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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 71)

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sajanfan004 Goldie

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heyy md!
it was rlly nice! gosh! this was rlly a short update! wat a point to stop at yaar!  i wish neil gets a slap right across his face!  he deserves tht!! poor gunjan! im glad she realised! frm next ime, pls dont create any SUSPENCE at the end! wat a point u stoppd it at! wen everyone was eager to knw wat would happen next! thankfully ur not ending this ss so quickly! i rlly liked the concept of this one! thnx for the pm!
LUVED IT! do cont soon! and dont frget to pm me! cyaa

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Originally posted by charmee_sammy

Awesome updt majari... Though little painful for both sajan's side...  samrat was hurt with the fact gunjan din't love him n bcoz he was seeing his love hurt, in this whole process he was the one who got hurt the most... But yaar kudos to samrat,, he is doing so much for his love for gunjan's happiness that he is hurting himself a thousand times for her.. he has acted so mature n handled every thing so sensibly now thats my samrat.. i love himHeart   and gunjan she too was hurt as niel two timed her n cheated her.. but at the end of the day samrat is always there with her as a support... Now waiting for gunjan to give an answer to him, the way she confronts him... And how samrat makes her fall in love with him rather how she falls in love with samratEmbarrassed
I can't forget to add how efficiently you wrote this updt.. loved itBig smile

Hey Charmee!Big smile Thank you sooo much! I am glad you liked this update! and yep. I love making SAMRAT the PERFECT man! lol.. Love him LOADZ!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by _Monu_

heyyy manjiii
awesome updt
finally finally gunji came 2 know abt the real neil
wow i loved how sam portrayed him by phone
n how he shows ssupports towars gunji
but the precap? divorce?
i dont think so!!
ook lets see
cont soon
love yaaaaa
Hey Monica!
thank you sooo much!
Im glad u enjoyed the update!
Love youu too!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Heyy Guys!
I am So glad that you enjoyed this update! thank you for ur 'LIKES' & comments!
They were really very encouraging!
Love yaa!
GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Guys!
I am Back With another update of this SS!
I know you'll must be bugged with me as I am updting the same SS again & again! LOL!
but I gotta finish it sooon! thats why!
A long part of the story is left!
And Next I'll update MJHT continued! Big smile
Gunjan's POV:


I came downstairs. Neil was sitting on the sofa by the window. I kept my face serious and walked up to him. He got up and looked at me. His eyes had tears in it. I smirked. Those were so fake. I felt like laughing at him, or maybe myself that I couldn't see this fakeness before. I was so stupid?! His face disgusted me. He tried to come closer but I stepped back.


"Gunjan? Your eyes.." he paused, "you were crying!?" he asked.


He came closer to put his hand around me but I stopped him.


"Not like you care Neil.. Stop your drama now!" I asked firmly.


"Huh?." He said. "I came here to tell you that I will marry you Gunjan, I love you!!"


He was such a cheap person! When I said that I loved him, he was not ready to marry me & the moment he was offered money to do so he agreed..  My stomach twisted from inside. I wanted to burst out crying! But I couldn't! I had to be strong. I remembered Samrats words..

'Wipe your tears and face Him Gunjan. Show him that he isn't important in your life anymore.' He had said. I controlled my emotions and looked at him.


"What? But you gave your reasons Neil, Now what's your problem?" I asked. I was getting annoyed.


"I was nervous! You came so suddenly and asked me to leave everything! I didn't even think about it. I realised how much I love you after you left!" he said. Right! He realised HOW MUCH he loved me when Samrat gave him money!


I could hear Samrat from the other room, he was talking on his phone!


"Who is that? Is Samrat home?" he asked.


"Yes, he just came. And Neil, you don't expect me to believe you now, do you?!" I said.


He was such a liar! And his excuse was so stupid. But If I didn't know the truth now maybe I would have even believed his stupidness! He had taken advantage of me all these years but not anymore! I wouldn't let him use me any longer!


"Oh come on Gunjan! I love you! And you know that..." he said.


"Look Neil, you don't need to lie to me any longer. I know you don't! Your such a jerk! And I wouldn't have realised my mistake if not for Samrat! You always wanted money right? When Samrat offered you money to marry me you readily agreed! How smart! And there is just one thing I would like to know!" I stated. "Why, Why did you do this drama for all these years? You knew I didn't have money to offer.. then why?"


This was a question I wanted to know the answer to! What would he get by doing this? He couldn't have anticipated that I was going to marry Samrat. Then why did he do that?


"Oh. So this was a drama you two did. So why don't you call Samrat also. I am sure he must be listening.." Neil Said. Samrat came out. "Yes I was, Mr.Oberoi.." Samrat said as he came down the stairs.

"So Samrat Shergill, Shouldn't you be kicking Gunjan out of your house after seeing us together, rather than helping her? You saw how close we were and what all we did.." Neil said.


"We did NOTHING" I defended myself. Samrat had shut his eyes to control his anger.  I could make out he was angry. I just wished he would take my side for now and then do whatever he wants once Neil has gone. "Samrat, Nothing happened between us. As you shut the door, the sound made me realise that I was doing wrong!" I said. I myself had no idea why I was defending myself. As it is Samrat was going to divorce me so what was the use.


