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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 16)

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Originally posted by ...Tich...

hey soni,
first of all thanks for the pm...Smile
And the part was superb.... fantastically done...thanks
though i loved the prida part i want a convenient reason for pri's behaviour not just his success.. please can you do this for me... i can say only that there must be one more reason but it would be valid or not i don't know
And inder isn't a villian... wow thats a change..there r lots of things that r unpredictable
Sameer.... i love him... he's tooo good... my fav character till now.. wonderful character sketch. thanks
Avni, roshni and varun were good in their own parts.. lets see whats stored in their destiny..As i say we can hope
And damini... she always gets a strong character.. love the way she tackled with prithvi..After all i m die hard fan of chand
overall great part.. i must sat you are a fantastic writer...thanks

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nice part
update soon
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wat an update soni di!!..keep it up
seriously..plz update soon..
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Originally posted by juhi_karneet

Fabulous part dear !Big smile thanks
Loved it to the core...Heart thanks
starting from SaVni -
The Sameer and Avni meetings were really cute..loved that handkerchief scene alot !!Embarrassed thanks
Loved the PriDa bullet scene thanks once again
and VaRni thinking about each other..was too cute
aww start of something special in all 6's life ....

In all this was an mindblowing update yaa...Clap Clap Clap
Totally loved it to the core.Embarrassed

eagerly waiting for the next update !! Day Dreaming

thanks alot for wonderful comment
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Originally posted by lnmdj_greatfan

nice part
update soon

thanks Embarrassed
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Originally posted by akansha_lnmdj

wat an update soni di!!..keep it up
seriously..plz update soon..

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Your generated text imageAir hostess showed Prithvi a seat. He sat on the chair. Plane was about to take off. He closed his eyes and memories were coming in front of his eyes. He started remembering Damni's pale face that happened because of fear.  Their fall on the floor, Damni's fearful eyes and her face, all were passing through a film through the eyes of Prithvi. There was something in her face that made Prithvi puzzled. First time Prithvi was thinking a girl. Suddenly he opened his eyes. Was he getting mad? He was thinking a girl not only a girl but Damni who was his rival. He picked a newspaper and started reading but his fate did not support him and the first thing that he saw on the newspaper was Damni Gujraal's picture. For a minute his eyes stopped at the Damni. But soon he changed his gaze and he read the article that was about new Gujraals. It was about how new Gujraal entered in the industry and snatched contract from Mehra group. Prithvi slammed the newspaper on the seat next to him who was empty. He closed his eyes but this time no memory had come to his mind because his mind was filled with anger and hatred.


Sameer had come to super market to buy some stuff for home. He was roaming there when he saw Damni Gujraal. He came near her and greeted her. She turned to see and smiled at him.

"Good morning Mr. Sameer nice to see you here." Damni showed her pleasure of meeting him.

"Same here mam. So you are doing shopping alone." He asked

"First this is not my office so you can call me Damni and second I have come with Avni. I have to buy some books and Avni want to purchase some painting colors." Damni answered.

"Painting wow great" He was surprised.

"Yes she is very talented you know" Damni admired her.

"After all she is your sister" Sameer said.

"Mr. Sameer. Stop buttering me. Please" She smiled sweetly.

"You can call me Sameer." Sameer replied lightly

At the same time Avni came and saw Sameer. It made her little nervous but she composed herself.

"Let's go Damni" Avni said.

"I am going to cash counter till then you talk to Sameer." Damni told her about her plan and moved towards the counter.

"So Avni"

"You should call me Miss Avni please. Mr. Sameer." Avni interrupted him.

"Damni was saying that I can call her Damni so I thought." Sameer was disappointed little bit.

"She is Damni and I am Avni. There is difference. I hope you can see that" She retorted.

She started moving. Sameer took her name and took her handkerchief out of his pocket.

"Your handkerchief. Thanks for it." Avni held it and went. Sameer was still staring her back.


Prithvi asked about the contract after coming back to Puna. Mr. Uditt replied with shame about the contract that he lost once again.

"This is too much what are you guys doing. Playing with my business! I will fire all of you. You are useless. Who have taken our contract?" Prithvi inquired.

"Gujraal" He said.

"Once again. I feel like crushing them. They are getting on my nerves. I want to ruin them." Prithvi snapped.

"Sir" He said with fear.

"Do me a favor. Get lost." Prithvi ordered.

 He sat on her seat and started thinking to ruin Gujraal group. Then an idea clicked on his mind. He could destroy their sugar business by simply taking next contract.


