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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 65)

saniya.x IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 9:31am | IP Logged
NOOO! I hate what Gunjan's doing :( Poor Samrat!

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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 2:07pm | IP Logged

awsome promo manji

par yeh gunjan samajti kyu nahi niel is just a....Angry
i hope she understands samrat soon he is sacrefising everything just to see her happy
do update soon
waiting for the next part

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_Monu_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged
hey manjiii
welcome r u?
read the parts n promo
i hope gunjan realises her mistake soon
pooor sam!!! =(
updt sooon
love yaaaaaa

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SwaNia_1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 March 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Update soon Manji plssss............i know samrat will get success to show Gunji the real face of Neil ...he lovews her alot.....

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 12:17am | IP Logged
Hey Friends,
Here is the next update. I have decided not to end this SS so soon! I will end it in a proper way! Hope you guys are liking the way the story is proceeding, and yes, there is good news now!
The process of 'Making Gunjan Fall In Love' will start now!
Keep Reading to see how Samrat does this!
[This isnt a very long update but thats all I could have written!]

That night was very dreadful for Samrat. He didnt know why he had told Gunjan that he would let Neil Marry her. He was scared. What if Neil said yes? Gunjan would go away forever! He doubted Neil would say 'yes!' but still he couldn't take a risk with his Gunjan! He loved her and didnt want to lose her. The whole night he kept turning and changing sides but couldn't sleep. His heart was heavy! Whenever he shut his eyes he only saw Neil & Gunjan close to each other just about to kiss. 'Did they kiss?' he thought. He had left just before they were going to kiss! He couldn't see that! He would have died! Only he knew how hard it was to have seen that! But he had to show Gunjan the REALITY! She was in her own world and there Neil was the GOOD man.. but in Reality he knew what kind of a man NEIL was! If he was to tell Gunjan anything now, she wouldn't trust him either! If she didnt trust her Bui then why would she trust him?


The next morning Gunjan woke up early! Today was the test of her love! Samrat was adamant that Neil would say no! And Gunjan believed that he could never say no! She knew him too well. Samrat was very nervous! It was a matter of his life! He knew if Gunjan went away from him he would never be able to remarry! Leave Remarriage, he wouldn't be able to live! He was madly in love.


He stayed calm in front of Gunjan and before leaving he just told her to meet him in his office after talking to Neil. Gunjan nodded. She was very happy! Her life was going to change completely today! She would be happy again and this was only because of Samrat! She respected Samrat alot! He was always Calm & quiet! Though a little boring and shy but he had a golden heart.


She quickly got ready and left for Neil's office. On entering the office she saw Neil's cabin and the receptionist let her in. Neil was on the phone and called Gunjan in. He smiled at her and so did she. He kept the phone and looked at her confused.


"Hey Gunjan, What are you doing here?" he asked.


"Actually, Neil I wanted to ask you something.." she was nervous now & she didnt know why.


"Yeah Say, Im listening."


"Umm.. I don't know how to tell you.. Its just that.." Gunjan was scared of his answer.


Neil was getting annoyed, " Gunjan, I have a lot of work to do! Please can you say what you wanted to!" he tried to be calm with her.


"Ok. Ok." She calmed down. "Neil Samrat saw us yesterday! In my room." She began. Neil's eyes widened. He didnt want that to happen!


"He agreed to get us married!" She smiled. "He understood that we love each other and I am so happy that now we can finally.." before Gunjan could express her joy Neil cut her is teh middle.


"What? Gunjan this is not possible!" he exclaimed. He was looking worried now.


Gunjan was shocked. Only yesterday Neil had asked her to come along with him!


"Neil, yesterday you had.." Gunjan was shocked.


"Gunjan I didnt mean it that way! Look I love you! But I cant just leave Annie now? She loves me Gunjan. She was with me when I needed someone. I cant ditch her now!" Neil was adamant.


"What about me Neil?" she said softly. " I love youu.."


"Look Gunjan, You were the one who had left me! Not me. So now I am sorry! I cant help it. And you have no idea about the bad reputation we will get! Everything will be ruined. And I am sure Samrat knows that even. His reputation will also go down the drain! But he's just too foolish to actually agree on this! But I am not!"


A sudden anger entered Gunjans mind as Neil called Samrat foolish. She stood up and finally said, " Samrat Isn't foolish Neil. He cares about feelings more than Money & Reputation! Unlike you.. I don't know how I missed this side of you. I regret loving you Neil.. I regret it!" she screamed. "Today I realise that you NEVER loved me! Your such a cheap person!"


She left the office. The whole way she thought about Neil's answer. She was so happy when Samrat told her. And Neil, he just refused her. She was rejected. She felt embarrassed. How would she face Samrat now? What would happen? Samrat would never forgive her! She would probably have to go back to Calcutta and she knew even Bui would be outraged hearing what her obedient daughter had done. Gunjan felt guilty. She shouldn't have thought of it also. She shouldn't have gone so close to Neil again. But was Neil right? Before she could think about this she reached Samrat's office.


As she entered the office all the office staff stood up and greeted her. Samrat's office building was huge. There were 14 floors and the place was crowded. As she reached the reception she asked for Mr.Samrat Shergill.. When she was asked her name she said "I am Mrs.Shergill"

The receptionist immediately called Samrat and Gunjan was called inside.


Samrat opened the door for Gunjan and sat next to her on the sofa. He looked at her face trying to get the answer he was looking for. He hoped Neil had refused because he couldn't lose Gunjan. And when Gunjan broke down and tears started pouring out he understood what had happened. Samrat put his hand on her shoulder and Gunjan melted.. she hugged him. She cried louder. Samrat could feel her pain. She was rejected. And obviously she felt horrible. But this was needed she had to see the real side of Neil.

