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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 45)

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After getting married to Prithvi Damni was facing many troubles because of ill behavior of Prithvi

Rosh gave car to Varun as a gift that made him upset and angry

Avni has become president of Gujraal empire. A guy named Anish met her and proposed her and she was thinking about this proposal when Sameer confessed his love for her

Avni was talking to him and he was only thinking about her marriage. She was about to leave when he grasped her hand. She wheeled to see him

"You will not marry Anish" he said

"Why" she snapped

"Because" he stopped for a moment

"Because what?"  Avni was shocked with his behavior.

"Because I love you" He exploded a bomb on her.

"What" She was not able to answer.

"Yes I love you" He held her arms with his hands.

"Sameer have you gone nuts? Do you know what are you talking about? How could you say this to me? I am''Sameer you have broken my trust. You said we are friends."

"Yes we are but I don't know when I start loving you."

"You don't know. Sameer are you out of your mind? I have not believed yet that what have you said you are my friend and there is no love in friendship. You' you have snatched my one and only friend"

"Avni please listen to me"

"I am breaking this friendship. Sameer from now on I don't know you"

She approached towards her car "Please listen to me once" Sameer held her wrist.

"Don't ever try to touch me otherwise I will forget that we were friends"

She opened a car's door, stepped in and left it.


Avni came back to her room. She slammed her bag on the bed.  She touched her forehead with her arms. There was sweet on it. Suddenly her gaze attracted to the stuff toy beer that Sameer had given her. She held that beer in hand and thrashed it on the dustbin. She knelt down on the floor.

"I hate you Sameer. I thought you are my friend but you have ended our friendship. You ended my dreams. You have deceived me."

Her eyes were filled with tears. She was weeping badly. Since childhood she had been lonely and now Sameer made her deserted once again alone.


For some people life is nothing but a harsh reality. Damni was among those who were facing the realities of light making her shattered day by day. She was trying to fight with them but it seemed to her that she was losing every battle of her life. Damni opened her eyes and looked darkness in the room. She felt that darkness of room was also growing inside her. She could see Prithvi sleeping on the bed in the dim light of night bulb. She looked the clock. It was 3:00 am.  Her weary eyes wanted to get some sleep but all her efforts to get some good sleep were getting vain. She closed her eyes again and tried to remember the little Damni who asked her father on her birthday that how much he loved her mother. Her father kissed on her forehead and told her that there was no measurement of Love. He taught her in childhood that "Love is bigger than money" but little Damni forgot to ask him that what should she do if she had to chose family. Tears sprang from her corner of eyes. Her father abandoned Gujraal Empire for his love. But Damni was unfortunate. She never experienced a true love. More than Prithvi she found herself guilty. Just to save Gujraal Empire she married to a person who was profane. She hated herself that why she was doing compromise. She wanted to break this marriage but what was making her stop she did not know. She was feeling helpless. She rubbed her temples and rested her head on pillow of couch. She was trying hard to sleep when Prithvi's scream let her to open her eyes. She removed the blanket, got up and saw him. He was holding his head with his both hands. Damni wore her sleepers and came to see him. She sat opposite him on the bed and inquired him humbly. He was looking totally distracted. He was looking insane. It seemed that someone had sucked blood from his body. Damni felt that she was watching some stranger than Prithvi Mehra who was arrogant and stubborn. He was soaking with sweat. Damni inquired him again. Although she did not want to his condition forced her to ask about it. Rather than replying to his answer he asked her date.

"20th august" Damni replied.

He wiped his forehead.

"What happened?" She again asked.

"Nothing you go and take rest"

"But you" she was confused.

"I said leave me alone" Prithvi replied harshly. She clenched her teeth and said fine. She came back, lie down on couch. Prithvi watched her going. He knew that he could not get sleep so he finally decided to go outside. He got up from the bed. She stripped on his shirt and headed towards the room door. Damni heard the voice of shutting the door. She opened her eyes and saw the empty bed. She was amazed with his behavior. Outside Prithvi was drenching in rain and stalking on the road. His footsteps were approaching towards unknown destination. He had got everything in life but still found his life empty. Rain was the best way to hide tears.


Sameer rested his chin on his folded arms. It had been ages he had seen her. Since the day he had confessed his love, Avni did not want to meet him. She was not taking his phone. Sameer was worried. He wanted to talk to her but whenever he tried to contact her. She cut his phone. Suddenly he got an idea to call her from an unknown number and he succeeded. Avni picked his phone.

"Hello" Avni's voice rang on his ears.

"Avni" Avni was about to cradle his phone when his voice stopped her "Don't cut my phone. Please talk to me once."

"I don't want to talk to you" Avni retorted

"Please Avni only once" Sameer was beseeching.

