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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 86)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by aashizin

manjiiiii HugHug it was awesome update yar Heart loved it to the core just wonderful to read samrat and gunjan's povs for each other and u described it wonderfully kudos to u honey ClapThumbs Up

just loved the way gunjan tried to forget neil but its very difficult for her naturally she loved him seriously but he betrayed her and thats painful for any girl but she is very lucky to have understanding husband with her , on the other hand he is trying his level best to set him the way she likes , joining and knowing her way of life which is totally different from him still he tried to watch show only to make her happy and laugh and  ate food which he never tried to eat he has changed himself only for him to make her feel happy and may be that touched her the way she respected his feelings and ate with him  and spent time with each other watching show 

gosh neil's bitter memories totally took over her and only bcz of samrat she handled herself that nightmare is proof of her fear if samrat would not support her what would happen which is in her heart , neil gave her life's biggest pain which is very hard to forget or to overcome and samarat is trying his level best to bring out of her shell the way after neil's drama she went back to her shell its difficult for samrat but he is trying his level best 

loved the way gunjan now stepping ahead in their new relationship  caring him the way she applied balm and took care of him its her first step i guess and his london's trip i m sure make her realize his absence is more painful to her as well

justt love this part from gunjan and samrat's pov gunjan is unhappy and that's why samrat is also unhappy she will soon understand her question's reply WHY Wink

and yes thanks a tone for giving us everytime wonderful treat Clapas i said last day i iknow its not easy to write such a regular updates u guys seriously rock who every time come up with wonderful updates for any FF or SS  and u r one of them as well love u manji muahhh Hug
Heyy Aashi! Thank youu sooo much!Embarrassed I am so glad that youu enjoyed my update!
Well.. now the updates are gonna be kind of slow! But.. Will try my best to update quickly!
And Thanks alot for this lovely comment! I lovedd reading it!
Yep. Now Gunjan will actuall try to turn over a new leaf!'
Love youu Loads.. M actually writing my next update so cudnt reply properly!

MoNayaHolicPrag IF-Sizzlerz

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please update... 

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by pragya_luvsajan

please update... 
Jus working on the update Pragya!
ar_sajan4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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update sooooooooooooooooooon
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 10:54pm | IP Logged
Hey Guys! HugHug Thank youu soo much for your lovely comments!
Sorry this time I couldnt reply to everyone individually!! But I loved all the comments I got! <3 Was pretty busy lately.. But Ill update soon!Embarrassed
Thank youu!!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Guys!

I am back with the update.. But I know I am VERY late. I should have updated earlier.. but was just caught up wid some work! I couldnt even reply to your comments !!Confused

Well.. I will surely do that from next time!

& yeah.. Now my updates will be a little slower as my school has re-opened & this is my Board year! So.. ConfusedConfused

Here Goes The Next part:
[Warning : This part has been written in a hurry! Please ignore some typos and small mistakes. & hope it is up to my mark! ]

Gunjan's POV:


I sent the driver to give Samrat's suitcase & then went to my room. I called up the place for cooking classes & a man picked up.


"Hi, How can i help you?" he said.

"Erm.. I wanted to join the cooking classes going on!"

"Oh! Your name please." He said.

"Gunjan Bhu" I paused..  "Sorry, Its Mrs. Gunjan Shergill."

"Oh !!!" he exclaimed.

"HELLO?" I repeated.

"Yes maam. You can join the class from tomorrow. Its from 11 to 1:30!"

"Thank youu" I said.


Finally. I was joining a cooking class.. YES! And then the next moment I had NO work left

 I sat around, Read a book , Checked my e-mail, but still nothing left to do. It was barely even 5! I sighed. My life sucked. I was so irritated from staying alone at home. I thought of taking a walk outside. But then again, I didnt even know the roads in Mumbai. How would I go out?

"Maam" someone called.

I turned around to see the maid standing at the door.

"Yes." I said.

"Maam, theres a call for you downstairs" she said.

I nodded and went down wondering who it could be. The first thought was NEIL.. But then I shook my head. He wouldnt dare to call again. Samrat would have gone by now.. Bui? Yes. Could be. And thinking of that I quickly answered the phone.

"Helloo" I said.

"Hi Gunjan!" Someone said. I didnt quite recognize the voice.

"Hi.. Umm.. Who is this?" I asked.

"I am Mami Speaking!" she said.

"Ohh.. Namaste Mamiji." I said. "Did you have some work?"

"Yes Gunjan, Its Rahul's Birthday Tomorrow, he is turning 25 so I have kept a surprise party at home. Will you like to come?" she said.

"Ohh.. Yes sure. I could come early and help in the arrangements!" I suggested.

"Oh No, Gunjan, The interior decorators will come over and do everything! And the party is at 7 tomorrow!"

Why was she so dependant on others? She could do this much on her own for HER son!! I always found her weird. But I had to go. I couldnt tell her no. After all she was Samrat's only relative..

"Ok Mamiji. I will be there."

"And yes, Samrat left?" she asked.

"Yes, he left straight from office."

"Oh that reminds me, Gunjan please come a little early tomorrow, i have to talk to you about... umm.. Something." She said.

