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shadowstreet Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 49erFan

something a miss during sindoor daan, was it not GC's fingers...someone look with xray vision na
ShockedShockedShocked hav to rewatch, but its possibleROFLROFL

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:02am | IP Logged

Geets....I watched but to me those were GC's fingers...Confused

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hegdemedha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
I'm proud that you are my granddaughter!!! I was wrong and you were right.

That was some admission by the man we know and hated as Daarji.

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maansa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
i loved DD today Embarrassedand as much as i hate crying in the wedding, i thought the geet-darji scene was really emotional....fabulous job....Thumbs UpClap

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Meetu_Anu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 49erFan

something a miss during sindoor daan, was it not GC's fingers...someone look with xray vision na

i dint get you u say it was GC's hand or some one else's handErmm

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
@Opti...DD said in her interview on Telly chakkar that her mom used to say the same thing about her crying the beginning wale epis....LOL...And DD has blossomed into a great actress and she has really put in a lot of hard work into it...And she deserves all the accolades and praises she has been receiving Thumbs Up

I didn't want to post it but even I cried during the Daarji wala scene, coz I was very close to my maternal Grandfather and he passed away right afteer my engagement...he was so excited abt my wedding...but I'm sure he blessed me from the heavens...Unhappy...And the reason I was defending the Daarji comeback yday was also for the same reason...although Daarji and my Grandpa are poles apart ...but the basic thing is me as a granddaughter loved him and Geet as Daarji's granddaughter wud love him no matter what!!

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Anwesha_02 Senior Member

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 10:05am | IP Logged
Since I Promised will reval my Dramatic shaadi wen Maaneet shaadi is done..Will do that today..Hopefully I don't Spoil anyone's Mood..
So here I go with my storyBig smile
My story might sound really filmy and related to Geet's character in many ways..I guess that is how you guys might understand how attached I am to the character..
As Every Parent in the world, my parents wanted to give me the best education too so they wanted me to study overseas so that I can achieve a good name for myself. But they were middle-class and couldn't afford the money for Canadian Visa so they took loan from a high society  family and had to pay them back..The high Society Family's name was the Jaywardhans..
They made my parents sign blank papers saying that the documents are not ready yet..My parents trusted them with blind eyes and signed the papers..
My parents provided me with all they had in their budget and gave me everything for my overseas education and sent me to Canada and I lived in a hostel there..
I went to Canada and I was 15 then..I was finishing my last year of high school..I loved place new was a sudden trnasformation for me..I didn't find it difficult to blend in so I was very happy but was missing my parents at the same time..
My Parents stayed back in india and paid back every penny to the Jaywardhans(JWs)..The JWs accepted it happily and my parents were really greatful about them and respected them a lot..A year Passed by and my parents had enough money to buy themselves an air ticket and some more to start a new life in a new city with me so they decided to come and settle down with me..In order to do that they had to shut everything of theirs in India including our house. As My parents trusted the JWs a lot they gave the responsibility of the house to them and said Goodbye to their Swades..
I was totally surprised to see my parents in Canada and was really worried too because I lived in a hostel and where were they going to live because they stepped into Pardes for the 1st time... I wasn't allowed to let anyone sleep in my room because I slept with 5 other student girls so the incharge of the hostel said a Strict NO NO to let anyone sleep in my room..
We had this Fate in my school and I had a shop of some designer shirts and some textured cloths which I made with my hand so I earned 50 dollars with that..50 dollars were a lot at that time..I decided to find a place for my parents and I found one for my parents where they could live for atleast 5 weeks with those dollars.
My parents decided to look for work..Mom worked in people's houses and Dad was a brahmin so he decided to take up pooja work in temples and people's houses..They earned their living like that and i was in my hostel..Later on I moved in with them to stay together as a family. But my dad was suffering from diabetes so he had many problems with his body as he suffered from memory loss sometimes if the sugar levels are severe, he was admitted in hospital many times as well..Needed soem money for hospital costs so I took up a part time job and started earning a bit of money so I could help my mother out financially.. A year Passed by and it was my holiday and my dad wanted to go to India for some time..He was feeling well and we had enough money for one trip to India so we headed back to India for some time..

