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AbhIya- Pancchi & the jerk : Of Love & Shame.

TheBlackJaguar IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged

AbhIya- Pancchi & the jerk : Of Love & Shame.


Hi there!


Okay, now. Why in the world does Abhay have to be such a softie? It is like you can get away with even murdering him ( not that it is possible unless you have a smexy vampire slayer in town ) …or maybe only Piya can. Whatever Piya did with Abhay was insensitive and a crime against emotion and trust , if you think objectively. You and I would actually go and murder the person who pokes into our open wounds. But Abhay is well, just Abhay – a monster more human than a 100 human beings put together.


What pain did Abhay give Piya in return for the emotional foolishness that she did? He kidnapped her , took her to a vampires' hub which is of course not in use anymore as we found out today – scolded her , rejected her and taught her a lesson by leaving her all alone there. Harsh enough? I think not. But he achieved the desired effect – he got the message across to Piya and this time, I will like to believe that she got it.


Piya's wish before she dozed off to sleep was that Abhay comes back to her. He did. I don't think Piya has seen a more beautiful sight or rather a more wishful sight. She opened her eyes in that cold and hostile place and there he was. Looking at her. Waiting for her to wake up. Piya was ecstatic – no grumbling , no complains , no lashing out that he had scared her to death and left her in this haunted place. She was just happy that Abhay had come back. How and why , she didn't care. But Abhay was in control of himself. He knew what he had to say and what Piya had to understood. He calmly told her that he is not all that evil as he appears to be. He didn't threaten her or scare her or chanted his signature " Mujhse door raho" – Like a composed and mature man , he requested her to forget all about Maithli and just remember this much that she is Abhay's obsession . To stop trying to find out about him and his past because he has no answers for her. In a way, Abhay told her that he is a dead end. But no, Piya doesn't understand. She doesn't want to understand. While Abhay was trying to drill sense into her head in the sweetest way possible, her mind was on another trip. She conveyed to him through her thoughts that her life is joined with his – that he is her beginning and end no matter what the future – and she wants to share her past , present and future with him…..And Abhay caught her thoughts. "I have nothing to share with you." –He , like always, threw it in her face , but this time gently. No more questions and no more answers. Taking her hand, he led her out of the darkness and haunt of the vampire cave.


But then, there have been so many 'decisive' and 'definite' fights, arguments and discussions between AbhIya. Everytime they think that okay, this is with finality – we are done with each-other. Does it work? No.Because the connection between them neither lets them live with each-other nor without each-other.


Piya saw Abhay in college , later in the day. He was at a distance , passing by and she stopped. It's not something that she can control. Abhay , too, stopped in his tracks – sensing that he was being watched. He took a few steps back and looked in the direction of eyes that were watching him. Piya. Piya was looking at him – trying to decipher him, understand him, look beyond the walls – something that she has been trying to do ever since she first set her eyes on him. They both kept looking at each-other , thinking over ll the good and bad blood that had passed between them in the past 24 hours. Piya looked at Abhay as the one she loves and waits for , no matter how much he hurts or hates her. Abhay looked at a girl he didn't love but was uncannily attached to and thought of all the hurt that he had caused her in his anger. Piya walked away and Abhay , tugged at his non-existent heart followed her to apologize her and make her feel better – make himself feel better.


I guess Abhay-Piya are the most studious students of Mount College. Koi aur class  mein ho ya na ho , ye dono sabse pehle pahonch jaate hain . Padhaai? What padhaai? Who does padhaai in college ?


Anyway, Abhay-Piya love locking each-other in rooms. Or rather getting locked with each-other, hmmmm? Abhay went into the classroom and spotting her alone, he thought it the right time to say sorry to her and get back on good terms. Lest she gets scared of him and runs away after the 7 star treatment that he gave her last night , he latched the door. Piya , no matter , how brave she is , she does get intimidated by Abhay's persona and moods a whole lot of times. With no idea that what was on Abhay's mind , she backed away from him. Abhay could see that she was scared of him. He said nothing and just blocked her on the wall. Without any drama , or long sweeping sentimental statements , he told her in the most simple manner that he was sorry . Sorry about what he did to her and the hurtful things he said to her. It was a sentimental moment for both . Piya , because she loves him . Abhay , because he is attached to her and she is the only beautiful thing in his abyss like life. Guilt-ridden and emotionally provoked, on a closer look, when he saw the bruises that Piya had got in his rough handling of her – the soft and kind man in him stepped forward and kissed Piya's bruises away. The marks, the pain was gone and no , an ensnared and swept away Piya asked nothing. She is aware now that he is supertnatural and he has healing abilities – but nah! At that point , she was not thinking anything – she was just feeling Abhay's touch on her.


