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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 59)

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Originally posted by crazypridaholic

@ Soniii...

Amazing part...!! @ Prida ' Chalo finally Prida's story on track...Is dis same Pri ehhh Shocked... He is coming closer to Da n nt even realising it...:P Damini become his support system likes...:D

@ Varni ' How can Varun confess his love to Rosh w/o breaking his engg Angry... He broke her he deserve dis treatment frm her...!! Bechara Varun...uski halat toh ab *Na ghar ka na Ghat ka* ban gayi hai...LOLLOL
@ Savni ' Sami's plan backfiring...:P nw how he is gonna avoid Avni...interesting story line...:D
Soniii fab job dear...ClapStar Plzz cntd soon...!!
hehe yeah he is the same pri lol
@varun u said it rightTongue

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Originally posted by Nan08


very nice update..

@PriDa - nice to see that prithvi accepts damini as his wife .. good to see their relation is mending..hope to see some nice scenes between them in future.. n u have brought in danny n toofan into the story good good LOL 

@SaVni - hoping sameer realizes his true feelings and give his and avni's marriage a chance..will be interesting to read about how their story will go furtherSmile

@VarNi - Varun should have been honest..hes in a total mess now.. am not surprised Roshni is hurt .. though cheating her was not his intention but from her POV he has let her down it looks Ouch

looking forward for the next update 
thanks alot nandani
abt varun yeah he shd deserve a tight slapLOL or might be i need a tight slapROFL
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Originally posted by mddmayuri

hiii soni..Smile.
i just read ur story and it is awesooome...
i m new to lnmdj forum
i just love the way u wrote their feelings...especially prida becoz they r my favourite...Wink
its an awesome story n plz do continue it
and most importantly do pm me
hi welcome to the forum
thanks alot for all these comments
yeah i will pm u Embarrassed
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Originally posted by limbu.simmy

Hey Sonii..

I finished reading your FF at one go.. This is really beautifully written.. I m new to IF and LNMDJ forum.. But I luvd the show especially PriDa pair..

Could you pls PM me when you update the next part.. Also if you have done other FF that is completed I'd love to read it as well.. Pls PM me the link as I m new to the forum and don't knw much abt it..

Thanks a lot
hi simmy
thanks alot for all these comments
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Roshni came to her room heartbroken. She picked all the stuffs that varun had given her and threw them in the dusbin. She took the support of wall near dustbin and fall on the floor. She did not want to but unable to control her tear. She had lost her love. Her heart was filled with tears and grief. Her phone started making noise in the silent room. She held the phone and saw the number, varun name was flashing on the screen. She cut the phone call. A minute later she again received a call from varun number. But she again rejected the call but she heard the beep of mobile phone. There was message in her inbox. Rosh opened a message it was from varun. He was requesting her to give him a chance to clear all misunderstanding. Roshni replied him that if he tried to contact her again she would forget that once they had been friends. After sending it she put varun number in screened number and put the phone aside... She knelt down her head on her knees


On the next day Roshni came into the office and her eyes met with varun. Varun instantaneously came towards her.

"listen please listen to me once" He requested.

"This is office and i hope you r not forgetting that i m your boss. You are my employee. You are supposed to say me Mam." She said bitterly.

"Yes i know but"

" Unlike you i m v busy so I have to go" she left him amazed and sad. Armaan was working near by them but his full concentartion were on them . He smiled on his victory. He murmured.

"This is only the beginning Mr varun mehta You will see how I make you life hell. You have taken my power and position. I will snatch every peaceful moment of your life. Just wait and watch"


Avni was working on her files . Her PA called her and said.

"Mam it is emergency. Again our hair removing machine malfunction and this time we got 20 complaints of it. "

"What are u saying?" She was shocked.

"Yes mam people are hospitalized. The same problem. Skin of people get ruptured and burnt from the usage of machine in particular area." He told the information.

"Oh God what are you saying. Just come to my office immediately and give me detail report on it."

