Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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Om Mangalam Mangalam 
Dearest Geet and Maan,
Heartiest Congratulations.... May god bless u both with a life time of Happiness, Prosperity and togetherness...cheers....
Episode analysis
OK here i start my chapar chapar.....
Darji - Geet - Maan
This scene blew me apart...... Drashti was brilliant... fantabulous.... mind blowing....
The scene touched my heart.... today we saw the closure of Geet's struggle against her family... it dint matter if her parents werent there.....they never stood up to her grand father for any decision which was against her... they practically are actually non-existent... IT was darji's decision that geet shud get married to the Canadian boy... it was darji's decision and order that Brij shud finish her off.... it was him yelling about the khandaan ki izzat.... brij was always following darji's instructions...n darji confessing that he was wrong n geet was right n he is not proud of her... is a big thing... a person who did wrong today confessed n repented and wanted to be a part of her happiness ..... I am gonna write down the dialogues too...i just loved Barry Dillon today....
Darji - Ghabarana nahi Geet, main yahan teri shaadi rukwane nahi aaya hoon.... balki purani galatiyon ko sudharne ke liye aaya hoon.... teri shaadi mein shaamil hone aaya hoon... ab agar tu izzazat de toh kya main tera kanyadaan kar sakta hoon?
It was heart wrenching to see that Geet who was missing her family was unable to control her emotions seeing her darji asking her if he cud do her kanyadaan n his eyes were lowered due to guilt ... sharm ke maare unki aankhe neechi thi.... Emotional Geet getting up from the mandap and going to darji.... almost touching his feet while he stopped her n instead hugged her... Geet who is overflowing with emotions is crying.... Darji asks for forgiveness with folded hands... despite having gone thru so much pain n struggle, geet still cant see her darji folding hands infront of her.... darji accepts that they were wrong..says 'humne badi jyagatiyan kiyi hai tere saath aur jab tera saath dene ka waqt aaya tab tujhse alag hogaye the hum.... samajh ke jhooten usulonse badhkar teri jaan ke dushman ban gaye the.... hum galat the'...n he is crying... with eyes lowered...geet was right...her beliefs were correct...he path was right...her fight was right... today he can proudly say infront of the whole world that Geet is his grand daughter...she is Geet handa... whole handa family is proud of geet...but Geet wudnt want to be known as a which geet gets more emotional n tells him that since her wedding prep has started she has been missing her family and has been praying to her babaji to send her family for her wedding...n her prayers have been answered by babaji....
Darji - Geet scene was very touching... the one who wronged geet asked for forgiveness for everything and looked genuinely ashamed of what he had done..... he wants to rectify it by he himself being the one to stamp her new relationship....
Darji tells Geet that he is here at her wedding only because of her groom ...the guy who loves her a lot.... the guy who cudnt see her unhappiness at not having family around...the guy went out of the way to convince darji to come...thought at first darji dint want to come, Maan's perseverance in convincing him paid off......
Revelation that Maan got darji, is a happy shock for geet.... she cant believe it that this guy can go to such an extent to make her happy...she is feeling truly blessed that he came in her life.... Drashti please take a u were brilliant, fantabulous....hats off to u....
Maan taking ashirwad from darji and darji telling him not touch his feet but to hugs him... Maan and Geet both hugging darji... n geet saying thank u to maan....
Maan -Geet scene.... i have to talk about this.... the geet says thank u for making everything complete for my wedding...n maan says shaadi to ho jane do, fir thank u kehena... to which geet coyly says fir jaldi se shaadi karavaiye na...main ab aur intezaar nahi kar sakti...main jald se jald Mrs Maan Singh Khurana banana chahati hoon..... awwwwwwww
Drashti and Gurmeet - awesome expressions....
Darji does Geet's kanyadaan.... now geet is happy in her wedding... finally her family (darji) is with her in this wedding,,,, she is getting married as Geet Handa and not as just Geet....
