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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 56)

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Originally posted by ...Tich...

awww... soni.. that was just amazing..
i have read this update thrice.. i loved pri's past.
and the precap, i want it to be prithvi, but you are the queen of twists i know. please dont make it sameer or varun...
also i dot want pri to lose his sadism so early. i want him to confess his love to damini but get some tough time that she doesnt love him.
and dear you are not hurting any sentiments of prithvi's fans. i just love pri's character more than anyone else in this ff because as soon as your update comes i skip other parts and first check what pri is upto.
love you jaan,
jaldi update karna.
Lol queen of twist like my quinee LOL
he is not gonna lose his sadism
let's see what will i do with pridaLOL
thanks for admiring my work

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Originally posted by crazypridaholic


WoW amazing partStar...LOVED it sooo much...!! Pri's dark past is revealed...loved how u developed his character frm good hearted person to ruthless man ClapClap...!! U deserves a star for dat Star...!!! Damini vill change him for good...:D
@ Savni ' good going...Sam is attracted t/w her...Avni's dilema well described...!!
@ Varni ' Awwwe Rosh's tears did d job...:P:P Hope Varun realise Rosh's love t/w him soon...!! 
@ Precap ' Interesting but itna chota...:P N well I can guess dis scene is b/w Savni...right..?? Once again Fab job sonii swts...plzzz update soon...!!
Big smile thanks for admiring prithvi past
thanks for liking all the scenes
savniLOL lets see
thanks once again for ur valuable commentEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by Killer_Shark

@ I realize that i didn't comment here yetTongue Sorry for the late.
Whoop...that was quite an emotional ride i say...very heart touching write-up.LovelyClap

All the jodi's are as the show given an equal space..i like that

More than anything i liked how the story is unfolding..very Interesting!
Very Finely writtenStar

Now @

I am sorry for making Prithvi's character so bad but as a writer I love his character because he has passion, love and emotions. The incident he faced has made him arrogant but inside he is just emotional person. I apologize if it hurts any Prithvi fan feeling.

Please comment if you like this part and tell me how do you find Prithvi's past

With regards

I think as the author, you know what your story is about and how the characters should be,so i have no pb regarding Prithvi turning Grey or any other for that matter..the script demands,so bet it.

@And what do i see in the Precap...a romantic moment shared btw one of  the three jodi's..hope its btw PriDaEmbarrassed
no prob for being late
thanks for such a wonderful comment

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Varun was fighting with his emotion. He could not see her tears; he realized. He was hurt because she was weeping. It was enough for him to understand his feelings about her. It was none other than love. I should tell him, he thought. 



Sky was getting darker with every passing second and there were no signs of clouds. It seemed that sky's stars had been hidden in black sheet that covering it entirely. It was dark night, Damni thought. Damni opened her eyes and felt chilliness in air. She looked at Prithvi who was sleeping on her lap. She stared him for a while and felt the pain of him growing inside her. She could not resist herself feeling sympathy for the person who had married to her. She scooped a hand in his hair and again closed her eyes.



It was dawn who woke him. Prithvi's eyes were slowly able to see and he stared her. His head was in her lap. He tried hard to remember when he fell into sleep. He got up and scooped her up, tumbled her on bed and covering her with blanket. He sat near her and was staring her without any hatred in his eyes. Last night she wanted him to speak and wanted to give away all his pains. He was touched with her concern and care. She was beautiful and she had a very generous heart, he admitted. All these thoughts enlighten his face and quickly a smile appeared on his lips. He noticed some curls were coming on her face and he just could not stop himself for keeping them aside. He smiled once again and got up from the bed. He approached towards the exit of the room. Reaching at the door, he spun around to see her again. She was on bed, sleeping. He beamed and left the room.



The blitz light of sun knocked at the window of the room and Damni eyes got opened. She forced herself up to the bed. She was on bed, she realized. She remembered she slept on the floor with prithvi. Prithvi must have taken her to the bed, she thought. She got up from the bed and searched Prithvi but she did not find him. After stepping out from her room, she asked about him from servant and he mentioned him a room. She stepped into the room and found the Prithvi who was staring a picture of Neha. Room was filled with toys and she took no time in realization that the room would be of Neha. She put a hand on his shoulder from behind. Prithvi turned to see her.

