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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59 (Page 12)

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Originally posted by Preeths609

awesum job soni...u r a gr8 writer jus luv all ur ffs..dis part was  superb

We are not going to hire him as a model....hahahhaaa damz is awesum....n luved de  way u described varun's character..dsam ll never change rite lol........nice work..lookin really forwrd 4 de next part

thanks preeti
u too like this sentence good yar 
thanks for liking varun and sam character

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Originally posted by rose.three

gr8 part dear.....

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Money isn't everything. It's just most everything. Money is indeed the most important thing in the world. Sameer never had belief on that sentence. Although he wanted to earn money but money was not his first priority. Since childhood he had faced hard times it made him eager to earn money to give his family better future but still he did not have lust for money. He also wanted to live a luxuries life so he was working hard to earn better pay. Upper management was quite strict. They treated employees like animals. Sameer had to compromise on it because he did not afford to lose his pay. Sameer was almost running on the street to cross the road because he was late. He had to reach his office as soon as possible. He was crossing the road without looking right and left. He was about to reach his destination when he was hit by the car. But by the grace of God car driver stopped at right moment and he did not get hurt by the car but still he had got wound on the leg that made him sit on the road. He was cursing his life as his bike was in the mechanics' garage that broke down yesterday and he was blaming his fate on it. A girl steeped out of the car wearing glasses. She just put off her glasses and inquired him about his health. Sameer was still looking down holding his leg who seemed hurt because of recent injury. Sameer shifted his gaze towards the voice. He hardly took a second to recognize her. It was strange that yesterday they met and now their destiny had put them in front of each other on next day of their life. Avni was worried about him. She was asking him politely. Sameer smiled and assured her that he did not get hurt from accident. Sameer got up on his foot and thanked her by taking her name. Avni who was heading towards the car, stopped at her place. A stranger was taking her name. She turned to recognize him but she was unable to jog her memory. Finally she inquired him that how he had known her. Sameer replied gently.

"I always thought that I am quite handsome enough to make place in people's mind but you proved me wrong." List of questions arouse in her mind. Sameer saw confusion in her eyes so he finally abandoned the idea of teasing her. "I am Sameer. Sameer Malhotra. We met yesterday in the GBS bank" he explained by trying to remove her confusion.

"Oh yes I am sorry. I forgot." Avni replied.

"It is okay. In fact you have removed my misconception that I am handsome Oh I am getting late sorry mam Avni I have to go I am getting late" He rushed towards the footpath. Avni was saying thanks to God that finally he went.


After reaching bank Sameer had to face music from his boss and now he ordered him to visit the gujraal group to complete procedure of agreement and discussed some terms and conditions so he went to gujraal group's office. After reaching at the office he told receptionist that he had come from GBS bank. Receptionist requested him to wait in the waiting area. He sat there and stared at the interior decoration of the office. After some time receptionist said him to go inside. He followed the direction of the person who was guiding him about the room of Gujraal's sisters. He stepped inside the room and got shocked to see her sitting on the chair in front of him. She also recognized him. It was indeed shock but she did not show to her sisters. Why she did not know. May be still there were distances among them. Sameer also kept quite. He pretended that he was completely stranger for her. Damni inquired some things related to contract. Roshni also took part by urging Sameer to elaborate some points but Avni was silent as if her lips were sealed. Finally Damni and Avni reached on the decision by accepting terms and conditions of the GBS bank. They finally asked Avni about it. She gave her assent and deal was through among Gujraal group and GBS Bank. It was new beginning of new relationships.


Success in life is very important. It gives you courage and confidence to proceed in the path of life. But you learn more from defeat rather than from success. Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday but there are lots of people who don't believe on it. They think that success is everything in life and when they get success every second of their life, it will increase their greediness about success. Their life starts revolving around success. Sometimes this passion of getting success in everything at every time makes you rude, egoistic and selfish. Same happened with Prithvi Mehra whose whole life surrounded by success. He had never seen defeat in his life since his first success. It was very difficult for him to accept any failure. He believed in winning not losing. The word name defeat did not exist in his dictionary. His first most priority was his business.


Prithvi had decided that he would not accept his defeat easily. He had taken decision of making Damni
Gujraal repent on this success. He decided to snatch suppliers from Gujraal group. He used all his contacts to refrain suppliers to provide any raw materials. It was easy for him as he had been in this industry for couple of years and almost whole industry was threatened with the way of working of Prithvi Mehra. When he finally got his required result he called Damni. Damni picked the phone and heard the conversation silently without interrupting him.

"It is still something left that you want to say" she pretended as if she did not care.

It was indeed shock to him.  He would never think that would not react.

"You think you will win from me. You don't know Miss Damni Gujraal what can I do"

"I hope you know what you want to do" Damni made him more angry.