Later he was in her office and telling her the situation.

"Situation is getting worst. People are getting violent. Those who are hospitalized. Their families have already registered complaints and was very furious."

"Two weeks ago you gave me report that five complaints were registered. We thoought that may be some pieces are defectives or may be people might handle carelessly but twenty now and what about people. How are they now" Avni inquired about them.

" Not good."

"Oh" his mobile beeped

"Mam v bad news ten more complaints registered" It was bit of shock for both of them.

"What are u saying. How this happened?" Avni looked anxious.

"Mam what can i say"

"Do me a favor. Call borad meeting immediately. I want to see and every director of gujraal empires in half an hour. This is my order."


They all had been in borad meeting for an hour. First report had presented on the situation and problem. Later Avni was summarizing the issue and its solution.

"Our product has caused damage to many people till now. People are hospitalized. I have not visited hospital but i have talked to dermatologist . They need intensive care but good news is that doctor told me that they will soon get fine if they get particular treatment. As it is our responsibility so as a Chairperson I have taken a decison that our company would afford all the expenditure . It is our moral duty to help them."

"Yes u r right." said, Roshni.

"Di we should visit too patients. It is our mistake and we need to amend it " Avni said to Damni

"Yes you are quite right." said, Damni

"So i think we should leave now" added, Avni

"Wait this meeting is not over yet" Prithvi said.

"What do u mean" Said, Avni.

"What I mean. You have not taken the issue seriously. Some people got injured bc of our product. Do u know the seriousness of this issue. We are going to have big problem. Media will not leave us so easily. People will stop buying our product even the news is not open all around but still our share price has seen a massive decline. What do u think people will leave us. Maybe those victoms get convinced when you visit them but not media. Not our banks. We are going to have a big trouble. Gujraal industries are in deep danger" Prithvi said.

"Oh God. I did not think about that and this all happened because of that varun. He made that machine(read the last update) We should fire him instantaneously. " Roshni snorted.

"Rosh this is later issues. We need to solve this problem prithvi is right. Right now we have to do something. And one thing more that i have received a call from bank and they were investigating about this issue. We need to do something" Sameer who was silent, also told them about financial issues.

"So what should we do?" Avni was tensed.

"I know what can we do" Prithvi said, firmly.

"What" allmost everyone asked together,

"You are going to visit hospital right" Prithvi asked to Avni.

"Yes " said, Avni

"Make sure that at that time media would be there" Prithvi sounded very normal and relaxed.

"but why" She asked.

"Media will show us on their programs and people will think that we are worried about them. They think that we have sympathy for the injured people and we are accepting our mistakes. Our videos will increase our popularity rather than defame our company's name" He told them his plan.

"what you want us to give deceive innocent people" Damni who was silent, yelled immediately.

"you are not deceiving. You are going to visit. If you use it for your own business then what is the problem?" Prithvi answered Damni

"Oh god i can't believe it. U know what this is called. This called cheating." Damni rebuke.

"What cheating. You are going to visit them anyhow. If media will be there then what is the issue. " They satarted fighting,

"jeej Di is right. This is unethical." Avni took part in the discussion.

"What is ethics in ur language Avni. You know what is going to happen soon your company wil enter in bankrupt list and i think you will be glad to read it, will you?" Prithvi was also angry.

"jeej" said, Avni

"Wait i have a solution of this problem u visit them twice. One with media and second without media. Is that ok?" Sameer finally found the solution to dissolve the fight.

"hmm" Avni noded her head.

"Call media right now and accept responsibility completely and give announce that we are going to afford their treatment" added Prithvi.

"Not again" it was Damni

"I think jeej is right Di" Rosh first time took part "We are doing nothing wrong Di, we are kind of hopeless. So we have to do it. "

"Exactly my view. Prithvi is right. Avni what do you think." Sameer was totally covinced

Avni did not say anything just noded her head, everyone looks toward damni. She also entitled her head bc it was last resort for all of them.


