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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 22)

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Originally posted by Kanchan.S

m very very very sorry for commenting so late  no problemTongue
kan pakdofying for this mistake 

@ update it was interesting one  thanks
wow wat a fireworks between PriDa lolzLOL really i don't think so

hehe was know something of this sort coming how Ouch

@ Savni scene ... waha Avni can backfire Samm 
gud to see that thanks

@ Varni scene cute one thanks

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Originally posted by sonyo

Soni, Apologizing for being badly late this time... sorry..  No problem dearEmbarrassed

But the updates are super duper awwwesome... thanksEmbarrassed

These three boys are giving me nail-biting expression... 3 of them ek se badker ek.. (i know, this is over-doze)Embarrassed.. LolzLOL

but Soni, your characterization and pulling the scenes one into another is fabulous... So sweet of uBlushing

VaRni.. are cute.. the same flavor of LNMJ... Varun defo falled for her at first sight and then being honest and supportive to employeees.. Varun to gaya kaam se.. han abhi se bechara

 But being engaged might create problems.. Anyhows, loved it how Rosh frankly and sweetly offered him to be friends..Tongue Lets see

SaVni... both are unquestionably the most adorable couple.. Though being PriDa fan, sometimes i feel more attracted towards them.. khair...LOVED there accidental meetings and Avni hesitant towards Sameer or not liking him?? And good to see Sameer working... Afterall, kahin to justice hua KT ke saat Wink Lolz thre are lots f differece in lnmdj and my FF

PriDa... Pri is on fire.. ahem ahem.. or he is in moood to fire anyone...thanks Pida are adoreable i know lolzLOL 

Wooo, Love his attitude, his arrogant style..  This suits perfectly to GK personality.. Bit gray shade, but I love it, seriously... But with few things like he wanted to go either way to damage Damz.. unethical in his way, i was not happy with himOuch..  What can i sayROFL

But still your writing is quite powerful.. And am strictly looking forward that how you are going to untie the hatred, shyness, reluctancy and gap betweeen the couples... Omg thanks sana but i m not good

With the sisters, its fabulous... Loved it, how few sequences are making them to trust each otherClapClap... But it will take time yar to get close

@ Boy's name.. is there any connection in M word, you chosed for common surname? Is there any story behind this? do lighten it...
no just was my wish they have no conncetion to each otherLOL now u r thinking too muchROFL

 And looking forward for quick updateTongue... 
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They both were staring each other. There was something that making them lost about each other. Finally they realized that what they were doing. They got hesitated. Damni got up. She was feeling embarrass. Prithvi also got up from the floor.
"If you get agree I will drop at home." 

"Thanks I will manage. You don't have to worry"

"It is quite late. You will not find any conveyance."


There were some silent moments between them. Damni found no reason to forbid him. He opened the door of his car and Damni was still puzzled standing there what should she do. Finally she walked and sat on the car. Prithvi started driving the car. There was pin drop silence in the car.  May be they did not have anything to say or maybe they could not say anything. Prithvi stopped the car in the front gate of Gujraal mansion. She got out of the car. Prithvi started the car and went. Damni was still standing there looking where he had left her. Then finally Damni took small steps and reached at her room. The last moments were strucked in her mind why it was happening with her again and again. Why when she need someone, Prithvi was there to help. Miles away Prithvi was unable to get out of Damni's memories. Both were thinking about each other without knowing that what next day's doom would bring for them.  


In the morning around 6 AM Avni came to park. She had had a habit of getting early in the morning and came to the park. She sat on the bench and started enjoying beauty of nature when she saw Sameer. He also recognized her and came near her.

"I am really glad to see you here." Sameer initiated the talk between them.

"I daily come here. I love this time when morning hits the dark."  Avni replied by looking into dawn.

He smiled "I come for jogging." He sat on the bench.  

"Great but I have never seen you" Avni said

"May be you did not notice but I have seen you"

"When" Avni was surprised

"On the next day, when we met first time." He told her.


"Do you have friends?" Suddenly he asked her.

"what" she was little bit shocked "Why did you say this?"

