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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 49)

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Originally posted by LazyKid

simply outstanding update
was full of emotions
plzzz lets us know the past of pri... n not he is falling for damz does this mean he is becoming civil towards damz ???
omg bhi grey shade mein hai Wink (as if i was not know Tongue
loved it
plz continue soon
hahah u know it v well that sam is evil like me lol
ok abt pri past soon ji aap ka hukum sir ankhon par
abt civilization yeah he isLOL
thanks for liking it
love u

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Originally posted by Devil_Of_Heaven

great update di..
i was happy that avni is marrying sam but now i hope he doesn't hurt her...
varun is behaving like an idiot..he should give roshni a chance to explain...
and finallyi'm  glad that pri is having feelings for damini...i hope that now he stops hurting her..
continue soon  di...

He can't her yar,. i can't let him hurt herBig smile
idiotLOL yeah he is all boys are idiots oye i mean in this ffLOL
thanks for liking the chapterEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by crazypridaholic


Great many turns n twist...!!! Well m really happy Pri's changing...!!! M sure something in his past made him behave all rude n now Damzz vill find d reasonBig smile...!! She is already suspicious...:P I like how ur slowly shaping up Prida storyClap...!!!
Savni marriage n Sam being grey is biggest twist...!!! Dat means Savni story vill actually start aftr marriage...!!! N Sam ka plan toh badhiya hai...:P bt Sam-ji bhool gaye ki unki competition Prithvi-ji se hai...LOL Hahahahaaha I wud love to see Pri-Sam tussle over business matters...TongueTongue
Varni- Rosh's confession was least she clear things to Varun...!!! Now its upto him whom to choose...Anchal or Rosh...:)) If he is Samazdar he vill choose Rosh...n den v can see Pri-Sam-Var fighting for property...TongueLOL okey just kiddingLOL...!!!
Soni nice job done with dis updateClapClap...N Precap is interesting...!!!
LOLLOL Fighting lol on business matters lol it would be difficult as now story is going to be focused on pairsEmbarrassed so difficult for me to show this but lets see what will i doLOL as lots of stuff are left
abhi ishq ke imthian aur bhi hai Ouch
Pri has past and i m going to reveal it soon Shocked
Sam-avni will fall in love after marriage but by the way it is my plan not of sam Confused
thanks for liking chap Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Nan08


firstly very sorry for late cmnt.. thora busy wid clg n studies :p

okayy now cmng to the update..yeh kya kar rahi ho.. sachi ur stories r fully roller coaster rides.. kab kya hojaye patha hi nahi chalta.. pehle pri ab sam bi :p ..quite interesting update haan.. now am very eagerly waiting for u to reveal wat Prithvi story is n also how sam will bcm good again :)  ..zaroor kuch andar ka kahani hoga .. i trust u.. waiting for more suprises frm ur end LOL

all in all a very good update yaar.. waiting for the nxt one now Smile
No problem for getting late.
haha u know me v well
han u will soon know abt his past.
hahah trust me never trust on me
thanks for liking the update

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Originally posted by ...San-Yo...

Soni.. hows you? first i was searching when where did i last commented on your FF.. gosh, missed commenting on 2-3 updates..  but i was reading it silently, sorryEmbarrassed couldnt get much time to reply properly here..

About your updates.. i beleive seriously, like seriuously  Pri has something very dark beside him, his past... but then again, his been reacting terribly.. torturing and all that.. i couldnt have taken this more, a bit ok he is changing and ignoring to his feelings.. kab tak karey ga, he should open himselfSmile..

Anyhows, that was my thinking.. but you have plotted your story very well..  6 different lives folding 3 stories with different twist gives turn to other and so it happens.. Difficult task Soni... you did gr8 job Clap

Varun is now aware about Rosh's feeling.. well, he should think what and who he really wants in his life.. am waiting how you going to solve this complicated storyOuch..

