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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 80)

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tht was sooooooo niceeeeeee part

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Originally posted by SajanRox11

Originally posted by ar_sajan4evr

Hey Richa!Big smile Havent you already commented on this update..Embarrassed

yes i hv...sryyy i noticed dat laterEmbarrassed

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Hey Friends,
I am Back with another update.. well I know I am late. Actually I was planning to update MJHT continued first but that didnt work too well with me so I updated this!
this part isnt very long [compared to my usual ones] but it wasnt easy to write either. At this point I had many options so choosing was pretty difficult! But Aashi [aashizin] helped me alot with that! Thanks to her That I was able to update this today!
This one is to All those who LOVE this SS! Enjoy!
And this update is dedicated to a very special person!!  and thats ME for my HARD WORK!! haha.. lol.. so this is especially for myself!LOLLOLLOL 

Gunjan sat at home, bored to death. She didnt feel like eating anything. The whole day she just sat in bed thinking about her life & her problems. Time passed. She kept thinking about just one person, Neil. She was fed up with her life. 'In life you cannot judge any person. When you feel that a person is the best he or she may betray you and the next moment you are cursing yourself for liking the person and sometimes a person whom you don't like does something that makes you feel that you were wrong... And you begin to feel guilty. So the best way to be out of this is by not judging anyone.' This is what Gunjan was thinking about. She thought that she should just keep to herself and close all the doors for any person to ever come close to her! She kept making promises to herself about closing her heart and mind completely. And there she lay in bed with her eyes closed and a few left over tears trickling down her cheeks.


It was 10 pm when Gunjan got up. She looked at her watch.

"Samrat must have come back." She said as she looked around the room. His briefcase was kept near the bed. "He must be downstairs having dinner!" She wiped her tears which had already dried. She hadn't kept her promise. She had cried today. She slowly walked down the stairs to see Samrat glued to the TV with pizza and coke in his hand. Gunjan looked at him in surprise. Hadn't the maid cooked food?


"Samrat, when did you come?" she said in a low tone. She felt ill..


"An hour ago. Come join me and have Pizza. Its delicious." He said.


Gunjan looked confused. Samrat was not this kind of a person. He liked to sit quietly on the dining table and have his food and the TV was also quite loud. She went up to him.. and peeked in to see what he was watching and her mouth opened in awe. "F.R.I.E.N.D.S." She muttered.

"Yeah, Its very interesting, I was wrong that day!" Samrat admitted.. rather lied. Both of them knew that it was not true.. Gunjan looked at him questioning him, "Really Samrat" She stared at him. Samrat began to stammer.. " Yeah, i mean, This show is.. actually.. Umm.. Splendid. I could.. watch this the.. whole day." He managed to say. The truth was that he couldnt bare it! This was Crap! He was trying to like it. But poor Samrat. He couldnt. He had been watching this show for the past hour and he was already bugged of it. He could even break the television set!


Gunjan controlled her laughter while Samrat smiled seeing her laugh. Gunjan knew he was doing all this for her. But she still wondered why? She kept giggling as she walked up and sat next to him.

"You can laugh if you want to!" Samrat muttered to her. And then it started. Gunjan burst into laughter seeing Samrat sit in front of the TV watching friends. She couldnt believe it. Samrats face too grew into a wide smile looking at Gunjan laugh once again.

"I cant believe YOU are seeing this show. The person who saw it for like 10 minutes and said this was complete crap is seeing this show!!" Gunjan said as she laughed. Samrat too laughed with her.

The next moment she stopped all of a sudden. She settled on the sofa and lowered her gaze. Samrat too stopped. "I am Fine Samrat, you don't need to torture yourself for me." She said. "I wish you would have told me this an hour ago!!" he said with a sigh.. "before my head hadn't started to ache!" He really wanted to see her smile. "Gunjan, Don't you want to have Pizza? Oh yes! And Pepsi!" he offered.

"No Samrat, I am not in a mood to!" She said. " I am not hungry."

"Thats not done Gunjan, You have to eat! I know you love Pizzas!" he smiled. Gunjan looked at him unwillingly. She was not in a mood to have Pizzas now! She was just not feeling upto it.

"Ok Ok.. Don't eat. Atleast watch Friends with me?" he asked.

