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MayUr OS- Anniversary special- Do read (:

-sam- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 6:30am | IP Logged

Mr. Mayank Sharma and Mrs. Nupur Bhushan Sharma, wish you



Mayank and Nupur, the two persons who were opposites in each and every aspect...

One loved study, the other hated it

One loved movies, the other hated it

One loved Paneer , the other hated it

Both came from different background, both had different ways of life, different goals to achieve..

Then the journey started.

The two strangers met..

They became enemies..

Then they became friends..

Then they fell in Love..

Then circumstances changed..

Then it led to misunderstandings..

But then their Love won ...

They faced many problems and the only solution was their Love

They were married...

They again had problems..

The ego rose between them

But again their Love killed that ego..

They were together...

But again due to cruel fate, they got separated

But at the end, their Love brought them together...


All is well , when the end is well..

But there is no end to Mayank and Nupur's story..

It will always remain embedded in thousands of hearts'.

There is  no end to their love'

And there are no words to describe their beautiful journey, which had all the colours of their life'


I really dont have enough words to describe them...

I love Mayank and Nupur...

After a long time, I felt like writing something...

Dont know how is it..

Please  have a look Embarrassed


I want to dedicate this to Mayur and  ArTi who portrayed then

and to all the MayUrians...

who have made MayUr/ ArTi  more special...

Long Live Mayur and all MayUrians...


Mayank and Nupur are married.  They have their own small world.  After pregnancy, Nupur completed her graduation as Mayank helped her and then did a fashion designing course . Since last 2 years she has been working in a Fashion boutique. She enjoys her work. Mayank is no more a professor, now he works in a Software industry at a high post. Both of them have balanced out their time and always spend quality time with their two kids.

" Mayank , mat jaao na" Nupur said while folding Mayank's shirt and placing it nicely in wardrobe.

"Nupur, jaana to hoga, yeh trip bahut important hain" Mayank went and hugged his wife from behind.

Nupur turned and put her hands around his neck, "Par kal bahut important din hain" Mayank seemed confused.

"Aisa kya hain kal? Aur agar kuch important hota, to main meeting post pone karwa deta, meri diary mein aisa kuch nahi likha hain" Suddenly his cell started ringing and he went to pick it.

Kya Mayank sach me bhool gaya ki kal kya hain? Aisa kaise ho sakta hain. Shaayad kaam ki wajah se, par phir bhi.  Do saal pehle bhi who bhool gaya tha, par uske baad usne kitni pyaar se mujhe manaya tha.

Nupur went in flashback and a smile crept on her face.

"Kya hua?" Mayank asked her and started packing his bag.

"Kuch nahi" Shayad sach mein bhool gaya, is baar main nahi maanungi. Lekin try karti hun, "Mayank, kal ky taarik hain?"

"Twenty shecond January mamaa"

Pranav and Aarav entered the room wearing their yellow night suits  and jumped on the bed. Both were 6 years old and were adorable.

Aarav like his name was peaceful, while Pranav was very naughty kid. Aarav was like a younger Mayur version and Pranav younger Nupur version. Mayank took both the boys in his arms. "My boys are up!" and he kissed their cheeks.  He picked them both and went to Nupur.

"Mrs. Sharma, kal kya hain?"

"Kuch nahi, kuch nahi hain kal" She tried to sound normal, but was fuming in anger.

"By God! Ghar ki kya halat kar di hain, sab kuch jagah par rakhte rakhte poora din nikal jaata hain. Poora din bas ghar ki safaai" Nupur said, picking the magazines lying on the bed and then placed them on the side table.

"Par mamma, aap to kaam ke liye jaati hain, phir poora din aap ghar kaha hoti hain?" Aarav asked cutely, Pranav chuckled while Mayank was finding it hard to control his laughter.

Nupur gave an angry glare to Mayank. She took Aarav in her arms , "Jab mujhe chutti hoti hain tab" She ruffled his hair, "Maa, baalon ko mat choo vo na" Nupur giigled and kissed him on his cheek , Aarav too  pecked her cheeks. "Bilkul apne  sadu baap pe gaya hain"

"Papa ke liye?" Mayank said, looking at Nupur. Nupur realized what he meant and blushed slightly. While Pranav pecked his father on his cheek, "Main hoon na Papa" Mayank ruffled his hair , "Bilkul apni filmi ma ape gaya hain, By God!" All laughed.

"Bas bas bahut ho chukka, Kids , lets go and watch TV!" Nupur kept Aarav down and Pranav got down by himself. "Yay Moma, lets watch shupermann movie!" Pranav started running in the room.  Nupur caught him and held his hand. "No masti, warna aaj shaamko no ice ' cream"

"Sholly moma" Pranav said showing his cute dimples which melted anyones heart.

