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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 52)

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So finally u made sammy like u na Wink Tongue
n there pri wow how nicely he tricked Damz to come with him hats off
cute varni part as usual

come on now update fast n wanna know abt pri's past 

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Originally posted by LazyKid

So finally u made sammy like u na Wink Tongue
n there pri wow how nicely he tricked Damz to come with him hats off
cute varni part as usual

come on now update fast n wanna know abt pri's past 
what do you mean by meShocked
plz elaborateOuch
heheh he is Prithvi mehra he can do anything Big smileLOL
thanks for liking varni part
yeah i m going to reveal his pastEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by Killer_Shark

Where is the Update???
Cant have enough of this awesome story...
Despoly waiting GAUCHALOVERWink

coming soon
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(I would like to mention one thing that Prithvi and Sameer are staying at Gujraal house because it is the will of Mr. Gujraal that whoever marries to Gujraal's sisters, will stay at Gujraal mansion.)

There was complete silence in the car. Damni's eyes were closed. Prithvi was driving the car. After sometime he stopped his car. Damni's eyes were still closed. Prithvi slightly coughed in order to make Damni awake. As his expectations, Damni opened her eyes and realized that they had reached. Damni came out of the car and stared Prithvi with an inquiring look. "It is my home" Prithvi replied shortly. Damni looked at him and again looked at house. The exterior outlook of house showed that it was some sort of palace. There was huge lawn in the left of the Damni and in front there was huge wood door. Door was opened. Servants took their luggage and Prithvi started walking. Damni was to follow him. When Damni entered in home, she realized that it was very beautiful house. There was a huge hall. Walls were white in color and glass windows are covered with maroon and white curtains. In centre there was stairs that apparently looked like made of glass and there was sofa set near stairs. Damni praised a house in a heart. A lady emerged from the door that was linked to hall. She was in early forties. Prithvi saw her and hugged. 

 "How are you aani" Prithvi said smilingly

"I am fine but I m very angry" She replied.

"Why" he asked innocently.

"Why oh come on you have come after a long time" she retorted.

"You know I was busy" He tried to justify.

"Stop these fake excuses. I know you don't care about us" she said teasingly

Damni was little bit shocked with Prithvi's behavior. She had never seen Prithvi softer side so it was unexpected for her.

"Ok I am sorry. Please forgive me" He said, holding his ears. She smiled "How is mum" he added.

"She is fine" She said normally but Damni noticed that Prithvi's face was pale when he was asking this question. "Who is she" she saw Damni.

"She is Damni. My''" he galloped and cleared his throat "My wife"

"What ' you have got married and you did not tell us" She asked him, angrily.

"Aani, Actually everything happened so sudden so'trust me the situation was'." He was pale

"Oh don't give me that ridiculous excuse" She was still angry "Ok leave it. Let me see my daughter in law" She added. She stepped forward. Damni was unsure what should she do. She saw her and took her ashirwaad for blessings. "Bless you" She said "I have to agree. Prithvi, your choice is very beautiful" Prithvi blushed and Damni felt uncomfortable

"Damni she is Aani" Prithvi introduced her to Damni.

"Hi Damni, I am his Aani actually I am servant here" She completed her sentence

"Aani" Prithvi cut in. "But Prithvi always considered me like his own mother" she added.

"I am really tired. I am going to take bath" Prithvi said exhaustingly.

"Ok." she smiled. Prithvi left "oh Prithvi is totally idiot. Let me show your room."

Damni followed her and up stairs. The room was quite closed to stairs where already their luggage was laying on the floor.  "It is Prithvi's bedroom and now it is of yours too. Be comfortable." She said smilingly and left the room. Damni noticed the room. It was quite big room. Damni caught a brief glimpse of room. Walls were of white colors. Furniture was blue in color as well as curtains. There was large size of portrait of Prithvi on upside bed wall. Damni strolled in the room when Prithvi suddenly came from washroom after taking nap. Their eyes met.  

"Here you have to sleep at bed because I usually get up early and go for jogging. If Aani comes at my bedroom and see you sleeping at couch, it will create a huge problem. So I will sleep at couch." Damni did not respond but her face got reddens after hearing this.