And Sam.. wo to Pri se bhi bara idiot niklaAngry.. i doubt these boys really have something common in them other than surname.. urgh... all this time he is been trying to trap Avni.. kabhi nahi sudrey gaa. havent we already seen his negative side AngryAngry
and for this you can consider Nitz point.. Pri
and Sam fighting for property and "G" girls enjoying .. that will be interesting  to read thoughWink..

Intersting part and precap tooo... looking for next update, hope so soon after your paper..

No problem for commenting late yar
abt pri u have to wait atleast one more chap
abt itz point lol nitz tum ne to marwa diya hmm noe i m seriosly thinking to add some flavor LOL
thanks for liking chap Embarrassed

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"Can I know the reason why have you left your previous job?"

 Varun had come to give an interview for a job. He had been looking for months and finally he received an interview call.

 "Not a particular reason" Varun snapped

 "What do you mean by that?" Interviewer was furious

"Nothing just i wanted to get more experience." Varun replied by clearing his throat.

 "Ok and you won't mind if we contact your previous employer" He snarled.

 "No Why I mean why do you want to contact my previous employer?" said Varun, anxiously.

 "For some details" He again made Varun nervous.

 "Thanks for your call I don't need your job." Varun finally decided to leave the job.

 He got into his feet and left the room.


 Avni and Sameer tied knot welcoming the future of their life and hoping for getting fulfilled their dreams. Avni was afraid of her parent's life but she did not know that her life had more hurdles. On whom she trust, was not among those who love anyone. His first and last priority was money not Avni. Sameer was pleased that he got whatever he wanted to and now he was owner of Gujraal's industries. He can rule the world. He did not have to work like ass to make money. He had everything because he had Avni. Sameer came into the room. Room was decorated with flowers. It was first night of Sameer in Gujraal house. He stared Avni. She was standing and playing with her bangles. He slammed the door behind him and approached towards her. Avni did not look at him. Sameer came near her and surrounded her into his arms from back.

 "You know I have been waiting for this day for months. You and me'." He left the sentence and kissed her on cheek. Avni's heart started racing

 "Sameer listen" she said

 "Shh no words I don't want to waste this beautiful night" her turned her towards him and bent his head forward to kiss her on lips. But Avni turned her face to stop him. "Sameer I need some time"

 "Time" "I know it is injustice with you but I am not in love with you. I told you that I need sometime. I am unable to '..i mean I hope you could understand" she added.


 "Please can you?" She begged

 "Ok no rush sweetheart I can wait." He said with smile.

 "Thanks" she smiled "I think I should change these clothes I m looking funny m I?" she asked him

 "No you don't in fact you are looking very pretty but yeah you are right, it is pretty late. You should change your clothes" she went to her closet and Sameer was thanking to God that he had saved him. He also did not want to consummate this marriage. He married her because he wanted money. Sameer looked around at the room. Everything was royal in that room and he was king of this empire. He admired himself for making such a plan and made it successful. Avni came back. Sameer looked at him and said

 "I think I should sleep at couch" He said,

 "No it won't be comfortable for you"

 " then what should we do" He was confused

 "You can sleep on bed" she said, keeping her eyes down.

 "With you?" He was surprised

 "Yes with me because I trust you" she replied in a low tone.

 Avni lay on bed and went into sleep. Savni stared her for some minutes then also lay on the bed beside her. He kept on staring her. First time in his life he found someone beautiful. Her hairs were sprinkled on her face making her more attractive. Sameer was unable to understand that what was making her beautiful. He was not watching first time but there was something that was surely different about her. Suddenly he held her hand. Avni was in deep sleep. He kissed her hand slightly and closed his eyes.


Damni opened her eyes. The room grew steadily dark around. Damni was trying to sleep but her mind was focused on Avni and Sameer marriage. She was not satisfied. Finally she decided to leave this on fate.  She closed her eyes but before she got into sleep Prithvi's scream forced her to open her eyes. She did not know but she felt Prithvi had taken some girl name but whom? Her mind was asking her again and again. Prithvi was looking devastated. He was sitting on the bed. Damni did not come out from blanket but she asked him

 "What happened?"