"You know Neha always wanted to meet you" In his thoughts, Prithvi had given her a position of his wife. "I wish you could meet her. This is the room of Neha although she never entered in this room. I have decorated it same as it was in the old house. I have brought each and everything she possessed, except that I could not bring her here." His tears are rolling on his cheeks.

"She is here. Can't you see? Through your eyes, she is watching this room. Us ki khusboo hai yahan" She said by touching his cheek with her hand. He held her hand, in his disturbed feelings, taking long deep breaths, sobbing, he hugged her. 



Varun was standing at the park, waiting for her. He did not know how would he say this to her. He broke her heart. If she said no to her what would he do? Now he could understand what had she gone through when he declined her love. He was praying that she would accept his love. A car arrived near park and Roshni came out of it. He waved at her. She smiled at him and came where he was standing. 

"I am sorry. I called you" He started.

"It is ok we are still friends. We are right?" She said, smilingly.

"Yes we are" he smiled. "And today I want to be you to be honest with me. Whatever you feel, just say it." He smiled at her too.

"What are you talking about?" He did not understand.

He held her hands in his hands.

"Tell me what did you feel when I rejected your love" He asked straightly.

Roshni pulled out her hands.

"It was nothing'I'" She felt herself difficult to speak. He leaned forward, touched her chin and lifted her head up to see her eyes.

"I want to apologize, Roshni" She was unable to understand. "I know I have hurt you" Tears were running down on her cheeks. She still loved him, he realized. "Tell me do you hate me" He pulled her closer by his hands. She titled his head from left to right. "What if I accept my mistake and amended it" Her eyes were shinning with tears. "I have filled your eyes with tears and I want to wipe them out" He wiped her tears. "I can't see you weeping. I want to fill your life with happiness with'.with love" Roshni stared him with shock. "I love you Roshni. Will you accept my love?" "I am'" Roshni hugged him. She put her head on his chest. She accepted his love. She was weeping. She felt his arms around her. Slowly they departed, but she was still in his arms. "I know I have given you tears but not anymore, Rosh. I am going to change your life." He slowly pressed his lips on her forehead and again took her in his arms.



Avni was working on her presentation. It was one a.m. and she was still working on it. She had left her room earlier because Sameer was sleeping and she did not want to disturb him. She was worried about the presentation. She could not afford to lose the contract. Her self esteem was linked with this contract and if she lost it. She would lose her pride. She was staring computer with gritty eyes. Her headache was coming like a freight train. With every passing second, she could feel increment in her headache.

"Coffee" A hand came in front of her.

She looked up and smiled at Sameer "I thought you were sleeping."

"Yes I was but when I woke up, you were not there. So my sixth sense said you must be here and you must need a coffee. Am I right?" He asked her.

"Yes you are. How do you know all my desires and wishes?"

"Because I am your husband and a good husband should know about her wife."

"Thanks for being such a great husband" She admitted.

"You know I am always there for you" He smiled and held her hand in his hand and they stared each other. They were experiencing some strange feelings that they had never been familiar in the past. "Taste the coffee. I want to know how it is."

"You mean you have made it" She was surprised.

"Yes I made it" He nodded.

"Why did you make it? You should say it to servant"

"No Why should I? I like to do all your work with my own hands."

Avni stared at him and Sameer felt uneasiness

"Enough of this talking business just take a sip of it and let me know how it is"

She took a sip "Nice lovely" He smiled and drunk it as well. Avni looked at her laptop and took a deep sigh

"What happened?" Sameer asked her after noticing her.

"Nothing I am worried about the presentation" She said, after taking a deep breath. "What if I fail to succeed? What if I let down Gujraal?"

"You won't. You are going to succeed tomorrow" He assured her

"How could you say that?" she asked him.

"Because I know you" she kept her laptop aside as well as her coffee cup and got up from stairs on which she was sitting and stalked in the room.

"Sameer it is not a joke. If I fail, it would not good for all of us. I don't want to be a reason of losing such a good contract."

 He walked and came near her "Look into my eyes. Everything is going to be fine tomorrow. See yourself through my eyes. You can do it. You are Gujraal" He guaranteed.

Seeing smile on her face, he picked her up.

"What are you doing Sameer?"

"You need rest so I am taking you to the bed."

"But Sam"

"It is my order"

"But my laptop"

"I will bring it back to you" He took her to the room, put her on bed slightly and then covered her with blanket.