Avni was flourishing flowers in the vase when Sameer entered. He saw her busy in her work. It made him smile. She was indulged in her work so she did not notice that someone was staring her. Sameer got an idea and went from room. He came outside and gave instructions to a servant. Servant heard him clearly and then nodded. Servant left the place. Sameer smiled "Now I will give surprise to Avni"  



"You have not tasted this dish" Aani said to Damni at dinner table. She was giving special attention to her.

"Yes I am going to taste it" Damni replied, simply.

"You know I have been waiting for this day for a long time when my daughter in law will be here with me" She smiled.

"Aani I am going to hit the hays. I am very tired." He interrupted her and went to his room.

"Damni, Are you also feeling sleepy?" She asked her

"No I am not" She said, smilingly.

"Oh good then we can chat with each other" She was excited. "Tell me about your marriage. How did it happen? How did prithvi propose you?"

Damni felt that something had struck in her throat. She was in worst situation. For a moment she felt she is dumb but she was not. She decided to tell the truth but with slighter changes. She told her about it but hiding the part of Prithvi's plan. She told her whatever she knew before marriage. She assured herself that it was not wise decision to tell about Prithvi's dark face to someone who was close to Prithvi.

"Oh! I felt that something is wrong among you guys. You guys are still not close to each other" She said, sadly.

"Actually Aani we need sometime. We started building our relationship but it will take little bit time" she tried to make her voice softer.

"Hmm I guess this is the reason Prithvi did not inform about his marriage" she said, having sad feeling on her face. "Yes" Damni answered.

 "I think it is pretty late. We should go to our room."



After taking dinner, Avni came to her room. Sameer was not in the room. He had left earlier. Avni checked the rest room but he was not there. Then she saw an envelope on the bed. She opened it. Inside it, there was a note "Come to terrace" Avni followed the note and came to terrace. There was table in the middle and lots of candles were enlightened to add light in the beauty of environment. Behind Avni Sameer entered.

"Could you please precede you highness" He said, naughtily.


"Please you highness" She smiled and headed towards the table. Sameer slid the chair for her and Avni sat on it. Sameer sat opposite her. "Now can I ask why we are here?" As soon as they settle she asked him.

"I am creating magical moments of love" He said making his face innocent.

"You have gone nuts" She said.

"Oh come on Avni, since we married we have not got time for each other so I thought this will make us close."

"Ok" she said, smilingly

"So tell me something about yourself" He started a topic.

"I think you know me quite well" She was amazed with this question.

"Yeah I do but ok let me make it simpler. Let's make me decide some topic. Tell me how do you feel after coming here?"

"Nice in fact I feel so complete here. Now I know what I have to do. I know my goals and ambitions. After my parents' death, I was totally lost in this world but now coming here, I was abandoned by this world but now I am totally different person. I mean I know I have responsibilities of plenty of people. And not only that I have made new relationships. I was only child of my parents. But now I have two sisters. This is the world that I belong."

"I mean coming at terrace" He asked the question.

"I found it childish" she seemed annoyed.

"Childish I though you will like this Avni just tell me truth. Where do you see me in your life?" He was hurt.

"You are my best pal Sameer but these things' we are mature people." she held his arms.

"Avni Where do you see me as a husband?" He asked a question that was disturbing her. She left his hands "Sameer I told you that I need sometime"

"Yeah I forget." He said, with a bitter smile on his face.

"You know I love you as a pal'.. see right now I have no place for love in my life."

Sameer felt as someone had splash water on his face. He felt miserable. He just got to know his place on her life and it had hurt him a lot. He looked at his wrist watch. "I am feeling sleeping. Let's go." He said and left the place.

"Sameer" Avni tried to stop him but he already left. Avni came into the room. Sameer was lying on the bed and his eyes were closed. Sameer was upset not only on her but also on himself. He married her to earn her money but something was bugging him. Her ignorance towards her marriage and their relationship was disturbing him. He was falling for her but he was denying the fact. She also lied on the other side of bed. Both were awake but they did not talk to each other. The distance between them, was increasing.



Damni eyes opened as the dawn hit on the window of bedroom. She saw an empty couch. Last night she saw Prithvi sleeping there but now he was not there. She came outside. The room was adjacent to stairs so she could see hall from downstairs. He was sitting on the couch. Beside him Aani was sitting. Her hand was on his shoulder. Prithvi was holding a picture. His eyes were filled with tears. Damni could see pain on his face. She was very confused.



When she opened her eyes, she saw an empty bed. She got up. Sameer was getting prepared for office. Sameer was setting his tie. Avni stalked and came near him. "I think blue one looks better" she said, picking a tie in her hand.