Prithvi was quite happy. His chief financial officer told him that he had won the contract from Gujraal. He finally succeeded to destroy them. He called Damni in order to torment her for taking her contract. Damni's behavior was quite calm. He tried to make her anguish but she showed that she did not care about it. It made Prithvi more irritated. He wanted to humiliate her. Their conversation turned into hot argument. Finally Damni cut the line that made Prithvi angrier. At the same time his PA came into the room and told him that all the media was showing defeat of gujraal. He read the newspaper and started smiling again. By taking this contract he felt that he had won the race but he did not know that there was no loser in battle of life and love.


Varun was in the factory. He came because he had heard that one of the employees got injured so he came to see him.  Roshni was also coming in the factory because she got the news from her manager that someone got injured. She stepped into the area of work. There was Greece on the floor. She was about to fall from Greece but Varun held her from arms and saved her from falling.  She thanked to him. He smiled and asked

"What are you doing here? This is place for workers" Varun asked.

"You mean I can't come here" Avni inquired.

"No it is your company you can go anywhere" He replied.

"Then why are you asking"

"I mean this is constructional area. Usually you guys don't come here." He was surprised to see her here.

"I know I came to inquire about employee that got injured" she answered to his question

Varun did not suspect that she could come for any employee. It made him surprised.

"Strange. You are coming for him"

"What is strange in it?" She questioned.

"I mean an employer came to meet her employee."

"I was worried about him" she replied simply

 "What worried about an employee?" His behavior was quite insulting. He was making fun of her. It hurt her alot.

"Why do employers not have heart?"

It made him little nervous. He realized his mistake.

"Anyway say to him that we will bear all his medical expenditure and he also got salary in his salary at his home. He does not have to come at factory.

"I am sorry mam I did not mean to hurt you. It was just I did not expect that any one from upper management would come to meet us." She turned

"All fingers are not same Mr. Varun."

"I am really sorry. I have hurt you. I have done bigger mistake." He was ashamed

"Its ok." She accepted his apology.

"You are quite different." He smiled

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you new Gujraals are quite different." He added.

"Different in the sense?" She inquired more.

"I mean you people care for employees." He explained.

"I believe that every human being is equal." He got lost in her but soon controlled on himself.

"Great mam."

"Why do you call me mam?"  She interrogated.

"What should I call you then?" He asked question rather than replying.

"Rosh" She answered simply.

"You are my boss." He said politely.

"Oh please mam is so outdated. Call me Rosh" She insisted.


"Please I don't want to hear mam again." She persisted.

"But I can't call you Rosh." He was nervous


"It don't look good" He added further.

"What is bad in it? Everyone call me Rosh" She replied

"I am employee"

"Oh please. Now you have to call me Rosh" She ordered.

"Ok I will call you Roshni." He finally agreed

"Hmm. Ok that's fine with me" she thought for a while and then said

"Good." She was happy after convincing him. "You know you have quite awesome personality. Would you like to be my friend?"

"What?" He was shocked.

"I said would you like to be my friend?" She demanded.

"Me and your friend?" He was still in shock.

"Yes and please start that employer and employee discussion. I want to be your friend." She insisted more.

"But Roshni" He was still confused.

"Please it's a request" she requested.

She leaned forward her hand to shake hands. He thought for a moment and then shook hand with her.


Damni told Avni and Roshni about the loss of contract. Damni was worried that she lost the contract. She apologized for it.

"I am sorry I have disappointed you guys. This time Mehra group were strong"  

"You don't have to say sorry. We know and this is business. We can't win every time. " Avni tried to console her.

"Yes Damni I think we are already doing great." Roshni also showed her confidence on her. It made Damni relaxed.

"Thanks" Damni said

"I also want to tell you guys something." Roshni asked confusingly.

She told them that she had given health benefits to an employee.

"You did a great job. You have done right." Damni was pleased with her.

"Our employees are our assets and our responsibilities." Avni also said.

Roshni smiled it was new beginning for all 3 of them. They started to trust each other.


Avni came to Hillway apartment in order to meet her friend. She was standing in front of the door and started ringing the bell of the house. She hit the bell three to four three times but still no one opened the door. She was still standing there when Sameer was passing through the apartment and saw Avni. He came near to her.

"Hello mam Avni."

"You and here"

"I live here." He mentioned this apartment that was next to her friends.


"May I ask you one question?"


"What are you doing here?"

"My friend lives here." he saw the door.

"You mean jaya"

"How do you know her?"

"How could I not know my neighbor?"

"Oh" Avni felt little bit ashamed

"But she usually comes after 7:30 pm. You are 30 minutes early."