"You have no idea that whom are you saying that sentence"

"I know what I am saying and from whom? Please don't call me again you are wasting my precious time." Damni said politely and shut the phone.

Prithvi slammed the phone. He thought he would able to make Damni furious but he was wrong. He realized that whole effort went in vain. Damni gujraal was different from others not like any ordinary girl. She would be tough cookie for him. Million miles away a girl sitting on the chair was thinking it was best way to handle a person like Prithvi.


Love comes a blessing for some people and Inder was among them. It was very difficult for him to propose a girl like Damni. He thought she would forbid him but things go other way round but somewhere inside he had a belief that he did not deserve her.

He parked his car and came outside. Finally he got permission getting inside to meet her. Damni was really happy to see him. He offered her for lunch. They went together in a hotel. Damni was enjoying his company having unaware of what was her destiny was chosen for her.


Some people's life is filled with efforts. Varun belong to those people that had to do lots of work to get basics necessities. He worked day and night to study and for earning his bread and butter. Since childhood he started working because he knew that his parents could not give his better future. He joined gujraal industries two years ago. He had no intention to become union leader but when he saw injustice in the company, he raised his voice for truth. Workers persuaded him to become union leader and now he had been serving workers for 1 year.


Roshni asked Damni about workers. Damni was in deep thought. She finally reached a conclusion that they should meet union leader once again and try to make him convince. Damni said to Roshni to call him. Roshni ordered to HR manager to call him but Damni stopped her as she wanted her to call because she wanted to make a close relationship among workers. Roshni called him after taking number from Hr department.  Voice of Varun roared in the phone and suddenly Roshni found hard to say anything. She had been very confident girl since childhood but sometimes your whole confidence got shattered. She gathered herself to speak and requested him to come in the office. First he did not agree but Roshni persuaded him in the end. After some time he came in to the office. Avni offered him a seat and he sat on the chair. There was 2 minute silence in the room but finally Damni took initiative to speak.

'Look Mr. Varun I know it was very difficult for you to believe on us but this is essential for both of us. We must have to reach on any decision otherwise we won't be able to work. It is my humble request to consider on our proposal. I am giving you promise that after this proposal you get double bonus but now we are restricted.'

"I have been in this company for last two years and I am getting used to of these fake promises. This time we are not willing to afford any risk. Please kindly issue our bonuses so will start our work as soon as possible" Varun said angrily.

"Look we are not in good position right now. We can't give you …." Avni said.

"Sorry mam this time workers will not do any compromise. You will consider your own proposal I am leaving." Varun replied after getting up from his chair.

Suddenly Roshni interrupted him "What if we give you half of your bonuses before the project and rest of it after project"

Varun stopped at his position. He was at sixes and sevens. He was thinking that either he should accept her proposal or not. The girl who was sitting in front of him made him confuse. He directly looked into her eyes and his heart signaled him to trust on her and he gave her his consent but he said him to sign a contract and all the girls got ready because their heart were pure like their soul.


"I won't believe that you have accepted their offer" said Arymaan.

Arymaan was also worker of union. He pretended that he was friend of Varun but actually he wanted to become union leader. He did marvelous planning but in the end People chose Varun so he did not like him. He showed himself a very geniun man but he had wicked plans inside.

"You said you work for the benefits of the workers and now you did this deal with gujraal industries. Have you sold your conscience" Arymaan

"Shutup" said one of the old worker "If Varun has taken this decision then there must be some reason behind it"

"And may I know the reason" Arymaan pouted.

"Yes you can." Varun said by taking first time part in discussion "They offered us a half of bonus. We have not been working since a month in some days we won't be able to eat the only source of our bread and butter is that company if we stop working most of us will die from hunger. I have taken decision for them. I know we can't trust them but at least we get some money for the time period"

"I know you must have thought something we are obliged that you are our leader" One of the workers said.

"No it was my duty" Varun replied

Varun looked down on the floor, remembering the face of Roshni. There was something in her that made him convince. There was some feeling that he felt when he saw her. He was unable to define it. Crowd was applauding of Varun but there was someone whose heart was filled with hatred and it was none other than Arymaan.


Varun came back to his home. He lived in small cottage with his parents. He took his dinner and went to the terrace of his home. While looking at stars he was searching something. He was feeling something strange. He had taken this decision for workers. So he was happy for them but today after meeting Roshni he was feeling something different. He cursed himself. He was already engaged. He must not have thought about her and moreover she was Gujraal and he was an ordinary employee of that company. He decided to go to the bed because he was running away from his thoughts.


Roshni was sitting on the bed. She picked her teddy and started talking to it.

"toddo first time I am feeling strange. I am quite confident you know and today I was speechless. Toddo can you tell me why am I behaving like this? What made me speech less that time? What should I do? Should I talk to Papa? May be he will guide me. But what will he think?"