"I think this is right. Thanks any way" He replied, toneless.

"Sameer are you angry with me?" She asked, the thought that was disturbing her whole night.

"No why would I?" He said.

"But I feel that I have made you upset last night"

"No it is fine." He said, still trying hard to keep his voice casual.

"Sameer, please we are friend right and friends don't lie with each other. I have said something that is hurting you" He sat on the bed. "I don't know Avni, but sometimes I really want your companionship."

"I did not get you Sameer" she was bewilderment.

He again was on his foot. He held her hands in his hands."Don't you think we should spend some times?" He said, softly.

"Even I want to but it is not easy for me to get time for all this."Avni replied. Suddenly a phone rang and Avni answered a phone. It was from office. "Sameer I will talk to you later about it." She said, hurryingly.

Sameer was feeling heartbroken.



Avni had come to office when she saw Varun. She came near him "I am really happy that you are back" She said, with a smile on her face.

"Thanks mam" Varun smiled too

"The product that you made for our company is already in market and I am hopeful that it will get good response. When you left we were worried about it that we have launched your product by the name of Gujraals." Avni said.

"But mam I have already given authority to the company"

"But still it is unethical to use it."She said smilingly and confidently.

He smiled "I am just lucky that I am in Gujraal Company."

Avni went to her office and he came to his factory building that was adjacent to main building of Gujraals where arymaan and Mr. Mahesh were standing talking to each other. Varun joined them. Mr. Mahesh welcomed him.

"I think you should again become union leader." He added

"No I guess Aryman is doing good job"

"I insisted" Aryman requested deceptively.

"No umm" Two more workers joined them

"I am glad Varun ji you are back. I did not understand one thing why have you given resignation?"Said by one worker. Varun felt sick to his stomach.

"I guess you resigned of Gujraal industries' management" said by another

"No this is not true" Varun tried to explain Gujraal's position.

"Don't hide with us and especially the new gujraals. I don't understand why Mr. Gujraal gave them the authority. They are ruining the business"

"How could you say that?" Varun interrupted

"Just leave it Varun. We can see that these girls are useless." Aryman also took part in discussion.

"Plus they are girls. How could girls run the business?"Other worker said.

"I think we have no right to talk about them" said Varun doing his utmost to keep his voice uneven.

"And the youngest one the Roshni Gujraal. Oh my God she knows about business. This is must be joke. She is fashion queen for me. I guess she came here for entertaining us not to work."

"Enough." He screamed "We are here for work not to speaking ill about others. Go back to work" Varun left the place and Aryman noticed his behavior. He realized that something was fishy. Now he had to find it.  



Varun had come back home. He was tensed. He had joined Gujraal industries but he knew that it would not easy for him to ignore Roshni. He had met her today. She gave him warm welcome. And the way people talked about her made him hurt. His phone ring finished his thoughts. On the mobile Roshni name was flashing "Hello" Varun said, puzzlingly

"Hi sorry to call you at this time but you did not give me details of that project that have meeting tomorrow."

"Oh I totally forget about it" He said, pated his hand on forehead.

"Now can you come at my home, please if it is possible for you?" Roshni requested although she could give him order to.

"This time" Varun was not in favor of the idea.

"I know but what to do." she said.

"No actually it was my mistake. I am coming" Varun realized that he had responsibility of this project. "Thanks"



Avni came back office and started reading some files. She was sitting on the bed. The next day she had important meeting. Sameer came into the room. Sameer looked at her. She was looking worried. He also sat on bed besides her. "What happened?"

"The day after tomorrow is important meeting." She replied.

"So why are you worried?" He asked.

"I don't know I am afraid. Damni is also not in town. If something goes wrong'." She was hesitant

"Nothing will go wrong." He was upset on her but when he looked her terrified, he forgot all. He remembered only one thing that he could not see her like that.

"But" she again said timidly.

He put his finger on her lip "Ssh I know everything is going to be perfect. Start trusting on your self" they both shared an awkward moments. "I guess you should read your presentation. I am feeling tired so I am going to get some sleep." He lied on bed and closed his eyes. Avni was staring him.



  Varun came at Gujraal house. Servant directed him to sit at lounge and he went to call Roshni. Roshni entered in the lounge. She was wearing light pink color dress. Varun felt that his heartbeat missed for a second but he managed not to show her.