Moved by Piya's proximity and warmth , Abhay was swayed for a few seconds – he almost kissed her and Piya , well, has no confusion on her feelings and that is why she gets swept away faster. But he got his senses back in time. With a 'what the 'F' –ing hell am I doing' expression, he drew back. No apologies, no discomfort , no embarrassment – just a realization. And as a signature , Abhay-Piya moment, like always, Abhay walked away from Piya. Piya? Vulnerable, hurt and her heartbeat still out of place could do nothing except see him leave her. Like always.


And WHOA! Pancchi has a new project and the way he has dropped into her life is like VULGAR-SCANDALIZING –SHAMELESS but hey! Admit it. The shameless man has  shameless charm. Imagine, driving down a road and being forced to give a lift to a good-looking jerk who is not even in his full clothes and is telling you about his rendezvous with a  married woman! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Am glad Pancchi gave him a royal bashing and threw him out of the car. But alas! Haaye ri kismet. Madam comes on her job and sees the same hedonist jerk giving her orders. Poor Birdie! Moral V/s. Ultra Immoral. Should be an interesting watch. I think the article that we got on Shauyra and Siddharth's entry had some facts wrong or maybe the characterization and storyline has been changed a wee bit.


The newbie has his first scenes with Pancchi and she is his employee as well. I think this pairing will work because they have spark. A morally strong and fiery socialite pitched against an immoral business magnet. But hey, at the first go, the guy doesn't appear evil as the article said. He just appears grey to me even if he turns out to be Abhay's brother.


Lastly, I think Chaand and Haseena's decision is right and natural. Piya is close to the truth , so Chaand has no option but to take a practical decision. Abhay should keep his mouth shut in this regard because half the problems that his clan is facing are because of his and Piya's emotional foolishness. Now, let's see how the Raichands are forced to return to Dehradun later.


Oh and what is up with our Misha? It seems she is more excited about Abhay-Piya getting up, close and personal than they themselves. The chick is surely changing . Thanks to Shaw.



P.S- The music piece that they played for AbhIya after Abhay drew away from the kiss and left Piya was first composed and used for Prem-Mukti ( a terrible love story with a fatal spark to it that drew everyone in KZK) . It was supposed to be dark, angry and passionate and till date , it has the same effect. AbhIya , of course are much darker than PM. And ironically the song " Bepanaah pyaar hai aa jaa" ( Film : Krishna Cottage) is perfect from Piya's POV. Even in the film, the song was made for a character – a ghost – who was waiting across time for her love to come back to her as promised. It is a sad song and full of yearning.


Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Res!! I'm going to catch the episode again and this time will watch with my brains open, acting less like cotton candy!Day Dreaming