"Actually without saying anything else I would like to ask one question?"

"Would you be my friend?" He questioned.

"What?" She answered

"I know this is silly but I want to make you my friend." He said


"Please It is only a request you can say no to me."

"If It is request hen I would say no"

She got into the car and went away without looking back what she had left. Sameer was staring the place where she was sitting. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as if he did not open his eyes for rest of his life. He had feeling that he had lost something.


Life comes with full of surprises. The best part of life is that you don't know what is going to happen on your next day. Damni got up late on that day. She did not go for jogging as well. The reason was that she did not get good sleep last night. She came to dining table.  Avni was doing breakfast. They greeted each other. Servant came and kept newspapers on the table. They both took one newspaper and started reading but quickly their eyes got attention on the main headline that was giving signal of some storm in Gujraal's sisters. In front page of newspaper, there was a large picture of Prithvi and Damni. Damni got up from the chair. It was last night picture. She was shocked to see her picture in the newspaper. At the same time Roshni entered and said morning to both of them. She switched on the television without noticing that no one had given her answer. There was breaking news on television. They were featuring Prithvi and Damni. It was indeed shock to all of them. Avni got up from her chair. They were showing last night pictures and highlighting Prithvi and Damni closeness. 

They were questioning what were going between them. Either they were hiding some relation or not. They were stigmatizing them. Avni and Roshni started looking at her.  Their faces reflected that they wanted to ask question but she was too shocked to reply any question. Suddenly she started get calls from media people. She switched off her phone and increased the volume of television. 

"What is going on?" Avni asked.

"You and Prithvi" Roshni said

"This is not true."Damni replied

"But those pictures" Avni questioned

"Listen I'..I mean that I am saying truth there is nothing between us. Please trust on me"

"But media is showing pictures and clips" Roshni inquired

"Please I am saying truth"

"We need some time." Avni said. 

They left the place being unaware of that their demand of time could break someone. ( Please read full update) Damni fall on the chair. She tried to call Inder but after two or three bells, his line got busy. Her tears were fallen on the floor. In one night God had taken decision about her life 
and now tears had been written on her life.


Prithvi's room was totally messy. The whole room was covered with torn pieces of newspaper. He was angry on whatever newspaper had written about him and Damni. He switched on the television and the first news that he watched was about him and Damni. He picked the flower pot and threw on television. Television got broken. But it was noting against his anger. He was cursing himself for saving Damni yesterday. Finally he decided to call Damni. Damni picked the phone

"I want to meet you as soon as possible"

"I can't" Damni rejected.

"Listen even I am not interested to meet you but we have to find the solution. I don't want to get 
connected with you" Prithvi pouted.

"But how we will find solution" Damni asked.

"We have to search" He had no answer

"Okay I am ready to meet you." He had told her restaurant name.


Avni and Roshni were looking at each other. They were staring each other but unable to take initiative. Finally Roshni broke her silence. 

"What have you thought"

"Nothing I feel like trusting on Damni. She can't do like this. I think she is innocent. But I am not 
sure I am right or wrong." Avni said

"Yeah you are right even I don't think she can do something. It must be created by media to defame her." Roshni also showed her confidence on Damni.

"You are right moreover should not we trust Damni rather than strangers?" 

"Yes you are right" Roshni smiled first time.

"But those pictures" Avni was confused.

"We don't the whole story. May be they are fake or maybe they have gone through some accident" 

"Yes you are right we should support her. In fact we should give her support now. She needs us" Avni said

They came to meet Damni but she had already left.


Damni went to the inder's house first in order to tell him a truth but it was locked. She tried to call him but his phone was switched off. She waited him around an hour but it did not resulted in any sort of conclusion. He did not come. Finally she had to leave the place because her destiny was waiting somewhere else. Prithvi was waiting in the restaurant. He looked at his watch. It was showing 1 PM. His anger was rising with every passing moment. He had called Damni at 10 AM and gave her time of 12 PM and now it was 1 PM and there was no sign of her. Damni entered in the restaurant, saw Prithvi there, came towards him and sat on the chair across him. She excused him for coming late.