 "Nothing" His eyes were stung and itched with tiredness.

 "Then why did you scream" She asked

 "I was'''''.. Nothing. It is pretty late you should sleep now" She could see bewilderment in Prithvi's eyes.  

Prithvi rested his head on bed desk. Damni looked him again. He was staring the bare space. There was some mystery in Prithvi's life and Damni had to find it sooner or later.


Varun was standing in his terrace when his mother came

"I am unable to understand your behavior. I have not understood why have you left that job? You are earning well but you left without any reason. It is one of the best job you have ever got

But you left it for that and even you don't want to tell the reason to us. What are you trying to do? All my earnings are getting finished. What should I do now?"

 "Nothing I am searching job" He replied.

 "But why have you left that job?"  She asked again.

 "Please don't ask" He requested.

 "You are behaving like irresponsible person." Anchal who just stepped in, heard this conversation 

 "Hi Aunty"

 "Hi Anchal when have you come" She smiled at her

 "Just now."  She answered.

 "I make tea for you" She smiled. Varun's mother went for making tea.

 "Varun what happened?" She turned to him.


 "Aunty is really worried about you"

 "I am searching job"

 "Can I know the reason?" She imposed one another question.

 "Please don't ask this" He pleaded.

 "Ok but please you look so upset. I don't know what the reason is but I feel that you are very disturbed. May be because in that job you were satisfied"  She raised a point

 "I was not satisfied with that job. Please leave me alone. For God sake can I not take my own decision" He yelled.

 "Varun" she was shocked

 "Please leave otherwise I would have brain hemorrhage. Please leave me alone" He pleaded.

"Ok I am going" She approached towards exit and looked at him. He was looking tensed. Miles away Aryman was very happy. He was very happy that finally he succeeded. Now he was union leader


Sameer eyes got pen by the sunlight. He realized that he was in the home of Avni, a newlywed bride. He gazed at her. He sat down. Now he was staring her. Suddenly an idea came to his mind. He took glass from her bedside table, poured some water on his palm and sprinkled some water on her face.  Avni got wake up.

 "What were you doing? " Avni almost yelled.

"Trying to wake you up" He smiled 

"Sameer very funny" She got up from the bed but Sameer held her wrist and pulled her again and made her sit.  His face bent towards him. Avni's heart started racing again. Sameer was not liable to keep her promise. He put his hand on her hair and removed a petal from her hair

"Just relax I was removing that" He showed her a petal. 

 "Yeah I know thanks". After her departure, he smiled


Avni came out of restroom and started combing her hairs. She could feel his eyes at her back but  for at that time Avni had to rush because she was getting late for office. Sameer was continuously staring her but his gazed shifted as someone knocked the door. He got into his feet and opened the door. A servant entered with trolley of breakfast.

 "What is this?" Avni questioned

"Damni mam ordered to bring your breakfast at room"  

"But why?"

"I guess she wanted to give us some romantic moments" Sameer interrupted. Her face flushed. 

"You may leave" she ordered the servant and servant obeyed her.

"Sameer at least see your surroundings before saying anything" Avni said politely 

"Who cares"

"I do" 

"I think we should start doing breakfast"

After having breakfast, Avni started getting prepared for her office that made Sameer little worried 

"Where are you going?" He asked, finally

"Office" She replied simply. 

"What? On the next day of your marriage you are going to office? " He asked.

"You are forgetting I am the chair person of this company. I can't back off from responsibilities." She said. 

"But have you thought what will others say when they see you in office" Sameer raised another point.

"This business is of mine not of others. I am held responsible and accountable for every decision." She said anxiously. 

"But" He objected.

"Please Sameer I am already getting late. I will talk to you about it later." She said hurryingly. 

"Avni" He tried to stop her once again.