"Par Nupur, meri packing? Mujhe jaana hain"

"Tumhaari packing? Tumhe bhi pack karna hain?" Nupur giggled. "Khud karlo, mere paas time nahi hain"

"Mama, papa ko kyu pack karna hain?" Aarav asked

"Mera baccha, main bas aise hi keh rahi thi, chalo TV dekhte hain" Nupur took Aarav's hand. She went downstairs in the living room holding both the kids.

Mayank watched the beautiful sight in front of him, the three most important people of his life, wearing the same type night suits, like three cartoons. He smiled. Those three were the sole reason of his happiness. His life revolved around him. He thanked God, for giving him Nupur and the two sons.  He just wanted a little princess now. He smiled to himself. Once they went down, he went to have his bath.


Once he came out, he was not at all shocked by looking at his packed bag and his wallet, watch, handkerchief, mobile nicely placed on bed. Nupur was taking out his shirt from the wardrobe. Mayank went and hugged her from behind.

"Ab der nahi ho rahi hain?" She tried to sound angry but she was melting in his arms.

"No" Mayank said, "Kaho to main cancel kar du"

"Koi zarurat nahi hain" Nupur freed herself. "Agar sach mein chahte to pehle hi cancel kar dete" She placed his clothes on the bed, "Aur who bhi pure 3 din yaha nahi rahoge, tumhe pata bhi hain, hum sab tumhe kitna miss karenge, kitna time hogaya hain, hum kahi bahar bhi nahi gaye. Hamesha tumhaari meetings, ab maine pure haft eke liye chutthi li thi, lekin tum" Mayank placed his finger on his lip.

"Shh..  Tum bahut yaad aaogi"

"Aur hum?" They turned to look at their kids standing at the door, pouting.

"Tum sab, come here" Mayank opened his arms and they both ran in his arms.

"Ok, Now go and get ready, I am dropping you all to Gunjan maasi's house"

"Mayank, hum reh lenge"

"No, tum sab waha jaa rahe ho, maine Gunjan ko pehle hi bata diya hain, ab agar tum nahi gayi to use bura lagega and you two, no playing pranks with Samrat uncle. Be Good boys"

"Yesshh Papa"

"Chalo chalo, lets get ready" Nupur took them with her.


In the evening Nupur was sitting with Neha sleeping soundly in her arms.

"Gunjan , Mayank bhool gaya"  Nupur said sadly

"Oh ho dii, shayad unhe kal yaad aa jaaye" Gunjan gave her tea.

" bhagwaan kare aisa hi ho" She got happy , still hope was there but again her sile vanished, "Par kya faayda, woh to Delhi chala bhi gaya" Nupur gave Neha back to Gunjan, "Maine socha tha sab milkar celebrate karenge, par kal achanak Mayank ko call aa gaya, hum is hafte bahar jaane waale the, kahi ghoomne,"

"Dii, relax, sab theek ho jaayega, jiju jald hi vaapas aa jaayenge, filhaal to aaj raat hume  Dia ki party mein jaana hain"

"Arey main to bhool hi gayi, main to apni saree bhool hi gayi"

"Koi baat nahi, maine nikaal rakhi hain, tumpar bahut acchi lagegi"

"Thank you Gunjan"

Gunjan gave Nupur a Maroon colored sari with Golden work. It was beautiful. Nupur wore it, and was looking Gorgeous.  She wished, Mayank was there to complement her, she dialed his number, but it was showing busy.

She went down, and saw Aarav and Pranav were already ready in their black suits, looking cute.

"Waah, aap dono ko kisne taiyaar kiya?" She kissed them on their cheeks.

"Humne" Samrat appeared from behind, holding Neha.

"Humne aur humari chasmish ne  taiyaar kiya saali saheba" Samrat wrapped his arm around Gunjan, Gunjan glared at him.

"Waise aaj aap bahut pyaari lag rahi hain, kisiko impress karna hain?" He winked at her.

"Jise karna tha, who to chala gaya aur pehli baar aapne apnui chasmish ke alawaa kisik note kiya hain" Nupur said dramatically.

"Accha ab yeh jeeju saali badme khelna, hume der ho rahi hain"

They all left from there.


They reached the venue.

The area was totally dark, Nupur slowly went over there, holding  Aarav and Pranav.

When they reached, the entire area got lit up. It was beautifully decorated with candles and balloons. It was an open area. The lights were dim, giving a very pleasant appearance.

"Happy 10th wedding anniversary in advance  Mrs. Sharma" Mayank whispered in her ears, scaring her.