"yes. Sure!" I said as I kept the phone.

What did she want to talk to me about? Had.. had samrat told her about Neil and me.. No he wouldnt do that! So what could it be? I hope its nothing serious. I am not prepared for any shocks. Right now I want to get out of this house. So going over to Mamiji's place tomorrow would be nice. I guess. Because that mami was weird and I am a little suspicious about her. She never seemed to like me much.

Well.. whatever be the reason . I am samrats wife & Thats all I care about. Who cares about some Mami!

After thinking about Mamiji for 5 minutes I felt better. For the past 10 minutes I hadnt thought about him. Yay. I was improving. Now I just needed to keep myself busy! So the next thing I did was to call Bui.

Tomorrow I would be busy the whole day so now I could talk to Bui.. As it is alot has happened and I need to say sorry to her!

I went to my room and dialed Bui's number. She picked up in the second ring!

"I was missing you so much" Bui said.

"Buii.. namaste"

"God bless you beta." She said. "So, how come you called now?"

"I was getting bored bui, Samrat has gone to USA & I am here at home with nothing to do!"

"oh, why dont you go out?"

"No bui. I dont even know this place well."

"Oh, by the way, how was your reception? Was it fun to meet samrat's friends & relatives?"

And that left me thinking about only one thing. Argh.. Why did Bui have to remind me. Why couldnt I ever forget about what happened in these past few days!

"What happened Gunjan?"

"Bui, I am sorry" My voice started to tremble. The more I tried to hide my tears the more they came out!

"What happened? Why are you apologizing" She said.

"Bui you were right. Neil has moved on! He never loved me!" I cried.

"Gunjan, What? You met Neil?"

"Bui, he came to my reception & since then we have been meeting.."

Bui gasped on the phone. "Gunjan, you cant cheat samrat!" she screamed.

"He knows Bui. He saw us.." I paused. How should I tell bui everything.


"Nothing bui. I told samrat everything. Everything that happened." I started. "And he understood."

"Oh thank God! You gave me a heart attack!" Bui said. "Then why are you crying!"

"Bui..(Sniff Sniff) I.. I still.. cant.. forget.. Neil"

"GUNJAN" Bui yelled. "You are married. Never forget that! And how can you love someone who used you!" she scolded.

"Bui.. I dont know. But I have always loved him. I cant get over him" I cried.

" Gunjan.. listen to me.. Stop crying" Bui's voice softened. "Samrat is a very nice persn right?"

I nodded.

"Right?" she repeated.

"Yeaa.." I said.

"So Gunjan adjust with him. Try to make him happy. Do some work if you want & be happy. You will get over Neil. It was never love Gunjan! Or you wouldnt have agreed to marry samrat!"

But that was not true. Bui didnt know the reason I married samrat. And I couldnt tell her. She would feel pathetic. She might blame herself and I couldnt let that happen so I just listened.

"So child, just stay with him, be with him & have a nice life!"

It was so easy for bui to say all this. But was it so easy to accept it? Was it soo easy to accept rejection? To accept that a person you loved was just using you? I dont think so. I talked to bui for sometime & then kept the phone. I went to the bathroom and wiped my tears.

This time they stopped. I had an early dinner and slept. But it felt weird. It was awkward to be in bed without Samrat being there next to me. But he wouldnt reach before tomorrow evening! So it was useless to call now. But as I lay in bed I thought about Samrat. I dont know why but I felt lonely without him. Without being asked if I was fine? Without someone coming home late at night and eating dinner with me. Someone sitting in bed and making sure I was asleep before he slept. The truth was that I missed samrat too. truthfully. But just as a friend. He always made sure I was comfortable! That is what a perfect person does.

I always felt that samrat was boring, simple, a person who has no choice, a person who doesnt speak up or stand up for himself or his needs, a person who is so selfless that he sat by me all night just to make sure I didnt have fever! But now as I was saying all this there was a smile on my face. It wasnt voluntary. It just appeared on my lips. And in no time I was asleep.

That night surprisingly I didnt wake up with a nightmare or a dream about neil. I woke up with the early rays of the sun and looked around. I went downstairs. I wanted to go for a walk. I went to the kitchen and the maid was making tea for me!

"Good Morning maam" she said as I entered. "Do you need something?"

"I just wanted to ask you if there was a park or garden nearby where I could go for a walk." I asked.

"The driver knows madam, he is outside, Shall I ask him?" she said

"Yes please."

She went out. I sat on the table having my cup of tea and reading the newspaper. There was nothing new in the news, **Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Thursday charged "political and criminal forces" of trying to dilute the nationwide movement against graft by defaming and criticising the campaign for a comprehensive Lokpal Bill. "Some political and criminal forces are afraid of recent awakening and ...** And so on. Blah blah blah!

The maid came inside to tell me "Maam, There is a park nearby called 'The Gardenia'. "

"Oh good. Then I can go!"

I went upstairs and changed into my track suits and went for a walk. The breeze was cool and I walked on for half an hour thinking about this new beginning! I would start my cooking classes from today. I would be doing atleast some work! I was happy that my life was finally settling down and now I didnt get any nightmares atleast. I would be strong now! I promised myself.