darji took maan's hand, placed geet's on it...n pandit ji put a flower on geet's hand...darji bound their hands.... Symbolism - we the gal's family has treated our daughter like a we are giving our daughter to u....take care of her like .... treate her like a flower... delicately.... to which maan did something special... before laying the flower infront of the agni..which is like a shapath... he took Geet's hand n touched the flower to his forehead indicating that geet will have supreme position in his life.... forehead is the place we put tikka...bhagwan ko maan dete hain hum forehead pe tikka lagake..waise hi flower ko forehead pe lagake maan ne geet ko supreme position de diyi......awwwwww...Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...
maan singh khurana never stops surprising me.... is he too good to be true??? well actually no..i know 3-4 guys like this..but yes getting such a guy is very tough.... u hv to be extremely lucky.....
Maan ne Geet ki maang bhari...... mangal sutra bandha.... aur fir phere liye .... unhone vachan liye saath janamo tak saath rehene ke.... with this they became Mrs and Mr Maan Singh Khurana...congratulations..... yipeee.....
Maan and Geet take blessing from daadi and darji ---n geet is again crying on darji's shoulder...
Bidaai...Geet is crying...CryCryCryCryCry and runs back to darji...n she's still crying...CryCryCryCryCry why?? why is she crying when she got married to her maan..n that too on darji's shoulder... well geet had just got reinstated as a Handa.... she had reunited with her grand father just a while ago n now she got married n she is no more a Handa.... she is Khuarana.......after sooo long when she got her family back, instead of being with them..she got married n is leaving Handa name for ever.... marriage is not just about the gal n the guy....its bout the families.... Geet got married into Khuarana khandan...many of us (including me) dont change our surname post marriage...but technically as we get married into a family, our surname changes..... we might chose not to officially recougnise the new surname....
Maan holds geet by her shoulders and gives her support but yet takes her away from darji...  
Well today i witnessed the best tellyland wedding.... in every wedding the bride and groom are concentrating on the rituals but here with maan and geet in every ritual they are falling more and more into each other.... they both are so much into each other that it just is dreamy....
Arjun-Annie - Annie is remembering what arjun said to her... he doesnt want her to be out of his sight even for a minutes...she is wondering where has he been post their SR...she calls to find out his where abouts.... and is talking to him while pinky calls her and the office staff comes to discuss the room decoration plans for maan and geet's SR....  i liked the continuation here...
Arjun - NT - Arjun is in hospital with NT and is telling her to open her eyes... he has done what she wanted...maan has ruined her life, he will ruin maan's sister's life.... he did fall for annie but he wont let his love come in way of his mission.... he will make sure that maan will be broken and in pain seeing his sister's plight... NT is most important to arjun....
Precap - Grihapravesh ....geet had told maan she wants to come to stay in Mansion only when she is truly finally now that day has arrived.... geet grihapravesh kiya chawal wale kalash ko girake...n then Maan and geet leave an imprint of their first foot together in the house on a wet slab (kumkum wale pairon ke nishan).... n then maan will do what daadi had permitted him.... during the introduction of the fake fiancee time...maan had carried geet to the house to introduce to daadi as his fiancee....n daadi had said agar aap geet ko shaadi karke aise hi ghar le aayenge to hame koi aitraaz nahi maan is gonna do exactly that....he will carry geet in his arms... Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming  
I cant rate the episode today....i am so touched with the marriage that it made me teary eyed... it felt like i really attended a wedding of 2 people who are near and dear to me....
CVs, Directors, writers - thank u ...... ClapClapClapClap 
Barry Dillon - brilliant dialogues... ClapClapClapClap
Drashti - brilliant, mind blowing, fantabulous, superlative performance....ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap 
Gurmeet - awesome, fabulous--ClapClapClapClapClap
Darji - loved u a lot.... ClapClapClap
Daadi, pinky - ClapClap
Editing and camera - for the first time i had no complains... ClapClap