She was sleeping on her bed when she woke up with his scream. She saw Prithvi sitting on the couch, taking deep sigh and staring space, she got up from the bed. She came near couch and sat there.

"Did you saw again a dream about Neha?" He said nothing but nodded.

"Why did you not go to psychiatrics?" She said hesitantly.

"I am not mental" He snorted.

"I am not saying that you have some psycho problem but you are going from depression and a doctor will help you to come out it" She said, politely.

"I don't need any help. When I will need your advice I will request it now. Please go" Damni set her teeth to control her emotions.

"If you don't want to go to doctor then at least come out of guilt. Stop blaming yourself.  Neha knew that you were innocent" They stared each other for long time.

"It's quite late. You should better get some sleep" Damni left but they both were unable to get sleep.



Meeting was going to start in ten minutes. Avni PA had already informed her. She deeply exhaled and got up from chair. She was heading towards the door when her mobile beeped. She checked out. It was of Sameer. He was wishing her.



She smiled and approached towards her destination.



Meeting was going good. Avni gave the prostration with full confidence. But in the middle of meeting her confidence shook when they asked her some questions. It was not so easy task to satisfy them. Avni shivered for a moment. She can't be failed so easily. At the same time lunch time came, Avni smiled at them "I know this is important but I would like to reply you after lunch off course if you don't mind." It was not going to be worked, she thought but her luck gave her chance and they agreed. Department served them a lunch and she excused them for a while and she rushed towards the cabin of Sameer.



He was compiling his notes. He had not gone for lunch. After completing his work, he smiled and got up from chair. Suddenly door opened and Avni rushed from the door and hugged him

"What happened?" 

"I am going to fail. Sameer I am losing" She said, moaning.

"Avni sit there. Drink this glass of water" he fetched a glass of water

"And now tell me exactly what happened" He asked her.

"My presentation was good but they started asking me questions. I was unable to reply them but I felt that I am speechless" She was weeping.

"Do you know the answers?" He asked another question.

"Yes I know" She said.

"Then why are you worried?" He was slightly shocked.

"What if these answers are not valid?"


"What if they find these answers are funny?" She asked him, cutely.

"You think too much. Don't you" He smiled.

"But Sameer. They can think that we are stupid if they find answers are irrelevant" She added.

 "It does not matter what they think, the most essential is that what you think about yourself. Avni people have brains and they use it for teasing others but if your confidence shattered because such of clumsy people then you would be insulting yourself.  You have to think only one think that where you see yourself. Remember you are Gujraal. Business is in your blood but more than that you have very pure heart and moreover you have your family who loves you and trusts you. No matter what happens they are always with you"

"Do you love me Sameer" She asked a rebellion question. His face was gone pale. His heart leapt but he managed.

"Yes I do" He replied her, his voice was as sound as a confidant person.

 She smiled, got up from the chair and headed towards the door. At reaching there, she spun around, rushed towards him and hugged him and said




Roshni looked around at the restaurant and finally saw him, sitting on a corner table and looking at her. She smiled and walked over to his table.

"You are late." He grimaced.

"Am I?" she slid a chair and sat on it

"I don't like late comers" He tried to hide his smile.

"I don't care because I know you love me" She said with a brightened smile.

"You are taking a lot of advantage of my love" He released his smile

She chuckled hearing that "I think I have a right. Do I"

"Yes you have. Roshni I want to tell you something"

"Yes" She smiled again.

"I" he was gritting his hands. The time had come to tell her the truth. His heart was beating very fast. What if she would not understand? But no matter what would happen he had to tell her that he was engaged. He assured himself that she would forgive him when he told her that he would break this engagement. He took a deep sigh.

"Roshni" Before he could say anything waiter approached with their order.

"You have already ordered food" She said astonishingly

"I know what you would like to have in dinner" He smiled. She could not stop herself smiling. She looked around at dishes and said satisfactorily "You know me very well"

"Let's have a dinner first"



He came back from office early. Avni had not reached yet. Her meeting might be going on, he thought. He sat on the bed and loosened his tie. He had been feeling uneasiness since afternoon. Everything was happened exactly the same as he expected, but then why was he upset. He was certainly not enjoying his life. He got into his feet, stalked in the room, opened the wardrobe and picked one suit. He threw it on bed and was staring it without any reason. At the same the door of the room was opened, he spun around. It was none other than Avni, he looked at her. She was looking excited. It showed that she had turned the tables. She saw him, darted towards him and hugged him. Sameer did not expect it and it was difficult for him to avoid her.

