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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 41)

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Originally posted by akansha_lnmdj

wat an update soni dear..
i jus luved it yaar
and u r rite we will kill u
romantic scenes to dikhao prida ke..
i wana see dem romancing yarr...
luved d song ..its my fav..
keep continue yaar..and thx for d pm..
upd soon..Thumbs Up
thanks aku
i will update soon

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Originally posted by angelina_angel

loved it
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Originally posted by ayushi_lnmdjian

wht a luvly update yar...luved d prithvi's character...LOL

thxx..for d pm dear..Embarrassed
plzz...update d next prt soon...Smile
u like pri character LOL
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(Before reading an update I would like to say something about last update. You all know that how much I love Prida and gaucha. I always write on prithvi u can see my last two ffs. First time I m writing something agt him but trust me he will change soon. He has his past that would be revealed soon and he will be seen in new avatar)

Life is tussle. You have to fight daily. Even you don't want to still you have to deal with it. Even when you feel everything is finished, you still have had somewhere hope that everything would be fine. Problems and difficulties make your morale down but they don't vanish it completely.

On next morning Prithvi was taking bath and Damni was sitting on the bed, thinking about her miserable life. She gazed down to look at her burnt hand. Mehndi design of Damni was ruined with the scars of burn just like her fate. Tears sprang from her eyes. It was falling on her burnt hand that raising her pain. But she wanted to increase it more in order to avoid screams of her soul who continuously roaring inside her. But knock at the door made her to wipe her tears. She gave permission to come inside and Avni and Roshni stepped into the room.  

"Wow you are looking so pretty." A fade smile appeared on Damni's face.

"Damni you are looking beautiful because of makeup or Prithvi jeej "Roshni winked.

"Roshni" Avni interrupted

Avni sat on the bed opposite to Damni and Roshni was still standing.

"Ok tell me what have jeej given you last night?" She teased it again "oh forget this . Tell me what happened in the night and don't be so shy"

"Stop being cheapo" Avni intruded. They even did not notice that Damni was indulged in her thoughts and had not taken part in discussion. Roshni received a call

 "Oh no these calls. Bad timing agh" She excused them and went.

"So Damni how are you?" She asked her by squeezing her palm. But it made Damni felt pain so she held her hand out immediately. Avni looked at damni's hand who was burnt badly.

"Oh My GOD how it happened" She inquired worryingly.

"Actually….. last night. My hand got burned from candle."

"Candle. How?….. Damni Did Prithvi jeej?" she asked hesitantly.

"What? Avni come on why would he do this to me? It was my mistake. My rain tucker was getting burned from candle so I tried to dose of the fire from my hand."

"Oh. I will apply cream to you" She was worried.

Sometimes you hide your feelings to your own close one. The reason is not that they are not close enough so you don't want to share your scars of your soul to them but you hide your feelings that could hurt them badly. Damni had taken decision by herself now she had to bear consequences of her own decision.


Damni came to office. She was working on her new project when her PA entered in her room. She offered her a chair.

"Mam You have just got married and you have come to office" PA asked smilingly.

"Work is important for me." Damni snapped

"But mam" He was perplexed

"You said you want to talk to me" she shifted the topic

"Mam actually remember couple of days ago I talked to you about chairmanship" She succeeded in shifting the topic.

"Oh yes I forgot. I have thought I would talk about it in last board meeting but lots of things happened so quickly that it totally vanished from my mind. I will talk in coming board meeting that is on Saturday right." She insured.

"Please mam make it fast because already we have lost time and It is not good for company"

"Don't worry I will. I will tell them that they have to choose among three of us." She smiled

"Not three. Four." He made her shocked

"Four but you said last time only three of us can become chairman" confusion could be seen through her eyes.

"According to Mr. Gujraal will. Mr. Prithvi Mehra is also entitled for this post"

Damni color got paled. She felt walls were coming towards her. She was sweating in the air conditioner room. If Prithvi were become chairman, he would ruin it.

"You can leave and please don't talk about it in the office until and unless I will not take any decision"

"Ok mam" his duty was obey her and he was doing it. He took permission and left Damni alone in the room.