Finally when she broke the hug and the crying came to a halt. Gunjan gave Samrat the precise conversation the two had had. Samrat listened carefully. Gunjan added at the end that she thought, maybe Neil was right. It wasn't right to just leave their settled lives completely and get married.. Annie had supported him so much & now suddenly leaving her would be injustice.  Samrat knew that was coming.


"Gunjan I wanted to tell you something." Samrat began.


Gunjan looked up at him. Now what? What was it? He wanted a divorce right?


"Do you know why I said Neil was not a good person? It wasn't because I saw you to together or he is cheating on his wife or anything! Its because I found out about him from Annie."


"What.. what did she say?" Gunjan asked.


"Gunjan, Neil cheated on you! Annie told me that she and Neil were seeing each other for 2 years! They were dating and Neil had proposed her the day of our marriage." Samrat said looking at Gunjan carefully.



Gunjan couldn't believe all this. She didnt want to believe it! Her Neil couldn't do such a thing!


"Why would I lie Gunjan? Why would Annie Lie? What would we get? I had even agreed to get you guys married..!" Samrat tried to make her understand. "I am sure he married Annie only for her money! If I offer him money for you! He will leave Annie also!"


"JUST STOP IT!" Gunjan yelled. She couldn't bear this any longer. She wanted to leave. She got up to leave when Samrat said.

"What if I convince him for marrying you by offering money?"


"Samrat he wont listen. He isn't that type of a person. He doesn't give that much importance to money. I don't know why i said all that to him. But now im guilty."


"What if Gunjan.. what if.."


"Then I promise never to cry over Neil again and move on. I promise that I will go through any punishment you give me for ruining your life. I will sign the divorce papers too.."


"Promise?" Samrat asked confirming. Gunjan nodded. 'Samrat actually wants a divorce..' Gunjan thought. 'Obviously he would want a divorce! I cheated on him! And he has all the right to be mad at me!' She felt guilty, but didnt say anything!

Samrat smiled after a long long time. He knew the deal was his. He had found out about Neil.


He called Neil and kept it on speaker phone telling Gunjan not to utter a word.


"Hello" Neil said.


"Mr.Oberoi? Samrat Shergill here."


"Hi Mr.Shergill, so did Gunjan tell you my answer?"


"What answer Mr.Oberoi? I wanted to tell you about the terms of our divorce. You & Gunjan are going to get married right? So I just wanted to know if I should send the money in your account?" Samrat said. He waited for a reply. There was silence for a moment and then Neil spoke.


"What do you mean?"


"Gunjan will get 45% of our company if we have a divorce and plus 50 crores in cash! So I was wondering If I should make the papers in your name!" Samrat smiled to himself. Gunjans eyes widened. She was eagerly waiting for Neil's Answer. 'If Neil told Samrat to make the papers in his name and that he would marry me...' She pushed those thoughts out of her mind. She was confident he would refuse Samrat to do so.! But the answer came as a shock.


"Yes. You can make it in my name. And I will surely marry Gunjan, after all I love her so much!" Neil said . '45% of Shergill company is almost the double of my company now! And plus 50 crores! Wow a great deal! And Gunjan wants to marry me anyway.. so I shouldn't lose this opportunity!' he thought as he cut the line and got up to meet Gunjan.




Gunjan sat still. Samrat looked at her. He expected her to be angry and furious but instead she was laughing and crying at the same time. Samrat wanted to make her calm down and give her support and affection but something inside him told him to give her sometime. He went and wiped her tears.


"Gunjan, your a very good person. Don't waste your tears on a person like Neil. I just wanted you to realise who Neil really is! I am sorry, I know I have hurt you!"

Samrat would have continued but Gunjan looked at him.


"No Samrat.. (wiping her tears) It isn't your fault. It is my fault. I was blind. I couldn't see why Bui didnt like Neil. I was madly in love. I didnt see the real Neil. He was faking it all along." She broke down again.


This was getting too much. Samrat had to be with Gunjan at this time. He thought of going home with her. He wiped her tears and took her home. Gunjan's condition was very bad. Her eyes were swollen and her cheeks and nose was red. She was still crying. Samrat had no idea how to stop this continuous crying, until the door bell rang. Both of them knew who it was!


Samrat went to Gunjan who was sitting on the bed and sat down.

"Gunjan, now is the time, Wipe your tears and face Him Gunjan. Show him that he isn't important in your life anymore. Remember your promise? Its the right time now. I will stay inside, and wait for the right time or else he will understand that it was a plan. Today you can see the real Neil yourself Gunjan. Don't show him your weakness. Be strong and move on. Go Gunjan."

These words actually touched Gunjans heart. 'So much had happened in these two days but Samrat was still by my side. What kind of guy was he? Why was he so nice' Gunjan thought as she stared at Samrat. Her tears had dried and she washed her face. Just then the maid came and told Gunjan and that Mr.Oberoi is waiting downstairs for her. Gunjan looked at Samrat and he nodded. She went downstairs...




Precap :

Gunjan woke up in the middle of the night. She couldn't sleep. This was just impossible. She could just see Neil's face which now disgusted her.

Everything was over. And now it was time to fulfil her promise she made to Samrat. Divorce.

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 12:31am | IP Logged
yaayyyyy partie timePartyDancing
aww thank u manjiHugHugHugHugHugHug

I love u my queenHugHugHugHugHugHugHugEmbarrassed


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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by deepti_mohit

yaayyyyy partie timePartyDancing
aww thank u manjiHugHugHugHugHugHug

I love u my queenHugHugHugHugHugHugHugEmbarrassed

Ni Hao.!!
Aww your welcome... But why do you say thanks?Confused Lol I love updating!! So u dont need to say thank you to me!
Love ya too! 

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