"Please sit" She said, smilingly.

 He gave her details about the project. "I guess it is enough" Roshni said

"Yeah I guess you have got lots of information. Oh.." suddenly Varun got remembered something.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Nothing actually. I was thinking that I will show you some facts and figures about this project more but the file is in office"

"No it is not. I have brought it home for studying it" she said smilingly.

"Oh great thinking" He admired her.

"Wait I will bring it."Roshni went into her room and tried to open the door. The drawer was strucked. She tried to open it but it was not getting open. She looked around at room and found a rod that was of hanging curtains.  She picked it and tried to open it with that rod. She tried harshly. Rod opened the drawer but in the process of opening it, knife went with cutting the skin of Roshni's hand. The cut was deep. It started bleeding hardly. She put tissue on it but it was still bleeding. Varun was waiting for her. She had no time for it. She picked the file and covered her hand in the rain tucker. She came outside. Varun stood for holding the file. "Here it is Varun" She gave him a file by hiding her pain.

"Thanks" Varun held the file but he got shocked when he saw blood on the file. "Mam this'."But his sentence remained incomplete as her rain tucker was filled with blood too. "Oh my God" He picked her hand in his hand crossing all his limits. He looked around and he saw a tissue paper box at the table that was near him. He picked two three tissues in his hand and covered her hand with them. She was having severe pain now and now she could not hide it.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Yeah" but his voice was soaked in her tears that sprung on her cheeks.

"Roshni" He saw tears and realized that he could not see tears in her eyes. Her tears was huring him. He left her hand and went.



After taking dinner, damni was sitting with Aani. "Are you tired Damni?"She asked.

"No I am not" she said smilingly

"Actually I want you to meet someone" She held her hand and took her into one room. Damni was surprised. A lady who must be in early fifties was lying on bed. It looked like that she was in sleep but there were machines that were showing that she was unwell. A nurse was sitting on a chair and reading magazine but she got up as soon as she saw them. The room was full of medical equipments. There was one more nurse who was sitting far end of the room. "She is Suman. Prithvi's mother" Aani told her "Suman see your daughter in law has come to meet you. Her name is Damni. Is she beautiful?" Now she was talking to that lady. "At least you should get up and welcome her. What will she think that Suman is not happy? She is your Prithvi's better half. Look at her. Just open your eyes once." She started soaking and darted from the room. Damni looked at Prithvi's mother. She put her hand on her forehead.

"Can you tell me what has happened to her?" She asked from nurse

"She is in coma" Nurse replied in a softer tone but Damni felt that sky had fallen on her.

"Coma" Her voice was shaky."How long has she been in coma?"

"Ten years" she replied with staring Damni. She came back to her room. Prithvi was sleeping. There were lots of things that she had to know about him.



On next day, Damni woke up late. Couch was empty that's mean Prithvi had already left for jogging. She was searching her ring that her parents gave to her. She did not remember where she had put it. She opened a drawer and found a glass box. She held it in her hands. She was shocked to see it. It had money inside. Money was full of mud. Damni was amazed. Why would anyone put money in crystal box and why it was dirty? She was staring it when Prithvi had come from behind and snatched it from her. "Why have you touched this box?"He snorted.

"What is this?"Damni imposed a question on him.

"None of your business and don't try to touch it again" Prithvi left the room and Damni was still unable to know Prithvi's life hidden part.



After taking bath she came downstairs and saw Aani there. Prithvi had already left for the office. Aani was weeping, looking at some snap that she was holding in her hands.  She saw her and wiped her tears. "Good morning Damni" She tried to make her voice pleasant.

"Good morning" She smiled at her. Damni really liked her. She found her motherly.

"I will say jignesh for your breakfast" She took the name of her servant

"No, only a cup of coffee. Don't feel like eating something" Damni refused the offer politely.

"Ok as you wish" She called servant and asked him to bring a cup of coffee for Damni. As soon as he left Damni sat beside her "Can I ask you something?" She asked, hesitantly.

"Yes why are you taking permission" She replied softly.

"What are you looking at? I mean that picture. Can I see that snap off course if you don't mind?" Damni said tentatively. She had no intentions to hurt her feelings.

"Yes" She gave her a picture. Damni looked at picture. It was picture of Prithvi's family. Prithvi was very young. He was looking like a college boy. Beside him, his parents were standing but Damni's gaze was strucked on the girl who was hardly of ten years who was standing beside Prithvi's father. "Who is she?" Damni asked to her strangely.