"Sameer I did it. I convinced them."

But Sameer lost all his consequences. He felt that he was on his seventh sky. He tightened his arms around her. He pulled her little closer. He looked at her and pressed his lips on her. The kiss was passionate and devastating. He slowly deepened the kiss. But suddenly a thought enlightened mind, he drew out the kiss.

"I am so sorry" He backed off. He had not expected it and was ashamed of it.

"I am so sorry. Please forgive me" He just got stepped out of the room and came into the loan, taking deep breath and trying to catch air. He was afraid, afraid of himself. He realized what he was doing. He wanted her. First time he really wanted to come close to her. He wanted to get her. He was going to have taken a huge step that could alter his life. He was scared. He was just scared of reality, a reality that he loved her. He was ashamed of being admit that he loved her because he had lied to him, he betrayed him. He could not enter in her life, because he was cheater. He did not deserve her, he told himself.

"I have to control myself. I should remain in my limits. I have no rights on her."  



They went outside from the restaurant. They were walking in deserted street. They were talking to each other but Varun had not told her about his engagement. He was trying to find out the right moment. His heart was beating so fast, it felt as thought it was going to leap it from his chest. He stopped and held her wrist.

"I want to tell you something very important" His face was pale as white

"Yes go ahead" She nodded.

"Roshni there is something very important you should know about. I am" But before he could have finished his sentence, Roshni's mobile phone interrupted it. Roshni saw the number and received it instantly. "Avni di"

"Where are you Roshni?" Avni asked worryingly.

"I am just hanging around with my friend. What happened?" She asked.

"Nothing actually. I was just worried about you. I am sorry. I think I am acting silly"

"No di you are not" She assured her.

"Actually Damni di is also not here. I was worried about you because you know it is almost midnight but I can understand. Sorry" Avni told her the reason of her tension.

"You should not say sorry di. I am on my way back to home" She felt her tension.

"No Roshni. I do not want to interrupt'"

"No di you are right. It is quite late. I am coming back" She hung up the phone. "I am sorry Varun. I have to leave" She kissed him on his cheeks. "I am so sorry. I love you"

He held his wrist. "What happened?" She asked him

"Um. Nothing" He kissed her on her right cheek "I love you" She smiled and left the place. He was staring the place from where she disappeared. It is not the right time to tell her, he thought. He had no idea how this hidden fact of his life would going to be destroyed their lives. Someone was watching them with a binocular. He put down them, picked the camera and smiled deeply. He had gathered lots of picture of them. Now he just wanted to give them to the right person.           



He came back to his room again. She was still there, standing waiting for him. He was trying to avoid looking into her eyes. Avni wanted to talk to someone so she called Roshni but she was outside with her friend and she could not call Damni at this time.

"Listen" Avni approached him.

"I want to apologize for my behavior and please don't discuss it about it again. From now on I will sleep at couch." He said.

"Sameer" Avni tried to say anything.

"I hope you have forgiven me" He took his pillow and then came back to the bed.

Avni watched him and then came back to the bed. For the first time she felt that she was alone. She looked at him again. Sameer turned on the couch and a tear dropped from his eyes. On the bed, Avni felt that suddenly her heart became so heavy.



Roshni sat on her bed picked her mobile and dialed the number of Varun.

"Hello" Varun voice came from the other side.

"Hi, sorry for leaving" She apologized.

"It is okay" He smiled.

"I can't say no to her" She said.

"I said it's ok"

"So tell me did you miss me?" she asked him, teasingly.

"No" he replied, mischievously.

"What?" She shouted. "You are lying. I know you miss me"

"But I did not" He said, naughtily.

"Just say it. You miss me"

"I think I don't need to say that. You know that so why do you want to hear it from my mouth?" She blushed. 

"Ok tell me! What did you want to tell me at that time?"

"Um' I will tell you when we meet" He said, hesitantly.

"But I am free now." She wanted to hear.

"No it would be better if we talk about it when we will meet" He replied with a soft tone.

"Ok as you say." She smiled.

"Ok see you tomorrow. Love you take care"

"Love you too" she said smilingly and hung up the phone.