They were again in board meeting. Recent events although slightly managed but past week they got the news that bank had cancelled the loan and now they were worried.

"Sameer have u talked to bank?" Avni asked directly to the Sameer.

"I tried zillion times but they forbade me" Sameer sounded hopeless.

"Now what will we do. If we invest our reserve we might suffer operating problems" She was worried.

"It would not be wise" Sameer replied.

"Then we have to sell some assets" Roshni said.

"No never if any news leak about it our market value will be declined" Sameer said.

"Sam did u talk the others banks" Avni asked again.

"Yes i did but no one is going to give us loan for this project " Sameer replied.

"hmm anyone have any idea" Avni asked others.

"I have. I have company named Mehra capital provider. I found it for urgent money requirement. I am the director of the company so i can order to finance the project" Prithvi initialized.

"No " Damni said.

"But why" He asked.

"We can't take money like that" Damni said.

"What do you mean by that damni. You will finance this project by any bank then why not my company"

"Your bank will give us credit not on our credibility. They would give us because you force them that is against ethis of business."

"So what"

"I think I have said what ever I wanted to say. I don't think so it would be good for us. Now will you guys please excuse me? I will try to talk some lending institutions for this project" she left the room


She was standing in her room tensed. She knew that it was not easy to raise funds but she could not lose hope. Prithvi opened the door and entered in the room

"Why are you doing this damni" He said with slight anger in his voice.

"I don't want to talk to you" She spun around but before she took a step , Prithvi held her wrist and pulled her close. They were only inches apart.

"What are you doing? leave my hand" She said angrily.

"No tell me whe did you reject my offer" He ignored her anger.

"Leave my hand" She snorted.

"Answer my question" He was as stubborn as Damni.

"I said leave me" Damni just wanted to get out from his grip.

"Tell me" He was making her angrier.

"Because I don't trust you" She spit out. He left his hand. "I know you are trying to take over the company."

"Why would I?"He asked her because it was unepected for him.

"Oh right. You wanted to become chairperson. This must be your another trick to get into the company but I can't let you ruin gujraal industries" She was about tears.

"Listen I have no such plans I only want to do help" He tried to clear his position.

"Tell me one reason why should I trust you. You betrayed me Prithvi I can't trust you" She looked into his eyes and Prithvi first time felt ashamed on himself. He lowered his gaze.

"I m sorry Mr. mehra I can't trust you." She took some steps and sat on her chair.

"Please trust me" Prithvi came in front of her desk.

"Promise this time i will not betray you. Please"

"How? Tell me Prithvi. How could i trust? Say it" He thought couple of minutes and said.

"Swear to neha. I will not betray you." Damni lifted her gaze to see him.

"I love her and you know that. I will not betray you . Take help from me. Take it please. This is copy of contract. Sign it. Please" He dropped file on the desk. When he approached to the door he felt that he could not stand on his feet. Every time Neha's name hurt him. When he was about to leave her room he heard a voice of Damni.

"Prithvi I have signed the contract" He stopped at the door, smiled and noded his head in order to say thanks.


"Di have you taken some decision regarding punishment of varun?" She was sounding as if she is a stone.

"Rosh what happened to you. He is our employee. We can't give his punishment." Avni replied her.

"Yes an employee who put us into a big trouble" She was angry.

"Rosh he did not do it purposely" Avni sounded calm.

"How could you say it surely"

"Rosh what happened to you?"

"I am saying truth. He wanted to destroy our company and he succeeded" Avni was unable to understand her anger.

"No he did not. And it was not only his mistake. It was mistake of our research department too." Avni gave valid reason.

"But he made that design"

"It seems like that " but before she completed her sentence she received a call from her assistant that varun wanted to meet her so she granted the Permission.

"I am sorry mam for disturbing you but i want to give you my resignation to you." He said after stepping into the room completely ignoring the presence of Roshni.

"What? Sit down Varun" Avni knew the reason of his resignation.

"I m fine mam" said, Varun.

