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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 27)

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Originally posted by gauchalover

Originally posted by anuridi

Hey soni wen r u updating dis ff eagerly waitin for it -akshata Smile

When i will write lolLOL
yar don not feel like writing these days
Hmm dnt feel lyk writing everthing fine na ? Wink Wink

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Originally posted by anuridi

Originally posted by gauchalover

Originally posted by anuridi

Hey soni wen r u updating dis ff eagerly waitin for it -akshata Smile

When i will write lolLOL
yar don not feel like writing these days
Hmm dnt feel lyk writing everthing fine na ? Wink Wink

yeah akshata us sometimes it ahppen with me lolz 
I m nuts but don't worry i will write soon
After all writing is my passion Big smile 
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updateee plzzz
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Originally posted by sunny4

updateee plzzz

i will soon
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Prithvi dropped Damni at home. She came back and found Avni and Roshni waiting for her. She came near them and said that she agreed on Prithvi's proposal. Both were shocked and stunned. They forbade her for this relationship because they knew that she did not like Prithvi. They did not want her to spoil her life.

"I don't know I am doing right or wrong but I am following my destiny rather to impose my own decision." Damni voice was shaky

"But you know how he is?" Avni was worried about her.

"I know but we all are players of destiny and we have to accept the truth that I can't fight with my fate. I have t accept it and he is not such a bad person" She replied.

"Are you doing it for us?" Roshni raise a question.

"I am doing it for all of us" She had no answer of it.

"But" Avni said

"You guys said you trust me" She reminded them

"Yes we do and we will be always with you whenever you need us." Roshni gave her assurance.

She hugged both of them.

Damni came to her room and called to her aunt. She knew about the incident when she told her that she was getting married to Prithvi then she forbade her because she wanted her to marry someone who loved her and she also did not have good impression about Prithvi Mehra due to media but when she said she was doing it for Gujraal's industries and her sisters then she got angry because she did not want her to destroy her life. She tried to convince her but she wanted her to follow her decision but Damni could not do this and finally she said to her that may be her sisters and her business were more important for her rather than her and shut the phone. She came to the balcony and sat on hanging bench. Her tears were falling. Everything in her life was getting destroyed. She started losing every relation that used to her part of life but she was following her destiny and was on the path of making new relations. She did not know that her new relations would become her life soon. But this time was hard for her. It was quite difficult for her. Miles away Prithvi was also sitting on hanging bench and was looking at stars. In one day his life had been changed. The girl he used to hate more was soon would became his wife. What had God written in fates, both of them did not know but they had to keep hopes because without hopes they could not live for a single day.


In the bank Sameer was sitting opposite to his boss as he wanted him to give suggestion regarding Gujraal's loan contract. Sameer was being part of this meeting because he was handling this account.

"I think we should stop loan's further installments." His boss took decision.

"But Sir" Sameer interrupted.

"It is such a controversial company Sameer and you asking why should we stop it" but he did not give chance to complete his sentence.

"I know Sir but look at positive side." Sameer added

"What positive side" He was shocked.

"I know these types of news are quite unsupportive for the company but" Sameer stopped after saying it.

"But what Please clear your point" He was confused.

"Damni is going to married with Prithvi Mehra. He is big shot and he can help us in promoting our bank's name. Moreover he has already has account in our bank". If we abandon this contract may be he would shift his account to some other bank that would not be useful for us." He added further.

"Can he do this?" Now his boss was worried.

"Who knows after all he is fianc of Damni Gujraal." Sameer had made him frighten.

"You are right we have not thought like this. I will tell other directors we will decide in meeting and will let you know. You can leave now" Sameer was succeeded in making him aware that what could happen if they stopped their loan installments

"Thanks Sir"

He came outside and leaned her neck back on the chair. He slowly closed his eyes. One thought had struck in his mind why did he do this? If Gujraal had to face any problem what did go of him? Why did he want to save them? He opened the eyes and tried to deviate his mind in order to save him from any thoughts but he was not that much lucky.