Next day he was getting prepared for office with his blank mind. His eyes getting red, showing that he had not slept last night. Avni was still sleeping and he wanted to leave before she woke up but his worst expectations became true and she woke up.

"Where are you going?" She asked getting up "But we usually go to office together."

"Yes but I don't want to wake you up. You were quite busy last days. Your presentation really sucked your energy" He explained the reason of going early.

"Sameer I want to talk to you" Avni came near him

"But I don't want to talk about it" Sameer said it shortly.

"But you don't know what I am talking about."

"I told you I know you. I know exactly what are you going to say?"


"I will catch you in the office"

He left the room. Avni sat on the bed fighting with her tears.



Damni came into the stable. The house had a huge stable. There were horses, Damni admired all the horses. She used to ride horses. Prithvi's servant came, his name was Danny

"Damni mam, welcome to the stable. I hope you like the place." He smiled.

"Yes it is quite nice place" Damni put a hand on one horse and a horse neighed loudly.

"His name was Toofan. He is most favorite horse of Prithvi. Only Prithvi sir can ride on this horse. He is very stubborn. Do you know riding?" He asked

"Yes I know"

"Why do you not ride?" He said excitingly.

"Me" She was shocked.

"Yes after all you are Prithvi's sir wife. Toofan can't harm you" He gave her a stupid logic.

"No. you said he is stubborn" She was hesitant.

"But you are his wife" He said

"Yes why are you denying?" Damni turned to see the person. The person was very old servant of Damni, named Raj, Damni had seen that Prithvi gave him a respect.

"But I"

"You should ride." He smiled at her. Finally Damni decided to ride. She rode on it, but as soon as she sat on it, horse got violent and started running hastily. Damni was not ready for it and she grabbed the horse that was totally out of control. Prithvi came out of his room for attending some call. He heard the noise, looked at there with surprise and rushed towards the stable. He came near Danny.

"Why did you allow Damni to ride on toofan" He mumbled but Prithvi took one horse mad followed toofan when he reached near toofan. Prithvi pulled a branch of tree and jumped over the Toofan. Damni was frightened. As soon as Prithvi settled himself on the horse, he pulled the reins and Toofan came into the control of Prithvi. They started riding together. Damni's hairs were coming on his face. They were mesmerized by each other's presence, admiring each other. Love was hitting in the air and making them fall for each other. Finally Toofan stopped and Damni came out of horse and rushed towards the room. Prithvi followed her. Damni entered in the room as well as Prithvi.

"Do you have brain?"

"Why did you ride on him? Are you crazy? You know how much he stubborn is." He snapped.

"Yes after all he is your horse. He is totally similar like you." She said angrily.

"I am asking you something. Why did you ride on him? He yelled.

"Because you servant forced me to ride. Otherwise I did want to. I was not interested to ride at your horse." She snorted.

Prithvi got angry but did not say anything. Damni moved into opposite direction. She stalked towards her bed.


"What happened?" Prithvi came near her.

"I have got strained in my neck" she said, painfully.

"Oh wait I will apply balm. He said immediately.

"No thanks" She replied in a mutter tone.

"It is not safe. Pain will be increased if you will not take medicines." He said with concern.

"I don't need it"

"Please" He requested.

"I don't need your help"

"Sit down quietly" He shouted.


"Sit" He yelled at her, opened the drawer of the cupboard and took out a balm. Damni sat on the bed.

"And I thought I am stubborn." He murmured. He put balm outside and sat on the bed besides Damni. He started applying balm on her neck slowly. She was touched with his concern. She was staring him. Suddenly he saw him and their eyes met. For a moment they stared each other but soon Damni changed her gaze. A smile appeared on his face. He was staring her with a sweet smile on his face.



Damni and Prithvi just stepped into the room. They had just come back from meeting.

"When are we going back to Mumbai?" She asked.

"Tomorrow" He replied, softly.

"Hmm I was thinking"


"I am thinking we should also take mom to Mumbai." She finally came into the point.

Prithvi was shocked "But why"

"Why! If we take her to Mumbai, she will get better soon." She explained.

"How" He asked.

"There would be better medication and moreover all of us are there, so she will be better soon." She added.

"Who are you?" He asked something unusual.

"What? What do you mean?" she was surprised with this question.

"What is your relation with her?" He again asked her.

