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Devil's Den - Shubh Mangal Savadhan (Page 2)

shadowstreet Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 8:46am | IP Logged
as I have no work, lets reserve LOL but seriously I wud like to write somethingTongue

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spshastr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Reserved Shubh VivaahEmbarrassedSmile

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TSharan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged

Shaadi Mubaarak!!!!PartyPartyParty  Finallly it happened!!!! 

No analysis today becoz no matter how hard I try, it is just not possible. I am still realing under the impact of the entire episode minus the arjun one off course.
The epsiode was overwhelming to the core with wonderful performances by DD, Talat rekhi and GC!!!
Daarji's apology was so heartfelt that despite he having inflicted so much pain to Geet, the man was forgiven! His genuine apology moved me to the core....this is what a great performer does to a scene....that scene was really really powerful with great performances by Geet and Daarji! The dialogues were perfect...there was nothing OTT about the whole scene. the genuiness came out through n through. I do hope we get to see Geet's family in the future. Geet finally visiting her maayka
The whole marriage sequence was wonderful. the only wish it cud have been a bit longer by a few minutes atleast. Am hoping to get a good private moment between the two. Not the way NE-urjun scene was shown but a more classy one since dd n gc r such powerful performers.
GC's restraint performance was the other highlight, his humility and gentless, his love for geet, his happiness and the pride he showed for geet....all came through his expressions. I am glad there were no lofty words or over the top dialogues for Maan.
Very impactful episode. Thanks a lot Geet team for this roller coaster of a wedding!!! Finally these 2 r married and we always want to see them together....
Looking forward to good maaneet moments!!!

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
A beautiful fairytale wedding, marred by female deception for one's revenge!
...and I thought this show was different, well I thought wrong! Confused

Just a short take today!

Yes, it did happen, finally the wedding is completeEmbarrassedthank god cause I was getting bored!  My question, why the rush,  it took 2 days from varmala  scene to complete the wedding in 6 minutes time!  At least they could have taken one whole episode!  I wanted to see complete sindoor and mangal sutra daan, pheras and vachans, but didnt get to see much of anything, so its a bit of disappointment for me Confused.

Darji and Geet scene was very touching, DD hats off to you, loved her emotions and yes we tend to forgive our elders, but Darji is the one who gave her so much pain and even ordered to kill her, is it so easy to forget.   What if Maan never existed and didnt accept Geet, would Darji forgive then...hmmmmmmmmm something to ponder on!!! 

Maan her god gave his queen every happiness she wanted.  He made her wedding very special!

Something to ponder on for future!

What if Annie gets preggy (hindi serials mein hota hai on first nightLOL) what will be Maan's reaction, will he tell her to abort her child, then again Annie can say to him, why shall I abort aren't u supporting Geet with her baby!  Hmmmmmmmmm, maybe Maan will make peace with Arjun and ask Arjun to accept his sister.  Will Arjun find out what his sister has done? when he finds out  how will he feel that he used Annie? Will she accept him back!  I would kick him a kick in his u know what!!!!!!!!!!!!

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maansa IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 9:43am | IP Logged
thank god it happened! FINALLYYYYYY!!!!!!!Stern Smile


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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 9:55am | IP Logged
something a miss during sindoor daan, was it not GC's fingers...someone look with xray vision na

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starlite7 Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Helloo Nissar, Ved, Sudhir, Vikas, Barry, CVs friends et al – Maaneet ki shaadi ho gayi ! Shaadi Mubarak ho !!

What a day ! What a wedding ! What an epi ! Thank you for such a treat ! I've been walking around with a big smile on my face…happy, content…at peace :) It's as though a huge weight is off my shoulders. As though my daughter got married today … to what a guy !

Darji's apology to Geet …. Barry, awesome, awesome dialogues … hamare dil ko aaj sukoon mil gaya.

As Darji speaks, watch the body language of Dadi, Maan and Geet. As Darji asks her if he can do her Kanyadaan, Geet gets up and walks to Darji. What is the first thing she does as Darji watches her, unsure? She forgets all the bad things Darji had said and done to her and touches his feet, her grandpa's feet. Wah ! These are values imbibed in us by our culture. Blood is always thicker than water.

Darji asking for Geet's forgiveness in public. Hark back to the scene when Geet publicly states all the wrongs done by her family unto her in HP. Darji was unwilling to talk about it in public. But today, with his ego completely vanquished, he makes a public apology. Not just says sorry but actually describes his deeds, the injustices he and his family did to Geet, for which he is asking Geet's forgiveness. He says that Geet was right and can proudly proclaim to the world that this is my grand-daughter that faced the whole world on her own. Whatever Darji said today needs courage. Even when he says this he is unsure if Geet will forgive him…that's why he says I know u don't want to call yourself a Handa.

Geet at this point also had the opportunity to reject his apology and say I don't want u at my wedding…I can accept my parents but not you. But Geet with her response showed today that to forgive is divine. She even reassures her grandpa that she is still a Handa and confesses how she missed her family. How she prayed that her family attends her wedding and is overjoyed that Babaji fulfilled her wish.

All this time, Maan is watching the scene with pride, proud to see his Geet finding her izzat and place in the world from her family, in public. Never once do you see him display that he was the one who brought Darji to the wedding. It is Darji who gives him the credit, rightfully so.

Geet and Dadi (watch her expression) for the first time, find out that Maan is behind this reunion. When Darji relates how persistent Maan was in bringing him to this wedding, Geet looks at Maan as if confirming with him, and after a long loving stare, Maan blinks his eyes in confirmation. OMG, the eye-talk between these two…ufff !!! When Darji thanks him, Maan is still quiet. But when Darji tells Geet how grateful he is to Maan and how close he had come to losing her, Maan steps down from the mandap, comes to Darji (Dadi heart is bursting with pride for her pota) and folds his hands and bows down to touch his feet.