"varun it is an order. Sit" Avni used her position.

He sat down on the chair. "Good now we can talk why do you want to resign?" Although he knew the reason.

"Mam i think previous event was enough. My product has already caused lots of damage. I don't want to create any problem"

"Yes Mr varun. You are right because of you, we are in deep problem" Roshni said angrily.

"Rosh will you please let me speak"

Damni had entered the room. She came to discuss some matters with Avni but now she was only hearing the discussion.

"Listen varun it was not completely your mistake. We all are responsible." It was Avni.

"It was made by me, mam. And this is my only way to fix things because i can't do anything else at least i can satisfy my conscience.

"What if we don't accept this resignation" said Damni

"Please mam I can't work here anymore. Please"

"I think he is habitual. He used to resign." Roshni's sentence hurt him so badly he looked down.

"Rosh" Damni scolded her.

"I think I should I leave now. I Really enjoyed working here." He left the room.

"What happened to you Rosh" Avni asked her.

"Nothing" Damni was staring her.


He was packing his stuff when she arrived at his cabin.

"Roshni listen to me once"

"I am your boss Mr. Varun. I just want to say that I m glad that you are leaving. I wish I could give you some sort of punishment for all of your acts but I can't. I hate liers and you lied me." She turned and was about to leave

"Mam roshni. If you love someone that you must trust him" Roshni whirled and said

"I don't love anyone" and left the cabin


Damni had come in book store. She loved reading books so she was searching some books when she heard her name with a familiar voice. She turned and froze to see Inder in front of her.

"I am amazed to see you Here at book shop. I thought your habits might have been changed after all you have changed your preferences."

" I don't want to Talk to you" She wanted to ignore him.

"Offcourse now you want to talk to your dear hubby" He tormented.

"Shutup" She got voilent.

He laughs "what an attitude Damni gujraal. You are such hypocrite." One more snetence that hurt her.

"Mind your language"

"Really look at you Damni. A person who betrayed her fiance just for the sake of money. You are such a bitch" He was crossing his limits.

"Inder" she screamed. People had already gathered to see them.

"Don't shout. Every one knows your character Mrs. Damni Mehra" She looked around and saw people were chatting and muttering about her. She ran from the store without looking here and there. Her eyes were filled with tears . She came outside the book store. She was running at the road without looking here and there. She did not see the car that was coming towards her and it hit her. Damni felt that everything became dark and she fainted.


Prithvi was working on his office when his mobile phone ring disturbed him. He received a call.

"Am i talking to Mr Prithvi Mehra?" said unknown voice.


"Are you husband of Damni Gujraal" Prithvi was shocked to hear that.

"How do you... Yes i am." He said quickly.

"I am calling from St Mario hospital. Actually your wife had an accident but don't worry she is fine." Prithvi felt that sky fall on him. The whole room was spinning.


Prithvi reached the hospital and after getting her room number, he was almost running towards her room. He opened the door and saw her resting on the bed. She was sitting and her back was rested on bed. He rushed and hugged her. Damni was shocked. She was unable to react anything.

"Thank God you are fine."

"I was so scared when I heard the news but thank God nothing has happened to you" Prithvi said.

Meanwhile doctor entered in the room and saw them hugging each other. He knocked at the door and Prithvi immediately left her.

"So how are you feeling Mrs. Mehra" asked doctor.

"I am fine" said Damni shortly

"Good. I have told your husband that you are fine but he did not listen to me clearly."

"Is Damni alright doctor?" Prithvi asked, by taking part in the discussion.

"She is perfectly fine. She has just got strain in her ankle and it will be healed in few days but I must say you are lucky because you narrowly escaped from any serious injury and i think there is a reason. Your husband loves you so much thats why God saved you" Both damni and Prithvi looked each other and shifted their gaze in opposite direction.

"You can go home but you must take care of yourself."

"But doctor I think you should keep her in hospital until her injury will not be healed" Prithvi was still worried about her and Damni looked him again.