"Enough of this conversation please" 

Avni looked at her wrist watch put her bag on her hand and left the room. Sameer was staring the door from that she just got disappeared. Somehow he was not convinced with Avni and also was not pleased that Avni had left him alone 


Prithvi was looking important documents in his office. He was totally indulged in his work when his phone cracked his concentration. He answered his phone and his personal assistant told him that Mr. Gautum of GD organization had called him. He received his phone. 

"Sorry Mr. Mehra I have disturbed you" He apologized without any reason

"No its ok my PA told me that you want to talk me about some important stuffs. Go ahead" Prithvi tried to make his voice polite. 

"As you know we are supposed to meet at 21 of this month in next meeting of Gujraal and GD for our new project" He came into the main point.

"Yes" He replied. 

"But there is some problem stirring up" He said.

"What ?"  

"We can't meet as I have to go to out of town for some project.  I know it is quite unpractical behavior but I really have to go"  He completed his point.

 "Oh so then what should we do?" He asked. 

"Can we meet after next week" He gave another suggestion.

"It is not possible for me. I have to go to Surat after a week and I will be back at 20 of this month" Prithvi replied. 

"Did you say surat?" He asked.

"Yes" Prithvi was surprised with his behavior. 

"Great I am also going to Surat so can we meet there anytime what you say." He gave another suggestion.

"I think not a bad idea." He agreed. 

"Ok then great tell me the time and day and we will meet there but"  He asked

"Now what" He questioned. 

"Make sure that Damni Gujraal will also be there because we have been in talks with her since this project has started"

"Don't worry. She will be there"


"No problem" 

He hang down the phone now he had to convince Damni to go Surat with him that was not so easy task


Avni was looking into some files and shuffling some papers.

"I think you should stop work and have lunch"

 Avni lifted her head from piles of paper.

"Sameer!  You here?" 

"Yes I thought we should have lunch together on next day of our marriage" He put emphasis on next day of your marriage.

"But" Avni was confused.  

"I guess you do your lunch daily so what if you do it with me" Sameer snapped.

"Hmm" She seemed agreed. 

"Nice office" He gave compliment.

"Thanks" she was pleased. 

"I was getting bored at home. So I came here" He explained his reason of coming.

"I guess you should start working in Gujraal house." Avni said after sometime. 

"hmm I am not sure"

"Why after all Mr. Gujraal's will you are director of this company so why do you not join us?" 

"But I don't think so Damni and Roshni would like the idea." He said.

"No I don't think so. I will talk to them at dinner" She was not convinced with him. 

"Hmm lets go to lunch"

Avni nodded. Sameer opened the door for her. Avni darted from the room. Although Sameer had come for lunch only, he wanted to join the Gujraals. He wanted to rule now rather than taking orders from bosses. He was very delighted with the thought to joining Gujraal industries. He just kept his excitement aside and went to do lunch with Avni.


At the dinner Avni told Damni and Roshni about Sameer joining Gujraal industries. Damni was not convinced the idea of including Sameer in the business due to Prithvi's experience but she could not say anything because she can't impose her thoughts, feelings and emotions on others. And after her bad experience with Prithvi, she could not trust herself.


Damni came into room. Afterwords Prithvi also came into the room.

"We are going to Surat day next week" He ordered. 

"What?" she leapt from bed.

"Yes today Mr. Gautam of GD industries called me. He is going to Surat on 21st so he wanted to meet us next week and this is not possible for me I have to go to Surat day next week and will be back on 20 so we came into agreement that we should meet at Surat and he wants you to attend this meeting so you have to go with me" 

"What make you think that I will go with you? She clenched her teeth.

"You have to go with me. I have taken decision" He was polite. 

"You have no right to take decision about me" said her, still trying to keep her voice calm.

 "Excuse me I do whatever I want to" His anger started rising. 

"I am not going anywhere" She told her decision.

"You have not got to know your husband's qualities. I am taking this as a challenge. I will make sure that you have to go with me. This is promise of Prithvi Mehra to you Damni Gujraal or may I say Mrs. Damni Mehra" He was sounded harsh. 

"I am warning you" She again objected.

"Now see how I will twist thing!" He smiled.