Bad idea to watch the episode again. My brains refused to work and I went moony-eyed all over again.
So, starting with the first scene, we saw a similar setting of a sleeping Pia and Abhay waiting for her to wake up but the scenario was very different in this case, Abhay's objective was different. It wasn't a revengeful Abhay in the pale moonlight but a dejected Abhay in the sunlight. He'd tried everything, literally everything to knock his point into Pia's head, from anger to frustration to verbal and physical force to insults to taunts, everything to make a normal teenager crumble and give up but it didn't work with Pia. Finally he could only beg, he could only plead. I was expecting him to lash out at Pia, to again scream at her. I was casually watching the episode waiting for him to use aggressiveness in any and every form to drill some sense into her head but suddenly, I got a"Tumhare saamne aakar, mere andar ka janwar jaag jaata hai, Pia. Usse mat jagao, usse andar rehne do. Please!" His eyes were begging her to give up, to leave him alone, to let everything be. It killed me, Poco, it KILLED me!! How could Pia's heart not wrench seeing him in this state?? I'm sure it did! She hated it, she wanted to share his pain but the one thing that had not changed overnight was that Abhay was still not ready to disclose anything to Pia. He wanted her to believe what logically should be believed. Like he said, "Do you know math? Do you know science? Do you know the f******* logic??" He wanted her to let it be, and as you said, I think this time, she, hopefully, got it. What anger and frustration couldn't do, Abhay's pleadings did.
In college, we got to see another eyelock between the two as they recollected all the happenings. Pia, for once, decided to leave Abhay alone and went to read something which was hopefully not a vampire novel. We saw Abhay come and lock the door. Pia, definitely scared as to what 'jhhad' she'll get now, backs off but Abhay does not let her go so easily. He had to do what he had to do. We saw Abhay block all ways of Pia's escape because she had to hear him out. Pia could do nothing but shut her eyes. Hopefully, the lashing would be less painful that way. But no, Abhay was not there to scream and shout. He was too tired of all that. All he said was, "I'm sorry, Pia". Pia, obviously, as shocked as anyone to hear a 'sorry' from someone who had never apologised even in his dreams, could only open her eyes to be lost in his hypnotic ones. Chakku is so right, no one can predict what Abhay Raichand will do next, what goes on in his mind. I'm sure the last thing Pia expected was a 'sorry'. And Abhay is not the kinds for who 'sorry' is just a word. He was truly sorry and wanted to make things right for Pia as much as possible and went on to his, "I can be your hero, baby! I can kiss away the pain" mode! Awww!! I'm still getting over that scene when he kissed all her wounds healing them. And then of course, he quickly stopped himself from giving into his weak moment and walked away. 
And poor Pia must be thinking, "Just walk away, oh, and don't look back. 'Coz if my heart breaks it's gonna hurt so bad. You know I'm strong but I can't take that. Before it's too late!" Pia! Pia! Pia! She's calling heartbreak on herself. He's warned her that he's forbidden but she doesn't care. She's an insane teenager madly in love with her dark angel. Can we really expect her to think sensibly?? To care about math, science and the f***** logic?? Nope, that's asking for way too much!
Coming to the latest entry, gosh! I loved him! This is the only guy who impressed me in the first go. Neither had Abhay impressed me with his entry nor Kabir nor Shaurya. I took time to like all of them, they had to do something to make me 'like' them. This is the first one who I like since the very beginning. I'm really looking forward to his and Panchi's jodi. As you said, Panchi is a girl of morals and this guy, whatever his name is, must not even be knowing about the existence of such a word. It's going to be all fireworks! Even I feel that this guy can't be evil! If he is then it's plain sad!
About Chandeena, I totally support them today! I need not say anymore.
Misha? Well, I remember her being excited about Abhay and Pia much before Shaurya entered her life, ever since the camp and I'm happy. And I'm even happier that we got Pia and Misha in the same frame after forever!

P.S. I never followed Prem and Mukti. I guess I should have. They seem to be a pretty popular couple here on IF. I know that song from Krishna Cottage, it's a lovely one. Specially these lyrics, "Aisa milan, phir ho na ho. Sab kuch mera, tum hee toh ho!" and "Choo kar mujhe aaj mehsoos kar lo woh yaadein meri unchhooyi".  The first line is apt for an Abhay-craving Pia and the second one could somehow justify yesterday's scene of Abhay lying on Maithili's grave.

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pratsy IF-Stunnerz

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awsum analysis poco. .abhay ws superb 2day. . .n yup. .d song was perfct. .!!

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manjha IF-Rockerz

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Aha totally agree! But huge sparks were flying in the Abhiya scenes :D
and yeah Mish is changing ;)

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Thumbs UpClapcho chweet epii Tongue

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Cherry.. Goldie

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Beautiful as always, Poco Hug 

P.S. Prem-Mukti's love was dark and beautiful and surreal. How I wish it had not ended the way it did!

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Well, Poco, I don't know how Pia felt today, but I am still drooling. 

But like Pia, I also believe, what Abhay feels for Pia is beyond concern or attachment. I think it's closer to love. Definitely not as passionate as for Maithili but it is love. Abhay realises that? Can't say, he doesn't even talk to himself loudly. But one thing is sure it is not easy to make him admit it. 

That's it. I can't write more than that todayDay Dreaming

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Piya's expression of helplessness while with Abhay in the room was really good.She enacts the innocence very well.

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