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Vivaah sampann hua!

Maan aur Geet hue ek dooje ke..for at least a lifetimeEmbarrassed

Gosh I feel happy...and so so sad.

Drashti Dhami- take a bow!
She really deserves a standing Ov for the acting and emoting today!


Maan Singh Khurana-  seriously...What a guy!
What a human being...

I am not even going to praise him to the skies because he's a man...who can go to any lengths for his make GEET happy..he will do anything and everything....

Daarji- now you say she's right...
Well..when you love someone so much- someone who is family- you forgive them...because you love them.

Today Geet got she got reinstated into the family that earlier wanted to kill her and is now begging her forgiveness...

In front of truth...even God has to bow down...
society matters less than truth..and finally daarji seems to have realized it..or Maan made him realize it

Maan told Daarji about Geet's "taraqee" in the big city...
Maan told Daarji about Geet's struggles...the man who had to be locked in a room to be told about her past...
That same man went and convinced her family(whom he frankly hates,i think) to come to her..and bless ask for her forgiveness...and he did all that without expecting anything except happiness on that girl's face...that face that's dearer to him than his own could ever be...
in all ways.

Now- she is with him..forever...and he is with her...forever...till death parts them.

The mangal sutra...and the sindoor...the pheras and they held hands...during the last one...
Where Geet moved ahead..

Today- Maan gave Geet what he had inspired her to go against when it was wrong.
To stand up for RIGHT...for TRUTH and she had the strength to do that.
FOR LIFE- she stood for life.
And now...he has been the medium of her reinstating into her family and society...
So well...that struggle of hers has been successful :)
Maan has been her humsafar...and will walk with her to the next phase of their lives together.

And yeah they are so despo to begin that phase..LOL

MSK was despo-visible through her eyes
Geet- through her words..jaldi se shaadi karwayie..
Aww..i had an image of Fast forwarding of pheras...

But seriously- I haven't seen a pair of whispering bride and groom...eye locks during marriage..n I'm sure what they were thinking of wasn't about rituals..if you know what I mean... so happy..all positive..brilliant!
Gc-dd rocked the entire marriage..seriously!!
What eye-locks..what intensity...

They truly became 1 soul today the way they were attached to each if miterally and metaphorically and magnetically bound to look and communicate with each other...

It was magical and romantic and oh so sensual and yet so pure..

They are just...awesome!!

Daarji-Geet scene made me so emotional..had to go hug my dadaji Embarrassed next door..he was
Really well acted out..
and maneet together then too...
Reminded of HP when Geet hid behind her chachu? to stare at Maan from behind him...haha..

Togetherness was emphasized by all gestures today and the yearning to be with each other..

Geet's happiness we connect with and we cry with her when she cries

No discussion about the future today...the present seemed like a transcendal moment....

Okay..I would like to thank the team for giving a flash back to provide continuity to AA scene.
That's all. I won't say aage.
Arjun's character....
I hope he's not merely WICKHAM but KARNA too...
Torn between love and sister- loyal to sister...and then changed by Geet...and so positive.
Geet would do it- for MSK. for herself. For him too..

Here are symbolically the pheras...Embarrassed, kanyadaan, sindoor and mangalsootra


Usually, the male family member of the bride does the kanyadaan'

in Geet's case dadi was ready...but...DAARJI came as representative of the family

He claimed her as Handa and tied maneet in a gathbandhan...forever

 Anyway- while giving the bride's hand to the groom, a promise is asked of the groom to assist his wife in realizing her dharma,artha,kama'basically spiritual fulfillment in life

She is to be protected by him and she is to be loved by him'just like he will be loved by her and they will grow together to get spiritual fulfillment.


 The Vows

In the presence of the Fire God- these are the seven promises the couple gives to each other

 1. To nourish each other.


When Maan made Pasta and Geet was sad-

He says the way I have saved you from all troubles till now- I will also save you from this problem of humger

 Maan has ensured Geet had food to eat..LOL

The episode where Maan ensured Geet got food to eat but nakewl gave his raaz away. Geet and Maan ate for the first time together from the same thali

 Geet fed Maan chocolate mousse.

Maan has made mushroom omlette for Geet

 And so on'

 2. To grow together in strength

 From the first- Maneet have helped each other grow in strength.

Maan has given important lessons to Geet and inspired her to stand for herself.

Geet has taught Maan to open up to Life and to Love..

They are strong as individuals as well as united.

Maneet personify mutual love and strength

 3. Preserve material wealth

Well..Geet got a job as Maan's secretary..

Money hasn't been a part in their life..but as together- now post marriage- Can be shown!

 But they have other kinds of wealth- of their moments together and they preserve it to the full!

 4. TO share each others' sorrows and joys

 They have been together in the sharing of each others' sorrows and have promised to give each other all happiness

 In Office during hum-tum

In Outhouse Maan's pain came out in an outburst

Geet and Maan in the dargah scene- are bound in a bond of pain and relief.

