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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 7)

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Originally posted by can_pak

i love the concept yaar. pls update soon and add me to ur pm list. i 'll try to commet as much as i can but i sometimes i won't be able to cause of my work. pls bare with me n don't mind.

thanks ashi

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Sonikins IF-Stunnerz

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The most beautiful thing in one's life is relations. Relations begin with your first announcement to the world about your presence and will remain in your life and heart until you say farewell to this world. Some relations are provided by God and some you make in this world but all these relations bring joy and happiness in your life and provide you support that are necessary for any living being. But sometimes you still feel alone even you have all the relation you need in life because you have created distances. Same had happened with Gujraal sisters. Although they had blood relation with each other but they were still strangers for each other. Mr. Dinesh was sitting in front of them, waiting for their refusal or acceptance but it seemed like no one wanted to talk. Mr. Dinesh found so hard this time to take initiatives because upcoming moment would decide fortune of Gujraal Empire. Mr. Gujraal had done so many efforts to bring Gujraal industries at that place and now fate of Gujraal industries would be in the hands of three girls whose refusal could destroy Gujraal Empire. Gujraal industries could become history.

Mr. Dinesh finally spoke "So what have you decided?"

Roshni instantaneously gave answer "I don't have any problem."

Avni said "Me too"

Damni thought once again than finally decided that she had to accept it. "I agree too"

Mr. Dinesh was pleased to hear it "Good than you are finally the owner of Gujraal Empire. I want to explain all the property, businesses and legal procedure"


Damni, Avni and Roshni were sitting in the office. Roshni called Mr. Gujraal's personal assistant Mr. Karan and asked him to come into the room. Mr. Karan entered in the room. Damni said him to explain the details of business.

Mr. Karan started to talk about business "Mam unfortunately we are not in good condition. Our businesses are in deep crises. We have lost lots of contract"

"What are you saying? Gujraal industry has been renounced name in the country." Avni asked shockingly

"Yes madam it was but due to death of Mr. Gujraal's death we have suffered a huge loss. Creditors have lost interest in our company.  They believe you guys are too young to handle industry" Mr. Karan explained.

"What. How could it is possible. We can do everything. We are Gujraals." Roshni said

"Mam this is corperate world. Creditors don't trust you and that's why they are not ready to finance you." Mr. Karan replied

"What? Why don't trust us?" Avni asked.

 "Because you are new and just took incharge of authorities. Moreover our rivals are very strong. They snatch all our contracts and after Gujraal's death they have taken 5 contracts from us.

"Five contracts" Roshni was shocked. "Who are they? Avni wondered

"Mehra industries, the biggest rival of our company. They are getting all our contracts and proposals."

"Who is the owner of this company" Damni took part first time in discussion.

"Prithvi Mehra" He replied.

"Prithvi Mehra" Damni repeated "Tell me about him"

"He is a good looking, dashing, smart"

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Karan was replying but Damni interrupted him "We are not going to hire him as a model. Just tell us anything related to business."

I was about to say. Actually he is very rude, arrogant, churlish and egoistic. In corporate world he is considered stone and cold. It is said that whatever he wants he attains that thing no matter what he has to do.  No one can stop him. In business world some companies leave that contract because Prithvi can cross any limit to take contract. He has come into the business few years ago but in these few years he has become tiger of corporate world" Karan provided him detail information.

 "Mam I want to tell you one thing more. Tomorrow there is bid of one contract and Mehra industries are also fighting for this contract" He added.

"Okay thanks a lot. You can go now." Damni said.

He left the room. Damni asked to her sisters "I think one of us must also go. I want to take this contract."

"I think you are right Damni" Avni replied. "But who will go" Roshni asked.

"If you guys don't have a problem, I want to go." Damni requested

"I don't have any problem because it was already your suggestion. So you must have thought something."Avni assured her.

"Neither have I had problem." Roshni also took part in discussion.