"You are forgetting I am your wif'.." she was about to say wife but stopped. Prithvi stared at her. "I think you are right. She should stay here" Prithvi felt disappointment. Somehow he wanted to hear that Damni would say that she is his wife. He was looking upset and sad.



Damni and Prithvi were ready to go to Mumbai. Damni hugged Aani.

"One minute" Damni said and she went to the Prithvi's mother room. Prithvi and Aani followed her. She took Aashirward from Suman. He was touched.

"Please take care of mom as well as you" She said to Aani.



Roshni was compiling the papers in order to clean her desk. She did not like to have messy desks. She was arranging the stuffs when she received a call from Varun that he wanted to meet her at central coast park. She smiled. She was also dying to meet him. 



Anchal heard the bell at the door. She opened it and looked at the child who was holding something in his hand. He handed her and left. She felt strange and tore the envelope. There were pictures of Varun and Roshni. She felt her heart pounding. Then she saw the plain white paper in which something was written. She read it.




Anchal stared pictures and then left the house. Aryman smiled at himself. He had heard the conversation of Varun and Roshni. It was best time for him, he decided. He gave photographs and letter to a child of 10 years. Now his work had been done. But he had to reach park to see Varun's condition by his own eyes.



Varun was strolling in the park, waiting eagerly for her, looking again and again at his wrist watch and looking around in the park. He had decided he would tell her now. A car stooped nearby at the park and Varun looked at the car. Roshni steeped out of the car. He took a deep sigh. Time had come to reveal the truth. Varun felt that his hear would leap from his chest. His mind was racing about the consequences. He watched her coming.

"Sorry to call you" said, Varun. 

"No problem. Tell me why did you call me?"

Varun stared her "Roshni I know this might be difficult for you but'''''''.." He noticed that she was looking lost. Although she tried to hear him but he felt his mind was somewhere else.

"What happened" He kept his hand on her shoulder.

"Nothing I am fine" She forced a smile.

"No you are not. Tell me what happened. I can read your face. You are looking worried." He asked her forcedly.

"Nothing just'." She stopped.

"Say it" He forced her again.

"Just it had been quite a long time and Damni di still has not come. I mean I am worried about her. I hope she is okay. We talked to her on phone but still'''''" She said, worryingly.

"You are missing her" He got the reason of her tension.

"No I mean I am just worried about her." She tried to keep her calm.

"Say it you are missing her" He smiled.

"No" She looked into his eyes "Yes I am terribly missing her"

He took her into his arms "Don't worry she must be fine. After all your wishes and prayers are with her."   



Anchal saw them hugging. She rushed towards them simmering with boiling temper.

"Don't worry she must be fine. After all your wishes and prayers are with her" Varun felt someone's presence. Varun looked at Anchal and stopped at his place. It was worst moment of his life. His heart started beating very fast and his face gone pale. He found his head spinning. He requested to God to change the scene. He rubbed his eyes but everything remained same. Nothing could change because his destiny was standing in front of him ready to destroy him completely. Roshni looked at him and was puzzled by his emotions. Roshni looked into the direction where Varun was staring. She did not understand what was going. There was a girl standing near them, staring them with hatred. She looked at Varun furiously and she could see tension on his face. She was surprised with his behavior. Anchal stepped forward and said

"I could see your important meetings."

Varun felt so numb that he was unable to reply. Roshni could not get it what was going on.

"I could not expect it from you. You disappoint me. You lied to me. You are the most insensitive person I have ever seen." There was silence in the air. "Liar, cheater, swindler. I wish I could I kill you. You should be ashamed."

"Excuse me" Roshni cut in. "You have no right to insult him like that."

"Insult my foot. This man does not deserve to be any respect." Anchal said mockingly with tears in her eyes.

"Stop it. Varun why are you not saying anything to her" She asked him.

"Oh really Varun. Can you say anything to me? Do you have guts to say me anything?" She instigated him.

"Enough, of this nonsense. I will not tolerate anymore. Who are you?"

"Tell her Varun who am I? Tell her. At least be loyal with her" she again instigated him.

"Stop it. You are crossing your limits."

"Stupid girl, you still can't understand. I am fiance of your lover boy or I must say I was because I am breaking this engagement right now." she threw her engagement ring on the floor. "I am going and I don't want to see your face again Mr. Varun Mehta"

Roshni could not believe on it what had she heard. It can't be true. Varun cannot deceive her. As soon as she left Roshni came back into her senses.