Avni was talking to Damni regarding new funds investment. Avni was telling Damni about different companies that could be chosen for the investment. Damni received a call from PA that Sameer had come from GBS bank. She granted permission to the PA. Avni got up and told Damni that she would discuss later. She headed towards the door and pushed it having unaware of that Sameer was standing outside as a result door hit his knee. Sameer lost his balance. Avni looked at him. He held wall in order to save himself from falling. He put his hand on knee who got hurt.

"I am sorry. Are you ok?" Avni was worried about his knee.

 Damni got up from the chair and also came there.

"Are you fine?" She asked the same question

"I am fine" He replied.

"I think I should call a doctor" Damni said.

"No I am getting used to it." He said smilingly.

"What?" Damni was unable to understand.

Avni would understand what his meaning was. She turned towards Damni and would say her to talk her later. She went from room. Sameer would feel her absence. Damni offered him a chair and asked again once again about the doctor. Sameer smiled gently, said thank you but refused the offer. They started the discussion regarding loans and other things. Then he asked her for leaving. Damni offered him a car because she was worried about him but he said he would manage. Damni once again insisted him for the car but he refused her gently. He came outside. He was having little difficulty in walking when Avni saw him who was coming from opposite side.  She felt embarrassment and came near him.

"I am sorry."

"It's ok and then SRK says in his film DDLG that bare bare sheron mein choti choti batein hoti rehti hai"

( And no I don't like SrkLOL)

"If you started following everything that SRK has said in his films your life would be hell." Avni replied.

"I thought you don't speak. I am glad that you have confidence." He smiled.

"And you have no right to pass comment about me." Avni got angry.

"I am sorry. I was just" Sameer got frightened.

Sameer said sorry once again. Avni looked at him and started walking. Sameer also tried to walk but this time his fate did not give him support. He was having severe pain in the leg. It was hurting him badly. His voice had stopped her. She wheeled down to see him. He was taking deep breathe. His facial expression had been rigid from his aching knee. Avni came back.

"Oh my GOD, Are you fine?"

 "Yes I am" He said

"But I don't think so" She asked again.

"Mam Avni sometimes harsh words hurt more than injuries" His voice was showing his pain that was not because of his knee.

Avni stared him and first time felt the bitterness of her words but it was too late. Her words already had hurt him. He gathered courage and started moving towards the door and soon he got disappear from door but Avni was still staring empty space. His voice was still ringing in her ears making her culprit. She was running away from her destiny.


Avni came to the park. Her eyes were searching for Sameer. Finally God helped her and she found him. He was sitting on the bench. Avni came, sat near him and greeted him. He gazed up to see Avni and replied softly. There was still difference between them both in words and their bodies.

"How is your knee now?" She initiated first.

"Fine" He said softly.

"Is everything fine now" She demanded.

"Yeah pretty much" He was sure of it.

"On that day you asked me a question? And now I am asking. Will you be my friend?" Avni's question made him shocked.

"What? How have you changed? I mean at your office"  

"I am sorry I was rude on that day" Avni was ashamed in her behavior.

"If you want to become my friend because you thought on that day you have hurt me so please don't do this because I believe friendship comes from heart" His word sounded depressed.

"Sameer" Avni wanted to say something

"I should leave take care" he wanted to run from her and his thoughts.

Avni was staring empty space. His words made her realize that he was hurt badly by her behavior. Although he did not say her to anything but "Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart."


Varun came outside from his room. He was thinking to complete some work that was pending in home. As he stepped out his eyes met with Anchal. He felt that Anchal was happy. Anchal asked him about his work then come into real thing rather than rolling here and there.

"Our marriage date has been fixed. It is after two months." And he realized the happiness of Anchal but he was shocked. He wanted to give himself sometime.

"What. It is so early. I can't marry so soon."

"Why" Anchal pouted.

"I mean Anchal we are quite young for this marriage business." He added.

"Or maybe you don't want to marry me?"

"What?" He was shocked.

"Yes Varun you don't want to marry me." She knew the truth.

"It is not truth" Varun did not agree.

"Then what is the truth why do you ignore me"

"I don't. You are having misconception." Varun shouted.

"I know Varun I can see you in your eyes. You don't love me." Her voice was filled tears.

"Anchal look" He melted with her tears.

At the same time he received a call she wanted to meet him. Varun got agreed

"Anchal I will talk to you later. I have urgent work to complete."