Pain with the realization that they are soul-bound. Relief that they have found each other.

In HP Maan shares Geet's pain

And so on'

Maan shared his sadness in the sangeet episode recently

 They have found moments to be together-staying together even in the worst of times-being a part of each other..that that thread that binds them tugs at their heart strings when either is in pain

 5. To care and be responsible for their children

Maan loved Geet and when they get back together- he promised to take care of her and their baby.

When he felt he failed by choosing Geet and not the baby'he felt guilt ridden and was in anguish..but Geet assured him that he will be a great papa!

Well- we need to be shown this post-marriage :P

 6. To be together for lifetimes to come

"zindagi ki har subha tumse shuru ho aur har raat tum se khatam"

 Main Stalking Karta and Miss Hoshiyarpur can do anything but stay apart from each other'

No matter what- after wedding, MSK and Geet will remain together- in heart,soul, mind and body.

Physical separation mustn't be for long provided there's a new track doing the rounds'

 7. Soulmates forever..part of a whole..HUM

 Maan and Geet have become from You and Me to Hum'and this is a symbolic and holy unification of that HUM.

Their love has welded them together as individuals, made them grow as individuals and now'they are ready to embark on their journey HUM..:)

As a family..with the baby..facing problems TOGETHER; their love helping them withstand all that they face


Geet was crying because just gotten back her family...she has to go away...and shed that identity to take up Maan's name...she's crying because she has gotten all she wanted...she's overwhelmed with love and happiness...and yet a deep sadness that her family won't be with her now..because she is with maan...

 Sindoor and Mangalsutra

KBM..he has filled her maang with his blood already..culminating their bond of blood'they are bound by it..have always been shown to be..

Aww..that just made me feel real nice...maan's expressions..ufff...!!Embarrassed

 Maan and Geet- an intense love story- it's made us cry,made us laugh, made us FEEL what they were going through each moment.

It has made us understand the dilemmas, and the pain, the anger and the joy, the nok-jhoks and the fights, the passion and the tenderness.

 Completed by the bond of marriage-

Maan and Geet will emerge stronger- with promises given- some realized and some to be realized'but not broken.

 They will face all things together..all joys and all calamities

 If msk goes to jail- it will be after this marriage.he will go as Geet ka Maan- stronger..leaving her sad..but as a woman who will fight for her husband's rights!

As being Maan's strength and not his weakness.

Helping each other when they stumble- their relationship after marriage will definitely be filled with moments of all kinds..let's see and travel with them on their journey'post marriage

 Post Marriage

 All these vows need to be realized once more'after marriage..a fulfillment of those promises taken in front of the Fire.

Dear Geet team

Thank you for showing us Maneet was beautiful and them!




1 full week at least of MANEET HAPPINESS!


For maneet

A description so beautiful perhaps never existed
A love so deep perhaps never was depicted
Each look yearned to be reciprocated
Each tear had seeds of happiness

Every touch felt pure
Every heart beat felt  so sure
their hearts beat for each other
as sure as their tears fall for each other

A bond made to never break again,
souls united to never separate again
love perhaps that lacks all description
being so pristine...being so pure

Kisses to all!




Love to all!

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except blue bubblesDead
great it goes from orange balls to blue balls and for SR black ballsLOL
Dreams Do Come True
Tonight I am off to my Yatra to Ganga
 Shaadi Samapth Ash Samapth

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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finally!! we went going round n round tonight!! HAAN!!ROFL

par dekho na yeh zaalim duniya
jinke log hain bade ghatiya Angry
*points at ashii n sharmi..* Angry
pata nahi, latke hai beech humre  yoon..
yahaan se leke kamre tak kyun?Stern Smile

PS : aaj hi... hona tha.. Cry  EPL.. kii.. toh! Angry first evr tim.. i il spit real gaaliyaan for ManU..
darn my bro didnt let me watch t epi.. Cry n darn my net.. no live updates!!Angry


Analysis.. well i forgot half the epi.. me is suffering frm t same *dying memory cell* disease my WW is suffrering frm.

