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|| Make Me Fall In LOVE || *SaJan* (Page 46)

GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ambikamuskaan

awesome manji..........once again u did it........yayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........Party.................................precap seems interesting update soon..............................................
loads of luv
Heyy Ambi! thanks ALOT for the lovely comment!
Im glad you likedd it!!
Love yaaa!
ManjariiBig smile
Originally posted by SwaNia_2

Manji...........lovely update.......... but I wonder where this is going........Neil has so easily moved on Shocked ...what do you have up your sleeve,  girl ????Ermm Please do update the next part soon.
Heyy Swatii! Thank youu sooo much! Im so glad u enjoyedd the updt! I hv a something plannedd.. jus hope u guyz like it! :)
Originally posted by gnaneswari

Wow! What a twist! Niel had moved on! I thought that he will be the villan in sajan's life. What do u have in store for us? I think ur giving us the biggest shock slowly. Loved sajan scenes a lot. This story is shaping very nicely. But the precap is confusing, sajan r close and sam misunderstands their closeness! What was it mean? I'm excited to read next update. Do cont soon. Thanks for pm
Hey dear! Yeahh.. Thank Youuu!! Im glad u likedd it! Will continue soon! Im excited to write more! Glad u enjoyedd..!
Originally posted by saduf

awesome update...poor gunjan she is still trying to forget neil but that stupid neil had already moved on...i guess he never loved gunjan
anywys lovely update
Thank You Sadaf! Im  glad you likedd the updt! Well.. he did.. u will see how..
Originally posted by karantakiar

Hey dear superb updt.
amazing yar.
plz cnt wid nxt part soon.
luv u
Heyy Vrittika! Thank youuu soooo much! Im glad u lyked the updt!
Love yaa tooo!
Originally posted by ar_sajan4evr

heyyy manjiiii

awwwsum update
lovvved it
d entire update was awwsum
i am in luvvvv wid dis ss...
n neil z married..k
n sajan dance...hayyyeeee..
bt precap mai d other part z bit scary as well as interstng 2

cont sooooooooooooon
thnx 4 d pm
Hey Richaa!!Thank youu sooooooo much! im glad you enjoyedd teh updt! Will update very sooon! Love yaa!
Originally posted by SaJan_RaDevBest

it was  an awesome update Clapyet a shocking oneShocked...neil has moved on??ConfusedShocked
where as gunjan is taking  so much pains to forget i am really looking forward to this storySmile....please continue this one as soon as possible!!Tongue
thanks for the pm!!Big smileBig smile
hey Aarushi! Thank youu! and nope.. I dnt think neil has moved on! Will cont ASAP!
Originally posted by ammykhan

awesome part
loved it
continue soon
thx 4 the pm
Thank Youu Ammy!
Originally posted by dbr_kmichi

lovely lovely updateSmile
Thank Divya! =)
Originally posted by RadhikaBhushan

omg omg

oye superb update tha yaar

i really loved it....

n sajan's realation tooooo fantastic yaarrrrr

just loved the way u describe........

totally fantastic

cant wait for more...

plzz do cont asap

Heyy Radhi di! Thank youu veryyy much! im glad u enjoyed the updt! Thanks for all the compliments!
Love yaa!
Originally posted by deepti_mohit

oops forget to add something Embarrassed


i love u my queenHug
Hey Deeps! Lol.. thanks! Love ya too!
Originally posted by kins103

awesome updateSmile
Thank Youu!
Originally posted by preety88

fabulous update......cont soon
Thank Youuu Preety!Big smile
Originally posted by Anjali_12

Manji awesome update..Really want to see SaJan happy with each other..Neil came backShockedPrecap was confusingConfusedPlzzzzz continue soon...
Thank You Anji di. They will be happy with each other very sooon!
Originally posted by 1gunjan7

Hey Manjiri Awesome n Superb update...ClapClapClapClap........Very well written ..Thumbs Up...Sajan Moments were sweet n rocking..loved it ..OMG!! Neils Re-Entry..Shocked..And Neil surname is oberoi And Gunjan and Sam Marriage reception is held in Oberoi Hotel..ShockedCan it be possible Neil is connected to Oberoi's in some way??.Confused..I feel n think that neil doesnot love gunjan as much as he told her he  Neil has moved on really quickly in life after Gunjans marriage and He has got married HimselfShockedShocked.I am shocked...Shocked.Whats the reason behind Neils Quick Marriage??Confused....Why do I feel Neil is going 2 be a Villian in Sajans Life..?? What is Neil Up too??ConfusedOnly u know these answers So Do Continue soon Manjiri and Thanks 4 pm........