 Before Roshni decide either she should call him or not. His phone's bell brought her back to the real world. She saw the number on it and it made her smile.

"Papa I was about to call you. How are you? I am missing you"

"I am fine my Princess. How are you and how is work going?"

"Good Papa actually" she stopped

"What happened?" He asked

"Nothing Papa just missing you"

She did not tell him. If she had told him, it would have been good for her but sometimes you re unaware of your own good.


Sameer stepped out of the bank. He took his bike and started moving. His bike had broken down two days ago. His mechanic had just fixed it 2 hours ago and now he was using it. He stopped at the deserted road. His eyes just stuck on the Avni who was standing there and her driver was trying to fix the car. Winds were distracting her hair and making her more attractive. He got off from his bike and came near to her. Avni was surprised to see him. It was 3rd meeting in a single day. Sameer inquired him about the car. She did not reply him. It made him smile.

"If I am not wrong you were fine in the morning. You were able to speak but I think something happened after morning that make you deaf or dump." Avni gave him a furious look but did not break her silence.

"I think I should take you the hospital. I am afraid that you have lost your voice." Sameer said.

"Shut up Mr. Sameer we hardly know each other and you are crossing your limits. You have no right to talk to me like that." Avni said unpleasantly.

"I am sorry Mam. Avni. I did not want to hurt you but I have to come to help you as I have seen your car has broken down." Sameer replied.

"How many people do you help after looking them in trouble" Avni asked him instantaneously.

"Oh. I am sorry I am just leaving but I want to say something I did not follow you it was coincidence or may be destiny that put us into conditions in which we met."

Avni felt little bit guilty about her behavior. Sameer turned and started moving towards his bike.

"I am sorry" Her voice made her stopped. "But I felt strange when you came to help me. We hardly know each other." Avni's voice stopped him

"I know but I want to help you because although we are strangers but still we have relationship"

"Relationship" Avni asked immediately.

"Business relationship" Sameer explained.

"My car got broke down. Driver is trying to fix it."  Avni said.

"If you give me permission, I will fix it" Sameer questioned.

Avni first hesitated but gave permission at last. Sameer checked the car and made it ready for Avni in 10 minutes. Avni was surprised. She asked him how he fixed it so quickly. Sameer answer was straight.

"Cars are my passion although I don't have cars"

Sameer hands were filled with grease. She offered him water to wash it. He took it but he was having difficulty to wash it. Avni took bottle from his hands and poured down the water from bottle. Sameer saw her and then washed his hands from water that Avni was pouring for him. Avni gave him her handkerchief to get rub off his hands. He was rubbing his hands when she received a call from Damni. She stepped into the car and left. Sameer was standing there holding that handkerchief that he wanted to return her back.

Sameer came back into the home. He parked his cars in the parking lot. He pushed a button of lift and came upside by using elevator. He kept all things in the center table including handkerchief and went to the rest room to change his clothes. Meanwhile Neeraj entered in the room and saw ladies handkerchief on the table. He picked it up.

"What is this?" he asked

"Handkerchief" Sameer said as if he did not know that it was handkerchief.

"I can see that but it is ladies handkerchief. What is it doing here?"

"You are too much. I was fixing the car of some lady. My hands got dirty so she gave me to clean the hands"

"Who was she?"

"My client"

"Is she beautiful?" He asked

"She was very ugly. Moreover she is of 50 years." Sameer lied to him.

Sameer did not know why he perjured but he did not want to defame Avni's name as he knew Neeraj.

"Oops but I must say she has very beautiful handkerchief."

"Who cares I am going to return it"

"Why" Neeraj questioned.

"Because it does not belong to me"

Sameer did not know that everything that belonged to her would belong to him soon.


Prithvi was sitting in the office. He called his personal assistant to come inside. His personal assistant came into the room and Prithvi offered him a seat. He followed his direction.

"Mr.Udit now it is getting too much. Gujraals are crossing limits. I don't bear them."

"Sir what have they done now?" He asked.

"They have snatched our contract. Do not you think it is enough?"

"Sir after all Gujraals. Business is in their blood" He admired.

"I am not interested in the admiration of Gujraals." Prithvi retorted.

"I am sorry sir."

"Purchase all the shares of Gujraal group and sell them in half price." Prithvi ordered him.

"What? We can't do that. It is not possible. Their shares are non sellable" He replied.

"What?" Prithvi was shocked.

"Yes sir" he explained the will of Mr. Gujraal's will little bit.

"What an idiot man! How can it is possible?" Prithvi's anger showed in his sentence.

"He was Gujraal. He made things possible" He again started.

"No problem if he is Gujraal. I am Prithvi Mehra. Just start rumor in the market that Gujraals are unable to complete its project." Prithvi stated with pride.