"Have you seen time? It is 1:00 o clock. I have been waiting you since one hour"

"I have already said sorry" She replied innocently.

"Listen I am not dying to meet you" He retorted.

"Neither am i." She made him angrier.

Prithvi closed his eyes once and then opened it again to close his anger. "What should we do now?"

"I don't know. We are in deep trouble. No one trusts me. It all happened because of you as you came yesterday for so called helping me." 

Prithvi got angry "Yes you are right. I have done a big mistake. I should not have saved you from 
that car." 

"Excuse me"

They exchanged some heated arguments. But soon they realized there was no use. They both 
had got into a big trouble. They tried to locate a solution but it was not so easy. They failed.

"What if I leave this country for some days and will be back when this news will get over." Prithvi got one idea.

"I think good idea" She replied.

"But who will take care of my business. I have already suffered a huge loss in a single day. Share prices are going down"

They kept on trying to find anything that would solve their problem but they was not that much fortuned. They got up from the chairs without knowing that another problem was waiting for them outside there.


Avni came with driver to the office. She came out of the car and saw media was waiting there. As soon as she got out of the car everyone came near her and started asking questions. Avni had never faced media before. She was puzzled what should she reply. They were attacking her like hungry lions. They were accusing Damni and Prithvi saying bad things about them. She tried to avoid media but all things did not come in easily. She was worried that how she would tackle situation but God already sent him someone who was ready to help her. She was trying to go away but media was not giving any way out when suddenly Sameer came to defend her by warning media not to say anything stupid.

"Stop this nonsense. Let her go."

"Who are you?" asked by media person.

"A friend" He replied

"Friend or boy friend?"

"Yes do write something stupid in your newspaper about us also as you did against Damni gujraal. You guys have nothing to do except to make news that will increase you trp and sales. Who cares about truth after all money is more important than anything else."
There was something in his voice that made others quite. 

"Let's go mam Avni" She came into the office with him.

"Thanks" She was obliged. 

"No problem" 

"But what are you doing here?" She asked.

"My boss has sent me to find out truth about Prithvi Mehra and Damni mam"

"Oh" Avni got upset

"I know it is not good time to tell you but it is my duty. If any controversial thing is related to your 
company I am afraid our bank will stop loan installment." 

"Oh my God we are in deep trouble" Avni could feel the tension in the air. 

"May I ask you one thing?" He questioned.

"Yes" Avni was still not in her senses.

"Is there anything going between Mr. Prithvi and Damni mam" It was look like bomb that exploded on her head. 

Avni looked at him. Some moments passed silently and finally Avni got courage to speak.

"I don't know what do you think?" She was puzzled.

"Well I don't know Damni mam personally but I don't think so she has done something wrong."
Avni looked puzzled

Roshni was driving car very fast. She was thinking about Damni. She was going very fast when she collided with someone. He got saved. Roshni came out of the car and shocked to see Varun. 

"Are you ok"

"Yes I am. Although you tried to kill me" He said smilingly.

"Hmm" Roshni was so tensed that she did not get him.

"What happened? You are not looking fine." He asked.

"No I am" She tried to relax her.

"Roshni we are friends. You can share with me."

"Who actually Damni"

"Yeah I have heard so is there something going between them?"

"Shut up Damni did not do anything."

"Then why are you upset?"

"I am. I don't know" She held her head with both hands.

"Roshni come with me" He took her in near park and made her sit on the bench. 

"Roshni if you want to trust her then trust her whole heartedly"

"I trust her Varun but"

"But what"

"I am afraid. You know I never tell Damni and Avni but I don't want to lose them. I have no siblings 
and I feel connected to them. "


Prithvi and Damni came outside. Prithvi stopped at the door. He could see lots of people coming there. Damni saw Prithvi's face and looked to the direction where Prithvi was looking and she was shocked to see that People were coming towards them. They had cameras and mikes in hands. She was afraid and Prithvi was confused. They came near them and started asking question, accusing their characters and stigmatizing them. They were questioning about their relationship. They were shocked. They both tried to avoid them but it was not easy. 