"Thanks" Damni encouraged their acceptance.


Damni called Mr. Karan and took all the details of Mehra industries. After reading file she realized that Prithvi Mehra would be tough cookie for her. She was still reading the file when she received a phone call. She picked her mobile to see the number and after looking the number a sweet smile appeared on her face. It was of Inder's call, her fianc. Two years Damni had never thought that Inder would come into her life. She met him during her job and they became good friends and then one day he proposed her. It was un believeable. She talked to her mausi. She was not ready for any relationship but her mausi was so happy to hear that so she agreed. During these two years Damni realized that Inder was good humsan being. He was loving and caring. She did not love him but respect him a lot. She picked the phone and greeted him.

"So happy to hear your voice" Damni said. "Me too, so you finally decided to stay" Inder asked.

"Do I have any option?" Damni pouted. "Ok madam. I was just asking but there is good news for you" Inder replied after getting understood that Damni was getting irritate.

"What" Damni asked joyfully "I have got transferred to Mumbai."

"Awesome news, really I am so happy to hear that you are coming." Damni replied with pleasure.

"Ok sweetheart I have to go back to work. Take care. Soon we will meet" She hung up the phone.


Damni finally reached her destination, the destination at which her whole life would be going to changed. She was at Dharma's office where she had to fight to earn a contract. She was looking into files when Mr.Mehra pointed towards a man.

"Madam he is  Prithvi Mehra." Mr. Karan said

Damni turned to see him. He was young man having attractive features. He was tall and handsome but his arrogant nature could be seen from his face. Damni again started looking file. She had done so much hard work. She had collected all the information about this contract and Mehra industries and now she wanted this contract any cost. All parties submitted their bid, Dharma industries opened the bid and finally Gujraal industries won the contract. It was great defeat to Prithvi. Prithvi got up from the chair and left the room. Damni came out of the room. She was receiving appreciation from people when suddenly Prithvi came and stood in front of her.

"Congratulation for winning a contract." Prithvi said.

"Thanks" Damni replied.

"But don't feel it's your success because I am Prithvi Mehra, considered it as a gift from Prithvi <ehra. Don't proud on it too much. I am giving you promise I will crush you like an ant. No one can beat Prithvi Mehra." Prithvi warned her.

"Excuse me you are behaving rude."  Damni pouted.

"Now I have to learn from you how to behave" Prithvi snapped.

"I think" Damni wanted to say something.

"You think really. It must be joke. Miss Gujraal you have no idea that what can I do. I am Prithvi Mehra. I swear I will crush Gujraal industries and you are not able to stop it."

He left.

"I won't believe. He is impossible. Rude, idiot, arrogant, boorish, ill mannered, grumpy" Damni murmured with displeasure.


Prithvi was sitting in his office. He was in anger. He could not believe that he had lost contract. He lit his cigarette and called his P.A Mr. Udit. Mr.Udit had been working for 5 years with Mehra industries.

"You know we have lost contract" Prithvi said angrily.  "Yes sir I know" He replied.

"I don't believe that I have lost and with that girl" He was angry

"Sir Gujraal industries you know Gujraal industries is not small" He tried to cool him

"I don't care I have lost and I can't tolerate it. I need information about which contracts Gujraal industries are going to participate. I want all the details. I want to give defeat Gujraal industries at every contract." He proclaimed. "I swear Damni Gujraal you will repent. You don't know who is Prithvi Mehra and what can he do"


Avni and Roshni were sitting in their combine office. Avni was reading files of employees. She finally closed it.

"I have read all the data of employees" Avni said.

"Ok that's good" Roshni picked the phone and called Mr. Akshey who was HR manager in the company. Mr. Akshey entered with files in their hands. Roshni questioned him about employees and their problems. "Mam we have lots of issues in company. Employees were not happy with us. They don't want to work with us. In fact lots of workers have already left the job." Said Akshey.

