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FF: love, hope and destiny chap 13 page no 59

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Dreams some time become life of people. Mr. Gujraal was among those who saw the dream of becoming powerful businessman of the country and he finally achieved his destination but in order to reach the top position he had lost lots of relationship. His whole life revolved around money and now this money could not save his life and could not return those things that he had left for the sake of money. Money and success make you blind. He became blind and this blindness cost him too much. But time had come to improve his mistakes. He could not leave everything to destiny. It was his job to improvise some decision. He was lying on bed. He was having difficulty in breathing but he had to live until he made things better. He could not let die until he sort some matters. He was waiting for his lawyer Mr. Dinesh who dealt with his legal matters. Mr. Dinesh was 39 years old man, working for Gujraal industries for last five years. Before than that his father used to work with Gujraal industries but after his death Mr. Dinesh associated with Gujraal industries. He did not know MR. Gujraal very well but always found him strong person.

Mr. Gujraal was waiting for him. Mr. Dinesh came in through the door and entered in the room of Mr. Gujraal. He greeted him and asks about his health. Mr. Gujraal replied in a soft voice "I am waiting for my death". "Why are you saying like this? May God give you a long life." Mr. Dinesh said instantaneously. "You know I am suffering from lung cancer of last stage and I will die soon." "But sir" Mr. Dinesh wanted to say something nice but Mr. Gujraal interrupted him "Forget all these things. I have called you for some important things. I have told you that I want to make my will as soon as possible." "Yes sir. I have done with all procedure. You are to tell me your will than I will submit to the court."

 Mr. Gujraal took a deep breath and said "I, Mr. Ashwint Gujraal, in fully consciousness, declare that my whole property, business and this house belong to my 3 granddaughters after my death, Damini gujraal, Avni gujraal and Roshni gujraal"

"Sir you have granddaughters. I am sorry I interrupted you. But seriously it is shocking to me that you have family" Mr. Dinesh asked strangely.

"I can understand Dinesh. Actually you have been with me for only 5 years. So you did not know but your father knew all about my life."

"I am sorry sir. I have no right to ask. I am extremely sorry for my mistake" Mr. Dinesh apologized for his mistake.

"No Dinesh even I would like to discuss. I am tired to bear all this pain in my heart. I had 3 sons. Aghastia, Abhay and Ajay. Aghastia was the eldest son of mine. He was intelligent and confident. God had given power to achieve success. But the most quality was that he was obedient. I used to take decision and he never argued on it but he took only one decision in his life which was unbearable for me. I wanted him to get married with my friend's daughter Anvisha but he was involved in another girl Suhasni. I did not agree and forced him to marry Anvisha. He married to Suhasni without my permission and took her home. I asked him to leave the house. I told him that there was no place for his wife in my home. He left the house with his wife. Years were passing but I did not even bother to know about my son. I had thrown him from my life. Five years ago I went to Shimla for business. There I met my old friend who told me that 10 years ago my son and daughter in law had died in road accident. It was shocking to me. He told me that Aghastia has one daughter name Damni. I strolled here and there to find my granddaughter. Finally I got to know that she also lives in Shimla with her aunt Riya who was childhood friend of my daughter in law. I went to her home in order to meet her than I first time saw her. - click here to view this image

 She was 20 years old at that time. She is intelligent and confident like her father.  Her eyes are shiny that showed her intelligence. She has got beauty from her mother. Her confidence shows in her speech. She has power to persuade anyone. I wanted to take her to my home but she did not agree. She had spent tough time after her parents' death and now her heart has turned into stone for me. She said she wanted to live a place where her parents used to live. Even I tried to convince her by wealth but she is like her father. Money does not matter to her. She refused and did not come with me. She was studying at that time and was doing part time job. I offered her luxury things but she is not money lover. For her self-respect is more important. I have tried to persuade but all my efforts went into vain. But I would like to say that I am proud on Aghastia who made my granddaughter tough, strong confident and good human being.

 My second son, Abhay. He was same like Aghastia but was little simple and taciturn. When Aghastia left the house, I forced Abhay to marry Anvisha. He did not argue on my decision and got married with her. But there was no love among them. They spent their whole life like strangers. This behavior not only destroyed their life but their daughter too. - click here to view this image

Their miserable marriage life has put on strong influence in their daughter's personality, Avni. She is beautiful, simple, hardworking but taciturn. Sometimes I feel that her personality is shattered. She is timid. In order to grow my business I sent them to Dehli 10 years ago. They spent rest of their life there.  Two years ago my son and daughter in law died in plane crash.  She was studying in Dehli. So I did not call her here and sent her to hostel. Now she has completed her studies. She is very good artist. I have seen her paintings. I must say that God has given her talent. But I am afraid she is not clever enough to face hardships of life.   