Varun had got a job in the company. Although it was not his capabilities but he had to accept that offer because situation is getting worse and he could not afford to make it worse. He had had pressure from his family and he could not go to Gujraal industries again to fall himself in the situation that he had been trying to avoid it  but sooner or later he had to go to Gujraal Industries as it was decision of GOD and who can deny the decision of GOD.


Sameer had joined office and he was very happy with his position. First time he was working as an employer. Now he had not any tension to earn and pay his bills. Life was nothing but an enjoyment but who predicts future. The things that you never imagine in your life come and give you shock. Life is unpredictable and it has ability to shock you. He did not know that his life is going to change soon.


Roshni was in her office when she received a call. 


 "I thought Miss World voice has been changed but it is still the same" 

"Rohan "

"At least you remember my voice" Rohan said. 

"Shut up I can't forget you voice. We have been friend since college. But when have you come to Mumbai?" she asked.

"A week ago and now I want to meet you" he replied. 

"Yeah sure tell me I will come" She was pleased.

"Ok come to "Valuable food restaurant"" 

"Then see you tomorrow"

"Ok bye"


On next day Roshni came to meet Rohan in his dad office. He had called her one hour ago that he would not be able to reach at the restaurant  as he had to complete some project so he requested her to come his office and then they both would go from here.  

"I am sorry I have called you here" He apologized for his act.

"Oh please stop these formalities" Roshni said smilingly. 

"Ok let me finish this work and afterwards we will go for lunch" Rohan added.

"Ok" Roshni entitled his head. 

"Please send Varun" he picked the receiver and called to his PA. Roshni was little bit surprised with the name of Varun but she knew that Varun can't be here. Varun opened the door and stepped in.

"You called me sir" he did not look her. 

"Varun? You here! How come?" Roshni leapt  from her chair.

"Mam Roshni" Varun controlled his behavior. 

"You two know each other" Rohan took part in conversation

"He used to work at my office" Roshni tried to make her voice even. 


"Sir you called me" he completely ignored her. 

"Oh yes please assemble this work and give me brief report"  Rohan ordered. 

"Ok sir" Meanwhile Roshni had been settled to the chair again. Varun darted fom the room

"Are you fine?" Rohan asked, guessing something.

"Yes I am" Roshni forced a smile at him. 

"Please Rosh don't lie with me. I know you very well. Please tell me what happened" He forced her again.

Roshni told him about Varun.  

"Oh so you are in love with him" Roshni accepted the reality.

"Ok don't worry. Everything will be fine. I will help you"  Roshan smiled. 

"What could you do" She asked, shockingly.

"Tomorrow I am going to send Varun at restaurant for seeing some business associate. And you must reach there"  

"What happened with that?" she was confused.

"At least you guys will meet so you can clarify your point." He raised a point 

"You think it works" she was perplexed.

"Yup don't worry" he assured her. 

"I hope so" She tried to make herself convinced with an idea.

"Don't worry trust me everything will be alright" Roshni smiled first time


Varun had come into restaurant for meeting some business associate as per direction of his boss. Now he was waiting for it.

"Hello can I sit here" Roshni shocked him by her presence. 

"Roshni" He said confusingly.

"I take it yes" she smiled and sat on chair 

"Actually I was waiting for someone" He cleared his throat.

 "Take a seat. No one is going to come" She said, smilingly. 

"What do you mean by that?" He was bit angry.

"Your boss is one of my best friends. He can do anything for me." She smiled. 

"Oh then I should go" His face expressions got changed.

"Please Varun don't create scene here. At least let me clear my point."  She requested. 

"Ok say it" He stopped argument.

"Why have you left that job?" She came to the point 

"I think you know the reason" He snapped.

"Yes I know but i got to know that you are doing job on a very low pay. Varun this is of not your caliber. You have capabilities and you can explore your capabilities in Gujraal industries. Please come back to Gujraal industries. You know that Gujraals is right place for you." 

 "I thought you were to have taken about the reason for which I have left the job." He said, surprisingly.