"But why?" Avni asked. "Actually mam Mr. Gujraal was not in favor of bonus. Workers want their bonus." He explained

 "How these workers have been hired?" Avni asked another question.

"Through union" He gave answer. "Did Mr. Gujraal try to solve the problem?" Roshni asked.

"Mam he arranged meeting with union leader but they had huge fight. They exchanged heated arguments and after that workers are no strike."

"Who is union leader?" Avni asked.

"Varun Mehta" he replied. "I think we can talk to him" Roshni said.

"He will not come, Mam. He claimed on that day he will not meet upper management" He replied

"I think one of us can go there and discussed that matter with him" Avni suggested.

"Nice idea" Roshni said.

"But can you tell me that what type of person he is?" Roshni asked to Mr.Akshey.

"Mam he'." He was hesitant. "Please don't be hesitant" Avni said

"Mam he is good person as far as I know. He is honest, well mannered and polite person but after meeting with Sir Gujraal he has became stubborn."

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"Ok thanks you can leave" Roshni ordered "Avni if you want to go."

"I would like to go but I have to go to bank" Avni said

"Ok no worry I can go" She smiled at her. She picked her hand bag, her mobile phone and went to meet Varun.


Roshni reached at the site area. Workers were protesting against Gujraals. They lifted gaze and saw her. They started rushing towards her and their attitude was showing that they were not going to leave her. Roshni was unable to understand what would be going to happen. She could see the workers coming towards her but was unable to react. She was facing first time this type of situation. She put her hands in front of her face. She was thinking that she would not be able to survive. She closed her eyes. She was hearing the voices. She could sense that they had reached very close to her suddenly one voice announced that stopped rest of all voices. She opened her eyes. A guy was standing in front of her but she could only see his back He was hiding and trying to save her. He was trying cool angry workers and finally he succeeded in controlling them. He turned to talk to her.

Roshni noticed that he was handsome and good looking person. His face was telling his intelligence, braveness and his truthfulness. He was staring her. Roshni forwarded hand with telling him her name. They shook hands.

"I am Varun Mehta, union leader" He replied softly.

 "Oh so you are Varun. I have come to meet you to settle this strike" She said

"Listen Miss Gujraal, I have tried this a lot of time and we never get our bonus and sometimes our overtime pay. Now we will work when you guys agree to settle our dues." He said

  "Mr. Varun we can't talk here. Please come with me. We can talk about this in office room" She replied

"I can't trust any Gujraal now" He said

"Please try to understand" she said

"I said I don't trust you. Please leave and come when you are ready to give us bonus." He said.

"Listen" Roshni tried to say something

"Madam please you are wasting your and my time." Varun retorted.


Varun is sitting with workers. Workers were asking questions to him.

"Do you think management will agree on our demands" one of them asked

"They have to" Varun replied "We will not resolve our strike till we get our all demands. This time we are not going to withdraw our desires. I will do anything to give you guys' justice. This is matter of right and justice and Varun Mehta never compromises on rights."

"But do you think these three new directors will hear to complain." Again someone asked.

"Don't know but as far as my sixth sense said they seem better than Mr. Gujraal" Varun replied

When he was saying this Roshni's face came in front of his eyes. Even he did not know why but he felt that she was not like Mr.Gujraal she looked innocent and beautiful. Somewhere inside he was feeling something awkward.


Avni came bank in order to get finance from bank. She convinced them for granting loan when she was moving towards the door she bumps with some guy. Guy lifted his gaze to see her. Avni also looked at him. He was young, handsome and stylish guy. He was smiling and his smile made his face more appealing.

Avni suddenly felt awkward. She tried to get a way. She wanted to leave but before she could have got her way his voice stopped her to proceed.

"I think these days no one asks for apology" he said

Avni turned to see him. She was suspicious.

"I am sorry" Avni said in soft voice.