3rd person's POV:


The day passed pretty soon. The cooking class was amazing. Gunjan learnt how to make tomato pyuree, which was a gravy needed for many dishes. She enjoyed the class and even talked to 2-3 house wives who loved chatting and went on and on about their lives.

Well but she messed up in some places too. She dropped ketchup on a lady standing next to her! And the lady got so agitated with her! She started to yell.. & gunjan just shut her ears with her hands to avoid the noise pollution coming her way!


Later in the evening she got ready to go to their mami's house. It was 5 when she left. She started to get kind of nervous. Why did Mamiji want to talk to her? & this would be the first time she would meet his son & daughter.

The driver drove her to their house. She stopped before a huge bunglow. It wasn't as bigger than hers but quite huge. She went inside and saw that everything was already set. Mamiji was nowhere to be seen. The housemaid opened the door & told her that madam was upstairs in her room.

Gunjan walked slowly, observing the house. The decorations were amazing and the house was grand. She walked up the stairs and looked around to identify mamiji's room. While going she banged into a young lady.

"I am sorry" she said in her soft voice.

"Watch where your going chick!" she shreiked. "You just ruined my dress!"

"But I just banged into you by mistake. How is your dress ruined?"

"Listen girl, just shut up ok! Dont argue.. and just by the way.. who are you?" she yelled.

She was such a brat! No manners at all.

"I wanted to meet Mrs. Agarwal." I said. (Mamiji)

"She. Is. My. MOM!" the brat said.

Gunjan was shocked. She was Sneha! Sneha Agarwal! :O :O

"Oh. And I am Gunjan Shergill.." She said.

"Ohh..! Nice to meet you Gunjan!" she said as she went from there..

Gunjan walked ahead. *phew* one kid was a brat! Only Rahul was left now!

"Gunjan!" someone called. She turned around to see Mamiji standing at the door of a room!

Gunjan smiled & went to her! She touched her feet & then they went inside to talk.

"Mamiji, you had some work?" she asked. She badly wanted to know why her Mami-In-Law had called her early.

"Oh my God!!" Mamiji said. Gunjan stared at her in fear.

"Gunjan, what are you wearing?" she said. "And no jewellery!! How will people think your Samrat Shergill's wife!" she said. She looked annoyed. But what was wrong in her dress. Gunjan didnt understand. She was wearing a sleeveless red net saree & she wore a diamond pendant with it.

"Come I'll give you some jewellery!"

"Please mamiji.." Gunjan managed to say. "I am more comfortable this way.. and its a party for young people.. so I wouldnt want to look over dressed!"

Mamiji looked at her and frowned.. Gunjan was going to agree to wear the jewellery when she said "your wish" she sat on her bed & asked gunjan to sit next to her.

"Yes, I wanted to talk to you.. about Samrat!" she said.

Gunjan listened carefully. Her fingers crossed as she prayed that Samrat hadnt told Mamiji anything!

"Samrat has always been my favourite son! I am very possessive about him.." she said. 'That's why she disliked me at first gunjan thought. She had a smile on her face all along.

"And Today.. he came to meet me before leaving.. As usual" she went on to say.

Then she was quiet for sometime.. & gunjan was in deep thought!

"Samrat has always been quiet gunjan. He has never talked alot. But today. I dont know why I saw fear in his eyes." She said.

Gunjan listened carefully. Why was samrat scared?

"I know you must be thinking .. why m I telling you this.?" She sighed. "But I had to, because he was worried for you.. He told me to take good care of you.. and t see that you eat your food on time!"

I glared at Mamiji unbelievingly. 'He said that! That was so kind of him. He knew I would feel lonely'

"I dont know what is up with you two, but samrat was never like this! He was never scared!" she said proudly.

"Umm.. Mamiji, why are you telling me all this? Did he.. tell you.. umm.. something?"

"No.. but Thats what I thought you would tell me!" she said. "What is happening? Why is he behaving this way.." she questioned.

& gunjan sat still. She had no answer. How would she know? She was so much into her sorrows that she never asked samrat if HE was ok. If HE needed something.

She didnt know what was the problem with him.. Did her being with neil affect him? But now she wasnt with him anymore! Now she hated him!

But Mamiji still looked at Gunjan. She expected an answer from her. Instead gunjan shook her head.

"I dont know mamiji. Nothing really happened between us!" she said with her head bent.

"You dont expect me to believe that.. do you? There could be something you dont want to tell me! Admit it! Dont give me all this non-sense. I have known samrat all his life & he has changed in a month. Because of you!"

She yelled.

Gunjan had tears in her eyes. She blamed herself for ruining samrat's life but all this.. suddenly? She didnt know the reason. But now even she was worried. What could be the reason! Why was samrat so worried about her?




Precap : Cooking Class FUN! && then Finally a talk with Samrat.Embarrassed

Plz rate & comment/ criticisms for this update are welcome!Wink

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Originally posted by deepti_mohit

Deeeps!!Angry What does "Hmm" mean?

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