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::DeFyInG ThE OddS::(Monaya OS)

Malika IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 5:48am | IP Logged
Hey guys I am back with another of my crazy oneshots! But this time with a different flavour.Since we all know that it has been raining monaya since days making us all I thought why not write something on them! But with this I come to clarify another point guys...this is my first on MS guys so pls bear with me.At places u may find my words a bit overwhelming as I am habitual of writing abt fictional characters but I have tried hard to keep my writing very casual.
Next talking abt the subject of this OS guys, I have picked one sensitive modern life issue which at some time or the other comes in life of mahority of the couples.In today's life, the guys in a relationship generally have their moments of vulnerability! Times when they get too worried over the practical aspects of life n the relationship.At such times its the girl only who can strengthen them emotionally which leads them towards new horizons...n the relationship towards neew beginnings.

Thats it for now guys.I wont divulge u will find out as u will read on!Basically this OS will be in two parts.Tried hard to complete in one but failed miserably!So here it goes guys...

 HeartDeFyInGThEOddS  Heart

"Opennn the doorrr Mohiiit!" sanaya shuddered, tapping her feet in excited nervousness as she rang the doorbell of mohit's apartment, now doing it the third time since she had arrived!! It was a real hectic yet an enthralling day for Sanaya. One, She had been out for an audition for a very promising role, n two, she was going to be off to Delhi with Mohit, for a weak, the next morning! She was utterly excited. For sanaya, the entire day went by shopping gifts for Mohit's family, she was so very thrilled! now she just cudn't wait to meet them all. But at the same time she felt damn nervous as well! It was the first time she wud be meeting mohit's parents!

"Ahhh that sounded soo scary" sanaya thought with tension on her face.Ouch
"Mohit…What wud I do if they ask me something to cook???"LOL the same question she had asked mohit nearly a hundred times in the past one week, with the same silly expression on her face, biting her lower lip in nervousness! Every time she did so, it made Mohit laugh out of his wits and tease her for one reason or the other. At times she felt too irritated at his stupid mockery but nevertheless-this was also something she equally adored abt him…" she is totally smitten by his innocent stupidity!"Embarrassed  she know, which always make her giggle whenever she thinks of him sitting all by herself.
Three bells yet no response! Sanaya felt a little worried…"Ouch Mohit sounded a li'l sick last night" she thought out of worry. "But it was just a sore throat. He must be doing fine now…he said he had taken the medicine for it"…random thoughts kept hitting sanaya, as she tried to peak into the apartment through the window on the right hand side of the door. She cudnt see anything. Sanaya waited for a while, but, finally after seeing no movement from the other side of the door, she decided to give mohit a call. She took out her cell from the pocket of her jeans and quickly dialed his number without a thought, as if she was robotically programmed to dial this number almost so effortlessly. As sanaya waited for mohit to pick up the phone, she heard the pounding of some feet flying towards the door. It was mohit. Mohit opened the door slowly. As soon as sanaya saw Mohit's face behind the sliding door, she gave him a warm loving smile. Smile