"Ok tell me what do you want to say?"

"Can we meet?" He requested.



"Ok fine. Where do you want to meet?" She question after a long time.

"Alpino park" Sameer said and hung up the phone.


Avni arrived at the park. Sameer waved his hand. Avni gasped and came near him.

"Tell me what do you want to say me?" Avni asked him in a harsh tone.

"How are you?"  Sameer looked her. He had seen her after 2 weeks. She was looking beautiful. Her skin was glowing in moonlight making her more attractive.

"Sameer I am not interested in your useless conversation. Please tell me reason why have you called me" She pouted.

"First you tell me why are you not taking my phone?" Sameer sounded cool.

"What?  What do you think that after all this I will take your call? Mr. Sameer you have crossed your limit and now you are expecting that I will keep this relationship. You betrayed me" Avni approximately yelled at him.

"Betray? Avni what are you saying? I just said I love you. There is nothing'."

"Sameer I don't like deceit in friendship. I consider you my friend and you cheated me."

"Look Avni I did not do it purposely. Even I did not know when I fall in love with you. On that day when you said you are going to marry that jerk. I got upset even I did not know I was upset and then I realized that I was in love with you so I said. Avni if you don't love me then it is ok but why are you breaking friendship with me? Please try to understand. I don't want to lose you'..Ok at least don't break friendship with me"

"As I said I don't like dishonesty in relations."

Sameer cut her sentence

"Neither am I but one thing you have to agree that we don't have control on our feelings"

Avni felt herself getting weak. "hmm. But I have decided I will marry to Anish"

"But why? Why are you getting married to him?" He inquired her with a bit of tension.

"You have just said that you only want my friendship and now you again" Avni rejoined.

"I know but...ok tell me do you love him? Please say it honestly" He imposed another question on her.

" I don't love him" She replied honestly.

"Then why are you getting married to him?" He asked her once again.

"Because grand pa fixed this marriage and I want to fulfill his wish. I think you will never understand.

She turned and started approaching towards her car but his voice stopped her feet.

"Your parents marriage were fixed by Mr. Gujraal" There were paused in her steps.

"You said your parents never spend happy life. Their miserable marriage life shattered your confidence."

She turned and saw him miserably. Her eyes were getting watery due to tears "You are going to marry someone who was chosen by your grandfather. It is your life Avni you should decide your life decision rather than anyone else. You don't love me but at least we can spend better life because we are close friends." Sameer came near her and held her hands in his. "I know you don't love me but at least we do know each other. We can live a better life"

She took her hands out of his hands and ran towards her car but she was trying to run her fate that was not possible for her.


Roshni was weeping silently in the corner of her room. She was cursing herself why would he give a car to Varun. Varun did not meet her since that day. They have met in the office twice but Varun talked to her about only official matter.  He was avoiding her. Roshni was helpless. Why did she give her gift? She was wishing that some miracle would happen, she could alter all her mistakes but it was not in her hands. What she had done was not wrong; she was just following her fate.  She saw his mobile and called him again but again he cut her phone. She slammed down her phone down and headed down. Her memories were coming in front of her. Suddenly she realized that there was difference in relationship. They were not friends but what they were, if they were not friends. What was that? She was unable to understand. Suddenly her gaze stuck on a book name "Glory of love". She picked a book and stared a book name. Her tears were falling on book. She had just recognized the meaning of relationship and now she wanted to confess her love for him.


Varun was taking a sip of tea in his cabin when peon told him that he was called by Roshni mam. He had to obey her order. She was his boss. He stepped into her room.

"Yes mam" He said

"Sit Varun" She offered him a chair. "I want to meet you tonight at dehleez restaurant"

"Look Roshni I won't come. I am very busy" Varun snapped.

"I will wait for you" she retorted

"I can't come"

"In that case I will wait for you whole night. You can leave now" she sounded that she was giving him threat

"But It"

"I said you can leave" she ordered

"Yes mam" He followed her orders


Varun came to meet her. He saw sitting her. He took along breathe and pushed the door of restaurant. He came there and sat on the chair

"Say it what do you want?" He asked her.

"Have you tried ice cream of that restaurant?" rather than replying she asked a question to him

"Roshni you have called me for that silly ice cream." He tried to control his anger.

"So what" She behaved like a kid.

"Roshni ji may be you are not busy. But I am so could you kindly tell me why have you called me."

"I will tell you but first let me finish my ice cream"

"Ok fine" he clenched his teeth


Later after sometime they started strolling in the road

"Please finally let me know" Varun asked "I am getting irritate"

"Ok you asked me in that night that why would I give you that gift?" Roshni came to the point


"You were right. I should have not given that gift" He was confused what she was trying to say "I know there are no such types of gifts in friendship"

"I am happy that you realize your mistake"  He said

"Yes I have realized but I have also realized that true meaning of relationship" Roshni added.

