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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 94)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2011 at 9:08am | IP Logged

Hey Guys! Surprise Surprise!! Well even I have surprised myself. I didnt think I would update today.. but I am ready with the update.. so why not! I hope its not that sucky as i wrote it in a very bad mood today! I don't know how its going to be.. but still hope you like it!

I havent been studying at all.. If I get bad marks im blaming IF!

& yeah.. I am soo sorry I couldnt reply to everyone's amazing comments seperately but I loved all of them! Thank youu soo much.. & I will try to reply to everyone next time! :D
Hope you enjoy the update! :D waiting for your response! *eagerly*


Gunjan couldnt control her tears. She had to let them flow out. She felt extremely guilty about everything. She had ruined hers & Samrats life. She felt disgusted at herself. She was so blind that she couldnt see what was good for her & what was not. She made ONE mistake and for that Samrat has to pay. She was sure she had caused him pain too. The only difference was that he never showed that pain, & now that he was not there Gunjan realised how important he had been to her in the previous week. He was there all the time. Whenever she needed someone. But when Samrat needed someone she wasn't there. She felt hurt.

Mamiji came and patted her. "Look Gunjan, I don't mean to hurt you! I know there are things which are only between husband and wife & you don't want to share it. But I am really worried. Samrat has changed a great deal and that is scaring me."

"I am sorry Mamiji" she said wiping her tears. Her voice was uncertain and unstable. "Samrat has not told me anything about his problem or whatever. I am just sad that he didnt think I was good enough to know his problems." She said.

"Oh Gunjan, Samrat would never do that. Maybe he didnt want to worry you with his problems. He has always been that way. Hope he solves the problem soon!"

She said as she got up. She went downstairs to join the party as Gunjan sat up in the room thinking about her feelings. 'Why would Samrat tell me his problem? Does he actually have one? Obviously. Or else Mamiji wouldn't have sed so. She knows him better!' she thought. She wiped her tears and went downstairs. The party was on & there were many guests. Gunjan was looking for Rahul to wish him. She spotted him near the gate waiting for someone. She went upto him.

"Hi Rahul" she said.

"Hi" he said.

"Happy birthday"

"Thanks, may I know who you are?" he asked politely.

"I am Gunjan, Samrat's wife." She said with a smile.

"Oh Bhabhi! Thank youu so much! I am glad you could come. Mom told me about you!" he said.

Gunjan smiled at him. "So what do you do?" she asked.

"I work with dad in Sam bhai's company!" he said.

"Oh.. k.." she said. They smiled at each other and then stared here and there. Nothing to say. Gunjan was there till the party got over and then she bid farewell & left for home. She was tired and as soon as she reached home she fell asleep, thinking about her husband.



The next day she was at her cooking class learning a new recipe. Gunjan's mind wasn't present in class. She was still thinking about Samrat. Samrat had a problem and he didnt even tell her. He didnt even show it. Gunjan loved cooking, but today her mind was not in her work. During her break she sat down in one corner thinking about Samrat's behaviour all these days. She wanted to figure out his problem or maybe a hint of his problem. Since yesterday there was a question going on in her mind.. which she didnt want to think about.. 'was.. SHE the problem?' She sat in the corner when Sameera, a housewife came up to her.

"Your Gunjan right?" she said with a smile. "Hi I am Sameera!"

Gunjan came out of her thought and looked at her. She was thin, and wore a pink net saree. She looked quite pretty and her smile was sweet.

"Yes!" Gunjan said in her husky voice.

"Why are you sitting alone?" she asked in her chirpy voice.

"Its not that. I don't like mixing up with many people." She said. That was a lie! She loved socialising and talking!

"Oh." Sameera said as she sat down. "So where do you stay?"

"Erm.. in Middleton Row.." she said. "Where do you stay?"

"I stay by the Marine drive." She said with a smile. "I am a housewife. I used to get bored at home so I joined this class!"

"Same here!" Gunjan said with a smile. "there was nothing to do at home!"

"Oh. At my house there is a lot of work to do. Cleaning and washing. But its boring!"

"My house I don't even have those things. There are so many servants that I don't need to do anything!" Gunjan said sulking. She liked doing work. Atleast she could stay busy.

"Oh yes. Your Mr. Shergill's wife right? My husband works in his company!" the lady said.

Gunjan looked at her. She was full of life & so vibrant! Once upon a time even Gunjan was that way. But now.. that Gunjan no longer exists. She just felt depressed.

"How about coffee?" she asked when Gunjan didnt reply.

"Not today Sameera.. please.." Gunjan said.

"Thats not done. We became friends today.. & you have to come!"

"I can't.. I have to go home.." she said.

"Oh.. ok.. maybe some other day!" Sameera said disappointed.

Gunjan looked at her and felt ashamed of her behaviour. The reason she had joined this cooking class was to go out & see Mumbai & enjoy her life. Start it in a new way. She had to start afresh. Whatever had happened was over. It was time to turn over a new leaf.

"Sameera.." she said looking up at her. Sameera turned around. "How about coffee at my place today?" Gunjan asked.

Sameera's face lit up in a smile and she nodded.

"You know Gunjan. I actually wanted a friend. Saw that you were sitting here alone Thats why I came to you!" she said truthfully!

"Me too Sameera. I am not even from Mumbai. I came from Calcutta!" she said.

Sameera smiled. The two women went home in Gunjan's car. Sameera was in awe when she entered their house. It was so magnificent and beautifully decorated. Gunjan went and told the maid to make coffee for them and she took Sameera to the room!