Love GunjanSmile..

Heyy Gunjan! Thank Youu SOOO much! Im glad you likedd the updt! No No.. there isnt any connection between Neil & oberoi hotel! LOL! the name jus reminds gun of neil! Big smileLOL
and yeah.. he didnt love gunjan ! I will answer all these questions in the next update! Embarrassed
Originally posted by Ayesha_LuvSaJan

Wow! Poor Samrat Gunjan was in anger as he was late!
but he said sorry and everything was fine!
in SaJan recerption party Gunjan saw Neil..
Neil is Back.. Shocked
Is there will be problem in SaJan relationship?
continue soon..
Precap looks interesting SaJan closeness..
Hey Ayesha!Big smile Thank youu so much! Im glad u liked the update!
Obviously there will be this FINAL confrontation.. when gunjan tells SAMRAT abt NEIL!
Originally posted by fend

hey manji
it was an awesome updateClap
beautifully writen
loved sajan scenes a lotEmbarrassed
n neil is cum backShocked
hope so he does not cum bet sajanConfused
cannot wait for the next updateWink
do cont soon
n thanks for the pm

Heyy !!
Thank youu!! Im glad you liked the sajan scenes!
He will OBVIOUSLY come in between sajan!
I wont make u wait long for the next updt!Big smileEmbarrassed
Originally posted by mayadika11

loved it..
thanx for the pm....
Thank youu Maya!!
Glad u enjoyed the updt!
Originally posted by itzMYattitude

was hell busy today
but saw ur pm so cant stop myself
so today only read this one will read all other sooooooon
unbleivable man
the update was more rockingggg than my expectation
partyu timeeeeeee
sajan roxxxxxxxxx
all their scenes was amazinggggggggg
loved them all
sammy angry n gunjun angry
both looks cute
angry attitude suits them
tidkoo u have written it beautifylly
muahh for this lov ya
the scene gunjun going to choose a shirt for sammy
lolx was fun to read really sweeeeet
n last scene omgggggggg outstandinggggggg
in short perfect update dear
sorry m in lil hurry
do continue sooooooooooooooon
really sooooooooooooooooooooon
Saraa!! I was waiting for ur comment! Big smileEmbarrassed
Thank youu Im glad you likedd it!
LOL.. Ur last comment kinda forced me to write faster! LOL!
and its ok! u can be busy! But onc ur free do read the others as well!Big smile
Originally posted by monaya_sajan

.lovely update.......excellent...........
Originally posted by sg-muskaan

heyyyyyyyyy Manji
awesome n interesting part............loved it
loved d SG scene ..................lovely  
precap seem to b interesting n cont !

Thanks muski! im glad u enjoyed the updt!
Keep readingg!
Originally posted by SwaNia_1

phew!!!! dear what an update !!!! amazing ....fantastic ......i think neil will give reason that he found short cut to become rich for gunjan to get back in his life or may b something else is saved in ur mind ....waiting curiously for the next part plsss cont soon manji ...loved ths update u Hug
Hey Adeeen!HugHug Commented after a LONG time huh? Anyway thanks alot! =)
Well I have something in mind.. which is somewhat like what you said.. Wait N Read! Wink
Love youu tooHug
Originally posted by ARMAANKSGFAN

awesome update
loved it
glad neil has moved on
precap looks good
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
Thank Youu !! Will cont. sooon!

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

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GulaabiAakhein. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 January 2010
Posts: 16204

Posted: 22 March 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
Hi Friends!
I just wanted to tell you people, rather warn you, that there will be many Neil-Gunjan scenes in this and the next update. Please dont kill me but the story required this thats why!
I have taken alot of time to write this update and I truly hope you guys like it! Please, Do click on the like tab & Comment!

"Hi Mr. & Mrs. Shergill! Congratulations!!" Neil shook hands with Samrat and then forwarded his hand towards gunjan.. She repeatedly told herself  'Gunjan, try and be calm. Its ok. Dont panic. Just relax. You have to behave yourself.' "Thank you" I said as I shook hands with him. My stomach twisted as I felt his touch. He had the same charm. The way he was talking to everyone, the way he talked to samrat. It was as if he was the only thing I noticed the rest of the party.

I had to control myself. I felt jealous whenever he placed his arms around his wife. 'How had he forgotten everything so quickly? Bui was saying the truth. Neil never loved me. It was me who was mad for him. It was me who gave him more importance. I was mad. But now, now what do I do? How do I forget him.' Gunjan thought.. She felt weak. She walked to a table and sat down next to Mamiji.