"Gunjan!" Samrat said looking at me. "You don't need to say a thing!" he said reassuring me that he would take my side. "And Mr. Neil Oberoi, when will you learn to mind your own business? What I do with Gunjan is my outlook not yours! So why don't you talk about yourself now!"


Samrat said firmly. Wow! He could even be very rude! I am sure every word must have hit Neil's pride hard! But the question he asked was one that even I wanted to know! Why was Samrat helping me? He was a really nice person and all but who could tolerate their wife cheating them? Why was he being extra sweet?


"So Neil, tell me, why did you play this part? Why did you act as if you love me? What could I offer you?" I asked sternly. I wanted to know.


"Gunjan. You want to know that's why I am telling you. I used you. I always wanted to marry Annie but she isn't beautiful. She isn't pretty! You were! And I always wanted to.." I couldn't take it any longer! I Slapped him right across his face. How dare he? His mind was so dirty! How come I didn't see this side of him? How low could he get. He was just disgusting.


"Before I ask the guards to throw you out, GET OUT!" Samrat said. He was the only one who could see the tears forming in my eyes. He didn't want me to show my weakness in front of Neil.


Neil Sighed and left.


That was it. No sooner had he left than I started to cry! I was on the ground broken into pieces. My heart ached. I could actually scream. The pain was excruciating. Tears seemed to be endless and my cheeks felt warm with the warm tears drying up on them. I gulped. I just wanted to end my life! I couldn't believe this was happening with me. I thought I was the luckiest girl who had got someone like Neil.. I was So wrong.! Bui was right all along! Neil would have never kept me happy! And obviously he would have refused to marry me! He just wanted to marry Annie Anyway.

But Samrat was still there. He put his arms around me and took me to our room. He made me sit on the bed and looked at me. He got some tissue papers for me and sat on the floor on his knees against the bed. He looked up at me. I sniffed and then tried to stop crying.


"I.. a..m so..rry.." The words came out broken.


Samrat shook his head and wiped my tears. Why was he so nice... I couldn't bear it! I didn't deserve him. I deserved to die. I was so stupid. I was so dumb! Samrat was always right! Bui was always right, only I was blind and idiotic!


"Gunjan, remember your promise?" Samrat said.. First I looked at him. And then I thought he wanted me to leave.. Thats why he was saying so. I wasn't angry with him and I didn't hate him. He was a true friend who helped me in my bad times. Even wiped my tears. But how much could a friend tolerate. After all I broke his trust! And trust is most important in a relationship. I got up. "I will just pack my bags!" I said wiping my tears. Samrat caught my wrist! I stopped and looked back.


"Gunjan, you can't leave! You had promised you would bear any punishment I gave you!" Samrat said.

I was very confused now. What did he want? Oh maybe he meant the divorce papers.


"I am not going to Calcutta Samrat. I will sign the divorce papers when they are ready, till then I will stay at a hotel." I said.


"Thats not what I want Gunjan. That isn't your punishment." Samrat said.

WHAT? Then what did he want from me? I stared at him with a blank expression. This was getting so confusing. No Divorce. No leaving the house. Then what?


"First you have to promise me you won't cry over Neil from now!" Samrat said. Why? Why did he care? And that was the only thing left in my life. Crying and cursing myself for ever loving a person like Neil! But I still nodded. I don't know why. But I had to bear the punishment.

I tried to smile. My tears had dried and I looked at him.

"And the next one is that you will have to be my wife for the rest of your life!" Samrat announced. I stared at him. What was he? Was he human? He seemed like an angel at that time. He didn't want anything from me! How could a man be so selfless, especially after what happened with Neil I cannot stop thinking that maybe even Samrat has his profit in keeping me back! But something inside me denies that. He was a very nice person! But I still couldn't think of a reason for him to keep me back. I was so sure he would kick me out of his house! But he didn't. I kept staring at him..


"Will you be my wife? Will you always be by my side?" he said going down on his knees. That moment I was in awe. I nodded involuntarily and i hugged him. I needed someone and that would be my husband. I couldn't thank bui enough for getting me married to Samrat. I always thought that because of bui my life was ruined. But no. She was right! She knew that Samrat would always be there for me.! He hugged me back. Tears streamed down my cheeks once again.

"Gunjan, now stop crying.. don't your tears ever end?" he asked. I laughed as i wiped my tears. I knew I wouldn't love Samrat and would never forget Neil. But I would try my best to keep HIM happy now! He had been there for me and now it was my turn! But what would I do with myself. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I looked at myself. I didn't know what to do. My heart was broken into small pieces and I had nothing more to say. I was lost somewhere. My tears seemed endless and I just stared at myself. 