And as they started to know each other better their conversations became endless!

Women. You know when they start talking.. they don't stop. Time passed very quickly. In no time it was 5 when Sameera took Gunjan's leave and she left. By the end of the day Gunjan had a smile on her face. She had made her first friend.. oops.. second friend in Mumbai..

In the evening when the phone rang Gunjan knew exactly who it was and she ran down to answer it.

"Hello?" she said.


"Hi Gunjan. How are you?" Samrat said from the other side.


"I am fine Samrat. You tell me.. how was your journey!" she asked.


"My flight just landed Gunjan. A little jetlag Thats all.."

" you should take rest Samrat!"


"I will.. I am in the car now, going to the hotel."


"Oh." She said. She wanted to ask Samrat about his problem but didnt know if it was the right time or not. But before she could speak he said.


"I won't get time to rest though.." he said with a sigh. "I have a meeting in an hour!"


"But Samrat you could have kept the meeting for tomorrow. You can't work at the expense of your health." She said scolding him.


"This meeting is important Gunjan" he said. "Don't worry. This isn't the first time'

Before he could finish.

"You better make sure this doesn't happen again!" she said. And then realising her limits she said.. "I mean.. you.. should try... to '

"its ok Gunjan, I can understand. I am happy to hear you scold me." He said.

Gunjan looked around. She didnt know what to say. It was just that she wanted to ask him.. but couldnt.


"So how are your cooking classes going on?" Samrat asked casually.


"They are going well.. I love that place. I even made a new friend, Sameera! Her husband works in your company!" she said non stop. "And she came over for coffee today and we enjoyed a great deal.. oh and yesterday I went to Mamiji's house. It was Rahul's birthday.. He is very sweet. & Mamiji told me---

She stopped. Had she spoken too much?


"Go on.. I want to hear.. You seem happy after so long!" he said.


"Umm.. no you tell me something now!" she made up her mind.


"What?" he asked confused.


"Do you have any problem Samrat? Mamiji told me that you were worried." She asked.


There was silence on the phone. Samrat didnt know what to say. And Gunjan wanted an answer.


"tell me Samrat. I want to know"


"Gunjan, there.. is.. no problem... as such.." he said.


"Don't lie Samrat. You said we were friends. Tell me please!"


"Its just that I was worried..." he paused, "for you.." he said softly.


Now Gunjan was shot of words. Why was he worried for her? He had already done so much for Gunjan, she could never ask him for anything more!

"But why Samrat? I am alright. I told you! Please don't worry about me."


"Hmm.. ok.. I will try.!"


"That was not the answer I was expecting!"


Samrat didnt answer. No one said anything.  Then finally Samrat said.


"Its already late Gunjan.. You should go to bed.. Bye"


"Bye Samrat!" she said.


"Bye." He cut the line.


'Hope to see you soon!' she told herself!




That night Gunjan realised what A friend could do. Her life which had become dull and meaningless once again was filled with life! Sameera had actually made her feel nice. She was actually feeling better, both after talking to Samrat and making a new friend.

Gunjan slept in peace and thought about her new life where there would be no more depression, crying or any sort of sorrow! She wanted everything perfect now. And she was going to make it happen. And for Neil.. He could go to hell!!

That was the spirit Samrat was waiting to see in Gunjan.. and now when it was there in her.. he was not there to see it!

She was determined to make this work now! Sameera was a great lady. She had her own issues with her family which she shared with Gunjan & Gunjan tried to solve it. But Gunjan was not ready to share her problems with Sameera yet. Sameera was also happy for making a friend like Gunjan.

Everything was working out & Neil was slowly becoming Gunjan's last priority. She had began to forget Neil.. & she was very happy about it!




Precap : Friendship Blooms & Somewhere even love is blooming. Samrat's Return!



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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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why in a bad mood?
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by nishi_sajan

why in a bad mood?
Arrey.. the same old problem.. :S

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hey manji sorry I was busy thats y I didnt edited my comment,actually even I forgot about it but thanks 4 the reminder.Now coming to the update it was awesome,loved it.I am glad gunjan  is getting out of her past and is trying to move on.Wow she is missing samrat,well hopefully she fell in love with him soon.She made a new friend thats good.Continue soon n thx 4 the pm(actually I read the part b4 ur pm but still thanksSmile)

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by SajanRox11

 Arrey.. the same old problem.. :S

not again! :S I wish we had time to discuss abt this! we will talk on saturday night probably :) 

And yeah AWESOME update! Love it so much!
BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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first of all kaan pakad ke maafi sry yaarrr

u knw na mein kitni bhulakkad hu...

thnks for reminding me...

love u for that darling tum gussa nahi hui bt kindly yaad dilaya thnksss

btw new m coming to ur update..

manju when ever u update i cant believe u wrote it.. omg

sach me u t too young n u write all emotions n story line n situations so beautifully

i always eager to knw more in ur story so do cont asap

love u a loadsss
Radhi diii

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Originally posted by nishi_sajan

Originally posted by SajanRox11

 Arrey.. the same old problem.. :S

not again! :S I wish we had time to discuss abt this! we will talk on saturday night probably :) 

And yeah AWESOME update! Love it so much!
Hmm.. yeah.. probably.. :(
Thanks :D

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..Ambika.. IF-Rockerz

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MANJI...Embarrassed...AWESOME UPDT...ASUSUAL...Tongue

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