"She is Neha" Aanai replied but her voice was shaky.

"Neha who?" Damni again asked.

"Prithvi's sister" She said taking deep sigh.

"Prithvi's sister but where is she? I have not seen her" She was confused.

"You can't see her because she is no more" Damni felt a jolt in her guts as though he had just missed a step going downstairs "What. You mean she is dead." She took a picture from her hand and said. "This picture was taken on Neha's birthday. We used to have a great life. We belong to middle class family but we were happy. Prithvi's father Mr. Balraj Mehra, Prithvi's mother Mrs. Suman Mehra. Prithvi and Neha were their two blue eyed kids. Neha was eight years younger than Prithvi. Mr. Mehra was employed in a well known firm and Suman was house wife. They nurtured their kids with lots of love. Prithvi's parents gave their children I came here for working as my husband died after three month. Mr. and Mrs. Mehra always considered me as member of this family" she held that picture in her hand. "I still remembered that day. Neha wanted a very precious gift. Prithvi gave her a very beautiful doll and a doll house but she was not happy. She wanted something special." 


"Then what do you want" Prithvi said by tossing her hair

"I want bhabhi" She gave him a shock.

"What? What did you say? You want bhabhi.  I am only eighteen Neha and you want bhabhi"

"Yes I want bhabhi" She said stubbornly.

"ahem but I think we can done engagement." Mr. Mehra took part in conversation.

"Papa you too" Prithvi said shockingly.

"I start searching girls what you say" Said Suman

"Mom at least you stop them instead you are also teasing me" They smiled at him.

Prithvi kneeled down on his feet and held Neha's shoulder "Look Neha I have to complete my studies. I can't afford relationship especially at this stage of time" He said but Neha's became sad. "But when will I get my bhabhi? I am desperately waiting for her" She said sadly.

"You will get when the time will come" He said smilingly.


On next day Prithvi was studying after coming back to his college when phone rang. He picked a phone. It was from Balraj's office. "Prithvi I am speaking from your father's office. Your father has been arrested" Prithvi felt that sky fall on his head. He was feeling sick to his stomach. "Arrested why"

"He has been alleged for doing illegal work. He has also been accused of insider trading."

"What are you saying? Papa can't do this. This is false" He said, instantly.

"I don't know. I am giving you address of police station. Just reach there as soon as possible."


Prithvi reached at police station. After getting permission from police inspector, he came to meet his father. "Dad how did it happen? I know you are innocent. You can't do anything wrong"

"Yes I am, Prithvi. Someone has trapped me. I did not tell you. I received a call from unknown number. Someone wanted me to do illegal work but I denied. I think he has done this because I rejected his offer"

"Don't worry dad, everything will be fine. I am trying to get you bail."He consoled him. Prithvi gave him courage. After sometimes, constable came and asked him to leave "Dad, don't worry. I will let you out from here."

"Prithvi, please do take care of your mom and Neha" He said worryingly.

"Yeah I will, don't worry" He assured him.


After doing some efforts, he hired a lawyer. They were trying to get bail when they received a call from police station. He reached there "Where is my father?"

"Your father is no more" said by police inspector,

 "No it can't be possible" He fall on floor. "Nothing could happen to my dad. What did you do to my father?" He got up and clutched his collar on his hand.

"Control yourself. You are talking to police inspector." He let himself out of Prithvi's hand and pushed her towards wall. Prithvi's head collided with wall and it started bleeding.

"And your father was criminal. We were doing regular investigation. If he does not bear, what could we do? It would be better for you if you just take corpse of your criminal dad and just get out of here" Prithvi again tried to come towards him but this time lots of cops stopped him.


Prithvi came back at home. "Where is your dad?"His mom asked "You said you are going to bring him back"

"Mom" but before he could speak, some people came, holding Prithvi's dad body on their shoulders.

"Mom I could not save Dad" Prithvi said but Suman was shocked. She fainted in his hands.


"What happened to mom? Doctor" Prithvi asked to doctor.

"Heart attack. She could not bear this grief. She needs rest." Doctor told her condition

"Will suman be fine" asked Aani. "I hope so mam but please keep her away from any bad news." said doctor.