He understood Gunjan wouldn't want to eat now! So he didnt force her. Gunjan nodded and they sat watching friends. Gunjan was observing Samrat. He didnt have another Slice of the Pizza too. She felt kind of guilty. He was doing so much for her. She could Atleast have the pizza! She slowly picked up one slice and began to eat. Seeing that Samrat smiled and he watched her eat. She even had a little bit of the cold drink. Just for him. Sitting on the couch was born a new relationship. None of them realised it but somewhere in both their hearts they found space for each other. Gunjan tried hard to stay in her shell but everytime she tried hard Samrat tried even harder to bring her out. Gunjan wasn't very shy & reserved in nature so it wasn't usual for her to be that way. She just pretended to be that way. But Samrat never let the real Gunjan be lost. Finally when they were done they went back to their room. This was a Friends Marathon! The whole season repeat was coming. Gunjan had enjoyed herself but Samrat was having a headache. He took a pain killer and lay in bed. His head was aching. He turned sides but couldnt sleep. Gunjan noticed that.

"Do you want something Samrat?" she asked.

"No. Its ok. You sleep." He replied.

"Please tell me Samrat!" She said.

"Gunjan, Actually I was having a slight headache." He said. "So cant sleep."

Gunjan got up from bed and got balm for Samrat.

"You'll be fine. I'll just put this on your head." She said as she applied balm on his head. He kept staring at her as she applied balm. Her eyes didnt move from his head. She was concentrating on her work. But Samrat was already lost. Her touch was so comforting to his head. It was like magic. His headache seemed to go away! He didnt move. He just enjoyed the moment. For the first time Gunjan was so close to him, that too on her own. Gunjan pressed his head until he fell asleep. She had slept all afternoon and was not sleepy at all. She read a book of hers and then went to sleep. Gunjan dreamt of that night. It wasn't exactly a new one. It was her nightmare which she saw in London.

Neil was pulling her hair. Samrat stood still trying to figure out everything that he had just heard. He knew the whole truth & also that she had betrayed him. Neil was hurting her and she kept screaming. Suddenly Samrat screamed, "Stop IT" Neil backed away. He stared at Samrat. "Why? Do you want to help?" he said with humour. Samrats face was serious. She stood up and stared at the two. Samrat smirked, "I want to help Gunjan kick you out!" he said in his own calm voice. That Gunjan who stood there smiled at Samrat and looked at Neil.. For two minutes they kept staring at each other and then Neil was kicked out! Gunjan went to Samrat to clarify! But he didnt say anything. He kept quiet and never spoke again. He was usually lost in his thoughts. That night when she returned to her room Samrat was standing next to the window. "Why did you do this Gunjan?" he said. Gunjan went ahead to explain when he held her shoulders and shook her asking why did she betray him.. "Sorry.. Sorry.."  Then her dream broke.

And when she came to her senses she saw Samrat. He was shaking her! "Gunjan.." he said. "Whats wrong? Why are you apologizing?.." Before he could finish Gunjan sat up in bed. She sighed as she wiped the sweat from her face. She shut her eyes to thank god it was nothing like that! That would have just made matters worse. Thank god Samrat understood her situation! She came to life as Samrat said, " You dreamt of Neil Again?" he said in a disappointed tone. "It wasn't a dream Samrat, It was a Nightmare!" she mumbled.

She got up from bed not delaying a second. This was the only time she had some work to do. She couldnt just forget about that too!

"How is you headache?" she asked.

"Im perfectly fine now! Thank you for last night!" He said.

"Ah-uh Samrat, We are friends remember!" she said.

"Yeah. Right" Samrat said smiling. He was delighted to see the Gunjan he loved. He had missed her alot!


During breakfast Samrat kept looking at Gunjan as if he wanted to say something. Gunjan noticed this and asked without hesitating a second.

"You want to tell me something?" she asked looking at the toast she was buttering.

"I don't know whether I should.. or.." he was still hesitating. Gunjan wondered what he wanted to say. 'did he want to.. talk about... Neil?' she thought. She didnt want to talk about him. She wanted to forget Neil. But the first person she thought of was 'Neil'.

"Tell me, I m listening." She said.

"Gunjan, actually, my agent had called yesterday.." he paused. "They want me to go to U.S for a week. Its important. Its regarding our new tender." He looked at Gunjan carefully trying to read her expressions and reactions. But her face was blank. "Ok" she said. Her expressions didnt change. Samrat thought that maybe she didnt care. So he got up and started to leave for office.

"Samrat.." Gunjan said. He turned around to look at her. "When will you be leaving?" she asked. "Tonight." He said. "Ok. I will keep your luggage ready!" She tried to smile.  Samrat smiled back, "Thanks, I will need 7 sets of clothes. I will be there for a week!" he said as he left.