"Prithvi can't get this position. He would ruin everything." Suddenly all pieces fall into its places. He wanted to become chairman and Damni knew he could do anything to make it possible. Time was rushing. She had to stop him. Prithvi was human bomb for her. If she became a chairman he could also take advantage. She was strucked in the situation. She was trembling with terror and upcoming future. Suddenly a window opened in his mind if she gives this position to Avni or Roshni. Prithvi would not be able to do anything. Now she had to think who she should choose for it and finally she found Avni more suitable for this job because Roshni was little bit childish although Avni was too benign for this post but still she would not let her hopes down. It was her thinking not of God.


Damni was staring the door of Roshni's office room. It was not difficult for Damni to persuade Roshni. What reason she could give? But either hook or crook she had to convince her. She could see her through glass door. She was busy in reading in file. After taking a deep breath she pushed the door and stepped into the room. Noise of door made Roshni glance up and her eyes got widened to see Damni in front of her.

"You came on the next day of your marriage. Are you crazy?" She was bit shocked

"We ow this business so I have some obligation towards it. But I have come to talk about something very important."  Damni wiped sweat from her forehead.

"Yes I am listening" She was perplexed. She gestured her at chair.  Now they were sitting across each other. She told her conversation with her PA.

" I want to Avni get this position and I want your support. I know you can also be eligible for this post in fact I am sure you are best but I think Avni will be more eligible. Her parents had been working with Mr. Gujraal I mean grandpa for a long time ago so she would be easily got comfortable for this job." Her voice was shaky

 "I agree but I have a question. You and Prithvi jeej could also be eligible for it. You guys have been working in this field for a long time" Her eyes filled with confusion.

"Yes but see Prithvi is busy with his own company and maybe I have to handle his company too sometimes so I don't want to…... I know it is unfair with you but I want you to vote for Avni" Damni tried to raise logic.

"Oh come on Damni I am ready for it and frankly speaking me as a chairmanship sound like an old lady"

An abrupt smile came on Damni's face.

"But  what about other directors and CEO?"

"I have already talked to them and they have no issues. So all will vote for Avni but I want your vote because according to will, four of us vote matters the most" Damni said anxiously.

"Ok but I have one condition" Damni got pale "Yes"

"I will vote for Avni if you let me say you to Damni di" her gaze flickered.

Damni smiled and cocked her head for entitlement.


Board meeting was over. Avni was amazed that every one picked her name. Prithvi was almost silent all over the time and did not say any one word. Damni was sensing that there would some sort of storm that would be going to come. After all she turned his hopes into ashes. She was sitting in her room alone and getting feared of upcoming storm.  Prithvi opened the door like a tornado. Damni got up from the chair because of his arrival. She was little bit trembling not because of horror but because of courage that she was gathering to fight with him.

"What did you think of yourself?"  His eyes seemed to harden "I know it was your plan to make Avni chairman" He went pale with anger.

Damni was still quite. He suddenly held her wrist and squeezing it hardly

"You have forgotten that who am i?" Damni took her hand out and shouted

"Enough. Mr. Prithvi Mehra now it is enough. I know who you are and what can you do? My tolerance level is over now."  Her face was stiffened. "Don't think that I will get afraid from you. You made me fool once. But not now don't forget you are fighting with Damni Gujraal. "

"Damni" He shot back

"Mr. Prithvi Mehra I swear you will repent. Damni snapped.  "What did you thing you would ruin everything. No I will stop you. I will be stand like wall against every your plan. I will not let you win"

She stalked towards door, opened it and stepped out. The voice of slamming the door echoed in the room. Prithvi smacked his hand on the table. He recognized that he had done mistake. He should not have told Damni about his plan. In his excitement he forgot that Damni Gujraal was not week. She was the girl who could fight with anyone in any consequences. She had courage to fight with him and she would give him hard time.


Avni and Sameer were getting close. Their friendship was getting strong. They were going out together daily but still they were unaware of their relationship. Avni was first time hanging someone. She had never made friends due to miserable relationship that she had been watching since childhood. Failure of her parents' marriage had cut her from outside world. She loved to spend time alone rather than making friends but after meeting Sameer she realized that what true friendship was. Avni came to meet Sameer. They were having dinner together. She had shared the news with him that she would be leading Gujraal's industries. But looking confusion in her eyes he inquired about it. Avni first did not tell her but she blurted out finally. They came outside started walking on the road under moonlight.