"There is no Ptrithvi ji. Just take care of her and I think I don't need to say it. I can see your concern about her. I will say to the staff to do discharge procedure" he smiled and left the room. Damni slowly kept her foot on the floor and tried to get up but her ankle did not support it and she was about to fall, Prithvi saw her and quickly held her with his strong hands. He was holding her. Damni looked him instantaneously. Prithvi left her. She again tried to walk but her ankle was not supporting her body. She was again to fall. This time Prithvi held her with his arms holding her back and without thinking he scooped her up. Damni did not resist. She was looking at him. Prithvi took her near car. Driver opened the door and he put her inside. They did not talk to each on the way coming back to home. They were even looking in the opposite direction to avoid sharing any contact. When they reached home, he came outside from his car and picked her in his arms again and took her inside. On reaching their room he kept her on bed. He looked her silently and left the room without saying anything.


Avni entered in her room and saw sameer resting on the bed.

"Have you heard about Damni Di?" said to him.

"Yeah, I hope she is fine now. Are you coming from her room?"

"Yes" said while sitting.

"How is she?" Sameer asked her.

"She is better now"

"Thank God" said, smilingly.

"Are you not going to meet her" asked Avni when she saw him leaning down on the bed.

"I will meet her tomorrow." He answered.

"Why not now?"

"This is not the right time." Sameer said by keeping her eyes closed.

"Did not get you" Avni was unable to understand.

"Avni, Prithvi is there. I don't think it is right time to disturb a couple." He explained by getting up from the bed.


"Avni, If we don't have private life, it does not mean that everyone will have the same"

Avni was shocked by his sentence. Avni felt that someone hit her so badly.

"Sameer i know that our relationship is not like others and what i am doing is wrong but"

"I am sorry Avni. I did not mean to hurt you." Sameer was feeling guilty.

"But you did."

"It was just...I am extremely sorry for what i have said."

"It is okay" she said while getting up from the bed but Sameer stopped her by keeping his hand on hers.

"You can't go until you don't forgive me"

"I am not angry" She said

"But you are upset and i don't want to see my beautiful wife upset"

"I am not"

"You know when people take tension, they have wrinkle in their face and i don't want to see such thing on the face of my beautiful wife"

It made her smile.

"Sameer you need to improve your humor." They hugged each other.


Prithvi was standing near bed. Damni had just finished her dinner and a servant had come to collect the tray. Prithvi was giving her medicine. Damni took them silently and then she tried to get up from bed but fall again on the bed. Prithvi immediately bent down and was about to hold her but Damni looked at him and he stopped at his place. He sat on the bed near her and said politely

"What are you doing?"

"I was trying to go to the couch." She said after taking a deep sigh.

"I think you should sleep on the bed today. Couch is not comfortable for you" He said politely

"Thanks for your advice but I don't any kind of favor. I will manage" She said with tormenting smile.

"Listen you need rest."

"You think I am gonna take your help"

"You know You are quite stubborn"

"Oh right what do you think about yourself?"

"Yes I am stubborn but unlike you I care about myself"

"Yeah right"

"You can't even walk properly and you want to sleep at couch."

"I can manage things"

"Yeah I can see that. If I have not carried you in the hospital you must have been there"

"So what you array husband" In her conversation she forgot that she had accepted him as a husband.

"What" He was slightly shocked

"I mean thank you" She said to amend her mistake.


"But don't forget I still manage myself" Damni came back to her usuall mood.

"Why do you not try it" Prithvi instigated her.

"Listen" In he anger she forget her pain and tried to bent her leg that put pressure on her ankle. She immediately held her ankle with pain and a moment later she saw him. He was smiling.

"Don't give me that smile." She crossed her hands across her chest.

He was smiling.

"Don't give me that smile." She crossed her hands across her chest.

Listen you need rest so please sleep here and don't worry I will take my bed back." He bent forward. Damni was shocked to see him but he took a pillow and got up from the bed and wished her good night


In the next day Sameer entered in the room and saw Avni working on her computer. Avni saw him. "When did you come?"