Later that evening, Samrat & Gunjan went to bed early after the day full of shocks! Samrat slept peacefully that night. Now no one could separate them. He was sure Gunjan would get out of her depression soon. He would make sure she was out of it. He dreamt of them together. A happy couple, who loved each other alot. Gunjan on the other hand couldn't sleep at all.. She kept having nightmares. Two or three times she jerked up and sat in bed with tears in her eyes. She had seen a nightmare. She was scared. And as usual Samrat too got up for his wife. He helped her calm down and gave her the confidence that he was there and nothing would happen. But that didn't help much because Gunjan was in bed and didn't even shut her eyes once. Whenever she shut them she only saw Neil.. and she couldn't bear to see him again!

Once again Gunjan sat up in bed, sweating badly. Samrat too got up and sat next to her rubbing her back trying to calm her down. She looked at him. He was so supportive. Samrat looked worried as he looked at her pale face. Gunjan didn't feel like sleeping.


"Samrat, I am not sleepy. Its ok. You sleep. You even need to go for work tomorrow." Gunjan said.


The only relief Samrat had was that Gunjan was not crying at least. But he knew her tears had dried. She was still depressed and this was just the beginning.


"Its ok Gunjan, come try & sleep!" he said.


"No Samrat, I can't sleep! You please go to bed."


"So, what do you want to do? Go on a Long drive?" he asked smiling.


Gunjan knew he was trying to cheer her up but she wasn't ready for it. She quietly went back to bed. She was weak. And Samrat just stared at her. He watched her sleep. And then she didn't realise when she went to sleep and Samrat could also sleep in peace.


The Next Morning was Not any easier. Samrat got up before Gunjan. He went for a bath. He came out & Gunjan was still asleep. He didn't want to wake her up. But he could sense the tension. He went down and had his breakfast. He wanted to stay until Gunjan woke up but he wasn't sure when she would wake up. He left for office asking the maids to ask Gunjan to call Samrat once she was up.

He sighed and left for office. This was the first time when he didn't feel like going for work. He wanted to stay home with Gunjan. But he went anyways.


Gunjan opened her eyes and looked around. Samrat wasn't there. She sat up in bed and looked at her watch. It was 1:30 pm! She freaked out! 'Samrat must have gone to office. I didn't even check his breakfast and everything.' She felt very guilty. ' I have to change myself for him. He cares so much and I can't just stay in depression my whole life even making him suffer.' She was being practical. She didn't want Samrat to be unhappy. He never showed his anger or frustration but obviously even he must be frustrated with her. She thought.


She went downstairs. The maid told her that Samrat had called a dozen times to ask if she had got up yet. Gunjan went to the living room and called Samrat.


"Hello." Samrat's secretary said.


"Hi, Is Samrat there?" Gunjan asked.


"Sir is in a meeting, Maam. But he had told me that you may call. Just a minute I will call him!" she said.


"No wait." Gunjan said immediately. "Don't disturb him. Just tell me what time his meeting gets over." She said.


"Umm.. maam but sir told me to call him.." she insisted.


"No, please don't disturb him. Tell me the time?" she asked.


"It gets over at 3." She said.


"Thank You"




Gunjan waited for it to be 3 so she could call again. Meanwhile she sat to have lunch. She ate quietly. Not a word. She had never been so quiet. She went back to her room and stood by the window. She just looked straight ahead. She kept thinking about how she would adjust now. With Neil in Mumbai she would keep meeting him every now and then. How would she face him? How would she ever be able to move on? And something that haunted her was the thought of facing BUI.. What would she tell her..?

She stood still with many things in mind when her phone rang. It was Samrat.


"Hi Gunjan." He said.


"Hi Samrat.." She said. "I am sorry I didn't wake up and.."


"Ah, Its ok!" he said immediately. "I hope your alright now?"


"Yes. I am fine. Thank you for being there." She said.


"Gunjan, we were friends right.. remember?" he said.


"Yes. Im so—


"No Sorry too!" Samrat said guessing what she was gonna say.


Gunjan smiled.


"Ok, I called to ask you if you wanted to watch a movie today..?" Samrat asked.


Gunjan was silent. She didn't want to go out! She was very sad now. She didn't know what to tell him. Maybe he wanted to see a movie. Her silence answered the question.


"I think its a bad idea. We will go some other time. I have some pending work left also." Samrat said as he understood she didn't want to go.


"If you want, we can go!" Gunjan said in a low tone.


"No Gunjan, I have some work. Ok then, Ill be home by 9 today. Bye!"

Samrat said as he cut the line.


Gunjan knew the reason why he said no later. She knew he had understood that she didn't want to go! She was still upset. She didn't have any work at home. Thats another reason she kept remembering Neil.. Now we just have to wait till Samrat realises this.



Precap: Samrat watches *Friends* with Gunjan.

Please rate and comment!
Love Manjari!Embarrassed

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heyy me 2nd
thanks 4 reming me 2 commnt..n im NT SORRY 4 commnting lateLOL
anways d update was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee. yaar..
finally gunjan came 2 knw abt neil's real face n thrashes him..jerk kahinka..Angry
hayee d way sam supports gunjan..Embarrassed
finally gunjanhe is such a sweetheart...
gunjan is soo lucky 2 hv a husband like him yr.
i hope gunjan gets out if this misery soon..
sam is always thr 4 her..
love this ss alott..cont soon..
luv ya

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