOL

Spandhan....U know i 'm speechless wrote so so perfectly as to how their coming together is union of two equals, two souls ...a joining so eternal.....completion of two haves ....Beautiful.....

And plz keep your 'long' & adorable thoughts coming..i enjoying nothing more than reading such wonderful emotions summed in words ...& rather i'm so grateful you are so kind to share it here ....
thank you so so much for writing this & for all the love & appreciation that you encourage me with means a lot to me

thank u very much dearSmileSmileHug.................i'm really touched that u loved itSmileSmileSmile...................thank u sooooooooooo much for such sweet and beautiful words of appreciationSmileSmileSmile

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imraana Senior Member

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Hey nandu, beautiful spell binding words! cudnt be said in a better way! Love u 4 writing dis!

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mahikaa Groupbie

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Posted: 24 January 2011 at 6:04am | IP Logged
I am in awe how you manage to bring out what we feel deep in our heart so easily into words.I bow to your thoughts and ability to pen it down.
love you Nandu
By the way for your pre - boards guess to start from this week.

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