 "Thank you, wish you the same Mr. Sharma"

"Happy Anni anni vershally mama papa" Mayank and Nupur smiled at their sons. Both Aarav and Pranav were standing there, holding a card. Mayank and Nupur took it, and opened it, there was a drawing of all four of them. They were really touched by that gift.

"Thank you kids" Mayank kneeled down and hugged them, and picked them.

Nupur ruffled their hair, and all three together said, "Baalon ko mat chuo na"

And all laughed.

The party continued. All wished them. Then Mayank asked Nupur for a dance, a slow romantic music was playing behind, but they were swaying to their own heart sound, staring in each others eyes and feeling contented in each others arms.

" Mayank, anniversary to kal hain"

"To kya hua, tumhe surprise karna tha"

"Thank you Mayank, par mere paas to abhi kuch nahi hain den eke liye" Nupur said sadly and looked down. Mayank made her look up,

"Nupur, tumne mujhe duniya ki saari khushiyaa di hain, mera sabse bada gift tum ho, meri zindagi. Humara pariwaar, Dekho hamari baccho ki taraf" they both looked at their kids, who were busy playing with other kids . "Who hain meri zindagi ka sabse bada gift" Mayank looked at Nupur who was watching their kids, there were tears in her eyes but he knew those were of happiness.

"Waise agar tum chaaho to, mujhe aur ek gift de sakti ho" Nupur looked at him, a little confused, "Kya?" she asked innocently.

"A little princess to complete our small kingdom" Nupur blushed and looked down.  "Mayank…" and hid herself in his arms.

There is no end to this story…

That's just the beginning

That was it!

Writing after a long time

Hope you all like it

Kindly leave in oyur review (:

Thank you

-Samidha Big smile

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Faria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Goshhhhh Maynk – Nupur and their beautiful journey……………

A journey which was full of love, cute fight, understanding, and  many ups and downs…….

They r totally opposite of each other

But God had different plan for them

They met as strangers then became frnd and then misunderstanding took place and they became as enemies. But as I already said destiny had different plan, they fell in love for each other.

But again  misunderstanding, and sam we know na love can never die so  their love won and  they got married……….


And Sam you have spoken everything, u describes their whole journey brilliantly………..

Though they got separated but their immense love brought them together


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh missing them a lot


Any way now I m coming to ur update

Sammmmmmmmmmmmm it was super cute update

I really loved my bubbly nups , sadu but very romantic mayank and their two naughty kids pranav and arav


Mayank sharma and his perfect family……………….


It was 10th anniversary of mayur- a long journey- very special but we know for our mayur each n every day is special.


Kash CV aise scchi story ki saath serial age barati

But they didn't do it. Lagta hai un logo ki demag main kuch hai e nehiiiiiiiiiiii



Sammmmmmmmmmmm jaanaaaaaaaaaaaa


Awesome and amazing shot

I loved it to the core

U hav made me cry and as well as bring smile on my face………………………

 Wishing a very very Happy Anniversary to my Mayur


GOD wanna C Arti again in a new show.

I hope GOD will  fulfill our wish………




Thank u sam for ur nice OS

Waiting for ur another OS




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Nirvrithi Goldie

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No need to be nervous at allSmile You haven't lost that touch at all...
and sorry for blocking u from IF for nearly one month... Sorry Confused  But I didnt have any other option..
It was perfect Gudiya.. First you took us through the whole Mayur journey and then to future... Vow!!! 10th anniversary?? Its a milestone na? Big smile   I knew that Mayank cannot forget the anniversary at all - not atleast in your OS.... warna tum hi usse maar daalteLOL 
The kids are cute... and hope when you write the next part on next anniversary ,we can see their little princess too Day Dreaming
With love,
Ur Di..

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aysha_mayur IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 6:39am | IP Logged

The initial lines  brought tears into my eyesCry..........Mayur's Love Story---THE PERFECT AND MOST ADORABLE LOVE STORYDay Dreaming

Happy mayur Anniversary
AMAZING and awesome OSEmbarrassed

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mayur4evr Groupbie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 7:00am | IP Logged
just awesum..
u write so well..Smile
specially loved the lines in red which you wrote to describe mayur's journey!
do write more n pm me the next time...Big smile

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-sam- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 7:21am | IP Logged
70 views , 5 likes
Faria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -sam-

70 views , 5 likes

Sam tu itna upset kyun hoti hai???????????

yaar thodi apna patience banaya rakhna.........................

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kirti123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 7:42am | IP Logged
wow sam felt so good seing ur pm 
beautiful mayur os
it was just simply superb 
mayur hayee we so miss them thanks for giving us this beautiful os

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