"Only sorry" He asked

"What do you want else" Avni said showing displeasure

"Let it be but if you don't get mind can I ask you a question" He was scared

"'Yes" Avni replied.

"I think I am quite tall enough so everyone can see me. So why were you unable to see me."

"I am sorry I was thinking something" Avni said

"Day dreaming is not good for health" he said.

"I think you got your answer" Avni said

"Yes I am sorry I have no right to ask" He looked ashamed.

"No its okay and I am extremely sorry" Avni said after feeling his ashamed.

"I am Sameer Malhotra, I work in this bank" He said.

Avni thought once and then finally said "I am Avni"

"Nice to meet you Avni" He said

Avni nodded and left the bank.

Sameer was watching her going. But someone put a hand on his shoulder. Sameer turned his face to see a person. It was his friend Shekar.

"She has gone" Shekar said smilingly

"Yes I know" Sameer replied.

""Then stop watching her and start back to work" said Shekar

 "You know girls are my weakness. Sameer Malhotra loves girls" Sameer replied

"Yes I know but if you start work it would be better otherwise boss will throw you from bank" He warned him.

"I know I m going back to work. What could we do except work" He smiled


Sameer lived in apartment. In Mumbai it was really difficult to afford an apartment. He and his friend had taken this flat on rent. He lived with his friend Neraj. Neraj was egoistic, self interested and self lover.  They were sitting in the bed and drinking coke.

"Sameer we have to give rent for 6 months" Neraj asked

"I know but what to do at the end of the month we hardly get money to pay our bills" Sameer said

"I think we should some rob" He said

"Are you mad" Sameer said

"I know but I am tired of this silly life. I want to earn money as soon as possible" Neraj said

"Money is not easy to earn but one day we will if we do hard work we will" Sameer said

"I want money in this century not 30th century" Neraj replied.

"Oh my friend God gives opportunity to everyone. We have to wait this opportunity" Sameer said

"But the way you said to earn money will take so much time" he asked

"Neraj short cuts make your life difficult. One should get success through right way and at right time"

"One thing I have never understood about yourself your thoughts are so pure but girls" He questioned

"Neraj girls are my weakness. Sameer Malhotra can't resist girls" He replied.

"Sameer you should join fashion industry. Girls and money will be in your pocket"

"Good idea. Not practical"
"I think you are quite and handsome you can get easily chance"

"Not interested and thanks for advice" Sameer said

Sameer got up and went to the kitchen to cook something. Neraj was thinking about Sameer. He was astonished at him. Sameer worked in bank. He could earn money by manipulating some accounts but he never did this. His views were quite different. Sameer belonged to the lower middle class family. His lost his parents at the age of 15 years. It was quite strange that after facing so much trouble and hardships from life still he was maintaining his honesty and dignity.


It was good day for all three sisters. They finally started working and knowing the procedure of business. They started knowing each other but their some distance among them. They left themselves on the destiny. They had belief it is not necessary that you get all things in life that you want.  

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awesome  update  keep up the great work Soni!

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fantastiic........u ve been successful in doing justice 2 3jodis.......well done

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Wow Soni..Hug..awesome update..just loved Prithvi-Sameer-Varun's entry..lukin fwd to more....update ASAP

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Brilliant update SoniThumbs Up
nice way to introduce guys...
but y did u made Pri so rude n arrogant Ouch
Varun n Sam were very cute

m so sorry for commenting so late Dead

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Omg soni..
what do i say.....ur juss fabulous..what a writing yaar....supab !!Clap
loved this part n loved the boys entry alot....its different but exciting to c the boys n gals with different backgrounds !!Big smile
And offcource enjoyed the first meeting of PriDa , SaVni and VarNi...was too good....Day Dreaming
n omg MK workingShockedLOL ...thank god finally hes got a job ROFL
i loved reading it all !!!Smile
really fab update soni (my evil mommyLOL juss kidding)
waiting eagerly for next update !!!
continue soon !!

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