My youngest son, Ajay. He is little stubborn. He got married with the girl that I chose for him. He was his childhood friend, Priya. He liked her so they spent good life but god has taken Priya 10 years ago. My son did not get married again and nurtured his daughter Roshni.

 He went to USA after Priya death. His love made her little stubborn. But inside she is like kid. She is a hardcore romantic and lives in a world of her own. She has taken degree in fashion designing. Her passion is fashion nothing else. She is obsessed with Fashion and dreams. She lives her dreams. She is beautiful and confident. But she is shot tempered. Actually her father has given everything in life that has spoilt her but still she knows her limits. She respects her elders. She was topper in her college. Her father has grown up like a princess.

Dinesh I want them to live together. I have separated my children but I want their children to live together"

"Sir they are all different. Do you really think they can live together?"  Mr. Dinesh asked him.

"I know it is difficult that's why I called you" Mr. Gujraal replied.

"Me" Mr. Dinesh asked astonishly.

"Yes you. I want to make a will that will persuade them to live together."


A girl was sitting in the train looking outside and thinking that why she agreed to go to Mumbai. Mr. Gujraal had never thought about his father so why was she going to meet her. She never wanted to go but her aunt who was everything to her convinced her to go to meet him. She told her that her parents would also do that if they were alive. She could not refuse her and decided to go there. But now she was thinking that what would happen? She never expected good from her life but it was one decision that she never wanted to take. May be upcoming days would change her life for good.


A girl was sitting in aero plane. She was indulged in some thoughts. She had spent her 10 years in Dehli. Her parents when alive spent their life strangers and all of this happened because his grandfather forced them to marry and now she is going to Mumbai as he is sick. She never found herself close to him. In fact she was not close to anyone. She knew that Mumbai would not be easy for her. She was to meet her cousins whom she only knew their name. She had never met them and now she was bit nervous what destiny would do with her.


There was huge traffic jam in Mumbai. A girl sitting in the car was getting pissed off with this snarled up She asked the driver "Driver! how much time it will take"

"Mam it is daily problem. This is Mumbai. It happens daily" Driver replied

"Oh my God how would I live in this place" She murmured "I think this journey would not be easy for you Roshni gujraal"


There was silence in the room. Mr. Dinesh, Damni, Avni and Roshni were sitting on the chairs. No one was able to speak. They just met each other before they got time to greet each other, Mr. Gujraal left this world. Although it was expected that it would happen but still it was painful. Two days had been passed in funeral and other stuff. These 3 girls even did not say anything to each other. They did not get time to understand each other. They just got free with their relatives and they received a phone call from Mr. Dinesh that he wanted to meet them. And now they were sitting.

"I want to tell you guys will of Mr. Gujraal" Finally he broke the silence   

 "Will" Damni asked.

"Yes" Mr. Dinesh replied "I was his lawyer. According to Mr. Gujraal will, these all property, bank balance, this house, Gujraal industries are all equally divided among you three"

 "You mean we are owner of this empire" Roshni tried to reassure once again.

"Yes but on one condition" He said "If you guys want to become of owner of this empire than you have to agree on one condition. This property and business will be yours if you guys agree to live together in this house"

"What?" Avni pouted.

"Yes" He added "Moreover you can't sell this property to anyone including shares of Gujraal industries. Gujraal industries are family owned business. Shares are not for sale. In case any one of you don't agree on this condition and refuse to live in this house than all of this Gujraal empire will go to the trust"

Every one shocked to hear this. They were unable to reply. It was strange condition.

"One more thing according Sir's will, after your marriage your husband will also have to live in this house"

"Are you sure that this is right will" Damni questioned him.

"Yes madam. Please think and let me know your decision" Mr. Dinesh answered.


Damni was still thinking. It was hard to take any decision. She does not care about money the only thing that matter was her self-respect. She did not want to stay here. Her dream was to earn money but not by her taking someone. Moreover she had to live there that she did not want to do. Why did she live here? She had to farewell her dreams and sacrificed her dignity. Moreover she could not leave her dreams for some people whom she had met first time. She looked at her cell phone, held and dialed a number. Ring was going. She was waiting. After two or three bells, Riya picked the phone.