"Yes I wanted to in fact that was the reason to meet you but when Rohan told me about your job and salary package then I decided to talk about it." 

"Why" He insisted to know the reason.

"Because for me, it is more important for me rather than my happiness." She said tried to control her tears that were sparkling in her eyes.  

She stood up.

"In case you change your mind. Please call me or Gujraal industry" 

"Roshni" He tried to stop her

"Thanks for giving me your time"

She left making Varun confused and tensed.


Whole family was gathered for dinner. Prithvi was looking for that moment.

 "Avni I want to tell you something." 

"Yes jeej" Avni replied

"Actually two days ago Mr Gautam of GD enterprises called me. He is going to Surat on 21st so he wanted to meet us on next week and this is not possible for me I have to go to Surat next week and will be back on 20" Prithvi added. 

"Oh now what could we do? You and Damni di were handling that project. We only know little bit about it. You have tried to convince him." Avni seemed worried.

 Yes I did but he gave me option"  

"What option"

"He said that we can meet him in Surat" 

"This is good." She was pleased.

"But there is one problem" He said. 


"He also wants to meet Damni" 

"oh but what is the problem Damni di why do you not go with Prithvi jeej"

"But how could I. I have my own projects." Damni said in a low voice 

"I know di but this project is very important and we can't afford to lose it" Avni requested.

"But" She again tried to protest. 

"Please Di"

Damni looked at Prithvi with anger but he was busy in finishing his dinner as if nothing had happened. She took a deep sight 

 "Ok" She replied, while gritting her teeth.

"Then we are going day after tomorrow" Prithvi said. 

"Excuse me" Damni came into her room. Prithvi came after 10 minutes and this time she was waiting for him.

"What was that?" She asked, angrily. 

"My challenge" He said, politely.


"Go get ready Mrs Mehra. We have little time" he smiled and stepped out of room. He sat on hanging bench and lit her cigarette. He was happy that he convinced Damni to go with him but suddenly his smile vanished from his face. What had done? He would taking Damni to Surat .His own town. She would know everything. All those things that he had kept hidden would be disclosed. What had he done? He had made himself struck in this situation and now he was in deep trouble. Because he wanted to win just a stupid challenge but his mind was denying it. Had he done this for some challenge? No it was not. He wanted to take Damni with himself but why. His mind was telling something for which he did not want to listen. His heart started throbbing for someone but he kept on denying the fact. He leapt from bench. For a moment he clapped his hand over his ears and then remove it slowly.

"I am Prithvi Mehra and my only goal is to become the most successful person nothing else. I have no emotions. I have no heart." He reminded himself.  


He came back to his home and was thinking about his decision. Finally he decided. He called Roshni.


"Roshni Varun here"

"So nice to hear you" 

"Thanks." He took a deep sight. "I want to come back to Gujraal Industries"

"You can join anytime" She said with a smile. 

"But I have one request" He added.


"Please keep our personal matters aside."

"No problem" She hung up the phone and smiled. She knew that she would not have him but for her his life and happiness were more important than anything else.


Prithvi was standing, keeping his back rested on car. He was waiting for Damni. His eyes were focused on the door. Damni emerged from the door. Her curls were swinging in air making him forget about his promise. He changed his gaze. He wanted to get out of all his feelings that making him divert.

 "You always come" said Prithvi, trying to avoid his feelings

"So what?" Damni said audaciously 

"No use to talk to you. Let's leave" He said.  Damni had already sat in the car and Prithvi also stepped inside it. He was worried for upcoming future. He knew that everything would going to be change in SURAT. 


Please let me know with ur comments abt the update

With regards


Happy navaratri to every one 


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Awesome part cont soon
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Wow soni awesome update specially d precap awesome Vm . . Cant wait for Pri's past to b revealed . . . . Hmm . . It seems like both Pri n Sameer have started havin feelings for Damini n Avni respectively . . Good to know that Varun's back in GM . . N Sameer well I do hope he has a change of heart n starts fallin in love wid Avni

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