"Varun is she saying truth?" Varun was looking down.

"I know she is saying lie but I want to hear it from your mouth. Tell me are you engaged? Dam it Varun say it" Varun was stunned.

"I am talking to you" She shook him hardly "Tell me before my head will blast. Is she your fiance or not? Just speak up dam it"

"She was saying truth." Roshni felt that sky fell on her. She felt unconsciousness. Varun came forward to hold her.

"Don't. Don't even think about it. I just hate you. I'' Get lost. Go away." She shouted.

"Rosh look at me. At least give me one chance to explain it." He tried to explain her.

"Explain what you will explain that you forget to tell me that you are engaged. Just shut up and get lost" She almost screamed on him.

"No Rosh I tried to tell you" He added.

"Dam it Varun you are unbelievable." She screeched.


"You betrayed me Varun. I hate you. I'." she rushed towards her car and left him with guilt. He sunk into the floor. He was completely destroyed by his destiny.



Roshni came back to her home with an empty heart. She was heading towards the door of her room when her servant called her from behind and told her that Damni had come back and was waiting for her in the terrace. She did not want to meet her right now but she had no choice. She did not want to tell her that what she had gone through. She took a breath and came to the terrace. Damni was standing on the corner and draping a shawl around her.

"Damni di" Damni spun and smiled at her. She opened her arms and Roshni hugged her.

"How are you? I have been waiting for you." Roshni was trying to hear her but it seemed like that her hearing senses were not helping her. Damni looked at her and realized that something was wrong. She touched her cheek with her hand and asked "You are looking upset. Is everything alright?"

"Yes di" but she could not control her emotions and broke into tears.

"Oh gosh Rosh what happened? Tell me what happened" She was tensed by her condition and her tears. "Please tell me"

"Nothing di I am fine. Just I am missing my mom today" She hugged her. Damni was confused and worried about her but she wrapped her arms around her in order to make her feel better.




"What are you saying? Just call the board meeting immediately. Inform all the board directors that I want to see them in half an hour." Avni was almost shouting on her PA.


Plz press the like button and comment if u like my work

With regards


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Sia889 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Wop im first..sorry for the late replies...ughh i really feel reading a PriDa when its from you..(ok not buttering youLOL..but i realized this lately)
I like the slow transitions be it Varun or PriDa.

Originally posted by gauchalover

It was dawn who woke him. Prithvi's eyes were slowly able to see and he stared her. His head was in her lap. He tried hard to remember when he fell into sleep. He got up and scooped her up, tumbled her on bed and covering her with blanket. He sat near her and was staring her without any hatred in his eyes. Last night she wanted him to speak and wanted to give away all his pains. He was touched with her concern and care. She was beautiful and she had a very generous heart, he admitted. All these thoughts enlighten his face and quickly a smile appeared on his lips. He noticed some curls were coming on her face and he just could not stop himself for keeping them aside. He smiled once again and got up from the bed. He approached towards the exit of the room. Reaching at the door, he spun around to see her again. She was on bed, sleeping. He beamed and left the room.

Aww so sweet..very touching..the understanding  they  have.Only one song i get reminded of -'Tu najaane aas pass hai khudaa'

The profound meaning it has...i think the song (lyrics) suits perfectly to this very story ...

@VaRni were as always sweet..i liked the wway how Varun made a firm decision .

For once Sami acted in a very matured manner..hope he stays the same.

I love PRIDA scenes here..the gradual attitude change is always weclomed that too for a hot pair like these..they set the thread on fire (in this case)Tongue.

VARNI again wonderfully penned there emotions

This song suits them at this situation

Sonikins reading ua writeups are a treat always,its like reading a poem..beautiful..thanks for such lovely story line and

great efforts!Star waiting for the next update.

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simply loved the prida part...
Its awesome...finally both prida r falling for each other...though they wont admit it to themselves

superb varni part...atlast rosh came to know abt varun's engagement...lets see wat new twist u bring to their stories...

Nice savni part

hugsss for color scheme [<3]
continue soon
hope pri doesnt change back to old n arrogant self once he is back to bombay...

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jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome cont soon
adventure_gurl IF-Stunnerz

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awesome  update! well done!

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