"How are you Riya masi" Damni asked. "I am fine my sweetheart. I was about to call you. How are you?" Riya replied. "I am fine. I want to tell you something" Damini said.

"Everything is ok?" She asked "Yeah". Damini told her about will and its clauses.

"So what have you decided?" Riya asked. "I don't want to stay. I am coming back. What do you say?" Damni answered.

"If you want to take my advice, I would like to stay you must stay" Riya suggested. "But masi" Damni said.

"If you want others to suffer because of your dreams, it must be your decision. Your decision will destroy your sister lives too." She further added "Your one decision will ruin their lives too."

"But I hardly know them." She resisted.

"But still they are your sister. Don't think about yourself. Think about your father. He always wanted to go to home. He was connected to this business. This business was run by your father. He always wanted to take this business to top. You have got a chance to fulfill the desire of your father. Do you want to crush his dream for your dream only? You are not selfish Damini " Riya said.

"I think you are right masi. I will stay" Damni agreed.  "That's like a good girl" Riya said.

Damni hung up the phone. She finally agreed to stay and would run this business.


Avni is sitting alone. She was thinking about the will. She was unable to think anything. This will was quite strange. She had never thought that she had to face these things. He decision usually was taken by others so she was quite confused. She was thinking that if she did not agree on the will nothing would change. Her life would not be changed. Either she would live in this house or live any other house. It would seem no effect on her life. Either she would have to live alone or with 2 strangers in her house. So she finally decided to leave her decision to destiny and would stay here. But she was scared for her future. She tries to think positive but her mind did not give her support. She wondered that what would be going to happen in her life.


Roshni called her dad after hearing this will.

"Dad it is shocking for me to handle this business." She said. "Princess but is for your own good." "My own good? Dad, are you serious? I want to start fashion boutique not to run some business" She shouted.

"I know but it would give you some experience" Ajay insisted. "Dad I can't. They want me to live here. I can't live without you and USA. You know what my dreams and what I am" Roshni pouted.

"I can understand my princess but are you ready to take this responsibility?" Ajay questioned "Responsibility?" She was astonished "Yes responsibility. If you disagree, you will be the one who is responsible for giving all the property in trust" he answered.

 "Oh no I can't. I have to say yes but my dreams, my fashion." Roshni was bit disappointed. "Don't worry princess. You can still have time to live your dreams. May be this trip would be the best experience of your life" "I hope so" She assumed.

Roshni hung up the phone and was still thinking about her decision.


All the three girls decided to stay here. They had to live together. They hoped that might next day would come with new hope and new pleasure. But they all were unaware what had destiny chosen for them. They did not know that how their lives would change. They were unacquainted that what had written in their fate. Destiny already started its game and they were all puppets of destiny. They did not know that they already had become part of destiny.

Next chap: boys entry Big smile

Hi guys I have started new FF. I hope u guys like it. i will try to do justice with all pairs but as i m gaucha fan so plz forgive me if they are slightly more than others

Please press like button and leave a comment if you guys like.

And do tell me if you guys want to get Pm.

With regards



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 juhi karneet

denil of hevin



sunny 4


gauravs d best

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OMG Soni...what an awesome start Party
just one word " Superb "Clap
loved the way u brought the 3 Gujral sissy's together !!
and the backgroud of the Gujral Family !!

Hope the Gujral sis's understand each other very well....Smile

n cant wait for the entry of our saxena bros Day Dreaming.....
wow m very excited to read this FF....Embarrassed

Thanx for the new FF...Hug
m always in the pm list !!!

Update soon !!Big smile

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Hi liked it. pl continue.

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hey aapi ..  one more ff Dancing ... really interesting start ....  im already  luvin' it Day Dreaming ... do add me in the pm list Big smile .. eagerly waiting for the next update Embarrassed


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wat agift!!!!!!!!!!!!11 soni.....mujhe toh pm karnihi waiting............

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awesome part soni do pm meHug

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loved the beginning, Soni you amaze me with your writing skills! Just loved how three  sisters finally reached the same destination, loved how you described they were puppets of  destiny, aren't we all puppets of destiny?

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Simply awesome story Soni
wat a story u have chalked out... thats y i tell u that u r simply outstanding writer 
girls not knowing eachother seems interesting... so b4 boys coming to pics these girls need to understand eachother first....

BTW y is my name not in the pm list... do i need to tell u that also ??

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