"When you were busy in you computer" He said tiringly.

"Actually I came early today so I thought I should complete that project" Avni explained her presence and working.

"Good even I want to talk to you"

"Go ahead I am listening"

"No you are not. You are just pretending to listen" He replied with a slight anger on his voice.

"Ok now I am" She put her work aside.

"I was thinking"

At the same time her phone rang and she received it

"Yes Mr. Agarwall I was working on your project as a matter of fact..." Sameer snatched her mobile and cut the call

"What have u done? It was an important call" Avni was angry

"Avni you should also give me some importance" Sameer was also angry.

"Sameer give me back my mobile" Avni demanded

"For this you have to listen me" He was more determined

"Ok just say it whatever you want to say." Avni got perssuaded to hear. "I am thinking that why don't we spend whole day together" He was excited.

"What about office" Avni resisted.

"It is about only one day"

"Who will handle the work"? Avni was not ready.

"There are plenty of people in our organization" He gave another suggestion.

"But they are not president. I am" She again declined.

"It is only one day" He added.

"Sameer businesses don't work like this" Avni explained her point.

"But relationships do" Sameer cutly. "Sometimes I feel they are only excuses. You don't want to spend time with me."


"Here is your mobile. Enjoy, miss president" He kept mobile on her hand and left.

He came out side in lawn and kick plastic chair that fall on the grass. He was unable to control his anger. He knew that his love for Avni making him angry and worst thing that he was helpless. Love was completely overruling on his brain.


On next day Sameer came back from office. Avni was waiting for him. He saw her.

"Hi" She greeted him.

"Hi" he replied shortly.

"How was your day" She asked him

"Pretty busy as usuall." He replied. He went towards his cupboard, opened it and started searching clothes.

"You were right. I was so stupid. I did not realize, I was ignoring my personal life for my business." She forced a smile but Sameer did not look at her. He kept on searching in his cupboard for his clothes. Avni followed him and said "Let me help you"

"No thanks I don't need your help" Avni felt bitterness in his behavior but she ignored.

"So I think we should go outside wherever you want. What do you think?"

"I am really tired Avni. I am sorry" he said mercilessly.

"You are still mad at me" Avni said after looking at him.

"No I am not" He replied shortly.

"Then why are you not going with me"

"Not a particular reason"

"Sameer I am unable to understand you. None of my efforts will inspire you. Last night you wanted to go with me but not now. I know I did wrong and I said you sorry. Now what is the mean of showing so much arrogance" She rebuke.

"I am sorry for last night. I behaved childish. I don't know what I was thinking. I think I was angry on something else. I should not have said all those things. I am really sorry" he apologized her. He was really ashamed for his behavior.

"You have regret on whatever you have said." she asked him.

"Yes" He replied.

"If yes then why are you nor going with me now?"

He took a deep sight. He turned to her, looked into her eyes and said.

"Because Avni I want your time not as a charity" Words that came from his mouth was like fire for Avni. These words sliced Avni into pieces. It was like someone had slapped her. He left the room. Avni sank into floor weeping badly.


Roshni had come to park. She came daily in the morning. It was her usuall routine. She was watching the sunrise when she heard varun's voice.

"Hi Roshni" She could not forget this voice.

"What are you doing here?" She snorted.

"I think this is public park and it is not your property." He smiled

"I am not interested to talk to a person like you." She rebuke.

"Few days ago, I was one of the closest person in your life."

"Yes. I am human and I can make mistake." Her anger was rising.

"That's mean I am mistake in your life." He was hurt.

"Yes you are" She said angrily.

"Then you are doing another mistake Roshni. I did not want to hide anything to you. I was just scared to lose you. Whenever i tried to tell you, I felt that you would leave me" He finally conveyed her what he wanted to say to her.

"And you think that after all this I am gonna believe you. If yes than Mr. Varun Mehta you are wrong. I can never trust you." She took steps to go.