When we reached our house I was really excited..My dad had the spare keys so he opened the door and he was totally shocked to see what the heck was done to our house..It was converted into a prostitute place..I was really disgusted..I went with my parents to the JWs' house and asked for an explanation they weren't ready to give one. My dad was really angry about everything so I suggested we should complain to the police..
We did but they denied to believe us thinking how would such a high class society family do such a thing..I agreed and I dropped my parents to my Maasi's house and went back to the police station since I didn't want my dad to go through all that when he was diabetic if there is too much stress he might get a diabetic attack..
I went back to the police station and requested them to come and check the condition of the house..
They came and as expected everything was totally changed..The whole place was revamped to display it like our house..The Police accused me of lying and left.I was really angry but I had to wait for the right time becuase there was no time of shouting my hoarses if I had no evidence against them..I brought my parnets back to our house and we were cleaning it properly..We were Ready to fight back this time..It was my birthday the next day so I woke up a bit late lol but my parents woke up early and went to the mandir to pray for me..
for bg knowledge The JWs were a joint family with 5 members of the family..the main head JW and his wife..He had two sons one was married and one was not married yet..

I woke up on my birthday and I just turned 17 , someone knocked on the door..I went to open it and I was suprised to see the whole JWs on the door with all sort of thaalis..they brought the shagun etc. I didn't let them in at all..They apologised for what happened but I didn't want to let them in..Just then the Youngest son his name was baldev who was unmarried he came up to me and pushed me out of the door and he was acting as if it was his place He told me that you should not deny what I say now..Anwesha on your special day We are going to be one..

I was totally pissed and I asked him what the heck does he mean..and he asked on of the servants to bring some papers and it was written how I had to get married to Baldev when its my 17th birthday..I was totally shocked and was really shaken by what I was reading and the papers had my parents' signature on them..
I was in a horrible moment which just made me think for one second as to is it possible that my parents brought me back here on purpose but I got back to my senses thinking how could I even think that..
The JWs occupied the whole house as if it was their adda..I ran in my room locked myself up and cried buckets thinking what I am going to do now..What is going to happen..tht a** came to my room and broke in..He trashed a wedding bridal dress on my face and said "I am coming to take you wid doli in 2 hours time"..I chucked it back and denied that I am not going to marry him..He took out a lighter and burnt my little finger I kicked him where it hurts and he ran away saying you will pay for this.."
the whole JW left when I came out..

My Parents Came back from the Mandir and I ran to them and was crying a lot they wished me happy birthday and were surprised why i was crying so much...I narrated the whole incident to them and they were totally startled when they saw those documents with their signature on it and they realised how the JWs had deceived them..My Dad went to their house to protest back but the guards didn't let him in..they started fighting and my dad was hit on his head wid da stick..he laid there unconscious and no bloody alive human being bothered to pick him up from there..