"I don't think so I am eligible for it."

"And what make you think that?" Sameer asked

"Because I know myself. I am unfit for this position" she sounded less confidence.

"This is totally ridiculous. You can do anything" He remarked

"Stop buttering me." Sameer smiled, stopped, turned to her and held her shoulders with her hands

"Look into my eyes. Avni you are Gujraal. Business is in your blood."

"But I think Damni would be better for this position"

He put his finger on her lips.

"For me you are the best person for this job" she smiled and hugged him. There was some sense of protection that Avni felt in his arms and Sameer already forgot his surroundings.


"Roshni please I can't meet you every weekend."  Varun snapped

"Oh God you are nuts" Roshni said

"Roshni! why don't you understand that I have to do lots of work in office. I am not owner of the company who is free, drink a cup of coffee in her office and chit chat with others on third world countries whole day. I am ordinary worker who comes daily through bus and work like ass. I have no car so I need rest so I can't meet you" Varun shouted

Roshni eyes got watery. She glanced down and twirling her glass. Varun looked at her and realized his mistake. He held her hand

"I am sorry" He said gently "I don't want to hurt you but"

"What is your problem Varun? You are the only one who is my friend here. I want to spend time with you. Don't you think that there is something that is irrelevant?" She further said

"No there is not. Actually I was little tired. So I wanted to get rest that's why I got little hyper"  He said with shame "I don't want to hurt you but "

He held his forehead with his palm

"There is something that is hurting you. I felt that you are depressed" She inquired

"Actually" He gazed up and said but Roshni's cell phone interrupted him.

"Yes Damni yeah I am coming." Roshni cradled the phone "Listen I am going. I had to give Damni a file and totally forgot about it. I would better run"

Varun was watching her disappearing from the door.


Damni and Prithvi were having dinner together. Prithvi leaned his hand forward to pick dish. At the same time Damni also leaned her hand forward for the same dish. Their eyes met as their hands touched to each other. Damni held her hand out of Prithvi's hand swiftly. Prithvi felt strange but ignored her act.


Avni and Sameer were still talking. They reached to the parking lodge. Avni's hairs were flipping in air. Avni rested her back on the car and Sameer put his right hand on her car. They were talking about random things. Sameer wanted to relax her mind but he felt that all his efforts got vain. Suddenly he asked her.

"You are still nervous about tomorrow"  Avni asked him how did he know?  Rather than giving her answer he held her both hand in his hands.

"Just tell me are you nervous"

"Yes I am. I don't think so I will be able to"

"Close your eyes" he demanded

"What but why"

"Just do it whatever I said. You girls speak too much" He put his hand on her eyes and closed her eyes and took inched forward and then he said with sotto voce "Imagine tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day when you take position as a company chairman. You will take decision. You will decide the future of the company."

"But what if I failed" She asked the question that as tormenting her

"You won't. Avni, time has come. Now you have to prove that you can do anything. Now people should know that the Avni who looks shy and innocent can do anything with full confidence. She can not only take her decision but also of whole company. Everyone is going to proud on you"

"Are you sure" She opened her eyes.

"Yes I am more than anything else and tomorrow you will also proud on yourself.  Now you must go. It is already eleven. You must have to do preparation for tomorrow." He smiled wryly

"Ok" She smiled at him and left. After her departure smile of Sameer vanished.  He stared down at the road. Something was making him puzzle. He had to explore some answer that was hidden in his own mind.


Next day morning Avni was getting prepared for the office when she received a message from Sameer. He was wishing her about the big day. Smile appeared on her face. She was delighted to see his message.  Avni reached office and took her position with full confidence. She had to prove to whole world that she was Gujraal.


 The day went simply superb. She never imagined herself in this position but her destiny selected for it. She was about to get up when she received text message from Sameer. He was asking about her day. Despite of giving answer she asked her to meet outside for the dinner.