After death of Mr. Balraj Mehra, Mehra's family came into crises. Police accused that Mr. Balraj did suicide. But Prithvi was unable to do anything because no one wanted to hear any single word.  Prithvi started searching jobs. He knew that someone had to earn for running house. But he did not have any significant degree he could not get any job as well as due to case of Mr. Balraj no one wanted to trust him. He tried from pillar to post but no one wanted to give him a job. After trying hard, he started working in pizza hut during days and in night he worked in petrol pump.     


"Neha, I am waiting for you" Prithvi said loudly.

"Bhai, You will get late from your work. I will go by myself"

"No Neha, You are not old enough to go school alone" He said

"But bhai"

"Prithvi, Your boss is already called you three times. If you not reach in fifteen minutes, he will fire you" Aani said.

"But Neha"

"I will manage bhai. You should go now" She requested.


Prithvi was working in restaurant when his boss called him. His boss told him that he had a phone call from home. Prithvi received a call. It was from Aani and she told him that Neha not reached home yet. Prithvi looked at wrist watch. It was seven pm. He got tensed that it was pretty late and she had not reached. Prithvi searched Neha whole night but school teacher said that she had not come. Prithvi was searching her madly but he did not found her. "I am tensed. Where has she gone? Her teacher told me that she did not come school today. I am getting worried. I hope she is fine."

"You don't get tensed. She will be fine" Aani consoled him although she was also upset..

"But where is she? I am''''." Suddenly a phone call cut his sentence.

"Prithvi I am Sahil" Sahil was colleague of Prithvi.

"Listen I am'" Prithvi said.

"Listen Prithvi. I have come in hospital for visiting my relative and here I saw Neha"

"Neha. Is she alright" He asked immediately.

"Please come quick" He cut the phone.

"What happened Prithvi?" Aani asked him.

"Sahil called me and said that Neha is in hospital. I am going to hospital" He told her.

"I am also going with you"

"But mum is alone at home"

"I will take care of her" It was one of their neighbors who were still with them.

'Lets go Aani" He said.


They reached at hospital. "Sahil where is Neha" Prithvi asked to his friend.


"You are her brother" Doctor who was talking to his friend, asked Prithvi.

"Yes" Prithvi nodded.

"I am sorry when she came to hospital, she was already dead" He felt a brick fallen on his stomach. It could not be possible. They could not lose Neha. He felt his stomach as though his stomach had sunk through the dusty carpet.

"What you are saying? It can't be possible. My princess can't die. Nothing could happen to her" He run towards room, Aani followed him. There was bed in the room and Neha's body was covered with white cover.

"Neha wake up. Look your bro has come. Wake up Neha. I am giving you order. Wake up" He was shaking her body harshly. "Wake up I said wake up. No, this can't be possible. Neha you can't leave her what would I say to mom." He left her body and taking steps backward and his back collided with wall. He fell down on the floor. His eyes were getting watery. Tears were running down on his cheeks. He did not believe it, he would not believe it.

"Neha, you can't leave us like that" Now Aani was saying weeping badly and kissing her forehead.


"On that day everything was finished. Prithvi became changed. All those good things that were the part of Prithvi's personality, were suddenly getting vanished from him. When Suman heard the news of Neha death, she went into coma. Ten years Prithvi struggled and achieved this esteem, luxury and power but truly speaking we are dead from inside." Aani broke into tears.

Damni hugged her and tried to console her. Damni was also weeping. She could not imagine that the person she knew had faced all this in his life. "Damni, I know Prithvi is not the same person now. He is a different person from whom that his parent nurtured. We have already lost Neha, I don't want to lose him now, I have lost hope but when I saw you, I realized that you will change him. Damni promise me, you will never leave him"

"I, me'" Damni was reluctant.

"No you have to give me promise that you will never leave him" Her voice was soaking.

"Ok I promise you. I will never leave him alone"



Prithvi was in his office. He was holding that crystal box in his hands. He had earned a lot of money but unable to buy this money. This box reminded him his true value. He was nothing. This couple of money was telling him that he still could not do anything. This box took him into his past.

"Where are you going?" Aani asked him when she saw him getting prepared.

"Petrol pump" He replied.


"I am getting late Aani."

"Prithvi we have just come from Neha's funeral. You need rest. "

"Those who are gone will not come back but those who are alive I have to earn for them. Mom is in hospital. She needs treatment. All these expenditure needs money and money will not come unless I will not earn"

"Prithvi" But he left the place.