But ill write somthing toh i am no more into gyaan baataling,. cal me kanjoos or whtevr.. t CVs must first listen to wht i said all these days.. thn mayb i might think of som mor lectures..Tongue

The Daarji-Geet scene

well i am amoung those who were disappointed tat  her entire family atleast  her Dad Mom sissy n bro werent there. but yea i very well understd tat actors n dates are expensive. And esp aftr getting t entire Luland at PreMeer wedding in Desh comprising 5 ppl.. i am definitely more pleased!ROFL
 The scene was height of emotions.. and i dont lik getting tooo much extra-emotional!! Wacko yea i am Luchi or whtevr tat Jyo calls me..Ermm but yes Drashti was perfect.. on the note!!. Daarjis presence was un-deniable!!ROFL ok il b nice Sleepy but what was with me (MSK) head held high?? fillings of Proud-y???Stern Smile yea yea.. i am being nice!Ermm wait and what was with me being stuck at t mandap for so long.. if it was t real me .. i wud b down there with Geet as soon as she looked at me, at t least.. ok i am bad!Evil Smile

finally moi cam n bend down to Daarji..
see i am good!

btw Daadis tears!!
*zips her mouth* ROFL

The Completio
n !

GITH : i want to b Mrs Maan Singh Khurana... n well u must know i was on 8th asmaan as she finished t line!!Embarrassed
the way tey sat by eachother (
i am still confused as to why i was on t lft n not t rightConfused ) but anyways.. the entire marriage with t eyelocks.. yes.. i fell for it.. n i am happy i did.. aftr all it is My Marriage!! PartyHAAN!!Blushing but HAAN!! wht was sindoor doing on My Geets forhead b4 i put it there??/ huh??? Angry chadooo.. i am sparing it.. coz t rest... mangalsutra, The pheras.. perfect..! n i agree with Anj , t eyelocks conveyed more than what wrds cud hav... Maan and GITH 's vows to their relationship is not bound by wrds!! Embarrassed  t perfect round n round.. i waited so long for....  toh i wish i cud play it longer.. Ermm

oh wait i totally forgot!! the Dhakkan Dhakkan in t bg.. i didnt know wht pallu was saying until i heard it.. GAWD!! i was ROFLROFLROFLROFL

NE files

NM is a Non Actor who plays a Non-Existent Sister! n Er-jun as NEB is disgusting!Stern Smile so i hereby follow my ritual of chopping down NE files with my Devil's E-Razor Blade!! HAAN!!

a few wrds abt NM toh - from a discussion a few of us devils had!

Any Fine-Art lik Acting is not just about Hrd wrk! its about talent and skills which somtimes are evidently visible at first sight , otherwise hav to b nurtured into visibility thru persistant hard wrk! Somone who doesnt hav both cannot even make tat attempt to excel in such Artistic forms.. understanding very well tat these wrds are too early for her stage in this Art, i believe she has neither t talent nor skill to prove me wrong over the years! She cant ACT!



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reserving after a LOOOOONG time ROFL
I forgot to updaatee ROFLROFLROFL
Okay, so now, let's start of with the most un-uhmayzin' news of the year!
Maan & Geet got MARRIED!
After a bery long wait,
and a LOT of head-banging-on-the-wall
They actually got married.
see, i'm having a hard time in believing the obvious facts
anywhoo, tis' the day for celebration ROFL
so imma start off to congratulate:
The DEVILS cause we are awesome like that! Cool
To the Production team Embarrassed You go guys!
To Maan and Geet! LOL
to the fifty million phans! ROFL
and last of all:
to our beloved main phorum ROFLROFL
Oh the stoopeed posts about Maan dyin and going to jail,
and i quit if marriage ain't happenin'
well, in YO' face Cool
anyhow, Imma say a few words,
because there's really nothing much to say,
i really liked darji's emotional breakdown!
DD was beautiful and a wonderful actress! she proves herself again and again Embarrassed
Oh and yeah,
what now?ConfusedROFL

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Sorry for shouting but my joy knows no bounds.....I think all the Geetians and Maanetians will have a happy smile pasted on their faces....Its as if someone very close to me got married....I didn't know I cud be attached to an onscreen couple so much...but what can I say I am....