Meanwhile  1 and a half hours had passed by and my Mum suggested we should go back to canada just wait for your dad and we will leave before they come..I was reluctant becuase I wanted to teach the JWs a lesson but for my parents' health benefit I decided to leave with them..We packed our bags and were wiating but my dad was not home Mom was worried so she went outside to check but she told me to be careful about the JWs..There were only 15 minutes left so I told my Mom to take some luggage with her and wait for me and Dad at the taxi stop..Mom was reluctant but I reassured her so she left..
I quickly grabbed my luggage which was the only one left and rushed out through the back door but I was taken aback to see the JWs enetring through the back door with shaadi preparations...I ran to the opposite side but the men stopped me and pulled me back into the house..The Bhaade ka tatoos tied my hand and pushed me back into my room..baldev entered my room and trashed me on the floor I got up and he said how he will fulfil his promise of marrying me to bcum one..I was really digusted at his thought and I spat at him..
He got angry and I guess you guys know what came next..I was molested by him I screamed for help no one responded..I reached out for a vase and went to hit on his head when he did the same to me and I was half-unconscious..He was a disgusting creature..after ruining my life he dressed me up wid the wedding clothes and took me out in front of everyone..I was unconscious bcozhe had hit me with the vase..I knew nothing that was happening to me..
this was the most difficult bit to say that is why I took long..
Later on when I opened my eyes I was in the mandap and the whole JW family was standing in front of me..he was going to put sindoor on my head,I was struggling to find my hands to stop him but my hands were tied  and a cloth was wrapped around my hand and my Dad entered the place and pushed tht a**'s hand away..
I ran to him and hugged my dad and then the JW's main head told my dad how his son is ready to marry a raped woman..My dad was in a huge shock and the next moment he was on the floor..He passed away.. I lost my father he couldn't take the shock..My whole world crashed down in front of me and I witnessed it...My hands and mouth everything was tied I culdn't even talk to him..
But now I had to teach those b******* a lesson..I got up and put my hands in the agni to burn the rope..the a** stopped me and but he couldn't..My hands were a bit burnt but the rope came off becuase of the fire..They tried to force themselves on me by raising his hand but I stopped his hand and slapped him back..the bhaade ka tatoos came from back to stop me but I was furious at that moment nothing could stop me..I was a total junglee..I didn't know when I put the a**'s face in the agni for a second & his nose got burnt...I wanted to burn his whole damn body but I was one against all the 15 or 20 people..I knew this was no time to become a hero..I had to run from there to come back and punish them..So I ran away from there somehow to the police station..
So I left for the Police station to file a complaint and it was the same police officer who came to my house before..He misunderstood me and said how women do that and earn money so he started touching me and requesting to sleep with him and he will pay me too..
I was so damn furious that I snatched the telephone lying on the table and bashed it on his head and the constable ran after me and I ran away from there too..Now I didn't know what to do..Everything of mine was ruined right in front of me..My self-respect, my father passed away..In one day my whole life turned out to be a disaster right on my birthday..
I knew there was no pint shedding tears so I decided to take the next step of punishing them at any cost..I had a week becuase my visa was expiring and I had to be in canada before it does..
I went to my mom and broke down in front of lost her husband she was heartbroken, I didn't want to be weak in front of her so I confronted her and left her at my Maasi's house..I lay on my bed the whole night thinking what my next step is going to be bcoz no onw will believe me..I had no evidence so I had to do somthing risky to punish them and next morning I woke up early at 5 am...
I went to the JW's house and told them how I am thir bahu and I will live here..the a** got really happy..I joinedthem for dinner but ate nothing..then I went to his room and was waiting for him to come there and he pulled me to my room and said how he knew I will come back to him..I started acting romantic and asked him what did he do to make me fall for him and he said he is very sorry of how he forced himself on me..he loved me since I was 14 that is why he told his parents to get me married to him at any cost and then they placed that condition that I have to get married to him when I turn 17 in the documents..A** never knew that his confession was being recorded in a video camera..
I told him how I had to go back to my mom so that I can give her the news about the marriage so he let me go with his driver and I went to the main branch police station by giving some money to the driver..Money talks huh
I went to the Main branch police station but I had to wait there for 2 hours for the comissioner to come and then I showed him the evidence he said how this disgusting this is and these people will be arrested right now, then I went with the police constables to arrest them..we reached the JW's house and the whole family got arrested they were giving me all kind of cuts but I didn't give a damn about that..I picked up my Mom from my maasi's house we toook our luggage and headed to the police station becuase I wanted to show her that teh culprits have received their 1st step of punishment and they will spend the res of their lives in jail..
My mom was so proud of me she broke down in arms..I still remember that hug it was a really emotional moment for both of us..We headed back to Canada and I decided to start a new life there..The next phase of my story strated there and I will narrate that tomorrow hehe..I guess this past ride was enough for me..Tomorrow is the special day for my love story Hehe..

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Meetu_Anu IF-Sizzlerz

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ok.....Ashuuu, Ayeshu, Gouri, jyoti........

me too joining ur toli for ganga take holi dubki........


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