But Darji stops him and says, don't touch my feet, give me a hug instead. Maan's place is not at Darji's feet but in his heart…that is what this Darji-Maan hug signified.

Darji – Maaneet hug with Maaneet holding hands behind Darji's back … a silent thank you full of gratitude from Geet and its acceptance by Maan.

Nissar – ur picturization of this scene and its significance blew me away.

Darji touching Maan's cheek in gratitude and affection. Equally wiping off Geet's tears signifying her shadow from her past has been finally wiped clean.

Back at the havan, Maaneet in original form…Geet verbally saying thank u for filling the gap and Maan saying pehle shaadi to hone do phir thanks kehna. Kudi bhi kam nahi when she tells him how eager she is to become Mrs Maan Singh Khurana.

The whole kanyadaan scene….heck it felt I was there in that mandap celebrating it with Maaneet and all :) When Darji takes Geet's hand and places it in Maan's, Maan raising her hand to his forehead in reverence…oh my, I couldn't hold back my tears any longer. What a tender scene. What a guy ! And then the sindoor bharna with the shloka BG… sarva mangal maangalye, shivey sarvaartha saadhike, sharanye treyambike gauri, narayani namostute…. gave me goosebumps. Geet's expression as Maan fills her maang….out of this world. And then the mangalsutra …I'm in heaven ! I cant express how I felt then….sowwie :))

The pheras and Maaneet eyelocks….only Geetu can expound on them. I will fail miserably in my current frame of mind…lol. Darji expressions were a joy to behold….apni beti ab such much paraayi ho gayi. Maaneet taking blessings from Dadi and Darji.

Then Geet leaving her babul. Only a woman can really understand what she was going thru. Maan understanding his Geet's emotions and his sensitivity in taking her with his hands on her shoulders. Come what may these two will always be together.

So his motto is an eye for an eye, MSK's sister's barbadi in lieu of NT's barbaadi. How lame, CVs ! For a guy you portrayed to be a risk taker at the boxing ring, is this what he's become… only brawn, no brains. Well, I detest brainless brawns coz they are yellow livered wimps! That's all I have to say.

Precap – Geet entering her sasural.

Wanted to end this note with my perceptions of Darji aka Geet's family back in the picture …
1. Every bride must have her family at her wedding.
2. Darji is the head of the family. Maan did the right thing by bringing him….the rest of her family will follow.
3. Bringing back Geet's family will reopen the Dev/NT case with the HP folks. Maan will work towards making amends, find out the financial damage done and regain Geet's property for her.
4. Bringing back Geet's family will be a good checkmate for Arjun/NT saajish. More sparks will fly !
5. Bringing back Geet's family will also open the chapter on Maan's past. Why was he in HP the day Geet / Dev had their fake marriage. What was Maan looking for in HP?

A standing ovation to the entire Geet HSP team for making this a memorable Saturday, sans Arjun/NT.

Nissar and team – Superb execution !

Gurmeet, Drashti – Pls take a bow ! What a performance ! I fell in love with Maaneet all over again.

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Opti IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Loved the episode barring the NE-NEB scenes and the fact that the 7 pheres was reduced to just two and that too was hurried.

I cried in the Darji-Geet scene,maybe because I myself was very close to my grandpa.  My grandpa was just the opposite of Darji, one of the most principled and broad minded men I've ever seen, who believed that every member of the family, however big or small, had a say in important decision making and who   In one respect he was like Darji - strict disciplinarian, but was he no way as inhuman like Darji. What's more he never hesitated to apologise if he was wrong even to people much younger in age than him. 

The fact that Darji openly acknowledged how wrong he was, how he had sinned against his own grand daughter in the name of false family honour made me forgive him his past sins.  Loved that he also praised Geet and said that he was proud of his grand daughter for single handed fight against the entire society to assert what was right. Geet's fight was vindicated and she finally got a closure to her painful past. The one thing which was always bothering her is that she was estranged from her family. No matter how bad that family treated her they were her family and being totally cut off from them left her sad and marred her happiness at getting to be the wife of the man she loved.  

To her pleasant surprise she learns that Maan was responsible in changing Darji's views and getting him to attend the wedding.  Her overwhelming gratitude towards her man as she looked at him with her eyes brimming with tears was so heart warming.

I did not like the song they played during the pheres.  I also did not like that the pheres were so rushed. Would have loved it if they had interpersed each phere with a flashback of the parineeta metaphor which was earlier shown.  They should have shown Maan and Geet recite those vows in Hindi so that their significance could be followed. It is sad that Arnie's phere were more verbally meaningful than Maaneet's.  The wedding vows are the most important part of the wedding and they gave so little time for it and waisted so much time in the peripheries.  I still hope that Maaneet take their vows again in their room during the SR sequence.

Looks like the shameless Annie did not even want to attend her bro's wedding and preferred top cozy up with her lover.  Arjun sends her down though, not out of any great concern for the K family but to implement his plan to ruin Maaneet's special day.  I'm sure he has sabotaged their wedding night, maybe by creating some problem in one of KC's project which would require Maan's presence at the site or something to that effect.

Also looks like Arjun's revenge follows the Hamurabi code of eye for an eye. Here it is sister for sister although there is strictly no comparison in what his sister wen through or rather made others go through and what Annie will go through.  I am hoping that Annie commits suicide, not being able to bear that Arjun has ditched her after taking advantage of her. Although it sounds harsh and insensitive to a fellow woman's pain, I cant help wanting to get rid of the actress by hook or by crook. If this happens, Maan will be at his revengeful best.

DD was excellent. So was the actor playing Darji. GC gave a good support.     

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