He came to petrol pump. It was raining heavily. He got scolded by his boss for coming late. He started working. Soon a motorbike came and stopped near him. There was a guy and girl who were sitting on it. Guy ordered Prithvi to fill the tank. Prithvi was doing his work when girl asked his name. She was drunk. Prithvi told his name.

"Nice name but you don't belong to this place. You are quite handsome. You should be somewhere else and with someone else. Do you know what I mean?"She winked at him.

"Your tank is full." Prithvi avoided her. But she held his hand.

"Come with me I will show you true life" Prithvi removed her hands angrily.

"Don't touch me" He said angrily.

"How could you talk me like that? Where is your owner?"  She yelled. Owner, who heard this, came and asked about it. "You did not teach him how to talk to customers." She yelled at owner too. "He is crossing his limits. Teach him that how should he talk to us"

"I am sorry mam. He is just new. He does not know what he was saying. I am extremely sorry mam. Prithvi, apologize to her."

"But sir it was not my mistake" He said shockingly.

"Mr. Prithvi this petrol pump is run by these customers not from your father's money." Prithvi felt that someone had slapped him. "Are you going to apologize or I will throw you from this station" Prithvi looked at him, tears in his eyes. "I am sorry mam" Owner left.

"Today I gave you one advice. This world is made for people like us. We can do anything. We can rule this world and the worst thing is that you guys can't do anything because you are poor. You are slaves of us" She took money from her jeans pocket. "Here is you money. Half is of petrol and rest of all is your tip" She threw money on his face. Prithvi closed his eyes. Money fell into the floor. They left. Prithvi stared the money. It was getting drenched in rain. He took a deep sigh and picked it.


"You have not eaten anything" Aani asked him. Prithvi who had come from petrol pump, sitting on hanging bench.

"Don't feel like eating" He said.

"Prithvi" She said.

"Aani, could you please leave me alone for a while?"

"Sure" She looked at him and left.

Prithvi came into his room. He took money out of his pocket and kept it on desk. Then he brought a caldron box. He started putting his trophies, paintings and clipboards on it. He put it on his cupboard and locked it. Then he again picked that money and remembered that words.

"Yeah mam you were right we have no right to live because we don't have money. But we will live because I will earn money either by hook or crook because you gave me right advice because in this world only rich people can live. There is no justice no honesty no prosperity. The only thing that is respectable is power and money. I swear I will earn money and will bring this world into my feet" He picked Neha snap. "This is promise of your brother Neha."


This money was still in his hands. He got whatever he wanted. He achieved success but still his life was empty.



Prithvi came into the room. Damni was staring out from window. He looked her once and came near dressing table. Damni turned towards him. He was opening drawer of the dressing table. Damni stumbled and stood behind him. She was staring him in a mirror. Prithvi looked her through mirror and found her staring. He got irritated. "What" He asked. "At what are you staring?"

"I am staring a man who is biggest loser of this world" She said but he turned and looked at him.

"Have you gone nuts? Have you forgotten to whom are you talking?"He said angrily.

"No I am talking to a person who is taking revenge to everyone because he could not save his own family" She exploded a bomb on his head.

"Damni" He screamed

"I can also yell at you Prithvi. What do you think of yourself? Just because your family suffered.." She provoked him.

"Damni stop it. Otherwise'" He cut her.

"Otherwise what? You will slap me. What else you can do? You are just good for nothing. You have failed to protect your family that's why you started taking retribution to everyone."

"Please stop it. I request you" He pleaded by clopping his own hand on his ears.

"It was not our mistake that you lost your family but you took revenge to us. You stated hurting emotions to other people. You hurt innocent people. You have no right to put blame to others of you own defeats" She instigated him. She wanted him to speak.