"What do you mean by that?" Her behavior was making him confused.

"Our relationship is a lot different than others. We are not friends or at least I am not. There is something else. Varun I love you"

"What Roshni"

"I know you might be shocked but I am in love with you. I don't know when but..i really love you"

"Roshni stop it just stop it" He stopped her

He left the place


He came back to his room. What was going in his life. He had never thought that his life would give him a new shock. He was struck between two women. One was his fianc Anchal and another was his friend Roshni. He closed his eyes and the first face that came to in his memory was his friend "Roshni". He suddenly opened his eyes. He was taking breathing rapidly. Was he going to fall in love with Roshni . No it can't be . He was engaged to Anchal.

"Don't worry. I will break this management whenever you say"

"I am in love with you"

"I am you fianc"

"I am your friend"

  "We are getting married"

"I love you"

He put his hands on ears. All voices were roaring in his ears. He just knelt down on floor.


Avni was in her room.

 "Your parents' marriage was fixed by Mr. Gujraal. You are going to marry someone who was chosen by your grandfather. It is your life Avni you should decide your life decision rather than anyone else. You don't love me but at least we can spend great life because we are close friends. I know you don't love me but at least we do know each other. We can live a better life"

She knelt down weeping badly. Her life was completely shattered because of her parents' marriage unsuccessful life.  The death throes of their marriage reflected in her personality. She felt herself isolated from whole wide world because they could not face questions of people that imposed on her as she was a child who was loved by her own parents.

She wiped her tears and she had taken decision.


She had called Sameer and asked him to meet. Sameer came and saw her.


"Sameer I am ready for this marriage" she told him about her decision.

"Really"  He held her with his arms

"You were right at least we are friends. I think we can spend a better life"

"Yes i do I will love you a lot and we will spend better life. I will give you lots of love."

"Sameer one thing. I don't love you. I will need some time for this relationship." She gasped.

"I can understand."

He took her into his arms and she rested her head on his chest.


There was party in Gujraal house about the success of Avni's new decision taken her as a major shareholder of the company that lead to a company in new direction. Damni came down stairs. Everyone was enjoying the party. Avni was feeling little bit relaxed now after taking this decision. Roshni was standing alone in the corner. Damni came near her and inquired her because she felt a surge of tension. But Roshni hide her feelings instead talking about her miserable life she insisted Prithvi and Damni to dance. First they did not agree but they can't reveal truthfulness of their relationship to everyone. They agreed. Prithvi held her hands and pulled her slightly. They started dancing on a sweet rhythm. Damni was looking down and he was staring her. He started having weird feelings. First time he came close to her. His one hand was on her back and other was in his her hand. Damni's hair was blowing in wind. He slightly brushed off her hairs. She looked up to see him. Their eyes met and there was something in Prithvi's eyes that made her worried. Prithvi pulled her closer once again with some feelings that made her Damni more anxious. They were very close now and she could hear his breath. She just pushed him and she ran away towards stairs. She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her and started weeping badly. She knelt down on floor and was weeping. Downside Prithvi did not feel good. He did not know but he did not like that how damini had pushed him and left him alone.


"I am going to marry Sameer"

Avni exploded to the bomb on Damni and Roshni but Prithvi was still indulged in finishing her dinner.

"What are you saying?" Roshni asked

"Yes I have made up my mind."

"You mean Sameer Malhotra. That GBS bank accounts manager" Damni questioned.


"But you and Sameer" Roshni inquired.

"We are friends and now we think we should turn our friendship to marriage"

"But since when and how could you marry him just because you think that you can spend a good life with him" Roshni asked the question that was tormenting in Damni's mind

"Because I believe that we know each other very well"

Prithvi did not take part in discussion as if he was not there.

"But" Damni also wanted to prevent her.

"Please Damni and Roshni I know it is little bit obvious for you but I know what is right for me."

"Ok we are happy in your happiness" Roshni said and left the table. Prithvi also went to his room.

"Avni please don't marry so soon. You have just met him and I don't want to get hurt yourself. Avni I am afraid. I don't want you to get in some problem." Damni said.

 "Damni di I am fine and I will live a better life."

"What did you say?"

"Um.. I mean''Damni di. Can I call you di? Please"

"Yes you can" she smiled.


Damni stepped in to the room. Prithvi was brushing his hair. He saw Damni through the mirror. Damni sat on bed. She was weeping. Prithvi saw her again and then realized that she was weeping. He turned.

"What happened?" He inquired

"Nothing." She replied.

"Then why are you weeping" He posed another question.

"I am afraid"

"Afraid of what?"