Now coming to the epi.....or should I say EPIC
The Shaadi of  Mr. Maan Singh Khurana with Miss. Geet Handa

This wedding was something that everyone watching GHSP has been waiting for since a long time...And at last the Made For Each Other couple Geet and Maan got married....SO its happines all around...and hence today I'm gonna shed my devilish avatar and be an angel and not bash the CV over the NE scenes...LOL

1) Daarji's Apology- The episode begins with Daarji assuring Geet that he is not here to stop the wedding but to ask forgiveness from her for all the atrocities that he and the family inflicted on her......he then asks her permission to do the Kanyadaan....Geet is at a loss when she hears what Daarji is saying...And she walks upto him and bends to take blessings from him...but he hugs her instead...and on this gesture.....Geet's floodgates of tears open and all the hurt, the pain, the misery that she had gone through just comes rushing out.

And then when Daarji continues to accept that what they did was wrong, their obsession with family name made them to stoop to such an extent as to even want to kill her and also that she was right all along and her principles her fight was right....she is just overwhelmed.....He then goes on to praise all that she has accomplished after leaving HP and also that he is proud to call himself the Grandfather of such a girl...who has fought against society and for justice and faced all the situations all alone....He says the Handa family is proud of her and he accepts that she wouldn't want to be associated with this name....

But Geet being the soft-hearted one melts at his words and says merely saying that I'm not a Handa I cannot disassociate myself from the name. All the time I was alone, I always used to remember my family...and when the marriage rituals began I missed my family the most and wished they were here in my moment of happiness and seeing you here my happiness knows no bounds...but then Daarji says that my presence here is all thanks to Maan, the man you r gonna marry...He is truly a gem...He is the one who convinced me to come here and bless the marriage even though I refused him initially...he was persistent and made me come....And Geet looks at Maan with eyes filled with gratitude and love...

And then Maan walks down to take the blessings from Daarji...When Maan folds his hand to thank him for coming...Geet's eyes were filled with so much love....She could not believe that a man who did not bend in front of anyone was ready to do it for her happiness...But Daarji asks him to hug him instead and both Maan and Geet hug Daarji and hold each others hands...Geet mouths a thank you to Maan and he just acknowledges it with a nod....

This scene was the most heart-wrenching and touching scene of the episode....DD just stole the show in this scene...Her performance was beyond compare...Truly goes to show what an exceptionally Brilliant actress she has turned into.....From the rawness in the initial episodes to the finesse that we see in each and every episode now ...she has come a long way...So....DDStar. Daarji was also very good and his emotional outburst was well emoted by the actor playing Daarji....Star..ANd GC ably supported these two in this scene with his subtle acting...Star

2) The most awaited Maan and Geet Wedding...The ceremony begins with the kanyadaan done by Daarji and then the Sindoor, Mangalasutra and the Saat Pheras follow...All these scenes were shot very well and the ambience and feel complimented the scene....My only complain with this scene was that it was too short....We have been waiting for this wedding for so long...would it have hurt the CVs to prolong it a little more and added the verbal rendition of the Seven Vows by both Maan and Geet....And also I hated the song in the background ...I would have preferred sanskrit shlokas recited during weddings instead....

GC and DD were looking divine in this scene. I loved how both of them are just dying to get married...the suggestive looks of Maan and the shyness of Geet is a sight to see...And unlike other TV soap heroines Geet boldly asks man to hurry the wedding as she wants to become Mrs Geet Khurana as soon as possible....That was really refreshing to see...

3)  The Bidaai Scene- Well, only a girl who has gotten married would feel this scene...others might be able to imagine but a married women who have gone through this phase are the only ones who can feel what Geet is feeling....DD emoted very well in this scene...I was crying buckets on seeing this scene...CryCry

4) Arjun's Revenge- Well now we know Arjun's modus operandi..."You made my sister suffer...Now I will make your sister suffer"...Quite original  must say....not...Neways, no comments from me as I have decide to adopt a "Take it as it comes"approach to NES-NEB track....

5) Precap- The Grihapravesha scene was Embarrassed...and Maan picking his new bride was Embarrassed....So looks Monday is going to be a Blushing epi....

Phew!!! Finished at last....LOLLOL

Edited by panchjun5 - 23 January 2011 at 1:12am

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