"That was the reason I did not tell you. Roshni when I got engaged, at that time you were not in my life."

"So you think it was my mistake that i came late in your life." she smirked.

"No. I am just telling you what happened" He resisted. "I just wanted to tell you that my parents wanted me to get marry to Anchal but i never felt anything for her. I told her about that too but she never understood."

"Are you done" She said.

"I love you" He added.

"Shut up Varun. Just glued your pages. I don't want to hear any nonsense from you." She lost control on her temper.

"It is truth and you can't change it."

"I think I should leave" she tried to leave but Varun held her wrist. Roshni let her hand out from his grip and saw him with anger

"Don't touch me. And remember onething whatever is your stupid story it changes nothing."

"Mam Roshni you too remember onething that I will not stop my efforts until you will not forgive me" They both stared each other. Both were unable to control their anger.


Damni was reading Magazine and was eating snacks. She was still at bed rest. Her cell phone had to stop her for looking into Magazine. She received a phone call.

"Hello Damni. How are you?" Aani's voice brought smile on her face.

"I am fine Aani. How are you?" She was delighted to hear her.

"I am fine too. Can I talk to Prithvi?"

"Prithvi. Why did you not call his mobile? Actually he is not at home" Damni was slightly amazed.

"I have tried. But his cell phone is switched off today. I ust wanted to wish him." She said with tiredness in her voice

"Wish him, why?"

"Today is Prithvi's birthday.Wish him from my side. I will call later"

Damni picked her mobile again, called Sameer and requested him to come to her room. Moments later he was in her room.

"Now tell me what do you want? Why have you called me?" He asked after some time.

"I need your help" Damni was slightly reluctant.

"Yeah go a head" Sameer supported her

"Actually today is Prithvi's birthday and ...I"

"Wow and you did not tell us." Sameer spoke before she completed her sentence


"I think we should arrange a party for him" Sameer gave an idea to her.

"That is the reason I called you" She smiled.

"No worry. I am going to arrange a best party of the world" Sameer came back to his old style.

"Sameer make sure that except our family no one will be there"

"What? But why?"

"Please I don't want outsiders." She requested.

"As you wish"


Sameer came back to his room. She found Avni waiting for him.

"Where were you?" She asked instantly.

"I was.. Nothing. You want to say something." He did not tell her that where he had been.

"Yeah actually. Sameer. I mean. I know" Avni was sounding uncertain.

"Listen Avni I know you want to say something but i have to do something very important. I don't have time right now. We will talk later." Sameer sounded little harsh.

"But Sameer." Avni tried to stop him.

"I am sorry Avni" He said and left the room.

Sameer was busy. He had to finish his work. But Avni felt he had been angry. Avni felt that their relationship were getting worst day by day. Distances were prevailing between them . Avni realized that everything inside her had broken down. She was chairperson of her company, she can solve all the problems of the firm but she was unable to save her relaionship.


Prithvi was sitting on the beach. It was his birthday and he was alone. Cake was keeping in front of him. He took the knife that was kept aside with cake and cut the cake. He got up, holding cake in his hands and put it on the waves of the sea and one wave took in to the deep sea. He felt that the business tycoon Prithvi Mehta was nothing but an ordinary lonely person of the world. He came back to the home. As soon as he entered the hall, he saw all of them standing and looking to him. Before he asked anything he heard them saying happy birthday. It was surprise for him. He never expected anything like that. A smile came into his face. Everyone was greeting him. It was precious moment for Prithvi.

"Happy birthday jeej" Roshni smiled.

"Thanks. Thanks for all this arrangement" Prithvi was surprised and delighted.

"You should say thanks to Sameer jeej. He arranged this party." Roshni told him about arrangements.

"Thanks Sameer. I can't have words to express my feelings. Thanks. Thanks alot. And these arrangements are wonderful." He admired. Avni was shocked to know that Sameer had arranged party. She felt proud on him. She was staring him with love and respect.