"Can I know you urgency?" She asked.

"Look I don't have time for this we will discuss it later" Varun was in hurry.

Varun left without looking tears that he had given to her

"Varun you have never ever time for me"

She was weeping silently because she did not understand that love can't be happened forcedly.


Varun reached at the hotel and saw Roshni there. He came and sat opposite her.

"Tell me what happened? Why did you call me so urgent? What was the issue suddenly what happened?"

"Oh my God. You are too much. You asked so many questions." Roshni started laughing.

"Stop joking and tell me what did you call me?"

"Nothing I wanted to meet you so I called you" Roshni was relaxed.

"What Roshni You know what are you saying. I have left important work because you called me. You know what the sense of responsibility is?" He was shouting on her.

"Varun I called you because I think we are friend as a friend I have called you next time I would ask first."

Varun realized his mistakes

"I am extremely sorry. I was doing some important work ok but leave it. I am sorry for my behavior."

"It is ok" She replied with attitude.

"So madam is angry" He smiled.

"yeah you have made me angry" She did not say lie.

"So what should I do to make you happy? I promise I will do anything"

"You have to spend tomorrow evening with me" she said chop chop.

"But" he hesitated

"You can't so no you have done promise" She was showing cleverness.

"Ok if it makes you happy then I will meet you"

Varun wanted to please her at any cost. It was more than friendship but they both need time to understand.


Avni entered in the cafeteria in the evening. She had come to drink coffee. Before she headed towards table her eyes met with Sameer who was sitting alone in the corner and having coffee. She came there and asked him that either she should sit with him. Sameer nodded and she sat opposite him.

"It is strange to see you here" said by Avni

"Sometimes I come here" He told her

"Me too. It is such a nice and quiet place." Avni said smilingly.

"Yeah I have been coming here a long time. I think it is perfect place. I have come here to steel some silent moments of my life." He added.

"I did not get you" She was unable to understand.

"When feel myself empty and lonely then I came here. I wipe all my tears with a cup of coffee and try to assure myself that it is not me that is lonely in this world. There are lots of people who spend their life alone. If they live, why can't I?"

"Your parents" She asked.

"They died in road accident when I was 15 year old"

"Oh I am sorry"

"This place helps me a lot in gathering courage of start my life again with a new strength and wipe my fear of being alone." He was looking in pain of being alone.

"Then I must be sorry" She said

"Sorry? But why"

"Because I have interrupted your privacy"

"Don't say sorry. In fact I have first time shared my feelings with someone and I feel really great to share with you. First time I realize that there is someone who is here for me whom can I share my feelings. In fact I should say thanks to you." He smiled first time.

"I am really sorry on that day I have hurt you lot" Avni was still ashamed of her behavior.

"Don't say sorry. In fact I am sorry I was rude on that day" He also apologized.

"You were rude because of me. I misbehaved with you"

"Ok leave it. We have both understood our mistake. Lets by gones be by gones. From now on no sorry no thank you. I am offering you my friendship once again? What would you say" He was back in his mood.

He leaned his hand forward. Avni smiled and shook his hand.


Roshni called him next day and asked him to meet. He told her a place to come. She followed his direction and reached there. It was small hotel. Chairs and tables were kept in open air.  Tables and chairs were made of plastic. Roshni was shocked to see this place. She had come from America. It was difficult for her to accept that place. Finally she saw Varun and she got relived too see him. She came near him.

"Why did you call me here? I mean we could meet somewhere else. This place."

"Roshni I want to show you my life too." Varun said

"What do you mean by that?" she was perplexed.

"I am Varun Mehta who belongs to lower middle class" He added.

"But here" she demanded.

He slid a chair for her "I usually come here for dine out."

She looked gazed but sat on the chair he offered to her. He sat opposite to her.

 "So what would you eat?" HE asked.

"Anything" She was unable to come out of the feeling of being here. He ordered dinner for her. After a while waiter came with food. Varun started eating. Rosh had also taken food in her plate but not started eating yet. Finally Varun had to inquire

"Why are you not eating?"

"Actually'. Are you sure it is hygienic? I don't think so" She was worried about it.