"Enough. It is enough. Love, emotions, innocence, honesty, justice. Stop this nonsense right now. Just because you have heard what happened. It does not mean you know everything. You can't understand until you put yourself into my shoe. What do you know? Nothing, I was eight years old when mom gave Neha into my hands and said that she is your responsibility. I felt that she was little angel and I have to protect her from whole world. When she first time said me bhai, I was in the seventh sky. When she started walking, she used to fall and I always helped her to get up again. I used to drop her at school but I dropped her to her last resting place." He looked his hands by lifting upward. "I held her corpse in these hands. I still can't believe it that how could I held her. Her blood is still in my hands. Someone had hit her and ran. She was lying there, fighting with her breathes, and trembling with injuries but no one had come to helped her. She had been lying there, excruciating for five hours. She needed help but no one had courtesy to save her. I did not get chance to talk to her in last moments to her life." His voice started getting shaky. His eyes were sparkling with tears. "I still can't believe it that I have lost her. She was everything to me, to my mom, to dad. What did my father get for his good deeds? Hatred and blames. He had been accused for the thing he had never done. What are the mistakes of my father? Just because he was innocent he faced this attitude." The words tumbling over one another in a rush, his voice growing louder with every word, every bitter and resentful thought that he had had in the past years was pouring out of him.

"And you think after doing this you will get your family back" Damni said.

"No I won't but this world has snatched my loved ones. Now they have to suffer. I always learnt from my parents that justice, love, emotions, care and concern are those moral values that for them we should die but they all are wrong. When I used to follow these values, I lost my father, I lost Neha. I lost everything but as soon as I have abandoned these values see what I have become. Today no one can hurt Prithvi. No one can say anything to me. I rule this world. They have to follow me blindly. I am Prithvi Mehra, a person who can destroy them. They are afraid of me and I love this" He was rubbing his forehead madly. "I enjoy that they are afraid of me. I love this. I certainly love'.." He knelt down on his knees.

"I love'.." He was soaking. Damni took one step to support him but stopped. If she stopped him right now, he will again .

"What have I got? Nothing. My mom has been in coma since ten years and I can't do anything. I have lost neha and I can't bring her back" Now he was staring floor. "I have power, luxury and money but what is the use of these things if I still can't buy peace for myself." He held his own head in his hands "I can't sleep in night. Her face comes into my dreams screaming, requesting to save her. Her screams echoed in my ears. Her tears fall on my heart and I can't do anything. I could not save her. She was dying, she was calling my name but I was not there. What I am today nothing. I am nothing. Even I can't recognize myself. Who am I? Prithvi Mehra No. Prithvi was a person who can die for values and what I am? I am liar, dishonest, rude, arrogant. Prithvi can't be like that then who I am. Neha why have you left tum khud to mar gai par jate jate mujhe bhi maar gai. I m dead yes I am dead"

Now Damni was unable to stop herself. She sat on floor near him. She cupped his face in her hands "It was not your mistake Prithvi. What happened was the decision of destiny. You can't do anything."

"No it was my mistake Damni. I am responsible for all this. Papa took a promise that I would take care of her but I failed. I have let her die. She was my responsibility but I did not fulfill it. She needed me and I was there for her. I am a failed person. I have killed my own family" Tears trickling down on his face.

"Prithvi stop it you can't do anything. You can't fight with your destiny. We are helpless against it" She wiped his tears.

"But I could not save Papa's princess Damni" He put his head on her shoulder, weeping, and soaking and she wrapped her hands around him. They just made a relationship of pain.


He held her wrist, pushed her slightly and kissed her at cheeks

"Love you"


I am sorry for making Prithvi's character so bad but as a writer I love his character because he has passion, love and emotions. The incident he faced has made him arrogant but inside he is just emotional person. I apologize if it hurts any Prithvi fan feeling.

Please comment if you like this part and tell me how do you find Prithvi's past

With regards


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LazyKid IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 January 2010
Posts: 3741

Posted: 29 October 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
tooo gud yaar
it was action pack update
awww pri's past was soo shocking n heart trenching... hope damz is able to make him feel better

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 October 2005
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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
loved the emotional update Soni! keep up the great work now we  know why Prithvi is rude to others. He is deeply hurt by the past
pia09 Senior Member

Joined: 25 November 2010
Posts: 666

Posted: 29 October 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Hi Soni, thks for awesum prida part. I luved prithvi's character. After disclosing of prithvi's past, story has taken an interesting twist. even savni n varni story is interesting. Waiting eagerly for the next update where damini helps prithvi to overcome his past.
Nan08 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 September 2010
Posts: 21010

Posted: 29 October 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged

liked the update a lot.. felt bad while reading Prithvi's emotional flashback story.. it would be interesting to see how Damini will help him become his old self again...

glad to see you have kept both SaVni and VarNi story at a good pace..dat aryman guy seems to be up to smthing not good no :(

very good update soni.. eagerly waiting for the next one ..hopefully will get it soon Smile

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