Gunjan nodded. She went back to her room. Again. Nothing to do. She thought of going out for sometime. But then changed her plan. She didnt feel like. She sat at home taking out Samrat's clothes. She set them all up nicely. And wasted as much time as she could on packing and then looked at the time. 11:30am! God. She was irritated. She had nothing to do at home. She wondered what she could do here in Mumbai. She went downstairs and decided to make Lunch as well. She made Roti, Aalu & Gobi ki sabzi for him! She sent it to Office and then went back to her room. 2:00pm! She sighed. She switched on the TV. She was flipping channels when she saw that Friends was coming. She recalled last night and sat laughing in bed. Samrat had done so much for her. She would never be able to return his favour. She sat watching TV. She used to do so much work in Kolkata.. and hated to work. She always complained about working.. but now.. when she had no work to do. So many servants around her. She yearned to work. She yearned to do something which would help her to take Neil out of her mind. It wasn't so easy for her. To forget her first love. To forget all the time they spent together. It was not easy. She shut her eyes and could only think of Neil. She was very tired. Last night she hadn't slept too well.. She lay in bed looking around. She wanted to do some work. Not in a office or anything. She hated to get a job and work from 9-6 everyday. She wasn't that type of a girl. And even Samrat wouldn't like her doing a job! She thought of taking some lessons. Maybe she could take cooking lessons? Or .. Umm painting lessons? Or maybe even join some dance class.

She just had to find out about the classes & maybe she could do something constructive rather than sitting home all day. But again. Her mind and heart were blocked. It only thought about Neil & now it was high time she chucked Neil out of her mind. She had started to hate him now! He disgusted her! His thoughts forced her to hate herself more everyday!

She quickly switched on the laptop in the study and searched on Google. She wanted an improved life. She had decided that she wouldn't sit back and think about Neil. It was her life and she would live it to the best. She was determined but she didnt know to what extend she would succeed. She felt weak from within but acted as if she was still strong. The truth was that she needed someone beside her to encourage her to do something. She found out that there were cooking classes near their house so she decided to join.

"maybe I could make something for Samrat once in a while. Even he would be happy & at least he would appreciate it!" she told herself.

The maid came in the room, "Madam, there is a call for you!" she said. "Who is it?" Gunjan asked. "Its Sir." She said. Gunjan nodded and went down. She picked up the phone.

"hello?" she said.

"Hi Gunjan, just called to say that the food was excellent!" he said with a smile which obviously she couldnt see. He was happy that she did something for him!

"Thanks Samrat."

"I am happy that you are finally getting over your weaknesses" he said making sure he didnt mention his name.

"yeah, I am trying to." She said. She wanted to ask him for the cooking class before she joint it.

There was silence on the phone. No one spoke for sometime.

"Gunjan, I'll keep the phone now."

"Samrat.." she said immediately.

"Yeah? You wanted to tell me something?" he said eagerly.

"Samrat, I .. actually get quite bored at home.. so I was wondering if I could start taking cooking classes..." she paused and crossed her fingers to hear his answer.

"yeahh Gunjan. Sure! No problem!" he said. "I'll find out some good cooking class when I am back." He said.

"Samrat, I have.. umm.. already found out about one. Its in Juhu only.. Can I..?"

"Yeahh.. Sure." Samrat said. That way she would even forget Neil.. he smiled at that thought.

"Can you just send my luggage here. I will leave from here itself." He said.

"Oh. Ok. Bye then. Have a safe flight!" she said.

"yeahh.." he said. "I will miss you!" he said.

Gunjan was silent. She didnt say anything. She didnt understand why he said that!

"Me too" she forced out of her mouth. Samrat smiled to himself. She wouldn't even miss him a single bit. He knew she didnt mean it! He was sad. Not because she didnt miss him, but because there was still so much awkwardness between them. Gunjan still wasn't free with him. She still hesitated before asking him about the class. He was upset. He had to do something to improve their relation. But this time he had given up.

"I think its high time, I shouldn't expect anything. Let me give her time. She loved someone else and so obviously she will have a problem to adjust with me. She is also a human. I won't force her into anything. But right now, this tender is my priority! If we get this tender then our company will be No.1 in India.. and I am gonna make this happen!" He said with determination!




Precap: Gunjan meant what she had said. She misses him..!


Do rate and comment!



P.S --> I know this isnt A very Big update! But I promise to update ASAP!

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manjii it ws superbbbbClapClapClap..........................
aww sam is so cute...he watched FRIENDS fr her....................thts so sweet..........................Embarrassed
hope gunjan gets over neil soon....................................
and yayeeee she will miss sam...................................
manjii kya yaar pizza ki baat karke bhook lag gayi...esi baatein mat kiya kar...LOL..atleast raatko to nahi.................LOL
too gud,mind blowing AS USUAL...its expected frm u....................................TongueTongue......
plz plz plz cont. soon.........................
luv u

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I am waiting for someone to edit their 'res'
Plz be FAST!
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edited my reply 

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