Varun lit her cigarette when Anchal entered in his room

"You have started smoking" Anchal was shocked to see cigarette in his hand

"Not really, very rare. Sometime I do." Varun replied

"What is your problem Varun? Why are you destroying your life?" She inquired

"I smoke when I have some tension." Varun dose his cigarette.

"What type of tension?" She added

"Nothing some office stuff. You tell me why you have come here?" he changed the topic

"You mean I can't come here" She said

"No..i am sorry. I did not mean to say this." He tried to clear the position.

"Let it be I have come to tell that I have told my parents that we need sometime for this marriage"

 "Really that's great"  He smiled first time.

"Yes. Now it is pretty late I am going" She started walking towards door. Reaching at the door, she turned and said "If your tension is me than I am saying honestly you will not have to worry"

"You perceive wrong" Varun interrupted

"I will break this engagement whenever you say it" she added and went from the room. As soon as she left the place, Varun received a messaged from Roshni. She was saying sorry for the last night because she left and wanted to meet him at this weekend. Varun just switched off his phone. He sat on the bed and rested his head on headboard of the bed. 


Sameer and Avni were strolling in the park after having dinner. Avni said.

"I want to you say thank You"

"For what?" he asked

"For everything. For making me belief that I can do anything. Thanks for coming in my life. You made me realize that I am special"

"Oh come on Avni. Just forget these formalities. I am happy that you are finally understand yourself"

"Yes I am" Avni smiled


At weekend Roshni met Varun.

"So how was your weekend?" Roshni asked

"As usual. You tell me" Varun said

"Actually I have brought you a gift" Roshni said smilingly

"Gift" Varun was amazed

"Come with me."  She took his hand and brought him with the open space. There was santro car that was wrapped up in the gift pack

"What is that?" Varun asked

"Gift for you. Now you don't have to come through busses." She smiled at him

"What? You are insulting me Roshni" Varun snapped

"Varun look I thought"  She was stung by the harshness of his tone.

"Roshni I don't believe it. If you are ashamed of my friendship then it would be better for you to break it rather than try to hurt my self esteem" he yelled at her and left her with tears.


Avni was doing her job very well. She was working on her project when her PA told her that Mr. Anish khurana had come to meet her. She had known him as he was Mr. Gujraal's close friend's grandson. She had seen him in parties in her home but she did not know the reason why he had come to meet her. She gave her permit and he stepped into her room.

"Hello Avni. I hope you have remembered me"  

 "How could I forget you? We have met several times in parties" she smiled at him.

"Yes. Actually Avni I have come for some reason" He said

"Yes I am listening" she told him.

"Mr.Gujraal has promised to my father something."

"If it is in my hand I will try my level best" She was polite with him

"Actually it is in your hands. Mr. Gujraal wanted us to get married." He amazed her.

"What" Avni was so shocked that she could hardly reply anything?

"Yes and even I think that I…. I mean you are beautiful and attractive. You are also well educated and well mannered. I have liked you since I first met you. So I don't find any reason to say no but I don't know either you like me or not. I want you to consider my proposal."

She started feeling severe pain in her head. After sometime she got courage to speak

"Listen I need sometime"

"I can understand" He left the room.  Avni held her head with her both arms.


Roshni was weeping badly in the room. She was having guilt that she had done mistake. She should not have gifted him a car. Her intention was not to hurt his feelings. She just wanted to gift him a new car because she was concerned about him. She wanted to make his life little relaxed not to break friendship. She called him. He was not picking his phone. She kept on trying. He finally picked up

"What do you want to say now?"

 "Please listen to me once" Roshni beseeching.

"For what?" He pouted.

"Please" She pleaded.

"Mr. Roshni Gujraal people don't give such expensive gifts in friendship."

"But" Roshni said.

"Just tell me why did you gift me that car? Are you ashamed that your friend is poor." He retorted

"I gave you because…." She even did not know the reason

"Do you give every your friend a car?" he asked

"No but " She said

"Yes I got my answer. You are ashamed of my friendship" The line went dead in her hand.


Avni received a message from Sameer that he was waiting. She saw his message and started getting prepared. She was thinking about proposal and she was at sixes and sevens. 