"Oh no. she said to me come to my home but I forgot to ask timing"

"If you don't mind you can stay in my apartment"



She did not know why did she get ready to go with him but she came with him in his apartment. She came with him. It was small but messy apartment. Sameer gave her chair to sit and she sat   

"I am sorry actually it was bachelor's apartment so"

"Its okay"

"One minute" He brought juices. She was hesitating but in the end when he urged her so she got ready. He started cleaning the apartment. She also got up and helped him in cleaning. Suddenly they came in front of each other. He got lost in her. Something was in her face making him lost about her. She changed her gaze. He also realized his mistake.

"Why are you cleaning my apartment?"

"I thought I should also help you"

"I am sorry you came to my house first time and my house is complete disaster"

"It is ok" she smiled first time.

"Actually no one visits our house. So we don't give importance to cleaning."

"It is ok. I can understand"

"I think Jaya must be back. I will drop you at her home."

"I will manage"

"It is my duty"

Jaya already reached at home. She thanked him for taking care of Avni. She went to the kitchen.

"Ok mam Avni I am leaving"

"Sameer you can call me Avni." She smiled and Sameer realized that her smile was different. He came back to home. His friend who had just come from his job inquired who had come. He told him about Avni and he asked "Is she beautiful"

"Don't know but she was different"

"Different in the sense"

"Don't know but something was different about her."


"Her innocence"

And in the next apartment Jaya was telling her that Sameer was not only great person as well as great neighbor.


Varun came back to his home. His parents were not there. His fiance Anchal opened the door. He shocked to see him.

"You here? Where is mom?"

"Mom and dad went to Akbhar's wedding." She answered.

"So what are you doing here?" He asked,

"Mom said you will come so stay there to serve you dinner." He replied.

"No thanks I will manage" He said archly.

"But what is problem in it?" She inquired.

"I don't like it" He added.

"I have to do it after marriage too"

"Yes but right now we are only engaged so it would be better if you leave"

"I am your fiance and soon we will tie the knot. You did not take serious this relationship seriously" She was disappointed with his behavior.

She left his house. Varun looked at her. He was speechless. He found his mistake but he could not do anything. He forced to get hooked with her. He never thought about anchal like that but his parents forced him for this engagement. Somehow he never felt him connected with her.


Prithvi was coming back to his office. He was pleased that he had defeated Damni. It was great day for him. He had forgotten the conversation of him with Damni. The only thing he remembered was his success and Damni's failure. He was driving his car Mercedes ML350. He usually kept driver with him but when his mood was good so he wanted to drive. It was raining heavily but rain was his favorite season. He saw a car  Bentley Azure standing on the other side of street and bonnet of the car was opened and a girl was leaning forward on it and tried to fix it. He was unable to see the face of that girl because it was covering with car bonnet. He parked his car in a side of the road and got out of his car in order to help that girl. He came near her and asked her gently

"Do you need any help?" He asked politely.

The girl turned to see that who wanted to help her and after turning they got shocked to see each other. They have got believe that world was so small.

"Oh no I can't believe it. You are becoming nightmare."  He showed his displeasure.

"Excuse I am not dying to meet you. You came to me." She retorted back.

"If I knew that you are the person who needs help. I have never come." He snapped back.

"You want to help someone it must be a joke of the century" She mocked.

"You are crossing your limits" He got angry.

"You have already crossed your limits"

"I think there is no use to talk to you."

"Then why are you standing her. Just go away from here."

"Why should I go? I am standing right here. If you have any problem you can go anywhere." He provoked her.

"Agh you are limit. I am leaving" she finally decided.

"As you wish." He had no intention to stop her.

She started crossing the road. He was showing that he had no interest in her. She was in the middle of the road when suddenly a car came from behind at full speed. It gave horn. Damni and Prithvi both looked at car.  Damni's face got pale. She was shocked to see that car coming towards her. Prithvi rushes towards her. Damni was still standing there seems that she was breathless. Before car could hit her Prithvi pushed her. They both got mingled and Prithvi fall on the road and Damni fall on him. Damni lifted her face to see him. He was staring her. He was having strange feeling. They both got lost in each other having unaware what was going to happen next in their life.

P.S: I know Prida was quite small but it would be managed in next updates.


Request: plz comment if u like my efforts 

With regards



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m very very very sorry for commenting so late 
kan pakdofying for this mistake 

@ update it was interesting one 
wow wat a fireworks between PriDa
hehe was know something of this sort coming

@ Savni scene ... waha Avni can backfire Samm 
gud to see that

@ Varni scene cute one

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