"Hi Darling!" Mamiji said when she saw gunjan. "How are you?"


"Im fine! And thank you for this beautiful dress!" She said.


"Oh dont mention that!" Mamiji said.


That was the end of their conversation. Gunjan didnt have anything to say so she just looked around. Where ever she looked she found only Neil. Rather we could say that she only looked at him. Samrat came over to their table after sometime. Mamiji forced samrat to dance with gunjan. Gunjan came to know another thing about samrat. He hated dancing! Gunjan wanted to get distracted and forget about all the pain that she felt sitting at a party of maybe more than a hundred people! Her stomach squished and she felt immense pain.. it was as if someone had stamped on her heart and just walked away.


"Samrat, lets dance. Please." She said.


How could samrat say no now! He got up and forwarded his hand to take gunjan's hand in his. They walked to the dance floor and started to dance. Mamaji made an announcement and the dance floor was cleared for just the two of them. In the beginning it was all very awkward. All the eyes were on them and they had to look at each other. Samrat was lost in no time in gunjan's eyes and gunjan's eyes were fixed Nowhere.. she kept looking around and she only saw Neil who was drinking a glass of wine and his face showed clear pain. Gunjan looked away. She didnt know what that meant. If he had loved her, he wouldn't have married Annie, his wife. She diverted her mind to samrat again. 'Forget about Neil gunjan. You two can never be together!' she kept telling herself. Her fake smile was right there, back on her face and she moved along in coordination with samrat. She couldnt bear the pain for long.

A slow instrumental song started to play after that and some couples joined them on the dance floor along with Annie & Neil. Samrat and Gunjan slowed down and moved slowly. Gunjan realised that Neil's eyes were fixed on her. She felt more pain so she moved closer to samrat so that she couldn't think of Neil anymore. Why she did that, she didnt understand but it happened. Samrat and Gunjan were very close, Samrat's breathe could be felt against gunjan's face and vice versa. Gunjan was numb for sometime. She didnt understand what to do, how to react. Her mind stopped functioning and she just let it be. She didnt even try to move. Their nose rubbed against each other and their eyes closed.. and then.. The song was over and the spell broke. Samrat and Gunjan jumped apart and gunjan touched her head with her hand.. Samrat was happy. He thought gunjan was ready to take their relationship to the next level. He totally misunderstood gunjan and this could lead to something really bad.




That night, Gunjan got to mock at herself. She laid down in bed thinking about her life. Just three weeks ago everything was different. Gunjan loved Neil, He loved her and they were happy in their small world of Love. Then Gunjan got married, not to Neil, but to a man whom her Bui chose. The next few days were the toughest days of Gunjan's life and she was still alive at the end of it. She finally thought that yes, this is her life, and she had to adjust. And then Life took another curve and there he was standing in front of her , Neil. This time he was married too. She didnt understand what to do? She felt droplets of sweat on her forehead and she looked at the ceiling. Then at her husband who slept peacefully beside her.


The next morning, was rough. Gunjan found it difficult to concentrate on anything. Neil's face was the only thing stuck in her head. Samrat was in office and he wouldn't be back before 9. She didnt have much to do. How would she distract her mind and most importantly her heart? What would she do? Till 1 in the afternoon she spent her time roaming around and trying to read a book in the study. But her mind & heart just said one thing, 'Neil. Neil. & Neil.' She had given up. She would never be able to concentrate on anything that day. She sat on the bed when a maid called her, "Ma'am, there is a call for you!" she said.

Gunjan nodded and went down to answer the phone.

"Hello?" Gunjan said, not knowing who it would be.


"Hi, Mrs.Shergill" the person said. At once gunjan recognized the voice. It was him. The man she had loved so dearly. Her heart said, 'Talk to him Gunjan.' Where as her mind told her, ' Keep the phone down!'

But her heart took over.


"Neil" she whispered.


"You remember my Name! I am surprised." He said mockingly.


"Stop doing that!" she said.


"Why Mrs.Shergill? Aren't you happy in your new life?" he said.


"Neil, please stop it. I know I –

"You dont know anything! You DONT! You wanted Money & Power and you have got it!" He yelled.


"Whaat?" she whispered.. 'Thats what Neil thought? Thats all he had understood me?'


"You Dare DENY that!" He said.


"Why have you called?" Gunjan made her voice more firm.


"Just to show you that even I can move on! When you didnt think about me even once then why.. why should I?" He yelled.