"where have u been Mohit…I am waiting for so long you know" sanaya complained as she greated him with a sideways hug. Mohit didn't address her question with much of attention and rather just gave her a weak welcome smile and slumped back into his couch lethargically pressing his fingers hard against his temples.
"What happened baby, aren't you feeling well?" sanaya asked mohit with concern on her face.
"I am fine san, just a mild headache!" mohit said, this time pressing his forehead even harder.
"anyways forget that! u tell, how was the audition?"  in his heavy voice mohit enquired sanaya with a genuine concern.
"Ummm It was good I suppose, they said they will call me again for a meeting once they discuss it with the channel. Let's see how it shapes up" sanaya replied while keeping all her shopping bags on the bed and stretching herself lazily.
"How has been the day , love?"sanaya mumbled to mohit as she tied all her hair neatly into her black banana clip looking into the mirror.
"Em..the day!"mohit sighed. "whatever just forget it san…lets talk something else ".
"why!? I mean is there anything wrong?" sanaya asked as she made her way towards the kitchen to prepare herself a cup of coffee.
Mohit gave a thought to what sanaya asked. "Was anything wrong with him?emm well everything sorta seemed wrong with him that day!"mohit shrugged.
"nothing san…just this stupid headache and sore throat forced me to remain in the whole day. I feel queasy" mohit complained.
"Ohh! Don't worry baby u'll be alrite by tomorrow, after-all you will be back home after so many days!" sanaya said joyfully.
"Sooo all set for tomorrow???" sanaya asked mohit in an excited tone as she made her way out of the kitchen holding two mugs of hot coffee and settled herself comfortably on the bed.
There was no response from mohit's side! It seemed as if he didn't even hear what she said. He was lost in his own imagination. Sanaya was surprised at his reaction, he looked really stressed out!
"Mohit is everything okay??" sanaya interrupted his thoughts as she moved herself from the bed to near his couch keeping a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Hunnn"..mohit shook out of his imagination.
"mohit are you okay?" sanaya reconfirmed more politely this time.
"hmmmmm…" mohit nodded to her slightly, giving a weak forced smile.
"But baby you look so stressed out! what's the problem? Are you feeling so ill?" sanaya asked worriedly while checking his forehead for fever.
"Yupp I suppose…I have been feeling sick since yesterday…may be that's why" mohit mumbled.
"So shud we go to see doc…amen just for a check-up?" sanaya asked mohit very seriously.
"No san…no need of that. I'll be fine by tomorrow…well as u said home n all" mohit smiled at her trying a bit too harder this time.
Sanaya felt confused n worried. Though mohit's forehead felt a li'l warm n it seemed as if he had been keeping a slightly mild grade fever but it really didn't seem that bad the way his face looked. It was surely something else…sanaya could easily make out seeing his restlessness.
"was arjun here?" sanaya asked mohit as she saw the condition of the place. It looked as if the boys really had a "night out" at the place with wrappers of wafers, wine glasses, emptied coke tins, two large pizza boxes and all the possible garbage they could produce lying everywhere in the living room. Sanaya felt really stinky! Dead"When will men learn to stop behaving like kids!" she thought to herself rolling her eyes in disbeleive.
All this while mohit still remained the same. It was actually a very rare sight, that sanaya saw mohit so much tensed n upset…so it sort of appeared too weird to her. It was something she cudn't handle. She had to extract it out of him in any way.
Keeping all the other stuff aside, sanaya comfortably seated herself, closely next to mohit on his couch. For a while silence settled in the room as she carefully scanned his facial expressions and moves. So much of stress dwelled in them. After a few minutes passing like that, sanaya tenderly took mohit's hand into hers and intertwined her dainty fingers into his. She cleared her throat, being extra cautious with her words.
"Mohit(she sucked in some saliva carefully proceeding further)…Mohit it's okay if you don't wanna share with me what all you are going through presently…n believe me its really okay!!" sanaya said in a caring tone.
Mohit was left stunned…he looked at sanaya in disbelief. How did she know that he was hiding something..?well she is his girlfriend after all,,! "GIRLFRIEND" wowww that sounded sooo amazing!!"mohit thought.
"You know mohit, you have all the right to keep certain things or some issues just by yourself if you really think that it's the better option. n even you know that I will never compel you to divulge them, and that even includes whatever u r thinking right now. But I just wanted to affirm that If there is any confusion in your mind, anything that's troubling you, anything you wish to confess or ask, abt anything…abt me, my career or even your career, abt  our families, our future, past or any other most important or may be the most unimportant things of the world…u just know that you have someone to do that with, to share anything and everything…abt anyone…and that too whenever you wish! u just know mohit that there's someone u can talk to…" sanaya spoke without a pause, with a few tears now visibly flickering in her convincing eyes. As she paused for mohit to react, It was the first time actually it seemed to sanaya as if mohit had registered her words properly. He lifted his head and looked deep into her eyes…his eyes turning scarlet red. Mohit felt an overwhelming pain knotting his stomach and pulling at his heart. A lump built up in his throat and threatened to choke him.
"Oh god she loves me so much!!" mohit sighed as she looked at sanaya with a film of moisture building up in his eyes. A deep sense of panic took over him as he saw the warm concerned smile that had lit up sanaya's face. He shuddered in discomfort!
Sanaya thought that this was the verge of his outburst, but much to her disbelief mohit sucked it in all in a trance in front of her.
"Ouch!!that actually did hurt!Ouch Why was he doing this? What's there going on in his head that's making him hurt like this! why cant he just tell!!" sanaya thought to herself.
"I know san…I know you are there for me" mohit said pressing her hand, giving her a fake smile.
Before sanaya could say anything further, her cell started ringing. She felt irritated at whoever had called; the person had a real bad timing!!" she sighedAngry. Whatsoever she slid the cover of her cell to check the caller's number…it was from the ph of the show, she had given the audition for.
"Just a minute mohit, I will be right back" sanaya went on to receive the call.
After a while, as sanaya made her way back to the living room, she still found Mohit sitting at the same place where she had last seen him…in the couch!
"Mohit some more coffee…what say??" sanaya asked mohit trying to lighten the mood.
"Nope sanaya, I am really not feeling well today…I think I will be off to my bed now" mohit said looking away from her. Sanaya understood what he meant. She realized it wud be better to leave him alone for a while…may be some time alone will help him snap out of it.
"Okkay then I will leave now. I too have lots to do n prepare for tomorrow. I'll call you in the morning and yaa don't forget to pick me on your way to the airport okkie!!"sanaya winked at him.
"Ofcourse, I wont" mohit assured.
"n ya don't forget to take your medicine before you go to your bed…I will be really strict on you if you even dare to forget that!!" Sanaya gave him a look. "U see I don't wanna spoil my vacation in company of a coughing and sneezing man" sanaya joked.
"alrite mam…I'll remember that…anything else??" mohit said escorting her to the door.
"YES! Just one, "Love you baby!" Embarrassed sanaya whispered in  his ear planting a goodnight peck on his cheek.Blushing Mohit's heart skipped a beat!Embarrassed Her gesture sorta made him too overwhelmed with emotions. For a while, a soothing silence fell between the two of them and their eyes locked at each other. They gradually found themselves melting into the tenderness of the moment. Embarrassed
"I love you too sanaya"Embarrassed mohit spoke with a noticeable pain in his voice. Sanaya suddenly felt too worried for him. He wasn't fine, now she was sure of that. But controlling herself n her emotions sanaya left his place as mohit slammed the door behind her with disinterest. He felt a shooting pain overpowering his senses as he sat down in his couch, thinking over what all happened with him a few minutes ago.