"But sir it won't be ethical" He said.

"I have two options for you. One: do it whatever I said. Second: pick your termination letter from counter." He interjected.

"Sir I was just asking. I will do it whatever you said" He said immediately because there was no option for him.

"God for you. One more thing concentrate on our textile business and earn next contract from Gujraals. I will not be here. I am going Puna for two days." He added further

"But it is important contract. You should be here." He again raised question.

"I know but I have to go." Prithvi said after taking deep breath.

"Ok sir I will say it to our chief financial officer to handle the contract" he suggested.

"Good you can leave now." He ordered him.

He left the room as per his direction. Prithvi started reading about Gujraals. He did not want to get any defeat from them.


Damni came to drop Inder on the airport. He was going to Shimla for 2 days for some office work so she came with him. After saying good bye to him she was moving towards the exit area when she heard a voice of gunshot. Suddenly fire got started from both sides. It seemed that there was sort of fight between the two groups. Damni was standing there. It happened so sudden that she did not get time to react. Suddenly she saw a bullet coming towards her. She was standing like stone just blinking her eyes. The last thing that she did was closing her eyes in order to prevent her from incoming danger. But bullets were heading towards her to take her to heaven for good. But someone fall on her to save her from bullet. Damni closed her eyes. She felt someone's presence on her. Some one's body was covering her from bullets. She was afraid that she did not open her eyes holding shirt of that stranger. Voice of ammunitions was still roaring on her eyes forcing her to keep her eyes closed. At last Damni slowly opened her eyes to see who had saved her life. She was shocked to see that the person who had just saved her life was none other than Prithvi Mehra. Prithvi was also staring her. Their eyes met and for a second they forgot to blink their eyes.  But soon they both came into senses. They both got up. Firing was stopped. Damni was rubbing her hands to avoid awkwardness that she felt. Prithvi started moving. Damni took his name and thanked him. Prithvi turned and stared her as if she did some sin by thanking him. He stared her again from up to down and left her alone standing there. The first thought that came into her mind was that he was rude and ill mannered.

P.S: It is not possible for me to write every time equal part for each couple so plz don't force me on that I have given promise that story is equal on all three couple so plz trust on me. I would like to say thanks to kanchan and juhi for helping me in keeping names of saxena boys.

This is combined vm made by me and kanchan on Prida on the story love hope and destiny.

The effort of making vm is of kanchan. I only tell her scene which scene she should include on lyrics. Once again thanks kanchan

With regards


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loved the update Soni!
Sia889 IF-Sizzlerz

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Sorry for keepin it res for so longEmbarrassedda

Oh Poor Sami has to suffer so muchUnhappy

Can see quite some gyaan of buisness there ...good to know such info Smile

Success in life is very important. It gives you courage and confidence to proceed in the path of life. But you learn more from defeat rather than from success. Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday but there are lots of people who don't believe on it.

Very brilliantly putClapClap

WHoOP! What an exchange of fireworks there...looks like Pri has earned yet another award for his infamous revenge spree Angry

Yeh Damzi is a hard nut to crack.not like some Hawa ka jhonkaLOL

Like the Character and background of VarunThumbs Up OFFOO heats signals bhee hore hainWink
Smart n Humble as always.

WHAT dude is already engaged Shocked nahii... meri Rosh princess ka kya hogaaOuch

SAVNI  sweet sceneEmbarrassedOMG Sami lied abt AviLOL looks liek dude wants to keep this lady secret Wink

Wow the egoistic man do have some humanity left in him..good for him

@Kanchy n Juh Good work gals

@ Kanchy lovely VM

Mishti awesome story...getting very interesting by update


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wow soni..fantastic updates..i luv de way u write..n varun s engaged dat came as a shocker dnt expect dat blow...n poor sam is so smitten wit avni...prithvi s so arrogant i dnt like his characyter seems do gray but hope der s sum excuse 4 it..hmm y s he going to pune i d like to know...n inder s actually a good guy huh hmmm...

i luv de terrace svene of vatini..n de hand washing scenes of savni n de eyelock of prida...
gr8 jb soni..dis track s so good...hugs...waiting wen u update next :))))))))))))

hey btw de vm was very nice

n soni pls stop apologizing....u r doing a gr8 job ....write it de way u want no demands

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Once again a veryyy good partClap.... story seems to be moving at a good pace...arrogant/rude Pri, serious/responsible Varun n smart/friendly sameer.. and equal takkar frm the three Gujral Girls :))) lyking the characters...good usual ur building up the story good...hoping for the next part soon Smile...

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Hey soni thnks for d pm & awesome update and its k if its nt properly divided scenes i knw u will do justice 2 all d jodis and waise bhi ur writing abt d fab 6 dats more imp well done keep up ur work    Big smile

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