"Oh! Great Mr.Oberoi. very nice to know that!" She said as she put the phone down and ran back to her room.


Her life had become upside down. She shut the door behind her and sank to the ground. She cried, she cried and cried. No one was there to stop her that day. She cried her heart out.

"Why... Why did you have to come back Neil? I was trying to do what you did so easily.. I was trying so hard but you just ruined it with your presence. I loved youu! And you.. you got over it and moved on. I hate you! I hate you! Wish you had never come into my life. Why Neil.? Why did you come? WHYY!!" she yelled..

She cursed herself for falling for Neil. The first time she saw him she had fallen for him. His eyes, his face, his attitude. Everything! And most importantly, his charm! She cried even louder and cried until she fell asleep. There itself against the bed.




Gunjan's eyes opened with a sharp knock on the door. She rubbed her eyes and got up. She settled her dupatta and opened the door to find samrat standing there. His face looked worried and he looked tired.

He moved closer to Gunjan and she moved back.. He stopped at a distance.


"Gunjan, What happened? Why weren't you opening the door!" he asked.


"I am sorry! I had fallen asleep. How come your so early?" she asked.


"Gunjan, its 9:30!" he said. Gunjan glanced up at the clock. Oh god! She had been asleep for 8 hours! Her eyes looked swollen and red.


"is everything ok?" he said.. then gasped, "You were.. crying?" he asked. He was very worried. He couldnt see her this way. Her beautiful brown eyes were swollen and red. Her Kajal was smudged and her face was pale. Samrat knew at once something was definitely wrong with her.

"N..o.. No. I am ok.. I think I just overslept!" she tried to say, lowering her gaze. She couldnt look into his eyes and lie. "I'll jus wash my face and be back."


She went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. She looked obnoxious & scary. She washed her face and went out. She felt tired and sleepy again. Samrat was sitting on the bed.


"Gunjan, the maid tells me you didnt have lunch as well?" Samrat said normally.


"Actually, I, um... wasn't .."


"No Gunjan, You cannot skip meals like this."


Her head felt heavy and she felt sleepy.


"Lets have dinner!" he said again.


"No, No. Please. I am sleepy" She said resting her head on her hand.

Samrat inched forward towards her and felt her forehead. Gunjan tried to look at him.


"Gunjan! You have Fever!" he said. He made her lie down in bed and put the blanket over her. He called the doctor and asked him to come over. Though Gunjan tried to get up many times but she was not allowed to. Samrat strictly told her to lie in bed. Gunjan had no other option but to follow his orders. She lay in bed as she watched samrat move from left to right staring at the door waiting for the doctor.

The doctor finally arrived and checked gunjan. Samrat seemed worried.


"Ah! She is perfectly ok. This is just because of a little lowness and she will be fine. She needs a change. Maybe staying in this house all day long leaves her with nothing to do." The doctor suggested. "and about the fever, I have written down some medicines, if she takes them she will be fine in a day or two!"


"Thank you doctor.. Thank you so much!" Samrat said.


He went down to see the doctor off and came back to see gunjan asleep. He asked the driver to get the medicine and got dinner for gunjan. It was already around 11 and he sat next to Gunjan and woke her up slowly.


Samrat made her sit up in bed and asked her to eat. When she said she wasn't hungry then samrat had no other option but to make her eat. He sat by her bed and made het eat the roti and dal slowly. She just looked at him and kept eating.


"Dont be so worried" she said, "im ok!" she reassured him.


"No you are not Gunjan. I should have taken better care of you!" he blamed himself. Gunjan just kept looking at him. He was just so adorable. How could he blame himself? He liked her so much? He cared so much for her. She felt very guilty seeing his care and affection. She had wronged him and she knew that!


After she finished eating samrat gave her medicine and then made her sleep. She slept peacefully that night, without any nightmares or dreams. Samrat sat next to her all night thinking about how had he been so careless. He sat there wondering what gunjan could do to improve her health. How could he make her feel better? Once she was fine he could ask her to join office? Or maybe he could open a boutique for her. Or anything she wanted. He promised himself never to let her fall ill again! She was his wife and he was responsible for everything that happened to her!




The next morning, woke up to see samrat sleeping on the chair which was placed next to her bed. She rubbed her eyes slowly and looked at him. He had been there all night taking care of her? How could someone be so sweet. Why was he so sweet? Why wasnt he mean to her? She got up and shook him slowly. He got up with a jerk.


"Do you.. do you wnat anything?" he said holding his back. Crap he had pain in his back. He wasnt used to sleeping on a chair obviously!