"You can't go without telling us. What are you doing here?" asked by the one journalist

"What are going between you guys?" asked by another person.

"Are you hiding something with us?" inquired by someone else.

"Please leave us alone" said Damni

"What do you guys want to do in alone?" inquired by one.

"Just shut up" Prithvi held his collar. Damni tried to stop him.

"You have no right to behave like this. You have to give explanation about your relationship."

"You want explanation than I will give you explanation. We are engaged and we are getting  married soon and you are all invited from my side"

Everyone was shocked including Damni. 

"I hope you have got answer of your answer. Let's go Damni" He held her hand and took her outside.

Damni followed him like a robot. They were walking towards parking when Damni took her hand out of his hand. Prithvi wheeled down to see what happened to her

"Are you mad? You know what have you done? You have ruined everything. What will I say to everyone? You have become mad. You just" He held her hand again and pulled her close.

"What do you think if I say that there is nothing between us, people will believe us? Just tell me? Since morning who has had belief on us? No one Miss Gujraal. Not a single person at least this will shut their mouth."

He left her hand and went towards car and left Damni alone.


"What your heart says" He asked. Avni tried to speak but her words were jumbled around her tongue.

"You also don't believe on this fake news." Avni looked at him and nodded her head

 "Then I would like to say trust on your heart" 


"No problem. Just stay happy. Your smile is very beautiful" She smiled

Before Avni replied to him, news on the television took intention on them. They were showing the news about Damni and Prithvi. They were featuring that why they were meeting in hotel if there was nothing between them and suddenly Prithvi said about their marriage and Avni was shocked. 

"I think you should go to home. Damni needs you." He said.

"Yes and thanks once again"


"So what is issue with that?" Varun asked

"Damni is in big problem Varun. If something happens to her" she was worried about her.

"Nothing will happen to her" He assured her.

"How do you know?" She asked.

"I know because she has sister like you"

"Like me?"

"Yes and do you know what do you do?"

"Go her and tell her that how much you love her. She needs your love. People say love is 
weakness but that is not true love can also give you courage to fight." He gave her confidence.

"Thanks varun"

"No thanks in friendship" She was happy.

Suddenly phone of Varun started ringing. He saw the number. It was Anchel. He cut the line. When he lifted his gaze he found Roshni waiting him. She inquired about the phone.

"It was wrong number"  


Before she said anything about it her phone stopped her. She picked the phone and got to know  that it was Avni. She told her about the Damni and Prithvi afternoon coverage on television. 

"Oh my God. What are you saying? Yeah I am coming."

"What happened?"

She told him.

"I think you should leave."


She started moving but stopped at the end of the park. She came back to her and hugged him

He was having strange feeling. He was unable to describe them. Roshni left after a while. He sat pn the bench alone that where his life was going. First he rejected the call of Anchal for Roshni and then said lie to Roshni about call. Why did he want to get close to Roshni? Why did he accept his friendship request? Why could not he ignore her? Was he doing any mistake or was he following his destiny. Miles away Varun parents were thinking of Varun marriage as soon as possible. They were discussing with Anchal's parents and Anchal was thinking that either she should marry him or not because she always felt that Varun did not love her.


Damni came back to home. She was looking miserable and weak. Her eyes showed her sadness. In a single day she had torn into pieces. Her personality was totally shattered. Her eyes were filled with tears and got red because she had been weeping since morning.  As she entered in the house she found Avni and Roshni were waiting for her. She tried to give them explanation but this time they stopped her. They showed her full confidence on her. It was difficult for Damni to think that they said like that. But they assured her that they were there for her. She got hope that Inder would also listen to him. She decided to meet him again.   


Sometimes money is more important than rules. You make yourself fall for money than you don't follow ethics. Money is start of evil. You eyes get blind with lust. Sachit was an ordinary person till last night. He never thought that his life would get change. On that night he was passing from that street when he saw Damni and Prithvi and by taking one picture his whole life got change. He just gave this photograph to the media and now he was playing in millions. For him it was only money. He was enjoying having money by destroying two people lives Prithvi Mehra and Damni Gujraal. 