"Just try once you will love it"

"No thanks"

"Just trust me once"

He took one piece of loaf and leaned his forward in order to make her eat. She felt something in her heart. It was strange feeling that she was unable to understand. She could feel her rapid heartbeat. But she managed herself as she did not want to show to Varun.  She took the bite that Varun feed her and behaved normally. She was unable to differentiate between love and friendship.


After taking dinner Varun and Roshni were walking in the garden. Roshni initiated.

"I have to agree on that your hotel was good. I have never eaten such a delicious food ever in my life." 

"Because you always visited big restaurants and hotels." He replied.

"Yeah I agree. I thought these are not safe for health but I was wrong. It was good"

"Welcome to Varun Mehta's life." He said smilingly.

"So what else in your life?" She asked.


"I mean you must have girl friends"

He cleared his thoughts. "No I don't have any"

"Why? oh maybe you are waiting for your miss right" She chuckled.

"No I don't have time for all these things? He replied softly.


"Roshni I am busy in office and union work"

"But life must have some enjoyment otherwise meaning of work would also lost" She shared her thoughts with him.

"Yes you are right I have learned this from you. I have never enjoyed my life until I have met you. Somehow I am thankful to you that you have made my life beautiful."

"Ok great so practically speaking I am the one who bring joy in your life. Otherwise you are quite boring person. I mean no girls"

"SO if I have girls that means I am attractive and chill out person"

"Da off course" She once again showed attitude.

"You don't think so you appreciate yourself too much" Varun teased her.

"After all I am the one and only Roshni Gujraal. People admire me. Fashion queen"

"or I can say fashion disaster" he mocked at her.

"What? Are you trying to insult me?" she got angry.

"Me no never" He was smiling

"Look at yourself. No girl in your life huh" She also made fun of him.

He urged to tell her about his fiance as he wanted to deceive her but he did not tell her. Roshni was showing blandishment that was part of her personality that made her cute and attractive. He was looking at her. He decided to hide once again about its engagement because it was right time to tell her that he was connected to someone but he sealed his lips. He should have told her. He did not know his one mistake would create problem for him in the near future. He had taken the decision of not telling the truth taken by him without being unaware that when this truth would become reveal it would destroy many lives but right now he could not think more than that he was enjoying the company of Roshni but soon his enjoyment would going to turn in darkness.


Damni entered in the hotel. She found Prithvi waiting for him he had called him. She came and sat opposite to him.

"What happened and why did you call me here?"

"Just tell me are you habitual of getting late. I am just tired of you" He looked angry.

"I would have come early if you have not called me at last time" She replied with anger too.

"You mean it was my mistake." He argued.

"Look I have no mood of argument. Tell me reason of calling me." Damni was tired of this argument

"People are asking about marriage they have doubt on us" He said by taking deep breathe.


"We have to do something to shut their mouth." He said.

"You mean we should get married. I can't marry so soon" She said.

"Look madam Damni even I am not interested to marry you. It was just my bad luck that I have to see your face all my face."

"It might be difficult for you but for me it is the end of my life. Inder has broken engagement. My aunt does not want to see in whole life. It is just because of you."


"I wish I killed on that day rather than live to see all these things." She busted into tears.

Prithvi saw her. Her tears were raked from her face. First time her tears were hurting him. It was somehow unbearable for him. He could see panic and pain in her eyes. He found fog in his troat.

"Look what done can't be undone"

"What have gone of you? You have just lost dignity. I have lost everything in my life."

Prithvi anger started rising. He picked a cigarette , lit up and sip it.. Damni started having cough

"What happened?"

"I am allergic of cigarette's smoke"

He looked at her, then his cigarette, he was about to take inhale it once again but then saw Damni whose eyes were getting watery due to smoke and he dose of the cigarette in the ash tray. Somehow they were connected with each other because God had made them for each other. 


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awesome  update Soni, loved it!

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awesome update soni and want a longer prida part next time
poor damzie crying and prithvi can't see her tears.
Thanks for the pm ,update soonSmile

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Hey why do u think ur pm will disturb me...i love reading ur ff and its a pleasure reading ur updates..this time it was no different...thanks for the pmHug

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