"I am afraid that Avni will get hurt. I don't want to let her ruined her life like to me." She replied him sadly.

Prithvi exhaled deeper. He wanted to say something but he looked at her tears. It made him weak first time.

"Look I know that you are quite attached to Avni but let her decide her future."

He raised and went from the room. He was running from her. He found that something wass going against his nature and he was unable to find it.


Today was Avni's sangeet and Roshni was getting prepared. After that day when Roshni confessed her love for him, Varun sent his resignation. He had changed his mobile number. Roshni tried his number once again but it was switched off. She wanted to talk to him. She wanted to explain but Varun did not give her any chance. 


Prithvi was already prepared for Sangeet function. He was looking at the guests who had arrived. He received a call but he could not hear anything because of noise. He came to his room.

"Yeah I know. I will see your project" Prithvi was talking and entered in his room but his feet stopped as he was staring her wife who was getting prepared for Sangeet function. She was sitting on chair in front of dressing table. Damni was indulged in getting prepared so she did not see him. Prithvi feet started moving towards her. Prithvi reached near dressing table. Suddenly Damni lifted her gaze up. Their eyes met. Damni was amazed looking him behind her. She got up from the chair. She turned and looked at him. She wanted to go but suddenly her foot jumbled and she lost her balance. She was about to fall. He held her with his arms. Damni looked at him. She removed his hand on her as if his hands were dirty.  Damni went and left Prithvi alone. Prithvi sat on the chair. He was having some strange feeling. Why did he keep on losing her control? He never liked Damni but if he did not like Damni that why he was having feelings?


Sameer was sitting on his rocking chair. He was taking sip of his drink. He had got everything that he wanted to achieve. He was going to marry Avni Gujraal. The owner of Gujraal Empire. He had made this plan a long time ago when they met each other in an accident. He decided to marry her. Since childhood he had done hard work but he was not able to buy his own house. After meeting he realized that he could execute his plan by getting marry her. He would become billionaire in one day and he did this by telling Avni that he loved her. Sameer was staring his empty glass. On next day of his life he was going to marry her. He would become husband of a girl who was billionaire. She would change his destiny. He rested his hand on chair and was making future plans of his life. Miles away Roshni and Damni were putting haldi on Avni. They were praying for Avni's future. Everyone was praising Avni that she was looking very beautiful but she did not know what was written in her life.



"I am not going anywhere with you" Damni said harshly.

"You have not got to know your husband's qualities. I am taking this as a challenge. I will make sure that you have to go with me. This is promise of Prithvi Mehra to you Damni Gujraal or may I say Mrs. Damni Mehra"

Note: I would like to say some words. First that I have changed no one character. I usually decide my story before writing first part so Sameer and Prithvi was having gray shades in the beginning but I kept it hide in order to make story interested. Second I know I have shown Sam too having grey shades but still he is better than Pri so I hope you guys do not  have any intensions to kill me

Plz commenttt

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Originally posted by Killer_Shark

Originally posted by gauchalover

Originally posted by Killer_Shark

Loved the way u put up all those philosophical lines and cont.. the story...

Its getting extremely entertaining

Keep up the great work sweets very brilliantly written
Who said ua ca write !!

ua one of da most awesome writers we have on IF-LNMDJ

Philosophical lines whereOuch

thanks for giving me compliment but i know harsh reality that i m very bad 

Oh is it?
fishing for complements GauChaLover hun?LOL

Just ek baat kahungee U ROCK!Star
Haww itna jhoot na bolo paap lage gaLOL

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@GauChaLover: AaaHann..bilkul nai its tthe truth which funnily u refuse to acceptLOL
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Originally posted by Killer_Shark

@GauChaLover: AaaHann..bilkul nai its tthe truth which funnily u refuse to acceptLOL
are meri daughter u r my kiddo na thats y u r saying thisLOL

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Originally posted by gauchalover

Originally posted by Killer_Shark

@GauChaLover: AaaHann..bilkul nai its tthe truth which funnily u refuse to acceptLOL
are meri daughter u r my kiddo na thats y u r saying thisLOL

Na i neva false praise anyone mind u mumma
u write very well
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Originally posted by Killer_Shark

Originally posted by gauchalover

Originally posted by Killer_Shark

@GauChaLover: AaaHann..bilkul nai its tthe truth which funnily u refuse to acceptLOL
are meri daughter u r my kiddo na thats y u r saying thisLOL

Na i neva false praise anyone mind u mumma
u write very well
i guess roza mera hai lag tum ko raha haiWink
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loved it and yipee pri has started feeling for damz and plz more prida next time
thanks for the pm and update soonSmile
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good update.. Sameer also has his plans... hopefully Varun is true atleast..

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