She reached at Inder"s house and this time she did not found his house locked. She pushed the door and it got opened. Inder was there. He saw her.

"Why have you come here? Just go from here"

"Please Inder listen to me once. This is all a big misunderstanding"

"Oh really. Damni it is too much."

"I am saying truth" She tried to tell him that what happened but he did not want to hear

"Miss Damni Gujraal. You can't make me fool. Just tell me what were you doing hotel and in the night. I have seen that picture. You were quite close. What was that" Damni tried to give explanation but Inder lost his temper.

"You are too much Damni. If you don't like me you can just say to me I will leave your way as I always believe that I don't deserve you but you have crossed all limits. I have never seen a girl like you. You have two faces and today I have seen your ugly face. You don't deserve to call a woman."


"Enough" He put his ring out from his finger and threw on Damni by saying "Just leave this place"

Damni felt that someone slapped her but still she was looking at him. 

"Ok I think I have to kick you out from here" He held Damni's arm and pushed her from his house. 

"I don't want to see your face again"

He shut his house doors for her for good.


Damni was sitting on the bench. It was heavenly raining. Her whole body was soaking in the rain. Her tears were rolling on her cheeks but because of rain no one could see her tears due to rain. She was sitting there thinking about Inder when someone covered her from umbrella. She lifted her gaze and got freeze to see Prithvi. He was also looking miserable. She moved her gaze down. She did not have courage to fight with him. He sat next to her. 
"I am sorry. I know I have done wrong. But Damni there was only last option I have had. I want to share something with you. I love my business. I can't see it getting ruined. I have no relations in my life. The only relation of my life is my business, my passion. I have done a lot to settle it and now only one day it was getting ruined because of some rumor. I know by saying that we are getting married, I have increased your problems but I found it last option and truly speaking when we are saying truth no one trusted us but when I said lie everyone started trusting us. How far can we go? They will not leave us. We were strucked in trap. Without thinking I have said something that may be wrong but what could I do? I never think. For me it was my business."
Damni got up from the bench. 

"I was engaged."

"Oh I did not know about it otherwise I would not have'" He also got up.

"He broke this engagement. He threw this engagement ring on my face. He said that I am characterless. I am" Her voice hided in tears.

"Damni i know it is hard. We used to hate each other and I am not saying I will start loving you or I will change myself completely or we will stop fighting because may be this is difficult for both of us but we can start our lives together because we are going through same problem. Damni will you marry me?"

He raised his hand out. Damni looked at his hand. She did not know what should she do? Her business was falling down. No one had questioned since after announcement of their marriage. Inder had left her and now she was alone and only Prithvi was there for her. Her life had been destroyed but she can't destroy her sisters' life. She put her hand on his and her tears started falling on the ground. Prithvi came close to her and took her into his arms. Their bodies were soaking in rain and their tears were falling on their hearts because destiny had chosen their future and they had to follow it blindly.

Note: Next update will be moe of varni and savni 
I m trying to keep balance
but one thing guys as u know damz , avni and rosh are sisters so they will not think about their life that if something is going in one's life 

Please leave ur valuable comment
With regards

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soni i loved ur update...Clap
og god i hope ki gujraals kaldi se iss problem se bahar aa jaye...Disapprove
i loved tht media wala savni scene...
and when sam said 'ur smile is beautiful.' awwwBlushing
thanx for this lovely update soniHug

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finally di i read the updates...TongueBig smile
the story is going great...Thumbs Up
now coming to this was freaking awesome di...Clap
loved prida...Day Dreaming
now they will marry...Big smile
loved it...Heart
loved the last rain scene...that was just fab...Day DreamingHeart
continue soon...


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Awesome Soni...your update makes me realise that not always is everything good...Sometimes u have to yield to destiny even without being convinced...It hurts, it takes time to adjust, its not fair...Sometimes it turns out to be good, sometimes harsh...

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But here i ain't complaining coz everything will be heavenly in the end(at lest ihope keep surprising me)Loved the Savni part too!!!And Rosh saying about the attachment...awww..

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