Feedback is anticipated guys.n pls tell me if I shud continue or not...I mean pls tell me if its gud enough 2 be continued??

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CandYlicious_S IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 5:48am | IP Logged
OH MY GOD! Shocked  Yashi that was.... Clap Clap Clap  Now words simply... Heart  I mean u wrote it all soo casually that i cud easily picturize Mohit Sanaya in it.. Embarrassed Wonder whats wrong with poor Mohit.. Ouch  I loved loved how Sanaya reacted to him... Clap Embarrassed  Loved how she understood his pain and talked to him , showing that he is ALWAYS there fot her BABY! Blushing LOL

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..Enchanteur.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 5:49am | IP Logged
oh vat happened to mohitShockedy he is behaving like this
n it vas awesome
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cont soon
n write more on monayaClap

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itzMYattitude IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 7:05am | IP Logged
awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dear
just loved it to the corer
beautifully written
amazinggggggggggggggggg thought
great job
monaya roxxxxxxxxxxx
the way u have written it
was completelyyy lost
i dont know when it ends
n y u stoped it  so early???
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz do continue soooooooooon
the way u have potrayed th feeling of both
the concern for each other
hats off
but plzzzzzzzzzz do continue sooooon
v r waiting eagerly

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aashizin IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged
hey malu wanna hug u for this wonderful OS and ur first monaya OS Embarrassed seriously loved this part it was so beautiful but can't see our mohit in pain Disapprove but loved monaya's understanding and sanaya's patience and caring way to understand him it was just like them u alive them here again so pure  so januable and so innocent , and loved their gesture to make each other realize how much they love Embarrassed now can't wait for next part seriously want to know why mohit was so low and how will monaya will sort it out thanks for wonderful OS u rock muahhHug

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saniya.x IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Edit -
WOW, that was so beautiful ! Didn't look like as if it was your first MoNaya OS, its damn good ! You've described everything soo well ! Loved how Sanaya understood his pain, can't see Mohit all sad :(
Everytime she called him BABY [Heart] my heart skipped a beat Blushing,
Continue soon (:

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omg this is amazing
but awww wats wrong with my mohit
cont soon
and pm me please

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