"Thanks but i think someone else should deserve this admiration." He said smilingly.

"What do you mean."He could not understand.

"Prithvi i could not have arranged anything if someone did not tell me about your birthday. You should say thanks to your dear sweet wife." Prithvi looked at her. She was wearing light purple dress and was looking beautiful. She felt nervous.

"Cake has come" Sameer drew attention towards cake that make Prithvi to look towards servant who was coming having cake in his hands.

"Lets cut the cake." Avni said. Prithvi wanted to stare her more but everyone wanted him to cut the cake. He blew the candles and cut the cake. Without any hesitancy he fetch a cake to Damni. Damni was slightly shocked by his behavior but she managed. She did not want to show anything to anyone about their relationship. Roshni turned on the music and told both couples to dance but damni could not dance because of her foot so Sameer took Avni and they started dancing. Sameer was holding her hands. He was smiling and Avni was lost in him. Damni was looking them and smiling without realising that Prithvi was staring her with love.


Damni came back to her room by taking small steps. Her foot was slightly aching. After taking support she sat down on the bed. Moments later Prithvi entered in the room. He saw her sitting

"How did you know? About my birthday?"

"Aani told me" she get up from the bed.

"Thanks it was so wonderful. I have celebrated my birthday after a long time. It was so adorable. I am... I just... Thank you so much" he was delighted and was running out of words. He saw her. It seemed that she was searching something on floor. He turned and was about to go toward couch when she said

"Happy birthday Prithvi"

He turned ans saw her hand out. He smiled and shook hand with him. He thought that he got a best gift of his life. Damni greeted him. It was something worthwhile. In fact it was everything for him. Her presence can make everything precious and moments later he realized that he was in love with her.


After coming back to the room Sameer lie down on bed. He was really tired.

"Sameer I want to say something" Avni initialized.

"Avni can we talk later. I am really tired." He said with tiredness. "I have no courage to talk to you right now" He added.

Avni looked her husband who did not want to listen anything. She came outside. She felt heaviness in her heart. Sameer opened his eyes and found empty room. He felt strange. He came outside to search Avni and he found her at terrace, weeping.

"What happened? Have anyone said something to you"

"Please sameer go away. I can't talk right now." Avni replied him with tears.

"No i am not going anywhere. You have to tell me" He was determined.

"Ask your self. You are angry. You are not talking to me properly"

"Oh God. I am not angry"

"Yes you are. That is the reason you were not listening to me"

"You are stupid. I am not mad at you. I was busy and later I was tired. Don't you think after all my efforts I should need rest. Avni you are my wife. If we fight sometimes that does not mean that our relationship is ending. The most important thing is that Avni I love you. No matter what happen i will keep loving you so you don't have to worry"

Avni looked at him. She could see love on his face. They both were staring each other. She was having strange feelings that she had never experienced before. Something was different. She felt that whole world was beautiful. It was none other than love.

P.s i did not update it earlier bc of some peronal issues.
i don;t now u guys still wanna read or not if yes then plz let me know i will continue this FF. IF YES then i will update in 15 days
plz comment 
with regards

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
wow soni awesome part loved it cont soon

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mddmayuri Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
offcourse dear..we want to read it plz do continue...i luv ur ff...
coming to d ud...superb ud...
sameer is getting angry bz of his wife who has no time for him...
luv d way u portrayed sameers feeling...
n poor varun...he is truly feeling guilty..
waitig for varnis showdown ...
n at d end prida...{dey r my fav couole}...
luv d way prithvi takes care of damini...and damini arranges suprise party for him...i hope inders entry will help these two to realise their feelings for each other...
luved it..
waiting for ur nxt ud...

Edited by mddmayuri - 09 April 2012 at 11:59am

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pia09 Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2012 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Hi Soni, pl. continue. luved it. so Prithvi is in luv with Damini n Avni is also in luv with Sameer. interesting update. luved Varun n roshni's update. waiting eagerly for the next update.

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