Since the day Avni became the chairman, Prithvi did not say anything to Damni. They never showed their relationship in front of anyone else but Avni and Roshni still felt tension among their relation but they never interrupted in their life. They never asked them about their relation. They tried to behave normal couple in front of whole world but in the room they were completely stranger to each other.  Damni slept at couch and Prithvi rested at bed. They never interacted with each other and even they did not want to. Prithvi had never misbehaved with her sister so she was somehow thankful to him. Prithvi was heading towards his room when Avni called him from behind. He wheeled. She told him that she was going outside and she wanted him to Damni file. He held file from her silently. He stepped in his room. He was using his mobile. He said to Damni that Avni gave him file. Prithvi leaned forward the file towards Damni, while he was continuing using his mobile. Damni was looking downward, indulged in her thoughts, and leaned her hand forward. They both were not looking at each other. Their hands touched each other and Damni briskly held her hand out as the result of it, file felt on the floor.  Prithvi gazed down at file and then glanced up. He looked her with anger. He started coming towards her. She began backing away, stunned. He kept stepping towards her. There was not much space in the room and finally Damni felt coolness of wall on her back. Prithvi kept his hand on both side of her. His palms rested on the wall covering damni. They were an inches apart. She was completely under his arms. She was feeling pit in her stomach. She felt sweat in her palms. She went limp. Blood was gushing from his eyes. She could see anger in his face. His face was red from anger.

"What are you trying to do? I have been noticing your behavior for a long time ago." He recoiled

He leaned forward his hand, squeezing his throat harshly. Damni tried to pull his hand on hers but his grip was quite strong on her. Her breathe was getting stop. She was having cough.

"Prithvi….please……leave…" She said with severe pain. She stood suffocate trying to get out of his grip, barely able to breathe.

"Miss Damni Gujraal, you might think you are very beautiful or maybe you are pretty but I have no intention to come close to… or want to touch you. I have no interest in you or any another girl" He clasped his throat with his hard palm, jolted hardly on the wall and her occiput strike with wall.  For a moment Damni felt that her head had crushed in to pieces. He left her. She was whimpering in pain. She touched her head with trembling hands. Her hand filled with blood. Her eyes were getting watery.  Tears were streaming down his checks. Kneeling down, she was weeping badly. She rested his head on her knees.

(What he is not going to change in one day lolROFL)


 Avni and Sameer were doing dinner together. Sameer felt Avni's silence. Although she was replying to his questions but she sounded disturbed. Finally he asked her and  she told him about Anish kahurana

"What have you thought" He asked abruptly

"I am considering his proposal. I think he is not bad. I should accept his proposal"

"What? You can't" He cut in.

"Why" she asked

"Because I don't know"  he was unsure. "You have just started working as a ruler in Gujraal industries and"

"He will not have any problem with that I know him. Once I talked to him in party he wants girls to work"

"But " He said

"But what"

"I don't know" He was confused.

They were going back. Avni was talking to him and he was only thinking. She was about to leave when he grasped her hand. She wheeled to see him

"You will not marry Anish" he said

"Why" she snapped

"Because" he stopped

"Because what?" 

"Because I love you" He exploded a bomb on her.

P. S I am sorry for updating so delay. Actually I don't feel like writing these days so that's y delays in update plus u see update is not up to the mark sorry for this. I will try to update as soon as possible

Please do comment

With love


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phew wat a update it was
m sure to know abt pri i guess we need to wait for another 2-3 update :P
N i guess reason for pri's such behavior is some gurl ...
N sam finally confessing his love to avni
Plz atleast resolve varni fight soon

To sum gr8 update

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@soni thanks for d pm & for d update its k if u take time & writin is nt an art dat every 1 has & we at lnmdj forum r always awaitin for ur update comin 2 ur ff y r prida so weird hmmm & sam gud he confessed his luv & poor rosh she jus wanted 2 comfort him idiot varun he had a chance 2 tell anchal no bt woh toh apne bade bhai pe gaya hai dhakkan    LOL all in all gr8 update - akshata
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great update!
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awsum part..
thx for d pm..Smile

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