"No. I think you should get sleep!" she said. Samrat nodded and went towards to bed and lay down. Gunjan helped him with the blanket.

"Thank you!" she said. "For taking care of me!"


Samrat tried to smile but was asleep already! Gunjan went down to prepare his breakfast and the first thing she saw downstairs was NEIL. Why was he here? Now what did he want? All these questions went on in Gunjan's mind.


"Good morning, Mrs.Shergill, I heard you were not well last night so I came to see you!" he said with his usual charm.


"Neil, why are you here now? At 6? Please go away. What if samrat sees you here?" she was worried. She didnt want samrat to know this way. She wanted to tell him on her own but she never got the courage to say anything!


"Oh, so your husband doesnt know about us? Huh. Interesting!" he said.


"What do you want neil?" she asked bluntly. Her heart raced. She couldnt look at his cold face. He was no longer the neil she loved. He was cold and sore.


"I want you gunjan. I wanted to marry you! I loved you! And that is what you do to me." He said.


"Shh! Speak softly! And neil, I didn't willingly marry samrat..! I didnt have any other option. Bui wanted me to marry him and I couldn't say no!" she said.. "Now please leave from here.. This isnt the right place to talk!" she was scared. Hell scared. She had even seen how angry samrat got when his food wasn't on teh table on time and this.. this was about her!


"Only if you promise to meet me for lunch!" neil said.


"No Neil.. I wont! This is wrong!" she said.


"No it is not Gunjan! Dont you think I deserve an explanation? Dont I get one chance to know what was the thing that stopped you from marrying me!" he asked.


"Ok FINE FINE. Now will you go?" she said.. she couldn't believe herself. She had actually agreed. But yes, one thing was true, he deserved an explanation! And so did she!


Neil told her the place and time and then left. Gunjan went back to do her work. Her mind was distracted all along. She kept thinking about lunch. Samrat came down for breakfast and as they had breakfast together samrat asked her atleast 4 times 'Did she feel better?'

Before samrat left for office she asked, "Samrat, Can I go for lunch today? With a friend." She asked.


Samrat smirked, "I am not your father gunjan, that you need to take permission, and its a good thing that you want to go out! Maybe you'll feel better!"


Samrat didnt ask who was she going with. Not because he didnt care but because he knew she didnt want to tell him or else she would have told him her name! Yes, he assumed it was a 'her' and not a 'him'. Samrat left for office and gunjan's mind was still confused wether to go or not. And again there was a fight with her mind & heart. Just this time her heart wanted to stop her from going because it felt guilty for cheating samrat & also it didnt want to take any of that pain again. Where as, the mind told her to go or else Neil would create a scene at her house! And this time she listened to her brain!




Precap: Gunjan and Neil stood near the balcony hand in hand.

"I love youu" Neil said.

"I love you too" Said gunjan.


And with this the doorto the room was slammed shut behind them. HARD!


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..Enchanteur.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
neil gunjan

cnt soon
me frst to cmmnt actually me to previous update prhny ayi to nai b mill gai yayyyyyyyyyyyyLOL

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.VanishingDream IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged

i love u my queen, sugarry ,manikinsEmbarrassedHugHug
im gonna kill u manjiCry

Edited by deepti_mohit - 22 March 2011 at 9:10am

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 9:05am | IP Logged
sorrry for late reply for previous update actuallly i came ol yesterday only i didnt came ol for previus 4 days anyways OMGGGG neil is back n he is married tooo he moved on n now gunji all sad n crying n alll awww n to forget neil she danced closely closely wid sammmy n oh nooo sammmy took it wrongly oh man y does dis happpen all tym lol anyways n den awww gunji sick n crying so badly coz of neil grrrrrrrrr hateeee neil to come back in gunji life bt loveeee how sammmy took care of gunji awwwwwwww n den oh nooo neil-gunji meet for dinnner aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh n den da precap noooooooooo do continue sooon now

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
tht was so nice part wasa i hate neilllllllll

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..-Ayesshhaa-.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
OMG! Manjari!
Awesome Update!
Gunjan got worried when she was Neil..
and she got Fever!
Sam is such a sweet husband! He take care of Gunjan so much!
Neil want Gunjan to meet him..
Continue Soon!
Precap looks interesting Neil and Gunjan together?? Shocked
This can't happen! Gunjan can't cheat Sam!
Might be Neil is dreaming..!!!

Edited by Ayesha_LuvSaJan - 22 March 2011 at 9:40am

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